“After I helped one of my clients, who had been hopping from one homeless shelter to another, find a job, she looked me straight in the eye and said, “Thank you so much. You don’t know how much this means to me. Now I can get my life back together again.”


NSP’s mission is to combat poverty in our communities by engaging our nation’s college students in this effort.

We envision a day when all people in our country will have the opportunity to achieve economic security and pursue their aspirations.

Letters from the CEO and Chairman ................. 2 Program Year Highlights .................................. 3 Our Model ...................................................... 4 10 Years of NSP ............................................. 5 Timeline ........................................................ 6 Alumni: Where Are They Now? ......................... 8 Clients: Where Are They Now? .......................... 9 Volunteer Statistics and Profile ........................ 10 Client Statistics and Profile ............................. 12 Financials ...................................................... 14 Thanking Our Donors ...................................... 15 NSP Directory ................................................ 20

2007-2008 Impact Report | 1

The most valuable insight I have gained as an NSP volunteer is that everyone has the capacity to change their lives and their circumstances.

Dear Friends, I never could have imagined that at this moment – 10 years into NSP’s history – we would be facing the greatest test of our mission in our organizational lifetime. I have to confess that it has been hard for me take the time to reflect on all that we have learned and accomplished when I feel so focused on how much more we are going to need to accomplish in the next 10 years. As the immediate sting of our nation’s financial crisis settles into a longterm reality, the recovery battle will need to be waged on two fronts. The first undoubtedly will be at the highest levels of government and finance. The second front line will be drawn from community to community across the United States as more families face unemployment, poverty, and homelessness. It will be organizations like National Student Partnerships manning that front line, helping families create a plan of action and providing hope and moral support through the tough times ahead. The good news is that our nation’s young people are activated and ready to serve now. This is NSP’s moment. This report is really an extended thank-you letter to all of our supporters. Now, more than ever, we need your support not only to sustain, but to deepen and expand NSP’s ability to serve families in the next 10 years. Words cannot express my gratitude for your support of NSP, Kirsten E. Lodal
CEO and Co-founder National Student Partnerships

Dear Friends, It has been a decade of remarkable growth and accomplishments for National Student Partnerships. As one who was present at the very beginning, I am both gratified and inspired that over these past 10 years NSP has helped more than 30,000 families pull away from poverty and homelessness, while graduating over 5,000 student advocates into its alumni ranks. As I reflect on what NSP has achieved over the past ten years, I am more convinced than ever of the power of its mission to combat poverty in our communities by engaging our nation’s best and brightest college students in this effort. The individuals profiled in this report, both alumni and clients, prove that NSP has achieved success in beginning to execute this mission. We have also proved that the need is great, and I am excited and encouraged by the way NSP’s management team is meeting this challenge – deepening our presence in our communities, bringing in critical support like New Profit and Monitor Group to engage in rigorous growth planning, and making sure our brand reflects the depth of our local impact. I look forward to working with all of our valued supporters in the year ahead as we craft a vision for NSP’s next decade of service. With deepest appreciation for your commitment to NSP’s important work,

Marne Obernauer, Jr.
Chairman National Student Partnerships board of Directors

2 | National Student Partnerships

No one is too young, too old, too uneducated, too marginalized to make enormous impacts on their lives and the lives of others. - NSP VOLuNTEER


The Annual Leadership Summit, held February 8-10 in Washington, DC, was a huge success. Over 250 students, alumni, community partners, clients, supporters, and special guests came together to share insights, challenges, and best practices as they pursue NSP’s mission. Attendees also had the opportunity to hear remarks from such inspiring keynote speakers as General Colin Powell; Alan Khazei, CEO of Be the Change; and Dean Furbush, President of College Summit.

In May, NSP honored Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro and Senator Edward Kennedy with the “Leadership in Service” award at its annual DC event. 150 of NSP’s strongest DC-area supporters gathered to celebrate NSP and the work of the Congresswoman and Senator. The two were presented with the award for their commitment to promoting volunteerism and to strengthening low-income communities both in their home states and across the country.

General Colin Powell addresses NSP volunteers and supporters at the 2008 Annual Leadership Summit in Washington, DC.

Looking ahead to its 10th Anniversary, NSP officially launched an initiative to better match its external brand with the power of its on-the-ground work. In March, NSP was one of the first DC-based nonprofits to be awarded a “Naming and Visual Identity” grant from the Taproot Foundation. Taproot works to strengthens nonprofits by engaging business professionals in pro-bono service in the areas of marketing, HR, and IT consulting. Working with a Taproot creative team—as well as other critical thought partners— NSP’s goal is to produce a new name, logo, and overall look and feel for the organization.

Proposed in PY’08 and formally starting in PY’09, NSP is increasing the number of Program Managers from three to five, and moving them out of the National Office and into the field. To further increase the impact of the Local Offices, NSP has moved to recruit and place two Site Coordinators in every Local Office.

NSP client Anthony Newlon, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, and CEO and Co-Founder Kirsten Lodal gather at NSP’s 2008 Washington, DC benefit.

2007-2008 Impact Report | 3

We are a method of breaking down barriers between universities and their host communities. I tell everyone about the work we do and they all think it’s incredible. - NSP VOLuNTEER


NSP operates a national network of resource centers (Local Offices) staffed by a dedicated corps of student volunteers from area colleges and universities. Working one-on-one with low-income community members (clients), NSP volunteers provide on-site and referral services that enable clients to: locate employment; further their education; become computer literate; secure affordable housing; and receive the information and skills necessary to pursue their long-term goals. Perhaps most importantly, NSP volunteers provide clients with hours of listening and support services that are rarely available in other service agencies. NSP has no eligibility requirements and provides all of its services at no cost to its clients.

NSP is a student-driven organization. Student volunteers—with their compassion, resourcefulness, and determination—undergo leadership trainings which empower them to become knowledgeable advocates for those less well off in their communities.

For example, NSP does not provide childcare, but each NSP office forms partnerships with local childcare providers to ensure NSP clients who need those services have access to them.

NSP’s clients are typically individuals aged 18-65 who lack sufficient access to the employment opportunities and social services available to them. NSP’s clientele is generally low-income and/or homeless, an even mix of males and females, and diverse in race, language spoken, religion, and ethnicity.

• 1-2 Site Coordinators—Full-time AmeriCorps-sponsored fellow(s) provide(s) onsite supervision and management, thereby ensuring efficient volunteer performance • 2-4 Local Directors—Dedicated student leaders appointed for one or more year-long terms to provide management support • 15-50 Student Volunteers (per semester)—Students who work directly with NSP clients to identify and access appropriate services • 2-3 Student Summer Directors—Full-time AmeriCorps-sponsored fellows provide onsite client service during the summer months

All NSP offices are supported by Local Advisory Boards made up of community leaders within the human services, government, education, and private sectors. NSP’s Local Advisory Boards ensure that each Local Office responds to its host community’s culture and priorities.

NSP enlists a network of local specialists through both its partnerships and its Local Advisory Boards to connect clients to necessary services.

Headquartered in Washington, DC, NSP’s National Office provides Local Offices with the supervision, management, training, financial support, and tools that they need to provide consistent, high-quality client service.

4 | National Student Partnerships




I sincerely appreciate the work and help that this organization provides for people like myself who are desperate and need help to achieve their goals. - NSP CLIENT

2000 1999 1998
The first Offices
New Haven serves as the first Local and National Office. The National Office soon relocates to Washington, DC

first Annual Leadership and Training Summit
NSP hosts its first leadership and training conference in Washington, DC


NSP founded
After seeing the impact of their work with New Haven, CT residents, Yale students Kirsten Lodal and Brian Kreiter found NSP. With the generous help of Marne Obernauer, their model becomes a reality

U.S. Department of Labor grant
The u.S. Department of Labor awards NSP a $1 million grant to expand and professionalize its model



NSP’s first nine AmeriCorps*VISTA members assume their roles as Site Coordinators in the Local Offices

Client Service Manual
NSP creates its Client Service Manual to bring client service to social work standards

CORI Rollout
With the help of three technology companies’ products and services, NSP launches the CORI (Central Online Resource Index) System as its method of tracking clients and services rendered

One America Conference
NSP sends a delegation of student leaders to the Welfare to Work Partnership’s OneAmerica Conference, where NSPers meet with President Bill Clinton

Summer Director Training
NSP welcomes its first set of Summer Directors at a training in Washington, DC

*NSP-baltimore *NSP-Chicago *NSP-North Philadelphia *NSP- West Philadelphia

First issue of “NSPeople,” NSP’s newsletter, is published

*NSP-Cambridge *NSP-Evanston *NSP-DC

*NSP-Pittsburgh *NSP-Richmond *NSP-bronx

6 | National Student Partnerships

Jefferson Awards
On behalf of NSP, Kirsten Lodal and Brian Kreiter accept the prestigious Jefferson Award in recognition of Greatest Public Service by an Individual 35 Years or under

Thank you for being here—it is the most help I’ve gotten in the last five years. - NSP CLIENT

2008 2006 2005
NSP featured on NbC Nightly News
NSP’s achievements are highlighted on NBC Nightly News’ “Making A Difference” series

growth Strategy Plan
Working closely with consultants, NSP begins the process of better defining its theory of change and evaluating how to grow its program and revenue plan

first “Hill Day”
As a complement to NSP’s Annual Leadership Summit, student volunteers meet with Congressional Representatives from their Local Office communities to convey the needs of their clients


Client Satisfaction Survey
NSP introduces a new qualitative evaluation measure, the Client Satisfaction Survey

AmeriCorps*National Direct
Awarded to multi-state models meeting a community need, the AmeriCorps*National Direct grant gives NSP the support to staff two Site Coordinators in every Local Office

New Profit Inc. Investment
New Profit Inc., a national venture philanthropy fund that provides financial and strategic support to growth-oriented social change organizations, awards NSP a $1 million, four-year investment

Renaming and visual Identity Initiative
With the help of marketing and design professionals, NSP launches a rebranding effort to produce a name and image more reflective of its work

Alumni Engagement
NSP alumni formally organize efforts to remain engaged anti-poverty leaders



Looking Ahead
NSP will implement its “go-deep” strategy in five core geographies— Boston, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC— and expand its two Site Coordinator model to effectively serve more clients in these regions

2007-2008 Impact Report | 7

NSP was the first place I felt like I really knew what I wanted to do. I was inspired to continue working in similar communities...
Dave Westervelt
Currently: Working for the Peace Corps in Mauritania

DAvE WESTERvELT (NSP-PITTSbURgH, LOCAL DIRECTOR, '02-'03) What insights did you come away with after completing your time with NSP?

Svea Stromme
Currently: AmeriCorps NCCC alumna, graduate of Washington University '07, MSW, Assistant Study Director at the Center for Survey Research at the University of Massachusetts, boston

fanta Waterman (Northwest Philadelphia Local Director '04)
Currently: Adjunct Lecturer for the CUNy bronx Community College (Health Education, Policy and Research, with a focus on minority and underserved communities)

“NSP showed me how much a local difference can mean. I always felt pushed towards the greater world, global thinking, global integration... but NSP brought me right back to the community, and showed me what was happening at home while I worked to make a positive change.”
SvEA STROMME (NSP-bALTIMORE, SITE COORDINATOR, '03-'04) Did NSP influence your career path?

Daryl Levine (NSP-DC Site Coordinator '05-'06)
Currently: Public Policy Specialist with the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA)

“A question often asked in job interviews is, ‘What is one thing you have done that you are most proud of?’ My work with NSP is always my answer...I spent one more year in AmeriCorps, then returned to school for my Masters in Social Work. My time at NSP helped me realize that I am a social worker.”
KUNAL MODI (NSP-EvANSTON vOLUNTEER '04-'06, NATIONAL OffICE PROgRAM ASSOCIATE/ AMERICORPS*vISTA '06-'07) What do you find unique about NSP’s work?

Molly Day (NSPEvanston Local Director '06-'07) and Kunal Modi
Currently: Co-founders of campusCATALyST, a consulting corps for nonprofits

“NSP defines grassroots change; [it] understands climbing out of homelessness or unemployment to achieve self-sufficiency will take more than a three-point plan or filling out the right form. We ’re out there side-by-side with our clients — attending city council meetings, knocking on the doors of landlords, waiting in line for food stamps, visiting job fairs— fighting for the future of our clients and our community... At the end of the day, NSP is about people— a group of people more broadly defined than volunteers and clients— but rather a community that’s working together on behalf of one another.”

8 | National Student Partnerships assist others in finding their own empowerment. It has shaped the human being I have become today. - LEAH HILSEY, NSP ALuMNA



Jeffrey Richberg grew up in East Harlem. After finishing high school, he was in and out of trouble, bouncing between jobs, and struggling to support himself. After seeing a television ad for the NSP-Bronx Local Office, he contacted the volunteers for help with a Section 8 housing application. “The housing authority was prolonging my case as long as they could. The volunteers looked right into it for me and made phone calls,” Jeff says. Jeff was able to settle into his new apartment and reached out to NSP to express his desire to volunteer. Site Coordinator Danielle Egic referred him to CASA, a community organization that protects tenants rights, where he now serves as a volunteer. Jeff has remained active with NSP-Bronx, continuing to visit and speaking with freshmen at Fordham University. He also continues to spread the word about NSP: “[NSP] helped me out and I thought they could do the same for other people...I would recommend [NSP] to anyone in a heartbeat.”

Eight years ago, Sharon Daniel left her home in Trinidad and immigrated to Washington, DC. With three children in tow and another on the way, Sharon ended an abusive relationship and was evicted from her apartment. When a health clinic referred Sharon to NSP-DC, she was living in a shelter and had just given birth to her daughter. NSP volunteers worked with Sharon to tackle the overwhelming number of obstacles before her. She located legal assistance for her custody issues and her children’s immigration issues. NSP volunteers referred her to a partner childcare center, which allowed her to enroll in a food-service training program. After completing the program, Sharon secured employment with Starbucks. She credits NSP with much of her success, saying, “It was NSP that brought me to the point where I am now. NSP helps you see that you can achieve whatever you reach for.”

2007-2008 Impact Report | 9


NSP is a little different than I expected and even a little bit harder...

Number of volunteers

550 564 520 562 399 352

600 500 400 300

200 100 0



At any given college involvement fair, the typical freshman is bombarded with an array of service organizations—Hunger Help International, Protect the Environment, Promote Peace, Save the World—but rarely are students encouraged to devote themselves to causes in their own backyard. National Student Partnerships is one of the few organizations that recruits college students to take on the very real problem of domestic poverty plaguing the communities directly outside their often ivy-covered walls. NSP breaks down the “town-gown” divide and puts volunteers and low-income community members in the same place and on the same level. Teaming up with clients, NSP volunteers navigate tedious housing applications and bureaucratic tax forms. They tackle employment searches in a struggling job market and they advocate for clients to landlords, lawyers, and a variety of social services offices. NSP volunteers come face-to-face with the harsh reality of poverty. They experience the red tape and the frustration that comes with it, but also the immense relief when that hurdle is cleared. NSP volunteers also see how a community can struggle when caseworkers are overburdened and public programs are under-funded. By collaborating with area partners and participating in local events and politics, NSP volunteers become more than temporary residents; they become engaged citizens. NSP encourages student volunteers to take this awareness and spread it, but more importantly, NSP empowers student volunteers to take this experience and change it. NSP ultimately seeks to cultivate a new generation of informed leaders and advocates with the direct exposure, the insight, and the compassion to ensure that the systemic challenges they inherit do not become the ones they pass on.










Program Year

NSP-Cambridge volunteers work with clients to improve their computer skills. In Program Year 2008, volunteers completed a total of 52,100 hours of service in all 12 Local Offices.

10 | National Student Partnerships

...but along with the help I am giving people, I strongly believe that I am also being helped. - NSP VOLuNTEER



Swati Shah came to NSP through a different avenue than most volunteers. Two years of working as an intern
with a large banking firm gave Swati, an Economics and Community Health major, professional experience, but the opportunity to do something more hands-on was what attracted her to NSP. “With NSP, you feel a sense of your own power. There is no hierarchy because everyone is working toward the same goal. You become a leader, you’re making a difference, and you’re making a change that you can actually see.” The Tufts university sophomore landed the position of Summer Director in the NSP-Somerville Local Office and set to work bringing about that change. To her surprise, Swati found that one of the most important changes she witnessed was the change in her perception of poverty. “Originally I assumed that most low-income or homeless people brought their [situation] on themselves,” she confesses. After struggling to help clients with great resumes find employment, she realized that a life in poverty was not always created by personal fault or mistakes. “We had a Harvard graduate who couldn’t fill out an application on her own. That could be any of us. It was shocking,” Swati says. Swati’s NSP experience led her to realize that poverty can be a result of economic depression, lack of public housing or other benefits, rigorous regulations and slow bureaucracy surrounding public assistance, or lack of family support. As the daughter of immigrant parents from India, Swati knows how crucial family support was to her parents’ success upon arriving in the united States. She also saw the role physical and mental disabilities played in clients’ daily struggles, causing her to reevaluate the country’s mental health care system and the adequacy to which it addresses the population’s needs. As she advocated for clients facing these obstacles, placing numerous telephone calls and writing letters to housing authorities, employers, and offices, Swati found that “the community was out there to help.” The solution to a problem was often a matter of putting the right people in touch. This year, Swati will continue to put more people in touch with the right resources as she leads a partnership program with the Tufts Office of Sustainability and LiveCooler, an energy assistance provider that helps low-income residents exchange light bulbs for compact fluorescent lamps to save on energy costs. Swati knows that the ability to lead will be something she looks for when choosing careers. With a growing interest in health policy, she plans to use her NSP experience as a reminder to take all community members’ views into account, saying, “In my future I see myself always looking at the other side of the coin.”

2007-2008 Impact Report | 11

They motivate and give you a sense of confidence. You feel that they are working with you because they want to, not because they have to. - NSP CLIENT

Total Services Rendered

15% Housing

16% Other 11% Listening and Support

Sally needs a job. How does she apply for a job? Submit a resume. How does she create a resume without a computer? How does she return an interview call without a phone? How does she interview without proper business attire? How does she get to the job without a car? How does she find childcare for her two sons for the hours she works? Over 37 million Americans struggle with these questions on a daily basis as a result of living in poverty. Those with jobs still face an uphill battle making ends meet. Even if she secured a full-time job at $8 an hour, with no work supports, Sally and her two sons would face a gap of over $27,000 between income and basic living expenses residing in the city of Chicago. The myriad issues that contribute to a life in poverty are not easily overcome. NSP understands that triumph over these issues is not found in a “bandaid” solution, but rather in creating a comprehensive plan to address both immediate needs and larger goals. NSP volunteers work one-on-one with clients using a strengths-based approach. In a friendly, professional, and judgment-free environment, clients are encouraged to highlight their existing skills to address their own situation and needs. By linking clients to necessary tools and resources, student volunteers provide the support; clients provide the work. This system of partnership empowers clients with confidence in their own abilities to contend with future issues. By applying for Earned Income Tax Credit, public health insurance, and a childcare subsidy, Sally can foreseeably retain over $800 a year after expenses. With job training, she can improve her career skillset and earn a higher wage. These types of stepping stones are the keys to escaping poverty and the changes NSP volunteers seek to bring about in their clients’ lives.

36% Employment


2% Public Benefits 0.5% Immigration 3% Health Care 1% Budgeting 1% Clothing 3% Legal Services 3% Transportation 3% Food 0.5% Childrens Services 5% Education/Job Training
Sources: “Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage: 2007, u.S. Census Bureau; National Center for Children in Poverty

12 | National Student Partnerships

[NSP is] the best human resource organization I have had contact with in a lifetime. The kindness and efficiency are tops.” - NSP CLIENT



In February 2007, faye Crump suffered a severe accident, hitting her head and injuring her right arm. The physical damage affected her memory and her full range of motion, and though capable of working, she was let go from several jobs. “Employers did not want the risk of employing me,” she says. In need of employment to pay her mounting bills and overwhelmed by the situation before her, Faye sought help from Life’sWork of Pittsburgh. Life’sWork put Faye in touch with the volunteers at NSP-Pittsburgh. Local Director LaTrenda Leonard met with Faye to discuss her situation and together they mapped out a plan that complemented her activities with Life’sWork. She enrolled in a job training program and started meeting with NSP volunteers regularly to revise her resume, apply for jobs, and seek disability assistance. Faye also sought advice on making her housing more affordable. Together, she and LaTrenda explored rental and utility assistance programs, as well as alternative housing options in the area. “She came in every day and was so committed. She was always asking, ‘What can we work on today?’” LaTrenda says. LaTrenda recalls how Faye’s attitude changed over the course of their meetings. “She had so many problems and felt like she had no direction. After we laid out her goals and she saw real tasks to be completed, her mood brightened. Once we started getting the tasks done, it was a total change.” Faye secured temporary work this past August and soon visited the office to inform the volunteers that she had been hired as a full-time housekeeper. Faye enjoys her current job immensely, saying, “I’m so happy right now. I wake up every morning and know I have a job. I’m so thankful for that.” She continues to visit NSP-Pittsburgh regularly to update volunteers on her progress, joking that she has become “somewhat of a fixture” in the office. She recently shared her story with members of NSP-Pittsburgh’s Local Advisory Board. What Faye remembers most about her NSP experience is the feeling of support she received from volunteers. “They genuinely care about people. They had never even met me and they worked with me like they had known me for years,” she says. Faye’s future plans include improving her computer skills and eventually enrolling in school again. “I never understood computers before, but after I got on one, I liked it. I thought, ‘Hey, this is easy!’” She acknowledges Life’sWork and NSP-Pittsburgh’s contributions to her overall improved sense of confidence, saying, “[NSP] turned my life around. I am so happy, so positive...I am so proud of myself.”

2007-2008 Impact Report | 13

Before NSP, I did not have a lot of interest or experience in community service, but now I’m planning to get a job in nonprofits when I graduate...

Individual .......................................................................... $625,777 Foundation ....................................................................... $490,900 Corporation .......................................................................... $95,000 AmeriCorps*VISTA .............................................................. $103,750 AmeriCorps*National Direct ................................................ $284,564 In-kind Contributions ........................................................... $72,012 Other Income ....................................................................... $14,219 Total Revenue: ........................................................................ $1,686,222
Members of the Global Printing team attend NSP’s Washington, DC event, “A Spring Celebration,” held at the Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company in May 2008.

Program Costs ................................................................. $1,257,445 Management and General .................................................... $188,687 Development ..................................................................... $199,298 Total Expenses ......................................................................... $1,645,430 Change in net assets ...................................................................... $40,858 Net assets, beginning of year ...................................................... $201,915

NSP-Bronx client Valerie Lopez poses with her family at NSP’s New York event, “City Lights,” held at the Ailey Studios in May 2008.

Net assets, end of year ................................................................ $242,773

14 | National Student Partnerships

...because I feel the need and the responsibility to do work that makes a difference in the world.” - NSP VOLuNTEER

National Student Partnerships is grateful for the support of the following individuals, foundations, corporations, government agencies, and universities whose significant contributions help to make our work possible. This list reflects all gifts received between September 1, 2007 and August 31, 2008.
The Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area The Corporation for National and Community Service/ AmeriCorps*National Direct and AmeriCorps*VISTA The Lily Auchincloss Foundation Bank of America The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Lee and Mindy Foley The Gray Charitable Trust Richard and Carol Hochman The Charles Jacob Foundation JPMorgan Chase Jan and Elizabeth Lodal Modestus Bauer Foundation (Marc Lawrence) Marne and Peggy Obernauer The Prince Charitable Trusts Verizon Foundation (Richmond) Virginia Non-Profit Housing Coalition (Bob and Anna Lou Schaberg) Wachovia Foundation (Philadelphia) Wachovia Foundation (Richmond) David Parker and Marian Davis Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville PC David and Susan Rahm Peter and Suzanne Romatowski Eugene and Iris Rotberg Michael Ryan and Lili Lynton Smith Rothchild Financial Paul Sohn and Sarah Schulze Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Arturo and Hilda Brillembourg John and Amanda Cali George Chopivsky and Clara Brillembourg Citizens Bank Melvin and Ryna Cohen James and Mary Connelly Dominic and Rita Cusimano John and Pat Deutch Kevin Downey and Michele Jolin Tim and Elizabeth Dugan David and Debra Eichenbaum Steven and Judy Elbaum John and Marie Evans David Fischer FBR Capital Markets David and Andrea Goldman Lawrence and Lorna Graev Harold and Bonnie Himmelman

Charles and Anne Mullany, in honor of Lucy Mullany Wayne and Melodie Oldenburg Mark Penn and Nancy Jacobson Arnold Penner William and Lee Perry, in honor of the wedding of Kirsten Lodal and Jeff Himmelman Dale and Kay Pittman Easton Ragsdale and Wendy Lee William and Cassie Rahm Matthew and Tina Ripperger Larry Robbins Charles and Barbara Rossotti Christian Salomone and Suzanne Fine Darryl and Alicia Sargent Guillermo and Cecilia Schultz Brent Scowcroft Walter Slocombe and Ellen Seidman Stephen and Martha Smith Michael Sobel and Elizabeth Milbank Arlo and Carol Sorensen Mark Sullivan Donald and Barbara Tober, in honor of Marne Obernauer Catherine Tyler Robert and Margi Vanderhye Paul Wallace and Saundra Whitney William and Lynda Webster Kevin Werner Bob Woodward and Elsa Walsh

New Profit Inc.

PROvOST CLUb ($50,000-74,999)
Global Printing The Goldhirsh Foundation Laurence and Susan Hirsch The McCormick Foundation

CUM LAUDE PARTNERS ($2,500-4,999)
Carl and Tammy Allegretti Daniel and Susan Christman Bob and Sara Cusimano CVS Caremark Phil Deutch and Marne Levine ExxonMobil Corporation Kenilworth union Church Henry and Charlotte Kimelman Rick and Nancy Kreiter Marc Lawrence Robert and Marilyn Mazur Rod Smith Southwest Airlines David and Anna Steinhardt Lance and Lisa West

vALEDICTORIAN CIRCLE ($25,000-49,999)
Anonymous The Bromley Charitable Trust The Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation Capital One The Community Foundation Serving Richmond & Central Virginia ECMC - Educational Credit Management Corporation William and Randa Gerrity John and Rachel Rodin Margie and Nate Thorne

Mark and Karen Holzberg, in honor of Jeff Holzberg Timothy and Debra Howard Ellen Howe Abraham and Geetha Joseph Brian Kreiter Jack and Lisa Langer James and Carol Leavelle, in honor of Cannon Leavelle Samuel Lehrman Wendy Makins Michael McCurdy and Lisa Ripperger Thomas and Eileen McIntyre Michael McNamara

Anonymous Don and Anne Ayer Pierre and Amy Chao Anderson and Mae Grennan GTCR JHL Capital Group LLC Eugene Keilin and Joanne Witty Peter and Martha Kellner Walter and Monica Noel

HONORS PARTNERS ($1,000-2,499)
Anonymous (5) Richard and Amelia Bernstein Robert and Nancy Blank Joseph and Christina Bliley


2007-2008 Impact Report | 15

It was not enough for me to spoon a bowl of soup for the homeless—I wanted to understand why they were homeless and how I could help them escape this cycle...
Armon and Barbara Kamesar, in memory of Rabbi Daniel Kamesar David Karabell and Paula Moss Sharon Karmazin George and Bicky Kellner Peter Keogh John and Susan Landau, in honor of Katherine Conway David and Katie Leavy Lenzner Family Foundation David and Karen Levites, in honor of Lauren Levites Jim and Betsy Lewis, in honor of Anne Romatowski John Lynch William Maguire Jacqueline Mars Marcia Mayo Stanton and Lindsay McCullough Jason and Deborah McManus Amreesh and Asmita Modi Edward and Linda Morse John and Gail Nields Howard and Joan Oestreich Souren and Carol Ouzounian p.45, Chicago IL (Judy Keller and Tricia Tunstall) Shelia Penrose and R. Ernest Mahaffey Robert and Linda Piazza Clifford Pollan and Peggy Kriss, in honor of Lisa Pollan and in memory of Jerome Pollan Peter Price Jeffrey Quinn Wayne and Wendy Rhodes William and Susan Rifkin Bonnie Roe William Rosenberg Eric and Laurie Roth Philip and Janet Rotner Lawrence and Pepi Rubin James and Heather Ruth Roy and Sara Schotland, in honor of Marne Levine John and Sally Simms Warren and Florence Sinsheimer Joel and Karen Sirkin Warren and Susan Stern, in honor of Marilyn and Robert Mazur Todd Stern and Jen Klein Charles and Emilie Stetson Elizabeth Ann Stribling Kivlan Howard and Lorraine Tischler George and Judith Truesdail Philip Turbin Antoine and Emily van Agtmael Darrell and Ann Wells Sidney Werkman and Nancy Folger Kenneth and Dorothy Woodcock James and Suzanne Woolsey Salvatore Zizza and Patty Theis Janet Barlett Thomas and Patricia Barron Maury and Fran Baskin, in honor of NSP-Evanston and Marcy Baskin William and Janet Beatty Randy and Laura Beddoe, in honor of Christine Minutolo John and Caroline Bellinger Thomas and Judy Bello Ben & Jerry’s Carytown Scoop Shop, Richmond VA Sultana Bennett Michael Beresik and Beth Brummel Allen Berg, in honor of Brian Kreiter Samuel and Susan Berger Debbie Berger Fox Brian and Carole Berke Andrew and Kathy Berkman Nancy Berman, in honor of the wedding of Marni Weil and Jon Pastor Murrayl Berner Rob Bertrand David Bigelow, in honor of Carrie Hutnick Ben and Karen Binswanger Richard and Suzanne Bissell Steven and Cathy Bokoff, in honor of Jen Bokoff Joel and Joanne Bonner, in honor of Anne Romatowski William and Irina Booth, in honor of Stan Freeman Roger and Susan Bottum Nick and Catharina Braden Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn Bruce and Laura Brancheau John and Jane Brickman Sophie Brickman Stephen Broache and Miriam Boyer, in honor of Molly Broache Daniel Brodhead Robert Broeksmit and Susan Bollendorf Mary Brophy Brothers of the Christian Schools, Narragansett RI Amir Broumand Ashley Brown Sharman Brown, in honor of Gini Christman David Browning and Nancy Lax Edward and Marnell Bruce Robert and Katherine Brundige William and Nancy Brundige, in memory of Bob and Betty Brundige Abigail Burke Michael and Caroline Burns William and Betty Busey Trey Caldeyro Sharon Cascone Richard and Heather Cass Steven and Beth Catlett, in honor of Samantha Catlett Sony and Mabel Chacko, in honor of Shilpa Joseph Lee and Wendy Chaikin John Chappell Sam Chasin Peter Cherukuri and Emily Lenzner Pramod Chetty, in honor of Nisha Joseph David Chung Haejin Chung William and Elizabeth Clark, in honor of the wedding of Jaime Beuhl and Bill Reichard Wes and Gert Clark, in honor of the wedding of Kirsten Lodal and Jeff Himmelman Donna Cloninger Kenneth and Elizabeth Close Louis and Bonnie Cohen Matthew Cohen William and Catherine Colglazier Jeanne Connaghan Alicia Conway Trina Conway Lindsay Copeland and Carol

Yale Hunger and Homelessness Action Project

Anonymous (1) Masud Akbar Kenneth and Darcy Bacon Tony Blinken and Evan Ryan Dennis and Shirley Bloomquist Kevin and Susan Brandmeyer David and Helene Buchen Jon and Susannah Budington Henry and Jessica Catto Justin Cohen and Olivia SerafiniSauli Robert and Jamie Craft Donna Cusimano Richard and Andrea Danzig John and April Delaney David and Stephanie Deutsch Ricardo and Isabel Ernst Kenneth and Diane Feinberg Michael Feldman Julian Flannery and Suzanne Rasmussen Frederick and Suzie Fletcher Fred and Susan Forman Stanley Freeman and Cecilia Parajon Robert and LouAnn Frome Elizabeth Gaffney Bryan and Laurie Garlock Stephen and Lynn Glasser Joshua Gotbaum and Joyce Thornhill Michael and Marcia Greenberger Patrick and Sheila Gross Tom Hardart and Virginia Shore Jason Herrick and Lindsay Smith Stephen and Dale Hoffman Roger Horchow Paul and Teola Jones, in honor of the wedding of Kirsten Lodal and Jeff Himmelman Thomas Kahn and Susie Sanchez

Anonymous, in honor of Phillip Legge Anonymous (22) Matt and Mary Adams Mark and Carolyn Agnew Blair Albeson Brett Alessi and Kate Bennison Robert Alexander, in honor of the wedding of Marni Weil and Jon Pastor Rodolpho and Claudia Amboss Regina Anderson Stanton and Carrie Anderson Susan Andrews Susan Lucia Annunzio Warren and Sue Ellen Appleman, in honor of Richard Hochman Elyse Arezzini, in honor of Katherine Conway Brian Auld Carrie Baizer Sarah Baker Lawrence Balaban, in honor of Lisa Pollan Eugene Bang John Barker and Anne Witkowski

16 | National Student Partnerships

...In National Student Partnerships, I discovered an organization that would satisfy not only my idealism, but also my pragmatism. - NSP VOLuNTEER
Goldberg, in honor of Liz Copeland Sean Corrigan and Devon McElwee, in memory of Frank McElwee Robert and Margaret Crocco Jon Cross and Rachel Whiteside Geoffrey and Barbara Crowley, in honor of Jaime Crowley Edward Cunha Walter and Didi Cutler Ivo Daalder and Elisa Harris Warren and Ava Dahlstrom Steve and Nancy Dankof Anthony D’Avella Bernard and Laura D’Avella Andrew and Celia David Miriam Davidow, in honor of Hillary Shayne Lauren Davis Marilyn Day Dorothy de Chadenedes, in honor of Katherine Conway Rudy and Cynthia DeCanio Thomas and Barbara Decker Andrew Della Ratta Ida Mary Detweiler Pasquale Di Benedetta Todd Dimston Rosemary Disney Miles Dissinger Jack and Robin Doerge Jonathan Doft Charles Doheny and Catherine Decker Lina Dostilio Thomas and Mary Beth Doughty Andrew Dreskin and Maria Raven Andi Drileck Michael Edwards and Jennifer urquhart Norma Egic Sara Ehrman Robert and Jessica Einhorn Antony Einson, in honor of Shilpa Joseph Pablo Eisenberg James and Shari Erwin Nick Eubank Henry and Machita Eyre Loie Fecteau, in memory of David Conway Stephen Fee Richard Fiesta Heather Finn Dennis Fischman John and Catharine Fisher Amy Fleming Susan Flynn Jim Fogel and Beth Jacob, in honor of Anna Fogel Nelson and Cecilia Ford Derek Fox and Erica Brindley Michael and Cynthia Gaertner David Gaudet Megan Gentzler Bert and Susie Getz Thomas and Donna Gianino Sam Glass David Gleave Juleanna Glover Jessica Goad Julia Goldberg Michael and Karen Goldberg David and Felice Goldman, in honor of Jen Bokoff Steven and Jill Gomberg John and Sherri Goodman GoodSearch LLC John and Marilyn Gordon David and Elizabeth Gould Kate Greene Rhonda Greifinger Marc Grossman and Mildred Patterson Robert and Debbie Guy Stephen and Sharon Haberfeld Natalie Hahn Thomas and Ruth Hamilton Julie Hamos, in honor of NSPEvanston Thea Handelman Caroline Harmon, in honor of NSPBaltimore Ambia Harper Roland and Donna Harris Dana Hart A. A. and Donna Hartman John and Julie Headland, in honor of Sarah Mengel Brendan and Susie Healey Brian and Pamela Henjum Grant Henley Frank Henneburg and Sharon Frey Judy Herbstman Judi Nardella Hershman John Hickey and Susan Epstein Michael Higgins J.D. and Amanda Hilburn Ken and Caroline Himmelman Fred and Mary Hitz David Hodges Kevin Hodges and Andrea Miano Ann Hollick Michael and Leslie Holling Gerald Holmes and Jennifer Ludden Linwood and Jinks Holton Jesse and Madeleine Holzberg Emily Horgan David Howe Hunt and Janet Howell Kevin Huang Benjamin and Gisela Huberman Gary and Ann Hunt Robet Hurley and Heather Wicke Megan Hustad William Hutnick Robert and Jean Hutnick, in honor of Carrie Hutnick C. Powell Hutton and Joanne Hutton Iggie’s Pizza, Baltimore MD Adam and Hannah Isles Richard and Shirley Jaffee Jerry and Isabel Jasinowski Robert Jenkins John and Joyce Jenusaitis John and Pamela Jenusaitis Collister and Carrie Johnson, in honor of the wedding of Kirsten Lodal and Jeff Himmelman

Zach Landau Daniel Lehmann Terry and Margaret Lenzner Steven Lerner and Nancy Lerner, in honor of Claire Costantino George Levin Michael Levinger, in honor of Lisa Pollan Lawrence Libera and Corrine Husten, in honor of NSPWashington DC Richard and Susan Liblong Sarah Licht, in honor of Katherine Conway Quinnie Lin, in honor of Yunxue Xu Stephen and Marcie Lindo Terry and Eileen Lipps Larry and Lainie Lipsher Carolyn Little Elliot Lobel, in honor of Annie Lobel Ilene Lockman Susan Lubman-Edwards, in honor of Hillary Shayne Robert and Paula Lucas, in memory of David Conway Edward and Dalya Luttwak Ernest and Janice MacVicar Madam’s Organ Restaurant & Bar, Washington DC Tom Mahony and Cynthia Gaffney, in honor of Katherine Conway Jay Mai, in honor of John Rodin Luis Mancilla Mary Marsh Lauren Mason Michael and Gloria Masterson David Mausner and Gale Zemel Theodore Mayer

Garry and Kathy Johnson, in honor of Megan Johnson Henry and Franny Johnston John and Peggy Jopling Ancy Joseph Melissa Josephs Peter and Beverly Jost Jennifer Juzaitis Tina Kamalanathan Brian Kane Richard Kasper and Kendra Cunningham Billy and Ann Kaye Sharon Kim Donald Kimelman Merrie King Matt Kirby Kiwanis of Fordham university Sean Klimczak Matthew and Sandy Kline Tom and Melinda Knuppel Sharon Kornstein, in honor of Allison Kornstein Alan Kornstein, in honor of Allison Kornstein Ross and Kaye Kory Jay and Ruth Kraemer Harry Kreiter Mitchell and Edie Kreiter Alan and Kusum Krishnan Toby Kriss, in honor of Lisa Pollan Peter Kroll and Torrie Flink Gail Kruzel Ronald and Nancy Kurz Cheryl LaFleur Elisabeth Lamotte Will Lamson

2007-2008 Impact Report | 17

“NSP has been the defining experience of my college career. I have found the experience integral to my development...
Brighid O’Shaughnessy Michael Paige David and Lesley Parker Jahn and Renee Pothier Christopher Patusky and Kiernan Slater Doug Perkowski Robin Perry Amy Peters Gregg and Julie Petersmeyer Michael and Monica Peterson Joe and Kara Petrosinelli Thomas and Alice Pickering Jeffrey and Mary Pidot Justin Pidot Donald and Barbara Pilling Roger and Nina Pitkin Points of Light Institute Rachel Pollack, in honor of Yunxue Xu Elinore Pollan, in memory of Jerome Pollan Albinas Prizgintas Eugene Puffenberger Matthew Raifman Kay Ray Jason Redlus Joseph and Kate Reeder Pat Richmond and Gina Rogers Andrew and Elizabeth Right Guy Robinson and Elizabeth Stribling William Roe Catherine Romatowski Eric and Helen Rosenberg Caroline Rowley Roberta Rubin Donald and Carol Rubin, in honor of Arianna Rubin Haley Ryan Dennis and Maureen Ryan Rick and Claudia Rys Peter Sakon Paul and Bettylu Saltzman Amy Sande-Friedman Pablo Sanfrancisco Emilio and Carol Santi Shanti Sattler Xanthe and Zoe Scharff Laura Schiller Joseph Schotland and Nicole Stata Joe and Lauren Schwab, in honor of Blair Schwab Richard Scott John and Cheryl Seder Tod and Kate Sedgwick Paul Selden and Karen Singer Laura Semine William and Rebecca Senhauser Rachna Sethi Lois Shapiro Kristin Shelden, in honor of NSPWashington DC Eileen Shields-West Barbara Shiers, in honor of Julia Sternman Joe Shipley Sarah Shrewsbury, in honor of Kirsten Lodal Amandeep and Jasmeet Sidhu Andrew Silver Richard and Linda Silverman John and Adele Simmons Mary Singer Larry and Rebecca Sipos Albert and Shirley Small Elmer Smith Peter Smith William Smith and Erin Simmons T. Reginald Solomon Duncan Sparrell Charles and Libby Speth James and Cameron Speth John and Patricia Stack Kent and Nancy Stansberry, in honor of Elizabeth Lodal Kenneth and Alice Starr Bernard and Sally Stein Michele Stephenson Brooke Stetson James and Rose Stoller James Stoller and Susan Lieberman Walter and Sheryl Stoller Howard and Janice Stoodley John and Katherine Stookey Nathaniel Storch Thomas Storch Sarah Strauss Charles Sussman James and Terry Svenstrup Lisa Sweet, in memory of Bobby Winslow Zosia Sztykowski Robert and Hope Taft Jonathan and Alisa Talisman Douglas and Laura Thompson Suzy Thompson Robert Tichio Suzanne Tingley Carl and Lina Treleaven Isaac and Anne Tripp Glenn and Anne Trout Everett Truttmann, in honor of NSP-Washington DC Tracy Tyner Carter Vaden Stephanie Vallejo Phil and Melanne Verveer Chris Visser, in honor of Katherine Conway Carroll and Nancy Voss, in honor of Alix Brown Timothy Voss Carol Wait Bradley Walker and Valerie LoCascio Elizabeth Walker Jenonne Walker Stuart Walker and Nicole Bagley Roger and Judy Wallenstein Faye Walsh Fredric and Lynne Weber Geoffrey and Bonnie Weck Craig and Shari Weil David Weil, in honor of Marni Weil Leon and Mabel Weil Ari and Charlotte Weinberg Joshua and Gail Weisberg Jane White Kevin and Judith White, in honor of Evelyn Satalla Dana Wiggins Robert and Patricia Wilburn Jacqueline Williams Zach and Michelle Williams Leon and Hercilia Wilson Molly Woehling Paul and Susan Wojcik Jeremy and Becky Wolsk David Wyman Amir Yazdanpanah and Dima Zalatimo Joshua Young and Christiane Lemieux Ameer Youssef Michael Zeldin Matt Zeller Lauren Zucker

Matthew Mazur Sean McBride Bruce and Suzanne McClintock Matt and Kim McCue Brown McCullough and Laura Ross John and Ann McDermott Peter and Tracey McDowell Junius McElveen Daniel McGee Andrew McKey and Marcia Ely Daniel McLaughlin Kim McMurray Ross McWilliams Daniel Mehlman and Margaret Shirk William Methot and Margie Conway Michael and Mia Meyer Charles and Sylvia Meyers Robert and Mary Jo Milbank Kris Minor Deborah Minor Harvey Antonio and Felice Minutolo Evelyn Minutolo Eric Misbach Joonyoung Moon Colin Moran Andrea Moss Edward and Sarah Mundy Timothy and Jacqueline Murphy David Myszkowski Max and Ann Naylor Brenna Neal Michael Nemeroff and Sharon Leininger John Nesbitt Randolph and Nancy New John and Elizabeth Newhouse Eugene Newman and Maryellen Cunnion Adam O’Byrne and Laura Smolowe Kathy O’Hearn William Okun William and Pilar O’Leary Sean O’Neill and Julia Bissell

NSP would especially like to thank its alumni, clients, students, and staff who have made financial contributions this year.
Michael Arnst, in honor of NSP-Baltimore Rita Axelroth Amy Baker Marcy Baskin Adam Benforado Shawn Benham Sarah Bertozzi Jen Bokoff Josh Bolian Elena Boyd Molly Broache Alix Brown Mike Buchwald

18 | National Student Partnerships a professional, as a member of my community, and as an individual.” - NSP VOLuNTEER
Laura Bumiller Nidhi Chaudhary Caroline Chefas Meg Coady Katherine Conway Liz Copeland Kirsten Cornnell Tom Cosgrove Claire Costantino Megan Curran, in memory of Anne Coyne Anna Day Molly Day Heather Decker Khyati Desai Michelle Devereux Patrick Donohue Danielle Egic William Fettweis Lisa Fishlin Patricia Foo Chris Foreman Jennifer Glasser Peter Glowatsky Peter and Sameena Groves Wren Haaland, in honor of NSPBaltimore Jessica Hamerslough Joanne Heisey Elyse Heyman Jeff Himmelman and Kirsten Lodal Carrie Hutnick Latrice Jones Nisha Joseph Nathan Kamesar Peter Keane Caitlin King Gina Kline Kimbrick Knox Mark Kurtz and Amy Hustad Khelen Kuzmovich, in honor of Meg Newman Cannon Leavelle Daryl Levine, in honor of Delese Harvey and the VISTA Class of 2006 Lauren Libera Josh and Cory Logan Matthew and Candace MacDonald Lena Makaroun Juliet Manno Lover and Tizgel High Brant Mayo Melissa Mazur Christopher and Nina McIntyre David McNelly Christine Minutolo Kunal Modi Bethsy Morales-Reid Annie Moyer, in honor of NSP-New Haven Shannon Murphy Muzammil Mustufa Meg Newman Pearl O’Brien Mike O’Donnell Crispina Ojeda Gregory and Elaine O’Loughlin Jon and Marni Pastor, in honor of the NSP Alumni Association Patricia Pérez Verena Phipps Adrienne Piazza Sue Porter Sangeeta Prasad Janelle Rae, in memory of Marilyn Eigelbach Alexander Renner Katie Robinson Blair Schwab, in honor of NSPEvanston Kate Selden Margaret Senese Sohil Shah Sarah Shubitowski Carrie Shuchart Lia Silver Maya Soble Delatour and Jacqueline Spriggs, in honor of NSP-Baltimore Jackie Stewart Svea Stromme Mary Svenstrup Rachael Swanson Laura Timko Emily Treleaven Gardner Tripp Paul Vande Stouwe Fanta Waterman Kimberly Wenke Craig and Marian Wiggins Rebecca Wolff Jessica Wyman, in honor of the wedding of Jaime Buehl and Bill Reichard Darwin Yeung Reginald Ellis Machita Eyre Famous Dave’s, Richmond VA David Freeberg / A&D Custom Framing, McLean VA Beth Gaffney Georgetown Cupcake, Washington DC Global Printing

STRIVE The Tombs, Washington DC Tufts university Oxfam Café, Medford MA Tufts university Jonathan Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service, Medford MA ukrop’s Super Markets, Richmond VA Chris Visser Whole Foods Market, Washington DC

Harvard university, Cambridge MA Illinois Employment & Training Center, Evanston IL Gerald Jackson Megan Johnson Jones Day, Washington DC Kleinbard Bell & Brecker LLP Joseph Knox Kroger, Richmond VA Jan and Elizabeth Lodal LÄRABAR Lesley Bailey Johnson Market Basket, Somerville MA Michael Masullo Middle East Restaurant, Cambridge MA National Beer Wholesalers Association, Alexandria VA National Women’s Law Center, Washington DC Oxfam, Medford MA Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville PC, Washington DC Randolph and Nancy New New Canaan Kitchens, New Canaan CT Robert and Linda Piazza Robert Rios Peter and Suzanne Romatowski Saxby’s Coffee, Washington DC Jordan Seltzer The Somerville Community Growing Center, Somerville MA Southwest Airlines Starbucks Coffee, Richmond, VA STA Travel, Washington DC

The Agenda for Children, Cambridge MA Artist & Craftsman Supplies, Cambridge MA Barnes & Noble, Washington DC Joseph and Christina Bliley Boloco Inspired Burritos, Medford MA Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington, Washington DC Cecil and Melanie Brown, Jr. The Cambridge Multi-Service Center for the Homeless, Cambridge MA The Cambridge Citywide Senior Center, Cambridge MA Charles River Web Connections, Medfield MA City of New Haven State Administered General Assistance Support Center, New Haven CT Community Action Agency of Somerville, Somerville MA CVS, Cambridge MA Khyati Desai Danaher Corporation

Bank of America The Boston Consulting Group The Capital Group Companies Diamond Management and Technology Consultants ExxonMobil Follett Corporation Goldman Sachs Google JPMorgan Chase Kingdon Capital Lehman Brothers Merrill Lynch & Co. Northern Trust The Pew Charitable Trusts PNC Bank united Services Automobile Association W.W. Grainger, Inc.

2007-2008 Impact Report | 19

Jon Budington

Amy Baker, AmeriCorps*VISTA, Development Associate Alix Brown, AmeriCorps*VISTA, Special Assistant to the CEO Tony Brunswick, Director of Programs Katherine Conway, AmeriCorps*VISTA, Program Associate Heather Decker, Program Manager Meghan Donaghue, AmeriCorps*VISTA, Development Associate Colleen Flynn, AmeriCorps*VISTA, Communications Associate Delese Harvey, Deputy Director of Programs Amy Hustad, Chief Operating Officer Cannon Leavelle, Development Manager Kirsten Lodal, CEO and Co-Founder Shannon Murphy, Program Manager Ben Reuler, Program Manager Anne Romatowski, AmeriCorps*VISTA, Program Associate Marian Wiggins, Director of Finance and Operations We also extend our appreciation to former AmeriCorps*VISTA Nisha Joseph for her work in Program Year ’08.

Rob Carmona

Michelle Devereux

Lee Foley

Stanley A. Freeman

Susan Hirsch Richard Hochman

Brian J. Kreiter (Board Chair 2001-2007)

NSP - Baltimore c/o The PEACE Center 325 E. 25th Street, 2nd Floor Baltimore, MD 21218 (410) 235-4585 NSP - Bronx c/o Refuge House 2715 Bainbridge Avenue Bronx, NY 10458 (718) 733-3897 NSP - Cambridge c/o The Cambridge Multi-Service Center 19 Brookline Street, 1st floor Cambridge, MA 02139 (617) 349-6338 NSP - Chicago 4554 N. Broadway, Suite 329 Chicago, IL 60640 (773) 303-0700 NSP - Evanston c/o Illinois Employment and Training Center 1615 Oak Avenue Evanston, IL 60201 (847) 864-3530 x208 NSP - New Haven 254 College Street, 2nd Floor New Haven, CT 06510 (203) 624-5877 NSP- North Philadelphia c/o OIC Building 1231 North Broad St., 4th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19122 (215) 765-3430 NSP - West Philadelphia 203 S. 60th Street, 1st Floor Philadelphia, PA 19139 (215) 474-1807 NSP - Pittsburgh c/o Life’sWork of Western PA 1323 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15219 (412) 682-3501 NSP - Richmond c/o Daily Planet 517 West Grace Street Richmond, VA 23220 (804) 433-4394 NSP - Somerville c/o The Family Center 366 Somerville Avenue Somerville, MA 02143 (617) 591-9400 NSP - Washington, DC c/o Perry School Community Services Center 128 M Street, NW, Suite 335 Washington, DC 20001 (202) 289-2525

Marne Levine

Kirsten E. Lodal

Marne Obernauer, Jr. (Board Chair)

William D. Rahm

Elizabeth Riker

Arianna Rubin

20 | National Student Partnerships

2007-2008 Impact Report | 21


NATIONAL STUDENT PARTNERSHIPS 800 7th St NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20001

202.289.1151 |


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