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A sci-fi comedy adventure thats

out of this world
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy meets 1984
EIRDOS is smartly written,
fast paced, funny, off-the
wall, wildly original and
highly entertaining.
Utopian astronauts arrive on earth 40 years late but
just in time to save the universe from evil
three halves of the ancient crystal of life truth, peace
and love.
In the vein of Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, with
elements of 1984 WEIRDOS is the latest in science
and fun and offers something for people of all ages and
degrees of weirdness.
Packaging/financing. Development funding: BC
Film, The Harold Greenberg Fund, Utopia, and private
investors. Budget: $1.5 - $2 million CDN

Finance Plan: pre-sales to Canadian Paytv, Harold
Greenberg Fund equity, Telefilm Canada equity,
Federal and B.C tax credits. Possible UK or inter-
provincial co-production. Seeking a Canadian
distributor, co-producers, US and foreign pre-sales.
A quest tale in which the universe is saved from
advanced bureaucracy and blandness With its new
age mix of biblical myth combined with sci-fi quest
fantasy, this script as truly unique.

WEIRDOS is a smartly written, well paced and at
times hysterically funny script. The attempt at a
summary really cant do justice to the wealth of
humour and situations hereIts difficult to quickly list
the strengths of the writing. Nearly each and every
page contains some comedic gemenormously funny
and enormously well-written. BC FILM

In essence project is a haven of reflection that feels
like an entertainment romp. Script is immensely
inventive in its use of technology juxtaposed with
content, which basically asks us (the audience) to opt
for the same inventiveness in our lives and reject the
rigidity of the bureaucracy. This sounds pretty high-
fallutin but the medium for conveying this message
owes more to AIRPLANE movies than any philosophical
treatise so far. Madeline Thompson, Story Edi

Whole Earth Information Retrieval Database Operational System

June 2014 News
Utopia Pictures Ltd.


OSES, an astronaut from
Utopia, arrives on earth
40 years late, but just in
time to save the planet.
His mission to re-unite the
three halves of the ancient
crystal of life - truth peace and
love, thereby restoring
harmony to the universe.

ith the aid of his taxi-
driver guru guide AMRAK
and fellow astronaut
FRANNY, Moses journeys into
the labyrinth of the Brilliant
Building where he battles his
Nemesis, the weak-kneed
bureaucrat NORM, leader of the
Grotonians Bureaucrats From
Outerspace who have been sent
to earth to smooth out the
rough spots and implement
Weirdos - the plan to take over
and dominate the planet.

With the aid of the 2nd Law
of Thermodynamics, Moses
sidekick FELIX and AL the
deranged robot, the Utopians
create a considerable amount
of chaos in their attempts to
retrieve the crystal.
With two halves of the crystal
in hand, Moses and Franny are
chased into the far corners of the
universe. While escaping
overzealous custom agents on
the planet Groton, they
accidentally end up on a waste
shuttle bound for incineration in
a white dwarf, where Norm
finally catches up. They all face
uncertain death in the chaotic
fractal world of a Black Hole.
However, through some quick
thinking, cold beer and the
Fitzgerald contraction, they
survive and emerge unscathed
and reborn into the future --- at
the Great Galaxy Health Food
Cafe, on Utopia. Norm joins the
private sector and becomes
manager of the Caf. The
crystal is unified and the forces
of grayness are defeated.
Moses and Franny set off on
another adventure in Amraks
Crystal Cab.

So borrow a new suit, preferably
Italian. And expensive. Trim your
hair. Shave your beard. Pack away
those old granny glasses. And get
ready to GO WITH THE FLOW!

But Beware. You are entering an
information collection zone. You are
being monitored by WEIRDOS
Whol eEarthInformation
Retrieval DatabaseOperati ng
Utopia Bio
Writer/director Laurence
Keane and producer Elvira
Lount are partners in Utopia
Pictures Ltd., which has several
features in development.

Elvira produced the 35 mm
dramatic feature SAMUEL
LOUNT, the story of her
ancestor who was one of the
leaders of the Canadian
Rebellion of 1837 and was
hanged for treason. The film
received 5 Genie nominations
(Canadian film awards) and has
been sold worldwide.
Elvira has produced over 50
video and film documentaries.
She has a BA from the
University of London, England
and a background in all aspects
of the media, having graduated
from the Media Resources
Program, Capilano University,
North Vancouver.

Laurence Keane was the
director/co-writer of SAMUEL
LOUNT and producer/co-writer
of the low budget sci-fi musical
distributed by New Line Cinema
in the US and Palace Pictures in
hailed as one of the best pictures
of the year by British critics and
has become an underground cult
classic. He has written 16
screenplays; moonlights as a
script editor/analyst; produced,
directed, written and edited
several short comedies and
documentaries, worked as a
newspaper publisher and
photographer; and edited books.
He began his career in the film
business in the 70s at the NFB
and CBC.

Laurence has an MFA in Film
Business and Production from
the University of Southern
California School of Cinema in
Los Angeles, a BA in Political
Science and Philosophy from the
University of British Columbia,
and is a graduate of the
advanced Simon Fraser
University Film Workshop.

Ste Vancouver, B.C.

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