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Teachers Withdraw Recommendation in County Council District 5 Race
Delegates attending today’s monthly meeting of the MCEA Representative Assembly have voted to rescind their
recommendation of Christopher Barclay in the race for the District 5 seat on the Montgomery County Council.
MCEA President Doug Prouty issued the following statement:
“As teachers and childhood educators, we hold ourselves to the highest of standards. It is what our community expects
of all those in public service. We also believe that Chris Barclay has been – and we hope will continue to be – an important
voice for our county’s neediest students, schools and neighborhoods. Nevertheless, we regretfully withdraw MCEA’s
recommendation of Mr. Barclay in the June 24 primary election for the vacant County Council District 5 office. We look
forward to continuing to work with Chris as a member of the Board of Education. We believe that he – and we – can
continue to be strong partners in focusing resources and attention on the challenge of closing student achievement
gaps and narrowing the growing income gaps in our community. We believe Chris can have a good future in public
service in the county. But in light of the recent news and financial disclosures, we cannot recommend him in this race at
this time”.
The Representative Assembly consists of elected MCEA representatives from schools and worksites across the
county. Approximately 130 MCEA Representatives participated in today’s discussion and decision. This action, like
all candidate recommendations, required approval of a super-majority (58%) of those voting.
Approval of this motion by the MCEA Representative Assembly leaves the Association with no position in the
Council 5 race.
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MCEA Representative Assembly Rescinds
Recommendation in District 5 Council Race
Posted June 4th, 2014

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