ECWANDC Town Hall Meeting Agenda - June 7, 2014 | Business

Elected Members

Danielle Lafayette, Chair
Yvonne Ellett, Co-Chair
Dianne Robertson, Rec. Secretary
Wilson Washensky, Area 1 Rep.
ary !ones-Darks, Area 1 Rep.
Carl or"an, Area # Rep.
!ackie Ryan, Area # Rep.
Robin $illia%, Area & Rep.
'acant, Area & Rep.
Appointed Members
'acant, Corr. Secretary
'acant, (reas)rer
isty Wilks, At-Lar"e Rep.
!ohnnie Raines ***, At-Lar"e Rep.
+ick ,ill , At-Lar"e Rep.
!ason Lo%bar-, At-Lar"e Rep.
A Certified City of Los Angeles Neighborhood Council
Servin" the co%%)nities of. Arlin"ton /ark, 0al-1in ,ills,
0al-1in 'illa"e, 0al-1in 'ista, Ca%eo Woo-s,
Crensha1 anor, Lei%ert /ark 2 'illa"e $reen
All eetin"s are 3pen to the /)blic
St"#e$olders To%n H"ll Meetin&s
Sat)r-ay of the onth
Crensha1 4nite- etho-ist
&567 Don 8elipe Drive
9.&7 : 11.&7 a%
Bo"rd Meetin&s
on-ay of the onth
DW/ Crensha1 Co%%)nity Roo%
67&7 Crensha1 0lv-
;.&7 : <.&7 p%
Cont"ct In'orm"tion
()*+ Stoc#er Street +*,
os An&eles- C"li'orni" .***/
(elephone=8a>. ?&#&@ #9A-A5;;
E%ail. officeBec1an-c.or"
Website. 111.ec1an-c.or" con"ress
Saturday, June 7, 2014 !"#0 11"#0 a$
%ren&'a( )n*ted Met'+d*&t #740 D+n ,e-*.e Dr
1/ We-0+$e, %a-- t+ Order 1 R+-- %a--
2/ LA2D Sen*+r Lead O33*0er& Re.+rt" Ofcr. Sasajima, Beard and Saldana (5mins)
#/ 2u4-*0 %+$$ent 1 %+n0ern&" for items not on the agenda (10mins)
4/ E-e0ted O33*0*a- 1 2u4-*0 A5en0y Ann+un0e$ent&: Patrice Jefferson, C!" #imani Blac$, C10
6/ 2re&entat*+n 4y 64
A&&e$4-y Se4a&t*an R*d-ey T'+$a& +33*0e" (%0mins) &a'a o(glas
)Representative Maya Douglas will present 2011-2013 board with Certificates of appreciation for all their hard work
and dedication to C!"#DC$
7/ D*&0u&&*+n +n %*0LA8*a" (10mins) *afarai
- Cic%"via&s first 'outh %" route will connect %ei(ert )ark *illage to the +istoric Central "venue on Dece(ber ,-
201.$ %earn about the route and benefits of participating$
7/ Street 9end*n5 2re&entat*+n" Carl &organ, +,onne -llett (.0mins)
-%" City Council file 13-1./3 (otioned for the co-ordination of several City Depart(ents to prepare a report on non-
food street vending$ C!" will (ake a presentation to infor( our stakeholders$ 'takeholder input is an integral part
of C!"&s preparation for a Co((unity 0(pact 'tate(ent 1C0'2 on the City Council file by "ugust 201.$
:/ D*&0u&&*+n 3+r +.en ;+ard &eat& and a..-*0at*+n .r+0e&&" anielle /afa'ette (%mins)
)0e,ie1 to fill the three o2en Board 2ositions: *reas(rer, 3rea . 0e2 4 Corres2onding Secretar'
!/ D*&0u&&*+n and a0t*+n +n Inter*$ trea&urer and 2
&*5ner, 2<0ard '+-der (10mins)
-3une 13
deadline to receive new purchase card fro( D4#
10/ D*&0u&&*+n and .+&&*4-e a0t*+n +3 ,*nan0e %+$$*ttee %'a*r (!mins)
-5he 6inance Co((ittee reviews (onetary applications then (akes its reco((endations to the 7oard on how to
fund out of C!"&s 83,-000 annual budget$
Ad=+urn$ent 5e6t meeting J(ne 17
, %018 7:.02m
&em9ers of the 2(9lic are re:(ested to fill o(t a ;S2ea$er Card< to address the Board on an' item on the agenda 2rior to the Board ta$ing
action. Comments are limited to . min(tes 2er s2ea$er, (nless modified 9' the 2residing officer of the Board.
3s co,ered (nder *itle == of the 3mericans 1ith isa9ilities 3ct, the Cit' of /os 3ngeles does not discriminate on the 9asis of disa9ilit' and,
(2on re:(est, 1ill 2ro,ide reasona9le accommodations to ens(re e:(al access to its 2rograms, ser,ices and acti,ities. Sign lang(age
inter2retation, assisti,e listening ser,ices and other a(6iliar' aids and>or ser,ices ma' 9e 2ro,ided (2on re:(est. *o ens(re a,aila9ilit' of
ser,ices, 2lease ma$e 'o(r re:(est at least ?% ho(rs 2rior to the meeting 'o( 1ish to attend 9' contacting the e2artment of 5eigh9orhood
-m2o1erment at .)1)1 Sta$eholder *o1n @all 4 Board &eeting 3gendas are Posted ?% @o(rs in 3d,ance at
O33*0*a- 2u4-*0 N+t*0e 3+r E%WAND% Stand*n5 %+$$*ttee&"
%+$$*ttee Meet*n5 Date 1 L+0at*+n %'a*r
Planning, /and Bse 4
/ast &onda' of the &onth at 7:.0 2m
C@C .?.1 Stoc$er St Ste C%01
Carl &organ
Einance .
&onda' of the &onth at 5:.0 F 7:.0 2m 3S 5---
AP Crensha1 Comm(nit' 0oom: 80.0 Crensha1 Bl,d
O(treach %
*(esda' of the &onth at 7:.0 2m 3S 5---
-CA3 Office: .?01 Stoc$er Street
ianne 0o9ertson
Safet' 1
Sat(rda' of the &onth at 1%:00 2m 3S 5---
Johnnie 0aines ===
-d(cation and +o(th
Ailson Aashens$'
So(th /3 3lliance>B(dget Committee /ar$ Gallo1a')Gilliam, anielle
- /a"e % of % -

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