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Complete Material Testing Solutions

Testing Services
Metals & Alloys
Ferrous, Non-Ferrous-Metals
and Precious Metals, Steel,
Tool, Stainless Steels,
Nickel, Cobalt, Titanium,
Lead, Brass, Platinum etc by
OES/XRF/AAS/ ICP Spectrometers.
Mechanical Testing
Tensile, Proof Load,
Flexural, Hardness, Micro-
Hardness, Charpy (ASTM)
Impact Tests-Izod, Shear,
Hot Tensile Tests, Welded Coupons.
Testing of HT Strands, etc.
Building Materials
Physical & chemical tests
of Concrete, Cement,
Aggregate, Admixture,
Granite, Building Bricks,
Bitumen, Marble, etc. Design Mix, RCPT,
Water Permeability, Accelearted Curing
Tests, etc.
Corrosion Testing
Salt Spray, CASS, Pitting,
Crevice Corrosion, HIC/
SSCC, IGCC test, Chloride
Corrosion test, Ammonia Vapour test,
Vibration, Heat Cycle, Thermal Shock.
NDT of vessels, Piping,
Bridges, Old Fire Ravaged
Buildings, Water Tanks, Load Test,
Structure Stability, Corrosion Monitoring.
Grain Size, Effective
Case Depth, Phase
Studies, Inclusions In-
situ Metallography, Image Analysis, and
Failure Analysis.
Failure Analysis
Failure Analysis study of
Boilers, Tubes, Auto
Components, Hooks,
Condensers, Polymer
components, Bolts, Root cause study.
Food & Agro Products
Pesticide Residues, Toxic
Metals, Nutrition Analysis
in Spices, Fruit
Concentrates, Processed
Foods, Sugar.
Water & Waste
Packaged and Natural
Water for routine tests,
Residual Pesticides
analysis, Microbiological analysis.
Environment Monitoring
of Ambient Air, Stack,
Indoor, Clean Room, Noise, Soil, Solid
Waste, EIA, EMP Studies.
Polymers &
Polymer Identification,
Ageing, Ozone, Tensile, Flexural, Banned
Elements, Fire Retardants, Resins.
Preservative efficacy,
Micro legionella, Total
viable microbial count, Microbial count,
Fungicidal test (AOAC).
Cosmetics & Drugs
Raw Material & Formulations
(as per IP, BP, USP), using
shelf life.
Paint & coating
Spectro performs various
coatings and paints tests
to assess their
performance. Tests
include resistance test, MFI.
Coal & Coke
Calorific value, ultimate,
Proximate analysis-
Moisture, Volatile matter,
Ash and Fixed Carbon -
C,H, O, N, S.
Soil Testing
CBR, Proctor Test, Density,
Liquid & Plastic Limit,
Moisture content, Drying
effects, Particle size, Chemical analysis.
Minerals & Ores
Ferro Alloys, Feldspar,
Limestone, Ores by ICP/
XRF/ AAS Spectrometer
for Chemical Analysis, Petrography.
Petroleum Products
Insulating Oils, HSD,
Engine Oils for Wear
Metals, Dissolved
Gases, Viscosity, Fire Point, Flash Point,
SOAP Analysis.
Paper & Packaging
Craft Paper, Bond Paper,
Corrugated Boxes tested
for Crushing Test, Drop Test, Bursting
Strength, Vibration Test, Chloride Test.
Electrical &
Electronics Products
Cables, Appliances,
Components for High
Voltage, Resistance Dust, Salt Spray,
Vibration test.
Hardline & Softline
Toys, Metal Handicrafts,
EPNS, Candle Stands,
Incenses, Furnishing, Woven Garments.
Inspection Services Calibration Services Principal Lab
Supplier Audit & Process Audit
Third Party Inspection
Textile Inspection
NDT Inspection
Metal Scrap Inspection
RoHS Certification
Electrical, Mechanical & Thermal

Projects & Consultancy
M/s. Spectro Analytical Labs Ltd,
New Delhi.

Laboratory Setup
EIA/EMP Studies

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