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Prepare for What Lies Ahead
Who does What?
One day connected forum with two post-forum workshops
25-26 June 2014, Rydges Melbourne
$995 plus gst to attend the forum
Post-forum workshops
Thursday, 26 June 2014
Workshop A: Information Governance Zing
David will discuss Cardinia’s recent journey from “good to great to excellent” resulting in the LGICT
Innovation Fellowship Award and workshop the practical implications of this experience with regard to
Information Governance and Management.
Facilitated by: David Jackson, Manager, Information Services, Cardinia Shire Council
Workshop B: Process-centric Governance and Information Architecture
Facilitated by: Simon Rawson, Principal Consultant, Information Management, PowerMark Solutions
In Information Management and Governance
You need to know this:
n Identifying the roles, processes and technology for information governance
n Instigating a whole-of-enterprise strategy for data and information
n Mitigating the risks of cloud service adoption
n Enabling business innovation through modern information governance
n Designing information architecture to transform document management
n Understanding the challenging information and records management environment
n Exploring big data and the future of enterprise content management systems
Supported By:
Gain cross-industry perspectives and insights from:
Shell Company
Department of State Development, Business and Innovation
University of Melbourne
Wingecarribee Shire Council
Cochlear Limited
PBT Australia
CONNECTED FORUM - Wednesday, 25 June 2014
What Lies Ahead? In Information Management and Governance
25-26 June 2014, Rydges Melbourne
This conference will focus on the importance of information management as a strategic asset
through professional perspectives and case studies from professionals who have made a real
difference with information management in their organisation.
Who does What?
One day connected forum with two post-forum workshops
25-26 June 2014, Rydges Melbourne
$995 plus gst to attend the forum
8.30 Registration and refreshments
9.00 Chairperson's opening remarks
Tim Newbegin, President, RIM Professionals Victorian
Branch Chair, MAV Step ECM/IM Program Committee
9.15 Information wants to be free
Releasing data ó
Value of transparency ó
Getting others to take advantage of your data ó
Geoff Beggs, Director, ICT Strategy,
Department of State Development, Business and Innovation
10.00 Getting your head into the cloud
Mitigating the security risks of cloud service adoption ó
How to have an IT risk discussion with non IT executives ó
without getting technical
What are the risks of adopting a cloud service? ó
A process for ensuring that the key considerations of ó
moving to the cloud are identified and addressed
Tools and techniques that you can you use to reduce the ó
risk to your organisation
Wayne Tufek, IT Security and Risk Manager,
University of Melbourne
10.45 Morning refreshments and networking -
tweet #infogov
11.15 Embedding an information culture throughout the
Where information governance fits in ó
Roles, processes and technology for information ó
The importance of people ó
Developing the skills of information practitioners and their ó
Ken Self, Data Strategy and Standards Manager,
Shell Company

12.00 Using BI Strategy to drive the Data Governance program
The components of a data management / data governance ó
The various aspects covered by a business intelligence ó
strategy, including governance
Kick-starting the data governance program from within the ó
BI strategy
Spinning out data governance as an independent core ó
data management function
Martin Rennhackkamp, CIO, PBT Australia
12.45 Networking lunch (let us know if you have any special dietary
requirements 2 weeks prior to forum)
1.45 Realising business benefits with modern information
governance: Case study focused
Achieving a culture change – ownership of business ó
A pragmatic model for information governance ó
Driving enhanced business unit collaboration with an ó
effective information model
Building seamless integration between information process ó
and organisational processes
Increasing business efficiency through effective information ó
Enabling business innovation through modern information ó
Robin Wall, Director, BeyondIT, NSW Director, Institute for
Information Management (IIM)
Robin will provide insights into the achievements of a large NSW
Government department in realising the benefits of its EDRMS
investment, focusing on modern information governance
2.30 Transforming Document Management with Information
Lessons learnt from the existing global Open Text EDRM ó
Designing an IA to meet business needs ó
Using technology to automate metadata management ó
Using IA to drive management and consumption of ó
Mark Cotterell, Information Architect,
Cochlear Limited
3.15 Afternoon refreshments and networking
3.30 Information principles and action plan for Victorian
The challenging information and records management
Managing cost and management of paper based ó
information and records
Harnessing the value of information government collects or ó
Planning for the long term and permanent retention of high ó
value digital records
PROV has been working to provide principles and action plan
to respond to this challenging environment
David Brown, Assistant Director, Government Services,
Public Record Office Victoria (PROV)
4.15 Big Data needs Big Classification
Big data creates information at machine speed while our
management methods rely on human speed to organise.
What is needed is machine classification at human quality.
This presentation will not give answers but it aims to better
define the question of what an Enterprise Content Management
system needs to look like in 2050.
It's not about faster needle finding, it's about making ó
haystacks at machine speed
Disambiguating "index" - the IT concordance index is only ó
half the picture. The IM semantic index is the other half
Big Classification is self-assembling as the solution to ó
information overload. Have you stepped back to see it?
Andy Carnahan, Manager, Customer and Information
Services, Wingecarribee Shire Council
5.00 Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of connected
Thursday, 26 June 2014
Registration: 8.30 am
Workshop starts: 9.00 am
Workshop ends: 12.00 pm
Facilitated by: David Jackson, Manager, Information Services,
Cardinia Shire Council
About the workshop:

Presented with the LGICT Innovation Award for 2013, the
Cardinia Shire Council has undergone radical change in their
Activity Based Work (ABW) and Paper Independence journey.
The first Council in Australia to embrace the ABW model,
Cardinia’s Corporate Information, Information Technology and
ABW Teams had to work closely together to achieve the
successes realised to date.
This workshop will cover that journey and step through the key
considerations that had to be examined in order to realise the
organisation goals. Information Governance (IG) played a key
role in the reform.
Participants of this workshop will take away a better
understanding of the requirements for building a paper
independent and mobile capable workforce.
They will look at IG as a critical value enabler.
o Look at where they are in their own IG journey and
where they would like to be
o What needs to change, and how to change it
o Key elements to consider when developing the
change plan
o Potential outcomes of meeting the goal, and
o How to generate momentum to deliver the goal
With an interest in improvisation expect lots of direct engage-
ment and maybe some laughs!
About the workshop leader:
Simon has worked with process-centric, information rich, workflow enabled systems for 30 years. In the early 2000s he was Director for Stellent
in the Asia Pacific region, prior to its acquisition by Oracle, and was responsible for designing solutions for clients for their ECM technologies. In
the mid-2000s Simon developed the original content management maturity model, since developed into the ECM3 model (www.ECM3.org) as
an open standard. He is currently Principal Consultant at PowerMark Solutions, Secretary of OZeWAI (the Australian Web Adaptability Initiative),
and is a former Steering Group member for Content Management Professionals (CM Pros).
Registration: 12.30 pm
Workshop starts: 1.00 pm
Workshop ends: 4.00 pm
Facilitated by: Simon Rawson, Principal Consultant,
Information Management, PowerMark Solutions
About the workshop:
The concept of process-centric information and content management
systems is gaining increasing popularity. Quite rightly, as all content
and knowledge is generated by business processes, intended for the
support or consumption of other business processes.
Adopting a process-centric information architecture has many benefits:
It makes it easier to tie content together and create intuitive navigation,
business cases are more easily developed when tied to business
process support, and improvements to business processes are more
readily identified.
This workshop will take participants through a generic,
process-centric information architecture model which can be adapted
for any organisation. It will show how information about products
and services is supported by collaboration and social media, and
related to organisational strategy and goals. Participants will work in
groups through a number of scenarios, and be taken through case
studies showing how ECM solutions can be used to support line of
business systems and processes, including fostering ongoing process
improvement and innovation.
Finally, adoption of process-centric information management models
has implications for governance. A governance framework will be
presented which covers all key elements needed to ensure successful
implementation, adoption and ongoing management of your
information management systems.
B Process-centric Governance and Information Architecture
Information Governance Zing
About the workshop leader:
David Jackson is the current Manager of Information Services at Cardinia Shire Council and a committee member of the Local Government
Information and Communication Technology committee.
Knowing that most people aren’t “tech-heads”, David originally got involved with Information Services to be the “translator” between the
technologists and the business users. With a background in Geomatics and Information Technology, David spent eight years honing his
political and technical skills with the Bureau of Meteorology before joining Local Government in 2010.
A passionate advocate for social responsibility, David is keen to work towards collaborate solutions for age old themes such as social
inclusion, change management and social and corporate responsibility. With a mantra “Technology shouldn’t be a solution looking for a
problem”, David subscribes to addressing problems holistically with an eye on the benefits to be gained through innovation.
Event venue and accommodation
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What Lies Ahead? In IT Management and Governance
25-26 June 2014, Rydges Melbourne
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