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... through Bertha Dudde

Contact with the world of light
or the world of immature spirits ....
gain and again ! ha"e to point out that the spiritual world is in
constant contact with people on this earth# that it is e"er$ light
%eing&s tas' to guide the people on earth towards the light and
that the$ faithfull$ implement this tas' %ecause the$ wor'
according to ($ will and that the$ are onl$ able to fulfil My will if
the$ are enlightened themsel"es# hence# if the$ are permeated
%$ ($ light.
ll redeemed spiritual %eings participate in the redemption of the
unredeemed# %e the$ people on earth or the still unredeemed
souls in the %e$ond .... For since the$ themsel"es are %lissfull$
happ$ their lo"e also wants to help the wretched to attain
%eatitude. nd this moti"ates them to ma'e contact with people
on earth %$ influencing them mentall$ and %$ tr$ing to guide
them on the right path which leads %ac' to the Father&s house# to
(e# from Whom the$ once "oluntaril$ distanced themsel"es.
)owe"er# the %eings of light will not implement an$thing of their
own accord which would not %e according to ($ will# and thus
their acti"it$ relating to people presupposes people&s %ond with
(e# %ecause onl$ this testifies to the will that the human %eing
will %e positi"el$ minded and thus can recei"e help .... Once this
heartfelt %ond has %een esta%lished with (e# no person need %e
afraid of falling pre$ to deceitful spirits# for his %ond with (e
protects him from this ....
*hen the %eings of light will guide and ad"ise him and also allow
earthl$ e"ents to approach him such that the$ will %enefit his
soul# for then the$ will alwa$s %e acti"e on ($ %ehalf according
to ($ will. nd people should indeed %e satisfied with the fact
that the$ are %eing guided and cared for %$ the spiritual world of
light ....
!f# howe"er# the$ tr$ to esta%lish a direct connection with these
messengers of light in order to recei"e spiritual clarification# in
order to increase their spiritual 'nowledge# the$ will alwa$s %e
ad"ised %$ them to enter into closest contact with (e and to
consciousl$ appeal for and accept ($ Words ....
Onl$ if the$ united with (e and appealed for the transmission of
truth will the$ %e allowed to recei"e and also accept information
from these said messengers of light# who are then wor'ing on ($
instructions again.
But then the$ will %e addressed through ($ spirit .... hence the$
will not %e a%le to hear the teachings or messages from the
'ingdom of light with their ph$sical ears# %ut the eternal Father+
,pirit will communicate with the spiritual spar' in the human
%eing# irrespecti"e of whether it happens directl$ or through the
messengers of light# which are merel$ ($ spiritual organs
through which ! wor' so as to %e a%le to ma'e them happ$....
*hen the spiritual ear will %e a%le to hear and .... if it is ($
will .... these messages can %e recorded .... *he fact that this
simple process of the -wor'ing of ($ spirit in the human %eing& is
no longer understood properl$ .... the fact that it is imitated and
that people to this end a"ail themsel"es of the spirit world which
is still in an unredeemed state in the 'ingdom of the %e$ond # is
($ ad"ersar$&s acti"it$ who wants to pre"ent e"er$thing which
might lead to the realisation of a God and Creator %ut which is
essential in order to return to (e# in order to lo"e (e and to
su%mit to ($ will ....
Contacts with this immature world of spirits can ne"er lead to the
light# nothing good can come from it# for the$ will onl$ add to the
error in the world# and therefore $ou humans must time and
again %e cautioned to hand $oursel"es o"er to these forces who
misuse $ou and $our will. Don&t ta'e detours %ut turn directly
to Me, the Eternal Truth Itself# then $ou will not run the ris'
of %eing mislead.
For $ou are una%le to .udge which spiritual %eings approach $ou#
%ut $ou can onl$ %e protected from their influence if $ou
completel$ hand $oursel"es o"er to (e to lead and guide $ou#
and then $ou will trul$ %e well protected .... But don&t
deli%eratel$ hand $oursel"es o"er to spiritual forces which alwa$s
surround $ou and which tr$ to influence $ou in e"er$ wa$ %ut
which are of ser"ice to ($ ad"ersar$.
!t re/uires profound sincerit$# a hum%le heart and a genuine
desire for truth in order to %e chosen for transmissions from the
spiritual 'ingdom which originate from (e .... But then $ou can
%e certain that purest truth will %e imparted to $ou# and then $ou
can also pass it on again according to ($ will ....
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