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Embedded Systems Course Objectives

Course: (CS 05216) Embedded systems

Credit (Semester Hours): 4+1*
Pre-requisites: Fundamentals of micro controllers, micro processors, Digital
Subject re! Committee: Embedded systems
Course Coordi"!tor(s): #$ S%et&!
C!t!'o( )escri*tio":
Complex Systems and Microprocessor, the Emedded System Design !rocess,
"#$1 Micro controller %ard&are, 'he (ssemly )anguage !rogramming !rocess,
!rogramming 'ools and 'echni*ues, +nterfacing &ith ,eyoards, Displays, D-(
and (-D Con.ersions
**roved +oo,s:
-E.- +OO/S:
1/ Computers and Components, 0ayne 0olf, Else.eir/
1/ 'he "#$1 Microcontroller, 'hird Edition, ,enneth 2/(yala, 'homson/
1/ Emedding system uilding loc3s, )arosse, .ia CM! pulishers/
1/ Emedded Systems, 4a5 ,amal, 'M%/
6/ Micro Controllers, (5ay 7 Deshmu3hi, 'M%/
4/ Emedded System Design, Fran3 7ahid, 'ony 8i.argis, 2ohn 0iley/
$/ Microcontrollers, 4a5 3amal, !earson Education/
9/ (n Emedded Soft&are !rimer, E/ Simon, !earson Education/
Course #o!'s 0e'!ted to Pro(r!m Educ!tio" Objectives:
'o learn the method of designing a real time systems
Desired Outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
:nderstand and design emedded systems and real;time systems
For real;time systems<
+dentify the uni*ue characteristics of real;time systems
Explain the general structure of a real;time system
Define the uni*ue design prolems and challenges of real;time systems
(pply real;time systems design techni*ues to .arious soft&are programs/
For emedded systems it &ill enale you to <
:nderstand the asics of an emedded system
!rogram an emedded system
Design, implement and test an emedded system/
Ex< realtime + emedded < games on a 8ameoy or arcade games
Ex< realtime< Spore on a laptop
Prerequisites by -o*ic:
= +ntroduction to Micro controllers
= %exadecimal numer system
-o*ics Covered: 2umber o3 Hours -ot!' Hours:
4"its -o*ics 2o$ o3 &ours
:nit ;1 Emedded Computing > $
:nit;1 'he "#$1 (rchitecture >"
:nit ;6 ?asic (ssemly )anguage !rogramming Concepts ;@
:nit ;4 (rithmetic Aperations > @
:nit ;$ (pplications ;$
:nit ;9 +ntroduction to 4eal 'ime Aperating Systems ;B
:nit ;@ ?asic Design :sing a 4eal;'ime Aperating System ;11
:nit ;" +ntroduction to ad.anced architectures @
Field .isit 1
'utorials 1#
5"structio"!' 6ode':
)ectures augmented &ith computer pro5ection of po&er point style presentation
0e;ased course support > ?lac3oard, for course information
7!bor!tory Co"te"t:
Demonstration of (ssemly language programs using ,eil soft&are, interfacing
&ith 3eyoard, )EDCs in la/
S*eci3ic )esi("-0e'!ted ctivities:
E33ective -ec&"ic!' Commu"ic!tio"s (E-C) 0equireme"ts:
Each student in the class is re*uired to oral presentation/
ssessme"t P'!":
= (ssignment-%ome&or3
= 1 'est in the semester
= Final examination
0ecomme"ded tte"d!"ce Po'icy:
(ttendance is mandatory/
Co"tributio" to t&e Pro3essio"!' Com*o"e"t:
'his course pro.ides four credit hours of engineering science and design
Objective8Outcome 6!tri9 - EE 5500:
+ C ) E 1 # H 5 ; / 7 6 2
1/ if an o5ecti.e is satisfied &ea3ly > discussed ut not in detail
1/ if an o5ecti.e is satisfied at a medium le.el > co.ered in lectures
6/ if an o5ecti.e is satisfied strongly > co.ered in lectures and tested in exams