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Dr. Jayesh V.

Clinical teaching is a vehicle that provides
students with the opportunity to translate
basic theoretical knowledge into the
learning of a variety of intellectual &
psychomotor skills needed to provide
patient centered quality nursing care.
- Schweer (1972)
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Nursing clinics/bedside clinic
Nursing rounds
Nursing assignments
Nursing care conferences
Morning & afternoon reports
Health team conferences
Individual conferences
Field visits
Process recording
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Selection of method must be appropriate to objectives &
desired behavioral changes.
Selection of method must be in accordance with the
principles of learning.
Selection of method must be in accordance with the
capacity of students.
Selection of method must be accordance with the
availability of resources.
Selection of method must be in accordance with the
teachers ability to use it effectively & creatively.
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Nursing case study is the blueprint of nursing
care rendered by a nursing student to a
selected patient, for a particular period by
following nursing process approach, with an
intention to develop comprehensive nursing
care abilities.
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It provides an opportunity to the student to learn
nursing skills using the problem solving approach.
Students learn to identify & define a patients
It trains the students to locate, gather & process
the information required to solve the patients
It develops a sense of accomplishment from
providing individualized comprehensive care.
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It helps the student solve the patients
problems by critical & reflective thinking.
It emphasizes the facts that the patient is an
individual personality with unique problems.
It accentuates the health & social aspects of
It point out the relationship & cooperation of
the various agencies interested in the
patients problems & welfare such as social
services & public health nursing.
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The students should be able to make their nursing care
study on a patient for whose nursing care they are
responsible for.
The selection of patient can be done by coordination
between the clinical instructor & students.
With the help of a case study, the student should be able
to study the patients state of health & self-help abilities,
his cultural background, his economic level, hobbies &
interests, as an understanding of all these factors will
contribute to the patients welfare.
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The first part of the study should be concerned
with information & facts about the patient, his
disease condition & his social & personal history
& how this knowledge is applied in providing
nursing care to the patient.
The second part of the nursing study takes in the
responsibilities & the activities the nursing
student will be concerned with in giving complete
comprehensive nursing care to the patient.
It should emphasize should be made on patient
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If outpatient experience & home nursing is included in
the study, it helps in better evaluation of the patients
recovery & his ability to maintain healthy health habit.
It should serve as an excellent tool to demonstrate
nursing skills, scientific knowledge, & sociological or
psychological insight into the problems of the patient.
It should encourage critical evaluation of solutions
presented by others. The student is presented with the
whole situation so that she may visualize it completely.
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Written case study
It provides for individual differences of the
It provide an opportunity for self-expression in
It provides experience in organizing &writing a
paper in a scientific manner.
It provide a source of material for future
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Oral case study
It provides an opportunity for the instructor to direct
student thinking into new channels & to correct errors of
It serves as a basis for better personal understanding &
relationship between the instructor & the student.
It is time saving, does not require lengthy recopying of the
notes to acceptable forms.
It offers an opportunity for a public-speaking experience.
id discussion is invite after presentation, the case becomes
cooperative & everyone involved benefits from the study.
The student feels the thrill of achievement in presenting
her study to others.
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Written case study
It gives no
opportunity to branch
out & incorporate
new ideas once the
study is competed.
It require a great deal
of time to rewrite to
an acceptable form.
Oral case study
It does not offer an
opportunity for writing &
other creative expressions,
since only notes are used
for the presentation.
It leaves no records that
may be kept for future
references as it used
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Nursing rounds is an excursion into the patients
area involving the students learning experience.
Generally, a small group of nursing professionals
such as nursing faculty, ward nurse manager,
bedside nurses & nursing students assemble on
the patients bedside to discuss the routine
nursing care provided to patients so that efficient
nursing care be ensured.
Meanwhile, nursing students can also be taught
about nursing care.
6/5/2014 17
To demonstrate symptoms important in
nursing care.
To clarify the terminology studied.
To compare a patients reaction to disease &
study the disease condition.
To demonstrate effects of the drugs.
To illustrate skillful nursing care.
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The nursing clinic is a group discussion which
utilizes the presence of a selected patient,
whereby nursing aspects are presented &
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To apply theory into actual practice by
observing, interviewing & studying a patient.
To apply knowledge & experience to real-life
To understand certain types of apparatus.
To improve nursing care.
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It is that part of learning experience where
students are assigned with patients or other
activities concerning patients in the clinical
It is though the assignment that the teacher is
able to arouse interest, stimulate right mental
promotional attitudes & sets forth good study
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Students are informed about the objectives of their
assignment to a particular ward or unit of the hospital.
Students are to be oriented to the new clinical are.
Students are given facilities to practice nursing according
to principles taught.
Assignment have to assigned according to the consistent
level of learning the students have reached or attained.
Proper guidance & supervision has to be provided to
students during their clinical experience.
Students should be given opportunities for working in a
Students performance should be evaluated & discussed
with the students for their improvement, correction, etc.
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A report summarizes the services of the nurse
and/or the agency.
Report may be in the form of an analysis of
some aspect of a service.
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Reports should be made promptly if they are to
serve their purpose well.
A good report is clear, concise & complete.
It is clearly stated & well-organized for easy
No extraneous material is included.
Good oral reports are expressed & presented in
an interesting manner & important points are
A good report is unhurried.
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Reports between the head nurse and her
Report between nurses who are assigned to
bedside care.
Report of staff members to the change nurse.
When reporting off duty.
Reports to the clinical instructor.
Report of the change nurse to the physician.
Day, evening & night reports.
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