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(for Compositions)

sp spelling error We were not satisfied with the accomodation.

gr grammar problem I have to go there for five years.
te problem with tenses We are living here since 1998.
voc wrong word or expression I have just taken in a new sport.
wf wrong form (right word but wrong form) It was a very interesting
^ something is missing My dad is ^ teacher.
pr preposition He insisted aout doing it his way.
s inappropriate style too formal/informal I !m writing ecause I wanna
link you need to link these sentences/ideas It was raining. LINK We
went out without an umrella.
con wrong connector We went out without an umrella despite it was raining.
pc punctuation problem My sister and I" went to school together.
[ ] omit this word or phrase I need #an$ advice.
? I don't understand what you mean here My sister used cooking for
kitchen every day.
rep repetition of words/ideas I like to go the park. I like to play tennis. I like
to eat ice%cream.
Self-correction is ery important as a techni!ue for language learning"
#ie the students the chance to correct themseles$
%se such a simple code which you can write in the margin for drawing the student's attention to
surface errors$
&nce your comporition has been returned to you' re-write it yourself using the correction symbols
aboe$ (fter' return the second draft of your work back to your teacher for a second check$
)he purpose is to contribute to the students' long-term language learning' and not to *ust concentrate
on rather 'fast fix' correcting$

Thank you
+angelia ,ousermet-i