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By enabling administrators to lock down archived data to make it nonerasable

and nonrewritable, Hitachi Data Retention Utility protects sensitive information

and helps to facilitate compliance with government and industry regulations.
As data retention regulations continue
to evolve, todays businesses are tasked
to comply with evermore-complex man-
dates concerning record creation, storage,
access, management and preservation.
Whether business records are in the form
of email, patient charts or nancial transac-
tions, companies must dedicate resources
to protect them. This may include instituting
procedures and systems to protect criti-
cal information and prevent unauthorized
access or destruction of data. At the same
time, they must maintain the business and
production efforts that keep them competi-
tive in todays challenging markets.
Hitachi Data Retention Utility addresses
nonrewritable and nonerasable require-
ments by locking disk volumes as read-only
for a prescribed period of time and ensuring
authorized-only access. By fully integrating
Data Retention Utility with Hitachi stor-
age systems, Hitachi Data Systems helps
organizations preserve and protect sensitive
enterprise information. This compatibility
also supports tiered storage architectures.
Protect Sensitive Information,
Ensure Regulatory Compliance
Thus, administrators can keep business-
critical transactional databases and records
on high-end storage, while transferring
medium performance xed content with low
access rates to midrange systems.
Write once, read many (WORM) func-
tionality enables Data Retention Utility to
facilitate immutable, tamperproof volume
retention and the creation of compliant
storage environments. Once data has been
written, it can be retrieved and read only by
authorized applications or users, and it can-
not be altered or deleted during the speci-
ed retention period. This valuable function
is not yet integrated into any other vendors
storage offerings.
By using Data Retention Utility with Hitachi

Heterogeneous Replication
or ShadowImage Replication software and
Hitachi TrueCopy

Synchronous and/or
TrueCopy Asynchronous/Extended Distance
remote replication software, companies can
leverage both synchronous and asyn-
chronous replication technologies. These
technologies can be employed across data
centers in multiple geographic regions to
protect data against disasters. Data access
privileges and retention restrictions remain
in place.
Business Benefits
Address Regulation Requirements

Facilitates regulatory compliance through
the creation of secure storage environments
for open systems mainframe applications

Eliminates the need for dedicated storage
units for compliance

Locks disk volumes as read-only for a
prescribed retention period
Protect and Preserve Data

Protects logical volumes against read and
write operations

Safeguards user data from I/O operations
performed on Microsoft Windows, UNIX
and Linux, as well as with the Universal
Storage Platform family IBM



Enhances data protection with TrueCopy
and ShadowImage replication technologies
Hitachi Data Retention Utility
Feature Highlights

Assigns read-only or write-only access
permission to logical volumes in disk stor-
age systems

Allows users to assign access attributes
to logical volumes

Provides invisible and size zero mode

Provides an application programming
interface (API) for open environments and
performs storage system functions for
mainframe environments

Allows administrators to specify data
retention periods

Offers audit lock capabilities, which
freeze the environment so no data can
be released until an audit is completed

Available for open systems and mainframe
Hitachi Data Retention Utility is included in
the required Hitachi Basic Operating System
V on Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform,
Hitachi Universal Storage Platform

V and
Universal Storage Platform VM. It is licensed
separately as an extra cost option on the
Hitachi Adaptable Modular Storage 2000
family systems.
Next Steps
For more information regarding how Hitachi
Data Retention Utility can protect your
sensitive information and help to facilitate
compliance with government and industry
regulations, please visit
Corporate Headquarters
750 Central Expressway
Santa Clara, California 95050-2627 USA
Regional Contact Information
Americas: +1 408 970 1000 or
Europe, Middle East and Africa: +44 (0) 1753 618000 or
Asia Pacific: +852 3189 7900 or
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Hitachi Data Retention
Utility for IBM


Hitachi Data Retention

Utility for Open Systems
Supported products Hitachi Universal Storage

, Hitachi Network
Storage Controller, Hitachi
Universal Storage Platform
V, Hitachi Universal Storage
Platform VM and Hitachi
Virtual Storage Platform
Hitachi Adaptable Modular
Storage, Hitachi Workgroup
Modular Storage, Hitachi
Network Controller, Hitachi
Universal Storage Platform,
Universal Storage Platform
V, Universal Storage
Platform VM and Hitachi
Virtual Storage Platform
Volumes types that can
be locked
z/OS volumes Data Retention Utility
software volumes
Retention date policy Allows permanent
retention dates; volumes can
be unlocked only by Hitachi
Data Systems
CS&S personnel
Allows user-dened reten-
tion dates, after which Data
Retention Utility software
volumes can be unlocked
Provides audit-lock capabili-
ties that enable companies
to freeze the compliance
environment during audits
Permissions Read-only, read-write and
protect access
Read-only, read-write and
protect access
Supported emulation
3380 and 3390 device
emulation only
Open device emulation
Supported storage man-
agement products
Hitachi Device Manager
and Hitachi Storage
Navigator software
Hitachi Storage Navigator,
Storage Navigator Modular
and Storage Navigator
Modular 2