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Electric built-in oven
Bosch - HBA36B650
EAN code: 4242002492018
sales programme:
Bosch - HBA36B650 brushed steeI
BuiIt-in singIe oven
Ecoclean as optional accessory
Multifunction oven with 10 cooking functions:
conventional heat, conventional baking, hot air plus,
pizza setting, bottom heat, hot air grilling, full width
variable grill, half width variable grill, defrost, keep warm
One-knob control
Electronic function selector with Digital display
Extra large capacity oven with grey enamel
Automatic rapid heating up
Automatic switch off
Child lock
Maximum window temperature 40 C
full metal illuminated retractable controls
Electronic clock
Oven interior light with two lamps (optionally to be
Full glass inner door
Grease and odour filter as optional accessory
Drop down grill
ntegral cooling fan
recipe book
Telescopic shelf rails as optional accessory
Cable with plug (1.20 m)
Oven interior light to be switched-off
IncIuded accessories:
1 x enamel baking tray, 1 x combination grid, 1 x universal
OptionaI accessories:
HEZ333000 : Professional pan
HEZ327000 : Baking stone
HEZ338356 : 3 level telescopic shelf rails,full ext.
HEZ6000 : Metal roasting dish, 5 l
HEZ334000 : Wire shelf
HEZ390800 : Enamelled multipurpose dish
HEZ332000 : Multipurpose pan
HEZ325000 : Grill tray
HEZ317000 : Pizza pan
HEZ333001 : Lid for professional pan
HEZ324000 : nlaid wire shelf for multipurpose pan
HEZ329022 : EcoClean set
HEZ336000 : Glass pan
HEZ331000 : Enamelled baking tray
HEZ338352 : 3 level telescopic shelf rails
HEZ332010 : Multipurpose pan, anti-adherent
HEZ338250 : 2 level telescopic shelf rails
HEZ915001 : Glass roasting dish, 5,1 L
HEZ329000 : Odour and grease catalyzer
HEZ331010 : Baking tray, anti-adherent coating
AIternative coIors avaiIabIe:
HBA36B640 : Electric built-in oven
HBA36B660 : Electric built-in oven
HBA36B620 : Electric built-in oven
Color / Material Front : Stainless steel
Built-in / Free-standing : Built-in
ntegrated Cleaning system - cavity 1 : oxylytic
Required niche size for installation (HxWxD) :
575-597 x 560 x 550
Dimensions of the product (mm) : 595 x 595 x
Dimensions of the packed product (HxWxD)
(mm) : 670 x 670 x 680
Control Panel Material : Stainless steel
Door Material : Glass
Net weight (kg) : 37.00
Usable volume (of cavity) - cavity 1 (l) : 58
Cooking method first cavity : Bottom heat, Hot
air grilling, Full width variable grill, Half width
variable grill, warming, Hot Air, Conventional
heat, Defrost, Special baking setting, Pizza
First cavity material : Enameled
Temperature control - cavity 1 : electronic
Time control - cavity 1 : electronic
nterior Lights - cavity 1 : 2
Approval certificates : CE, VDE
Length electrical supply cord (cm) : 120.0
Appliance Dimensions (h x w x d) (in) : x x
Dimensions of the packed product (in) : 26.377 x
26.377 x 26.771
Net weight (lbs) : 81.497
Consumption and connection features
Energy consumption conventional (kWh) - cavity
1 : 0.77
Energy consumption forced air convection (kWh)
- cavity 1 : 0.86
Electrical connection rating (W) : 3650
Current (A) : 16
Voltage (V) : 220-240