Daily Operations Reconline, Standard Procedures – Daily Operations, Page 1 Booking arriving at hotel Our bookings are coming through the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) from a travel agency, the various Internet Distribution Systems (IDS) or our booking engine on your own hotel website and it is easy for you to identify the source. Bookings with a confirmation number beginning with AMA, SAB, GAL or WSP are coming from the GDS. Bookings with a confirmation number beginning with PEG are coming from the IDS. Bookings coming through our booking engine on your own hotel website are beginning with RHD. If the booking is coming through a Travel agency, you will find the name of the agency and their address below the guest’s name: If the booking is coming through a web portal, the name of the portal is shown below the IATA number. Daily Operations Reconline, Standard Procedures – Daily Operations, Page 2 In case you have an interface between our CRS and your PMS (Property Management System), the booking should be automatically transmitted. Should you not have an automation, you have to enter this booking into your PMS or reservation book. The guarantee of the booking (as well as all the other booking conditions) is the one you entered within your rates. There are 4 types: GTD CC - Guarantee to credit card: will mean the customer has to provide a credit card number to guarantee the booking. With this option you may not charge the credit card before the guest arrives. You can only charge it if the guest does not arrive (no show) or in case of a late cancellation. DPST CC - Deposit to credit card: with this option you may charge a deposit on the guest’s credit card upon receipt of the booking. This deposit is refundable in case of cancellation outside the cancellation deadline. PREPAYMENT - With this option you can charge the full amount of the stay on the guest’s credit card upon receipt of the booking. This deposit is non refundable in case of any cancellation. IATA - With the IATA number of the travel agency they will guarantee the booking. This number is the identifier with which we can immediately locate the travel agency and you will have to invoice them in case of no show or late cancellation. IMPORTANT: Please always check the validity of the credit card upon receipt of the booking (should you do not know how to check it, please get in touch with your card company). Please note that reconline is not checking the validity of a used credit card. If the card is invalid please contact us immediately by e-mail at info@reconline.com We will then get in touch with the travel agency or the web portal to get a new credit card number within a certain deadline (24 or 48 hours depending on the check- in date). This deadline will be communicated to you by e-mail. If no new card number is provided within the given deadline you are not obliged to hold the room any longer and you can sell it to other customers. In case a reservation is done during weekends (Saturday & Sunday) with an invalid credit card, and the check-in date is on the following day, we may ask you to try to contact the agency/customer directly using the contact information provided in the reservation. Unfortunately we can not provide the CVC/CVV code (3 digit security code) of the customer’s cards as we do not get this number submitted in the system. Please be aware that you have to accept all bookings even if you don’t have the CVC/CVV code. Please note that the credit card number will only show up in the reconline|CRS until 3 days after the departure of the guest. Afterwards it will be cleared out. What to do in case of No-Show: If a hotel guest is not arriving at your hotel on the booked arrival date and also did not cancel the reservation, you are entitled to charge a no-show fee. You don’t need to keep up the reservation any longer (if booked for more than 1 night) and you can sell it to another customer. Daily Operations Reconline, Standard Procedures – Daily Operations, Page 3 To charge the no show fee please use the credit card which has been supplied as guarantee in the booking. In the monthly reservation report we send you always on the 1 st of each month please amend this booking as “No Show” to ensure the correct billing of your bookings. What to do in case of Cancellation: a) Cancellation in the system through the travel agency or web portal: If the cancellation arrives to you through a notification e-mail from reconline this booking is completely free of charge for you. We don’t invoice these bookings. You are allowed to charge a cancellation fee to the guest’s credit card only in case of late cancellation. This means that the cancellation has been made within the cancellation deadline. b) Cancellation in the hotel directly: If a customer informs you directly (by phone, fax or e-mail) about the cancellation of his booking, we highly recommend that you please advise him to cancel the booking the same way he initially made it. (Travel Agency or Website…) If the booking is not cancelled this way, the booking is also not cancelled in the reconline system and we have to invoice the transaction fee for it. You are allowed to charge a cancellation fee to the guest’s credit card only in case of late cancellation which means that the cancellation has to be made within the cancellation deadline. In the monthly reservation report we send to you always on the 1 st of each month please amend this booking as “Cancellation” to ensure a correct billing of your bookings. Who is paying the stay to the hotel? In general, the guest is paying the entire stay at time of departure. The guest has to pay the rate which has been booked plus taxes (if not included in room rate) and all the additional services used. If the customer arrives with a voucher it is fully up to you to accept this. Please note that reconline never publishes anywhere that voucher payment it accepted for our hotels. If you feel uncomfortable with the voucher you have the right to refuse this payment method. Very often guests think that they have already prepaid the stay because they entered the credit card as guarantee. If you selected “GTD CC” you are not allowed to charge the card in advance and you can inform the guest that the card has only been given to guarantee the booking. If you selected “Prepayment” you should have charged the customers credit card upon receipt of the booking and the guest should only pay the additional services used. Please do never allow the guest to leave your hotel without having received your payment! Reconline is not able to assist you after check-out to get the customer’s payment. This is your own responsibility. Exception: If your hotel has an agreement with a web portal for net rates and these special net rates have been booked, the guest is only paying all additional services used in your hotel. The room rate (and taxes if not included in rate) have to be charged to the credit card of the web portal which has been delivered in the initial reservation. Please always check the individual agreement you signed with these web portals. Daily Operations Reconline, Standard Procedures – Daily Operations, Page 4 The monthly check At the beginning of each month you receive a list of all reservations proceeded during the past month. Please check each reservation carefully and if necessary make your corrections online. The changes must have been done until the 8 th of each month at latest. You can modify the check-in and check-out date or the room rate plus 3 options to tick: No Show: The customer has not arrived at the hotel Cancellation: The customer cancelled the booking directly at your hotel by phone, fax or e-mail Commission: Commissions will be paid directly to the travel agency by the hotel. (You are then not using our centralized commission clearing with WPS) Only with the correct dates we are able to calculate the correct commission amount for the travel agents or the web portals and are able to send you a correct commission invoice. Please bear in mind that we have to charge a handling fee of 35 EUR in case the booking modifications are submitted to us later than the 8 th of the month and in case we have to issue a new invoice due to this delay. Payment to reconline After we have received the corrected reservation list we send our invoice on the 10 th of each month to you. We invoice the commission we agreed in our contract as well as the travel agent commission (if applicable, as you stated in the CRS). You have 10 days, until the 20 th of each month, to make the payment to reconline. This is the final due date every month on which we are forwarding all commissions paid for the past bookings to our commission clearing partner WPS (Worldwide Payment Systems). WPS is then sending the wire payment to all travel agencies worldwide in their local currency. If you pay later than the 20 th of the month the whole payment process with WPS is postponed one month further and this can cause commission reminders from travel agencies or web portals to you or even a removal of your hotel from different web sites. If you’re getting invoices/statements/reminders for bookings generated through reconline from a travel agencies or web portals directly, please forward them to info@reconline.com. Please do not pay these invoices to the travel agencies or web portals as this will result in a double commission payment which reconline can not refund. Commission Payment to Travel Agents In general it is up to you to assign how many percent of the room rate shall be paid to the travel agents. We recommend paying 10% travel agent commission as the major hotel chains are paying this amount. For many travel agents this commission is the only income when making a hotel reservation for a client and they certainly prefer to book hotels which give them the bigger share. Exception: We do have an agreement with several web portals (such as hotel.de) to pay for all reconline hotels a 10% commission. We had to agree to this deal as otherwise all our hotels would have been removed from these platforms. Daily Operations Reconline, Standard Procedures – Daily Operations, Page 5 Control your system every day Please take every day just 10 minutes to check the reconline CRS: - Is the availability open at least for the following 6 months - Are all days closed at which you are already fully booked - Are the rates loaded at least for the following 6 months - Adjust the BAR for certain dates if necessary (increase in case of high demand periods, lower in case of low demand) On one hand this ensures that your hotel rooms can be sold at any time and on the other hand it avoids awkward situations with overbookings. What to do in an “overbooking situation” You know that all reservations coming through our system have to be honoured and the room that has been booked has to be made available or equally accepted accommodation has to be given. If no room is available, you are responsible to find equivalent or better accommodation for the guest at no additional cost. Please inform us about this situation immediately by email with a solution or an alternative hotel you can offer to the customer! We will then inform the travel agency accordingly. Please do never get in touch with the travel agency directly and force them to cancel the booking. Claims from Travel Agents Claim definition: A claim stands for all incidents that can occur with a booking which have to be solved promptly or in due course to ensure customers satisfaction. Incidents are for example bookings which are „pretended“ not to be received by the hotel, overbookings as a result of wrong inventory management of the hotel or if a guest is complaining about the received services in the booked property (bad quality, wrong rate etc.). Claim procedures: • Each claim which is forwarded from reconline to your hotel by email has to be acknowledged by you immediately! • Claims for passed bookings have to be solved within a maximum of 5 working days. • Claims for future bookings have to be solved within 24 hours. • Claims for the same day have to be solved within 2 hours. • In case of a claim, an official statement, explanation and/or apology letter from your hotel is required. This letter must be printed on hotels paper and signed by the hotel manager or its representative. Reconline can not accepted any lame excuses as it is clearly agreed in the contracts that confirmed bookings have to be honoured as booked. • In case of non respect of these standards, reconline reserves the right to disconnect your hotel from the different electronic distribution channels with immediate effect to reduce the damage and the bad reputation caused by representing hotels which are not cooperative. How to reach us? Business hours: Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. – 12 a.m. and from 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. Phone: +41 27 966 34 00 Fax: +41 27 966 34 05 E-mail: info@reconline.com
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