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The following marriage

licenses recently were filed in

Cleveland County District Court:
Heather Rachelle Hoock, 23,
and Ryan Spencer Coggins, 22
April Marie Roush, 27, and
Sean Robert Cox, 29
Shelby Sue Buntin, 22, and
Scott Martin Moses, 22
Leslie Catherine Giuliano, 21,
and Timothy Michael Corbly, 20
Jennifer Lynn Huisinger, 29,
and Christopher Alan Mervyn,
Angela Michelle Butler, 34,
and Reganale Williams, 35
Ariel Elizabeth Richter, 23,
and Andrew Paul Petrilla, 23
Brittany Esther Rollins, 24,
and Charles Thomas Wynn, 25
Adalgiza Marisol Morales
Lopez, 30, and Jorge Alexander
Zuniga Morales, 33
Emily Nicole Marx, 22, and
Stetson Chase Spivey, 30
Ciaria Dawn Deitz, 20, and
Eric Paul Fittro II, 21
Holly Michelle Shultz, 28, and
Joseph Andrew Burns, 29
Cathy Sue Tollefson, 52, and
Donald Calvin Birdsong, 52
Clarissa Anne Hites, 24, and
Austin David Goodnight, 24
Lakesha Lynn Stevenson, 41,
and Eugene Atkinson, 51
Nicole S. DeGroot, 28, and
Kyle Lee Crosby, 30
Elizabeth Ann Hunt, 22, and
Corwin Wayne Rowlette, 23
Abigail Katherine Barwick
Snell, 23, and Andrew Theo
Klumpenhouwer, 25
Misty Dawn Ritter, 34, and
Kenny Dwayne Sisson, 38
Emily Louise Chapman, 24,
and Jonathan Sawyer Vann, 24
Crystal Michelle Glidden, 27,
and Ethan Cole Castleberry, 31
Jacqueline Marie Campbell,
21, and Sean T. Conderman, 21
Jami Layne Thacker, 27, and
Jeffrey Marshall Sublett, 29
Megan Catherine Wynd, 31,
and Keenan Francis Murray, 25
Natalie Rose Arismendez, 22,
and David Matthew Mollman, 22
Michelle Dawn Gleim, 45,
and Robert Criss Allison, 33
Kristen Blythe Crawley, 23,
and Damon Ray Graves II, 24
Allison Eleanore Larson, 21,
and Benjamin Lewis Smith, 23
Megan Elizabeth Searcy, 18,
and David Ray Johnson II, 23
Diane Carol Fields, 50, and
David Matthew Hoops, 42
Canada Dawn Lopez, 35,
and Brian Timothy McNabb, 36
Shannon Marie Kohake, 24,
and Michael Hanan Johnson, 24
Meredith Ann Miller, 31, and
Ashley J. Richards, 23
Tanisha Mercy Revels, 28,
and Brandon Scot Moore, 38
Brook S. Amstutz, 36, and
James Allen Ronck, 42
Chelsea Ann Hulsey, 26, and
Scott Allen Fisbeck, 30
Laura Myers Reese, 24, and
Jonathan P. Curtin, 24
Layla Nicole Abbaszadeh,
25, and Jason Michael Booe, 25
Sarah Lynn Singh, 25, and
Steven Ray Madden, 31
Natalee Ruth Young, 26, and
Timothy Andrew Taff, 33
Eldabruscelas Jennifer
Cabello, 26, and Pedro E.
Palomo Mena, 25
Stacey Kaye Dearman, 35,
and Gabriel Lee Hernandez, 34
Brittany Nicole Snell, 22, and
Troy Rand Cole, 26
Jasmin Amira Kristina
Chevis, 24, and Matthew Neil
Cook, 26
Danielle Nicole Kramer, 28,
and Ryan Edward Smotherman,
Shanetha Ray Sherll
McCormick, 27, and Michon
Michael Rivera, 42
Samantha Faye Cannon, 21,
and Ethan Carl Branum, 23
April Marie Lockwood, 24,
and Nickolas Allen Crites, 28
Jenifer Kim Brown, 36, and
Henry Dean Dye, 36
Stephanie Michelle Langdon,
35, and Edward Francis Sullivan,
Cassie Moriah Neilsen, 20,
and Nicholas Alexander Gimlen,
Isabel Moncada-Ortega, 22,
and Daniel Santiago, 26
Brittany Louise Endicott, 21,
and Caleb Dale Mcpheeters, 21
Jacquelyn Marie Tran, 24,
and Taylor Jack McKenzie, 24
Ashton Jo Glancy, 19, and
Dakotah Wayne Fisher, 18
Sandy Maria Eichner, 24, and
Ryan Gary Ayo Chate Bear, 28
Jacqueline Nettey, 32, and
Rexford Anthony Freebody, 46
Tiffany M. Woodring, 32, and
Terence Lynn Ward, 41
American Staff
The State Chamber of
Oklahoma recently
announced its endorsement
of Adam Graham for Okla-
homas State House District
54. Graham faces incumbent
Paul Wesselhoft in the June
24 primary election.
Adam Graham will be a
welcome addition to the
Oklahoma House and will
be a leader from day one,
said Fred Morgan, president
and CEO of the State Cham-
ber of Oklahoma. Were
endorsing Adam Graham
because he understands the
challenges businesses are
facing and will stand up for
the people of Moore, reflect-
ing their conservative values
at the State Capitol.
is a lifelong
resident of
and gradu-
ated from
before pur-
suing a political science
degree at Southwestern
Oklahoma State. He found-
ed the Sydneys Smiles
Foundation to help children
and families in Oklahoma
with serious medical condi-
A4 Wednesday, June 4, 2014
The American
By Wanda Billbe
ForThe American
We are going to be doing
some traveling and because
we will be in areas we arent
familiar with, we purchased
a GPS navigation system.
My husband isnt too keen
about the device, but he
graciously allows me to use
it when I am driving alone.
It has some wonderful
features, like finding the
restaurants and shops in
the area you are traveling
through. Most of you who
have an iPhone or a car that
is equipped with a GPS,
already tout the benefits.
But there are a few
setbacks even with the
good things it has to offer.
Our son lives in a city in
California that borders
several other cities. The
device doesnt recognize
the city where he lives and
it took savvy GPS program-
mers more than an hour to
find a way to outsmart the
gadget; key in a city close
by, and presto! It finally
located his address.
The device also has
interesting variations of
pronunciations for names of
local businesses. For JC
Penney it calls out Japen-
ny) when you reach your
In addition to this new
device, we now have a
vehicle with Bluetooth. It is
a great hands-free system
that is wonderful in states
where it is unlawful to use
your cell phone while
driving. Actually, we like it
so much we use it as often
as we can even when we
are not traveling because it
is much better than taking
on the cell phone.
The voice recognition
technology is not without
challenges. If you are on a
call and a passenger
attempts to join in the
conversation their voice is
difficult to comprehend by
the person on the other end
of the phone. It works best
when just the driver speaks
because the main speaker
is on the left side of the
steering wheel (at least it is
on our vehicle.)
Should your phone slide
off the seat and fall to the
floor, it creates background
noise that makes it very
difficult for the other caller
to hear clearly and if you
are driving, you cant
simply reach over and pick
up the phone; youd have to
pull over, reach for the
phone and place it close to
you in order to get good
reception for the call.
If you have a person on
your contact list that has a
cell phone, home phone,
work phone or any other
alternate number, you have
to go through a series of
saying next entry in order
for it to dial the correct
number, and even then
rarely does it work smooth-
I truly like my GPS
system and Bluetooth in
the car. I am directionally
challenged and when I am
in a new place the device
has proven to be beneficial.
It is amazing that the
GPS knows where you are
it can lock in on your
location even though you
turned around and got off
the path it instructed you to
When you think about
it, God has the monopoly
on the GPS. From the
beginning of time He has
known where all of His
children are at all times;
He is there to give direc-
tion when needed, and
offer instant help.
Think of all the billions
of people in the world. It
would be impossible to
track every person,
especially those in the
deep uncivilized jungles
but God does.
It would be impossible
for us to communicate
without satellites, or other
electronic devices, but
God does it each and
every day and He has
done so since the begin-
ning of time. Totally
Gods own GPS
By Kenny Dickerson
East Ridge church of Christ
We are grateful for all
the Moore American
readers presence today.
Our enthusiasm for God
is thriving and the Lord
has blessed us greatly
during our eight years in
One of the things we do
in our worship and service
to God, is coming faithful-
ly to the Lords table that
He set (Acts 20:7; Mark
14:22-25). Each saint
within the congregation
breaks and eats from that
one loaf of unleavened
bread. Then, after the
same manner, drinks
from the cup of blessing
by doing so, all saints
have been made to drink
into that one Spirit and
have access by one Spirit
unto the Father (1 Cor.
11:23-29, 1 Cor. 10:16-17, 1
Cor. 12:13, 1 Cor. 6:17;
Ephesians 2:18).
Perhaps you will like
the question we wanted to
pose in todays visit: How
is your love for the Lord?
The truth is, most of us
no, all of us can use
a little more: fire in the
bones (Jeremiah 20:9).
There are so many
reasons we need to
develop and sustain a
great enthusiasm and
worshipful attitude. A
hardcover book on the
topic would only be the
But heres one reason,
for today:
We should approach
the Lord with great
admiration because He is
our fortress. As the
songwriter, Martin Luther
puts it so eloquently, A
mighty is our God, A
bulwark never failing.
How true.
Hezekiah and Isaiah,
and the people of their
day, understood this. In
fact, the Holy Spirit
delivers us this 46th
Psalm. Remember how it
begins? God is our
refuge and strength, a
very present help in
trouble. That is, God is a
mighty fortress.
The psalmist vividly
remembers King Sen-
nacherib bearing down on
Hezekiah and the city of
Jerusalem. Behind the
boastful king lay bare and
burnt fields as he
marched powerfully and
arrogantly southward
toward Judah. Ahead he
could see the amber fields
of grain and the prosper-
ous and plush land of
Israel. How could he
resist such a mighty
He surrounded the city
of Jerusalem and hurled
insults at King Hezekiah
in the night. In todays
vernacular: You have no
chance. Where are the
rulers of Hamath and
Arphad, and where are
their gods? You had better
give up now. It would be
better for Jerusalem.
(Isaiah 36:19).
But something hap-
pened that night that the
great king could not have
imagined. God stepped in.
God stepped in and
defeated the arrogant
king. The king would not
live to see the sunrise nor
to boast another day.
Looking back with
wonder and worship, the
psalmists also would
write: God is in the midst
of her; she shall not be
moved: God shall help
her, and that right early
(Psalm 46:5). Ah, yes, its
true: A mighty fortress is
our God. Reason enough
to worship and serve Him
with our whole hearts.
Thanks, as always, for
joining us this week. We
would love to hear from
you this Lords Day at 10
a.m. and 4 p.m. or
Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. at
the East Ridge church of
Christ, 728 S.E. 12th St.
How is your love
for the Lord?
American Staff
Southmoore High School is
one of 19 Oklahoma public
schools that recently
received more than $1.2 mil-
lion in grants from the Okla-
homa Educational Technol-
ogy Trust (OETT).
Established to provide the
latest technologies and
teacher training to Okla-
homa schools, OETT has
awarded each of the 19
schools $40,000 to purchase
new technology equipment
and $25,000 for professional
teacher development. Each
school will use the funds to
purchase items such as
tablets, interactive white-
boards, laptops and digital
cameras. Teachers also will
receive monthly profession-
al development opportunities
to learn how to operate and
use the technology to
enhance classroom learning.
Through the OETT
grants, we are focused on
creating long-term change in
our schools, said Dr. Phil
Berkenbile, OETT Board of
Trustees chair. Our goal is
to improve overall student
achievement and learning
through the use of technol-
Since the grants were first
awarded in 2003, a total of
207 Oklahoma schools have
received OETT grants. In
addition, more than 6,500
teachers, principals and
superintendents have
received professional devel-
opment training.
The mission of the Okla-
homa Educational Technol-
ogy Trust is to equip Okla-
homa common and
CareerTech students with
the technology and techno-
logical skills necessary to
compete in the global mar-
ketplace. The trust provides
funds for equipment, infra-
structure, leadership and
professional development to
implement and advance inte-
gration of technology into
classroom instruction.
OETT was established in
2001 as a result of an agree-
ment between then-attorney
general, Drew Edmondson,
and AT&T Oklahoma, relat-
ing to the companys transi-
tion to a modernized form of
As part of the agreement,
AT&T contributed $30 mil-
lion to OETT. The trust has
distributed almost $16 mil-
lion to date.
State Chamber
endorses Graham
Adam Graham
Southmoore to receive grants
The following divorces recently
were granted in Cleveland County
District Court:
Godfrey Jr., Howard Lee vs.
Roberta Lynn
Smith, Elizabeth J. vs. Gary L.
Geckles, Jaden G. vs. Lauren
Quivey, Danielle vs. James
Barba, Megan Clarice vs.
Theodore Arthur
Collyar, Leroy vs. Wendy M.
Kennedy, Jay Patrick vs. Lee
Campbell, Betty J. vs. C.W.
Pedro, Stephanie Sue vs.
Jeffrey Michael
Bingham, Tracy L. vs. Warren
Wilson, Janet Leigh vs. Ronald
Stephenson, Jeremy Andrew
vs. Bailey-Stephenson, Cady
Johnson, Donna Rae vs. Bruce
Joslin, Gale Leon vs. Linda Kay

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