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Mojave National Preserve Conservancy

Minutes of the BOD Meeting
June 3, 2014

Conservancy Board Members present on call: David Lamfrom, Dennis Schramm, Michael
Gordon, Lynn Davis, Shaun Gonzalez, Linda Slater

Meeting commenced at 5:30pm.

Welcome to new board member Shaun Gonzalez! We are excited to have him join us. We have
all enjoyed his blog and articles on the desert. He is also working with his mother to try and get
kids from Victor Valley schools into the Preserve. His mother is a superintendent of Victor
Valley School district.

Finances: New bank statement as of March 31, 2014, is $9707.80.

Social media: Nothing new to report. Wildlife event this weekend in Preserve. Mojave staff
will host spotting of desert bighorn at Zzyzx (9-3). Post bio and photo of Shaun as new member
of board.

20th anniversary event: Big event in Morongo Basin is going to be second week of November.
Opens up opportunity for event at Mojave. NPS had second planning meeting today. Festival
atmosphere. Cowboy poet. Book signers. Ranger programs. Kelso Dunes tour. To be on Nov.
1st at Kelso Depot. Could MNPC sell food and drinks as a fundraiser? Linda will take issue to
superintendent and pull out our agreement to see if it would allow. Should we think about t-
shirts or other items? Possible star party that weekend? Astronomers may be interested in
coming to event and setting up telescopes.

Star party: David reported more telescopes than we ever had (10) including one huge one!
Great crowd and great mix of people. Some Barstow folks (20 something's). Good food. Thanks
to Lynn for bringing supplies and people from Las Vegas. Lanterns in the bathrooms great!
Kudos to Michael for bringing the firewood and unloading it! Without Sid recruiting for
optional event we didn't get many volunteers. David said Sid still interested, so we need to reach
out to him.

Outreach: Lynn brought up meet-up groups. Been doing some research and so has Michael.
Lynn would like MNPC to take meet-up leaders into Preserve this fall. Michael suggested we
consider creating our own meet-up group. Michael will resend his email and solicit our
feedback. He will go ahead and create a group. Lynn could also create one in LV.

New board members: David still needs to talk to Paula Jacoby-Garrett, a southern Nevada
resident, as a possible board member. Lynn, David and Dennis expressed support at last
meeting. Michael met her at star party and thinks she would be a good addition to the board.
David will send resume to Shaun and once he decides David will contact Paula and invite her to
MNPC board (unless there are objections from Shaun). Dennis suggested we discuss board roles
at next meeting. Possible face to face board meeting in conjunction with 20th anniversary event.

Board adjourned at 6:38pm. Next meeting is Tuesday, July 15th at 5:30pm