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Pentaglium - Scorpio 2002 - Connect 2 Source


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“The Great
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The Red
“You may say That I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.
John Lennon, Imagine
From the
Science “No one can stop us now, ‘cause we are ALL made of stars.”
Department Moby, 2002
About the
Author All along the watchtower, princes keep the view . . . as the Terra InSpiritors
huddle up in this, the final and first (13th) chapter, of “A Year in the Life”. The
Links collective conscious looks in on the Mirror of Intention, recharging its cells
with added mojo. Groovy, baby! The Scorpio Phoenix takes the plunge into still
Contact Us another “all or nothing” adventure in consciousness. As the eagle flies above
dualistic borders, and at synchronistic altitude, alliances with others of like
Back to frequency ABOUND. The White Dragon breathes healing fire from the Universal
Homepage plane, delivering Source intention into solar life. 3 3 3 permanently
enter“trains” CCC : Cellular Crystal Clarity.

Perfection becomes a “communicable ease”, as the contagion of the good, the

great, and the shared committed vision of a societal Quantum Leap
pull in long-seeded Plutonian markers. All effortlessly fall under the corrective
gaze and lens of the Great White Ray, the healer in flesh, supreme. Boogie
nights turn to JEDI Knights. Quartz kingdom clarity offers a timely timeless
assist. Refreshments anyone from the Fountain of Structure? Try light “Crystal

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Pentaglium - Scorpio 2002 - Connect 2 Source

Lite”, the new taste of the “Power to the People” Source Generation. The
church of the Sovereign Source Spark opens its doors in the biologies of the 7th
dimensional seed bearers. All are welcomed into Earth and individual
ascendancy, as the planetary government is publically called to order. The
Pentaglium unites the order of the White and Black Scorpion to ignite the
Sorcerer’s Stone. A perfect I-5 Series.

5 &10. Source finds a “Perfect 10" in the Word made flesh. A Word - to the wise
- is sufficient. The Wave is performed by the Collective Conscious , as the
crystal chorus sings “We will, we will rock you!” Humanity ponders final
graduation from the BUSH leagues.” Leapin’Lizards! Jumpin’ Jehovah!

Well, this is the month that includes Election Day and Halloween (I know, some
times it is hard to distinguish between the two!). While the kaleidoscope offers
fascinating views from both ends, it’s come time for YOU to vote. One vote. One
moment of declaration, one true intention. Will it be Cause or Because (effect)?
Eternity or Infirmity? Source or Age (sausage)? Members of all parties
election-ear for your vote (though the choice, frankly, is black and white).
Stand up and be counted. Your vote decides Earth’s future ( your Earth’s future,
that is ). It’s all about frequency, baby. . .

You can fool your friends, but can you change your vibe?

Solar Scorpio This is not the month for the faint hearted, as an enthusiastic
“urge to merge” now finds its emotional home in the human tribe. Loyalty,
intensity, and a terminal case of e-x-t-e-n-d-e-d personal boundary are the
calling cards of the solar Scorpio, ready as usual, to take it “to the limit.” One
more time. This is life experienced through depth immersion, life as a Berlitz
classroom without walls. Pluto on the prowl. This is the X-Ray function of the
solar cycle at work. Scorpio, the zodiac’s Fixed Water element, has its sights
set on the invisible bottom line. Though not invisible to them. Motivations,
agendas, and sexual and personal vulnerabilities are swiftly assessed by the
Scorpio native, who like the Virgo, has exceptional perceptual acuity. That
acuity is on call, to serve the Scorpio native’s “achieve at all costs” passions.
This tale of desire wags the dog this month.

Personality expression can take the form of inventive detectives like Madame
Curie (X-Ray) or Daguerre (inventor of the daguerreotype, predecessor of
modern photography), pied pipers of popular culture like Johnny Carson, Bill
Gates, and Pele (soccer star), or “rock-star” spiritual ubermeisters like Sai
Baba or Billy Graham. Or famed sexy spy Mata Hari. In all cases, a single quality
is brought to a FREQUENCY, and then personified at a pitch that can transform

Scorpio is the organic response to the social context introduced in Libra. Where
Libra appreciates, charms, and betroths “the other”, Scorpio must “take the
plunge”. This includes the honeymoon, as well as the “til death do we part”
aspect. Scorpio provides a societal peephole into the explicit blending of our
deepest personal resources with a partner or collective society. This total
commitment can take multiple forms. Offered here are the images of the
scorpion, phoenix, and eagle. These are the Scorpio “3 faces of Eve” from the
traditional literature. And point us to the challenge of this month. For the
Scorpio in us all. Multi-level self discovery and exploration - without a
downline! Leading the solar native to a glimpse of their own Eternal Perfection.
And the courage to fly like an eagle back to their date, and destiny, with their

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Pentaglium - Scorpio 2002 - Connect 2 Source

OWN original purity.

The Scorpio’s path to remedy, on solar (as well as galactic and universal)
levels, is through personal transformation. The evolved native almost always
undergoes a severe emotional healing crisis (an emotional “death” of sorts)
between the ages of 17-25 . The Scorpio native, often through outer events,
ends up consciously or unconsciously sabotaging the context of the life around
them. This is the Scorpion stage. Sting others, sting themselves, sting
everybody ! Suitably alienated, they then undergo their “fire walk” and “dark
nights of the soul” on their own. The myth of the Phoenix points to the SOUL or
solar transformation that ensues (The city of Phoenix is slated for a future
transformative role as well). The solar phoenix reborn forges an enhanced “I’ve
been to the depths and can handle anything” personality platform, able to
operate in self-nourished and self sufficient fashion. The next evolutionary step
is the eagle stage. The Eagles in the Lord of the Rings trilogy embody the solar
Scorpio/Eagle: swiftly able to enter perilous complex multidimensional
situations, and effect change for the best. This is the “communicable ease” of
the solar healer/physician.

Be it for others, themselves, or their societies, transformation becomes

Scorpio’s preferred medium. Their personal transformation eventually becomes
a group affair, as the transformed native interacts with the group dynamic (this
bio-logic universal infusion, to counteract solar con-fusion, will be
discussed at length below). In this manner “road-tested” transformational
energies are introduced, in penetrating fashion, into the collective life. This can
take the form of the doctor, healer, minister, jazz musician, or business tycoon.
The actual form is irrelevant. Rest assured, however, that Scorpio is irrevocably
invested in crafting new visions or frequencies of group life.

The Higher Dimensions of Scorpio/ FREEDOM/ The Pentaglium

“And it’s gonna be a White Wedding, Yeah! ”

Billy Idol

“ May the long time sun shine upon you, All Love surround you,
And the pure light within you, Guide your way home . . .”
Incredible String Band

This is the month of the White Ray, the master color of physical purity in
form, and the synthesist of the electronic bodies and our physical skeletons. It
also houses perfecting forms of group co-creation; a.k.a the Collective
Conscious. We will examine the evolution of what has basically been
understood as Christ light or Consciousness from a Source, rather than Human,
perspective. We will look at Source Atomic Light informing matter. The
transmutation of the atomic light particles through Crystal Clarity, Sirius, and
the Sorcerer’s Stone into Terra/Earth, through human biology. They offer You,
the master, a Master’s vision of perfection: The Fountain of Structure,
Metatron’s etiquettes of new form creation, and the ETERNAL value, and pure
poesy, of ONE PERFECTED CELL. So you can get on with your God Business, of
being Pure Source “poetry in motion.” Pentaglium, the last of the water
signs, adds to the explorative nature of Spiritual Currency (thought) and
Luminus (biological evolution) by adding “topless” dimensions to personal and
group growth.

The galactic Scorpio is an agent provocateur of FREEDOM. Our discussion of

White Ray FREEDOM begins with a visit to the local Home Depot or paint store.
This will serve as a simple point of departure, and allow us to grasp the
universal foundations of the White Ray.

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Pentaglium - Scorpio 2002 - Connect 2 Source

If you have ever ordered any customized paint, you’ll see that they always
begin with a white base paint, and then add to it. The store has a
computer that remembers the pigments necessary to dispense, in order to turn
the white base paint into any desired color. Consciousness has a similar
computer operating at higher orders of the Self; with the white ray as the
common “base” / denominator, at succeeding more subtle & inclusive orders of
frequency. Various domains of LIVING CONSCIOUSNESS express at each
Galactic level or floor of frequency through COLOR. We can consciously connect
with these levels of higher consciousness through our electronic bodies.
Discussed in previous articles, these electronic or “Adam Kadmon” bodies are
actual levels of your Spiritual Body that are currently “logged on”; and through
meditation, sincere study, and intentional ritual, can be permanently
integrated at all 12 bandwidths. Think of it as not only wearing, but also lacing
up, one’s galactic sneakers. The spiritual body is re-annexed through this
growth. This is a simple yet practical utilization of the Tree of Life. As well as
the pivotal stage in the conscious return to sovereign God Consciousness.

Upon completion of the 12th bandwidth, one can accommodate the still higher
frequency of their own Source Electronic. This personal energetic signature is
an active player on the Plane of Unity. This is not merely an intellectual
exercise. It is the reprogramming of the cellular system, electronics, magnetics,
skeletal system, and messaging systems by the resident master - YOU! An
entirely new order of consciousness (God in a Bod software) is permanently
“hot-wired” into the human body. By you the user. For those with the clarity,
courage, and desire to reacquaint themselves with their own Source origins, to
exit the self limiting dreams of the solar Matrix, our teams of trained
consultants are standing by, waiting for your call . . . not to mention Source.

The White Ray is the coordinator for the intermediate Galactic

transition stage, which is managed through a detailed interlinking
of color, interactive symbols, geometry, and numbers. Galactic
astrology, light body, the perfection of the physical body, and the reawakening
of the completer/7th dimensional twin ray reunions are all manifestations of
galactic intelligence. These tools are able to reprogram the human operating
system to Source bias; plugging directly into Source level dynamics. That is
the goal and methodology of the Tree of Life teaching. Like the
stages of a rocket seeking orbit, the soul level and higher self are organically
phased out. The 4 body system is balanced and healed. The 12 galactic rays, our
long lost “coat of many colors”, is rewoven into our conscious wardrobe.
Reaching the 13th or completion ray, we are ready to address the next round of
Self reclamation; Twin Ray completion, Universal Meridian integration, and
Source exploration through the Phoenix and beyond . Universe-city and all its
charms. These are some early maps into one of humanities best possible

Most people have their first experience of their own Spiritual Body through the
White Ray (this should be distinguished from a drug “high”, which is an astral
body experience). Usually a healing or meditation experience (though it could
be a traumatic event as well) introduces us into a new level of Self
con-sciousness. This is usually accompanied by a great, heart-searing
experience of white light, a feeling of freedom, or lightening of a great
emotional weight. From a technical point of view, this is your first conscious
entrance into what I call your Galactic level of self. People that don’t experience
this intentionally during their lives often experience this in a “Bardo’ or
near-death experience. As the lower 3 bodies balance, the spiritual body
flowers. The White Ray is the “greeter” of the spiritual body. As well as the
elevator that both blends, connects, and visits with each of the other 11 color
rays or “floors”. Here the spiritual body, through the White Christ Ray, blends

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Pentaglium - Scorpio 2002 - Connect 2 Source

up beyond the electronic level into God Consciousness. This is achieved by

means of the white ray merging, with each other ray, in a conscious alliance.
This creates the foundation of the 13th ray, and the invocation of the
Collective Conscious at the mid galactic levels.

Here are the alliances, in ascending frequency. Feel the notes and levels within
you that respond. These are your own individual “bodies of spirit”.

White - Blue: pure thought & pure form synthesis; the Buddha/Christ road.
The Sirius Blue lodge. Partnership between the Fountain of Structure and the
Fountain of Youth. Skeletal / 75% body water blend. Spiritual Currency- Atomic

White-Yellow; The physical partnership of perfect form and perfect balance;

biological roommates in the 3rd chakra or solar plexus. The Shambhalla
Collective axis. The corridor for Source Perfection through the Great Central Sun
and Moon

White - Lavender - the healing wizards, catalysts; perfect moments,

nutrition, promoters of change. Emphasis on dissolving, purity, and the hosting
of the I Am Presence within the crown. Alchemical body and brain matter

White - Emerald Green - expansion of the head center; emphasis on

permanent integration of innovation and the Temple of Light into
Humanity/Human Structure. Introduction of Immortality into contemporary
mainstream society.

White-Orange - Twin Ray and the biological contributions of Source

Substance. THE cutting edge of organic life; Metatron’s sand castle. Sacred
Relationships. Tables of Creation. The Human Angel tribe reclaims Terra. Sacred

White-Pink - the marriage of love and purity through boundless joy. The oasis
of Source, insulated from any history of soul plane events. Sanctuary. Source
electronics and union with the Chinese character of “Harmony”. Pure Sourcery.

White-Red- the cellular/ bloodstream matrix. The physical plane “closer”.

Deliverance of Twin Ray and Fountain of Youth into mainstream society. 1111
earth grounder. Universal Prosperity through the White/Red Dragon Rays.

White-Iolite - the insertion of personal clarity into thought, word, and deed.
Purity of personal and societal motive, as the ultimate personal power.
Bethlehem, Excelsius, Rod of Power, Arch Angel Michael synthesis. God-Man

White-Granite - Atomic Light and the Mer-ki-vah. “In House” Maintenance of

Universal perspective. The 2 structural master rays - belief/form synthesis, and
the ability to reprogram anything a master desires through the “wizard within”

White-Black -the distillation of Pure Formless and Form. The 5/10 of the
Pentaglium; Pituitary. Immortal / Jehovah alignments into skeletal integrity.
Great Central Moon/Great Central Sun. Source Intelligence/Human

White-White/Gold - the Adam Kadmon / Atom Cadmium blenders. The

elevator/synthesizers, the galactic/universal ambassadors; the Mountaintop
border of electrolytic/electronic. The Universal Phoenix flight into

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Pentaglium - Scorpio 2002 - Connect 2 Source

The White (or Crystal, or Christ) Ray is the universal solvent. Technically,
White represents the “Perfect 10". Scorpio/Pentaglium is the 10th sign of
spirit, and resonates with Metatron’s order of 10, a template for the Structure
of Perfected & Purified Consciousness. Its galactic constellation is
Sirius, and its galactic coding is 333, in conjunction with the crystal kingdom.
At different levels of synthesis within/inside the Tree of Life, The White Ray
expresses as Scorpio on the Solar level, Freedom and Healing on the Galactic,
and The Pentaglium and the Fountain of Structure on the Universal octaves. At
each octave or order of awareness, the White Ray invokes an enthusiasm
towards the development of structures that will support the highest possible
standard of FEELING.

Universal Love; A Group Adventure of Consciousness

“When a myth is shared by large numbers of people, it becomes a reality.”

Lawrence Blout

How does the White Ray assist in the annexation of the next orders , the
Universal and Source levels? By elevating our human electrical system into God
Conscious 7th dimensional linkage (Fountain of Structure), and providing
endless forums and structure for group intention (Pentaglium) into higher
orders of SELF.

Fountain of Structure - From the Source perspective, the soular/solar plane

is like the black and white world depicted in the movie Pleasantville. In this
spiritual “Flatland”, Source cannot interact with us as we vibrate at soul level.
However, God Consciousness, as expressed through the solar plexus marriage
of the White and Yellow-Gold Ray, is compatible. Since we are Source Spark
embodiments born into a Solar Matrix, our re-vitalization from Soul to God
Conscious becomes a necessary, technical “fire and rescue” mission.

The first step of the human “sleeping god” awakening is education; mere
presentation of the possibility of FREEDOM from solar strictures. This is
currently seeping into human consciousness in a 1000 different ways. Witness
the weakening of belief in governments, religion, racism, sexism, or
materialism as “fixed” points in life over the last 50 years. Within the distortion
of Solar/Soular limitations, each of us is naturally drawn towards sex, power,
or security as palliatives. But the final power struggle each individual faces is
Freedom versus “Fear/dome” - the pliant but large bubble of fear the
human populace dwells wittingly or unwittingly within. However, with the
entrance of the White Ray (Neo’s white rabbit in the Matrix), we KNOW that
somewhere “over the rainbow” of galactic transformation, freedom and
well-being reside; and we are ready to stand up in our own light. Once contact
beyond soul level is made (through what is called the Higher Self), the White
Ray begins its work of extrication, increasing the capacity to handle more
powerful yet subtle dimensions through a 12 color rainbow of venues. This is a
real bottom line process. Frequency is real, and the individual moves through
their own personal set of self limitation. However, with White Ray technologies
and the support of our consultants - safely out of the burning building, or never
in one! - success is assured.

On the Galactic Plane of Unity, with security guaranteed, an organic personal

frequency of freedom flowers, naturally promoting balance of the lower bodies
and healing. This is part of a deliberate elevation of the Skeletal
STRUCTURE to a vibration that can assist and sponsor the
marriage of Source to God Consciousness; a physical body
vibrating at Atomic Light Chemistry (alchemical) frequency. Source

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Pentaglium - Scorpio 2002 - Connect 2 Source

“fits” into the physical structure through the medium of Atomic Light Particles,
inside the atoms themselves.

Once an alchemical standard is achieved, new processes engage, and evolve

even further. The White Ray passes its baton into the Yellow Gold Ray. This
transfers the atomic light particle consciousness into Male/Female God
expressed balance. This White-Yellow 3rd chakra sponsors manifestation of the
united Twin Rays, and the activation of the House of Shambhalla into the
forefront of government, health science, and the media. Source templates are
maintained within the bone structure and lymphatic systems. Thus elevated, the
white, blue and black rays sponsor the Universal frequency Fountain of Youth,
back into the waters of the body. Finally, the purity and pure force of the White
and Reds ray deliver ETERNITY and the new orders of prosperity into the cells
of the body, bloodstream, and the mantle of the Earth. The Atom Kadmon,
galactic bodies, mutate into “Atom Cadmium”, and engage universal octaves.

The analogy of caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly is quite helpful to describe

the linear dimension of the solar/galactic/universal evolution. Once body
skeletal consciousness is elevated to appropriate frequency, Source electronics
enter your physical arena through 3 principal avenues; The Mer-ki-vah and
Universal Master Cell surrounding the body, the Source Generators, an
active spinning ever-mutating atomic highway running up and down the spine,
and the center of the head, known as the Sorcerer’s Stone. This “stone” is
the repository of personal will power, focus and connection to the highest
available alchemical equations. All these magicks of the God Man and Woman
arise under quartz crystal incubation. This is the Chrysalis stage, where the
physical body is rewoven with gossamer wings, and prepared for Source Light
flight . . . and beyond. Check out the ongoing direct channels of Elijah and
Sananda @ for specifics. Their teaching continues to

Other avenues are utilized in this alchemical marriage of Source, God, and flesh.
The sacred aspect of number (sacred mathematics) and form (sacred
geometry) is invoked : symbols are literally placed into appropriate positions
with the body (the Chinese characters of Harmony and Eternity that adorn the
Libra and Scorpio articles are two such symbols; they are placed in the heart
and individual cell centers, respectively). Four 1's are placed around the feet to
assist the Red Ray in grounding the White Dragon Ray of purity. Three 3's are
placed at the crown, sacral, and root centers to facilitate cellular purity. The
333, master number of both the White and Black Ray, is a key to balanced
synthesis. Drives for purity in form solely under the White Ray can become
unbalanced. The Black Ray, which purifies motives, energetics, and the invisible
realms through ether, breath, and divine intelligence, provides an important
failsafe. There have and continue to be many historical white ray movements
that have become misbalanced (examples include certain churches and
Melchezidek orders, Klu Klux Klan, Nazi, and other White supremacy groups. As
well as spiritual groups that end up affirming cultic, rather than leaderless,
forms. Examples abound. . .) The black ray extracts hidden agendas and keeps
the energy behind the form flowing.

5 and 10 are structural sacred mathematic templates for white ray electronic
operations. The Pentagram, the 5 pointed star, mirrors the “upright man” of Da
Vinci fame: the two legs, two arms, and torso are the structural components.
Conscious intentional insertion of thoughts, goals, or multi dimensional objects
in a Pentagram is an example of White magic. The Pentaglium is a mixture of 2
white pentagrams, making a 10 pointed star. A black and white pentagram,
engaging the Black and White orders of the Scorpion, are juxtaposed together
to create a 10-pointed star in The Fountain of Youth symbol. A pure cistern to
carry the blue waters of the Spiritual Currency into the 75% water content of
the body.

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Pentaglium - Scorpio 2002 - Connect 2 Source

Galactic Astrology pinpoints 5 Light Body Alignments in the solar birth

chart. Holding them in simultaneous awareness is an alchemical, pentagramic

1. Relationship with Terra/Earth - thru the “Source Walker” - North Node

2. Relationship with Solar System - through the Sun sign
3. Relationship through the Galaxy, the Plane of Unity - Rising (Sign) of
4. Relationship with Universe- through universal meridians - Part of
5. Relationship to Multi Universe levels- “Source Connector” - South Node

The aspect of the quintile, the 72 degree angle (one-fifth of the circle) in the
chart, bestows the ability to work with the planetary energies involved in a
creative and sovereign way. Holding in the frequency of the rising sign, or Sign
of Spirit, is a quick shortcut into galactic awareness (Excelsius article).

Quartz crystal, the White Ray component of the mineral kingdom, is the
catalyst for this quickening. The invisible is visible to the quartz crystal
kingdom. It has a long standing reputation for helping one “tune in” to highly
precise , functional levels of life. whether it be a guitar tuner, receptors in TV’s,
radios and other appliances, or levels or your own divinity you are 100% ready
to accept! Intentional utilization of the quartz crystal element is recommended,
as a concrete aid in our conscious frequency increase. And to allow ease in our

3 types of crystals have been recommended by

Sananda to allow one to tune in, or connect to
Source: 1) The Bethlehem quartz crystal from Mt.
Ida under the feet and root chakra. 2) The slender
Lemurian or “laser” for the skeleton and spine. 3)
the Brazilian quartz crystal to assist the
expansion of the head and crown centers, as well
as assisting in the blending of the etheric aspect
of the atmosphere into the human alchemical
process. This 3-3-3 alchemical quartz placement
generates its own type of inter-crystal activity. It also coordinates a surge of
cellular, skeletal, glandular and brain activation, allowing interlocution between
the physical, galac-tic, and universal bodies, as well as introduction of Source
level and higher light.

The Pentaglium - Once a God Consciousness frequency is “enter-trained”

(continual entertaining of thoughts that expand well being or awareness,
re“train” electronic and neuro-logical processes) in our physical bodies, the
upper stories and penthouse of human possibility are awakened. Besides the
energetic benefits, we also become de facto members of an exalted unit of
“Family Intelligence”. This collection of colleagues, while residing on many
dimensions of consciousness, share a common devotion for both higher
intention and higher frequency. This confederacy of individual sovereign
heroes, who have EACH “set their controls for the heart of the (Great Central)
Sun”, represent Co/creation independent of Co/dependency. These
manifestations of the Collective Conscious reflect the highest Universal
aspirations of individual units of consciousness. Behold a White Wedding, with
Source purity, in form.

Halloween, through its joyous celebratory freedom from daily ego disguises,
and Election Day, where we exercise our independent vote for an improved
collective experience, both display on civilized solar levels potential White Ray

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Pentaglium - Scorpio 2002 - Connect 2 Source

group dynamic. Quality “circles” of human beings (see who recognize, in crystal clarity, that the
“elevation of consciousness is our fundamental life work”(Les Hixon). Like the
“Wave” at a sporting event, these Plutonic group intentions becomes the vortex
that allows larger frameworks of consciousness to “ground” into the collective
planetary templates here on Earth.

This phenomenon is not limited to the solar planes of consciousness. Lucid and
consistent intelligence from the spiritual planes is regularly deposited into the
lives of those who are ready to step onto the mid-galactic dance floor: not to
seek God, but to express God. This series of articles is one drop in this
downpour. Various Pentagliums, circles, brotherhoods & sisterhoods of light,
sufficiently elevated in focus, intention, and goal, become rings of divine
fire,.They are the “growth rings” on the human Tree of Life. Various masters
and consultants are available to tutor us in curriculum designed to awaken our
sleeping 85% . In this higher order of things, each individual serves the whole
best by riding “group current” to their own individual inner purification,
perfection, and energetic bliss.

As we each stand up and are counted, latent activations and invisible

dimensions of support connect around us. And behind them, our individual
dialogue with Source is there to instantaneously support fulfilling our “White
Wedding” vows, into realm of unlimited joy. You lead God and God
Consciousness into uncharted waters. We are the ones making the myths and
prophecies real.

Exercises : “The Immortal Companions” & “New Alphabets”

Stage 1: We move directly into the exercises this month by asking you to
invite into your field of energy the crystalline Bethlehem grid now beneath your
feet, which will carry in with it the housing of the Temple of Light. Mentally
place the Chinese symbol of Harmony within your heart. Should you feel to
imagine a laser crystal or some other stone in your hand or pocket, that would
be perfectly appropriate. In concert with this month’s White Ray Pentaglium
theme, we will invite in to assist us the 12 master consultants of the Planetary
Tree of Light. These 12 “Mighty Companions” will move around you now in a
circle, approximating the solar birth chart wheel. Each will move to the
particular energetic vortex of the 12 color galactic portal, that they modulate
and translate into the planetary field of play. In this guided visualization, they
are translating the energies of the constellations and the Galactic Rays into
your Circle of Light.

As you are in the center of this circle, slowly turn yourself around. Feel the
frequency and honor each member in your circle holds you in, as you engage
the 12 freedoms of the 7th dimension. Engage and blend with each. Take your

From the Red Ray master, feel the FREEDOM emanating from
From the Orange Ray master, feel the FREEDOM within CO - CREATION.
From the Yellow/Gold Ray master, the FREEDOM of A BALANCED LIFE.
From the Pink Ray master, feel the 2 way FREEDOM within SOURCE
From the Iolite Ray master, feel the FREEDOM of SELF CONFIDENCE.
From the Granite Ray master, feel the FREEDOM within FOCUS POWER.
From the Lavender Ray master, feel the FREEDOM of “I AM”

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Pentaglium - Scorpio 2002 - Connect 2 Source

From the Emerald Green Ray master, the FREEDOM of

From the Blue Ray master, feel the FREEDOM of PERFECTED THOUGHT.
From the White Ray master, the FREEDOM of MIGHTY COMPANIONS.
From the Black Ray master, breathe the FREEDOM within
From the Gold Ray master, view the FREEDOM of THE MOUNTAINTOP.

As your energy field increases, YOU become the incandescent Pearl 13th Ray
core of your circle, reflecting back to the 12 “spokes” the FREEDOM of NEW
CREATION. As you focus and “lock in” to Source through the heart center
within this alignment, the wheel begins to spin gyroscopically around you. As
you continue to hold awareness with Source, personal alchemical equations are
activated within the diamond-shaped Mer-ki-vah surrounding you. Observe
colors, equations or visions that emerge from you. These are your Source

Stage 2: While you hold within your circle, a new order of Harmony enters
your energy field through another matching wheel, that now moves into your
peripheral awareness. This wheel surrounds your “Universal Energetic Partner”
(a.k.a. your Completer Energy or Twin Ray). This is a partner that you
must connect with in order to “ground” your Universal body in Earth Source
alignment. Each person has a single match on the spiritual plane, and the
integration of your energy and theirs in a 7th dimensional context assists
personal and divine teleology. Bringing in Earth plane concordance to the House
that God Built, Shambhalla.

While you are surrounded by 12 masters that provide you a foundation of

FREEDOM, your “Completer” partner is surrounded by 12 masters that hold
PURITY alignments through the Universal core into Source/Jehovah alignment.
(The colors of your partner’s circle are the same, but of a more subtle shading).
As these 2 colorful, spinning, self-sufficient wheels of FREEDOM (Christ Light)
and PURITY (Jehovah Light) approach one another, a golden figure 8 (with a
mobius twist), moving and in flux itself, wraps itself around the two wheels.
Christ/Jevovah alignment provides “stem to stern” infrastructure for Source in

The 26 masters, 13 in each wheel (yes, you’re one), create a new harmonic
among themselves, as well as grounding the Christ and Jehovah striations of
the White Ray together. This will accelerate the translation of Source
electronics into your body system as well. As you and your twin ray modulate,
allow, and blend energies together, a New Alphabet or language of light is
generated. (This will effortlessly transport you to alignment on the Universal
Meridian Grid taught recently by Elijah and Orem). You should feel a tightening
and focus in your energy field. This is a God Consciousness alignment, and
permanent “God in a Bod” software/hardware upgrade. The 2 hemispheres of
the brain mirror this blending and balance as well.

Once Universal stasis is established, that consultant of consultants, Maitreya

appears. He is positioned between the two spinning wheels, at the connective
(central) point of the 8. He emits an even more subtle frequency, taking all to a
new level. A black I intersects the point of the 8 in perpendicular fashion (if you
breath seems to get short at this point, bring focused awareness to your heart
center) linking the Immortal grid into the Universal one.

As you and your Completer partner join in energetic union with Maitreya, the
energies of Immortality, Purity, and Freedom join - to the pleasure and

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Pentaglium - Scorpio 2002 - Connect 2 Source

growth of all 3 parties, and the further adventures of the Master Plan.

Enjoy the White Ray . Please cast your vote for the frequency, love, and
fulfillment you deserve ... And please help get us out of the Bush
leagues !

Mark Appleman 10 / 23 /02

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