Pierre Gariépy. (b.

Pierre was the son of François Gariépy (b. 1791) and Loise G!ad. "hey were a!!
#e#bers of the "rt!e $ontain %and. Pierre #arried &ose $arie Grant' da(hter of
)thbert Grant and $ary $*Gi!!is' on +epte#ber 1,' 18-8 at +t. Fran*ois .a/ier. "he
*op!e was en#erated in the 187, *enss at +t. François .a/ier. 0n 1872' they sett!ed on
the west side of the ri/er at +t. Larent on the +oth +as1at*hewan. "he *op!e had
thirteen sons and three da(hters.
Pierre was e!e*ted as a +t. Larent )on*i! #e#ber in 1872. 3e was /isitin(
re!ati/es in $ontana in 188- when the %ato*he de!e(ation arri/ed to as1 Lois &ie! to
retrn to the 4orth 5est "erritory. &ie! had Pierre brin( his i#portant papers north as he
was afraid (o/ern#ent athorities wo!d sei6e the#. Gariépy was a*ti/e in the 1887
&esistan*e and part of &ie!8s 9:o/edate. Pierre8s yon(er brothers ;ean %aptiste (b.
1827) and Phi!ippe (b. 1829) were a!so a*ti/e in the 1887 &esistan*e Pierre' !i1e his
brother Phi!ippe' was arrested on $ay 19' 1887' *har(ed with treason<fe!ony and
senten*ed on =(st 1-' 1887 at &e(ina to three years in prison be*ase of his
parti*ipation in the 1887 &esistan*e. Pierre and &ose<$arie had three sons who were
a*ti/e in the 1887 &esistan*e> )har!es ?+heesheep (b. 187,)' @anie! (b. 187-) and
&o#e! (b. 1876)
Pierre Gariépy
0n his testi#ony of =(st 12' 1887 at the &e(ina tria! Father =!e:is =ndre saysA
Pierre Gariepie (si*) is an o!d #an of fifty<fi/e (si*) years of a(e' and has a wife
and se/en *hi!dren and has been a!! his !ife near!y on the p!ains as a hnter. 3e has a
!ar(e fa#i!y' and is i(norant of the ways of po!iti*a! tri*1sters and *i/i!i6ed a(itators.
3e is Bst one or two de(rees abo/e the 0ndian' bt was a !eader a#on( the p!ain
hnters. &ie! #ade hi# be!ie/e there wo!d be no trob!e or /io!en*e' and when the
wonded at @*1 La1e were abot to be brta!!y #assa*red by the 0ndians it was this
o!d #an in parti*!ar who sa/ed the#. ()+P' 1886' Co!. 12' p. 282)
)o#pi!ed by Lawren*e %ar1we!!
)oordinator of $etis 3erita(e and 3istory &esear*h
Lois &ie! 0nstitte

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