Rosalie Gariépy née Parenteau. (b. 1837).

Rosalie was born at Red River, the daughter of Joseph Dodet Parenteau and
ng!li"ue #odon. $he %arried Philippe #ari!p& who was one of Du%ont's %ilitia
(aptains. $he was one of the heroines of )ato(he in 188*. $he %elted down the lead
linings of tea tins to %a+e bullets. ,-he wo%en %ade the lead that was used to %a+e
bullets. .Rosalie/ prepared these for her spouse. $o%eti%es the (ast or %ould was too big
and the slugs too big. 0e had to redu(e it with a +nife. lso, to avoid wasting, #abriel
Du%ont %ade the% pi(+ up the used slugs.1
2hildren of Rosalie and Philippe #ariep&3
• %broise, born (. 1845, %arried 6irginie 7aplante.
• 8illia%, born (. 1845 died 9ar(h 187:.
• ;ran(ois, born (. 184*.
• Philippe, born June 15, 187: at $t. ;ran(ois <avier, died =(tober 57, 1888.
• 6i(tor, born =(tober1, 1875 at -ourond's 2oulee, %arried >lise )rabant.
• Josue, born De(e%ber 5, 187? at $t. 7aurent, died ;ebruar& 187*.
• @sidore, born Aove%ber 5*, 187* at $t. 7aurent.
• ;ran(ois, born 1877 at $t. 7aurent, died 188: at -ourond's 2oulee.
• 9arie Rose, born Januar& 57, 1878 at $t. 7aurent, died 188?.
• #abriel, born ugust *, 188: at $t. 7aurent, %arried >%%a 2aron.
• Josue, born 1881 at $t. 7aurent, died 1885.
• 6irginie, born 1885 at $t. 7aurent, died 1885.
• Bnna%ed, born and died De(e%ber 55, 188? at $t. 7aurent.
Philippe #ariep& was part of the original 1871 $t. 7aurent on the $outh
$as+at(hewan governing (o%%ittee that was headed b& #abriel Du%ont. 0e was born at
$t. ;ran(ois <avier on ugust 11, 183C, the son of ;ran(ois #ariep& (b. 1871) and
7ouise #ladu. 0e %arried Rosalie Parenteau, the daughter of Joseph Dodet Parenteau and
ngeli"ue #odon on June 14, 1845 at Pe%bina. -he& had thirteen (hildren, four born at
$t. ;ran(ois <avier and the rest born at $t. 7aurent. 0e was a (art owner and regularl&
freighted to $t. lbert and @le D la 2rosse. 0e also wor+ed as a guide and interpreter for
the A89P.
-he #ari!p&'s %oved to $t. 7ouis de 7angevin in 1885 and lived on 7ots 3, ? and 4
(-?*E1E3). Philippe was involved in the 188* Resistan(e at Du(+ 7a+e with #abriel
Du%ont. 0e is (redited with saving one of the wounded %en that others wished to +ill.
0e was a %e%ber of the >Fovedate and a 2aptain of one of the 1C (o%panies led b&
#abriel Du%ont. 0e is %entioned in Du%ont's a((ount of the fighting at -ourond's
2oulee and he was part of the last stand in the grave&ard tren(hes at )ato(he with
>douard Du%ont, >lG!ar Parisien, the two 7avallee brothers and one 2ree. @sidore
Du%as sa&s that at the battle for )ato(he
Aathalie Her%oal. ,7es roles et les souffran(es des fe%%es %!tisses lors de la R!sistan(e de 187: et de la R!bellion de 188*.1
Prairie Forum, 6ol. 1C, Ao. 5, ;all 1CC33 1*C.
=n one o((asion, Philippe #ariep& and Pierre 7averdure were both seen
+neeling down on the hillside and (o%ing out in the open to shoot. 8hen one led,
the other would followI and between the% eFisted a sort of rivalr& as far as (ourage
was (on(erned. ,Jou are going to get +illedK1 shouted the 9etis. )ut the& would not
Philippe was arrested on June 1, 188*, tried for treasonEfelon&, and on ugust 1?,
188* at Regina senten(ed to seven &ears and did serve a part of this senten(e.
@n his testi%on& of ugust 13, 188* at the Regina trial ;ather leFis ndre sa&s3
Philip #ariepie, fort&Eeight &ears of age, @ have +nown for twent&Efive &ears. 0e has
been %arried for twent& &ears, and has a large fa%il& of siF (hildren. ll the settlers
+now this %an and respe(t hi%. 0e is one of the %ost respe(table and pea(eable %en
in the whole (ountr&, +indEhearted and gentle as a wo%an. @ a% infor%ed that he is
a((used with having abused a wounded %anLAewitt. ;ro% %& personal and
inti%ate +nowledge of this %an's (hara(ter and disposition, @ do not hesitate to
pronoun(e this a((usation to be false and unfounded. @t is repugnant to ever& feeling
in the heart of a %an li+e #ariepie. @t is the act of a savage and brutal and wolfish
nature and disposition. 0e is "uite the (ontrar&L+ind, a%iable and (haritable, while
his a((user, who is, if @ a% rightl& infor%ed, one 7eve"ue, is totall& unworth& of
belief. 0e (a%e to the $as+at(hewan poor and %iserable, and was treated +indl& b&
#ariepie, who% he now tries to ruin. (2$P, 1884, 6ol. 13, p. 38?)
$(rip ppli(ations3
June 58, 18743 $(rip affidavit for #ariep&, PhilippeI born3 pril ?, 18?3I father3
;ranMois #ariep& (9!tis)I %other3 7ouise #ladu (9!tis)I (lai% no3 5418I date of
issue3 pril 5:, 1877I a%ount3 N14:
Jul& *, 187*3 $(rip affidavit for #ariep&, Rosalie, wife of Philippe #ariep&I born3
;ebruar& C, 18??I father3 Joseph Parenteau (9!tis)I %other3 ng!li"ue #ordon
(9!tis)I (lai% no3 541CI date of issue3 pril 5:, 1877I a%ount3 N14:
#ariep&, #abrielI address3 )ellevue, $as+I (lai% no. *3*I born3 * ug., 188: at
$t. 7aurentI father3 Philippe #ariep& (9!tis)I %other3 Rosalie Parenteau (9!tis)I
s(rip (ert.3 for% 2, no. 7C* for N5?:.::
$09, p. 41.
>dited and 2o%piled b& 7awren(e )ar+well
2oordinator of 9etis 0eritage and 0istor& Resear(h
7ouis Riel @nstitute

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