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Extended Deadline for Paper Submission
Submit by June 15, 2014
for a WORKSHOP on
Policies for Sustaining High Growth in India
18–19 August 2014
Organizer: Prof. Pradeep Agrawal
Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi
The growth rate of the Indian economy has plummeted sharply from 9 % in 2010 to less than
5 per cent since 2012. It is essential to sustain a growth rate of 8 % or more over the next 20
years to eliminate poverty and provide Indians a decent standard of living. Thus, there is an
urgent need for careful research on the challenges facing India in reviving and sustaining high
rates of economic growth.
As many of you will know, in July 2013, we held a workshop on “Reviving Growth in
India”. Selected papers from this workshop are being published as a book by the Cambridge
University Press (forthcoming around September 2014). This second workshop will focus on
policies for sustaining high growth in India. We invite papers on all topics related to this
theme. Some topics of interest are listed below (Topics of greater interest are: Lessons for
India from other high growth emerging economies, controlling inflation, manufacturing
sector expansion, education sector reforms and energy security):

1. Lessons from other high growth emerging economies, such as China
2. Policies for controlling inflation (especially when induced by supply side issues)
3. Macroeconomic imbalances and their effect on growth
4. Growth and effective poverty reduction
5. Demographic dividend or demographic curse: impact of population growth
6. Policies to revive and sustain high investment and savings rates
7. Policies for achieving high manufacturing sector growth (and what India can learn from
China and/or other leaders in manufacturing)
8. Policies to increase exports/ control current account deficits
9. Policies for developing infrastructure
10. Policies for better human resource development for high growth: reforms in education,
health sectors, and in labour law
11. Policies for improving India’s energy security
12. Policies for improving governance and legal delays
!#$ Environmental issues affecting growth

!&$ Any other topic relevant to the Workshop theme.

The papers should be policy-oriented and between 7,000 to 10,000 words (about 20 to 30
pages), including tables, figures, and references. The text should include a section reviewing
previous relevant research, and explain the main model and results carefully. Technical
material (details of estimation techniques, and other detailed derivations, etc.) may be moved
to the appendix. A few detailed review articles may also be accepted on major issues facing
India (inflation control, energy security, manufacturing sector expansion, education
improvement, governance issues, etc.) written in the style of ‘Handbooks’ or review papers in
the Journal of Economic Literature.

Proposal Submission
Authors interested in participating in the workshop should send their paper to by 15 June 2014. Draft or partially completed versions are
acceptable at this stage. Alternatively, please send an extended abstract (describing objective,
methodology to be used, and results (if available) in as much detail as possible) by 30 May
2014. All participants must send the full paper by 15 July 2014. (In case of urgent need to
reach us, you can also contact my associate, Dr Durairaj Kumarasammy at (Phone: +918287254499) or me at

Selected papers presented at the workshop will be published as a book (selected papers from
the 2013 workshop are being published as a book by Cambridge University Press,
forthcoming in September 2014). Submission of your paper will be deemed to imply your
consent to the inclusion of your paper in the book.

The book will be edited by Prof Pradeep Agrawal, who is Professor and Head, RBI Chair
Unit (and former Officiating Director), Institute of Economic Growth. Prof Agrawal has
authored/edited four books and published numerous research articles on growth and
economic reforms. He holds a PhD from Stanford University, USA.

Financial Support
This workshop is supported by a grant from the International Development Research Centre
(IDRC), Canada, under its Think Tank Initiative. The organizers will provide all participants
from outside Delhi airfare, accommodation and hospitality. Full or Partial travel support may
be possible for overseas participants, depending on funds availability.

Thank you for your participation and co-operation.

Pradeep Agrawal
Professor of Economics and Head, RBI Chair Unit
Institute of Economic Growth
Delhi University Enclave, Delhi 110007, India.
Phone: +91-9811472459 (mobile); +9111-27667101 Ext 262 (Off); +9111-27667410 (Fax)