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By Sam Warren
Warren, Samuel Friday, January 10, 2014 1:09:18 PM Pacic Standard Time 70:56:81:af:eb:a5
A strip of white, grainy sand surrounds a sheet of
green trees like a wrapper surrounds a piece of bubble
gum. The ubiquitous trees look like giant green lolli-
pops with leaves. The stalks of the trees are like giant
brown red vines, and the bark twisting and turning
like a funnel cake. The grains of sand on the beach are
like tiny salty crystals, rich, pure and very clear. Walk-
ing on the sand is like sauntering on a cloud, soft,
uffy, and heavenly, but burning like a pizza that just
came out of the oven. And the clouds, they look like
oating mounds of powdered sugar, waiting to be put
on a fresh deep fried Twinkie at the county fair. The
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Warren, Samuel Friday, January 10, 2014 1:09:18 PM Pacic Standard Time 70:56:81:af:eb:a5
gentle super salty sea softly beats against the beach, like
the soft melodies of an acapella group. The saccharine
smelling aromas of peaches and kiwis can be smelled
from afar, attracting the buzzing humming birds to ex-
tract sweet, sweet nectar from the tropical plants. The
humidity of the island attracts bugs such as mosquitoes
like a McDonalds on a freeway attracts hungry people.
This tropical island is lled with palm trees, tropical
fruits, and coconuts and more. Overall, this place is a
ne place to live in.

In this favorable geographic environment that the civili-
zation of Samoa will be founded. It is a civilization
whose design takes its inspiration from the study of
past civilizations such as the Arabs, the Aztecs, the
Greeks, the Mayans, the Mesopotamians, and the Ro-
mans among others. This book will document the neces-
sary steps to take in order to create a successful civiliza-
Warren, Samuel Friday, January 10, 2014 1:09:18 PM Pacic Standard Time 70:56:81:af:eb:a5
People are children of their environments
- Shinichi Suzuki
Warren, Samuel Friday, January 10, 2014 1:09:18 PM Pacic Standard Time 70:56:81:af:eb:a5
Part I - Analysis of the Problem
The rst step in building a successful civilization is to
secure basic human need such as food and water. Due
to its geography, the major challenges of Samoa faces in
achieving basic food and water supply include the fol-
1. A tropical island is not such a great place to
live. The sand of beaches is almost impossible to grow
things on, and growing in the jungle just give animals a
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Human Changes to the Land
Warren, Samuel Friday, January 10, 2014 1:09:18 PM Pacic Standard Time 70:56:81:af:eb:a5
free snack. And how are you going to get fresh water?
There is most likely no place to get fresh water. The
ocean surrounds the islands, and nobody enjoys a fresh
glass of salty, dirty, sour ocean water. And without fresh
water, the newly formed colony will soon be extinct.
2. The new civilization might be going great,
peachy even. Until your rst night and everybody is
starving to death. The sandy ground of Samoa is non-
fertile and is hard to grow on. And the only other way
to nd food is by hunting, on land and by sea. The Sa-
moans need to nd a way to hunt down the animals
that live in the trees, and the sh of the deep. And if
that doesnt happen, the tropical civilization will perish
Part II- Proposed Solutions
The civilization of Samoa needs to nd a way to
solve their problems using adaptations and modica-
tions. Adaptations are when living things evolve and be-
come better suited to live in their environment. Environ-
mental modications are when you change your envi-
This is an example of what the aqueducts would look like
Warren, Samuel Friday, January 10, 2014 1:09:18 PM Pacic Standard Time 70:56:81:af:eb:a5
ronment to help the people with the living conditions.
These two things play the role of the helper by chang-
ing the way that people live so they are better suited to
their environment.
The people of Samoa need to nd a way to get
water. They are surrounded by salt water and cannot
drink it. The people of Samoa will build twin pipes and
irrigation systems like the Aztecs. As stated by Frey,
The (The Aztec) city boasted other technological mar-
vels, like the aqueduct that carried fresh water for irri-
gation. Twin pipes ran from the Chapultepec springs,
three miles away (275). First, the Samoans will need to
cut down trees and cut pipes out of the trees so they can
transport the water. Second, the Samoans need to cut
down more trees so they can build buckets to catch
fresh rainwater. Third, the Samoan people need to dig
trenches so they lay the pipes underground so they
dont get stepped on and broken or thrashed by ani-
mals. Fourth, the Samoans need to connect the pipes to
the buckets so they can transport water. And nally, the
Samoan people need to build pools made of rocks near
there civilization and connect the pipes to the pools so
they dont need to go all the way to the to all of the
buckets around the island to get fresh water.
The people of Samoa also need to nd a way
to get food. Between the giant jungle with creeping crit-
ters stalking for prey across the forest oor, to the harsh
sandy soil of the coast beaches, the Samoans have no
place to farm. Like the Aztecs, the Samoan people will
build chanampas (oating gardens). As stated by Frey,
In this way they created small islands called chanam-
pas, or Floating Gardens (274). First, the Samoans
will cut down trees and make them into logs, for the bot-
toms of the chanampas. Second, the people of Samoa
will cut down more trees to make the walls of the cha-
nampas. Third, the Samoan people will take soil from
the jungle and load it into the chanampas. Fourth, the
Samoans will grow tropical fruits such as mangos,
peaches, and bananas. Finally, the Samoans will trade
with other places to get other seeds and food using
boats made out of palm wood. Building the chanampas
will solve the Samoans problems of being able to grow
food on a good surface.
Warren, Samuel Friday, January 10, 2014 1:09:18 PM Pacic Standard Time 70:56:81:af:eb:a5
This is an example of what a Samoan chanampa would look like
Warren, Samuel Friday, January 10, 2014 1:09:18 PM Pacic Standard Time 70:56:81:af:eb:a5
The peoples good is the highest law.
Law & Government
Warren, Samuel Friday, January 10, 2014 1:09:18 PM Pacic Standard Time 70:56:81:af:eb:a5
Lessons on Democracy
One of the most important lessons to learn about suc-
cessful government should be learned from the rise of
democracies in the Greek city-states and Rome was to
have the power to veto unfair laws and pass the right
laws. The plebeians of Rome got to do this in 494
B.C.E. As stated by Frey, Later, they (the Tribunes)
gained the power to veto, or overrule, actions by the
Senate and government ofcials that they thought were
unfair (320). The people of Samoa will always have a
say in what happens in their community because they
Figure 2.1
This is a painting of what it must have looked like during one of the many civil wars that happened in Rome
Maintaining Civil Order
Warren, Samuel Friday, January 10, 2014 1:09:18 PM Pacic Standard Time 70:56:81:af:eb:a5
will all have the right to be in the government. They
should get fair treatment and have the right people lead-
ing them. If you dont have the right people leading, the
leader/leaders of the civilization will be overthrown by
a tyrant/tyrants. The poor or lower class should be
treated the same as the wealthy. But the power to veto
will not be used unwisely in the civilization of Samoa.
The Assembly will take a vote on if the laws are fair or
not if one of the members of the Council of 300 wants to
veto the laws. The laws will be nalized/disbanded
once the Assembly votes. The power to veto unfair laws
is a very important law to be made.
The second most important lesson is a limit on the
amount of people in your government and the people
in it. The class read what happened to the Romans, they
didnt let the plebeians into the government. The plebe-
ians were mad at that so they went to a nearby hill to
Rome and the refused to comeback until they were
apart of the government. This was a problem because
the city of Rome was defenseless because the plebeians
were the entire army except for the consuls, the leaders
of the army who were patricians. As stated by Frey,
The patricians had little choice but to compromise
(319). The people of Samoa will have a Council of 300
more like the Roman citizens, but include everyone, in-
cluding the poor. The youngest age you can be in the
Council is 23, and you can be as old as 75 years old. The
Assembly will recommend all the laws, and the Council
will make the decisions on the laws. The Assembly will
can be as young as 18, and the people in the Assembly
gave to be citizens. To become a citizen, you have to be
Vetoing is the power to not pass a law that the people do not think is right or
fair. Source:
Warren, Samuel Friday, January 10, 2014 1:09:18 PM Pacic Standard Time 70:56:81:af:eb:a5
a 13-year-old person who has to take a test to see their
knowledge of their civilization. There will be no slaves.
The people of Samoa will learn more form the Atheni-
ans because they like the idea of the Council of 500
more than the Council of Elders. Still, they have found
some problems with the system of the Council of 500.
Instead of having a lot of the same people, they will
have small groups of the same type of people. They
would have groups of the upper class males, the upper
class females, the lower class males, the lower class fe-
males, the middle class males, and the middle class fe-
males. This is a good way to run a government because
it includes the same amount of people from every point
of view.
The last important lesson to be learned from the Roman
Republic and the Greek city-states were that the laws
should always be written down. Rome did not write
down their laws and the Patricians changed the laws al-
ways to better themselves instead of the Plebeians for
situations that were unfair. As stated by Frey, Around
451 B.C.E., the Patricians agreed. The laws were written
down on tablets called the Twelve Tables. The Samoans
will learn from all of these mistakes and not make
them. They will write down their laws on tablets simi-
lar to the Twelve Tables. They will be called the Seven-
teen Slabs. They will be displayed in a bulletproof glass
case in front of city hall and the courthouse. This will be
very convenient for the government ofcials and the
judge because they can just walk outside take a look at
the laws if there is a misjudgment or misjudgments in
the trial or in the law making process. It is also good
that the case is bulletproof because then a criminal
couldnt get into the case without getting the keys to
open the case and stealing one of the Seventeen Slabs.
The criminal will not from Samoa of course. The lesson
of writing down laws is very important in the making
of a good civilization so people dont change the laws at
Code of Laws
I. The civilization of Samoa has major problems with jus-
tice, health, property, family, and relationships. Justice
Warren, Samuel Friday, January 10, 2014 1:09:18 PM Pacic Standard Time 70:56:81:af:eb:a5
is important because justice has to do with court and
the people who decide on how severe the crime was
and the people who make the laws. Health is important
because the people of your civilization want people to
be healthy and safe and the people around them to be
safe. Property is important because property is stealing
or robbing somebody else's property. Family is impor-
tant because family is when somebody hurts a child or
a child hurts an adult. Relationships is important be-
cause relationships are basically the same thing as fam-
ily only with someone who isnt in that persons family.
These categories are important to the civilization of Sa-
moa because they are important to every civilization
such as Babylonia and Rome. There was too much
blood and gore from Hammurabi, too much for the civi-
lization to be happy with the laws and too much for
comfort with the laws. He basically said, Dont do any-
thing bad or die,. Now, the Twelve Tables had little to
no violence. They threw people off rocks if they gave
false witnesses and they killed deformed children.
These laws will not scare the public because if the rich
don't have a false testimony.The Samoans will learn
from these mistakes and be in between too much vio-
lence and too little violence.
It is written that all people should follow these laws

This is a painting of what the twelve tables would have looked like. The
twelve tables were the Roman civilizations code of laws.
Warren, Samuel Friday, January 10, 2014 1:09:18 PM Pacic Standard Time 70:56:81:af:eb:a5
1. A son/daughter who physically or verbally
hurts their parents will have to spend the night in jail
and no food for the entire time they are there. The same
law applies for the parents but they will spend three
nights in jail.
2. A person who robs or vandalizes will spend at
least a year in jail and will be sent to trial at court.
3. A person who is publicly intoxicated will be
sent to a far away tower with no alcohol or illegal drug.
4. If you medically need drugs, you will be sent
to a place far away so you can get the drugs and stay
there until you are better.
5. A person who is addicted to something will be
forced to drink so much water that theyre organs shall
fail and suffocate.
6. A person who lies in court will be forced to
walk the plank off a volunteer's boat and be eaten by
7. If you are called to jury, you must go. If not,
you will be hung by your feet from a tree in the jungle
and will wait there until a jungle cat comes and eats
8. If a person leaves court early, they shall pay
100,000 fnerns.
9. If a person is unfaithful or hurts their partner,
they shall be publicly shamed by the choice of their for-
mer partner.
III. These laws are helpful because the penalties are
harsh and the citizens will fear the penalties of the hei-
nous crimes and solve the problems with justice, health,
property, family, and relationships. The laws that solve
Warren, Samuel Friday, January 10, 2014 1:09:18 PM Pacic Standard Time 70:56:81:af:eb:a5
the problems with justice are laws VI, VII, and VII.
These laws solve the problems with justice because the
people will always sty in court until released, they will
never lie in court, and they will always go to court. The
laws that solve the problems with health are III, IV, and
V. These laws solve the problems with health because
nobody will do non-medical drugs and nobody will get
anybody sick. The law that solves the problems with
property is II. This law solves the problem with prop-
erty because nobody will want to steal because they
would spend a year or more in jail depending on the
value and amount that they had taken. The law that
solves the issues with family is I. This law solves the
problems because if the parents/child strike the child/
parent or insult them, the parents will likely starve to
death in jail or make it out of jail very weak and so will
the child. The law that solves the problem with relation-
ships is IX. This solves the problem with relationships
because the partner will never cheat or injure their part-
ner because the public shaming would be so harsh.
These laws will solve the many problems of the Samoan
Lessons on Leadership of Julius and Augustus Caesar
The main idea to take away from the unsuccessful parts
in Julius Caesars rule in Rome was to not change the
way of government unless the people in the civilization
wants the leader to. Julius Caesar tried to change the
Roman Republic into an tyranny/monarchy. He did
that by having his name stamped on coins, having a
statue of himself put in the temple wearing royal pur-
ple, he took power away from the senate, and he ap-
pointed civil ofcers and judges. As stated by Frey,
With Caesar in control, the republican reform was at an
end, (331). The decision of having a statue of himself
in the temple was not a good idea because the temple is
a holy place and putting a statue a statue of himself in
there is basically declaring himself a god. I was also bad
because he was a dictator and not a king so he
shouldnt be wearing the royal color. It was a bad deci-
sion to take power away from the senate because then
there would be a bunch of angry men that would be try-
ing to get him out of power. It was a bad decision to ap-
point civil ofcers and judges because it take away even
more power from the senate and then they are even an-
grier at him. It was also a bad idea to have his name
stamped on coins because since Romes territory was so
big, that if someone didnt like how they were treated
Warren, Samuel Friday, January 10, 2014 1:09:18 PM Pacic Standard Time 70:56:81:af:eb:a5
or ruled, they wouldnt know who was ruling them.
But since Caesars name was on all of the currency, than
they would know who to kill. It was decisions like
these that got Caesar killed. As the love for Caesar was
growing stronger in the public, the hatred of Caesar
was growing even more in the senate. They feared that
if his power continued, that he would give his leader-
ship to an heir. And if that happened, the civilization of
Rome would blast to the past and go back to a monar-
chy. And because of this, he was stabbed twenty-three
time on the senate steps on March 15, 44 B.C.E. This
happened because Julius Caesar tried to change a repub-
lic into a tyranny/monarchy.
The main thing that the civilization of Samoa is going to
learn from the mistakes and successes from Julius and
Augustus Caesar's rule in Rome is to carry a guard like
Praetorian guard around at all times. This is very impor-
tant because then nobody can kill your ruler and no-
body will want to kill your ruler. If they do something
bad or create a bad law, nobody will be able to harm
him. The guards wont be able to harm him either be-
cause before they get put on duty, they have to take an
oath that they will do nothing to harm the ruler. By no-
body being able to kill the ruler, there will be no conict
in the civilization like there was when Julius died. Cae-
sars death plunged rome into a bloody civil war, (Po-
litical Leadership of Caesar Augustus 1). These guards
will protect Rome from going into more another civil
war. Rome went into a civil war because Julius was
stabbed 23 times by the senate. This didnt settle well
This was the scene of the stabbing of Julius Caesar. It was the decision that
he made that got himself killed.
Warren, Samuel Friday, January 10, 2014 1:09:18 PM Pacic Standard Time 70:56:81:af:eb:a5
with the citizens, and they didnt have a leader, so
many generals had the civil war between each other.
When Augustus came into rule, this tactic made it im-
possible to start another civil war. These guards will
guard the leader of Samoa at all times, even when he/
she is sleeping. They will go where ever he/she goes.
Carrying around a posse of guards around at all times
is a successful tactic in the creation of a successful civili-
zation because then your ruler will not be killed and
start a civil war.
The Decline of the Western Roman Empire
Part 1
The main reasons for the decline in the Western Roman
Empire were the decline in morals and values and politi-
cal corruption. These problems were the biggest reason
why the Western Roman Empire collapsed because if
their rulers like Nero and Caligula likes the violence
that is going on in the gladiator battles. They also had
giant parties where you drink alcohol until the guests
get sick. If these things happen, then the public thinks
these awful things are ok and good things to do to
please there ruler. If the public does these things in the
street, there are obviously going to be problems. Even
during Pax Romana there were 32,000 prostitutes in
Rome (Decline of the Western Roman Empire). With
the people doing these things, the people who weren't
doing them were angry with the ruler on letting these
things going on. When that happened, the rulers were
often killed. The Romans ended up giving over the
power to elect political leaders the Praetorian Guard.
The Praetorian Guard ended up giving up the power to
This is an image of what the wars in Rome that happened at the end of the
western roman empire might have looked like. Source:
Warren, Samuel Friday, January 10, 2014 1:09:18 PM Pacic Standard Time 70:56:81:af:eb:a5
the highest bidder. This is bad because the civilization
wants to pick the right person to lead their government
and lead it right. This is why decline in morals and val-
ues and political corruption caused the decline of the
Western Roman Empire.
Part 2
The civilization of Samoa will take steps to prevent mor-
als and values from declining and keep political corrup-
tion from happening in their civilization. First, the Sa-
moans will elect a leader that doesnt have parties with
alcohol and doesnt have gladiator battles. The Samo-
ans will choose their ruler by having an election and
will never have an auction for power. The citizens will
have got to choose 2 of the 6 different options as ruler.
Out of the choices, there will be 3 democrats and 3 re-
publicans. This will make it so that the civilization of Sa-
moa will get to choose between different parties. The
Council of 300 though will make the nal verdict. The
Samoans will have a different source of entertainment
like shows and plays or chariot races. The gladiator bat-
tles would have a bad effect on the civilians. As the
gladiators fought, vicious cries and curses were heard
from the audience (Decline of the Western Roman Em-
pire). The police of Samoa will be patrolling constantly
for prostitutes, crimes, and murders. They will do this
The Coliseum is where most of the gladiator battles happened in Rome
Warren, Samuel Friday, January 10, 2014 1:09:18 PM Pacic Standard Time 70:56:81:af:eb:a5
because then they will stop prostitutes from selling
their selves for sex, and they will be able to stop crimes
and murders before they even happen. These decisions
that the Samoans will make will prevent Samoa from
or read books in the library.
Gallery 2.1
Warren, Samuel Friday, January 10, 2014 1:09:18 PM Pacic Standard Time 70:56:81:af:eb:a5