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Andrea Ordonez

April 2, 2014
Block 7
Final Draft


Ever since I turned 13 I cant remember a world that didnt involve Facebook or Twitter.
Up until today, these types of social media, as well as other, now form part of my daily life and
the lives of millions of other teenagers around the globe. Modern technology has completely
altered the way we communicate enabling us to keep in touch even though we may be on the
other side of the globe. With time, technology has improved immensely and now provides a
variety of option, in terms of communication. Images, video calls and instant messaging
programs and devices are currently the most used sources for communication.

Andrea Ordonez
April 2, 2014
Block 7
Final Draft

According to the FactBrowser 57% of US teenage Instagram users visit the site at least
once per day and 35% do so many times per day(2013). A rising trend in the last few years,
have been applications that work via images. Some of these include Instagram, Snapchat,
Trumblr, WeHeartIt and more, which are especially appealing for the teen population. These
programs allow users to share pictures of their family, friends, food and even their location to
users all over the world. In a sense, it can be considered that communication has become more
personalized with time, since we can now share anything with anyone through this type of

Andrea Ordonez
April 2, 2014
Block 7
Final Draft

Programs like FaceTime and Skype are also programs that have been increasing
worldwide communication. They have enabled people to "b" at two places at the same time,
since you can talk to your friend from Canada, while being at home in California. A common use
for teenagers from the ages 13-18 who have attended summer camps, pre-college programs,
foreign exchange programs or vocational stays with other teenagers is to communicate using
these applications. It is a great use since many of these camps and programs usually contain a
variety of people who live in different places. I can say that saying goodbye to my campmates
was not as hard as in previous years since Skype assures my communication with my friends. I
the past, seeing your camp mate again would be very odd, but now, the chances of seeing them
increases tremendously, since these applications provide face to face conversations without
having to meet physically.

Andrea Ordonez
April 2, 2014
Block 7
Final Draft
Lastly, the most popular way of
communicating nowadays is through
social media. Examples include
Facebook and Twitter. They are free
online sources that let you share your
thoughts, post pictures, upload videos
and send instant messages through and
inbox. A specific example that can be
used to back up the popularity of these
programs can be seen at our very own Colegio Menor. At CMSFQ every single student in
eleventh grade has a Facebook and it is through Facebook, by which student have communicated
t plan their grade events. These programs help students communicate easily and make
announcement with the assurance that everyone will receive the message.

In conclusion, modern technology is radically changing the way teenagers are
communicating by giving them various options and easy access to astonishing programs that
connect people worldwide. It has set teenagers on the global scale of internal relations through
the use of modern communication.

Andrea Ordonez
April 2, 2014
Block 7
Final Draft
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