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Stages of ASAP Methodology

Phase 1: Program Preparation

This phase is used to kickoff the Program and includes the following tasks:
Review and refine implementation strategy
Establish program Team working environments
Determining program rgani!ations
Define program management standards and procedures
Define implementation standards and procedures
Define system landscape strategy
"ickoff meeting
Program team standards meeting
#dentify technical re$uirements
Procure %ardware
Phase 2: Business Blueprint
#n this phase business practices and parameters are defined to understand the
business goals and business structure& and how '(P will reali!e those processes)
The resultant design would be a blueprint of the business future state) Tasks in this
phase include the following:
Review and refine Training Plan
'etup development environment
#nitial set up of 'ystem *andscape
'ystems (dministration
#nitiali!e #+, -#mplementation ,uide.
/onduct 0usiness process workshops
/onduct detailed re$uirements workshops
This phase includes the following deliverables:
Deliverable Responsibility Review by Sign off by
/reate Technical
Pro1ect +anagers
Pro1ect /ore Team
Program +anager Program 'ponsor
0usiness 0lueprint Pro1ect +anagers
Pro1ect /ore Team
Program +anager Program 'ponsor
Perform 2uality
check 3 '(P review
'atyam Program +anager
Phase : Reali!ation
#n this phase the system is configured to /lient4s business re$uirements as defined
in the blueprint) This is also the main window of opportunity for knowledge transfer
from '(P consultants to /lient4s Pro1ect team members)
Tasks in this phase include:
#nitial planning for Production 'upport
/onduct Team training
0aseline configuration and confirmation
'ystem management including test plans& service level commitments& 2( 5
Production environment setups and systems and administration functions
Develop conversion programs
Developing interface programs
Develop enhancements
/reate reports and layout sets
Establish authori!ation concept
End user documentation and training material
This phase will include the following deliverables:
Deliverable Responsibility Review by Sign off by
6inal /onfiguration
5 /onfirmation
Pro1ect +anager
/ore Team
Program +anager Program 'ponsor
6inal #ntegration
Pro1ect +anagers Program +anager
Perform 2uality
/heck 7 '(P
Review Program
Program +anager
Phase ": #inal Preparation
Tasks within the phase include:
Prepare and /onduct end user training
Refine system management
Refine cut over plans and production support
/ut over to production system
Perform $uality check
This phase will include the following deliverables:
Deliverable Responsibility Review by Sign off by
/ut over to
'ite +anagers 8
Pro1ect +anagers
Program +anager Program 'ponsor
, 8 9 ,
'ite +anagers 8
Pro1ect +anagers
Program +anager Program 'ponsor
Perform 2uality
/heck 3'(P
Review program
'atyam Program +anager Program 'ponsor
Phase $: %o &'() * S+PP,R-
#n this phase it is ensured that end7users4 need are being met) Tasks in this phase
Production support
6ollow up training
Define long term plans
Perform Program review
(ll development re$uirements will be handled through 'atyam4s Rightsourcing Delivery
+odel) This is the nsite 3 ffshore methodology)
'atyam proposes to use the successful Right 'ourcing 3 nsite8offshore 3 methodology
for R#/E6 -Reports& #nterfaces& /onversions& Enhancements and 6orms. developments)
The table below gives the deliverables in each and every phase of the ('(P
Phases .ey Deliverables
Pro/e0t Preparation Phase
Program +anagement 'tandards& #mplementation standard 5 procedure& system
landscape strategy& technical re$uirement identification and initiation of %ardware
Business Blueprint Phase
Phase : Defined business impact report and /+ plan
Phase :
6inali!ed end7user training and documentation strategy and
pro1ect plan
Phase : Defined business process re$uirements
Phase : Defined development procedures and re$uirements -gaps.
Phase : Defined user roles& authori!ation re$uirements and design
Phase : ;erified business blueprint document completeness
Phase : Defined technical design
Phase : #nstalled development system environment
Phase : 0usiness blueprint phase signed off
Reali!ation Phase
Phase < Determined cutover plan
Phase <
=pdated business impact and /+ plan& and implemented
Phase < /reated end7user training and documentation materials
Phase <
#mplemented user roles and authori!ation -pro1ect team and end7
Phase < Reviewed and signed off baseline confirmation
Phase < Reviewed and tested development
Phase < Defined technical& functional& performance test plans
Phase < #nstalled 2(' and productive system environment
Phase < (pproved final integration test
Phase < Reali!ation phase signed off
#inal Preparation Phase
Phase > /onducted end7user and system administration training
Phase > /onducted going live check
Phase > (pproval for going live
Phase > 6inal preparation phase signed off
%o &ive and Support
Phase ? /onfirmed transition to production support
Phase ? Established business process monitoring
Phase ? /losed open issues and signed off going live and support phase