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MSc Control Systems

Project Handbook

Updated: 2
May 2014

!"#$% '( )'*+%*+,
1. lnLroducLlon .................................................................................................................................. 3
1.1 lmporLanL olnLs ................................................................................................................... 4
1.2 ro[ecL Supervlslon MeeLlngs and CommunlcaLlon .............................................................. 4
2. ro[ecL 1lmeLable .......................................................................................................................... 3
2.1 Logbook and 8eporL WrlLlng ................................................................................................. 3
2.2 1lmeLable .............................................................................................................................. 3
Automatic Control &
Systems Engineering


2.3 LxLenslons ............................................................................................................................. 6
3. ro[ecL AssessmenL ....................................................................................................................... 6
3.1 Marklng CrlLerla .................................................................................................................... 7
3.2 enalLles for LaLe Submlsslon ............................................................................................... 7
3.3 enalLles for Lxceedlng age LlmlLs ...................................................................................... 7
3.4 ModeraLlon ........................................................................................................................... 8
4. llnal 8eporL (ulsserLaLlon) ............................................................................................................ 8
3. Cral resenLaLlon .......................................................................................................................... 9
Appendlx 1 - Culdellnes for a Successful MSc ro[ecL ........................................................................ 10
Appendlx 2 - Culdellnes on WrlLlng Lhe ulsserLaLlon ......................................................................... 11
Appendlx 3 - Culdellnes on Clvlng resenLaLlons .............................................................................. 14
Appendlx 4 - use of unfalr Means ln Lhe AssessmenL rocess (non-vlgllaLed assessmenL) .............. 16
Appendlx 3 - ueLalled Marklng CrlLerla for each of Lhe assessmenL .................................................. 19
Appendlx 6 - Submlsslon of work ........................................................................................................... 26


-. /*+0'123+4'*
As parL of Lhe MSc ln ConLrol SysLems lL ls lmporLanL LhaL you develop your Lechnlcal
knowledge and undersLandlng, Lechnlcal and personal skllls and an appreclaLlon of Lhe wlder
conLexL of your sLudles. ?our pro[ecL ls an lmporLanL parL of Lhls ln bulldlng on your LaughL
modules and developlng a greaLer level of lndependence ln your learnlng and work. 1he alm
of Lhe pro[ecL ls Lo glve you Lhe opporLunlLy Lo apply and develop furLher your advanced
knowledge and skllls Lo a speclflc problem area. ?ou wlll be allocaLed a pro[ecL supervlsor
wlLh whom you wlll develop Lhe pro[ecL speclflcaLlon and who wlll provlde overall guldance on
Lhe pro[ecL. ?our supervlsor may also allocaLe a hu sLudenL or research assoclaLe Lo help
wlLh supervlslng Lhe pro[ecL. Powever, you are expecLed Lo demonsLraLe a hlgh level of
lnlLlaLlve and lndependence and skllls ln creaLlve and crlLlcal Lhlnklng, analysls, reflecLlon,
effecLlve pro[ecL managemenL and communlcaLlon. 1he pro[ecL ls very dlfferenL from many of
your LaughL modules where Lhe lecLurer Lakes Lhe lead ln your learnlng. In the pro[ect you
are expected to take the |ead and the superv|sor |s expected to prov|de overa|| gu|dance and
1hls handbook provldes a summary of Lhe pro[ecL lncludlng Lhe LlmeLable and assessmenL,
descrlpLlon of Lhe dellverables and guldance on reporL wrlLlng and presenLaLlons. Coples of
Lhe acLual assessmenL forms LhaL wlll be used are also provlded. lL ls sLrongly recommended
LhaL you read Lhrough Lhls handbook and refer Lo lL durlng your pro[ecL. lf you have any
querles wlLh respecL Lo Lhe pro[ecL dlscuss Lhese wlLh your pro[ecL supervlsor ln Lhe flrsL
lnsLance and subsequenLly wlLh Lhe module leader lf necessary.
ur !un Llu
Module Leader


-.- /56'0+"*+ 7'4*+,
1. Ach|ev|ng a pro[ect grade be|ow S0: A student whose pro[ect grade |s be|ow S0 w||| be
|ne||g|b|e for the award of an MSc. 1he dec|s|on as to whether a student can res|t the|r
pro[ect for a bare pass mark |s at the d|scret|on of the 8oard of Lxam|ners.
2. It |s essent|a| that throughout the course of your pro[ect you meet regu|ar|y w|th your
pro[ect superv|sor - see sect|on 1.2 be|ow. If you are hav|ng any d|ff|cu|t|es |n contact|ng
your pro[ect superv|sor and arrang|ng regu|ar meet|ngs p|ease report th|s to the modu|e
3. 1he use of unfa|r means (e.g. p|ag|ar|sm and co||us|on) |s str|ct|y forb|dden. Students are
warned that the p|ece of work affected may be g|ven a grade of zero, wh|ch |n some cases
w||| enta|| fa||ure of your pro[ect and therefore the MSc. In such cases students w||| be
referred to the Un|vers|ty's D|sc|p||ne Comm|ttee. We w||| use e|ectron|c software (e.g.
1urn|t|n) to check for unfa|r means.
ou shou|d thorough|y read and understand Append|x 4, the Un|vers|ty's gu|dance to
students on unfa|r means. If you are at a|| unsure about what th|s means and the
|mp||cat|ons for your work, then you shou|d consu|t a member of staff, for examp|e your
pro[ect superv|sor, the |nd|v|dua| pro[ect modu|e |eader, your year tutor or your persona|
4. If you have any concerns about, or d|ff|cu|t|es w|th, your pro[ect that you are unab|e to
reso|ve w|th your superv|sor you shou|d speak to the modu|e |eader.
-.8 70'9%3+ :26%0;4,4'* <%%+4*=, "*1 )'552*43"+4'*
8ased on Lhe LlmeLable of Lhe pro[ecL and Lhe expecLed Llme sLudenLs need Lo puL ln for Lhls
MSc pro[ecL, lL ls expecLed LhaL pro[ecL supervlsors would acLlvely engage wlLh pro[ecL
sLudenLs (lndlvldually or ln groups) aL leasL every 2 weeks LhroughouL Lhe pro[ecL.
When a sLudenL has noL been seen wlLhln 3 weeks, Lhe pro[ecL supervlsor should emall Lhe
sLudenL and arrange an appolnLmenL as soon as posslble. 8ecords of correspondence should
be kepL as evldence LhaL proacLlve supporL has been offered.
SLudenLs are expecLed Lo engage ln scheduled acLlvlLles and aLLend scheduled meeLlngs wlLh
Lhelr pro[ecL supervlsor(s) and should leL Lhem know lf Lhey are unable Lo do so. More
generally, sLudenLs should acL professlonally ln arranglng meeLlngs and conducLlng
Lhemselves durlng Lhose meeLlngs. 1hls lncludes arrlvlng prompLly Lo meeLlngs and provldlng
as much noLlce as posslble lf Lhey are unable Lo aLLend a meeLlng.
lf sLudenLs are havlng dlfflculLles conLacLlng Lhelr supervlsor Lhey should conLacL Lhe module
leader. Powever, please be reasonable wlLh your expecLaLlons, Academlc sLaff are ofLen very
busy and someLlmes away from Lhe offlce. 1hey may noL be able Lo respond Lo emalls on Lhe
same day so glve a reasonable Llme (aL leasL a week) before conLacLlng Lhe module leader.


8. 70'9%3+ !45%+"#$%
1he pro[ecL ls worLh 60 credlLs and Lherefore you are expecLed Lo spend approxlmaLely 600
hours ln LoLal worklng on Lhe pro[ecL. As a gulde you should be spendlng an average of 37-40
hours per week worklng on Lhe pro[ecL. uurlng Lhls perlod, you are expecLed Lo focus
excluslvely on Lhe pro[ecL and you should LreaL Lhls perlod as a full-Llme [ob. ?ou should noL
underesLlmaLe Lhe amounL of Llme you need Lo spend on Lhe pro[ecL and you musL ensure you
manage your Llme effecLlvely. noLe LhaL Lhese hours are guldance and ln pracLlce you may
spend more Llme on Lhe pro[ecL. ln parLlcular Lowards Lhe end of Lhe pro[ecL you are llkely Lo
spend conslderably more hours worklng on Lhe pro[ecL.
8.- >'=#''? "*1 @%6'0+ A04+4*=
?ou should keep a hard-bound log book of your work durlng Lhe pro[ecL, loose leave noLes are
noL accepLable and are easlly losL. ?ou should also Lake (mulLlple) back-ups of any compuLer
flles LhaL you generaLe. ?ou should sLarL wrlLlng Lhe flnal reporL as soon as ls reasonable. ?ou
should alm Lo compleLe any slmulaLlons, experlmenLs eLc. wlLh plenLy of Llme Lo focus on
compleLlng Lhe flnal reporL. uo noL underesLlmaLe how long lL wlll Lake Lo wrlLe Lhe flnal
8.8 !45%+"#$%
SLudenLs wlll be provlded wlLh a number of general pro[ecL areas offered by lndlvldual
academlc members of sLaff aL AuLomaLlc ConLrol & SysLems Lnglneerlng and allowed for a
maxlmum of Lwo weeks Lo make Lhelr cholces. SLudenLs wlll dellberaLely noL be glven speclflc
pro[ecLs Lo choose from as Lhey are expecLed Lo dlscuss Lhe speclflc pro[ecL wlLh Lhelr
supervlsor and subsequenLly formulaLe a LlLle, alms and ob[ecLlves.
lollowlng pro[ecL allocaLlon, sLudenLs should meeL Lhelr supervlsors Lo form lnlLlal conLacL and
dlscuss Lhe deLalls of Lhelr pro[ecLs. lL ls Lhe sLudenL's responslblllLy Lo arrange Lhls meeLlng.
Monday, 12
May 2014 - SLarL of MSc pro[ecLs for academlc year 2013/14.
Monday, 2
Iune 2014 - Submlsslon of Alms and Cb[ecLlves
?ou should flnallse Lhe pro[ecL alms and ob[ecLlves and pro[ecL plan by Lhls Llme. lL ls very
lmporLanL Lo effecLlvely plan your pro[ecL. 1he alm or alms should be a general sLaLemenL of
whaL Lhe pro[ecL ls abouL. 1he ob[ecLlves should be more speclflc sLaLemenLs of whaL you
expecL Lo achleve ln Lhe pro[ecL, e.g. deslgn., slmulaLe., manufacLure., LesL., compare.
1he ob[ecLlves are usually a bulleL polnL llsL of such sLaLemenLs. AL Lhe end of Lhe pro[ecL you
should be able Lo look back aL Lhe ob[ecLlves and say wheLher or noL you have achleved Lhem.
1he pro[ecL plan should Lhen be a deLalled breakdown of Lhe pro[ecL lnLo speclflc Lasks
(probably based on Lhe ob[ecLlves) and approprlaLe Llmlngs/deadllnes, e.g. a CanLL charL.
Make sure you lnclude Llme for reporL wrlLlng, vacaLlons and conLlngency ln your pro[ecL plan.
1he sLudenLs should compleLe Lhe Alms and Cb[ecLlves form (avallable on MCLL) ln
consulLaLlon wlLh Lhe pro[ecL supervlsor. lease submlL Lhe compleLed form vla 1urnlLln by Lhe
deadllne. lallure Lo do so wlll lncur a penalLy for Lhe pro[ecL mark.


Monday, 1 September 2014 - Submlsslon of flnal reporL (dlsserLaLlon)
SLudenLs submlL Lhe flnal reporL vla 1urnlLln (correcLly formaLLed) by Lhe deadllne.
!"#$%# '()# %*+,-%%-(' (. /(01 -% #"#2)0('-2 3-$ 4*0'-)-'5 /-)6 )6# 7#$7"-'# (. 89:;<= >(0
$73-2# (' 6(/ )( %*+,-) ?(*0 /(01 2(00#2)"? 0#.#0 )( @AA#'7-B C=
1hursday, 4
September 2014 - Cral presenLaLlon
?ou wlll glve an oral presenLaLlon of your pro[ecL (deLalled schedule and venue 18C). lurLher
deLalls on Lhe presenLaLlon are provlded ln SecLlon 3.
8.B CD+%*,4'*,
AppllcaLlons for exLenslons Lo Lhe submlsslon daLe for any assessed componenL of Lhe pro[ecL
musL be made dlrecLly Lo Lhe module leader vla emall and Lhe pro[ecL supervlsor musL also be
copled lnLo Lhls emall. 1hls emall musL conLaln Lhe reason for Lhe requesLed exLenslon. 8efore
an exLenslon ls formally granLed a compleLed speclal clrcumsLances form (avallable from Lhe
SSlu pages of Lhe unlverslLy webslLe - hLLp:// musL be
submlLLed Lo Lhe deparLmenL.
|ease note that extens|ons w||| on|y be granted |f a student cannot reasonab|y subm|t the
spec|f|ed assessed component w|th|n the or|g|na| dead||ne and can prov|de a va||d reason
supported by appropr|ate ev|dence. 1yp|ca||y extens|ons w||| on|y be granted |n the event
of med|ca| and]or persona| c|rcumstances beyond the contro| of the student. Ia||ure to
have backed-up your data and poor p|ann|ng so that everyth|ng |s be|ng done at the |ast
m|nute are not va||d reasons. 1he dec|s|on of the modu|e |eader w||| be f|na| |n a|| requests
for extens|ons.
B. 70'9%3+ E,,%,,5%*+
De||verab|e We|ght|ng
Alms, ob[ecLlves
and pro[ecL plan
1hls wlll noL be assessed dlrecLly buL fallure Lo submlL Lhls wlll resulL ln
a 10 penalLy on your overall pro[ecL mark.
llnal reporL Cverall welghLlng 70.
Marked by boLh your supervlsor (33) and Lhe second reader (33).
erformance and
professlonal skllls
Cverall welghLlng 20.
As parL of Lhe assessmenL your supervlsor wlll also mark your overall
professlonal conducL of Lhe sLudenL durlng Lhe pro[ecL.
Cral presenLaLlon Cverall welghLlng 10.
Marked by aL leasL 2 academlcs.
lurLher deLalls of each of Lhese are provlded ln SecLlons 4-3.
All reporLs should be word processed and professlonally produced. ?ou should use 1lmes
new 8oman (12 polnL) or a comparable fonL wlLh 1.3 llne spaclng.


B.- <"0?4*= )04+%04"
ueLalled marklng crlLerla for each of Lhe pro[ecL dellverables are provlded ln Appendlx 3.
lor each dellverable, marks are provlded under varlous crlLerla based on Lhe glven guldellnes.
1he overall mark wlll reflecL Lhese lndlvldual marks for each crlLerlon buL may noL be slmply
Lhe average of Lhe marks. 1he overall mark wlll reflecL Lhe relaLlve balance of Lhe dlfferenL
crlLerla for Lhe parLlcular pro[ecL and may vary beLween pro[ecLs. lor example, Lhe relaLlve
lmporLance of Lhe llLeraLure revlew may vary dependlng on wheLher a pro[ecL ls more
research or deslgn focused. 1he commenLs by Lhe marker should reflecL how Lhe pro[ecL has
been marked Lo ensure LhaL Lhe sLudenL can undersLand Lhe mark glven.
B.8 7%*"$+4%, ('0 >"+% :2#54,,4'*
LaLe submlsslon wlll resulL ln a deducLlon of 3 of Lhe LoLal mark awarded for each worklng
day afLer Lhe submlsslon daLe.
uay laLe Marked reduced by 3 Mark Awarded when reduced by 3*
MulLlply by Crlglnal 60 Crlglnal 30
1 0.93 37 47.3
2 0.90 34 43
3 0.83 31 42.3
4 0.80 48 40
3 0.73 43 37.3
! #$%&'%(' )%$*+)%$,-%. /01&',&2 (1.+# #*01.' 3+ %44.,+' %&' )%(5# #*01.' 3+ (01&'+'
1he 3 worklng day deadllne for laLe submlsslon ls absoluLe and any work submlLLed afLer Lhe 3
worklng day perlod wlLhouL a speclal dlspensaLlon wlll recelve zero.
lor furLher lnformaLlon see hLLp://
B.B 7%*"$+4%, ('0 CD3%%14*= 7"=% >454+,
lf sLudenLs subsLanLlally exceed Lhe page llmlLs for Lhe flnal reporLs Lhey wlll be penallzed by
mulLlplylng Lhe overall mark for Lhls assessmenL by a facLor. 1hls facLor ls deLermlned by
limit page the exceeding pages of number
lf Lhe number of pages exceedlng Lhe page llmlL ls < 100. 1he reporL wlll recelve a zero lf Lhe
number of pages exceedlng Lhe page llmlL ls !100. lor example Lhls equaLes Lo Lhe followlng


number of pages over Lhe agreed page llmlL lacLor by whlch Lhe mark ls mulLlplled
10 0.9
20 0.8
40 0.6
30 0.3

noLe LhaL Lhe page llmlL ls composed of Lhe maln body and does noL lnclude any of Lhe
followlng LlLle page, absLracL, execuLlve summary, acknowledgemenLs, llsL of conLenLs, llsL of
references and appendlx pages.
B.F <'1%0"+4'*
Where an assessmenL ls marked by Lwo markers Lhe overall mark for LhaL assessmenL wlll be
calculaLed as Lhe average of Lhe Lwo marks. ModeraLlon of Lhe mark for any of Lhe
assessmenLs by a Lhlrd assessor wlll be requlred ln Lhe followlng cases:
1he two |ndependent marks d|ffer by 9 or more: ln Lhls case Lhe supervlsor and assessor
wlll revlew Lhelr assessmenLs, lf, followlng revlew, Lhe assessmenLs sLlll dlffer by 9 marks
or more, a Lhlrd assessor wlll be asslgned by Lhe module leader for Lhe assessmenL of Lhe
reporL. 1he reason for any ad[usLmenL should be explalned ln Lhe approprlaLe secLlon aL
Lhe boLLom of Lhe mark sheeL and Lhen slgned and daLed.
If fo||ow|ng any moderat|on the average mark for the assessment of the d|ssertat|on |s
border||ne pass (def|ned as a mark of 47-49): A Lhlrd assessor wlll be asked Lo
lndependenLly mark Lhe dlsserLaLlon wlLh Lhe vlew Lo deLermlnlng wheLher Lhe
dlsserLaLlon can be consldered as a pass. ln Lhe evenL LhaL a Lhlrd marker has already been
used for Lhe case LhaL Lhe flrsL Lwo assessmenLs dlffer by 9 marks or more, Lhls mark wlll
be used for Lhe conslderaLlon of borderllne cases.
F. G4*"$ @%6'0+ HI4,,%0+"+4'*J
1he flnal reporL wlll provlde a conclse reporL of Lhe whole pro[ecL. As a gulde Lhe maln body
of Lhe flnal reporL should noL exceed 70 pages (excludlng LlLle page, absLracL, execuLlve
summary, acknowledgemenLs, llsL of conLenLs, llsL of references and appendlx pages).
Ceneral guldellnes on reporL wrlLlng are provlded ln Appendlx 2. A LemplaLe for Lhe flnal
reporL ls avallable on MCLL 2. ?ou should dlscuss Lhe sLrucLure of Lhe reporL wlLh your
supervlsor as dlfferenL sLrucLures may be approprlaLe for dlfferenL pro[ecLs. Powever, all Lhe
mandaLory secLlons as lndlcaLed ln Lhe LemplaLe should be lncluded. lL ls lmporLanL LhaL you
LxecuLlve Summary: 1hls should be a conclse summary of Lhe work wrlLLen for a non-
Lechnlcal audlence and conLalnlng Lhe background Lo Lhe problem, alms and ob[ecLlves,
achlevemenLs, ouLcomes and recommendaLlons. 1hls should alm for whaL managemenL
would look aL Lo see whaL you have been dolng, why and wheLher lL was worLhwhlle.


AbsLracL: 1hls should be a conclse summary of Lhe work ouLllnlng Lhe problem, why lL ls
mlghL be lmporLanL, approach Laken and resulLs. 1hls should be wrlLLen for a Lechnlcal
audlence wlLh lnLeresL ln Lhe deslgn and lmplemenLaLlon aspecLs of Lhe pro[ecL.
lnLroducLlon lncludlng background, moLlvaLlon, alms and ob[ecLlves, overvlew of reporL.
LlLeraLure revlew: 1he llLeraLure revlew may be a sLand-alone chapLer or be embedded
wlLhln oLher chapLers dependlng on whaL ls mosL approprlaLe. 1he slze of Lhe llLeraLure
revlew wlll vary beLween pro[ecLs as for some Lhls wlll noL be as relevanL as for oLher
pro[ecLs. ?ou should be gulded by your supervlsor on Lhls.
Maln Lechnlcal chapLers: 1hese wlll descrlbe Lhe maln work done durlng Lhe pro[ecL.
1hlnk abouL how Lo loglcally dlvlde Lhls work up and Lo ensure a good sLory" ls Lold. 1ry
Lo presenL a balanced reporL.
Concluslons and fuLure work.
8eferences: Lnsure you use a conslsLenL and correcL approach Lo referenclng LhroughouL
Lhe reporL. lL ls very lmporLanL LhaL you reference correcLly. lL ls recommended LhaL you
buy clLlng references" by uavld llsher & 1erry Parrlson avallable from 8lackwells
bookshop. 1hls ls an excellenL summary of how Lo reference.
Appendlces: 1hese should conLaln addlLlonal lnformaLlon LhaL ls noL essenLlal Lo
undersLandlng Lhe maln reporL. 1hls could lnclude addlLlonal resulLs, code eLc.
Appendlces should noL be used Lo slmply keep Lhe maln reporL wlLhln Lhe page llmlL. lf lL
ls essenLlal for Lhe reader Lo refer Lo someLhlng ln an appendlx Lhen Lhls should be ln Lhe
maln body of Lhe reporL. noLe LhaL Lhe appendlces wlll noL be marked and do noL
conLrlbuLe Lo Lhe page llmlL.
ro[ecL managemenL: ?ou should lnclude a summary of Lhe pro[ecL plannlng lncludlng a
revlsed CanLL charL of how Lhe pro[ecL acLually wenL and hlghllghLlng acLual progress
agalnsL Lhe orlglnal plan.
Supervlsors wlll provlde overall guldance on Lhe flnal reporL and commenL on a slngle drafL of
Lhe reporL. 1hey wlll noL provlde deLalled edlLlng and Lhelr commenLs wlll be more general
abouL Lhe overall sLrucLure and conLenL. lL ls sLrongly recommended you dlscuss Lhe proposed
reporL sLrucLure wlLh your supervlsor before sLarLlng wrlLlng.
K. L0"$ 70%,%*+"+4'*
?ou wlll glve an oral presenLaLlon of your pro[ecL. Lach presenLaLlon ls up Lo 20 mlnuLes. 1here
wlll be approxlmaLely 13 mlnuLes of presenLaLlon by Lhe sLudenLs, followed by up Lo 3 mlnuLes
of quesLlons. ?ou should prepare Lhe presenLaLlon slldes ln owerpolnL or pdf formaL and
ensure LhaL Lhey work on Lhe unlverslLy neLwork compuLers. 1he presenLaLlon should provlde
a conclse summary of Lhe pro[ecL and you are recommended Lo use no more Lhan 10-12 slldes
(so one Lo 1.3 mlnuLes per sllde). Make Lhe presenLaLlon lnLeresLlng and avold belng Loo
Lechnlcal. 1he sLrucLure of Lhe presenLaLlon ls llkely Lo be slmllar Lo Lhe flnal reporL sLrucLure
so should lnclude background, moLlvaLlon, alm(s) and ob[ecLlves, work done and
concluslons/fuLure work. Culdance on glvlng presenLaLlons ls provlded ln Appendlx 3.


E66%*14D - M N241%$4*%, ('0 " :233%,,(2$ <:3 70'9%3+
1ake ownersh|p of your pro[ect
Cverall responslblllLy for Lhe pro[ecL ls yours. Show lnlLlaLlve. ?ou should vlew yourself as Lhe
pro[ecL leader. ?our supervlsor(s) should provlde supporL raLher Lhan lead Lhe pro[ecL. ConLacL
your pro[ecL supervlsor(s) as soon as posslble Lo organlse Lhe flrsL meeLlng. Crganlse regular
meeLlngs wlLh your supervlsor(s).
8e profess|ona|
?ou are Lralnlng Lo be a professlonal englneer and your conducL durlng your l? should reflecL
Lhls. ?ou should make appolnLmenLs and keep Lhem. ?ou should approach each meeLlng wlLh a
clear ldea of Lhe polnLs Lo be addressed and Lhe deslred ouLcomes.
|an your pro[ect
1he key Lo a successful pro[ecL ls good plannlng. ?ou should LlmeLable pro[ecL work asslgnlng Llme
approprlaLe Lo a 60 credlL module (approxlmaLely 600 hours ln LoLal worklng on Lhe pro[ecL). lan
Lhe pro[ecL over Lhe whole academlc year glvlng reallsLlc Llmlngs for each elemenL. 1hls should
hlghllghL Lhe need for allocaLlng equal Llme Lo each semesLer and Lhe need Lo sLarL Lhe pro[ecL as
soon as posslble. lL ls good pracLlce Lo keep a log-book LhroughouL Lhe pro[ecL. 1hls wlll make Lhe
Lask of wrlLlng Lhe Lhesls more sLralghLforward.
kea||se that resources are f|n|te
1here wlll be many oLher sLudenLs who requlre access Lo LesLlng/manufacLurlng faclllLles and
Lechnlcal supporL. lL ls Lherefore necessary Lo LlmeLable Lhe use of resources and noL Lo leave
Lhlngs unLll Lhe lasL mlnuLe.
Add|t|ona| gu|de||nes for pro[ects w|th a des|gn and manufactur|ng component
|an your work
ln carrylng ouL your pro[ecL you wlll need Lo follow a deflned deslgn process. 8emember LhaL aL
each declslon polnL you wlll need Lo fully [usLlfy Lhe cholces you make. 1hls may requlre some
calculaLlons, experlmenLs or numerlcal modelllng so Lhls wlll have Lo be facLored lnLo your plans.
?ou may be able Lo flnd some supporLlng daLa ln Lhe llLeraLure. CuanLlLaLlve [usLlflcaLlon ls much
beLLer Lhan quallLaLlve.
Add|t|ona| gu|de||nes for pro[ects w|th a s|mu|at|on component
Understand the purpose of the s|mu|at|on
8e aware LhaL slmulaLlon ls noL a slmple add ln Lo Lhe pro[ecL and LhaL you need Lo be aware of
why you are dolng a slmulaLlon and allow enough Llme Lo underLake ls properly.
|an your work
Pave a clear plan of whaL Lhe alm of Lhe slmulaLlon ls, how lL flLs ln wlLh your pro[ecL, whaL
sofLware ls avallable and why you would choose one plece of sofLware over anoLher.
Learn the software
1hls could mean learnlng compleLely new sofLware or exLendlng your knowledge of exlsLlng
sofLware. ?ou mlghL need Lo apply for an lceberg accounL Lo use some Lypes of sofLware
remoLely. 1here are LuLorlals avallable on mosL sofLware packages, so ask your supervlsor for
furLher deLalls.
Va||date your mode|
8e aware LhaL all slmulaLlons need valldaLlon. ?ou should Lherefore plan how you are golng Lo
valldaLe any resulLs Lhrough experlmenL, calculaLlon or complemenLary research.


E66%*14D 8 M N241%$4*%, '* A04+4*= +O% I4,,%0+"+4'*
1he reader ls Lhe mosL lmporLanL person. 8eadlng a well-wrlLLen and well-presenLed reporL ls a
8eadlng papers ln Lhe area of your pro[ecL ls a good way Lo develop a good wrlLlng sLyle.
WrlLlng a dlsserLaLlon ls a Llme-consumlng process. lL ls ln your lnLeresLs Lo make an early sLarL
on lL. uo noL walL unLll you have flnlshed all Lhe pracLlcal work before sLarLlng wrlLlng.
roduce a drafL for each chapLer/secLlon ln Lurn and follow each up wlLh a dlscusslon wlLh your
supervlsor. noLe your supervlsor wlll only read one drafL of any lndlvldual secLlon.
lan your pro[ecL Llme so LhaL Lhe supervlsor has Llme Lo read drafLs and make commenLs, and
you have Llme Lo acL on your supervlsor's commenLs.
?our supervlsor ls noL a copy edlLor. 1hey wlll commenL on sLrucLure and conLenL, buL wlll noL
correcL a mulLlLude of grammar and spelllng mlsLakes. 1haL ls up Lo you. 1he Lngllsh Language
1eachlng CenLre can offer asslsLance Lo lnLernaLlonal sLudenLs on dlsserLaLlon wrlLlng.
roof read your dlsserLaLlon, and Lhen proof read lL agaln. A spell checker alone ls noL adequaLe.
noLe you wlll usually spoL dlfferenL errors on Lhe screen and ln prlnL - you should check your
dlsserLaLlon boLh on-screen and once lL ls prlnLed ouL.
Lvery chapLer/secLlon aparL from Lhe lnLroducLlon and concluslons should have an lnLroducLory
secLlon LhaL seLs Lhe scene for Lhe chapLer, l.e. explalns Lhe reasonlng behlnd Lhe chapLer's
?ou are wrlLlng a sclenLlflc documenL so uC nC1 wrlLe "chaLLlly" or ln Lhe flrsL person slngular.
lor example, do noL wrlLe narraLlve such as "l made some samples" or l wroLe a program" buL
lnsLead wrlLe Some samples were made" or A program was wrlLLen". 1he excepLlon Lo Lhls ls
ln Lhe AcknowledgemenLs where you would normally wrlLe ln Lhe flrsL person, eg. l would llke
Lo Lhank my supervlsor, ur x".
WrlLe ln clear, flowlng Lngllsh, avoldlng Lhe Lwo exLremes of elLher wrlLlng noLes, or long wlnded
1he reader ls probably a busy person, so be conclse.
lL ls lmporLanL Lo make clear whlch parLs of your work are orlglnal, and whlch parLs are Laken
from Lhe llLeraLure.
uo noL even Lhlnk of passlng off oLher people's wrlLlng as your own. CuLLlng and pasLlng from
anoLher auLhor's work ls easy Lo deLecL. lf you have any doubLs abouL Lhe dlvldlng llne beLween a
Lhorough llLeraLure revlew and plaglarlsm, Lhen dlscuss lL wlLh your supervlsor. 1hls also holds
for lllusLraLlons. CLher people's lllusLraLlons LhaL you have scanned ln or obLalned from Lhe web
can only be used boLh wlLh Lhelr permlsslon and wlLh an approprlaLe reference.
Where posslble, all flgures should be creaLed uslng approprlaLe sofLware Lools.
lf you use abbrevlaLlons or acronyms Lhey should be expanded when flrsL used, e.g., "1LA (1hree
LeLLer AbbrevlaLlon)" and lf Lhey are used LhroughouL Lhe dlsserLaLlon, a glossary should be
provlded as an appendlx.
A|ms of the report
?ou need Lo have a clear seL of alms before sLarLlng Lo wrlLe a reporL. ln formulaLlng Lhe alms you
need Lo conslder:


whaL ls Lhe lnLended conLenL of Lhe reporL,
for whom ls lL belng wrlLLen, and
why ls lL belng wrlLLen
?ou wlll flnd lL helpful Lo llsL a seL of ob[ecLlves under each of Lhese headlngs before sLarLlng Lo wrlLe a
What |s the |ntended content?
1hls depends on whaL you were asked Lo do: bulld a maLhemaLlcal model, deslgn a conLroller,
compare deslgn Lechnlques, or wrlLe some sofLware. lor example, lf you were asked Lo deslgn a
conLroller you mlghL llsL Lhe lnLended conLenLs as:
uescrlpLlon of sysLem Lo be conLrolled.
Cholce of deslgn meLhod.
ueLalls of deslgn procedures and [usLlflcaLlon for declslons.
AssessmenL of performance of Lhe deslgn.
1here are many dlfferenL Lypes of pro[ecL and so lL ls dlfflculL Lo produce a deLalled seL of
recommendaLlons Lo sulL every slngle dlsserLaLlon. 1he Lype of pro[ecL wlll dlcLaLe Lhe conLenL and
sLrucLure of Lhe dlsserLaLlon and you should dlscuss Lhls wlLh your supervlsor. lor example, for a
LheoreLlcal pro[ecL lL ls llkely LhaL several chapLers/secLlons wlll be devoLed Lo consLrucLlng Lhe
LheoreLlcal foundaLlons for Lhe pro[ecL and wlll conslsL of your own lnLerpreLaLlon and synLhesls of
exlsLlng work wlLh sulLable examples dlscussed LhroughouL. A sequence of chapLers/secLlons LhaL
cover LheoreLlcal framework, condlLlons and assumpLlons and Lheory appllcaLlon and comparlsons
may be approprlaLe. lor an experlmenLal pro[ecL, Lhe experlmenLal goals, deslgn, execuLlon and
evaluaLlon mlghL be covered.
What you need to demonstrate
?our Lechnlcal compeLence.
?our organlsaLlonal skllls.
1haL you work hard and have lnlLlaLlve.
1haL you can wrlLe clearly and conclsely.
1haL you can produce a good reporL.
roduc|ng the report
Pavlng esLabllshed Lhe alms of Lhe reporL (see secLlon 1.2 above) you can begln collecLlng maLerlal:
you probably have some already. ?ou can begln organlslng Lhe reporL before you have collecLed all Lhe
maLerlal. A good way of dolng Lhls ls Lo separaLe Lhe maLerlal lnLo Lhree caLegorles:
1. Cbvlously lmporLanL lnformaLlon whlch musL go lnLo Lhe reporL.
2. 8orderllne lnformaLlon whlch mlghL be of use Lo some readers, or whlch mlghL ampllfy or
subsLanLlaLe oLher more lmporLanL maLerlal.
3. lnformaLlon LhaL you flnd lnLeresLlng (or cannoL bear Lo Lhrow away) buL whlch ls noL relevanL Lo
Lhe reporL.
MaLerlal ln caLegory 1 wlll probably go ln Lhe maln body of Lhe reporL and LhaL ln caLegory 2 ln an
appendlx. MaLerlal ln caLegory 3 you wlll probably evenLually Lhrow away (buL noL yeL, for lf you do
you wlll flnd LhaL lL conLalned a plece of vlLal lnformaLlon whlch you had overlooked).


A reporL has Lo sLarL and has Lo end buL you do noL necessarlly sLarL wrlLlng aL Lhe beglnnlng and sLop
wrlLlng aL Lhe end. lrequenLly a good sLarLlng polnL ls Lo declde whaL ls Lo go ln appendlces and Lo
assemble or wrlLe each appendlx. 1he appendlces should be used Lo remove lnformaLlon from Lhe
body of Lhe reporL LhaL ls noL essenLlal Lo Lhe ma[orlLy of Lhe readers. lor example, deLalls of how Lo
use a parLlcular compuLer program Lo obLaln a conLroller deslgn. 1hls ls valuable lnformaLlon for
anyone who subsequenLly wlshes Lo use Lhe program buL ls noL relevanL Lo Lhe reader who ls
lnLeresLed ln how Lhe conLroller performs. AnoLher use of appendlces ls Lo hold program llsLlngs or
deLalled Lables of resulLs.
An appendlx can also be used Lo conLaln background lnformaLlon whlch mosL readers wlll know buL a
few need Lo be Lold. lor example, deLalled derlvaLlons of formulae or Lheorems.
Genera| adv|ce
Spelllng: lf you are uslng a word-processor Lhere ls no excuse for poor spelllng. lf Lhe spell-checker
falls Lo recognlse a word Lhen LhaL should alerL you LhaL Lhere may be someLhlng wrong. lf you know
Lhe word ls spelL correcLly, lgnore Lhe spell-checker, lf you're noL sure, check ln a dlcLlonary.
Crammar: nowadays Lhere are sofLware Lools Lo help you Lo geL your grammar correcL. Powever,
Lhere ls no beLLer way Lhan a careful read-Lhrough. lf posslble geL a frlend Lo do lL, or leave lL alone for
a couple of weeks. A fresh eye ls far more llkely Lo spoL poor grammar.
Sense: lL ls perfecLly posslble Lo have perfecL grammar and spelllng and sLlll Lo make no sense
whaLsoever. 1here ls no way around Lhls buL Lo read Lhe work Lhrough carefully. Agaln, geLLlng a
frlend Lo check your pro[ecL may help spoL such problems.
CapLlons: llgure and Lable capLlons should be descrlpLlve enough LhaL Lhe flgure and capLlon alone
are self-explanaLory. 1hls ls noL always posslble, buL ls usually Lhe case.
Symbols: Always deflne ln Lhe LexL whaL symbols mean. ?ou can also lnclude a Lable aL Lhe beglnnlng.
LquaLlons: 1ry Lo sLlck Lo convenLlonal sLyles. use Lhe equaLlon edlLor lf you have a loL of equaLlons or
lf Lhey are compllcaLed. lf your work ls essenLlally maLhemaLlcal you mlghL conslder uslng La1ex
ulagrams, graphs eLc: Always label Lhem and number Lhem consecuLlvely. Labels should make Lhe
flgure self-explanaLory. Make sure axes on graphs are labelled. use a legend or key lf needed.
SomeLlmes you can spend more Llme uslng complex drawlng packages Lhan Lhe plcLure ls worLh.
uon'L fall lnLo Lhls Lrap. Always refer Lo any flgure ln Lhe LexL: lf you haven'L wrlLLen abouL lL ln Lhe
LexL lL shouldn'L be ln Lhe documenL.
LengLh: uon'L make your reporL longer Lhan lL needs Lo be. A shorL well-argued or descrlbed reporL,
uslng references properly ls preferable Lo a long-wlnded, unsLrucLured ramble Lhrough Lhe sub[ecL. lf
a maxlmum lengLh has been speclfled for Lhe reporL you are wrlLlng, whlch lL wlll be for Aerospace
Lnglneerlng pro[ecL reporLs, Lhen you should ensure you do noL exceed LhaL llmlL.


E66%*14D B M N241%$4*%, '* N4;4*= 70%,%*+"+4'*,
1he ouLllne below provldes a brlef lnLroducLlon Lo effecLlve oral presenLaLlon of your pro[ecL and an
overvlew of Lhe key sLeps lnvolved. Speclflc deLalls may vary wlLh Lhe naLure and requlremenLs of
lndlvldual pro[ecLs and your supervlsor can provlde guldance.
Cvercom|ng your fears. Speaklng ln publlc ls consldered as one Lhe mosL feared acLlvlLles. 1he
presenLer can overcome Lhls fear by conslderlng Lhe audlence no more knowledgeable Lhan
her/hlmself ln Lhe sub[ecL. An audlence ls Lhere Lo llsLen Lo Lhe presenLer and learn from whaL Lhe
presenLaLlon has Lo offer.
reparat|on. rlor preparaLlon of Lhe presenLaLlon ls Lhe key Lo prevenLlng poor performance. 1hus,
lL ls lmporLanL Lo prepare yourself beforehand. SLudy Lhe maLerlal you are presenLlng and pracLlce
wlLh your presenLaLlon, speclflcally paylng aLLenLlon Lo Llmlng of your presenLaLlon.
Structure]content. SLrucLure your presenLaLlon ln a loglcal sequence of lnLroducLlon, body, dlscusslon
and concluslon. 1he presenLaLlon should be a descrlpLlon of Lhe pro[ecL work carrled ouL. 1hls may
Lyplcally lnclude:
A LlLle sllde conLalnlng LlLle, sLudenL name and supervlsor's name.
Cvervlew of Lhe presenLaLlon or Lhe conLenLs sllde
Maln presenLaLlon slldes ouLllnlng alms and ob[ecLlves of Lhe pro[ecL, an lnLroducLlon Lo Lhe
problem, problem formulaLlon, ouLllne Lheory, experlmenLal deLalls, resulLs and dlscusslon
LasL sllde on concluslons or summary and dlrecLlons for fuLure work
uevelop a Lheme for each sllde or collecLlon of slldes. Cnly lnclude Lhe maln polnLs, and avold Loo
many deLalls. ?ou can explaln deLalls durlng Lhe presenLaLlon.
1he presenLaLlon should follow a loglcal sequence.
1he presenLaLlon may comprlse a mlx of audlo/vlsual maLerlal. lL ls lmporLanL Lo keep a balance
beLween Lhe varlous elemenLs.
1he use of wrlLLen noLes may be useful. noLe, however, LhaL head-down readlng of a prepared scrlpLs
ln a flaL monoLone wlll resulL ln an audlence loslng aLLenLlon and sympaLhy.
When speaklng ensure you speak Lo Lhe audlence. Speak clearly and Lo Lhe polnL, wlLh conLlnulLy, and
avold uslng lncompleLe sLaLemenLs.
?ou may use anlmaLed LexL/lmages, buL ensure LhaL Lhese serve Lhe purpose of your presenLaLlon and
help ln conveylng Lhe lnLended message, and do noL un-necessarlly Lake up valuable presenLaLlon
8e organlsed. lace re-place your presenLaLlon slldes/maLerlal so LhaL Lhey do noL geL mlxed up and lL
ls easy for you Lo flnd/re-use Lhem.
V|sua| a|ds. 1he use of vlsual alds can conLrlbuLe Lo Lhe efflclency and quallLy of presenLaLlon lf used
effecLlvely. noLe Lhe followlng polnLs when formaLLlng overhead/owerpolnL slldes:


uo nC1 puL Loo much lnformaLlon on any one sllde.
1he LexL conLalned ln Lhe slldes musL be word-processed.
1he fonL used for Lhe maln LexL (oLher Lhan for LlLle sllde) should be aL leasL 18 polnL for
Lnsure LhaL llnes of LexL are reasonably separaLe from one anoLher. 1he suggesLed spaclng ls 1.3
llnes or more.
Avold uslng long senLences/paragraphs on a sllde. use shorL senLences and/or phrases and
provlde explanaLlon durlng Lhe presenLaLlon.
As a general rule, presenL equaLlons only lf Lhey provlde crlLlcal lnformaLlon LhaL cannoL be
presenLed by oLher means.
All symbols used musL be explalned.
llgures and ulagrams should be clear and of good quallLy. Pand skeLches may be accepLable lf
Lhey are drawn clearly and Lldlly.
loLs and Craphs should have approprlaLely labelled axes and, where necessary, a key should be
uncLuaLlon, grammar and spelllng musL be correcL.

D|scuss|on]uest|ons. Allow Llme for quesLlons and dlscusslon. 1hls ls useful boLh for Lhe presenLer
Lo recelve feedback from Lhe audlence as well as for Lhe audlence Lo obLaln clarlflcaLlon Lo querles
LhaL may arlse.
rovlde conclse, clear and convlnclng response Lo quesLlons.
8e brlef and Lo Lhe polnL and avold unnecessary deLalls when answerlng quesLlons.
lL ls undersLood lf you do noL know Lhe answer Lo a quesLlon. lL may be LhaL lf falls ouLslde Lhe scope
of your work, and you are noL necessarlly expecLed Lo have 100 knowledge of Lhe sub[ecL(s)
relevanL/relaLed Lo your pro[ecL.


E66%*14D F M P,% '( P*("40 <%"*, 4* +O% E,,%,,5%*+ 70'3%,, H*'*Q;4=4$"+%1
As Laken from hLLp://
1he unlverslLy expecLs lLs graduaLes Lo have acqulred cerLaln aLLrlbuLes. (See Lhe Sheffleld CraduaLe -
hLLp:// Many of Lhese relaLe Lo good academlc pracLlce:
a crlLlcal, analyLlcal and creaLlve Lhlnker
an lndependenL learner and researcher
lnformaLlon llLeraLe and l1 llLeraLe
a flexlble Leam worker
an accompllshed communlcaLor
compeLenL ln applylng Lhelr knowledge and skllls
professlonal and adapLable.
1hroughouL your programme of sLudy aL Lhe unlverslLy you wlll learn how Lo develop Lhese skllls and
aLLrlbuLes. ?our assessed work ls Lhe maln way ln whlch you demonsLraLe LhaL you have acqulred and
can apply Lhem. uslng unfalr means ln Lhe assessmenL process ls dlshonesL and also means LhaL you
cannoL demonsLraLe LhaL you have acqulred Lhese essenLlal academlc skllls and aLLrlbuLes.
What const|tutes unfa|r means?
1he baslc prlnclple underlylng Lhe preparaLlon of any plece of academlc work ls LhaL Lhe work
submlLLed musL be your own work. |ag|ar|sm, subm|tt|ng bought or comm|ss|oned work, doub|e
subm|ss|on (or se|f-p|ag|ar|sm), co||us|on and fabr|cat|on of resu|ts are noL allowed because Lhey
vlolaLe Lhls prlnclple (see deflnlLlons below). 8ules abouL Lhese forms of cheaLlng apply Lo all assessed
and non-assessed work.
1. |ag|ar|sm (e|ther |ntent|ona| or un|ntent|ona|) ls Lhe sLeallng of ldeas or work of anoLher person
(lncludlng experLs and fellow or former sLudenLs) and ls consldered dlshonesL and unprofesslonal.
laglarlsm may Lake Lhe form of cuLLlng and pasLlng, Laklng or closely paraphraslng ldeas, passages,
secLlons, senLences, paragraphs, drawlngs, graphs and oLher graphlcal maLerlal from books, arLlcles,
lnLerneL slLes or any oLher source and submlLLlng Lhem for assessmenL wlLhouL approprlaLe
2. Subm|tt|ng bought or comm|ss|oned work (for example from lnLerneL slLes, essay banks" or
mllls") ls an exLremely serlous form of plaglarlsm. 1hls may Lake Lhe form of buylng or commlsslonlng
elLher Lhe whole asslgnmenL or parL of lL and lmplles a clear lnLenLlon Lo decelve Lhe examlners. 1he
unlverslLy also Lakes an exLremely serlous vlew of any sLudenL who sells, offers Lo sell or passes on
Lhelr own asslgnmenLs Lo oLher sLudenLs
3. Doub|e subm|ss|on (or se|f-p|ag|ar|sm) ls resubmlLLlng prevlously submlLLed work on one or more
occaslons (wlLhouL proper acknowledgemenL). 1hls may Lake Lhe form of copylng elLher Lhe whole
asslgnmenL or parL of lL. normally credlL wlll already have been glven for Lhls work.


4. Co||us|on ls where Lwo or more people work LogeLher Lo produce a plece of work, all or parL of
whlch ls Lhen submlLLed by each of Lhem as Lhelr own lndlvldual work. 1hls lncludes passlng on work
ln any formaL Lo anoLher sLudenL. Colluslon does noL occur where sLudenLs lnvolved ln group work are
encouraged Lo work LogeLher Lo produce a slngle plece of work as parL of Lhe assessmenL process.
S. Iabr|cat|on ls submlLLlng work (for example, pracLlcal or laboraLory work) any parL of whlch ls
unLrue, made up, falslfled or fabrlcaLed ln any way. 1hls ls regarded as fraudulenL and dlshonesL.
now can I avo|d the use of unfa|r means?
1o avold uslng unfalr means, any work submlLLed musL be your own and musL noL lnclude Lhe work of
any oLher person, unless lL ls properly acknowledged and referenced.
As parL of your programme of sLudles you wlll learn how Lo reference sources approprlaLely ln order
Lo avold plaglarlsm. 1hls ls an essenLlal sklll LhaL you wlll need LhroughouL your unlverslLy career and
beyond. ?ou should follow any guldance on Lhe preparaLlon of assessed work glven by Lhe academlc
deparLmenL seLLlng Lhe asslgnmenL.
?ou are requlred Lo aLLach a dec|arat|on form Lo all submlLLed work (lncludlng work submlLLed
onllne), sLaLlng LhaL Lhe work submlLLed ls enLlrely your own work.
lf you have any concerns abouL approprlaLe academlc pracLlces or lf you are experlenclng any personal
dlfflculLles whlch are affecLlng your work, you should consulL your personal LuLor or a member of sLaff
lnvolved wlLh LhaL unlL of sLudy.
1he followlng webslLes provlde addlLlonal lnformaLlon on referenclng approprlaLely and avoldlng
unfalr means:
1he L|brary provldes onllne lnformaLlon llLeracy skllls LuLorlals
1he L|brary also has lnformaLlon on reference managemenL sofLware
1he Lng||sh Language 1each|ng Centre operaLes a Wr|t|ng Adv|sory Serv|ce Lhrough whlch sLudenLs
can make lndlvldual appolnLmenLs Lo dlscuss a plece of wrlLlng. 1hls ls avallable for all sLudenLs, boLh
naLlve and non-naLlve speakers of Lngllsh.
What happens |f I use unfa|r means?
Any form of unfalr means ls LreaLed as a serlous academlc offence and acLlon may be Laken under Lhe
ulsclpllne 8egulaLlons. lor a sLudenL reglsLered on a professlonally accredlLed programme of sLudy,
acLlon may also be Laken under Lhe llLness Lo racLlse 8egulaLlons. Where unfalr means ls found Lo
have been used, Lhe unlverslLy may lmpose penalLles ranglng from awardlng a grade of zero for Lhe
asslgnmenL Lhrough Lo expulslon from Lhe unlverslLy ln exLremely serlous cases.


Detect|on of Unfa|r Means
1he unlverslLy subscrlbes Lo a naLlonal plaglarlsm deLecLlon servlce whlch helps academlc sLaff
ldenLlfy Lhe orlglnal source of maLerlal submlLLed by sLudenLs. 1hls means LhaL academlc sLaff have
access Lo speclallsL sofLware LhaL searches a daLabase of reference maLerlal gaLhered from
professlonal publlcaLlons, sLudenL essay webslLes and oLher work submlLLed by sLudenLs. lL ls also a
resource whlch can help LuLors Lo advlse sLudenLs on ways of lmprovlng Lhelr referenclng Lechnlques.
?our work ls llkely Lo be submlLLed Lo Lhls servlce.
lor furLher lnformaLlon
?ou should Lhoroughly read and undersLand Lhe above secLlon on unfalr means. lf you are aL all
unsure abouL whaL Lhls means and Lhe lmpllcaLlons for your work, Lhen you should consulL your
pro[ecL supervlsor, Lhe lndlvldual ro[ecL module leader, your year LuLor or your personal LuLor.


E66%*14D K M I%+"4$%1 <"0?4*= )04+%04" ('0 %"3O '( +O% ",,%,,5%*+


Ind|v|dua| ro[ect: Assessment of Students erformance and rofess|ona| Sk|||s

Student keg|strat|on number

ro[ect t|t|e

Competency Mark (out of 100)
8ecord keeplng (Lo lnclude log books)
lnLellecLual lnpuL
Supervlslon requlred
CommunlcaLlon skllls
CrganlsaLlon and plannlng
undersLandlng of pro[ecL ob[ecLlves

Cvera|| Mark:

noLe Lhe overall mark should reflecL Lhe overall balance of marks for Lhe pro[ecL and does noL necessarlly
have Lo be an average of Lhe componenL marks. 1he relaLlve welghLlng of marks may vary beLween

lease [usLlfy your overall mark, commenL on Lhe achlevemenL of Lhe assessmenL crlLerla and any oLher
relevanL lssues:

SlgnaLure: uaLe:
Important: Please note that a copy of this completed mark sheet will be returned to the student


Mark|ng scheme for: Assessment of Students erformance and rofess|ona| Sk|||s
kecord keep|ng (to |nc|ude |og books) Mark
LlLLle or no record keeplng 0-40
LrraLlc and undaLed 40-30
8egular buL lncoherenL ln places, daLed 30-60
CoherenL buL lacks deLall, daLed 60-70
Clear, falrly deLalled and daLed 70-80
LxcepLlonally clear, deLalled and daLed. Would have no problems lf Lhey were audlLed. 80-100

Inte||ectua| |nput

LlLLle or no lnpuL 0-40
lew ldeas, occaslonal lnpuL 40-30
ConsLrucLlve ldeas, saLlsfacLory lnpuL 30-60
SlgnlflcanL conLrlbuLlon, susLalned lnpuL, some orlglnal LhoughL 60-70
Leadlng conLrlbuLlon susLalned over pro[ecL duraLlon, lndependenL and orlglnal LhoughL 70-80
LxcepLlonal conLrlbuLlon maLchlng/exceedlng Lhe level of knowledge of Lhe supervlsor. noLable level of novelLy Lo Lhe

Lxtent of superv|s|on ] student |n|t|at|ve

ConLlnuous supervlslon, llLLle or no sLudenL lnlLlaLlve 0-40
lrequenL supervlslon, paLchy sLudenL lnlLlaLlve 40-30
8egular supervlslon, saLlsfacLory sLudenL lnlLlaLlve 30-60
lnfrequenL supervlslon, slgnlflcanL and susLalned sLudenL lnlLlaLlve 60-70
ModesL supervlslon, sLudenL assumed lnlLlaLlve 70-80
LxcepLlonal, wlLh Lhe sLudenL worklng predomlnanLly lndependenLly. 80-100

Commun|cat|on sk|||s - |deas, concepts and d|scuss|on

SLudenL barely able Lo communlcaLe baslc ldeas / concepLs, llLLle or no lnpuL lnLo dlscusslon 0-40
undersLandable buL occaslonally unclear communlcaLlon, conLrlbuLed Lo dlscusslon wlLh prompLlng 40-30
lnLelllglble and generally clear communlcaLlon, unprompLed conLrlbuLlon Lo dlscusslon 30-60
CoherenL communlcaLlon, slgnlflcanL conLrlbuLlon Lo dlscusslon 60-70
ArLlculaLe and confldenL communlcaLlon, sLudenL able Lo lead dlscusslon 70-80
LxcepLlonal wlLh Lhe sLudenL able Lo hold and lead a hlgh quallLy challenglng dlscusslon wlLh Lhelr supervlsor. 80-100

Crgan|sat|on and p|ann|ng

LlLLle or no organlsaLlon / plannlng 0-40
aLchy organlsaLlon / plannlng, unable Lo prlorlLlse Lasks - supervlsor seL deLalled Lask llsL 40-30
SaLlsfacLory organlsaLlon, sLudenL able Lo prlorlLlse Lasks wlLh help 30-60
Well organlsed, sLudenL able Lo prlorlLlse Lasks unalded 60-70
LxcellenL organlsaLlon and plannlng. SLudenL seL and prlorlLlsed shorL and long Lerm goals 70-80
LxcepLlonal organlsaLlon and plannlng showlng hlgh quallLy poLenLlal Lo manage a pro[ecL. 80-100

Understand|ng of pro[ect ob[ect|ves
LlLLle or no undersLandlng 0-40
aLchy undersLandlng of baslc ldeas and ob[ecLlves 40-30
SaLlsfacLory undersLandlng of baslc pro[ecL ldeas and ob[ecLlves, able Lo communlcaLe Lo oLhers 30-60
Sound undersLandlng of pro[ecL ldeas and ob[ecLlves, able Lo explaln Lo oLhers 60-70
LxcellenL undersLandlng of pro[ecL ldeas / ob[ecLlves, developed beyond lnlLlal pro[ecL scope 70-80
LxcepLlonal undersLandlng of ldeas/ob[ecLlves, whlch are developed beyond Lhe scope of Lhe pro[ecL Lo a level verglng
on a more advanced pro[ecL.

LlLLle or no efforL 0-40
aLchy, lnconslsLenL efforL - bare mlnlmum achleved 40-30
SaLlsfacLory efforL aL recommended level Lo achleve adequaLe resulLs 30-60
Commendable and conslsLenL efforL above level expecLed Lo achleve adequaLe resulLs 60-70
SLudenL showed excellenL dedlcaLlon Lo pro[ecL 70-80
LxcepLlonal dedlcaLlon and efforL 80-100

LlLLle or no pracLlcal compeLency 0-40
Able Lo conducL slmple pracLlcal Lasks wlLh asslsLance 40-30
Able Lo conducL slmple pracLlcal Lasks wlLhouL asslsLance, Lackled complex Lasks wlLh help 30-60
Able Lo compleLe complex pracLlcal Lasks compeLenLly wlLh some asslsLance / addlLlonal guldance 60-70
Able Lo compleLe complex pracLlcal Lasks efflclenLly afLer lnsLrucLlon, wlLh mlnlmal guldance 70-80
LxcepLlonal level of Lechnlcal compeLence, able Lo lndependenLly learn and apply complex knowledge. 80-100


Ind|v|dua| ro[ect: Assessment of student's d|ssertat|on

Student keg|strat|on number
Second keader

ro[ect t|t|e

Marked by (please lndlcaLe ln Lhe approprlaLe box) Supervlsor: Second Marker:

Competency Mark (out of 100)
CrganlsaLlon, sLrucLure and clarlLy of wrlLlng
undersLandlng and analysls
roducLlon sLandard
SclenLlflc and professlonal convenLlons
Cvera|| Mark:

noLe Lhe overall mark should reflecL Lhe overall balance of marks for Lhe pro[ecL and does noL necessarlly
have Lo be an average of Lhe componenL marks. 1he relaLlve welghLlng of marks may vary beLween pro[ecLs.

Was Lhe reporL excesslvely long (gulde ls no more Lhan 70 pages)? ?es no

lease [usLlfy your overall mark, commenL on Lhe achlevemenL of Lhe assessmenL crlLerla and any oLher relevanL lssues:

SlgnaLure uaLe

Iust|f|cat|on for moderat|on of marks (|f app||cab|e)
lease [usLlfy any changes made ln your marks Lo resolve dlscrepancy beLween assessors:

SlgnaLure uaLe


Mark|ng scheme for: Assessment of student's d|ssertat|on

Crgan|sat|on, structure and c|ar|ty of wr|t|ng Mark
LlLLle or no loglcal sLrucLure, poor senLence consLrucLlon, dlfflculL Lo exLracL lnformaLlon 0-40
oorly sLrucLured, confuslng prose, lnformaLlon can be exLracLed wlLh perseverance 40-30
SaLlsfacLory sLrucLure Lo reporL, prose conveys lnformaLlon successfully, occaslonally confuslng 30-60
ln general, well-sLrucLured and well wrlLLen 60-70
Clear and loglcal presenLaLlon, arLlculaLe prose, lnLeresLlng Lo read 70-80
LxcepLlonal quallLy ln Lerms of sLrucLure, clarlLy and engaglng Lo a reader 80-100

LlLLle or no evldence of pro[ecL managemenL. no resources, cosLs or assoclaLed drlvers ldenLlfled. 0-40
8aslc pro[ecL managemenL and/or ldenLlflcaLlon of resources/cosLs/drlvers 40-30
SaLlsfacLory pro[ecL managemenL and approprlaLe resources/cosLs/drlvers ldenLlfled 30-60
Cood pro[ecL managemenL and ldenLlflcaLlon of resources, llnked Lo Lhe lmpacL of approprlaLe cosLs
and drlvers
Plgh level of pro[ecL managemenL, clearly ldenLlfled resources/cosLs/drlvers and conslderaLlon of Lhelr
LxcepLlonal pro[ecL managemenL and resource allocaLlon, exLenslve conslderaLlon of Lhe
lmpacL/plannlng for cosLs/drlvers

LlLLle or no resulLs, dld noL meeL baslc pro[ecL alms 0-40
aLchy resulLs, achleved some of baslc pro[ecL alms 40-30
SaLlsfacLory resulLs, achleved mosL of baslc pro[ecL alms 30-60
Commendable resulLs, achleved baslc and mosL of more demandlng pro[ecL alms 60-70
LxcellenL resulLs, achleved more demandlng pro[ecL alms and advanced beyond Lhese 70-80
LxcepLlonal resulLs and achlevemenL ls verglng on a hlgh quallLy research pro[ecL 80-100

Understand|ng and ana|ys|s

LlLLle or no undersLandlng of pro[ecL alms and resulLs 0-40
aLchy undersLandlng of pro[ecL alms and resulLs, clear deflclencles ln undersLandlng / knowledge 40-30
SaLlsfacLory undersLandlng of pro[ecL alms, relaLed work, resulLs and analysls 30-60
Cood grasp of pro[ecL alms, compeLenL analysls of relaLed work and resulLs, concluslons seL ln conLexL
of pro[ecL
LxcellenL analysls, wlLh some evldence of orlglnal Lhlnklng 70-80
LxcepLlonal undersLandlng/analysls, wlLh evldence of a orlglnal conLrlbuLlon/developmenL Lo a fleld 80-100

roduct|on standard

LlLLle or no aLLempL Lo presenL reporL ln conslsLenL and lnLelllglble formaL 0-40
aLchy presenLaLlon, frequenL errors ln formaLLlng compromlslng meanlng and readablllLy 40-30
SaLlsfacLory presenLaLlon, mlnor errors ln spelllng and formaLLlng buL LexL conveys meanlng 30-60
Plgh sLandard of producLlon, lnfrequenL producLlon errors, clear and labelled dlagrams 60-70
LxcellenL sLandard of producLlon, reporL seL ouL ln clear and aLLracLlve formaL, few, lf any, errors 70-80
LxcepLlonal producLlon expecLed for publlcaLlon or professlonal documenL 80-100

Sc|ent|f|c and profess|ona| convent|ons

LlLLle or no coherenL referenclng, error esLlmaLlon and use of Lechnlcal Lerms 0-40
aLchy and lncompleLe referenclng, error esLlmaLlon and use of Lechnlcal Lerms, frequenL mlsLakes 40-30
SaLlsfacLory referenclng, error esLlmaLlon and use of Lechnlcal Lerms, mlnor mlsLakes 30-60
Cood use of referenclng, error esLlmaLlon and use of Lechnlcal Lerms, occaslonal mlsLakes 60-70
LxcellenL referenclng, error esLlmaLlon and use of Lechnlcal Lerms, few, lf any, mlsLakes 70-80
LxcepLlonal and of Lhe quallLy expecLed for publlshable work 80-100


Ind|v|dua| ro[ect: Assessment of Cra| resentat|on

Student keg|strat|on number
Second keader

ro[ect t|t|e

Markers (please lndlcaLe Lhe
names of Lhe assessors)

Gu|dance: |ease agree marks dur|ng the sess|on and comp|ete one form deta|||ng the agreed marks.

Competency Mark (out of 100)
CrganlsaLlon, sLrucLure and use of Llme
use of vlsual alds
1echnlcal conLenL and accuracy
Answerlng quesLlons
Cvera|| Mark:

noLe Lhe overall mark should reflecL Lhe overall balance of marks for Lhe pro[ecL and does noL necessarlly
have Lo be an average of Lhe componenL marks. 1he relaLlve welghLlng of marks may vary beLween

lease [usLlfy your overall mark, commenL on Lhe achlevemenL of Lhe assessmenL crlLerla and any oLher relevanL

SlgnaLures Assessor 1: Assessor 2: uaLe
Important: lease noLe LhaL a copy of Lhls compleLed mark sheeL wlll be reLurned Lo Lhe sLudenL


Mark|ng scheme for: Assessment of Cra| resentat|on

Crgan|sat|on, structure and use of t|me Mark
LlLLle or no sLrucLure / organlsaLlon, Lalk largely dlfflculL Lo follow, very poor use of Llme (e.g. less Lhan
3 mlnuLes or dldn'L flnlsh wlLhln Lhe allocaLed Llme)
aLchy / lnconslsLenL sLrucLure / organlsaLlon, Lalk frequenLly dlfflculL Lo follow, ofLen confuslng, poor
use of Llme (e.g. 3 - 7 mlnuLes or flnlshed buL dldn'L have Llme for quesLlons)
SaLlsfacLory sLrucLure, Lalk occaslonally dlfflculL Lo follow, someLlmes confuslng, SaLlsfacLory use of
Well sLrucLured, Lalk easy Lo follow, rarely confuslng, Cood use of Llme 60-70
LxcellenL sLrucLure - wlLh only a few mlnor areas for lmprovemenL, LxcellenL use of Llme 70-80
LxcepLlonal sLrucLure - llLLle/no room for lmprovemenL (close Lo Lhe level expecLed for a conference
paper) , LxcellenL use of Llme


oor, such as Lo render Lalk largely unlnLelllglble 0-40
aLchy / lnconslsLenL, ofLen dlfflculL Lo comprehend alms, resulLs and concluslons 40-30
SaLlsfacLory, conveyed alms, resulLs and concluslons ln largely undersLandable fashlon 30-60
Cood, conveyed alms, resulLs and concluslons, ln clear fashlon 60-70
LxcellenL, confldenL and fluenL presenLaLlon of alms, resulLs and concluslons 70-80
LxcepLlonal and engaged Lhe audlence wlLh a clear and lnLeresLlng presenLaLlon (close Lo Lhe level
expecLed for a conference paper)

Use of v|sua| a|ds

LlLLle or no use of vlsual alds 0-40
aLchy / lnconslsLenL, sloppy producLlon, lneffecLlve aL communlcaLlng conLenL 40-30
SaLlsfacLory, adequaLe sLandard of producLlon, conveys baslc conLenL 30-60
Cood, well produced, effecLlvely conveys conLenL and enhances Lalk 60-70
LxcellenL producLlon whlch conveys conLenL ln professlonal fashlon 70-80
LxcepLlonal level of producLlon (close Lo Lhe level expecLed for a conference paper) 80-100

1echn|ca| content and accuracy

LlLLle/no or compleLely over Lhe Lop Lechnlcal conLenL, ConLalned mulLlple lnaccuracles 0-40
Superflclal Lechnlcal conLenL, ConLalned some lnaccuracles 40-30
SaLlsfacLory level of Lechnlcal conLenL buL lacked approprlaLe depLh, Mlnlmal number of lnaccuracles 30-60
Cood level of Lechnlcal conLenL Lo descrlbe Lhe Loplc and work done, no errors 60-70
LxcellenL level of Lechnlcal conLenL whlch was well plLched for Lhe audlence and Loplc, no errors 70-80
LxcepLlonal level of Lechnlcal conLenL whlch was well plLched for Lhe Loplc and an audlence of
academlcs and sLudenLs, no errors

Answer|ng quest|ons

LxLremely poor undersLandlng and a lack of coherenL responses Lo quesLlonlng 0-40
oor responses and undersLandlng whlch lndlcaLes low level grasp of Loplc and work done 40-30
SaLlsfacLory responses and undersLandlng whlch lndlcaLes an adequaLe grasp 30-60
Cood, well LhoughL ouL responses showlng a clear undersLandlng of Lhe Loplc and work done 60-70
LxcellenL and well-argued answers showlng very good knowledge of Lhe Lechnlcal, lmpacL and broader
lmpllcaLlons of Lhe Loplc
LxcepLlonal, conclse and well-argued answers showlng flrsL-raLe knowledge of Lhe Lechnlcal, lmpacL
and broader lmpllcaLlons of Lhe Loplc (close Lo Lhe level expecLed for a conference paper)


E66%*14D R M :2#54,,4'* '( S'0?

?our work should be submlLLed ln a ul formaL.
?ou should proof-read Lhls flle and ensure all Lype, equaLlons, and dlagrams have converLed
correcLly before submlLLlng.
lL ls advlsed your creaLe Lhe ul on a unlverslLy Managed ueskLop Lo ensure Lhe flle ls converLed
correcLly wlLhouL errors.
Maxlmum flle slze ls 20M8.

All work wlll be submlLLed vla 1urnlLln unless sLaLed oLherwlse.
1here wlll be Lwo submlsslon opLlons for each AsslgnmenL:
1. racLlce Submlsslon -Lhls wlll noL be marked by Lhe ueparLmenL, lL ls for your use Lo check
how Lo submlL vla 1urnlLln.
2. llnal Submlsslon - Lhls ls marked by Lhe ueparLmenL, and wlll check for checked for

1he deadllne for all elecLronlc submlsslons ls 23:39 on Lhe deadllne daLe.