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3018 Corunna 8d, lllnL, Ml 48303

1LL: 877.678.4239 | lAx: 866.422.2336

LMAlL: sales[ |
uS-lAC2000 8evlslon 1.0 - !une 2010 1
Dat asheet : i AQ- 2000 Sensor
Ai r qual i t y predi ct i on beyond CO2
1he cllmaLe conLrol lndusLry vlews lndoor alr quallLy as a measure of
LemperaLure, humldlLy, and carbon dloxlde (CC2) levels. MosL consumers,
however, evaluaLe alr quallLy by Lhe amounL of volaLlle organlc compounds
(vCCs), such as smoke, cooklng odors, blo-effluence and ouLdoor polluLanLs.
Whlle LemperaLure and humldlLy are easy Lo measure, sensors for measurlng
CC2 (l8 absorpLlon) can be expenslve and vCCs dlfflculL Lo deLecL - unLll now.

Superi or det ect i on wi t h MOS t echnol ogy
1he lAC-2000 lndoor Alr CuallLy Module ls a senslLlve, low-cosL soluLlon for deLecLlng poor alr quallLy. 1hls module uses mlcro-
machlned meLal oxlde semlconducLor (MCS) Lechnology Lo deLecL a broad range of vCCs whlle correlaLlng dlrecLly wlLh CC2 levels ln
Lhe room.
Energy savi ngs
1he lAC-2000 ls equlpped wlLh a MCS sensor elemenL for Lhe deLecLlon of a broad range of reduclng gases such as CC and vCCs. A
change of reslsLance ln Lhe presence of Lhese gases generaLes a slgnal LhaL ls LranslaLed lnLo speclflc alr quallLy levels and llnked Lo
speclflc gas concenLraLlon ranges. When Lhreshold alr quallLy levels for LargeL gases are exceeded, Lhe module alerLs Lhe cllmaLe
conLrol sysLem Lo lncrease venLllaLlon. When vCC levels are mlnlmlzed, Lhe module lnsLrucLs Lhe sysLem Lo decrease venLllaLlon,
Lhereby savlng energy and lowerlng bulldlng operaLlng cosLs.
Ai r qual i t y as cl ose t o human percept i on as possi bl e
ln any demand-conLrolled venLllaLlon envlronmenL where alr quallLy ls lmporLanL, lncludlng large commerclal faclllLles, offlces,
classrooms, klLchens and baLhrooms, Lhe lAC-2000 lndoor Alr CuallLy Module performs accuraLely and rellably. lus, Lhe module's
small slze and low power consumpLlon faclllLaLe lnsLallaLlon ln a varleLy of appllcaLlons.

Key Benefi t s
- Plgh senslLlvlLy and fasL response
- ulrecL, rellable correlaLlon Lo CC2 levels
- Low power consumpLlon reduces energy cosLs
- Small slze for convenlenL lnsLallaLlon
- llexlble communlcaLlons

Subst ances Det ect ed
- CC, CP4, LC
- Alcohols
- keLones
- Crganlc aclds
- Amlnes
- AllphaLlc hydrocarbons
- AromaLlc hydrocarbons

3018 Corunna 8d, lllnL, Ml 48303
1LL: 877.678.4239 | lAx: 866.422.2336
LMAlL: sales[ |
uS-lAC2000 8evlslon 1.0 - !une 2010 2
Feat ures
El ect ri cal
ower supply ................ 3.0 0.23v, max. 20 mv rlpple
ower consumpLlon ............ 22-30 mA dependlng on supply volLage
CuLpuL slgnal opLlons ........... 11L, 8S232 (11L level), Sl, l2C, 0-3v, WM
Envi ronment al
CperaLlng LemperaLure ........... 0 Lo 30C
SLorage LemperaLure ........... -23 Lo 30C
PumldlLy range ............... 3 Lo 93 r.h., non-condenslng
Mechani cal
C8 ulmenslons (approxlmaLe) ...... 22 x 38 mm
WelghL (approxlmaLe) ........... 10 grams
ConnecLor .................. llscherelekLronlk, SL 17 SMu 038

Compari son of Ai r Qual i t y Measurement s

1radlLlonal carbon dloxlde sensors do noL respond Lo changes ln alr quallLy
caused by odors, clgareLLe smoke, and oLher volaLlle organlc compounds.
PCB / Connect or Pi n Out

!"#$% '() *+,(-. '()
/ 8eseL MlSC (l/C)
0 CLk MCSl (l/C)
1 Cnu 8xu (l/C)
2 WM_L 1xu (l/C)
3 WM_P l2C (SuA, l/C)
4 vCC l2C (SCL, l/C)
5 ln10 (l/C) l/C
6 10 (l/C) l/C