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In the mid of 1980s, Vety-care began with a single source Import of veterinary drugs with a single
employee doing business in a single market. Thanks to a single-minded determination to provide best veterinary
products & services, today we are country leader with the size, scope and expertise that surely corresponds the
founders most exaggerated expectations. Our founder is no one else but the acting CEO whose leadership and
vision continues to inspire our future

Vety Care (Pvt) Ltd. Was founded to improve animal health care and poultry farming facilities through import of
quality drugs and farming equipment. This distribution setup now proudly represents the worlds leading veterinary
pharma manufactures: Bremer Pharma-Germany & MSD Animal Heath (Intervet).

Quality Poultry Breeders was established in 1987, for rearing of broiler parents stocks. Later QPB was awarded
distribution of following broiler and layer parent stocks due to its quality production standard, excellent field
services and relationship with in poultry industry. Indian River Int.USA, Peterson Farms USA, Hy-line Int.USA,
Avian Farms Inc.USA, Arbor Acres Inc.USA, H&N Int.USA

Rearing & Hatching of Poultry Grand Parent in Pakistan is pioneer business of Vety-Care Group. The splendid
model farm houses are situated in the plateaus of Potohar, District Attock. This business was initially established
with the partnership of Indian River Int. USA, which was then shifted to Aviagen Inc. USA for producing Arbar
Acres Broiler Parent Stocks.

Vety-care Pharmaceuticals established a veterinary drugs manufacturing unit in the Capital City Islamabad in 1995
with state-of-the-art building, hi-tech facilities and R&D work. After securing major share in local market, VCP is
now exploring new business dimensions across geographical boundaries.

Quality Feeds have been engaged in poultry feed manufacturing; the manufacturing plant was established in suburbs
of Islamabad Capital Territory. We are producing high quality feeds to cater our in house feed demands for Grand
Parent Stock and for our customer s, which rear Parent Stock, Commercial Broiler & Layer Farms.
Vety-care Group established its 2nd manufacturing unit to produce pharmaceuticals for the cure and better health of
human beings, under the CGMPs Specs & Clauses. Leads pharma is ISO 9001-2008 certified, which ensures the
continual improvement of our processes. Pharma Products are being supplied under the name of Leads Pharma, in
local market, Govt Hospitals and international market. The Organization has over 600 permanent employees and
more than 250 people through contractual arrangements. Vety-care has a proud history of sustained investments in
the economy as being the trendsetter and pioneer in one of the largest industries of Pakistan. As a good corporate
citizen, the company continues with its policy to serve the community it operates in.

As we are aggressive in expanding our business operation, both horizontally and vertically in our
Local and as well export markets, the initiative been taken to have Joint venture with DMG
already marketing the Leads Poultry range and been no one in toll partners.
This initiative been taken with the objective to Provide more and more professional and even
more quality solutions to our valuable customer. Products, teem and field networks been divided
into two groups for getting maximum reach up to grass rout level and enjoy the cross sharing
ideas and synergies of different marketing expertise.