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DOB: 11/02/1990
Address: 24/291Khuong Trung St, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi
Mobile number: 0124. 3514. 888
Email: ngoc.anh.doan1102@gai!.co
-To pursue a career and to become associated with a professional environment where I can
utilize my skills and gain further experience while enhancing the company’s productivity and
VNU Univeri!" #$ E%#n#&i% 'n( B)ine* H'n#i+
• Maor! International "usiness
• #rade! $redit
• #%& overall! '.()*).(
• Thesis! "#o$%titi&%n%ss o' (i%tna)s t%*ti!%s and gar%nts %*$orts to
+, ar-%t". #rade! +istinction.
• Top grade in class with research assignment .Sasung/s ar-%ting
strat%g0 in (i%tna ar-%t1 29.5/103
VNU Univeri!" #$ L'n-)'-e 'n( In!ern'!i#n'. S!)(ie* H'n#i+
• Maor! ,nglish -anguage Teacher ,ducation
• #rade! +istinction
• #%& overall! '.')*).( .Top ' in class/
• 0niversity’s grants and certificate of excellence for high results in each
• Thesis! 4#o'orting aong stud%nts in (i%tna%s% and 5%rican
+ng!ish6as s%%n 'ro int%rcu!tura! counication1. 7rad%8 Distinction.
10/2012 IELTS %er!i$i%'!e. -ocation! "ritish $ouncil. 1verall band score! 2.(* 3.(
0/2012 S#$! 1i.. %er!i$i%'!e issued by $enter for $ooperating and Transferring 4nowledge5 670
2/2013 $ertificate of training program in 8ingapore
J)." 2013-
6$).. !i&e7
In!er5re!er %)& Ai!'n! 8'n'-er* B#(i!e%9 8e(i%'. De5'r!&en!* N'& D)#n- Inve!&en! J#in!
S!#%1 C#r5#r'!i#n
• Interpreting from 6ietnamese to ,nglish and vice versa for the manager5 staffs and customers at
meetings5 seminars5 business trips or necessary.
• Translating reports5 document and re9uests for the manager and staffs
• %erforming a full range of professional standard assistant! arranging work schedules5 organizing
meetings5 making meeting records5 preparing work procedures.
• &ssisting manager in sales plan by compiling and analyzing data and statistics with graphs on health
and medical e9uipment field
• Managing and regularly updating customers’ profiles5 price list5 market situation and documents
related to management level.
• -iaising and communicating with customers to investigate customer’s feedback or problem
• %erforming other duties as re9uested by the manager
J)ne 2013-
J)ne 2013
69#r! !er&7
In!er5re!er %)& '.e5er#n in !9e 'r! e:9i;i!i#n <Se'#n in !9e e"e=* Vie!n'&ee >#&en
• Interpreting for the artist and exhibition audiences
• Introducing and selling paintings to customers
 &chievement! :' paintings were sold in : week5 obtaining ;( million 67+ in revenue for the
8'r1e!in- Ai!'n!* 8'r1e!in- De5'r!&en!* T9e Se'$##( In!ern'!i#n'. 8'r1e! 'n( Re!')r'n!
3TE LTD* Sin-'5#re
• %rocessing membership application
• 0pdating customer’s information and activating membership’s accounts in portal
• %rinting membership cards and mailing to customers
• &ssisting the manager in writing revenue reports and analyzing data
S)&&er 2010 T#)r G)i(e* A? Q)een Tr've. A-en%"
• #uiding tourists to some popular attractions in <anoi
• Introducing attractions’ history to customers
• %lanning and organizing tours around a certain area of interest
200, S'.e5er#n $#r Ori$.'&e Be')!" C#&e!i% C#&5'n"
• 8erving customers by helping them select products.
• &dvising customers by providing information on products.
• 4eeping clients informed by notifying them of preferred customer sales and future merchandise of
potential interest.
• =inding potential salesperson for the company
2013 - 5reen!
En-.i9 !e'%9er* ENCI En-.i9 !r'inin- %en!er
• 0sing a wide range of exam preparation textbooks and other materials5 including materials at various
levels to improve students’ ,nglish language skills! $ommunicative ,nglish and Toeic courses.
En-.i9 !e'%9er* TOEIC %#)re* Ni'n !e%9n#.#-" %#&5'n"
• 0sing a wide range of exam preparation textbooks and other materials5 including materials at various
levels to improve >apanese staffs? Toeic scores.
Further acquired skills:
- #ood "usiness ,nglish $ommunication skills especially with >apanese businessmen
8'r%9 2012 S!)(en! Te'%9er* Gr'(e 11* Vie! D)% 9i-9 %9##.* H'n#i
• @riting detailed lesson plans before classes and creating effective lessons that meet the learning
needs and abilities of all students.
• &ctively participating in head teacher’ activities which included! assessing student progress5
assigning grades5 taking attendance5 recessing duty5 supporting students in extra-curriculum activities.
• &ssisting school’s activities! Intel I8,= contest A(:A5 <anoi "est Teacher contest A(:A5 and mid-term
o 9&%ra!! grad%8 Distinction 9rgani:ationa!, su$$orting and r%$orting s-i!!s
2011- 5reen!
En-.i9 !e'%9er* H'55" H#)e En-.i9 %en!er
• $ontinuously teaching and integrating with art5 dance5 and music.
• Beporting learning progress to center.
• $ommunicating with parents on a regular basis.
Further acquired skills: 9rgani:ationa! ; r%$orting s-i!!s< custo%r s%r&ic% s-i!!s
2009- 5reen!
En-.i9 !)!#r $#r '().! 'n( 9i-9 %9##. !)(en!
• Taught T1,I$ to a graduate5 using teacher’s curriculum to raise her score from '(( to );( over the
course of a month
• Taught I,-T8 to a post-graduate5 using teacher’s curriculum to raise his score from ).( to ;.( over a
three-month period.
200A-200, 8e&;er #$ !9e E:e%)!ive C#&&i!!ee5 C#&&)ni! B#)!9 Uni#n* C9) V'n An Hi-9 S%9##.
• H%ad o' 5dinistration D%$art%nt! collecting and reporting school’s extra-curriculum activities
• #hairan o' =it%ratur% #!u>8 organizing literature activities for )( members
• (ic%6chairan o' ?n'oratics #!u>8 organizing Informatics activities for '( members
2009-2011C Te'& .e'(er* B#)!9 C.);* Univeri!" #$ L'n-)'-e 'n( In!ern'!i#n'. S!)(ie
•&ssisting the elderly in the 7ursing <ouse5 Tu -iem5 <anoi.
•&ssisting candidates in 0niversity ,ntrance ,xaminations in summer A((3 and A(:(
•%articipating in other school’s musical shows and activities
S)&&er 2011 V#.)n!eer $#r Ai' TELF- En-.i9 E()%'!i#n %#n$eren%e 2011
• %icking up international delegates at 7oi "ai airport.
• @elcoming and giving information to delegates at the conference.
• #uiding some delegates to some tourist attractions around <anoi.
S)&&er 2011 V#.)n!eer $#r CEO C#..e-e C).!)r'. 3r#-r'&
• Involving in some cultural seminars together with foreign friends.
• Introducing 6ietnam’s cultures by guiding them to some tourist attractions around <anoi
S)&&er 2011 Invi-i.'!#r $#r Univeri!" En!r'n%e E:'&in'!i#n 2011
• 1verseeing candidates and ensuring that candidates do not talk and cheat.
• &ssisting with the packing of examination papers before and after the examination.
S)&&er 2012 V#.)n!eer $#r 8TV E:i! 2012
• &dvertising the show by updating information about registration procedures on the Internet
• %roviding free tickets to registered customers
• @elcoming 6I%s to main entrances and halls in My +inh stadium
• $omprehensive knowledge of Microsoft @ord5 ,xcel5 %ower %oint5 1ut -ook
• <igh speed typing in both ,nglish and 6ietnamese .C(w*m/.
• 8trong organizational5 administrative and analytical skills.
• #ood presentation skills and confidently speak in public.
• &bility to produce consistently accurate work even whilst under pressure.
• &bility to multi task5 arrange activities and manage conflicting demands.
• "eing creative5 active5 punctual and responsible
Sun Teo Ms!"
Assistant Marketin# Mana#er$ Marketin# De%artment$ The Sea&ood 'nternational
Market and Restaurant (TE )TD$ Sin#a%ore
M: *+,-../012/ E : sun!teo3%la4#round!com!s#
Assoc! (ro&! Dr! 5a 6an 5oi$
Associate Dean
Facult4 o& 'nternational Business and Economics$ 6N7 7EB
Mobile: -2" /2.0.+///
E8mail: hoih939nu!edu!9n: hoiktqt3#mail!com
@gA0 sinh8 11/02/1990
BCa chD 8 24E @gF 291 KhGHng Trung, Thanh XuIn, HA @Ji
BiKn thoLi di MJng8 0124.3514.888
+ai!8 ngoc.anh.doan1102@gai!.co
TDn dEng thFnh cGng khH nIng cJa mKnh LM LHm bHo tNnh hiOu 9uH trong cGng viOc tPi mQt
mGi trRSng lFm viOc chuyTn nghiOp.
CN n9On !rPQn- DRi 9S% @in9 !T- DHQG HN
• $huyTn ngFnh! 4inh tU vF kinh doanh 9uVc tU.
• WUp loPi! 4hX
• YiMm T"! '.()* ).( 2(ui !Nng *% >Ong MiP Mi -Q3
• <oFn thFnh xuZt s[c niTn luDn v\i L] tFi! 4@Rng !Sc cLnh tranh hAng dKt
a0 cTa (iKt @a *uUt -hVu sang thC trGWng +,12MiP8 9.43
• YPt LiMm sV cao L^ng L_u l\p v\i tiMu luDn `$hiUn lRac Marketing cJa
8amsung trTn thb trRSng 6iOt 7amc .LiMm! 3.;/
CN n9On !rPQn- DRi 9S% N-#Ri N-U- DHQG HN+
• 7gFnh! 8R phPm tiUng &nh
• WUp loPi! #idi
• YiMm T"! '.')*).(-L^ng th^ 'trong l\p 2(ui !Nng *% >Ong MiP Mi -Q3
• Yaet hoec bGfng mGgi kyh dahnh cho sinh viTn giofi vah hoahn thahnh xuij t sIj c khoja
luien tGjt nghiTep vkji LTh tahi `=Wi an Ti giXa sinh &iYn trong tiZng (iKt &A
tiZng [\6 dG]i g^c giao tiZ$ !iYn &Rn h^ac
10/2012 C9Xn- %9Y IELTSZ Tlng LiMm! 2.(*3.(
0/2012 C9Xn- %9Y 1[ n\n- &]& cZp bmi trung tim hap tXc vF chuyMn giao tri th^c5 Y<n#.
2/2013 C9Xn- %9Y !9^% !_5 tPi $Gng ty T7<< 7hF hFng vF thb trRSng nuVc tU <Hi sHn5 8ingapore
`/2013-n'" 39ian (b%9 1ia& !rc .d e)fn .d* Bg 59_n !9iT! ;b " !T B#(i!e%9* Chn- !" C3 DT N'& DPin-
• %hiTn dbch &nh-6iOt* 6-& gioa trRmng bQ phDn5 nhin viTn5 khXch hFng tPi cXc cuQc hpp5 hQi nghb5 trong
cXc chuyUn cGng tXc hoqc khi c_n thiUt.
• "iTn dbch cXc vIn bHn5 bXo cXo5 tFi liOu cho 9uHn lr vF cGng ty
• Tra gisp trRmng "% trong cXc cGng viOc 9uHn lr thSi gian5 s[p xUp cuQc hpp5 lDp bXo cXo.
• Tra gisp 9uHn lr trong cGng viOc Lbnh hR\ng kinh doanh! tDp hap phin tNch thb trRSng thiUt bb y tU
• nuHn lr vF thRSng xuyTn cDp nhDt thGng tin khXch hFng5 tKnh hKnh thb trRSng5 giX cH.
• $hIm stc vF gio liTn lPc v\i khXch hFng5 tKm hiMu nhu c_u5 th[c m[c5 vF phHn hui v] sHn phvm
• Thwc hiOn cXc nhiOm vE LRac giao khXch tx trRmng bQ phDn.
1/0/2013- 39ian (b%9 vian-n9On vian -iji !9ik) vl ;mn fn 59n&* Trion .p& !r'n9 <8q' !r#n- &r!= !Ri Bf#
10/0/2013 !ln- 59s nU VN
• %hE trXch biTn phiTn dbch gioa tXc giH vF khXch thRmng lym
• #i\i thiOu vF bXn sHn phvm tranh nghO thuDt
4Ut 9uH thu LRac! :' tXc phvm LRac bXn trong : tu_n5 thu v] ;( triOu
Trc .d 8'r1e!in-* Chn- !" TNHH N9l 9ln- vl !9b !rPQn- Q)t% !T Hfi fn* Sin-'5#re
• <z tra lynh LPo vF trRmng ph{ng theo d|i kU hoPch hoPt LQng Marketing
• Thu thDp5 cDp nhDt thGng tin khXch hFng vF kNch hoPt tFi khoHn khXch hFng thFnh viTn trTn hO thVng
clng thGng tin.
• Thwc hiOn 9uX trKnh g}i thR5 in vF cung cZp th~ 6I% cho khXch hFng.
• TR vZn5 chIm stc khXch hFng vF cung cZp thGng tin khuyUn mPi LUn khXch hFng.
• Tlng hap do liOu bXo cXo doanh thu theo thXng*9ur.
7hDn giZy ch^ng nhDn thFnh tNch thwc tDp tPi $Gng ty.
HPjn- (un vian () .b%9 %9# vRi .d () .b%9 Sin9 C'$w* %hn- !" () .b%9 A? Q)een+
• <R\ng d•n du khXch nR\c ngoFi t\i nhong Lba LiMm du lbch trong thFnh phV! -Ing "Xc5 "Ho tFng <$M5
$h€a TrZn nuVc5 6In MiUu5 <u #Rkm.
• MG tH nhong LiMm thu hst vF gi\i thiOu lbch s} cXc di tNch5 th[ng cHnh.
200, N9On vian ;mn 9ln- v' %x5 %9# Chn- !" &[ 59n& Ori$.'&e
• TKm kiUm vF gi\i thiOu sHn phvm cho cXc khXch hFng ti]m nIng.
• TKm kiUm vF gi\i thiOu nhin viTn ti]m nIng cho cGng ty.
`/2013-n'" Gim# vian TiTn- An9 !Ri !r)n- !O& vR# !l# !iTn- An9 ENCI
#iHng dPy cho sinh viTn khta TiUng &nh giao tiUp vF Toeic
`/ 2012-
Gim# vian (R" TiTn- An9 %9# n9On vian %hn- !" NISSAN
• #iHng dPy chRkng trKnh luyOn thi T1,I$ ph€ hap v\i txng trKnh LQ hpc viTn ngRSi 7hDt.
• "Xo cXo tiUn trKnh hpc viTn trong cXc buli hpp.
@in9 n-9ik& ;y )n- vR! vPc%C
• YPt LRac k• nIng tiUng anh thRkng mPi tVt.
• %hong tXc lFm viOc chuyTn nghiOp5 ph€ hap nki cGng sm
3/ 2012 Gim# vian !9^% !_5* .j5 11* !rPQn- 59y !9hn- !r)n- 9S% Vik! DX%* Hl Ngi
• 8oPn tFi liOu5 giXo Xn vF giHng bFi kUt hap v\i cXc hoPt LQng hpc phong phs.
• Tham gia vF hz tra cXc hoPt LQng cJa nhF trRSng! hQi thi khoa hpc vF k• thuDt 9uVc tU A(:A5 hQi thi giXo
viTn dPy gidi <F 7Qi A(:A5 kK thi gioa kK cJa trRSng.
• -iep bajo cajo chi tiTjt 9uaj trih nh thRec tiep .
• Tha_nh ti`ch8 XY`$ !oaai thGac tIa$ 7iobi.
 @in9 n-9ik& ;y )n- vR! vPc%C
• 4• nIng s[p xUp tl ch^c5 hz tra vF tlng hap bXo cXo kUt 9uH
11/ 2011-
Gim# vian TiTn- An9* !Ri !r)n- !O& !iTn- 'n9 H'55" H#)e
• $ufng cGj vah luyTen tiep caf ) kyg nIng .nghe5 nti5 Lpc5 viUt/ cho hpc sinh.
• "Xo cXo5 Lajnh giaj tihnh hihnh hoe c tiep cufa hpc sinh vah LTh ra hRkjng caf i thiTen.
• ThRSng xuyTn liTn lPc vF thGng bXo kUt 9uH v\i phE huynh hpc sinh
 @in9 n-9ik& ;y )n- vR! vPc%C
• 4• nIng tl ch^c5 bXo cXo vF liTn hO khXch hFng
9/ 2009- Gi' P !iTn- 'n9 %9# &Si .X' !)yi 6!z 9S% in9 %x5 3 vTn n-PQi vi .l&7
• #ia sR cJng cV tiUng anh cho nhi]u hpc sinh cZp '
• -uyOn thi Toeic cho ngRSi Li lFm vF Ly gisp hpc viTn nFy cHi thiOn LiMm sV tx '(( LUn );( trong : thXng
• -uyOn thi I,-T8 cho ngRSi Li lFm vF Ly gisp hpc viTn nFy cHi thiOn LiMm sV tx ).( LUn ;.( trong v{ng '
200A-200` •" vian B'n %9x5 9ln9 D#ln !rPQn- !r)n- 9S% 59y !9hn- C9) V\n An
 TrRmng ban thi Lua! lFm viOc trTn A thFnh viTn khXc trong cGng tXc sl sXch thi Lua cJa trRSng.
 $hJ nhiOm $-" 6In hpc! tl ch^c cXc hoPt LQng vui chki v] vIn hpc cho )( thFnh viTn‚ hoFn thFnh tDp
san $Hm tRmng v] chb Yqng Th€y Trim vF tl ch^c cuQc viUng thIm5 tqng cho gia LKnh chb.
 %ht chJ nhiOm $-" Tin hpc! tl ch^c cXc hoPt LQng vui chki vF thi ^ng dEng %T8
 Tham gia tl ch^c cXc hoPt LQng YoFn khXc tx nuDn5 ThFnh ƒy5 cXc chRkng trKnh +P hQi5 cuQc thi theo
sw kiOn cJa trRSng.
 YPt b„ng khen cJa ThFnh ƒy v] thFnh tNch trong cGng tXc YoFn nIm A((C-A((2
2009-2011 TrP€n- n9•& %O) .R% ;g SX% Tr‚* DRi 9S% N-#Ri N-U* DHQG HN
 Tham gia gisp L…5 ThIm hofi cajc cue cao tuGf i kf viTen dRkgng lago tae i TRh -iTm - <ah 7Gei.
 TiTjp sRjc muha thi heh A((3 vah A(:( .tihm nhah troe 5 hRkjng dign sk LGh phohng thi5 trGng LGh cho thij sinh5 bafo vTe
an ninh khu vRec thi.../
 <z tra cXc hoPt LQng sw kiOn5 vIn nghO khXc cJa trRSng
Hƒ 2011 T9'& -i' !i{n9 n-)"a}n %9# 9h}i !9'„# e)h|% !a| .O{n !9P| , va{ -i'„n- ('}" !ia|n- An9 %)„' -i'|# vian %9O) A|
 Ytn tiUp LPi biMu 9uVc tU tx sin bay
 $ung cZp thGng tin cho LPi biMu v] chRkng trKnh hQi thHo vF thGng tin dbch vE vIn hta khXc tPi 67
 #i\i thiOu vF LRa LPi biMu tham 9uan <F 7Qi
Hƒ 2011 T9'& -i' !…n9 n-)"kn %9Pin- !r…n9 !r'# vyi v\n 9•' vji in9 vian vRi 9S% CEO* 8[
 Tham gia vF hR\ng d•n hoPt LQng hQi thHo trao Lli vIn hta c€ng sinh viTn M•
 #i\i thiOu vIn hta 6iOt 7am vF hR\ng d•n LPi biMu tham 9uan <F 7Qi
Hƒ 2011 H† !rc !r#n- %hn- !m% -im& !9b !r#n- 1… !9i vRi 9S% !Ri !rPQn- DRi 9S% N-#Ri N-U+
 Theo d|i thN sinh5 LHm bHo thN sinh khGng gian lDn trong kK thi
 Tra gisp trong cGng tXc chuvn bb vF hDu thi
Hƒ 2012 T…n9 n-)"kn vian %9# %9Pin- !r…n9 8TV E:i! ‡ C9Pin- !ri{n9 C' n9'}% 59i Li}i n9)O}n 1a) -#}i 59#{n-
%9h|n- Th}i 59'}& &)' ;'|n n-Pi{i
 nuHng bX chRkng trKnh vF cXch th^c LIng kN 9ua phRkng tiOn Internet
 $ung cZp v† cho ngRSi LIng kN
 $hFo mxng vF hR\ng d•n khXch 6I% tPi sin vDn LQng M• YKnh.
@Bˆ N‰NG
ThFnh thPo k• nIng tin hpc! Microsoft @ord5 ,xcel5 %ower %oint5 1utlook5 cajc cGng cue Internet khXc.
TVc LQ LXnh mXy nhanh cH tiUng &nh vF tiUng 6iOt .C( cho*phst/.
$t nIng lwc hoPt LQng nhtm5 LQc lDp5 giao tiUp tVt vF tw tin nti trR\c LXm LGng.
$t nIng lwc tl ch^c5 liep kTj hoaech5 lynh LPo vF 9uHn lr tVt.
$t k• nIng thu thDp thGng tin5 phin tNch5 LXnh giX tVt.
$t trXch nhiOm cao vF chbu LRac Xp lwc cGng viOc.
<pc hdi nhanh5 nIng LQng5 sXng tPo5 Lsng giS vF trXch nhiOm.
S)n Te# 68+7
Ai!'n! 8'r1e!in- 8'n'-er* 8'r1e!in- De5'r!&en!* T9e Se'$##( In!ern'!i#n'. 8'r1e! 'n( Re!')r'n! 3TE LTD*
8C •0A,339`029
E C )n+!e#Ž5.'"-r#)n(+%#&+-
Gim# P* TiTn • Hl V\n Hgi*
TrP€n- 19#' @in9 !T vl @in9 (#'n9 e)t% !T* DH @in9 !T* DHQG HN
8C •,2923`30999
E-&'i.C 9#i9vŽvn)+e()+vn