The Universe Is Here To Please You

Posted in Living Abundance on December 2, 2011 by Sen.
If you can resonate with the tite it!s an indication that you are we aigned with your whoeness
and have e"#erienced$sensed the we%being inherent in your ife%stream, and if the above tite
rubs you the wrong way it!s a #retty strong indication of you hoding on to some negative
#atterns of thought.
&hen you are ost in negativity 'in a state of (unconsciousness) or ignorance of your truth*, the
universe fees i+e a (threatening) #ace to ive because your own inner negativity causes you to
(re#e) the we%being inherent to your ife%stream and thus attracts untoward e"#eriences that
eave you with a bitter taste in your mouth , this ma+es you concude that the universe is not a
(nice) #ace to dwe and that you need to batte it out for surviva here, thus you reinforce the
fears of the mind with your beief and attention to negativity. -his mindset, in turn, causes more
resistance in your being, which disaows we%being even more, causing a cyce of negative
e"#eriences which can +ee# growing in intensity. It!s not the universa force 'or ife force* that!s
at faut, it!s your resistance to it that causes your suffering.
Life is never opposing you
Anyone who is going through some intense hardshi# woud immediatey concude that the
#robem is with the universe, with ife. It ta+es some dee# observation to reai.e that the
(o##osition) is not coming from ife, but the other way round , you are the one standing in
o##osition to ife through your beief in negativity 'no matter how /ustified you fee about your
right to fee negative*. Some negative things ha##ened to you when you were unconscious of
your (choice) of aignment, so does it serve any #ur#ose now to hod on to the memories of
those negative e"#eriences and thus stayed rooted in negativity0
&hen you are not conscious of the (choice) you have to aign with your ife%stream, you can end
u# o##osing it unconsciousy. Aignment is a choice, but it can ony be a choice when you are
aware of this choice. -he e"#eriences of ife you had, when you were (unconscious) of your
o##osition to your ife stream, cannot be used as an evidence to concude that ife is negative or
tough. &hen you become aigned with your ife stream the e"#erience you have of ife is entirey
different from the e"#eriences you had when you were not aigned. 1y hoding on to your #ast,
you are de#riving yoursef of the o##ortunity avaiabe now to start this /ourney afresh in the
mode of conscious aignment.
-his universe is here at your service, the whoeness of ife!s inteigence is here at your service,
every resource in this environment is here at your service , the ony reason you don!t e"#erience
this funess of goodness avaiabe around you is because you!ve chosen 'unconsciousy* to
become a (hod out) who stands in o##osition to ife by aigning with negativity. &hen you are
aigned with negativity you cannot have fu access to the we%being of ife, it /ust can!t ha##en,
scientificay s#ea+ing. 2ou cannot stand aigned with negativity and +ee# #raying for we%
being, finding faut with some 3od out%there who doesn!t seem to be istening to your #rayers.
2ou don!t have to beg for we%being through beseeching #rayers, you /ust need to aign with
your ife%stream 'by etting go of your identification with negativity* and it wi food a over
The dysfunctional programming of struggle based life
Do you reai.e that it!s totay baseess to oo+ at the unconscious behaviors of #eo#e 'who are
identified with negativity unconsciousy*, and concude that you shoud aso be suffering, and
thus be rooted in worry, an"iety, he#essness, strugge and sorrow. So many #eo#e fee guity
'or are made to fee guity* of their we%being, and abundance, when they are given e"am#es of
goba suffering a around, as if the goba suffering woud become esser if these #eo#e aso
started suffering for them, or started feeing (negative) about ife. Is it not common for #arents to
ma+e +ids fee guity, if they don!t finish their food or when they as+ for treats, by citing
e"am#es of the starving chidren in Africa0 -hese negative reinforcements ma+e a +id beieve in
ac+ and orient with the thought that ife is suffering, and that they don!t have the right to be
ha##y when there are so many suffering out there 'which is inherenty a s+ewed$dysfunctiona
mindset to deveo#*.
-he being that we are is highy sensitive, and thus can easiy orient with fear when it!s
unconscious of its truth. It!s very easy to ma+e your being guity by /udging its natura #rocivity
towards #easure and /oy. It starts eary, during chidhood, when #arents and teachers,
unconsciousy start #rogramming the thought #attern that (ife is hard) and that they need to
(fight it out) to be ha##y in ife. -his #rogramming stays with them for a ifetime and causes
them to attract a ife of strugge through their beief in strugge. -heir beief in strugge becomes
so strong that they cannot even ta+e in, for once, a #ers#ective that may be they have it a
wrong, that ife actuay is not a strugge but a /ourney of effortess /oy$#eace$ove, that it!s the
beief in strugge that causes them to not e"#erience the ease of ife by standing in o##osition to
its natura #u.
4hidren are even more susce#tibe to negativity because they are not aware enough to ma+e a
choice in the favor of aignment, and thus they naturay ta+e in the negativity that!s #resent in
their surroundings 'starting with the oad of negativity of the mother in whose womb they s#end
the first 5 months of their ife*. 6n a side note, the eve of consciousness in a chid is so ow that
he$she is not even aware of what!s reay ha##ening to them in any great detai 'you can chec+
this yoursef, do you remember your first 7 years in any vividness0 In fact, do you remember
much of your first 18 years in much carity, or was it a /ust i+e da.e of movement0*. It!s ony
as we grow u#, our brain deveo#s and our #hysica awareness becomes stronger, that we
become more acutey conscious of our suffering 'and the suffering of others*. &hen the eve of
consciousness in your brain is very ow 'as is the case with +ids or even unconscious aduts*,
there is no strong awareness of suffering even if the body is suffering 'which is actuay a good
thing, and is an evidence of the we%being of ife*.
Stop using global suffering as an excuse for your negative thinking
As soon as someone #oints out the we%being inherent in ife, the first thing most #eo#e woud
#oint out is the goba suffering 'starting with the widey used e"am#e of chidren in Africa*. 6f
course, it!s the truth of our #resent reaity on earth that there is 9uiet a ot of suffering #resent on
the human ream , and a this suffering created from a #ace of mis%aignment with ife through
(unconscious) identification with negativity. :nconscious o##osition to ife eads to suffering,
and manifestation of suffering in #hysica forms, but is this by itsef not evidence that ife in
itsef is a stream of we%being and it!s the force of o##osition$resistance that manifests as
suffering0 So instead of using goba suffering as your reason to fee negative, use it as a #roof
for your mind to reai.e the dysfunction of unconscious identification with negativity.
Suffering is aways created through unconscious o##osition to ife. So it!s not the ife force that!s
to bame for it, but rather the o##osition to ife force that!s the cause of it. ;rom an absoute
#ers#ective, a this is a #art of growth or evoution of consciousness focused on earth, and its
eterna forward movement ensures a constant growth in understanding that eventuay eads to
awa+ening and conscious aignment. It!s a a #ay of consciousness, 'which is inherenty
invincibe or eterna, and thus has nothing to ose* which is e"#eriencing #hysicaity and
achieving sef%reai.ation 'and new creations* through this /ourney, there is inherenty nothing
serious about it from an (absoute) #ers#ective.
&hen you are aigned with negative thoughts 'even thoughts of sorrow$an"iety for the goba
#robems* you are standing in o##osition to aowing the we%being of your ife stream to fow
into your reaity in that moment. So you need to as+ yoursef if you are reay serving anything
by staying oriented, totay identified, with over%wheming thoughts of sorrow, an"iety, grief or
sadness for goba suffering , it!s norma to fee sensitive about it, but if you aow yoursef to be
ost in this ow vibrationa state you are not serving any #ositive infuence at a , if you truy
want to reduce suffering in this word, you need to ma+e a choice to aign with your natura
vibration of /oy$ove$#eace by dis%identifying from thoughts of ower vibration. It may seem i+e
tough choice to ma+e when you are /ust starting out on this /ourney of aignment, but it!s a
choice you need to ma+e to bring a #ositive shift in your #ersona ife and the e"terna reaity of
this #anet as a whoe , with time this choice wi become your nature, because it!s your natura

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