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Career Objective:


C/O: Mossarof Hossain, SITOL CHAYA
House No- pa,127/1 (2
!oor- "A#
Sou$% &adda, 'u!san.
(%a)a-1212, &an*!ades%+
Ce!!: ,--.1/710.1---
See)in* a 3%a!!en*in* posi$ion 4i$% a 3o2pan5 $%a$ is rapid!5 e6pandin* and
offers *ood ad7an3e2en$ po$en$ia!+ I 4ou!d !i)e a posi$ion 4i$% a s$ron*
e2p%asis 4%ere I 3an de7e!op 25 s)i!!s and )no4!ed*e and 3api$a!i8e i$ for
$%e or*ani8a$ion and 25se!f+
Educational Background:
2012: Mas$er of &usiness Ad2inis$ra$ion (MBA), (ep$ of Mana*e2en$
S$udies, 9a*anna$% :ni7ersi$5, Specialization: Hu2an ;esour3e
Mana*e2en$ (HM# (Appeared#
2011: &a3%e!or of &usiness Ad2inis$ra$ion (BBA), 9a*anna$% :ni7ersi$5,
!i"cipline: Mana*e2en$ S$udies, #$%A& '.() (In s3a!e of <#
200): Hi*%er Se3ondar5 S3%oo! Cer$ifi3a$e (HS#), A2ri$a La! (e5 Co!!e*e,
1du3a$iona! &oard of &arisa!, !i"cipline: &usiness S$udies, $%A& (.00 (In
s3a!e of 0#
200*: Se3ondar5 S3%oo! Cer$ifi3a$e 16a2ina$ion (SS#), :da5an Se3ondar5
S3%oo!, 1du3a$iona! &oard of &arisa!+ !i"cipline& &usiness S$udies, $%A&
*.1+ (In s3a!e of 0#
Computer Literacy:
Ha7e profi3ien35 in perfor2in* $%e fo!!o4in*:
MS Offi3e: =ord, 163e!, >o4er>oin$, Access
In$erne$: ?ro4sin*, surfin*, e2ai!in*, ne$4or)in*
Opera$in* s5s$e2: 4indo4s 6p , 4indo4s- 7is$a , 4indo4s-7
Personal Training:
Adaptaion & Communication kills! E"tra Curricular Activities:
'ood 3o22and o7er spea)in* and 4ri$in* ?o$% 1n*!is% and &en*a!i+
S$ron* 3o22uni3a$ion and in$erpersona! s)i!!s+
A?i!i$5 $o 4or) in a 2u!$i3u!$ura! en7iron2en$ and $o 4or) under
pressure 4i$% *roups+
Se!f-2o$i7a$ed and 3o22i$$ed $o ou$s$andin* a3%ie7e2en$s.
>us% o4n se!f 7er5 %ard if %a7e $o@ and %a7e $%e a?i!i$5 of
unders$andin* a si$ua$ion and dea!in* 4i$% i$+
Me2?er of 9a*anna$% uni7ersi$5 2ana*e2en$ 3!u?+
Me2?er of '1( Cen$er as prepare for $MA,+
Personal %etails:
a$%erAs Na2e B Md+ S%a% A!a2 Ho4!ader
Mo$%erAs Na2e B S%a%anara &e*u2
(a$e Of &ir$% B (e3e2?er .1, 1C-C
;e!i*ion - Mus!i2
Na$iona!i$5 B &an*!ades%i
Mari$a! S$a$us- Sin*!e
I %a7e 3o2p!e$ed T%ree Mon$%s Trainin* pro*ra2 on Ad-ance #e.ti/icate in
#ompute. Application" fro2 Na$iona! You$% (e7e!op2en$ Trainin*
Cen$re+"-<--/, Mu)$o?an*!a s%oppin* 3o2p!e6 ( "
f!oor #,Mirpur-1,(%a)a+

Md+ S%a%ad A!i
Assis$an$ Di3e >residen$
In$erna! Con$ro! E Co2p!ian$s
(i7ision, Na$iona! &an) Li2i$ed
Ce!! no : .17111.-.17
>rof+ Md+ Mos%arraf Hossain >%+(+
C%air2an((ep$ Of Mana*e2en$#
9a*anna$% :ni7ersi$5, C-1.
,C%i$$aranFan A7enue, (%a)a-11..,

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