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Managing human resources in hotel industry-

RECRUITMENT-In simple terms, recruitment is understood as the process of
searching for and obtaining applicants for jobs, from among whom the right
people can be selected. Recruitment is the process of finding qualified people
and encouraging them to apply for work with the firm.
SELECTION-Selection is a process of picking individuals (out of the pool of
job applicants) with requisite qualifications and competence to fill jobs in the
organization. Different hotels apply different methods and procedure for
recruitment as well as selection. It basically depends on the management
policies and the size of operation.
Selection Process-Selection is a long process, commencing from the
preliminary interview of the applicants and ending with the contract of
employment. Fig. shows the generalized selection process. In practice, the
process differs among organizations and between two different jobs within the
same organization. Selection procedure for senior managers will be long-
drawn and rigorous, but it is simple and short while hiring shop-floor workers.
For Example: In most of the hotels that I visited the selection procedure is
different for people in different department as well as for different post. In
Orchid Hotel, the different types of test taken are knowledge test, trade test,
interviews and managerial grid for executives.
Orientation -Orientation is called as induction. It is the planned process of
introducing new employees to their jobs, their co-workers and the
organization. The main purpose of induction is to relieve the new employee
from possible anxiety and make him or her feel at home on the job.
These orientation programmes are carried out formally as well as
individually/collectively in the hotels. These programmes are carried from 1
weak 2 weak.
For Example: In most of the hotels that I visited the time spared on orientation
programme is one week. In Orchid Hotel, the problem faced during orientation
programme is of adjusting schedules.
Placement -After orientation comes placement. Placement refers to the
assignment of a new employee to his or her job. The jobs of HR are simple
where the job is independent, but where the jobs are sequential or pooled, HR
specialists use assessment classification model for placing newly hired
employees. For example the job of placing a waiter to its position is quite
simpler as compared with that of the placing the employee at managerial
level. The job of placing a waiter to its position is called an independent job
but the job of placing employee at managerial level can be considered as
sequential or pooled job.
TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT-Training and development activities are
designed in order to impart specific skills, abilities and knowledge to
Effective training is basic ingredient of success in the hotel industry. The
concept of training is endorsed my most managers in the hotel industry, yet
managers often give little thought to the training function in the context of their
own business or departmental responsibilities until something goes wrong!
One of the main problems in hotel industry is that investment in training and
development of employees is a reactive process for many companies.
Frequently, training and development arises as the result of significant change
in the operational environment or as a consequent of crisis such as staff
turnover or major departmental problems. Training is then used to cope with
the immediate difficulty. This process may be proved costly to hotel. Whereas
development refers to learning opportunities designed to help employees
grow and evolve a vision about the future.
Here the job of HR is to identify the training need and then accordingly
to design the suitable programme for that. Training within a hotel provides the
best opportunity to influence the attitude and performance of employees. The
training programmes include is such as introduction, fire, food hygiene, control
of substances hazardous to health, manual handling first-aid, technical skills,
product knowledge, and customer service.
For Example: In most of the hotels that I visited the training methods used are
both On-the-job as well as Off-the-job.

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