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Proba de verificare a cunostintelor de limba moderna pentru admiterea in clasa a IX-a cu

predare in regim bilingv a unei limbi moderne de circulatie internationala
I.Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space.
For each question, mark the correct letter A B. C or Don your answer sheet.
The wrong age for school
Are the years you (1) ....... at school the best years of your life? Personally. I found most (2) .. .
rather uninteresting. We had to sit at our (3) ....... in silence and (4) ......... attention. The
teachers used to (5) ........... on the blackboard and (6) ........ us ditlicult questions. We also had
to (7) ......... lots of homework, and (8) ......... it in on time. We had to wear a school (9) ....... and
we had to obey lots of ( 1 0) ........ .
1) A go B have C pass D spend
2) A lectures B lessons C them D class
3) A chairs B desks C posts D parts
4) A pay B make C have D follow
5) A read B sit C write D talk
6) A make B do C get D ask
7) A answer B do C take D finish
8) A write B hand C pass D complete
9) A uniform B robe C dress D cloth
1 O)A ways B rules Claws D time
II. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form:
Dear Hilda,
I just (l.hear) ....... that my mother isn't very well, and I (2.likc) ...... to go and sec
how she is. The trouble is I can't take my dog. Tim with me. Do you think you (3.bc
able) ...... possibly look after him for a week? You (4. have) ........ him for a \\'cck last year.
you remember, and you (5. say) ...... he (6. be) ........ no trouble. and he (7.gct) .... on \\ell
with your dog.
If you (8. be able) ...... have him, I could bring him along any time that suits you. But
ifit (9. not be) ........ convenient, (10 not hesitate) ........ to say so.
Love, Sarah
III. . Report the following sentences (turn the sentences into indirect speech):
1. Betty asked: '"What did you do yesterday, Ann?"
2. Betty said: -rm not learning today."
3. Betty said: "'l think I have temperature."
4. She said: ""!can't go to school now."
5. She ordered: '"Don't tell her anything!''
6. Andrew asked me: "'Do you often go sailing?"
7. My mother asked me: "'Have you done your homework, or not?"
8. I Ic said: -r II take some aspirin and drink lots of tea."
9. Jane said: "I'm sure I will feel better tomorrow."
I 0. She asked me: "'I low many German books have you read'?''
Toate subiectelc sunt obligatorii. Se acorda 10 puncte din oficiu.
Timpul efeetiv de lucru este de 1 ora.
1. 1) D
2) B
3) B
4) A
5) c
6) D
7) B
8) B
9) A
10) B
(0.20p each)
2. 1) have just heard
2) would/should like
3) could/would be able to
4) had
5) said
6) was/ had been
7) (had) got
8) can/could
9) isn't/is not
1 0) do not hesitate
(0.20p each)
3. 1) Betty asked Ann what she had done the day before.
2) Betty said she was not learning that day.
3) Betty said she thought she had temperature.
4) She said she couldn't go to school then.
5) She ordered me not to tell her anything.
6) Andrew asked me if I often went sailing.
7) My mother asked me if/whether I had done my homework.
8) He said that he would take some aspirin and drink lots of tea.
9) Jane said she was sure she would feel better the following/next day.
1 0) She asked me how many German books I had read.
(0.20p each)