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cojones (Spanish pronunciation: [ko xones]) is a Spanish word for denoting courage

when used in the phrase "tener cojones" (equivalent to English "have the alls to") or
testicles! "t is considered a curse word when used # itself as an expletive in Spanish! "n
English$ as a loanword$ it %eans courage$ ra&enness$ "nerve" etc!
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English usage[edit]
"n /S slang$ cojones denotes 0ra&en$ rave attitude1$ pronounced 2k ho ne &2 and 2k
hu n &2 in English! 'ontextuall#$ its usage is like that of the 3iddish chut&pah (nerve)$
the 4erew slang ait&i% 5 alls (literall#$ eggs$) the +osnian$ 'roatian$ Serian and
6acedonian %uda (alls)$ the 7rench couilles (alls)$ the "talian palle and coglioni (alls)
or fegato (lit! liver$ %eaning "guts" )$ the 7innish %unat (lit! eggs) and the -ussian
"89:;<=>? @AB:" (steel alls)! C co%%on euphe%istic %isspelling of cojones could e
cajones (furniture 0drawers1 and "wooden ox dru%s"$ see cajDn) or cojines ("cushions")!
Ehe first EnglishFlanguage text to contain the word cojones as a %etaphor for raver# is
Ernest 4e%ingwa#Gs (H*) ook on ullfighting$ Ieath in the Cfternoon! ""t takes %ore
cojones$" he wrote$ "to e a sports%an where death is a closer part# to the ga%e!" G[(]
Spanish et#%olog# and usages[edit]
'ojones (s! cojDn [ko xon]) and huevos (eggs) or olas2pelotas (alls) are vulgar
Spanish curseFword usages for testicles! 'ataplines is a ver# co%%on fuss# euphe%is%
of %an# euphe%is%s to refer to testicles (huevera$ pitera$ pelotillas$ cojonera$ colgajos$
etc!)! Ehe singular for%$ cojDn contains the aug%entative suffix FDn (i%pl#ing
%agnitude)$ and derives fro% the Julgar Katin coleone%$ the accusative for% of coleo
(testicle)$ an aug%entative for% of cLleus (leather ag for liquids)M its variants are cNleus
and culleus! Ehe le O j or li O j pronunciation shift is co%%on fro% Katin to Spanish$
e!g! folia O hoja (leaf)$ which is a cognate with the English word "foliage"!
Ehe excla%ation PQuR cojonesS is used to express pain$ anger$ excite%ent or iron#$ and
is approxi%atel# s#non#%ous with the interjection PcoToS (vulva) expressing anger and
surprise (used %ainl# # Io%inicans$ other Spanish cultures like Ecuador and 'olo%ia
find the word in ver# ad taste)[)] Cnalogues to the Spanish cojones exist in Ualician
collDns$ Jalencian and 'atalan collons 7rench couilles$ "talian coglioni$ Vortuguese
colhWes$ -o%anian coaie$ Keonese co#ones$ Iutch kloten$ Uer%an XlYten$ the Zelsh
ceillion$ Esperanto kojonoj!
'ollins Ue% Katin Iictionar#$ "S+[ \F\\F,.]^,,F(
Iiccionario Esencial Santillana de la Kengua EspaTola$ "S+[ ],F)H,F*,(.F(
_u%p up ` Zeigel$ Iavid! "Zhen did testicles eco%e courageousa F Slate 6aga&ine"!
Slate!co%! -etrieved )\()F\]F(*!
_u%p up ` El pequeTo Karousse ilustrado (HHH p!)].
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