Why India is so poor ?

by rajagopalan nadimuthu on Nov 02, 2008 07:52 PM


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The corruption is thesingle root cause for all our sufferings in INDIA . In a popular tamil magazine Kumudam in their recent edition it is said that the India is ranking first by largest seceret deposits in swiss bank. It is also stated there in by the virtue of their latest amended act SWIZ GOVT is quite willing to divulge the names of those if the respective govt asks for it . USA ,UK have already approached them to divulge those details as a measure of curbing financing terrorout fits ,drug trafficking etc .But Indian govt has not approached them for such details as a tool to curb terror financing as they fear that they have to earn the wrath of politicians and the coaltion would collapse soon.I would strongly advise the Rediff to file a PIL in Supreme court to force the centre to seek those details from Swiss bank to expose those corrupt politicians as well as funding terror out fits. RAJ ======= The world's most prosperous nations October 22, 2008

The World Prosperity Index 2008, which calculates a country's prosperity on the basis of economic competitiveness and comparative liveability, has been prepared by assessing drivers of prosperity based on 22 key indicators and 44 subindicators. Of the 104 countries analysed this year, India ranks a poor 70th. Reason: low quality of secondary education, high cost of starting a business, and lack of government effectiveness. So check out which are most prosperous nations on earth and how do India's neighbours do. India; Rank 70 ==== Due to improper Govt. policies and blindness, We have taken time to construct the High-ways after 50 years of independents, whether the Govt planners , Offcers , Politicians were sliping they don\'t have brain to think and act what basic issence for the developments of nations economy and to increase the per capita income. Why they are not acting on connecting revers to each other, why they are not working on power generation by all resorces. What the other developed nations have done. They have prioritively constructed Roads, Connected revers, Cannels, and power. The rest developments are automatically been done, when every where it is \"Sujalam Sufalam\". We are quoting India is Agro based conuntry. how much land is under irrigation it not not even 30% why we are not connecting revers to each other and focussing on covering land under 100 % irrigation and 3 crops a year... what will happne if this would have been done by this blind Govt. and admistrators.. Indian land is having such as testy soil, its the God gift to us , but our eyes will not open to greenrise it ... ====

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