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Bangalore Rounds:Hop-On Hop-Off
A City Sightseeing Service (Adult Fare: Rs.250, Child Fare: Rs.150)


BMTC has embarked on many initiatives with innovative services. The ‘Hop-On, Hop-Off‘ service is yet another
innovative idea implemented by BMTC, a convenient service to empower tourists and enable quick and comprehensive
tour of Bangalore city.


Modeled on the lines of Sightseeing Services of some great cities of the world, the Hop-on Hop-off Bangalore
Sightseeing Service is for visitors to the city and its residents intent on taking a peek into the glorious past and splendid
present of Bangalore: one of the most bustling metropolises on earth. A fleet of branded A/C Volvo Buses, manned by
well trained and courteous crew, plies from 8:30 am to 10 pm on all days of the week. It covers a route connecting
about twenty landmarks of great historic, religious and scientific significance. The service lets tourists pick and choose
with respect to locations and time spent, since the round trip provides for unlimited travel between the places
mentioned below. Modestly priced at Rs.250, it also provides for free travel for the day in all BMTC services except the
Airport (Vayu Vajra) services, thus ensuring last-mile connectivity at no extra cost.





General Services Timetable
A/C Services Timetable
Special Services Timetable

Truly an excellent option to explore our great city, comfortably and conveniently.
General passengers can use the service to travel from any Bus stop to any other Bus stop, within the route, by paying
point to point fare applicable.
The tourist places covered:






Kempegowda Bus Station/Majestic


Gurudwara at Ulsoor

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Places 1 Corporation 2 Vasanthnagar 3 Mekhri Circle 4 Hebbala 5 Sadashivanagar PS 6 Yeshwanthpura th open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd.2 Tippu Palace 13 Ulsoor Lake 3 Bull Temple 14 Commercial Street Tender Notification 4 Gavigangadhareshwara Temple 15 St.No. Mary's Basilica Church Careers and opportunities 5 Lalbagh West Gate 16 Fun World/Snow City 6 Freedom Park 17 Lumbini Garden/Nagavara Lake News & Updates 7 Nehru Planetarium 18 ISCKON Temple Press Releases 8 Vidhanasoudha/High Court 19 Orion Mall Public Interest Awards Useful Links Rules and regulations More About BMTC 9 Cubbon Park/ Museum and Art Gallery /Bal Bhavan/UB City 20 Sankey Tank 10 MG Road Metro Station 21 Mantri Mall 11 Garuda Mall Pick up & Drop off points Sl.com .

1520.1055.1315.2025. 1440.0935.1845.1715.1115.1255.1420.1355.2145 6 Corporation* 0840. 1450.1545.1320.1055.0940.1150.2030.1105.1030.1645.1615.1645.1845.1845. 1505.1120.1950.1800.2100.1905.0925.2035.1300.1900.1035.1810.1610.1530. 2230 Cubbon Park/ Museum and open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd. 2 1405.2135.com .1425.1835.2035.1135.1815.1245.2115.1030.1115.1640.1245.0915..1355.1510.1830. Pick up and Drop off points SL.1200.1025.1810. 2155 5 Lalbagh West Gate 0840.1315. 1450.1750.1405.1255.1025.1040.1535.0905.1930.1745.1130.1055.1725.1510.0920.1955.1420.1845.1205.1905.1235.1000.1630.1340.1020.1825.1405.1225.1500.1230.1925.2125.1630.1240.1425.1010.2135 3 Bull Temple/Ganapathi Temple 0855. 2210 8 Nehru Planetarium 0845.1140.1525.1735.1820.1905.1705.1515.1140.Malleshwaram 18th cross 7 Time table from the tourist places.1125.1820.1340.1535.0925.2100 1450.1950.1400.2015.1340.1920.1225. Places Departure times 1 Kempegowda Bus Station/Majestic 0830.1425.1655.1310.1045. 1430.1915.1210.1010.1740.0915.0945.1330.1940.1030.0945.1720.1725.1055. Tippu Palace 0845.1800.1855.1315. 1450.0955.1755.1200.0905.1520.1155.1535.1000.1735.1010.1635.1110.1800.1215.1545.1150.1340.2005.2000.2115.1715.0930.1435.1305.1125.1640.1715.1115.1415. 2225 9 Vidhanasoudha/High Court 0850.2035.1620.1825.2145 7 Freedom Park 0830.1705.1320.1620.1640.1745.0915.1150.1235.1950.1205.1910.1915.No.0945.1830.2120.1940.1535.0900.2145 4 Gavigangadhareshwara Temple 0830. 1510.1600.2015.

1250.1925.2105.2025.1210.1805.1725.1550.1225. 1500.1820.1900.1905.1210.1335.2015.1125.1425. 1500. 1545.1655.1800.1650.1400.1140.1615.1435 .1425.1040.0940.1350.1620.1440.1850. 2120. 2145 13 Gurudwara at Ulsoor 0845.1420.1020.1925. MG Road Metro Station 0830.1045.1100.2205 17 Vasanthnagar* 0830.0925.2000.2025. 2135 12 Garuda Mall 0840.1330.2130 1440.0950.1220.2050.1515.1310.1810.1150.1105.1125.1220.1215.1720.1835.2055.1000.1115.1055.1325.1525.2045.1700.1435.1155.2040.1100.1245. Mary's Basilica Church 0830.1840.1035.1255.0955.1950.1540.2045.1820.1430.1415.1630.1915.1550.1840. 1505.1235.0930.0915.1715.1115.1740.1340. 2120.1645.1735.0920.1015.1935. 1450.1950.2110.1510.1545.1020.1855.2035.1555. 1500.1345.1305.1830.1010.1300.1735.1845.1125.1320.2000.1405.1210. 2130 open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd. 2130 19 Mekhri circle* 0840.1750.1315.1630.1700.1455.2005.1010.1020.1820.1620.1535.1615.1225.2015.2055.1050.1810.1515.1510.1330.0905.2045.2100.1650.2010.1900. 2200 16 St.2010.1445.1915.1940.1355. 2155 15 Commercial Street 0855.10 11 Cubbon Park/ Museum and Art Gallery/Bal Bhavan/UB City 0900.1945.1755.1200.1650.1945.1520.1915.0935.1130.1955.1005.1155.1630.1900.09100945.1110.1850.1725.1255. 1450.1635.1815.1255.1920.1100.1940.1605.1935.1705.1030.1305.1405.1200.0935.1340.1735.2000.1600.1930.2030.1555.1205.2205 18 Fun World/Snow City 0840.1610.09100945.1240.0900. 1450.1040.1710. 2150 14 Ulsoor Lake 0850.1620.1050.1605.1605.1045.1330.1910.1845.com .0900.2025.2115.1235.1145.1640.1235.2015..1225.1150.

0945.1250.1225. 2110. 1440.1250.1310.1355.2000.1250.1750.1240.1000.1355.1835.1920.1940.1120.1750.1705.1020.1905.1645.1935.2100.1615.2210 * Pick up & Drop off points open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd.1025.1820. 1455.1335.1530.1210.1250.1035.1600.0855.1320.0925.2115.1035.1100.1715.1225.1550.1735.1035.1925.1110.1425.1320.1515.1515.1600.1530.1225.1035. 2110.1835.1605.2015. 2130 21 Lumbini Garden/Nagavara Lake 0830.1910.0925.2025.com .1215. 2110.1135.1030.1730.0955. 1500. 2110.1950.1000.2050.1545.2015.2015.1530.1115.1325. 2140.1010.1655.2155 27 Malleshwaram 18th cross * 0830. 2125.1320.2015.1105.1915.1720.1540.1915.1425.1750.1645.1900.1140.2040.1715.1145.1405.1525.1115.2115.2010.1140.2000.2145 28 Mantri Mall 0855. 1440.1355.1720.0940.1745.1650.0925.2045.2015.1815.1820.1835.0855.1000.1515. 1440.2025.0855.2040.1620.2110.1340.0925.1225.1355.1850.1355.2055.1215.1150.0925.1800.2040.1515.0930.1305.1700.1125.1100. 1510.1750.1615.0855.2215 25 Orion Mall 0905.1420.0955.1605.1825.2145 22 Sadashivanagar P S * 08:30.20 Hebbala* 0840.1210. 1440.1140.1835.1620.1750.1715.1430.1945.1325.1915.1620.1915.1645. 2140.2145 23 Yeshwanthpura * 0830.1940.1715.1620.0910.1350.2040.1320.0915.2145 24 ISCKON Temple 0900.1745.1630.1630.1235.1515.1045.1115.1300.1000.1035.1835.1530.2040. 1440.1715.1200.0930.1140.1320.1645.1940.1255.1940.2015.1115.1350.1000. 2145 26 Sankey Tank 0830.1225. 1515.

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