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CAE Vocabulary

Set 1

Phrasal Verbs:
lock up to put sb in prison
blend in so similar to sth that it is difficult to see or hear it separately
get in to be elected
crack down on become stricter in making the group obey rules or laws. (=clamp down)
phase out stop using sth gradually
single out choose sb from a group and give them special attention
back down withdraw a claim that you made earlier, because other people are strongly
opposed to it.
stand up to defend yourself against sb in power
opt out of be no longer involved in sth
give in admit you are defeated or that you can't do sth
push around give orders in a rude and insulting way
talk down to treating you as if you are not very intelligent or not very important.
hit back criticize or harm in return
take over take control of something
bring about to cause sth to happen.
get off not punished

red tape documents, rules or processes that cause delays
the powers that be the people who control a situation
gain/get/have/take the
upper hand
gain/get/have/take control or advantage over a person or situation
live and let live used for saying that you should accept other people's beliefs and
way of life, even if they are very different from your own
pull (a few) strings use your influence in order to get something you want or to help
someone, especially when this is unfair
throw the book at sb punish someone very severely
take the law into your
own hands
punish someone in your own way without involving the police or
the courts, often by doing something illegal yourself
under sb's thumb completely controlled by someone else
bury your head in the sand ignore a problem or an unpleasant situation and hope that it will
get/have your way be allowed to have or do what you want

Collocations and phrases:
Power Peer Lock Law Grant
exert/wield/abuse power
in power
beyond sb's power
power to do
power struggle
power structure
power base
peer group
peer pressure
lock sth in
lock horns with
under lock and key
become law
the law
a law
lay down the law
practise law
against the law
above the law
by/under law
law and order
grant sth to
grant sb
grant a request
grant sb's wish
Example Deny Crime Arm Authority
make an example of
set an example
follow an example
give an example
an example of
classic/prime example
deny sb sth
deny a request
deny that
deny doing
deny having
deny (all)
responsibility for
solve a crime
fight/combat crime
the scene of a crime
organised crime
crime prevention
crime rate
crime wave
arm sb with
arm yourself against
take up arms
lay down (your)
up in arms (about)
arms control
arms race
have the authority to
grant sb the
authority to do
have authority over
have sth on good
in authority
with authority
the authorities
local authority
Force Subject Social Sentence Rule
force sb to do
force sth on sb
force your way
force a smile
with force
police force
armed forces
subject sb to
bring up / get
onto a subject
drop/change the
subject to
the subject of

social conditions
social contact
social security
social services
social call
social worker
social club
social life
sentence sb to
pass sentence
serve a sentence (of
five years etc.)
prison sentence
death sentence
the rules
against the rules
as a rule
rule of law
rule of thumb
rules and regulations
Right Provoke Charge Class Prison
have a/the/no/every
right to do
give sb the right to do
right and wrong
right in saying/thinking/
right (of sb) to do
equal rights
human rights
animal rights
provoke sb into
provoke a
provoke outrage
charge sb with
charge sb for
take charge
(put) in charge (of)
overall charge
class sb/sth as
social class
upper class
ruling class
class system
class differences
class war
go to prison
send sb to prison
in prison
prison term
prison sentence
prison reform
prison officer
open prison