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From Titans

To Lemmings -

The Suicide Of
The White Race

Written By: Reconquista

A Series of 8 Essays First Published

On The BNP Supporting Website:
From Titans To Lemmings:
The Suicide Of The White Race

1. Selected For Extinction


Recently, British National Party Chairman Nick Griffin made a statement

describing the plight of the indigenous British people. It was short and to the

"What is happening in Britain is a bloodless genocide."

For once in his political life, this astute politician is mistaken. What is
happening in Britain today is indeed a genocide but it is far from bloodless and
this blood-thirsty genocide is superbly described in the BNP's "Racism Cuts
Both Ways" pamphlet which provides strong evidence that whites are by far
the most likely to be victims of racial hatred. As aliens from all around the
world continue to flood into Great Britain, racial violence against the
indigenous British people continues to escalate.

And let's not forget please, the 6 million + aborted babies who have been
denied life in Britain since 1967.

As more and more unwanted immigrants pour into our land, the British way of
life changes. Communities built up over hundreds of years and who were never
consulted about the invasion of their land are changed irreversibly. A once
advanced society is diluted as immigrants from third-world lands bring their
retarded religions, superstitions, hatreds and traditions into Britain whilst
demanding the indigenous British pay them for the privilege of living in a land
they are deliberately changing and destroying without a care.

Should any Briton speak out about this colonisation of their homeland, they are
vilified and demonised as "racists". It is an effective control weapon that
cowers the majority of native Britons into meekly and silently accepting the
destruction of their nation.

But Great Britain isn't the only nation to be suffering this fate. Australia, a land
where it was once so difficult to emigrate to, has opened its borders to Asians
and Arabs. The United States is being flooded by Mexican immigrants and of
course also has enormous problems with its restless Black community who
demand more and more whilst giving less and less and who have recently
demonstrated that their allegiance is to their own kind with 95% of blacks
voting for Barack Obama. Cries of "Racists!" curiously absent. Strikingly, 65%
of white Americans voted for Obama too.

Meanwhile, Europe continues to be flooded by immigrants from Africa, the

Middle East, Asia, and the Balkans and a once mighty continent is now

Rhodesia and South Africa, nations that thrived and became first world
countries under white rule have now become third-world hell-holes where
whites have been murdered in their thousands, are repeatedly discriminated
against and whose lands are unceremoniously stolen from them under the
falsity of "entitlement" leading to white exodus. And unsurprisingly, black-on-
black violence is also rife under black rule with millions of blacks being abused
and slaughtered by their own people across the dark continent. Unsurprising
that is to those who know the turbulent, violent, tribal history of Africa.

Whilst Africans flood to Europe seeking a better life and to grab as many free
and generous handouts as Europeans will give them without giving much - if
anything - in return, black Africans are making it clear that whites are despised
and are not welcome in the lands of Africa the industrious whites made
prosperous and cultivated to feed not just the colonies but the whole of Africa.

And as black rule leads to disarray in African nations, the white race continues
to send aid and money via a multitude of self-perpetuating charities, aid that
just papers over the deep cracks and only serves to keep the suffering and the
violence ongoing. A superficial band-aid that does little to heal the ever-
festering lesions inherent in African tribal cultures.

Little Israel, the sole homeland for the Jewish people and the only democracy
in the Middle East, is deceptively portrayed as a "Nazi" state, with the world
through the viper's nest of The UN demanding it surrender more and more of
its own territory. Territory that will be used to launch murderous attacks
against innocent Israeli citizens, attacks that will not cease until Israel is
"wiped from the face of the earth" as is the stated goal of the Iranian

Add to this the fact that the white race isn't breeding sufficiently enough to
ensure it reproduces itself and it is abundantly clear that what is happening in
the world now - and has been happening for at least fifty years - amounts to a
holocaust against western civilisation and the two peoples who advanced
humanity more than any other: The Whites and the Jews.

But the core of the problem isn't hatred or hostility from other competing and
less advanced races. The core of the problem is that the white race is
committing suicide because it is collectively refusing to play by nature's rules.
It is my contention that the white race has wilfully descended into a fantasy
world, a surreal world dominated by illusion, ignorance and insanity. The
current generations of whites are the first generations in western history to
choose devolution over evolution and therefore, Mother nature has selected
this race for extinction, possibly in as little as 100 years.

So how can a race that created the greatest and most advanced societies in
human history, societies that held the highest hope for the whole of mankind,
reach a point where its future survival is now threatened? It is a question I
have spent much time considering and I will attempt to offer some possible
answers in this series of essays.

For The Love Of God

The influence played by the Judeo-Christian religions in building Western

civilisation is enormous. Duty to God, the nuclear family as the bedrock of
society, the importance of community, strong moral codes, ethics and values
and rule of law based on the ten commandments and the teachings and
examples contained in the Old and New Testaments laid the rock-solid
foundations upon which the mighty West was built.

In Britain today, Christianity is now in its death throes. Priests deliver the
message of Christ "the Prince of Peace" to half empty churches, churches that
have yet to be converted into Mosques that is, a lamentable fate shared by
churches across the length and breadth of Britain. Christian worship and
church attendance, once a vital hub of community life, is now no longer an
important part of British life, and it is difficult to see a reverse to a decline that
began with the end of the Second World War and continues apace today.

Contrast this with how Mosques in Britain are at the fulcrum of Muslim

The great German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche predicted that Christianity

would be abandoned in the 20th Century. But he made a very insightful
analysis that I believe highlights a very serious flaw with the white race and
offers a first possible answer to our question.

Nietzsche realised that Judeo-Christian religions contained an inversion of

morality. He correctly stated that these religions assert that it is moral to be
weak, persecuted, oppressed, wretched. Only the poor, the meek, the sick and
the exploited can be pious and blessed by God. Conversely, to be strong,
powerful, to assert superiority, to be noble, to be wealthy, is to be immoral and
is to be damned by the almighty for eternity.
For this inversion of morality, Nietzsche labelled Christianity as "A religion of
pity". It is an assessment that has proven to have more repercussions than
this gifted scholar ever thought. A perceptive genius so hated by the church it
black-labelled him as a heretic.

What is so prescient today about Nietzsche's analysis is that he predicted that

religion - Christianity - would be abandoned en masse in the 20th Century but
that people would still cling to the inversion of morality, that the strong and the
powerful are evil and that people who are not strong and powerful are victims,
and therefore, they and they alone are the just and the good.

It is a very serious weakness and since the Second World War, this weakness
has been exploited to the full by the enemies who are destroying the west:
Marxists/Socialists, Globalists and Islam.

A New Religion

Since the end of the Second World War, western societies have suicidally
opened their borders to mass immigration from the third world. For Britain,
millions of aliens from Africa, Eastern Europe, India, Pakistan, The Far East and
the Caribbean have swarmed into the nation and are changing Great Britain for
the worse and irreversibly so.

It has happened because of the rise of a new religion created by Marxists:

Liberalism and its holy trinity: Multiculturalism, Political Correctness and
Tolerance. This religion preaches the gospel of equality. They insist that all
races are equal, the sexes are equal, all cultures are equal, and that the
powerful west is evil because it has oppressed and persecuted the poor and
the weak of the world throughout its ignoble history. The evil imperial west
invaded foreign lands, murdering, raping and looting as it went, enslaving
other races and stealing their natural resources for its own greed and gain.

It's a gross distortion of the reality of western history but this is the crux of
how Marxists are destroying the west. They are deploying the very same
inversion of morality identified by Nietzsche, by laying a guilt trip on the entire
white race, and demonising this race as a strong, powerful, EVIL race because
it only became powerful by oppressing and exploiting weaker races.

This demonisation of whites as being powerful and evil and non-whites,

especially the African black, as being weak and a victim isn't solely restricted
to other races as you'll now see.
Badge Of Honour

The Marxist tactic of portraying almost all other racial groups as victims of the
powerful, evil whites has been enormously successful in shaping the nightmare
of modern-day, multicultural Britain. The doctrine of Multiculturalism and racial
equality tolerates no opposition and just as those who questioned the
existence of God and Christian dogma were smeared as heretics throughout
the history of Christianity, so too does the new religion of Liberalism have its
heretics. Should anyone dare question racial equality or oppose immigration
and multiculturalism, they are vilified as "racists", one of the most powerful of
Orwellian thought control weapons and one of the worst "sins" any native
white Briton can commit.

Those who do possess the temerity and the courage to question the
multicultural dogma will find themselves before the new devout inquisitors, the
fanatical and pious white-hating clerics of the Race Relations and Human
Rights NGO's so rife in the west but conspicuous by their absence in Africa and
the Middle East.

But the Marxist zealots also realised that portraying other races as the poor,
oppressed, innocent victims of the evil white race was a successful tactic that
could be used to further create their just and fair society of equality by
creating more victims within many other minority groups throughout society.
For example:

 Homosexuality is no different to heterosexuality and homosexuals have

been unfairly discriminated against and persecuted by evil, homophobic
whites. All sexuality is equal and to discriminate against somebody
because of their sexuality is evil.

 Women have been dreadfully exploited and oppressed by powerful, evil

white men who have abused them and treated them as second-class
citizens. Wives have been relegated to inferior beings and disgracefully
treated as serfs and sex objects who must obey their lust-crazed,
misogynist husbands.

 Criminals are the victims of an oppressive, unjust and divisive society.

The wealthy and the privileged classes impose social injustice upon these
wretched people, abandoning them, leaving them with nothing to do, no
hope for the future so the only option they have is to turn to crime in

 The evil capitalist West has been spewing out poison and consuming all
of the earth's precious resources. The powerful, industrialised west has
been destroying the environment, contaminating and polluting the
earth's atmosphere and changing the climate. They've stolen the
precious natural resources of poorer, weaker nations without a care for
the irreversible damage they were causing and these wicked people will
destroy our precious, but fragile planet.

 The greedy, avaricious Jews are controlling the world, they own all the
world's banks and they control all of the film industry and the media.
They are destroying the entire world because of their insatiable greed
and hatred for all other races because they believe they are God's
chosen people.

 Muslim terrorist attacks on the west are entirely the fault of the
warmongering west. They've always been massacring Muslims, they
slaughtered them during the crusades and the Muslims still feel anger
about that and rightly so. Now we're slaughtering them again because
powerful, Christian neo-conservatives and Zionist rich American Jews
want to make more and more money from war and steal the Arab's oil.

 Israel is an evil, terrorist, Nazi state that has no right to exist. All of the
world's problems are caused by this wicked nation. The Jews had no right
to kick the Palestinians out of their homeland and the Nazi Jews have
been committing a holocaust on these poor people ever since.

 All wars are the fault of white people. Europeans especially, and their
states must be destroyed so Europeans don't kill each other for nothing
ever again. If this doesn't happen, the Nazis will rise up again all over
Europe and more wars and atrocities will be committed. The only way to
prevent this is to create a single, multicultural Europe where all people
are equal and all nations are dependent on each other.

 Children have been brainwashed and oppressed by evil western

ideologies that force them to discriminate based on evil concepts such as
sex, sexuality, family status, competitive sport and ability. These evil and
divisive judgements stifle, confuse and upset the child and it must be
stopped because all children are equal.

 Blaming other races for raping white women is racism. These women
dress in a way that is provocative and offensive to other races and if
western women get raped by confused ethnic minorities well, they have
only themselves to blame and they should dress in a more modest and
respectful manner.

 Demanding that immigrants who want to live in the west should adopt
western cultures and our way of life is racist. Their culture is important
and equal to ours and instead of denying these people their right to their
culture, we should be more tolerant of their culture by integrating their
culture with our own so it enriches western society.

 Apartheid is one of the most evil things to have ever happened. What the
whites did to the poor black people in their own homeland was
despicable. Greedy whites have no right to be in Africa and everything
that the whites have stolen should be given back to the native Africans
because Africa is their land and they are entitled to everything in it.

OK, I could go on - and on, and on - like this but what I am trying to do is
illustrate how morality is being inverted to create a culture of victim hood. This
is exactly what Nietzsche predicted, that the strong, the noble and the
powerful will always be portrayed as wicked and evil, and those who are the
victims will be portrayed as the just and the good. Instead of maintaining the
best parts of the Judeo-Christian faith that made Great Britain so strong, the
white race has ditched them and maintained the worst parts, the moral
inversions of victim hood and pity as virtuous. And look at Britain now, just
look at Britain now.

Play By The Rules

What is happening now throughout the west can be accurately summed up as

"The Tyranny of the Minorities." Because to be in a minority group is to be a
victim and to be a victim is to be just and good and it is these groups that are
dictating morality to the rest of society. In other words, the weak are leading
the strong.

There is just one major problem with this: It is wholly out of tune with the laws
that Mother nature requires all life on planet earth to be subject to, laws that
Charles Darwin diligently explained. Natural selection is nature's way of
ensuring the survival of species. Any species that does not adhere to the rules
of nature will be selected for extinction. That is the harsh reality of life on this
planet, a harsh reality the west is trying to avoid by conforming to sugar-sweet
but ultimately destructive childish fantasies.

In doing so, and it has been doing so for the last fifty years, the white race has
decided to fly in the face of Mother nature and there will only be one winner, as
always. No race, no species on planet earth can fight Mother nature and win
and if it tries to it will not survive.

Every species has to act in a way that ensures its own survival and it does so
by putting its own interests first. Human beings are pack animals - and by far
the most dominant of pack animals - and in the animal world, pack animals
have a strict "pecking order" that puts the strongest as leaders. Leaders bring
order to the pack and they also protect the pack from outside threats. They do
not, ever, put the interests of another species first and in fact, they will not
even put the interests of another pack from its own species before the
interests of their own pack.

Can you imagine for example, a lion abandoning all of the behaviours that
have ensured its survival and made it one of the most dominant predators in
the animal world because it starts to feel pity towards say, another pack of
lions? Instead of sharing the kill with its own pack, the lion invites another
pack of lions to eat the kill first because he knows they're not as good at
hunting zebra as his pack are. Can you imagine the lion then feeling pity for
the zebra and convincing his pack they should turn vegetarian because they
are exploiting weaker animals who deserve to share the abundance of the plain
as its only fair? Perhaps the lion then decides that cheetahs, leopards and
wildcats should join the pack and have equal mating rights with the lionesses
because "all cats are equal, and to discriminate between cats is catism and I'll
exclude any lion from this pack who refuses to treat all cats equally"?

It's an insane scenario isn't it?

It's insane because even animals instinctively know that placing the interests
of others before their own will destroy them. Yet the white race is now doing
exactly what dominant pack animals are not - INCLUDING THOSE FROM
OTHER HUMAN RACES - because it has collectively embraced the pity-for-
victim inversion of morality that means the strong and powerful are evil and
the victims are the just and the good precisely as identified by Nietzsche. What
kind of mad species puts the interests of other species - that's the plural form
by the way - before its own?

A soon to be extinct terminally dumb one. And the white race IS dying
precisely because of this insane behaviour. Other pack animals from
the human race know this and they are now prosecuting the genocide
of the white race without any sense of pity by colonising the west and
demanding the west put the interests of the colonisers before the
interests of its own people. At the same time, they are making it clear
that the white man is not welcome in their lands. That the west
WILLINGLY complies with all of this is absolute suicidal madness
without question.

Take a very good look at the world. Look at the Middle East - do you see
Multiculturalism in Islamic countries? How about in the countries of the Far
East? Do you see Multiculturalism in China, Japan, Vietnam, North and South
Korea? How about setting up An African Union and telling all African nations
that the world is now multicultural, that all African nation states are to be
dismantled and a single Africa under the banner of the AU will be created.
Better not forget to inform them that the AU wants to accept millions and
millions of immigrants from all over the world into Africa as it's "good for the
African economy".

Then whites can tell them how evil the black man has been, how oppressive he
has been, how abusive he has been and how African tribal culture is evil and
"racist" and then demand that he share half of everything in his homeland to
make immigrants feel welcome because we're all equal.

You tell me - how do you think this would be received? If you need a clue, ask
the remaining Boers in South Africa - while they're still alive.

This is the insanity of western nations. Because if only one race - in this case,
the white race - plays the multicultural game while all other races maintain
their identities and nation states then this isn't multiculturalism it is mass
suicide on the one hand and pitiless genocide on the other. And as with all
genocides, it most certainly isn't bloodless. And IT WILL get worse unless the
white race regains its sanity - and it had better regain it damn quickly.

In part two, I will elaborate on this further by examining how one of the most
self-destructive and evil ideologies being imposed upon the white race is
nothing more than a deadly illusion.
From Titans To Lemmings:
The Suicide Of The White Race

2. Halting The Tide


In the first part of this series of essays about the suicide of the white race, I
stated that what is happening to the white race - including native Britons -
amounts to a merciless and bloody genocide. Amazingly, it is a genocide in
which many members of the white race are playing a willing and active part
and I posed a question:

How can a race that created the greatest and most advanced societies in
human history, societies that held the highest hope for the whole of mankind,
reach a point where its future survival is now threatened?

The Judeo-Christian religions played an important and influential role in

building the once mighty West but we also discovered that these religions
contained a serious flaw that has sewed the seeds of the suicidal demise of the
white race. This flaw was identified by the brilliant German philosopher
Friedrich Nietzsche who described it as "an inversion of morality" whereby the
weak, the poor, the meek, the oppressed and the wretched are virtuous and
blessed by God whereas the strong, the wealthy, the noble and the powerful
are the immoral and damned by the vengeful almighty Yahweh for eternity.

Nietzsche, with great insight and perception, stated that Christianity would be
abandoned en masse in the twentieth century but that Westerners would still
cling to this inversion of morality. I then described how Marxists and Liberals
exploit this inversion of morality by creating large numbers of "victim groups",
groups who form minorities in Western society but whose "victim status" is
used to dictate morality to the majority. In Western - white - societies, the
weak now lead the strong, indeed, the game being played in these societies is
not to make the weak strong it is to make the strong weak.

Should any person have the temerity to criticise any one of these "victim"
groups, they will be viciously smeared and deemed guilty of numerous hate-
crimes, the new heresy of the Liberal-Multicultural religion. The plain fact that
this situation is destroying the west because it flies in the face of Mother
nature - a catastrophic mistake only the white race is committing - matters not
a jot to these new pious inquisitors.

Multiculturalists prosecute their self-righteous moral crusade by proudly

championing the cause of anybody who they deem to be weak and oppressed.
Blinded by smug piety or driven by hatred for their own, they march the white
race into the abyss as they vigorously and myopically pursue one of the most
unnatural, childish and ultimately futile illusions ever created in human history:

Gold At The End Of The Rainbow

The core principle of Liberals and Multiculturalists is that everybody is equal. In

the fluffy-bunny la-la land of these vain zealots, the sexes are equal; all races
are equal; all sexuality is equal; all children are equal and children are equal to
adults; animals are equal to humans; all cultures are equal and all religions are
equal. For anybody to discriminate against anybody else and assert superiority
is to establish inequality and inequality simply must not - indeed will not - be

This is the Utopian fantasy world of the lion lying down with the lamb in the
eternal tranquility of Shangri La. A futile, self-destructive pursuit of the
unattainable that requires a denial of the competitive reality of life on planet
earth and a continual inversion of morality in a doomed attempt to put right
the "mistakes" committed by Mother nature.

The pursuit of equality can be accurately summed up in a very short sentence:

Pursuing equality is to clash with Mother nature. Nature abhors a vacuum but
she also abhors equality and this is easily demonstrated.

Look at males and females. Are all males equal? Some males possess physical
strength while others are physically weak. Some are tall, some short and some
in-between. Some men possess the courage of a lion, others the courage of a
French toy poodle. Some possess great intelligence and inquiring minds, some
the gifts of craftsmanship, a lucky few possess both and sadly, many will
possess neither. Some men are born to lead, others born to follow.

Equality is just as scarce among the fairer sex. There are beautiful women who
can turn the heads of every red-blooded male and others who go about their
daily business without raising a single admiring glance. There are women who
want to be home-makers and mothers who have many children, others place
their careers before all else and do not want a family. We have women who are
active and love sport, others who prefer a more sedentary lifestyle. Then there
are women who are feisty and bubbly, others who are quiet and shy. Of course,
there are many more differences between people but the point is made.

Like it or not, men are in the main, physically stronger than women and nature
has evolved the sexes for different tasks that ensure human survival just as
nature does with all species. All men are not equal, all women are not equal
and the sexes are not and never can be equal. This does not mean that any
one is any better or has more value as a human being than any other and to
suggest so is disingenuous, spiteful and born from bitter resentment.
Inequality among and between species is simply the way life is on planet earth
for all species including humans.

Take feminism as an example. Feminists claim that women have been victims
of men, that men have oppressed women for centuries and that the sexes are
equal. Denying this will result in the smears "misogynist" and "male chauvinist
pig". But equalising the sexes has led to a crippling feminisation of Western
society and I will elaborate upon this vitally important issue next time. But
portraying women as oppressed victims and the equals of males is one
example of how the pursuit of equality is being used to destroy our society and
undermine - and therefore be in conflict with - Mother nature.

Trivial Pursuit

The pursuit of equality becomes even more futile when applied to equality of
races. If I say:

The black African is, by and large, physically stronger than other races and in
sports, blacks generally make the best boxers and the best sprinters and long
distance runners, I will get nods of agreement. But if I say: Whites are
generally more intelligent and creative than blacks and have, throughout
human history, solved the problems presented to the human race by Mother
nature far more effectively than blacks have I will be vilified as a racist. Yet
both statements are firmly grounded in fact.

It's a similar story with religion. If I say: Judaism and Christianity are two
religions whose morality and values took mankind further than any other
religion and they are largely peaceful and tolerant religions, it would be difficult
to disagree with me. But if I say: Islam is an evil, retarded and supremacist
death-cult that refuses to afford women and unbelievers respect and the most
basic of human rights because Islam advocates violence to force submission to
Allah, I will be smeared as an "Islamophobe" and a "racist".

Not only that, I will then be - as I have been many times - subjected to the
ordeal of listening to a demented liberal blowhard irrationally shrieking that all
religions are equal, that Judaism and Christianity also have their violent
fanatics and that it's all a question of "interpretation". A pack of lies and
distortions follow all to support the childish Liberal fantasy of equality, exactly
in keeping with Nietzsche's description of inverting morality so as to always
portray the strong West as ignoble by asserting that it only became powerful
by oppressing other people. The Crusades in particular being the favoured
"trump card" in debates about Islam even though the Crusades came in
response to the massacre of Byzantine Christians by Muslim jihadists who were
surely "extremists who were not representative of the Islamic faith."

But facts are discounted at will by devout Liberal-Multicultural disciples. They

simply have to be otherwise their Utopian fantasy world of equality completely

Smearing opponents and resorting to outright lies and distortions of history is

a necessary tactic to impose equality and it is a strategy that exposes the
weakness of those who pursue this asinine fantasy. Attempting to impose
equality is a willful denial of reality as it places ideology before hard evidence.
For Liberal do-gooders, the fantasy of equality comes before all else therefore,
unable to rely on facts and totally enslaved by their devotion to a deeply-
flawed ideology, Liberal-Multiculturalists will outright lie and viciously smear
people who dare to question or deny equality and place reality first.

If unsuccessful in their attempt to silence dissenters, the threat of violence

leading to actual mob violence will also be deployed as we have seen recently
after the BNP's success in the European elections.

Such irrational behaviour is much more than plain stupidity, it is concrete

evidence of psychological illness on a grand scale and it is a mental illness only
affecting the people of the white race as other races and cultures know full well
the entirely natural order of inequality.

Just how mentally ill the Liberal-Multiculturalists really are will now become
clear throughout the rest of this essay.

One Way Street

There is a glaring fact about Multiculturalism and its "all races and cultures are
equal" mantra:

Why is it that only the West plays the Multicultural game? If all races are equal,
why aren't the Chinese, the Japanese, the Koreans, the Arabs, the Pakistanis,
the Indians, the Africans all accepting masses of immigrants into their lands
and allowing alien cultures and religions to be of equal importance to their

However, they do play the Multicultural game of equality but only when they
leave their own lands to invade, colonise and pilfer the affluent West. Back in
their countries of origin, their cultures, their religions and their way of life all
come first and equality - between the sexes, between the races and between
cultures - is as rare as hen's teeth!

If you doubt this, go and look for lobby groups and minority groups demanding
that white people be treated as equals in South Africa, Zimbabwe and the
Middle East. And talking of South Africa, go see if you can find blacks turning
on their own people and demonising them as "racists" for the diabolical way
blacks are persecuting whites and massacring the Boers. Odd that such guilt-
ridden Liberal groups only exist in the West isn't it?

There's more. Let's ask some more simple questions:

If all races and all cultures are equal, why is it black Africans, Afro-Caribbean
blacks, Pakistanis, Indians, Chinese, and Eastern Europeans want to abandon
their own lands en masse to live in the lands of the West? I mean if we're all
truly equal, why does the rest of the world want to live the Western lifestyle, a
lifestyle created in the main by white people? Just why exactly, do they want to
be part of capitalism, run businesses, work for the white man's industries,
claim the white man's welfare and buy and use goods created by the creativity
and ingenuity of Western - white - people?

Why flock to another land, abandoning your own people for what the white
man has created? It can't be because other races are unable to build strong,
advanced societies because we're all equal aren't we? So therefore it must be
to enjoy the lifestyle and the culture that the white man has created which is
logically to admit human races and their cultures are most definitely not equal.

And what about the people who want to migrate to the West from the third-
world but who cannot? This is yet more evidence of the lunacy of "we're all
equal" because the strong are leaving the weak behind which just makes these
already weak societies even weaker. This is the only equality: That as mass
immigration floods the West the West becomes weaker and resembles more
and more the weak third-world.

And why-oh-why does the world want to play sports that form an integral part
of white Western culture, sports such as football, rugby, cricket, boxing? If all
cultures are equal why don't other races stick with their own systems of
business and commerce and play their own sports? Surely no one in their right
minds would say that their own systems of trade and commerce and their own
sports aren't as good as Western sports - that'd be stating inequality exists and
that the West is superior and we can't have that, oh no.

Conversely, why isn't there mass immigration from the West to Africa, China,
the Middle East? Come on, if all races and all cultures and all religions were
truly equal then this would be blatantly obvious to the rest of the world who
would be falling over themselves to welcome masses of immigrants from all
over the world into their lands to enrich their people with the delights of
diversity in the name of equality and Multiculturalism.

And besides, mass immigration is fantastically "good for the economy" so

surely Africa, The Middle East, China, India, Pakistan and Eastern Europe
would benefit enormously from allowing hordes of immigrants from all over the
world but especially the advanced UK and Europe to live in their lands, with
housing, benefits and information explaining how to claim for their
entitlements published in 30 different languages all provided free of charge so
they can settle there and enrich native communities with their religions,
traditions and cultures and bring a much needed boost to their flagging
economies. This would make their less advanced societies stronger and equal
to those of the affluent West too. Can you hear a bell ring after reading this

Let me spell it out for you loudly and clearly: If the people - whites - of the
West have created the most advanced, affluent and just societies, wouldn't it
be bloody obvious for third-world nations to begin programmes of mass-
immigration from Europe so immigrants can create in the third-world the very
same prosperous societies people from the third-world are flocking to in their
millions? But that kinsman, is not the Multicultural game. Not by a long chalk it

And well, it's funny how people from the West don't appear to be rushing to
live the African tribal lifestyle and adopt the African tribal culture. Not so funny
when you realise that black Africans have brought this violent tribal lifestyle
with its hatred for other tribes to the doorstep of Westerners. Better not
mention this somewhat inconvenient fact about African tribal culture though.
You don't want the pious, fanatical Liberal-Multicultural inquisitors accusing you
of suggesting that black African gangs - sorry, tribes - treat each other in a
way that falls a long way short of equality. What are you anyway, some kind of

Let me share something else with you. It is very, very easy to be pious about
equality and Multiculturalism when you live in an advanced, wealthy society. It
is far less easy to eulogise about Multiculturalism and equality when you live in
a violent, unjust and less advanced poverty-stricken society. Maybe this
explains why we don't see many ranting Multicultural disciples demanding the
imposition of equality in countries such as Iran. They know as well as you do
what would happen if they tried to. Such is the folly of claiming equality
between peoples and cultures.

And there's even more folly about this ridiculous pursuit of equality.
A Very Unequal Equality

Not only is Multiculturalism a one-way street with the rest of the world flocking
into the West and changing it dramatically whilst the nations of these
immigrants retain their identities and cultures, the doctrine of Multiculturalism
is only ever applied against Western - make that white - people.

Identity politics is a good example of this. Blacks, Jews, Muslims, Sikhs,

Hindus, Chinese, Pakistanis, Indians - all of these people and more are allowed
to form their own special groups with the aim of protecting and furthering their
own interests based entirely on race or creed. Yet if indigenous Westerners
form their own special interest group - for example The British National Party
or the Belgian Vlaams Belang - they will be outrageously and hypocritically
vilified as "racists" and "fascists" yet not once has any other identity group -
for example the Black Police Officer's Association or even better, the Muslim
Council of Britain, an organisation which promotes one of the most evil and
supremacist ideologies ever created by mankind - ever been vilified as "racists"
or "fascists".

And what may I ask, is so equal about the "Music of Black Origin" awards?
Strange that sanctimonious Liberals screaming "racists!" are curiously absent
at this overtly racist, unequal event isn't it?

Yet the slightest excuse to label whites as "racist" is continually sought. Even
toddlers who refuse to eat spicy food in nurseries end up facing the wrath of
the puritanical Multicultural inquisitors who will insist the parents make their
family more "racially aware and sensitive towards other races and cultures."

Tellingly, when black gang members stab each other or gang rape a white
teenage girl or when Muslim jihadists blow up buses and trains filled with
innocent people the first concern of the guardians of Multiculturalism will be to
minimise the racial aspect of these events - i.e. deny the reality - and lame
excuses such as "it's because of poverty" or the Marxist classic "it's because
they are oppressed by an institutionally racist society" will be spewed out by
these simpering Liberal apologists. Yet conversely, if a group of white men
were to gang rape a black teenage girl - well, you know exactly how this would
be depicted as well as I do.

You tell me - how can equality exist in Liberal-Multicultural la-la land if the
standards promoted by Liberals are only ever applied towards whites? This
blatant and contradictory application occurs because these self-righteous
Multiculturalists firmly believe that only white people can be racist because
whites are always depicted as strong and powerful and other races are always
portrayed as oppressed victims. So Liberal-Multiculturalists knowingly,
deliberately and therefore treacherously distort, misrepresent and outright lie
about racist or violent acts committed by non-whites.

How obvious does it have to be for them to realise that this is hard evidence,
clear proof of the folly of pursuing equality between the races? Because if we
were all equal wouldn't other races be upholding, promoting and living by
these universally moral Multicultural standards of equality and be keen to see
them applied to their own racists and criminals? But as we know, facts don't
matter, only the fantasy of equality for all does.

This double standard is also evident on the world political stage. Why is it we
see leaders from the West fawning over the third-world, uttering trite and
meaningless platitudes along with grovelling apologies for how badly the West
has behaved throughout history? Isn't it strange how these leaders, elected in
the West on policies of Multiculturalism and racial equality never, ever promote
these policies to people of the third world. For example, not once has any
Western leader made a speech to the Middle East saying:

"We now live in a Multicultural global society. The Arabian peoples of the Middle
East must come to realise that all people are equal and must allow people of all
colours and all faiths to build communities and settle in peace in your
countries. The present attitude of Muslims towards women and peoples of
other faiths is racist and oppressive, it is an apartheid that must end and the
international community demands an end to this injustice."

Isn't that more or less what the West said about South Africa and Rhodesia? A
Marxist-Liberal West who piously demanded an end to apartheid backed up
with the imposition of sanctions from the UN and exclusion from the world's
sporting community.

If we're all truly equal, then shouldn't the Middle East - and other non-
multicultural nations - also be treated in the same way? And in such nations I
include the modern South Africa, "The Rainbow Nation", where under black
rule the Marxist ANC are viciously persecuting whites and where the Boers are
facing a murderous genocide and where poignantly, let's not forget, many
black people are now suffering far more than they ever did under apartheid.

It is so obvious even a blind man from planet blind could see it:
Multiculturalism and the fantasy world of equality only applies to the West and
it is applied using exactly the moral inversion predicted by Nietzsche that we
have been discussing in these essays. It is a widespread madness that is,
without doubt, leading the entire white race into the abyss.
A Grand Deception

The folly of Multiculturalism and its mantra of equality is one of the biggest
con-tricks ever played on a people. All of the main political parties promote
Multiculturalism, the corrupt EUSSR is working to enforce equality and
Multiculturalism by law, all of the Western media with very few exceptions
endorse Multiculturalism and of course, most of the worshipped, fame-craving
celebrities in the West also support Multiculturalism and this really should clue
one in as to how absolutely ridiculous the pursuit of equality is.

Here we have an elite group of people who are waxing lyrical about
Multiculturalism and equality yet they do not live or act as equals. From
corrupt, thieving politicians who abuse the trust of the very people who voted
for them by stealing tax payer's money to line their own greedy pockets, to
self-righteous, condescending idiots like Billy Bragg and Ross Kemp who
continually brand BNP supporters as "racists and fascists" yet do not live in
"enriched" Multicultural towns such as Glodwick, Leicester or Brixton. These
hypocrites are the modern day "do as I say not as I do" ranting preachers of
the Liberal-Multicultural religion. They are living proof that some people not
only are more equal than others but firmly BELIEVE they are more equal than

They talk the talk to get what they want, they sure as hell do not walk the walk
and they have no intention of so doing. Equality is not for them and they have
made that abundantly clear.

And the gullible and the naive masses lap up every drop of this putrid
Multicultural vomit spoon-fed to them by an elite who hold their own people in
utter contempt and who see the people as useful-idiots and cash-cows to be
milked for all they're worth. But delirious Liberal-Multiculturalists blinded by
their own self-righteousness fall for the con and enslave themselves to the
Liberal-Multicultural ideology and engage in a futile, childish and self-
destructive pursuit of equality at the behest of their profiteering, deceitful
masters. They'd have more success finding a pot of gold at the end of the

Such is the questionable mental state of Liberal-Multiculturalists and their

conviction in equality of races, cultures and sexes. They are completely blind to
the fact that those who are promoting and preaching the virtues of
Multiculturalism and equality simply don't live it. The privileged elite who have
brought Multiculturalism to the West could afford to conduct an experiment on
society and not suffer the consequences of their stupidity and hypocrisy. Many
of them have made fortunes by promoting and enforcing this evil, unnatural
ideology that is dismantling British communities and destroying Western
It simply doesn't occur to the devout Liberal disciples that it's ever so easy to
feel pity for other people and spout equality and Multiculturalism when you live
in a country mansion, eat the finest foods, drive a Bentley and luxuriate in the
celebrity lifestyle. It's also easy for upper middle-class Liberals living in leafy
suburbs and safe, decent neighbourhoods, who drive nice cars, wear the
trendiest designer clothes and eulogise about the wonders of Multiculturalism
at dinner parties because they've dined at Armenian and Japanese restaurants,
regularly order home-delivered curries from the nearest Pakistani sweet shop
and send fifty quid to "Africans In Need Yet Again" charities twice a year. For
these mollycoddled strangers to reality, that is the meaning of Multiculturalism
and equality.

They are blissfully unaware of the benefits of diversity being endured by their
less-fortunate kin living in enriched British cities where they have to compete
with swarms of immigrants to obtain work at the lowest possible wage. Britons
whose kids are bullied and pressed into gang culture where their teenage years
will be spent in a fog of intoxication, either blind drunk on cheap alcohol or
high-as-kites on heroin, weed or worse, crack cocaine. Britons whose teenage
daughters are being sexually abused and gang raped by various races who
hate whites. These are the expendable indigenous Britons, an unequal
underclass who are living the nightmare reality of Multiculturalism that was
imposed upon them without their consent and who know precisely what the
benefits of enrichment and diversity truly are.

Such Britons are the lab-rats of the Marxist-Multicultural social experiment.

Many of them have not had the opportunity to benefit from a good education
and they have been repeatedly betrayed by traitors whom they trusted with
their precious vote to speak up for them and protect their communities. For
these Britons, the harsh reality of Multiculturalism hits hard and they most
definitely are not treated or regarded as equals. They suffer the consequences
of the hypocrisy and the stupidity committed by hypocritical elites who can
afford the luxury of avoiding the disastrous consequences arising from their
pernicious social experiment.

These unequal Britons who endure the horrors of Multiculturalism every day
also know all too well the real meaning of diversity: It is nothing less than the
deliberate destruction of their way of life and the systematic breakdown of
their communities by state-sponsored ethnic cleansing combined with a
bloodthirsty genocide committed by hate-filled, anti-white, racist immigrants.

These are the British people who suffer the consequences of Multiculturalism
so those who do not can appear virtuous and righteous with their "we're all
equal" mantra whilst acting as superiors who feather their own nests and lie
and deceive at every turn to protect their own selfish interests.
All people are equal? Please. Don't make me laugh. Or weep.


Just as Nietzsche foresaw, the Godless religion of Marxism, with its evil twin
spawns Liberalism and Multiculturalism, works by creating "victim groups" who
are then used to destroy Western society by inverting morality and demanding
more and more from society to compensate for their unjust oppression.

Equality is used to support the cause of these victims. From equality of the
sexes to equality of the races, Marxists need victims for their rotten ideology to
flourish. It is a sick dependency that brainwashes people to believe they are
weak victims whose "injustice" and "unequal status" is morally wrong and that
the strong oppressors - the white race - must be made to pay for their
immoral, unfair superiority. To say it is "The Mother of all guilt-trips" puts it

Yet this pursuit of equality only occurs in Western, Liberal-Multicultural

societies and the rest of the world only plays the equality game when masses
of third-world immigrants flood the West or when former first-world African
nations become third world nations under black rule who demand more and
more from white communities to pay for the "injustice" of apartheid and white
colonial rule.

The attitude of the third-world to the West - make that white people - is simply
this: What's yours is ours and what is ours is our own. It is a despicable
attitude that is reducing the West to a life-support machine for other less
advanced races yet if the indigenous people of the West were to adopt this
unequal attitude, they would be vilified by other races along with self-loathing
Liberal-Multiculturalists from their own race as "racists" and "haters".

Such a hypocritical and weak attitude just encourages millions of blacks,

orientals and asians to become parasites who dine at the abundant table of the
West for free. They jealously want what the white man has created, they deem
it their right to have what the white man has because he only got it by
oppressing other races and yet they continue to contribute little - if anything -
of any real worth to advance the entire human race.

And the more the pious Liberal-Multicultural disciples scream "we're all equal"
the more glaringly unequal nature reveals us to be. Such arrogant, misguided
fools are akin to King Canute who tried to halt the tide but who came to realise
his folly and was humbled by his attempt to battle Mother nature:
"Let all men know how empty and worthless is the power of kings, for there is
none worthy of the name, but He whom heaven, earth, and sea obey by
eternal laws."

For the last fifty years, the white race has arrogantly refused to obey these
eternal laws and it will pay a heavy price unless it comes to realise the futility
of continually fighting against Mother nature. King Canute realised it and other
human races continue to realise it but whether or not the crack-brained
Liberal-Multicultural disciples have the humility to realise their folly of battling
with Mother nature is quite another matter.

But be in no doubt whatsoever that Mother nature will demand they pay the
heaviest price for their arrogance and she will not care one iota if the entire
white race has to pay too. Mother nature knows not pity as even self-righteous
Liberal-Multiculturalists will find to their cost, you can be completely assured of
From Titans To Lemmings:
The Suicide Of The White Race

3. Walking The Wheel


In the first two essays in this series discussing the suicide of the white race, I
have tried to present a reasoned and rational argument as to how
Marxists/Liberals/Multiculturalists exploit a flaw with Christianity to pursue the
goal of a Multicultural society. The flaw is an inversion of morality placing the
weak and the wretched as virtuous and the strong and powerful as ignoble and
immoral. Through this flaw, a number of "minority groups" - victims - have
been created and it is through these groups that the Multicultural society is
being created.

The end goal of Liberal-Multiculturalists is to completely dismantle Western

societies and re-create them as multi-racial, multi-faith and multicultural
societies where all people are equal regardless of race, creed or colour. This
anti-nature utopia of peaceful and harmonious existence between distinctly
different peoples will spell the end of Western nations because Liberal-
Multicultural ideology asserts that it is these strong, advanced societies - and
therefore, the indigenous people of these societies, the white race - that are
responsible for all of the oppression, war and injustice in the world and who
only became so powerful by looting from, and oppressing, weak and powerless

Since WWII, the Liberal-Multicultural ideology has been imposed upon Great
Britain by stealth as successive governments whether Labour or Conservative
have encouraged mass-immigration and have additionally passed scores of
laws to forcibly impose Multiculturalism mainly in British cities and without
consulting the communities affected. They have encouraged mass-immigration
to such an extent that in many communities in Great Britain - Bradford, Bristol,
Luton, boroughs of London, Manchester and Birmingham along with many
other colonised areas - indigenous Britons are now minorities in their own land.

This dismantling of Western societies is happening throughout Europe, it is

happening in the United States and it has already happened in South Africa
and Zimbabwe. The tragedy - and the theme of this series - is that the white
race is, in the main, either engaged in destructively creating discordant
rainbow societies or simply passively allowing Multiculturalism to be imposed
upon it and is, therefore, embracing its own destruction.
Before I continue, I had intended to write about the feminisation of Western
societies as I stated in the last essay but recent events mean that I will be
writing about this important issue another time.

Because in this essay, I want to examine how Western societies are faring as
the pursuit to establish a harmonious, equal, Multicultural Shangri-la continues

State of the Multicultural Union

As any project leader - as I was during my IT career on numerous major

projects - will tell you, one aspect to successfully managing a project is to
continually gauge progress. Liberal-Multiculturalists have been imposing their
rainbow project upon Western societies since the end of WWII. So how is this
enforced social-experiment of transforming the once mighty, industrial and
predominantly white West into an idyllic Multicultural utopia progressing?

Let's begin with Great Britain, a tiny island nation that created the greatest
empire the world has ever seen, a nation that gave much more to the world
than it has ever received in return.

Great Britain, a once advanced and powerful nation whose indigenous people
were predominantly white, Anglo-Saxon, Celtic and of Christian faith is now,
thanks to mass-immigration, the most densely populated country in Europe. It
is a melting-pot of people - black Africans, Caribbean blacks, Pakistanis,
Indians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Eastern Europeans and of course, the native
Britons themselves. This "diversity" is celebrated by Marxists and Liberals yet
at what price does "diversity" come?

One of the reasons trotted out to excuse mass-immigration is the oft-repeated:

"it's good for the economy". Given that the economy is now in recession,
actually it's worse than recession because British tax-payers have had to bail-
out the bankrupt banks, well, let's be honest, logic would decree that this
reason has simply been blown out of the water. Yet during this current
recession, there exists the frankly insane situation of employers hiring dirt-
cheap foreign labour over native British labour with imported foreign workers
being accommodated in "floating hotels". Sounds much better than calling
them what they really are: Slave ships and that we have these affronts to
human dignity docked in British ports two-hundred years after slavery was
abolished is nothing less than disgrace to Britain.

Yet where are Liberal-Multiculturalists and Human Rights activists protesting

about this exploitation? Their silence is deafening - and telling. How on earth
can anyone claim Multiculturalism to be progressive when it has seen a return
of slave ships? It is obvious that exploiting people in desperate need by
treating them like beasts of burden isn't slavery when Marxist-Liberal-
Multiculturalists do it. There's a nation to destroy and money to be made don't
you know? But imagine the outcry if these workers were black.

Christianity, the religion that laid the bedrock on which the British Empire was
built, is now in its death throes. In addition to rows of empty pews at Sunday
worship, churches up and down the land are converted into Mosques and the
Anglican clergy supports calls for Islamic Sharia law whilst at the same time,
smearing as "unchristian" British patriots who are fighting for a return of
traditional Christian morals and values. I guess the smear "heretic" is now out
of fashion with the new holier-than-thou Christian inquisitors.

Meanwhile, Islam continues to grow and flourish in our land. From fanatical
jihadists self-detonating on our transport system and killing British infidels to
no-go areas in British cities, the Muslim communities have made it clear: Islam
first, last and everything. British teenage girls are now enduring rape jihad,
British teenagers and young adults are enduring drug jihad and violent jihad,
British schools serve halal food and cancel traditional Christian celebrations so
as not offend Muslims and the sight of Muslim women arrogantly flaunting their
allegiance to Islam by wearing their black burkas or covering their faces with
the niqab in flagrant violation of British customs and British security laws now
cuts an all-too-common and ghoulish spectre on the streets of all British cities.

A gradual abandoning of traditional Christian morality towards human sexuality

has resulted in sex-obsessed Britons gorging themselves on a diet of soft-core
and hardcore pornography and the sexualisation of children - even infants - is
now being promoted by government including a proposal to reduce the age of
consent to the tender age of fourteen. Promiscuity is now acceptable and
common sexual conduct, with virginity no longer regarded as a praiseworthy
and desirable virtue. Homosexuality is also now accepted as normal behaviour
and "gay pride" carnivals in major cities are an annual event for homosexuals
to openly celebrate, parade and promote their sexuality as being a moral and
healthy lifestyle choice. No sign of "straight pride" carnivals and don't hold
your breath for them to happen either.

The family unit is becoming a rare species. Couples live together and part with
monotonous regularity and of those couples who choose to seal their bond
within the tradition of marriage, around 50% of them will end in divorce.
Single parent families are now accepted as normal, with many single young
mothers giving birth to children who have different fathers, many of whom will
not even know their child never mind contribute a penny in maintenance with
the state happily stepping in to act as a benevolent, surrogate father to
provide for the family needs.
For reluctant mothers, the option of terminating their pregnancy under the
Marxist-feminist slogan "right to choose" is available and has resulted in more
than six million aborted lives in Great Britain since abortion was legalised. I
have yet to to hear a convincing explanation from Liberals as to how at a time
when the birth rate among white, indigenous Britons has dropped dramatically
to a point where maintaining the survival of this people is now threatened,
terminating such a huge number of healthy foetuses can be regarded as a
progressive sign of evolution for the British people.

Crime blights British cities. Along with burglary and car crime, gang culture is
now established in these cities with rival gangs engaged in permanent war in
addition to brutal street battles between Asian, Black and Eastern European
gangs to establish who controls the flow of drugs to British people - children
and teenagers as well as adults - and such gang wars are an ongoing
occurrence. Knife crime in the capital city of London claims teenager after
teenager with no sign that the underlying cause will ever be acknowledged
never mind addressed.

Friday and Saturday nights in British inner cities can resemble a scene from
Sodom and Gomorrah as binge drinking and drug abuse are now serious
problems. Teenagers and young men and women stagger through the streets
in befuddled states of high intoxication and the sight of vomiting revellers or
revellers so inebriated they lie unconscious where they fell on the pavement is
common. Vicious street fights erupt each weekend around the bars and clubs,
outside fast food outlets or even at taxi-ranks and it's all now part of the great
British night out. Many of these drunken brawlers will continue fighting in
casualty where assaults on hospital staff now means that security guards
patrol a valuable resource provided gratis to all courtesy of the British taxpayer
to treat people in need, yet many of those who benefit from it have zero
respect or appreciation for just how precious such a service is to our society.

The once revered concept of British justice is now a corrupt and politicised
mess. Violent and habitual criminals are given light sentences or spend time in
over-crowded prisons pampered and with all luxuries supplied whilst
conversely, motorists and law-abiding citizens protecting their homes or acting
in self-defence are punished mercilessly. Should anyone dare to suggest that
porridge should be a harsher punishment, they will cross swords with the
myriad of Human Rights NGO's whose self-perpetuating mandate is to always
portray criminals as victims. Discrimination against any victim group:
Criminals, Blacks, Muslims, Homosexuals, etc. is treated as a hate-crime or a
violation of human rights and offenders will be forced to atone for their crime
including attending "Corrective Behaviour Courses". Such obvious brainwashing
to impose the Multicultural ideology is not deemed a human rights violation of

And while British cities are colonised by a swarm of ungrateful and self-serving
foreign invaders, those who have inflicted this ongoing nightmare upon the
British people have been deceiving and outright lying to their electorate at
every turn whilst shamelessly and dishonourably pilfering the public purse at
will to line their own pockets. From being involved in the criminal war of deceit
and aggression against our once Christian ally Serbia to the murderous
invasion of Iraq again, both based on a pack of outrageous lies, these greedy
criminal parasites are also busily engaged in promoting mass-immigration to
colonise their own nation whilst simultaneously surrendering British
sovereignty to the soviet EU entity. And yet again, it has happened without
consulting the British people, who are now being governed by an elite politburo
based in a foreign capital city whom the British people didn't vote for and who
have zero accountability to the British people. Solely to satiate their rabid lust
for power and wealth, the current incumbents of Westminster have dragged
British democracy and Great Britain into the sewer.

It is an act of treason without equal in British history and those who have been
part of this betrayal of our nation should be tried for their treason and hung if
found guilty and I make absolutely zero apology for making this statement.

I could continue with Great Britain. But the need to move on prevails as there
is a bigger picture to paint. Because what is going on in Great Britain is
happening in all Western societies as you'll now see.

Star-Spangled Banner

The United States of America was the clear victor of WWII. That is the claim
made by many historians and indeed, the USA became the global super-power
after the war, replacing the British Empire on which the sun had finally set.

Did they really win? Well, since the end of WWII, the US has also been
conducting the same Multicultural experiment as Great Britain. This has
culminated with the most racist Presidential election in US history, with a
"black Muslim Messiah" - sorry, President - being elected largely because 95%
of blacks voted for him.

Barrack Hussein Obama is a black Muslim President who insults US allies while
appeasing unreservedly hate-filled US enemies including bowing in submission
to the King of Saudi Arabia, thus becoming the only US President to ever bow
in submission to a foreign monarch. Within the the US black communities who
elected their new saviour solely because of his skin colour, gang culture is
rampant. This is a debased culture with the vile and repugnant gangsta rap
replete with its woman-hating, sexually explicit and sexually violent filthy lyrics
and its promotion of greed and bling, violence between rival black gangs - and
gangs of other races - and of course, the demonisation of whites as "crackers"
(because they are white and break easily). Yet gang culture is now mainstream
in US society and it is sadly, a debased culture that has also been exported to
other Western societies too.

The US is also being invaded by aliens. Hispanics from Latin America, the
ironically named "La Raza - The Race" are on the verge of becoming the main
racial group in California with Arizona and Texas predicted to follow suit.
Spanish is now the second language of the USA and it is a matter of time
before it becomes the first. In bitter irony, the impoverished black communities
are the most affected and this has led to blacks protesting against Hispanic
immigration to protect black communities and black jobs. No cries of racism
meet these protests and just as whites fled the major cities during the 60's and
70's in what was termed "white flight", blacks to are now also leaving states
being colonised by Hispanics. Indeed, "black flight" has now arrived.

The US economy has catastrophically collapsed with the insane situation that
every child born in the USA takes its first gasp of the oxygen of life with a
staggering $30,000 debt hanging around its neck. And just as in GB, a socialist
government has mis-used taxpayers' money to bail-out incompetent and
greedy bankers and is imposing ever increasing taxes on the productive people
to support an increasing army of demanding free-loaders including of course
the continuing expansion of government and associated NGO's whose sole
raison d' etre is to prosecute the destruction of their own society. All of this
happening at a time when the US is fighting billion dollar wars in Iraq and
Afghanistan and has achieved very little of note in comparison to the cost in
both money and blood.

The lunatic left in the form of the Democrats hold power in the US and of
course, anyone who speaks against the US Multicultural utopia is smeared
with the Orwellian thought-crimes "Racist", "Hater", "Nazi" and "Fascist".

And despite 3000 innocent citizens being massacred by fanatical Muslim

jihadists in an act of war by proxy committed by Saudi Arabia on 9/11, Islam
continues to grow and flourish across the pond with the oil-thirsty USA
cowered by the Saudis and their oil weapon. Saudi-funded Mosques are
springing up in every US state with the main Muslim lobby group CAIR -
Council on American Islamic Relations - issuing law-suits against anyone who
offends Muslims in any way no matter how slight and is currently distributing
100,000 copies of the Qur'an to state and national leaders. This is Da'wa, the
call to Islam, in action and it is a call that few of those who receive it - if any -
will understand the true, malicious intent behind this act.

The USA is bankrupt, it is being colonised by aliens from all around the world
and in just 50 years time, the race that built one of the greatest nations in
human history will be a minority in their own land.
More White Plight

What about other western societies? Surely things can't be as bad in all white
societies - can they?

Let's look at Europe. Multiculturalism is also being imposed throughout the

continent and mass immigration from the third-world - heavily encouraged by
the corrupt EU - is colonising European nations. Countries such as France,
Belgium, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Italy have huge
problems with their ever-volatile Muslim communities. The rape, violent and
drug jihad that blights British inner-cities is also blighting Brussels, Paris,
Malmo, Rotterdam, Oslo, Copenhagen, Milan and Cologne. France especially,
where not only do the immigrant Algerian Muslim community in the Banlieues
surrounding Paris make their territory a no-go area even for French police,
angry and hate-filled Muslims set France alight almost every weekend and if
any Muslim is deemed to have been unfairly arrested by the Police, widespread
rioting ensues.

Mosques are rising throughout Europe funded by Saudi petrodollars, and many
of the major problems highlighted above that plague Great Britain - gang
crime, promiscuity, pornography, breakdown of the family, drug and alcohol
abuse, corrupt government etc. - blight Europe. A declining birth-rate amongst
Europeans and a rising birth-rate among immigrants, especially Muslims, will
see not only white Europeans become minorities but it will certainly lead to
bloody civil war as Islam becomes dominant on the European continent. One
only needs to perform the most brief study of Islamic history to learn how
Islam spreads - first by demographics then mercilessly by the sword.

The white race is faring no better in South Africa and Zimbabwe. These former
first-word nations that created huge wealth for their people and also fed the
entire dark continent, "the bread baskets of Africa" constructed under white
colonial rule are now becoming de-constructed, impoverished third-world
nations under black rule.

In Zimbabwe, the tyrant Robert Mugabe has conducted a genocide against the
white farming communities with the catastrophic results of bankrupting his
country and starving his own people. That's black people who he also
persecutes and murders on a whim. The world talks tough about him but does
nothing of any worth as whites continue to be ethnically cleansed from the
nation they once made so strong.

It is becoming just as bad in South Africa. This former jewel in the African
crown is now a hell on earth for many of its citizens, especially whites. Brutal
and murderous racist crime against whites is out-of-control including an
ongoing genocide against the Boer community and legalised anti-white
discrimination, cunningly dressed-up as "Affirmative Action" or "Black
Economic Empowerment", is endorsed by a Marxist and white-hating ANC
black government to loot more and more land and property once owned by
whites. Once again, the same problems highlighted above are also affecting
whites in South Africa, problems that along with the anti-white hate-fuelled
racism of blacks, are helping to destroy whites in South Africa and Zimbabwe
and indeed, other western societies.

Please believe me when I say I could elaborate in much greater detail on all of
the issues I have raised above but I want to move on to the core issue of this
essay. I'm sure I will have ample opportunities to discuss in greater detail
these and other serious issues affecting the white race in future essays.

So what is at the heart of this look at the continuing demise of western


Choosing Extinction

The genius Albert Einstein famously stated:

"The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and
expecting different results."

If ever there is a statement that encapsulates perfectly the current situation of

the white race then that is it. In Western societies, Liberalism and
Multiculturalism have become the dominant ideologies throughout the West,
much to the delight of Marxists who created them. As discussed previously, the
way these ideologies operate is to create scores of victim groups: Blacks,
Muslims, Ethnic Minorities, Criminals, Homosexuals, Women, Children, Animals
and even Planet Earth. Each of these groups is portrayed as weak and
oppressed victims of the strong majority, this is the moral inversion depicting
the weak as morally good and the strong as ignoble.

The Multicultural ideology places fantasy over reality with its core value
asserting that all people and all races are equal. Liberal-Multiculturalists will
cling to this value even as other races and other people are making it
abundantly clear that they hate the West, they hate white people and they will
destroy the lands of the whites whilst ethnically cleansing whites out of their
own lands. Not only that, other races will prevent whites from entering their
lands and will then hypocritically also demand that whites stop practising their
traditions and religions in Western societies as it is "offensive and racist".
Take the predominant religion that played such a key role in the advancement
of the West throughout the centuries, Christianity. Christians are being
mercilessly persecuted by Muslims in Iraq, Iran, The Lebanon and Egypt.
Throughout the Middle East, Muslims forbid Christians to proselytize on pain of
death and in once Christian Turkey, Christians now number just 1% of the

Conversely, the ever-growing and belligerent Muslim community in the West

demand ever-increasing tolerance and accommodation to allow them the
freedoms to practise their Islamic faith. From building Mosques whose minarets
dominate the skyline of western cities to foot-spas and halal food, any refusal
to accept Muslim demands is met with accusations of "Racist" or

It's a similar routine with blacks who blame whites for all the misfortunes and
failures of the black race and in Africa, blacks are murdering, assaulting and
raping whites and ethnically cleansing them from South Africa and Zimbabwe.
Conversely, blacks in the West demand the right to be treated as equals, to
share the bounty and wealth created by whites and scream "YOUS WAYCISS!"
at anyone who dares to suggest that Multiculturalism isn't a good idea because
the races most definitely aren't equal.

So Muslims are given more and more tolerance and more and more
accommodation to practise their supremacist and intolerant faith, blacks are
given more and more "positive discrimination" to make them equal to other
races especially whites, and the West increasingly dilutes its culture, destroys
its religions, degenerates its youth and indigenous Westerners lose their
identities at the expense of affording other races freedoms and privileges
Westerners are not afforded back in the homelands of these West-hating

This is why I agree with Nietzsche's prediction that as the West abandoned
Christianity, it would through Liberalism and its evil twin Multiculturalism retain
the moral inversion of pity for the weak and wretched and immorality for the
strong. As such, they are simply Christianity without the redeemer or deity but
with the moral inversion of pity as a virtue. Christians are commanded to "love
one another" and they will place this childish and destructive fantasy first and
foremost and continue to love those who hate them and are sworn to destroy
them no matter what, even as Christianity has been eradicated in many
Islamic countries and tragically, even as Christianity is now dying in the West.

Liberal-Multiculturalists will cling to their equally childish illusion "all people are
equal" and will do anything they can to ensure that all other races are given
every opportunity to make them equal even as other races will do whatever
they can to preserve their traditions, their identities and their cultures in their
own native lands whilst destroying the nations in the West they are busy

Such people who place ideology before reality are simply unable to think for
themselves and realise the dire consequences of mindless obedience to a pet
ideology instead of prudent obedience to the laws Mother nature has governing
human reality, especially this harsh truth:

That if they continue to love those who hate them and treat races who hate
their own race as equals, then they are choosing to create the circumstances
for their own extinction. The former Turkish leader Ataturk nailed this in one
simple statement:

Any people that isn't prepared to fight and defend itself will be
conquered by one that is.

Let's be absolutely clear: Behaving in such a weak and submissive manner is

cowardly and it is insanity. Placing an ideology first and foremost even in the
face of demonstrable evidence that proves it is failing is the act of an
intellectual pygmy whose vanity and piety blinds them to truth: that their
failing ideology is out of tune with reality. Maintaining a robotic devotion to an
ideology that is clearly failing won't just destroy other people of their own race
who don't agree with them but it will ultimately destroy believers too along
with their societies and nations and this is happening to the West right now.

Also, these childish and naive little fantasies of "love one another" and "we're
all equal" will perish with them as others who have nothing but contempt for
these silly and unnatural fantasies will replace them with inhuman, unequal
and oppressive ones, especially Islam, a death-cult that is one of the most
oppressive, violent and merciless ideologies ever created by humans, causing
even greater suffering to result.

Enjoy The Craic

This Liberal-Multicultural lunacy reared its ugly head in Northern Ireland as I

was writing this essay. Once more, mass immigration has been imposed upon
a British community - and as usual a working class community - with hordes of
alien Romas bringing a crime-wave that brought disruption and misery all
under the rainbow banner of Multiculturalism.

When the indigenous people reached the end of their tether and made a strong
stance to defend their communities and their way of life they were vilified
throughout the media as "racists". The Marxist propaganda machine The BBC
went even further, referring to it as "the new sectarianism". The alien invaders
who had enriched South Belfast with their enforced and parasitical presence
were painted as innocent victims of bigotry, intolerance and hatred, against a
back-drop of protests from various Liberals and Multiculturalists from outside
the area.

The Church became involved, providing sanctuary to colonisers destroying the

parish the Church is supposed to be the shepherd of. Yet again, the urge to
bestow pity upon the poor and wretched no matter what consequences ensue
is the overwhelming priority.

Insisting that people had the right to choose to live wherever they wanted,
these devout disciples of the Multicultural religion are as hypocritical as they
are mentally disturbed. Have you noticed that such protesters don't march into
upper-middle class or upper-class areas and demand that Romas be
accommodated there? Interesting isn't it, that under Multiculturalism, every
single race has the right to live where they choose all except two: Whites, who
are not welcome in Africa, the Middle East, the Orient or even entitled to
maintain and preserve their own way of life in their own communities, and
Jews, a race who are despised by the Marxist-Liberal left who have made it
abundantly clear that "Nazi Jews" do not have the right to choose to live in
their own homeland of Israel. I have yet to hear these Liberal beacons of
morality demand that "Palestinians", Arabs, Africans and Chinese adopt
Multiculturalism and import massive numbers of blacks, romas, whites and
other racial groups into their lands because "we're all equal and everybody has
the right to choose where they live."

Such a moral obligation only applies to the white race and Western societies,
events in South Belfast proved that beyond any doubt. As politicians from each
of the three parties have stated on numerous occasions it is incumbent on the
British people to surrender their traditions, their communities and their way of
life and adopt and integrate alien cultures instead, like it or lump it.

Telling Tales

As events in South Belfast demonstrated, the media promote the Multicultural

ideology with unashamed bias and distortions of the truth and have no qualm
whatsoever about lying to their readers and viewers to impose the will of the
ruling elite upon their people and ensure Multiculturalism brainwashes the
masses into accepting the colonisation and decline of their once strong and
advanced societies. That such an ideology requires a never-ending stream of
lies and deceptions to support it and to convince others to support it is
testimony not only to how badly flawed Multiculturalism is but also to the
questionable mental state of those who knowingly promote it entirely on

Lies are always an insult to the intelligence of the recipient. Every liar is by
definition assuming that the recipient is stupid, ignorant and unable to
understand the truth. A liar denies the recipient access to important
information they need to make an informed choice about issues they regard as
important to how they live their life. A liar is always acting as a censor, a
manipulator or worse, an enslaver, of the person they are lying to and it is
always done for the liar's gain at the recipient's expense.

When the British media who are trusted by the British people to inform them
truthfully and impartially about events that directly affect their lives - and who
in the case of The BBC, are funded by the British people to provide them with
this vitally important service - resort to lies and deception then they have
criminally abused their remit. They have become the lowest of the low, I'd
rather know a thief than a liar, you know what a thief is but you never know
what a liar is. Those who pay for the media in any way, shape or form are
paying for people to abuse them and deceive them. As the Arabs say, Fool me
once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

The British Marxist media are fooling the British people over and over and over
again, they are part of the ruling elite that is destroying Great Britain and yet
there is zero accountability so the media continue to lie and deceive with
impunity. It is an absolute disgrace, a destructive attack on British
Parliamentary democracy and I sincerely hope the BNP will make it a priority to
restore journalistic impartiality and integrity when they are elected into

A Lame Excuse

These lies and deceptions repeatedly committed by the mass media are quite
simply no excuse for what is happening to the white race. Ignorance is not an
excuse because it is simply not recognised in nature. In fact, if anything,
ignorance is a damning indictment on just how dumbed-down and cowed the
white race has allowed itself to become.

Despite the hard-evidence highlighted in this essay and that most people can
easily observe for themselves in their daily lives, the majority of our people will
swallow and regurgitate the rotting garbage they've been fed by the devious
media because they are too lazy to become informed or too arrogant and
conceited to challenge their total enslavement to the Liberal-Multicultural
ideology, just as pious and devout believers of various religions have been
throughout human history.
Liberal-Multiculturalism is the new religion of pity that always supports the
weak at the expense of the strong. Everything must be tolerated and
discrimination against any weak group is strictly forbidden and the weak will
always be painted as the good. This means that given a choice between
discrimination and pity Liberal-Multiculturalists will choose pity; when forced to
choose between reality or fantasy they will choose fantasy; and when given a
choice between superiority and inferiority they will willingly subjugate
themselves to inferiors.

Every choice counts, every choice either brings its rewards or its punishments.
As the core of the Multicultural society is promoting the interests of minorities
over the interests of the majority of society, this means Liberal-Multiculturalists
will choose weakness and the strong will be dragged down to the level of the
weak. Such suicidal behaviour can be summed up thus: Given a choice
between success and failure they will choose failure and therefore, in a fight
for survival or extinction, extinction is chosen.

Make no mistake about it: The consequences of these choices are being seen
now in all Western societies and it amounts to suicidal madness because such
choices are a conscious denial of reality.
They demonstrate the commonality between pious disciples of all faiths
including Multiculturalism: When reality unfolds in ways that do not conform to
the particular ideology, the devout believers will put their fingers in their ears,
hum "la la la la, we're right, not listening" and become defensive and even
angry and violent should anybody have the nerve to suggest that we put
reality first and act accordingly even if it means acting contrary to the pet

With religion, self-righteous inquisitors would smear and dehumanise their

opponents - heretic, blasphemer, anti-Christ, witch etc. Nowadays, after the
demise of Christianity in modern Western societies, those who dare question
the Liberal-Multicultural ideology will also be dehumanised, with racist and
fascist as the current weapons of choice deployed to silence dissenters and to
force people to accept fantasy over reality.

Reaping What You Sow

Believing in pet ideologies with visions of utopia is all well and good during
peacetime. But when your nation and your people are facing conquest,
subjugation and eventual extinction, placing fantasies and deeply flawed
ideologies before reality and Mother Nature will result in catastrophe. What is
happening to Western societies and what those who open their eyes are
witnessing is Darwinism in action, not the will of Allah or Yahweh or Christ or
some other mystical divine redeemer. And if the West continually refuses to
exert its natural superiority and defend its territory from being attacked and
invaded by aliens then it and the White race along with it will perish.

The reality is that no supernatural friend is going to come to our aid and no
amount of "love one another" and "all races are equal if we're kind to them
they'll be kind to us" is going to be of any help whatsoever. Nature and our
enemies know not pity. Look at blacks in SA and Zimbabwe for clear evidence.
These people lived in a first world country with first class facilities, they were
well-fed, benefited from a superb infrastructure, first-class medical care and
thriving industries and yet black rule has destroyed it all in just 25 years
despite having it all laid on a platter for them.

Do you think the African blacks care? Not a jot, they wanted whites out, they
are still persecuting and murdering whites en masse - along with their own
people - and still stupid white liberals cling to the "we're all equal and we're
paying for colonial rule" nonsense as the genocide against the Boers continues
apace with the goal of eradicating whites from South Africa and it is bringing
enormous suffering to blacks too.

What kind of dominant pack-animal - including humans from all races - refuses
to defend its own territory, nurtures the young of other species and prostates
itself before weaker beasts all for flawed, lion-lying-down-with-the-lamb
childish fantasies that are flying in the face of Mother nature? The evidence
regarding the rainbow societies being created in the West is overwhelming and
is telling us that the current path the white race has chosen IS NOT WORKING.

Reality is unfolding and showing us the consequences outlined in this essay

and even those who have created the nightmare are aware of it. But it is
never the fault of those who created the circumstances it is always the fault of
those who suffer the consequences for refusing to believe in a total fantasy.
This is the insanity that I'm trying to describe, that the solution to the perilous
situation the West is now in isn't to stop pouring fuel onto the fire it is to pour
more fuel on it because those responsible cannot admit their precious ideology
is failing catastrophically.

In so doing, Liberal-Multiculturalists are akin to Faith Healers who peddle their

nonsense to gullible and vulnerable sufferers, urging them to "believe and you
will be cured". When the cure doesn't come, it isn't because the Faith Healer
was wrong it is because the sufferer didn't believe enough. When the
indigenous people of South Belfast fought to defend their communities, it was
they who were blamed, not those who imposed Multiculturalism on the
community. The nauseating, self-righteous attitude of Liberal-Multiculturalist
disciples shone through:

"We are destroying your communities and your traditions and we are forcing
you to live with foreign invaders who you should welcome and whose cultures
you should adopt. It's your fault that it isn't working, how dare you question
our perfect beliefs and defy us you racists!"

Here Comes The Bogey-Man

And during this dispute, the focus of mainstream media and politicians and
anti-democratic groups such as UAF is on "The Racist BNP". That's the BNP
who didn't cause these problems, the BNP who exposed the money-grabbing
greedy pigs in Westminster for the corrupt, dishonourable and thieving swine
they truly are. The same BNP who aren't busy committing treason by
surrendering British sovereignty and the same BNP who opposed bailing out
incompetent and greedy bankers with public money. And let's remember it
isn't the BNP who has deployed slave ships in British ports to provide slave
labour for avaricious global capitalists.

But the media and the politicians want to focus attention on "The Fascist BNP"
to distract attention from the unfolding Multicultural nightmare and the masses
react by reading and watching the media that is brainwashing them, they vote
for the same politicians who are destroying their communities, who bankrupted
the economy and who were busy lining their own pockets by stealing with
impunity from their own people, a people they hold in utter contempt; a people
with a sheep-like mentality who fell for the most idiotic and retarded appeal
ever conducted by lib/lab/con snake-oil selling con-artists: We're bad but don't
vote for the BNP, they're worse.

And the masses continue to do the same things over and over again and
expect different results.


In the brilliant 1978 film Midnight Express, there is a scene depicting lunatics
walking around a stone wheel in a lunatic asylum. The man whose story the
film re-creates realises that if he continues to walk the wheel each and every
day he will end up just like all of the other lunatics so he decides to walk the
other way. This of course alarms and distresses the lunatics who try to force
him to walk the wheel with them. The man knew if he was to recover his
sanity, he had to stop walking the wheel, he had to "stop doing the same
things over and over again" and this is a point the white race has yet to arrive

At this moment, the white race is continuing to do the same things over and
over again by supporting those who are destroying them. They continue doing
the same things over and over again in the hope that despite the evidence, a
different result will be obtained and one day the Multicultural peaceful Shangri-
la will happen. The only outcome resulting from this suicidal insanity of
"walking the wheel" is to take the West further down the road to oblivion.

Nationalist parties like the BNP are the ones who are walking the other way
and they offer the chance for the West to regain its sanity. It is a chance the
West has to take, a chance to stop doing the same things over and over again
in the expectation of achieving different results. Einstein has explained it for us
simply and accurately, the West ignores his definition of insanity at its peril.
From Titans To Lemmings:
The Suicide Of The White Race

4. Slaying David, Crippling Britannia


So far in this series of essays discussing the serious predicament the white
race currently faces, I have tried to explain what I believe to be the lemming-
like suicide of the white race and by lemming-like I am asserting that the white
race is knowingly choosing to behave in ways which will assure its own

Central to the series is the way Marxist ideology has been embraced by the
white race whose societies impose Multiculturalism and Liberalism in the trivial
pursuit to establish equality between all races and all peoples. I have
attempted to describe how these ideologies are being imposed upon white
societies through the creation of numerous minority groups - e.g. blacks,
asylum seekers, criminals, Muslims, homosexuals, women, animals, planet
earth etc. - groups who are portrayed as oppressed victims of the powerful
strong majority.

Multiculturalism and Liberalism is being forced upon white societies by force

and by deploying a moral inversion that is fundamental to Christianity and
identified by the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche whereby the strong
and the powerful are always portrayed as immoral and the weak whereas the
wretched and the oppressed are the moral and the good. Nietzsche described
Christianity as "The religion of pity" because of this flaw and he predicted that
the West - white societies - would abandon the Christian religion but cling
steadfastly to this moral inversion of the weak and oppressed as being moral
and noble.

I firmly believe Nietzsche's analysis of Christianity and his prediction of how

the West would maintain the moral inversion he identified were both totally
accurate and it is this pity for the weak that is enabling alien invaders to
colonise and flourish throughout the West along with the destruction of
traditional values and morals that once made the west so strong.

But there is one minority group that is singled out as being the root cause of
the West's problems. They are a minority group despised by Marxists and
Liberals and, I'm sad to say, equally despised by a section of British
Nationalists and other nationalist groups. The Marxists despise them for the
very reasons I am describing in these essays, some Nationalists hate them for
this reason too but they also hate them for a very different, convenient but
ultimately self-destructive reason as we shall now see.

I am of course talking about the Jews and as a very proud, white British
Nationalist who is absolutely fed-up of reading ill-informed, hate-filled and
often asinine comments around British Nationalist blogs about Jews I believe it
is now time for the various myths and excuses trotted out to justify Jew hatred
to be challenged. Because if this nonsense continues it is going to damage
British Nationalism and therefore, serve to promote the interests of all of the
enemies who are destroying our land.

Know Your Enemy

So who are the enemies of Great Britain and how do British Nationalists
empower our enemies by joining in with this nasty Jew hate-fest? It is vitally
important to identify our enemies because if we do not correctly identify them
then we handicap ourselves. Here in no particular order are the enemies who
are busily destroying Great Britain along with other Western societies in the
pursuit of their desire to first turn whites into a minority, then to wipe them

The Left - Marxists, Communists, Multiculturalists, Liberals, Socialists. Not all

are malicious, along with the died-in-the-wool West-hating Marxist/Socialist
raving red nutjobs are the well-meaning but totally misguided and terminally
naive Liberals. Useful idiots who provide oxygen for the enemy, an enemy who
will one day turn on them too.

Islam - The goal of EVERY Muslim is to establish the single global ummeh -
"fight the infidel until the world belongs solely to Allah" . There is nothing more
they desire than the conquest of the West and they are prosecuting Islamic
jihad in a number of ways both violent and non-violent. Islam has declared war
on Great Britain - unlike Judaism - and presents perhaps the most serious
threat to the entire West and and that includes Israel.

The Black Race - Look at what has happened to whites in Africa since the end
of colonial rule and look at what blacks have done in the US and the UK. Blacks
blame whites for all of their many failings and the level of racist hatred blacks
have directed upon whites in Britain, the US, South Africa and Zimbabwe is

Global Capitalists: Note the word GLOBAL. There is nothing wrong with
Capitalism, but Global Capitalism is evil and it is causing enormous harm to the
West. In this I include the huge banking corporations who thanks to their
greed and incompetence have had to be bailed out by taxpayers. Politicians of
all faiths and all parties betrayed their people and instead of serving their own
people served the Global Capitalists instead. Not content with that they then
allowed cheap foreign labour to take the jobs of British workers during a
recession. Thus, each of the main political parties have sold-out their own
people and along with their support for the colonisation of Britain via mass
immigration, are ipso facto now at war with the British people.

The Western Media - From Hollywood movies to Porn flicks, from commercial
broadcasters like Sky to state broadcasters such as the BBC, from world
respected newspapers such as The Times to the free local papers, the media is
now a Multicultural propaganda machine that makes Pravda look like The
Beano. As they brainwash the British people with a continual stream of lies and
deceptions to condition the British people into accepting their own demise, the
Western Media have also declared war on their own people. Not all of the
Western media is owned by Jews and it certainly is not predominantly staffed
by Jews, not by a long chalk.

Now I can hear the cries of Jew-hating Nationalists as though they were next
to me: "Yes Recon, they all are, but the Jews are behind all of this, they control
the world, they're responsible for all of it IT'S THE JOOOOZ!"

To which I simply respond by highlighting the worst of our enemies, the enemy
who is doing more damage to Western societies and the white race than any

OUR OWN PEOPLE. That is, the majority of indigenous Britons who have
willingly accepted guilt, self-loathing, treason, cowardice and pity as worthy
virtues and who have swallowed the Multicultural vomit spoon-fed to them by
the ruling elite and who simply do not have the wit or the will to defend the
freedom paid for in blood that they deem to be their right. Let's look at this in
more detail.

If I Were A Rich Man

The most common smear I hear against the Jews is the charge of avarice, and
it goes something like this: "The Jew is motivated by greed and money and the
Jew is never satisfied. They own all the world's banks and control most of the
world's money."

First, if anyone seriously believes that only the Jews are avaricious then they
must be barking mad! ALL races containing multiple faiths are motivated by
money, the desire for wealth is not limited solely to Jews and to suggest so is
plain folly. There are avaricious Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus etc. but look
at the group who will most often use this smear against the Jews, those moral
beacons on the left, our socialist enemies. Whilst telling all and sundry
"everybody is equal" they were were busy plunging their grabbing grubby paws
into the public purse lining their own pockets to pay for all manner of luxuries,
not forgetting socialist politicians who were busy playing the property market
with tax-payers' money.

The black race is also as avaricious as any other. The problem with blacks is
that they will steal the white man's wealth - and they have just look at
Rhodesia and South Africa - but won't contribute anything whatsoever to take
humanity forward. Unless of course you consider gangsta rap with its lust for
bling and violent sex as being an enriching contribution?

Hmm, not contributing anything of worth to humanity yet demand riches - no

wonder African blacks embrace Marxism so readily, they have so much in
common. Stealing the wealth created by others because they are incapable of
creating anything of worth to earn it being the most obvious.

Perhaps the second accusation, that the Jews control the world's money flow
because they own the banks carries a little more weight. Without doubt many
financial institutions are owned or controlled by Jews but the Jews no longer
exercise as much control as people think. It is also prudent to realise that not
all Jews are Jews just as all Christians are not Christians. The Jews, just like
whites, are affected by self-loathing, guilt and self-hatred and are also cursed
by Marxism-Liberalism. More on this later, but do please be aware of the
existence of JINO: Jews In Name Only. They too hate their own and are going
about destroying their own as well.

The biggest transfer of wealth in human history - a transfer that is ongoing -

has been the transfer of US$13 trillion from the oil-thirsty West to the Middle
East. It has resulted in a catastrophic resurgence of Islam - that's Islam, not
misnomers such as "Radical Islam" or "Militant Islam" or "Extreme Islam" - and
one country in particular is using its enormous unearned wealth to spread
Islam in the West: Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is at war with Britain - make that the West but let's keep it to
Britain, after all we're British Nationalists. The Saudis are funding the building
of Mosques throughout our land, they are funding the establishment of Islamic
Centres in our towns and cities, they are funding legal jihad and provide the
financial clout behind organisations working hard to promote Islam and silence
critics and who now wield considerable political influence in British politics -
e.g. Lord Ahmed who threatened to mobilise an army of 10,000 Muslims
should Dutch MP Geert Wilders be afforded free speech in the House of Lords -
and Islamic lobby groups and organisations such as The Muslim Council of
Britain. With the oil-weapon, the Saudis can manipulate the oil-dependant
West and does so frequently.
And let's not forget that Saudi Arabia committed an act of war on September
11th 2001, murdering 3000 people in an act of Islamic jihad committed
predominantly by Saudis. It is the Saudis who are bankrolling Islamic jihad
terror groups such as Muslim League Worldwide, International Islamic Relief
Organisation, Islamic Association for Palestine, Al Qaeda and The Taliban,
those lovely examples of Islamic tolerance and peace who not only commit the
most heinous acts of barbarity against their own people, the Taliban are
sending British soldiers home in coffins much to the delight of Muslims in the
UK who also enjoy abusing British soldiers returning from active service over in
Iraq and Afghanistan.

Amazingly, Saudi Arabia is deemed an ally of Great Britain and the United
States. Oh, and Saudi Arabia forbids Jews to enter their Kingdom and if you
think you as a kuffar fare any better, think again. Kuffars are forbidden to
enter the cities of Mecca and Medina on pain of death and I will bet you a
pound to a pinch of the proverbial that you will not find many Christian
churches or Christians in that delightful country and if anyone was stupid
enough to preach Christianity there and demand Saudi school-kids be fed pork
and study Christianity they'd be killed in a heart-beat.

And as Christians are persecuted and driven out of almost every single nation
in the Middle East, only one nation provides a safe place for Christians to
practice their faith in the region. It's the same one Jew haters throughout the
West marched against in their millions in 2009, screaming for the Jews to be
sent back to the ovens or to the gas in reference to an event in Jewish history
that they often claim simply didn't happen.

So to those who hate the Jews let me ask this:

Are synagogues being built throughout our lands and are Jews committing acts
of terror against Britons to establish Judaism as the dominant religion? Is
Israel - a country facing exactly the same Islamic jihad as the West - funding
Jewish terror organisations enabling them to commit murderous acts of
violence against innocent people in every country where Jews co-exist
alongside people of other faiths? Are your children being force-fed kosher
meals in schools, are Jews raping your teenage girls and are Jews waging a
legal war against anyone who dares criticise the Jewish religion?

But the evil Zionist-Jew-Nazis are controlling the world, right?

More food for thought:

Of the 13,155,000 Jews in the world, 300,000 live in the UK. Of the estimated
1.3 BILLION Muslims, two million live in the UK and I can tell you that along
with their 1 billion fellow Muslims they will not be controlled by Jews, "the
descendants of apes and pigs" as their prophet Mohammed referred to them,
no way whatsoever.

Hate Not Reason

I find it very difficult understand this rabid hatred for the Jewish people
displayed by a few British Nationalists. With the left-wing red rabble I can
understand it because the reds absolutely despise success because success is
evidence of inequality. Since the Jews returned to their homeland of Israel
from around 1870, Israel has developed into a first-world nation, the sole
democracy in the Middle East and a nation that shines like a beacon when
compared to the brutal and retarded Islamic garbage dumps that surround it.

Yet the Jew-haters will rant and rave about Zionists as if these people are the
most evil people on planet earth, indeed, they will claim the Zionists are
controlling the entire world and that they are going to destroy all non Jews. I'm
sure you'll have heard some unbalanced individual spewing out numerous
Zionist conspiracy theories all based on suspicion and the flimsiest of evidence,
e.g. that the Mossad were behind 9/11.

These are the same people who cannot wait to label the Israelis as "Nazis"
whenever Israel has the affront to defend itself against Islamic jihad, a jihad
waged by proxy by Iran and, yes,you're right, Saudi Arabia who finance and
equip the fanatical Muslim jihad organisations HAMAS, Fatah and Hizballah to
"drive the Jews into the sea" in full accordance with Islamic Sharia law. Funny
how the Western media and the Jew-haters never mention how Sharia law is
the core reason for this conflict isn't it?

That most people in the West believe this jihad is all about the persecution of
"Palestinians" and their "right of return" to their state of "Palestine" that is
being "illegally occupied" by Israel shows how clueless the West is about Islam
and how eager Jew-haters are to give vent to their intense anti-Jew hatred
instead of understanding how this conflict is being played on the world stage to
establish the global ummeh, therefore, how this conflict affects Britain.

I have written about this previously but the fact that there has never ever been
a state called "Palestine" and therefore, no such people as "Palestinians"
doesn't get in the way of the haters.

Nor does the fact that the Saudis and their puppet Yasser Arafat used the
threat of Islamic terror to force Europe to not only fund with taxpayers' money
the "Palestinian Cause" but also to increase Muslim immigration into Europe
and the Europeans cowered and they still cower.

So Israel defends itself against an Islamic jihad being funded by the US,
Europe, Saudi Arabia and Iran and is labelled as "Nazi Jews" for doing so.

But what's been happening while the Jew haters have been chewing their
comfort blankets and blaming the Jews, is that Muslims around the world are
committing the same heinous acts the Jew haters lyingly accuse Israel and the
Jews of. And those who worship a prophet who was a paedophile and a
murderer of Jews hate the Jews more than anybody else does and you know
what? They hate you the dirty kuffar even more, and it doesn't matter if you
hate Jews or not.

First comes Saturday then comes Sunday, first the Jews then the Christians.
Then the Buddhists, the Hindus, the Sikhs the Zoroastrians, the atheists, the
Liberals, the Multiculturalists - ALL KUFFARS until all of the world belongs to
Islam. And all of the groups mentioned in this paragraph are being enriched by
the "religion of peace" as you read this essay.

This conflict in the Middle East begs a question:

If the Jews are trying to control the world why is it they can't even control
Israel? They've already given up the Sinai, they've given up Gaza, they pulled
out of Southern Lebanon, they've allowed Arab refugees - not Palestinians - to
flourish in Judea and Samaria (The West Bank as the Muslims and their allies
want you to believe) and they've also given them a third of Jerusalem. This in
addition to the loss of Jordan, half of the land of Israel which was originally
promised to the Jews. And in Israel, these Arab refugees enjoy more rights and
freedoms than they would be afforded in ANY Islamic country.

For all of this, the Israelis and the Jews have earned the hatred of the world
and the murderous terror attacks of HAMAS, Fatah and Hizballah. If Israel and
the West had any sense at all, they would kick-out every single Muslim back to
the Islamic cesspits where their beasts spawned them and where they and
their retarded, brutal evil death cult truly belong. And if they dared attack any
other nation then they face the severe consequences.

But we can't have that can we? Oh no, instead, whites join in the Jew hate-fest
whilst pandering and cowering before an evil enemy who not only imposes
Islam on the West, it gets the myopic, gullible, Liberal-Multicultural fools to pay
for their own destruction. These the same simple-minded hate-filled useful
idiots who scream "Kill the Jews!" as their own society is destroyed by Muslims
before their very eyes.
So blinded are they by their hatred and stupidity they cannot see it. They
cannot see the thousands of Buddhists slaughtered in Thailand. The millions of
Hindus slaughtered in India - who also lost a large part of its land to Muslims.
They cannot see the extermination of the Zoroastrians and Bahias in Iran.
They cannot see the Jews murdered by suicide bombers in Israel or Jewish
children cowering in fear from rocket attacks deliberately launched at them as
they are on their way to school but they're Jews so who cares and besides,
those "poor oppressed Palestinians" are only firing piddling little fireworks
right? Nor can they see the thousands of Christians executed and mutilated in
Iraq, Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt, Nigeria, Somalia, The Sudan.

Of course they can't because IT'S THE JOOZ innit?

Please. Instead of hating the Jews, let's wake up to the very real nightmare of
Islamic jihad before it's too late.

Lessons From History

One aspect surrounding Jew-hatred involves a quite nauseating and frankly

misguided admiration of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. I have read on various
Nationalist blogs comments about Adolf Hitler being some kind of champion for
the white race. This is the same Adolf Hitler whose insanity caused the deaths
of millions of whites right after millions of whites had been slaughtered on the
killing fields of France and Belgium just 20 years previous.

But many of the people making these comments do not seem to understand
that Hitler was not about "White supremacy" but Aryan supremacy. He held all
other races - including Anglo-Saxons, Celts and Picts - as biologically inferior to
the Nordic Aryan and would've had no trouble at all in exterminating inferior
non-Aryan races - who many of these Hitler admirers belong to - but why let
facts spoil a good "sieg heil" from these misguided, wannabee Nazis.

There are also the questions surrounding the Holocaust, those who deny it
ever took place and those who like to have a pissing contest about what the
real numbers of victims actually were. But whose history is being denied here -
is it solely the Jewish history?

Most definitely not because it also denies British, American, Canadian, Polish
and Russian histories because it was their soldiers who liberated the death
camps and who the deniers accuse as "liars". Are we seriously to believe that
after almost a year of heavy and intense fighting the allies and the Russians
decided to embark on such a grand deception? And how convenient of them all
to agree, along with the support of the International Red Cross, the
International media, the citizens imprisoned in the camps and of course, the
Nazis and the German people, including those who committed the atrocities
and those who witnessed them along with those white Germans who were
victims of their own master race.

Isn't it a tad odd that only this aspect of WWII is denied? There is no denial of
British WWII history: Dunkirk, The Blitz, Arnhem, D-Day, or the dreadful abuse
endured by allied POWs in Japanese camps. Only the "Jewish" holocaust -
Jewish history - is denied. And along with denying the "Jewish Holocaust", the
history of other victims is denied too. Ignored by these Jew haters are the 4
million other victims of the Nazis: Gypsies, Slavs, the mentally and physically
handicapped, the political dissenters, Christians, members of the white race
including women just take the camp at Ravensbrueck, where Jewish prisoners
were the minority, as being one notorious example from the 55,000
concentration camps established by the Nazis throughout Europe. Kind of all
those European nations to play an active part in creating this "Jewish Myth".

That number doesn't include the death camp at Jasenovac, run by the Croatian
Ustashe, the beloved allies of the Nazis. I wonder if this is denied too? If so,
we can add the Serbs to our growing list of liars and deceivers.

What is telling for me about the Holocaust is that those who perpetrated it
didn't deny it, indeed, many were defiant about it to the end, monsters such as
Irme Grese and Adolf Eichmann. The trial of Klaus Barbie in France in the late
1980's also re-enforced this because the prosecution didn't deny that he'd
committed war crimes but that those who aided him were still at large in the
very government that was prosecuting him.

One thing I will agree on with the Jew haters is that the Jews have hijacked the
holocaust and depicted it as solely an atrocity committed against Jews when it
most certainly was not and stating so does not diminish from what the Jews
suffered but by hijacking it they diminish the suffering of other races and
peoples and I condemn them without reservation for it.

Another accusation thrown at those who defend the Jews is one of re-writing
history, an accusation I find somewhat amusing. If the Jews have been such a
threat throughout British history and they damaged Great Britain so badly, well
how did Great Britain manage to build the greatest Empire the world has ever

Yet these are the people who vote for the British National Party because they
want to make Britain great again! I'm really glad they feel this way, I do too
but I wish they'd drop this glaring contradiction. The British Empire was so
mighty because it was built largely on Judeo-Christian foundations and let's
remember that the systems of commerce that brought trade all around the
Empire and contributed to Britain's wealth were developed in the main by

Blame Game

When discussing the current dire situation the West is now in, the blame for
the situation is always laid at the door of the Jews. When it comes to Marxism,
Jew haters will claim Marx was a Jew but fail to mention that his family had
converted to Lutheran Christianity. But Marx isn't the only figure to have
influenced the left, the philosophy of Antonio Gramsci, founding member of the
Italian Communist Party is also greatly admired by the leftards and he was not
a Jew.

Jew haters conveniently blame the Jews for the current situation the West is in
and will claim Multiculturalism for example, has been imposed upon the West
by the ruling Jewish elite who want to destroy the West. I reject this
absolutely. Jews are not responsible for the nightmare of Multiculturalism and
to single out one race for blame is ridiculous. Are some Jews involved in
enforcing Multiculturalism? Of course. But there are also blacks, Asians,
Orientals, Arabs and of course whites including leading Christians who are all
involved in inflicting this unnatural and destructive social experiment upon the
British people.

But the elite who are imposing Multiculturalism in Great Britain have only been
able to do so because the majority of the British people have chosen to accept
it. In addition to the malicious - the Marxists and the Socialists - there have
been the naive Liberals who went along with it because they truly believe in
the fantasy of a rainbow utopia, a Shangria-La where the lion lies down with
the lamb, where all of the races live side-by-side in peace and tranquillity. All
races that is except the Jews because they'd only spoil it no doubt.

I'm sure Jew-haters will now say something like: "Yes, but these naive fools
have been betrayed and lied to, they trusted those who brainwashed them and
those doing the brainwashing are the Jews."

To which I say: Ignorance is not an excuse for stupidity and it isn't just the
Jews who are doing the brainwashing, other races have noticed the suicidal
stupidity of the West and are busy exploiting it.

This last point is absolutely crucial to this essay and is something every British
Nationalist I believe needs to have a very clear awareness of. Blaming the Jews
is nothing more than an excuse, it is an opt-out, a get-out-of-jail card that
absolves our own people from the responsibility of the mess THEY have
created. Throughout these essays I have tried to explain how the white race is
behaving in ways that fly in the face of nature by WILLINGLY accepting the
Multicultural ideology, indeed many British people - and of the white race as a
whole - are amongst the most vehement defenders of this destructive and
unnatural ideology.

Let me make it clear: The Jews didn't force Britons to gorge themselves on
porn, to sink themselves into ever-increasing debt, to consume with insatiable
greed the cheap foreign goods that flooded Britain. The Jews didn't force
Britons to watch their Hollywood movies, to read Jewish and Marxist-Liberal
propaganda through their media and the Jews didn't force anybody to vote for
corrupt, devious, treacherous and avaricious politicians - politicians who come
from a variety of backgrounds - native Brits, Catholics, Protestants, atheists,
blacks, Muslims and Jews. The Jews didn't vote them in and what these traitors
have done to their own people wasn't solely conducted by Jews and it has
caused Britain far more harm than any other race has, including the Jews.

Clear evidence of this was provided in a timely manner by the good people of
Norwich in the recent by-election. In a year where the economy has collapsed,
where taxpayers bailed out the banks, where slave ships returned to British
ports and where the sickening greed of politicians from the lib/lab/con one
party con-trick was exposed for all to see - ironically, in the Jew-controlled
media - these rational and intelligent Britons did what they have always done
and voted for these incompetent, greedy, self-serving, duplicitous thieves in
their thousands. The Jews didn't put a gun to their heads to make them vote
this way, they voted willingly and in full knowledge of what the politicians had
done to them.

In the last essay, I discussed Einstein's definition of insanity and applied it to

the behaviour of the white race. And Norwich provided the perfect example of
people doing the same things over and over again and expecting different
results. It is absolute insanity, no question about it.

The Jews are infected with this suicidal madness too, Jews like George Soros
and the anti-Israel "Jewish" lobby group J-Street who continue to make
demands on tiny Israel to give up its land to the Arabs in return for a non-
existent peace. In so doing, these juicidal Jews are aiding the current global
Islamic jihad and they are far more useful to the enemy than any other Jew.

Diverting Attention

Blaming the Jews doesn't just detract from the root cause of the problem - the
suicidal stupidity of the majority of the white race - it also diverts attention
greatly from the responsibility other races bear for the grave damage they
have maliciously inflicted upon Great Britain. Races such as the African and the
Afro-Caribbean black, parasites who have invaded our nation, sponged off our
welfare system, introduced their retarded culture including gang culture with
its drug abuse and tribal violence. Then there are blacks who've made careers
out of being black, blaming the white race for all of the many failings of blacks
and screaming "WAYCISS" at anyone who disagrees with them, demanding
more and more "positive discrimination" to handicap the native Briton so the
black invader prospers - at the expense of the now weakened indigenous

Blacks never accept responsibility for their failures, they always blame another
race, another tribe, another person for their own short-comings and I reject
this absolutely. Blaming the Jews is exactly the same as blacks blaming the
whites and throughout the West, blacks are using the hate-crime of racism to
colonise us whilst deceitfully blaming whites for the mess Africa is in.

Yet back in the lands of Africa, the whites have been almost ethnically cleansed
from Zimbabwe, the Boers are facing an ongoing genocide and whites in South
Africa are facing an escalating violent and anti-white racist crime-wave. All in
addition to the appalling horrors blacks inflict on their own people. The
behaviour of blacks has nothing to do with the Jews, blacks and blacks alone
are responsible and nothing should distract from that uncomfortable truth.

Along with many other parasitical races who see Great Britain and the British
people as a life-support system, who invade our land, grab as much as they
can and give little if anything in return, these white-hating invaders present a
much more serious threat than the Jews and we shouldn't allow ourselves to
be distracted from that.


Blaming the Jews for the plight of the white race will only render British
Nationalists powerless. The Jews are not responsible for this situation, whites
are. The sooner we accept this, the sooner we accept that we are responsible
for what has happened and therefore we accept that we and we alone are
responsible for getting ourselves out of it. Blame is an excuse and an
admittance of inferiority and there is no way I will ever admit that I as a white
man - a proud white Briton - will ever admit anyone from any other race is
superior to my own and that includes the Jews.

What I resent the most when I read Jew-hating comments on BNP supporting
blogs is the damage that they do to the efforts of all the BNP supporters and
activists who are working tirelessly and determinedly to try and save our
country and our people from being destroyed. All of their good work can be
scuppered in a moment, all undermined by this crass and self-destructive
hatred of a people who do not present anywhere near the level of threat to
Britain as either Islam or mass immigration or the EU. Yes I know some
comments are left by the red retards who will do anything to damage the
cause of British Nationalism but still Jew-hating nationalists remain. This Jew
hatred turns people off from the more important message that the BNP are
trying to promote: That Britain is for the British people, that the British people
have a right to their identity and their nation and the world has to accept this.

Those who do not are our enemies no matter what race, creed or colour they
are and that includes those who have placed our people in great peril: The
white race themselves.
From Titans To Lemmings:
The Suicide Of The White Race
5. Galloping Headstrong To Bondage


One of the major issues being highlighted in this series of essays concerns the
Marxist imposition of equality. Having intended to write this essay after part
two, an essay which discussed how imposing artificial equality among and
between the races flies in the face of Mother Nature, I will now discuss how
imposing equality between the sexes has had a catastrophic effect upon
Western societies. It is best read with the issues raised in part two in mind, I
had intended it so but one or two more pressing matters meant the chronology
was disrupted.

I think if I stated that if one were to observe Western societies with a neutral
stance to assess how the enforced Multicultural social experiment is
progressing, it would be difficult to assert that Multiculturalism is working.
Despite being brow-beaten with the "we're all equal" mantra, clear differences
continue to arise between races and cultures because reality stubbornly
refuses to fall in line with this childish Liberal fantasy of equality of all in a
tranquil rainbow Shangri-la.

Throughout the West, vast numbers of alien immigrants shun the culture of
their host society, preferring instead to maintain their own languages,
traditions and cultures and demanding ever more tolerance and acceptance of
their way of life. Meanwhile, back in their lands of origin, their cultures and
traditions are entirely persevered and in the case of the Middle East, alien
cultures and traditions are strictly - and very forcibly - forbidden.

Making such an observation and also comparing the West with other societies,
it is crystal clear that major differences exist between races and that the
predominantly white West is behaving in ways that other societies - societies
from where most immigrants to Britain originate - do not and this means that
our own culture and our own traditions are now in decline, indeed one could
honestly claim that we are well along the road to colonisation and this is a
damning indictment on Multiculturalism and its supporters.

But what is not so easy to discern is how the imposition of equality between
the sexes is playing a major part in causing a disastrous and ongoing collapse
of the greatest civilisation ever created in human history. It is an imposition of
superficial equality that has been as equally destructive as forcibly imposing
equality between the races. It has happened once again by creating a "victim"
group, in this case women, and championed by male-hating feminists, the
imposition of equality between the sexes has severely handicapped the West
and although some advances - much needed in my humble view - have been
achieved, sexual equality has also unwittingly achieved an undesirable result of
enslaving and oppressing Western women far more than they have ever been,
not least because equality for all has a logical conclusion of leading women into
a nightmare of oppression and slavery as I will now explain.

I assert that feminism is therefore self-destructive as all pursuits of illusions -

in this case equality of the sexes - are. But before I continue, let me make
clear that we are not talking about the worth of a person or even an infantile
"one sex is better than the other" high-school debate but rather the differences
inherent between the sexes as bestowed by Mother Nature and how these
differences have played a part throughout human evolution.

Natural Born Leader

When we talk about equality in Multicultural societies, remember that we're

talking about equality Marxist-style. Marxists loathe the strong and pity the
weak and this is the inversion of morality explained throughout the series so
far. The goal of Marxists is to weaken the strong and empower the weak and
so, to impose equality between the sexes, the white male must therefore be

Human beings are dominant pack animals, they have evolved into the most
dominant animal on planet earth without question. In the natural world,
dominant pack animals have a strict pecking order, with the strongest male -
the Alpha male - imposing his leadership. The role of the leader is to maintain
the pack order, to establish and mark territory containing resources for the
pack to survive and importantly, to defend the pack from attack. He will also
face challenges from his pack for leadership and if he fails a challenge a new
leader is established. As the male is the stronger of the sexes, females do not
lead the pack, but will support the leader in maintaining order and defending
the pack along with their natural role as bearer and nurturer of their young.

The goal of the pack is to survive, each day is a struggle to find food and it has
to compete not just with packs of the same species, but other species as well
for precious resources to survive. Dominant pack animals became dominant
because of their success at competing and therefore surviving. From the leader
through to the young, the role of each member of the pack is known and those
who stray will be put in their place by the seniors or even the leader himself. It
is the alpha male who will lead and place the interest of his pack first, its
survival paramount.

This is an absolute fact for pack animals: Leadership must exist, there has to
be a leader to organise the pack so its survival is ensured. Weak leaders are
never respected in nature and this applies to humans too. All races have
leaders and by logical extension, the strongest race will lead the weaker races.
If it doesn't the weaker races will sense this and challenge for territory and
dominance. That is what happens with dominant pack animals in nature -
packs continually compete for territory and resources and the strongest packs
will dominate. At this moment in history, the West - that is, the white race - is
now acting against this because it is handicapping the strong and falsely
elevating the weak and in doing so is establishing weak leaders with the result
that the West - the territory - is now being invaded and conquered.

Feel Like A New Man

Traditionally, the roles of the sexes were quite clear: Man was the hunter, the
breadwinner, the protector, the leader of the family, his pack, and woman was
his supportive partner who bore his offspring, nurtured and raised them and
made the home. Based on Judeo-Christian values, the nuclear family was at
the heart of society and helped to make the West and especially Great Britain,
such strong nations who advanced and therefore succeeded in the game of life,
far better than any others.

Re-enforced by a strong work ethic, a sense of duty and of service to God and
nation along with strict moral values, the man's role as provider for his pack
from the fruits of his labour along with the woman's role as his wife and
mother of their children was crucial to the family's survival and although life
was harder back then, providing for his family gave a man an important
purpose and a sense of pride and self-respect. For his wife, this would mean
security to care for her family, and again, a sense of duty, purpose, service and
fulfilment from being a mother and wife.

Contrast this, an albeit basic overview of how important family life along with
clearly defined roles of the sexes was during Britain's golden era with what is
happening today, where the roles of the sexes have changed dramatically and
are now more about self-interest than family life.

Let's take men. Today's male in the main cuts a very different pack animal
from his forefathers. In the Multicultural utopia, where the nuclear family has
been all but trashed, many males are engaging in long-lasting childish or
feminine behaviours such as the following which I seem to see on an almost
daily basis wherever I go:

Adult males riding skateboards or roller-blading. Playing computer games night

after night or watching TV for hours on end mindlessly lapping up the
Multicultural propaganda spewed out by the deceitful media. Then there is the
quite asinine mimicking of how blacks speak "lak is da cool fing mans innit"
and males will even write in this retarded style. Modern man, sometimes
referred to as "Metrosexual" will also be obsessed with appearance and
fashion, from hair gel and facial scrub to designer labels and expensive after
shave, men have adopted feminine attitudes to personal grooming and preen
before mirrors as though they were beauty queens. Style over substance is
now key and many young men will have no qualms about piling up debt to
boost their image, flash cars being perhaps the most obvious example.

And we've not even mentioned the rise and rise of homosexuality.

Excessive drinking and drug-taking further anaesthetise the minds of many

young British males. From smoking weed to dropping ecstasy from heroin to
cocaine, drug taking is rife and to be fair, Western women are also joining in
the "fun", there's equality for you! Shamefully, the West is awash with
hardcore pornography, many men - and to be fair, women too - will watch this
base "adult entertainment" every day.

That there is nothing "adult" about it matters not a jot in the Liberal "we
tolerate everything" world. Watching consenting adults sexually debase
themselves with beautiful girls performing a variety of sexually explicit and
extreme acts is surely not what a mature adult considers entertainment? It is
degenerate behaviour, a sign of a morally bankrupt and deteriorating society
yet "open-minded" Liberals will claim porn flicks are evidence of "a celebration
of sexuality because women can now freely express and share their sexuality
and can now fully enjoy sex as equally as men without fear or guilt."

Can I humbly ask: Is porn and the glorification of what should be private acts
really a sign of progress for women? And is porn evidence of a progressive
society based on equality of the sexes?

You tell me.

Addicted to depravity, booze and narcotics and constantly manipulated by the

Marxist controlled media, an awareness of how important territory is and how
important it is to ensure freedom is the precious gift you need to preserve for
future generations is virtually non-existent.

The modern Western male is Multiculturalist, he has abandoned the Judeo-

Christian values that shaped the mighty West, is in the main anti-war and is
meekly surrendering territory to invaders rather than defend it and in so-doing,
bargains away freedom and robs it from future generations to enjoy a secure
life. Football also provides an insight into how confused modern males now
are. There's the childish and asinine chants directed at the opposition, e.g.
"You're scum and you know you are", including abusing the officials, the
players and staff of opposition teams including abusing them for their physical
appearance which will often then escalate into mindless violence between rival
supporters. Yet these same mature wise men will become apoplectic with rage
should anyone dare criticise other races or even other faiths especially Islam
and again resort to violence amid hysterical cries of "Racist". Point out that
football supporters behave in this way towards each other and they will explain
fierce hate-filled football rivalries as "it's territorial" or "it's tribal" totally
oblivious to the colonisation of their nation in a war which is most definitely
"territorial" and certainly "tribal" and with a far greater price at stake.

I find it odd that many males will display such misguided passion for their
football team but have zero passion or patriotism for their own nation. Football
is nothing in the grand scale of things, it is now an entertainment business, a
money generating scheme for the rich elite that wouldn't make a difference to
life if it ended tomorrow. But your nation, your territory, is everything, it is
crucial to your survival and the survival of your family, your children and your
children's children yet many childish men regard football as being far more
important to their lives.

This is not conjecture by the way, I've tried to debate and explain Islam to my
fellow supporters on several football forums and I have been banned from all
of them and vilified as a...well, insert your favourite well-worn smear for those
who dare speak the truth about Islam here, I've been on the receiving end of
all of them and not just on football forums either. However, I watch with
interest the British Defence Leagues that have arose from various football
"firms" as they protest against the Islamisation of Britain.

While Western men ogle their porn, quaff their beers, smoke their pot, fret
over their wardrobes, gel their blow-waved hair and spend hours aimlessly
zapping aliens, armies of alien males filled with hate and a steely resolve to
conquer the West amass on our territory. Whilst men of other races still lead
their packs and prepare for war against us to claim more territory and more
resources, the Liberal-Multicultural Western male is preparing his "partner's"
dinner, fretting about how he can be more tolerant, smugly priding himself with
the knowledge that he isn't "racist" or "misogynist" or "homophobic".

That enemies are now in our territory preparing to conquer us isn't just the
fault of the modern metrosexual male. Because the fairer sex has also changed
and has contributed enormously to the current plight the West is now in.

Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves

The progression of feminism throughout the 20th Century to the present has
presented a challenge to the Western male which quite frankly he has
continually refused to rise to. What began as a struggle to give women the
vote gradually morphed into a struggle to establish women as the equals of
men - employment, property rights, education, marital rights, sexual freedoms
and legal status.

Having secured a victory to establish women's suffrage, feminists then moved

onto the next issue, then the next issue, then the next, continually citing
"inequality" and "oppression" and demonising their menfolk as "enslavers" at
each step of the way, demanding equality at all levels presenting a determined
challenge to male leadership.

Each victory spurred on feminists to the next. Except true equality isn't the
goal, the goal is leadership and that is now exactly what is happening. Pack
animals must have leaders and women are now challenging for this role but
they have to be aided in their quest.

Equality of the sexes doesn't exist and cannot exist. To artificially establish
equality in the Multicultural Shangri-la, the strong must be unfairly penalised
which is camouflaged by the Orwellian phrase "Positive discrimination". This is
happening right now to the Western - British - male. Companies are forced by
law to employ people based on sex or colour meaning that the best candidate
cannot be selected if it means legal quotas of ethnic minorities or women will
not be met.

Conversely, check out which sex does most of the fighting and dying in Iraq
and Afghanistan. No rush to establish quotas there on the violent blood soaked
battlefields of course and this is not a flippant remark, in fact the reason
underpins this entire essay.

Feminists have also trashed completely the traditional role of wife and mother
whilst at the same time elevating the virtues of work and encouraging a
fiercely competitive "we're independent, we don't need men, we can do
everything for ourselves and we can do it just as well if not better". Inspired by
cultural Marxism, feminists have demanded the right to sexual freedom, the
right to end marriages and claim half of the man's wealth as part of divorce
and usually, custody of the children will be awarded to the mother and all of
this places a wholly unequal burden of risk on the male as well as making
marriage a not too attractive prospect for either sex for very different reasons.
The divorce rate is sky-high and this doesn't account for the thousands and
thousands of couples who live together only to part company before even a
year has passed.

Greater sexual freedoms have also resulted in women now having the right to
kill their babies under the "right to choose" abortion laws and liberal attitudes
to sex, along with the widespread availability of pornography, results in
promiscuity being promoted as being a healthy lifestyle choice with a strong
emphasis on pleasure and self-gratification.

The rise in single parent families resulting from liberal attitudes to sex has
brought about the quite ridiculous and, in my humble opinion, demeaning
spectacle of a woman having as many children as she pleases and demanding
the state step in and act as surrogate father to provide food and shelter. With
the father - or now in many cases, fathers - absent from the home, children
are raised with only a female authority figure without strong discipline or a
masculine influence.

By trashing the role of wife and mother within the nuclear family, and elevating
the values of work and female independence instead, feminists have so
transformed the role of women in the pursuit to establish themselves as pack
leaders that many women simply don't have enough time or even the desire to
reproduce and the birth-rate in Western societies is now so low it may be
impossible for the West to recover and reproduce itself sufficiently to maintain
its survival and you can bet your last penny that our enemies who absolutely
despise us and are chomping at the bit to conquer us will have noticed this and
they'll know that victory will soon be theirs.

But a more pressing issue to consider is that with such a catastrophically low
birth-rate, there will be less strong males to protect the pack from attack and
right now the West is under attack from a variety of other packs, packs whose
birth-rates are far higher, where the males are dominant pack leaders, packs
whose goal is to conquer our territory and subjugate us or even annihilate us.

Taking The Bait

My contention is that what started out as a perfectly just fight to establish

suffrage has morphed not just into a battle for equality but outright hatred for
the white male. This hatred for men - misandry - has been seized upon by
Marxists and promoted as healthy yet there will be very unhealthy - make that
devastating - consequences.

The promotion of misandry and of feminist issues hasn't just empowered

women it has demoralised Western men to the point of self-hatred. These self-
hating "men" have sided with feminists and follow the lead of females having
fallen hook, line and sinker for the Marxist "we're all equal" propaganda.

One could even go as far as saying that instead of making a better society by
promoting a healthy respect and true equality between the sexes by reducing
conflict, feminism has resulted in greater mistrust and hostility between the
sexes and as men-haters like the demented Harriet Harman clearly
demonstrate, it is a war to humiliate and discriminate against indigenous males
to weaken them and empower women via numerous "positive discrimination"

Let's not forget that these laws are in addition the "positive discrimination"
laws forcing the equality of the races. Oh, and let's also not forget that those
who hate us and seek to conquer and destroy us do not pass such laws in their
own territories. Do you think that may be, perhaps, for a very good reason?

This Marxist promotion of feminism also encourages society to adopt feminine

attitudes and traits such as equality, tolerance, compassion, understanding,
peace, non-discrimination, non-judgemental, these are weak feminine traits
that have now been adopted by weak males, many of whom adopt these traits
to impress females, especially those who are Liberal-Multiculturalists and to my
embarrassment I write from years of experience as a one time dyed-in-the-
wool Liberal. I too swallowed this equality garbage lock, stock and barrel and
honestly as I write this series of essays, I cannot believe I fell for it. I know I'm
just one of millions who were brainwashed from childhood to accept the
Multicultural ideology and although I had no idea of the ensuing very serious
consequences, ignorance is no excuse and sadly, the majority of Westerners
believe strongly in Multiculturalism.

Such is the astuteness and the cunning of our Marxist enemies.

The more feminine attitudes are adopted the weaker society becomes.
Criminals are treated like children. Murderers, child abusers and drug pushers -
utter scum - receive light punishments as their human rights are sacrosanct
and must not be violated. The death penalty, abolished on the since oft-broken
promise that a life sentence will mean life, is no longer an option, and our
prisons now provide all home comforts for those who prey upon society and
who have no mercy or compassion for their victims. And have you noticed how
women are often portrayed in the media and in Hollywood as warriors and
fighters who are as strong as men yet reality reveals a vastly different picture?
Look at violent crime for example. Men will commit the vast majority of violent
crimes, there are very few female armed robbers and gangs are dominated by
males. Brutal, violent males at that.

Ridiculously, criminals even have the right to sue the Police if they think their
rights have been violated as happened with one of the armed robbers arrested
during the raid on the millennium dome. Crime is rife in our society, criminals
are using the law to their own advantage and gang crime blights inner cities all
because we lack the courage to severely punish criminals and this is another
sign of how feminine traits such as compassion and pity weaken Western

Yet unlike myself and many other former Liberals, not once have I heard a
prominent Liberal in society ever question their beliefs and say: The evidence
is showing us that we're getting it badly wrong. Not once have I heard any of
our leaders in the lib/lab/con admit that their Multicultural pursuit of equality
between the races and the sexes is not working. None of them ever look
further than the now and deploy a little bit of insight and warn of the dire
consequences future generations are now destined to face. Not one. Instead,
as always with the power mad self-serving elite, the reason things are going
badly awry is because there simply isn't enough equality so the answer is more
of the same: more legislation to punish the strong and artificially empower the
weak, more propaganda and lies to support the childish Multicultural Utopian
fantasy piling yet more problems on top of existing ones.

When a society adopts a feminine perspective, it will smear masculine males as

"racists", "thugs", "xenophobes" or "fascists", handicapping their own men who
are competing with other races - packs - and who want to defend their pack
from attack or defend their territory and resources from invaders who are
determined to conquer and plunder them. This only serves to empower our
enemies because it weakens the ability of the entire pack to defend itself and
preserve its territory whilst empowering our enemies. Such self-destructive
behaviour is akin to asking a boxer to fight with two hands tied behind his
back. While his opponent wears head-guards and body pads, just in case.

Such stupidity is a complete denial of how nature works, it is a catastrophic

undermining of the strong pack-leaders to handicap them from defending the
entire pack and ensuring the safety and progression of the entire pack from
predators who are competing AGAINST them. This is how life is, it is
competitive and territory and the resources within it are absolutely essential.
Those who refuse to defend their territory and protect their resources will not
survive because other stronger and more determined enemies will attack and
get what they can to ensure their own success in the fight for survival and the
struggle to establish dominance in the harsh competition of life.

What feminists and their self-hating male sympathisers fail to grasp is that
when the pack and its territory is threatened, it is the stronger sex, the male,
who will have to fight and defend it. By propagating feminine attitudes
throughout Western society, another quite alarming issue is now raised.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Equality of the races and equality between the sexes is being vigorously
pursued by the ruling Marxist elite with an almost fanatical religious zeal.
Anyone who dares to oppose this unnatural equality is smeared, de-humanised
and criminalised. Equality can only be imposed by force and that means
handicapping the strong.

Should any man reach down and find a pair and dare to criticise feminists they
will be met with an hysterical outrage along with more smears and slurs:
Haters, misogynist, male-chauvinist pig, bigot and "typical male", these of
course in addition to all of the other insults hurled his way for wanting to
preserve his identity and perform his natural role as provider and protector for
his pack, these idiotic slurs along with the tired out brickbats trotted out by
totalitarian Marxists to stifle debate, to silence opposition: Racist, Nazi,
fascist, thug, Islamophobe. All as predictable as they are tiresome and

But there is a self-destructive consequence for a society that chooses to adopt

weak feminine traits and perspectives and imposes an unnatural equality
between the sexes and the races. In doing so, Liberal-Multiculturalists are
making the white male a demon to all people, even to his own women, women
who are so busy handicapping and dis-empowering their menfolk all they are
doing is serving the interests of aliens who hate the entire West, who want to
loot and pilfer the bounty created by the West and are busy going about
occupying the territory of the West. And the women who are part of it are
building the chains of their own oppression and bondage link by link and one
day those they have sided with will force them to wear the chains they've

Blinded by their own desire to be the equal of the male and an arrogant belief
that they possess an absolute and unquestionable moral justification, all these
people can see is the here and now and they simply don't acknowledge that in
the future, the utopian equal society they are busy building may have to face a
very serious attack. Now obviously, if a society - a pack - is lead by women,
then it is in serious trouble because women may well lead society but they will
be wholly incapable of fighting for it and defending it.

That job, as history and other packs teach us, always falls to the stronger sex,
the male. Now let me ask you a question:

If a male is brainwashed into believing that his forefathers were evil and guilty
of oppressing weaker races; into believing that all races are equal and that
because his nation and his people colonised other lands and stole their wealth
his people must now atone; that his race is responsible for causing all of the
conflicts and wars; that it is only right and proper for other races to share the
abundant resources of his land and that his womenfolk are not just equal to
him but are superior to him and actually hate him then is it possible that such
a disgruntled male might ask:
Why on earth he should fight and defend his territory and his pack if such a
society - his pack - holds him in such low esteem?

I mean, if you have no bond with your nation and your people, if you have no
family because you've been divorced and punished punitively for committing
the crime of marriage and if your society affords more rights and privileges for
other pack animals and discriminates against you at every turn then maybe,
just maybe, you will have as much desire to fight and defend your territory
from attack as a Muslim has to co-exist in peace with the dirty kuffar.

The last sentence is very pertinent because there is something else I want to
bring to your attention regarding how women are perceived by our enemies
that feminists and their merry band of Liberal-Multiculturalists ignore at their

To the fanatical jihad army of Islam, the women of kuffars in the lands of Dar
al Harb are "war booty". This means that when a land is conquered into Dar al
Islam, the kuffar women will be enslaved and used as sex-objects for their
Islamic masters. Using dirty kuffar women as sex-slaves is an example
personally set by the Islamic paedophile prophet Mohammed and it is an
example that Muslims not only will follow should Great Britain become Al
Britannia, Muslim jihadists are following it right now in many communities
throughout the realm and indeed throughout Europe.

British women will then discover to their horror the consequences of their
battle to establish equality between the sexes and that not all are sold on their
fantasy of a rainbow Shangri-la where all are equal and where all live in peace
and harmony. The evidence is there for them to see it but they prefer to turn a
blind eye, yet all they have to do is open their eyes and look at the barbaric
horrors endured by their sisters throughout Dar al Islam where rape, stoning,
wife-beating, honour killings and mutilations aren't just common they are legal
and where under Sharia law the life of a Muslim female is valued as half of that
of a Muslim male and where women are afforded virtually zero rights in either
marriage or divorce and many other inequalities I'm sure you could add.

But the point that needs to be made is: Whose civilisation is in decline and
whose is in the ascendancy? One is very masculine, the other increasingly
feminine. Take a wild guess as to which civilisation is going to prevail.

Eyes On The Prize

It isn't just Muslim jihadists who see women as spoils of war, as sexual objects
to fulfil not just their own perverted sexual gratification but to humiliate white
women and their menfolk. Gang rape of white women is now rife in the West,
and along with Muslims following the example of their perverted prophet,
gangs of black males delight in gang raping white women over and over again,
a diabolical crime committed by blacks wherever they go, from the United
States, to Britain and Europe but especially in South Africa where gang raping
the poor victim in front of her husband, her parents or her children is common.

But the long tradition of men being the leaders and the protectors of the pack
has been abandoned in white societies thanks to the advent of Marxism and
feminism. Only the strong lead but now in white societies, women have been
elevated to the equals of men and are competing to lead at every turn and
Western men are allowing a feminisation of society and the establishing of
women as equals and leaders.

Other societies and races do not allow women this prominence in their
societies and this poses an interesting question: when whites become a
minority in the West, will women enjoy the same freedom and equality the
feminists have fought for and demanded whilst supporting the rights of a
tsunami of immigrants flooding our lands?

Well if the evidence is anything to go by, they will timidly submit before their
new masters. Take rape for example. Feminists become incandescent with rage
and hatred for men who say that they raped a woman because she was
dressed provocatively. They say a woman has the right to dress how she
chooses without being raped by a lust-crazed sex-beast and of course, this is
quite correct.

But when Muslim males rape dirty kuffar women in the lefty rainbow lunatic
asylum of Sweden, these same feminists sided with the Muslims who cited the
issue of provocative dress as the reason for their assault - al taqqiya of course
- and so-called feminists advised Swedish women to dress in a less provocative
fashion. And shamefully, whilst writing this essay, a woman from Amnesty
International spoke out AGAINST a film depicting the horrific and barbaric
stoning of women in Iran. This absolute washout of a woman who is supposed
to be concerned about human rights was more interested in protecting the
barbarian mullahtocracy of Iran and in true nauseating Liberal style whined
"this film will not help".

What utter morally bankrupt cowards these weasels are! They won't even
defend their own principles when other races and minorities trample all over
them even to the cost of their sisters. This is what weak leadership based on
feminine traits - compassion, non-judgemental, pity etc. - is all about and it
will lead women into a very real horrific nightmare.
It is this weak leadership that continually makes excuses to tolerate the abuse
of women by hate-filled aliens who commit these crimes, the very people
feminists warmly welcomed into the West. Yet it has been these same
feminists who have been blaming their own menfolk for oppressing them, for
enslaving them in marriages, for abusing and raping them, for denying them
opportunity. It is feminists who have continually competed for and demanded
equality, who, egged on by Marxists who filled them with resentment for the
traditional roles of mother and home-maker, who painted family life as a
prison, and who demanded an end to "gender apartheid", another Marxist false
construct to denote victim-hood.

What needs to be realised - and quick - is that we're not here to have a
competition to see which sex is the better, the stronger, the more intelligent,
the more independent. We're here to compete and survive in the game of life
and those who play by Mother nature's rules will flourish and those who do not
will perish and at this moment in time the West is engaging in an artificial
pursuit of racial and sexual equality whilst subjugating itself before enemies
who are instead engaging with reality. The message we're sending is loud and
clear: We are ripe for the taking and our enemies know it.

Poisoning Minds

Another symptom of the feminisation of Britain is the lamentable fact that we

do not make anything any more. Thriving industries that made Britain strong
and independent - mining, shipbuilding, engineering etc. - have all been
absolutely decimated along with the communities who provided the labour.
Nowadays, more and more men are employed in "unisex" jobs, especially as
civil servants, the pen pushers who serve the growing and parasitical state
Titan as wealth distributors helping it to destroy our nation. These are the men
who are now performing a variety of unnecessary government jobs that
regulate and interfere with the daily lives of people, robbing them of their
hard-earned wealth and their even harder won freedoms.

This while our armed services have been cut-down to the bare bones yet which
is better? Employing an army of bureaucrats who weaken the nation or an
army of soldiers who can protect and defend the nation? In 21st Century
Britain, there are too many people doing things we simply do not need and
that contribute little of worth to our society and not enough people doing
things we desperately need to make our nation self-sufficient, strong and able
to protect and support its people.

It's all happened because of a concerted attack by Marxists on the very

foundations of our once strong society. Fuelled by a seething hatred for
success, Marxists have been tearing down the standards behaviours and
morals that lead to success to weaken our once strong society all performed
with relish by people who hate success because they are incapable of
contributing anything of worth to society. So they maliciously ruin everything
that contributes to a successful life and they've done it by promoting failed
practices as healthy throughout the print and broadcast media: Promiscuity,
equality, hatred for religion especially Christianity, and self-indulgence
including binge drinking and drug abuse. They have force-fed their
Multicultural propaganda with its equality of the sexes, equality of races and
equality of cultures down the throats of the British people at every level of our
society including the schools educating our children. Sorry, my mistake, make
that "brainwashing our children".

For women, this has meant the trashing and demeaning of one of the most
precious roles in nature: That of mother. Women have been made to feel that
they are victims because of their natural role as child-bearer. Marriage too has
been portrayed as female oppression and work and independence - including
sexual freedom - have now been assigned far greater importance. Feminists
have blamed men for their oppression yet it seems to me that feminists are in
fact battling against nature.

In 21st Century Britain, if a woman doesn't want her child she can abort it. If
she tires of her marriage she can end it and even if marital breakdown is
caused by a straying wife, the legal system will still side with her and award
her custody of children along with half of her husband's wealth. Should a
woman want a child, she can even have one without having met the father,
knowing full well the state will provide for all of the family needs.

A Liberal attitude to sex, where immediate pleasure and gratification are the
overriding priorities and damn the long-term consequences has been
unashamedly promoted. But it isn't as liberal as suggested. It has all been
deliberately designed to trash the sanctity of marriage, the honour of woman,
the respect between husband and wife to ruin the quiet, contented and vitally
important bond between a man and woman and the raising of children in the
security of family life.

Marxists have filled people with petty jealousies and even rancour for the
opposite sex by making them believe they are missing out, that they are being
trapped, that married life and family life robs them of precious life time. Along
with the rest of the issues raised in this series, the promotion of behaviours
that lead to failure have all been maliciously calculated to destroy the white
race by portraying successful lifestyle choices as harmful and flawed lifestyle
choices as desirable thus leading to a catastrophic and probably irrecoverable
decline in the birth-rate of the race.

Along with the feminisation of males and the elevation of women to pack
leaders whilst other males in other races continue to be raised with masculine,
aggressive and dominant attitudes, Great Britain, a nation that created the
greatest Empire in human history, has sewed the seeds of its own destruction
and its conquest is a very real prospect that the latest generations of Britons
could well witness in just 50 years.


Weak feminine leaders are not respected, certainly not in nature by any
dominant pack animal. The feminisation of Western societies has lead to men
adopting feminine traits and attitudes such as compassion, pity, non-
judgemental and more emotional. It has been noticed by our enemies who
know that Liberals and Multiculturalists are weak, faint-hearted and war-
averse. They hear the anti-war, "let's all live in peace as equals" rhetoric, they
know that the West will not put the interests of its own people before alien
invaders and they know a simple truth:

These lily-livered cowards are the dominant demographic in Western society.

They know feminised males in the West are too cowardly to compete with
other races who are chomping at the bit to pilfer and destroy the West and
who are exploiting the cowardice of the West to the max.

The West is now acting in a way that is removed from reality: that life is all
about survival and working against the balance of nature is placing our long
term survival under threat because we are failing to recognise the competitive
nature between and among species. The more territory you hold, the greater
resources you control and the greater you increase your chances of survival.
The more you weaken and reduce the competition the better. It is all about
territory and failing to dominate and protect your territory isn't just
catastrophic, it's suicidal.

We are in a competition for territory yet because of the imposing of weak

feminine attitudes on Western society, we are meekly surrendering our
territory to invaders who seek to become conquerors and masters to further
the interests of their own tribes. They have no problem in using our tolerance
against us to further their aims and if we ever do try to defend what is
rightfully ours, they too will dehumanise us as racists, fascists etc. knowing full
well that many of our own will side with them - i.e. collaborate with the enemy
- to help them strengthen their foothold in the West. It is very difficult to fight
and defend your territory when your own pack is fighting against you and
helping invaders to settle in your territory.

Take a look at the societies of two of our enemies, the host societies of the
parasitical alien packs invading our nation, particularly Africa and the Middle
East. See with your own eyes what Africans are doing to whites and see the
harsh and decidedly unequal reality of how Islamic countries truly are behind
the "Religion of Peace" veil. And check out the birth rates there and if you can,
have a search for equality and Multiculturalism.

Mother nature is doing her very best to tell us: "All are not equal, only the
strong survive, defend your territory or perish. Heed well my warning."
From Titans To Lemmings:
The Suicide Of The White Race
6. Behind The Smiling Rainbow Mask


The title of this series of essays "From Titans To Lemmings - The Suicide of the
White Race" reflects in a nutshell what I believe to be THE biggest problem
facing Western civilisation at this moment in time, that being, the white race
itself. Like it or not, since the end of World War II, the white race as a whole
has willingly chosen to behave in ways that are self-destructive; flawed ways
that fly in the face of Mother nature as I have been describing throughout the
series, but one perhaps stands out as the most destructive of all:

An almost fanatical religious belief in the Marxist-created Multicultural ideology

and the imposing of multi-racial societies throughout the West where various
races will live together as equals in peace and harmony. This modern-day
Godless religion has been adopted by the vast majority of whites in the
Western world who are enthusiastically swallowing hook, line and sinker the
blissful fantasy of a rainbow Shangri-la.

Towards the end of the previous essay:
I stated that the Multicutural ideology has been force-fed to our people at
every level of our society. For the last fifty years, equality of the races has
been widely promoted throughout the West as hordes of immigrants flooded
into our lands. Along with equality of all, a demonising of the white man and a
re-writing of his history to portray him as an evil tyrant who looted the wealth
of other weaker races while enslaving and oppressing them has placed what I
call "the Mother of all guilt trips" on our people to brainwash them into
accepting the colonisation of their homelands.

Dissent simply isn't tolerated and those who dare resist the propaganda and
speak out against Multiculturalism will then be de-humanised with a myriad of
Orwellian thought and hate crimes: Fascist, Hater, Nazi, and of course the
worst sin any disbeliever can commit against the Liberal church, Racist, the
modern-day heretic of the Godless, Multicultural religion.

But something is rotten in Denmark, Sweden, France, Holland, USA, Great

Britain - every Western nation. Whites throughout the West have now had fifty
years of being brow-beaten with the Multicultural "all races are equal" ideology.
Fifty long years of watching their nations become colonised by millions of
aliens flooding into the West; fifty years since the end of colonial rule in Africa;
fifty long years since the civil rights movement won equality for blacks in the
United States and fifty years of a resurgent Islam with millions of Muslims
bringing their retarded faith to our once mighty nations.

For British nationalists, we've had fifty years of enduring a pernicious social
experiment being forcibly imposed by an elite who never gave their own people
a choice in the matter and who demonised and vilified opponents whose only
crime was to speak-out against the enforced colonisation of their nation.

So after fifty years, why don't we put this Multicultural social experiment and
its claim of racial equality in the dock? Because behind the smiling rainbow
mask lies millions of smashed lives mercilessly sacrificed for the Multicultural
dream and in this essay, I want to expose one of the most destructive myths
being vehemently asserted by deceitful Liberal/Multiculturalists:

That the black man is the equal of the white man. The ocean of evidence -
much of which is deeply distressing - clearly demonstrates that this assertion is
nothing more than an outright lie that is causing immense suffering to both
whites and blacks alike. And it's way past tea for this lie and the enormous
suffering it is causing to be exposed under the spotlight of uncomfortable
truth. What follows is the horrific reality festering behind the rainbow mask, a
barbaric, savage and brutal reality the Liberals and Multiculturalists deliberately
ignore, a reality they'd rather you didn't see.

Dawn Of A New Man

In 1950, the United Nations Educational and Scientific Organisation - UNESCO

- declared that "All men belong to the same species: Homo Sapiens". Thus the
crux of Multiculturalism was spawned, the belief in equality of all races, that all
humans are the same followed by the quite ridiculous assertion that race is
purely a social construct. Talk about putting the cart before the horse.

In the sixty years since this declaration, the world has witnessed dramatic
changes and in Africa, the "Dark Continent", these past sixty years have seen
the end of white colonial rule with African nations now ruled and governed by
the native black peoples. As Africa has moved towards self-rule, millions of
African blacks have left their homelands to build new lives in the affluent West,
a West that offers them equal status and equal opportunity and a share of its
wealth within its now Multicultural rainbow societies.

Let's review then these sixty years to see just how equal the races truly are, in
this case the black race and the white race by looking at the lands of the West
AND the lands of Africa, in particular the former British crown colony of
Southern Rhodesia and the former British dominion of South Africa.

Slaying A Titan

If you're old enough to remember the late Sixties and the early Seventies, cast
your mind back and recall how the issue of apartheid in South Africa was a
prominent news item. Reports about how blacks were forced to live in poverty
and squalor in shacks in the townships and who were denied opportunity in
their own land were embellished with accounts of Police brutality and
government oppression. Depictions of racial segregation in public places
further illustrated how the South African black was being oppressed by evil
whites, with South African whites dehumanised as evil racists who were cruelly
oppressing their fellow human beings.

Musicians refused to tour South Africa "I don't wanna play Sun City" they
defiantly sang whilst sportsmen and women refused to take part in events in
South Africa. Perhaps the most famous incident occurred in 1974, an incident
that highlighted the nauseating greed and hypocrisy of politicians who had
demanded that the British Lions cancel their tour of South Africa, citing
apartheid as the reason.

The Lions ignored them, and with some magnificent displays of rugby became
the first touring side to win a test series in South Africa in the 20th Century.
Captained by Willie John McBride, the Lions refused to be intimidated by the
normally effective "rough-house" approach of the Springboks and McBride's
tactic of meeting aggression with outright violence through the call that
defined the tour "99", whereby on hearing this each Lion was to hit the nearest
Springbok gave the once invincible South Africans the biggest shock of their

The Lions' victory was a truly magnificent achievement and the British
politicians who had vilified the Lions for this tour suddenly changed their tune
and made sure they welcomed back the triumphant Lions to bask in reflected
glory. Such is the nature of the cunning, power-hungry politician.

Graphic reports of violence in the townships, especially Soweto, featured

heavily in television news broadcasts and spawned the icons that defined the
black struggle against apartheid, the main one being of course the black
terrorist - make that Saint - Nelson Mandela.

All the time the emphasis was on portraying South Africa as a racist state that
brutally oppressed blacks to make South Africa a pariah on the international
stage. Finally, after much international pressure, 1994 saw the end of white
rule in South Africa and under the black Saint the new "rainbow nation" was

Saint Nelson announced the new state to the world thus:

"We enter into a covenant that we shall build a society in which all South
Africans, both black and white, will be able to walk tall, without any fear in
their hearts, assured of their inalienable right to human dignity- a rainbow
nation at peace with itself and the world."

Fine words. But that's all they are - words. What is the reality of the rainbow
nation for both black and white and has it lived up to the lofty and noble goal
of a rainbow nation at peace with itself?

Compare and Contrast

Before we look at today's South Africa, let's first remember what South Africa
was like under white rule. Under white rule, South Africa was a prosperous,
first-world country boasting magnificent cities such as Johannesburg, Cape
Town and Durban, cities complete with first-class medical care, advanced
transport systems, superb communications infrastructures and magnificent

South Africa also created a flourishing agricultural industry that not only fed its
own people, South African farmers also helped feed the rest of Africa and
South African wines earned a reputation as being among the very best wines
available in the world. This is a nation blessed with an abundance of natural
resources and South African gold and diamonds, again of the very highest
quality, earned South Africa enormous wealth. Along with an excellent judicial
system that kept crime firmly in check, the old South Africa stood out as the
most advanced nation in Africa, a nation that compared favourably with ANY
other first-world nation.

When the blacks came to power in 1994, they were handed on a platter this
gem of Africa. Having watched the white man apply his ingenuity and his
industry to solve the problems presented to him by Mother nature, the South
African blacks inherited a superb, advanced nation without them having to
build it. All they had to do was maintain it and if possible, build upon it and
improve it to benefit all people, black and white alike.

Yet in just FIFTEEN years, black rule has turned the nation of South Africa into
a crime ridden, degenerating, crumbling and stinking cesspit, whose cities are
in decay, just take a look for yourself to see how two of the cities named above
have fared under black rule:

In particular, check out the "A Tour Through Hillbrow" section and if you have
time, read through the comments. Imagine how you'd feel if this was once
your community. Many Britons will see the same thing happen to their
communities, indeed, many have seen it already. Where black goes, Africa
soon follows.

The webmaster there asserts: "Durban is now a filthy squatter camp". See the
evidence he presents and judge for yourself.

These images - rarely if ever shown in the duplicitous Western media - are
damning evidence of just how unequal the white and black race are. If you
listen to Liberal apologists, they will tell you that blacks live in such filth and
squalor in these cities because of the legacy of apartheid, yet again placing the
blame at the door of the white man for the black man's abject failure. But let's
get real here, we're all equal right? No matter what has happened in the past
how on earth does that excuse ANY race ANY people ANYWHERE for living in
filth that they have created? We're talking about two of the finest cities created
by man handed to blacks on a platter and that blacks have allowed them to
decay and to become nothing more than garbage dumps where they raise their
children casts a huge shadow of doubt on the belief in equality because if
blacks can't manage basic cleanliness then the equality assertion falls at the
first hurdle. And what price pride and dignity?

Such filth and decay aren't solely evident in South African cities. You could also
see the same decay in Nairobi, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Los Angeles,
New York, Philadelphia, and especially, Detroit. Many others too but I will leave
you to investigate and discover for yourself but the mess in Detroit is
particularly shocking.

What if we reversed the situation and forced whites out of their cities and into
the townships to dwell in shacks? Do you think whites would make these
townships decay - if that is possible - or do you think that there is a very good
chance that whites would dramatically improve these places?

The hypocrisy of lilly-livered Liberals who blame whites for these conditions is
sickening because when blacks lived in the shack-riddled townships, these
bleeding heart Liberals castigated whites for their "criminal oppression". Whites
have built fine cities, built a magnificent nation, handed it all to blacks and
when blacks bring the squalor of the townships to these once first-class cities,
whites are once again blamed for something that ended years ago, a lame
excuse that has no bearing on how black people are CHOOSING to live in the

Such typically anti-white Liberal behaviour is yet more evidence of inequality. If

the races are truly equal, then all should be judged by the same standards
without exception. Of course, Liberals refuse to do so because if they did their
whole claim of equality would lie in tatters as reality continually highlights the
failures of the black race. The Liberal answer then is to blame it all on whites.
How cute.

But the deterioration and squalor of South African cities is just the "ears of the
hippo". The savage barbarity blacks are committing throughout the nation of
South Africa, not just to whites but also to their own people, is a suppressed
truth that needs to be spread to as many as possible. Because what is going
on in South Africa is also creeping into the West and in fact, the root cause of
what is destroying South Africa is also the same root cause that is destroying
the West including Great Britain - Cultural Marxism.

Law Of The Jungle

During the time of apartheid, South Africa was depicted as the most racist and
evil nation on planet earth. Once black rule became reality and signalled the
end of apartheid you would think that peace and harmony would reign in the
rainbow nation. Think again.

Let's get some facts down about apartheid. Apartheid was a system of racial
and legal segregation introduced by the governing National Party in 1948 and
it lasted until the end of white rule in 1994. During these 46 years, a total of
21,000 blacks were killed due to political violence but this figure doesn't paint
a true picture. Because out of these 21,000 deaths, 14,000 of them occurred
between 1990 and 1993 as the country transitioned towards black rule.

Of these 14,000, 92% of them, were due to black on black violence, mostly
tribal for territory and only 514 of them were down to South African security
forces. Further, between 1948 and 1989, 7000 blacks were killed, the majority
of them as they committed criminal acts, namely armed robbery, rape or

Life for blacks under apartheid was a far cry from the unjust and oppressive
picture painted by white-hating Liberal-Multiculturalists who never mention just
how much blacks benefited under apartheid, check out this two minute video
that busts the Liberal myths:

So surely, things must be better post-apartheid, right? Let's see.

Crime is now totally out of control with an unbelievable murder rate of between
50 - 140 murders EVERY DAY. Violent robberies committed against whites are
an almost daily occurrence and the extreme levels of violence and brutality
against the victims is absolutely appalling. From biting off fingers or cutting
them off with scissors or shears to remove rings to torture with red-hot irons
to obtain money, the brutality has no bounds. But what is even more alarming
is that once the money or valuables have been obtained, many victims have
either been badly beaten, raped - both husband and wife - repeatedly or
executed with a bullet to the head or even tied up and burned alive.

Liberals assert that the rampant crime is caused by poverty but this begs the
question: Why are whites battered, raped and murdered AFTER giving the
robbers what they wanted? I suggest it isn't poverty that leads to these
horrors being committed it is racial hatred that brokers no compassion for the
victims whatsoever. And the media and the world's governments, so
vehemently critical of apartheid, say nothing of this inhumane savagery.

They don't even report that in the shack-ridden townships, ALL crime is
committed by blacks against blacks. These are townships policed by black
vigilante groups whose punishments include whipping, beating and burning
their fellow black brothers who they deem guilty of committing a crime.

In addition to the out-of-control crime levels, there is also an ongoing genocide

against the Boer farming community with over 3000 Boers murdered by blacks
since 1994 and to its shame, the world turns its back on these victims,
preferring instead to perpertrate the myths of apartheid. This SKY news report
shows how these farmers have to live and the horrific brutality they are

If you listen very carefully to the black politician who dismisses the genocide of
the Boers as the actions of criminal elements, you will hear him mention a
word - a lie - that betrays the envious reason at the root of these vile
atrocities. I will leave you to judge for yourself without giving any more away
and you'll find more links to the right of the video providing more information
about this diabolical crime against humanity.
No Place For Innocence

But perhaps the most shocking statistic of all concerns child abuse. In the
rainbow nation of South Africa, 530 children are raped every day with a
staggering 23,450 children raped in the last year alone, that is ONE CHILD
RAPE EVERY THREE MINUTES. Over 1000 children were murdered and 20,870
were assaulted during this time, many of whom had body parts - lips, ears,
genitalia and internal organs - removed for making traditional black African
"Muti" medicine.

Here's a distressing report about child abuse in the rainbow nation over on the
excellent South Africa Sucks blog, a blog that is revealing the truth about what
is happening there. Warning: Some of the images on the page are graphic and

When you then discover that there are over 10,000 child prostitutes on the
streets of Johannesburg and that children are also being sold as sex slaves in
Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, Durban and Cape Town, then the scale of child
abuse in the rainbow nation is simply astronomical.

Just before I completed this essay, I read this report dated 9/9/09 over on
WMD.COM and astonishingly, the heinous child abuse perpetrated by African
blacks is plumbing new depths of depravity:

How on earth any race that treats its young in such a savage, diabolical
manner can be regarded as human never mind equal to other human races I
have no idea.

Another Titan Falls

If things are bad and deteriorating daily in South Africa, then they are utterly
catastrophic in Zimbabwe, the former British Colony of Southern Rhodesia.
Since the end of white rule there in 1980 and the establishment of the black
ruled nation of Zimbabwe, a once strong and advanced nation has totally
imploded and the similarities with its neighbour South Africa are a damning
indictment both on the African black and the self-righteous Liberal-
Multiculturalists who blindly insist that the races are equal.
Did you know that Rhodesia used to be referred to as "The bread basket of
Africa"? Here we had a nation whose white farmers were so industrious and so
successful they not only fed ALL of Rhodesia's people, they created so much
surplus they helped to feed an entire continent!

Look at it now. Under the rule of the dictator Robert Mugabe, a man who has
no problem whatsoever with executing and persecuting blacks who oppose him
- his own people -, the Zimbabwean economy has deteriorated into an absolute

The land reform program, the process by which land was stolen from white
owners and handed over to blacks, has achieved the not-so-enviable feat of
turning the country from a net exporter of food with an industry that employed
400,000 people into a net importer of food. This insanity has now lead to a
severe famine in Zimbabwe with an estimated 5 million people now facing
malnutrition and starvation. On top of this, water shortages are causing a
cholera epidemic.

Due to the complete inability to effectively manage their own nation,

Zimbabwe under black rule now suffers from hyper-inflation, with the dizzy
height of 11.2 MILLION PERCENT being reached in 2008. From US$1 buying 80
Zimbabwean cents at the time black rule was established in 1980 to its current
rate of around US$1 = Z$50 million with the desperate spectacle of a loaf of
bread costing SEVEN MILLION Zimbabwean dollars, under black rule,
Zimbabwe has collapsed into a dysfunctional state with devastating
consequences for ALL of its people with yet more pain and suffering piling on
the misery.

All underpinned by the Western Liberal-Multiculturalists who stood by and

watched whites being ethnically cleansed from their homeland and who
propagated the despicable lie that this was right and fitting because of the
horrors inflicted on the African black under colonial rule. In typical arrogant
and self-righteous Liberal style, once whitey has been kicked out of his land,
these paragons of virtue completely ignore the devastating consequences
being endured by black African people whose empty bellies know all too well
the difference between living under white rule and black rule.

Not that your cappuccino drinking, sushi nibbling devout Liberal-Multiculturalist

will ever take the rainbow glasses off and see the reality they've helped to
create. For these naive well-fed dreamers, the Multicultural fantasy is their sole
raison d' etre and when reality unfolds in stark contrast to the rainbow utopia,
they will simply put their ideology first and disconnect from reality because
they simply cannot bear to confront it. Truth hurts, especially when its brutal.
That these people are afforded the luxury of avoiding any responsibility or
accountability for their misguided and irresponsible actions is an absolute
disgrace. Yes I know many of them are acting with good intentions but you and
I both know a certain road that's paved with them. South Africa and Zimbabwe
are strewn with these roads and millions of people there are living in the
harsh, brutal destination all of these roads lead to.

What is important to realise about this all-too short appraisal of black rule in
South Africa and Zimbabwe is that the same game that destroyed these once
mighty Titans is now being played throughout the West including our nation,
Great Britain.

Besmirching Britannia

Just as the white South Africans were made to pay for the injustice of
apartheid and just as white Rhodesians were ethnically cleansed from their
land to right the wrongs of colonialism, so too are British whites made to feel
guilty because of Britain's role in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Indeed, such is
the determination of our Marxist enemies to deploy the guilt weapon, Britons
who had nothing to do with slavery whatsoever were so bullied, intimidated
and burdened by this guilt trip they marched in chains, led by a British
politician, the rotund hypocritical Labour MP John "two Jags" Prescott. He
certainly doesn't know what an empty belly feels like.

If the hypocrisy and cowardice doesn't make you vomit, here's the BBC report
of this shameful event that happened in March 2007, a full two hundred years
after the abolition of slavery:

Note the organiser's risible "as we seek to undo the damage caused by the
slave trade..." guilt-inducing nonsense, not missing the chance to hammer
home the myths about the slave trade. What these self-hating dolts never
mention is that African blacks were not just victims of the slave trade, they
were actively involved in the slave trade by capturing and then selling their
own. Nor is the fact that slavery is also rife in Africa itself, where albinos,
dwarves and people from other tribes are enslaved by African blacks and
always have been.

What rankles with me is pious Liberals banging on and on about how evil
whites were for enslaving blacks but never mention the appalling conditions
many of their forefathers were forced to work under at that time in their own
country Great Britain. But as their forefathers were white, their exploitation is
left in the cold shadows while the rainbow spotlight focuses on maximising the
"injustice and horror" of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

But tellingly, those who continually remind us of the wrongs Britain committed
during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade don't mention the fact that by far the
worst enslavers of blacks isn't the white race it is the Arab race who enslaved
blacks for the best part of 1400 years. Indeed, blacks who converted to Islam
aided the Muslim Arabs to enslave their own people. Arabs refer to black slaves
as "abid" and these slaves were treated barbarically, from castrating the males
to using the women as sex-slaves, and a shocking 85% of these people would
die as a result of slavery.

Contrast this with the fact that 90% of blacks captured during the Trans-
Atlantic slave trade survived and it begs the question:

Why is it blacks, egged on by irrational Liberal-Multiculturalists, continually

bleat about the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, using it as a brick-bat to portray the
white man as inherently racist and to demand never-ending reparations for this
injustice yet do not apply this to their brutal Arab slave-masters? The Trans-
Atlantic slave trade lasted for the best part of 300 years and it was brought to
an end by whites themselves, so why is it blacks don't have the same anger
and sense of injustice about the Arab slave trade that they have towards

Maybe the fact that you will never find Arabs marching in chains through their
cities to apologise for enslaving blacks offers a little clue. Guilt won't work on
the Arabs but blacks know it works like a charm on whites and blacks will
blame whites as much as possible, from slavery to racism to apartheid to
colonialism all to distract from their own severe shortcomings and to extract as
much value from whites as is possible.

That whites are so easily manipulated by this insidious guilt weapon is further
evidence to support my assertion that it is the white race that is behaving in
self-destructive ways amounting to suicide of the species.

A Bitter Pill

It is time for whites to refrain from meekly accepting this guilt-trip, a guilt-trip
that damages blacks as much as it damages the white race, and to stand up
and speak the truth. Enough of the lies, enough of the deceit and the
manipulation and enough of this naive and futile devotion to a seriously flawed,
childish ideology that forces truth to be sacrificed on the altar of
Multiculturalism in the pursuit of a fantasy that cannot ever become a reality:
Racial equality, especially equality between whites and blacks.
If one studies history, it becomes clear that wherever the white man has taken
root, he has used his ingenuity and his industry to assess and then solve the
problems presented to him by Mother nature. History is cram-packed with
innovations that have taken mankind forward in leaps and bounds: Agriculture,
Science, Medicine, Engineering, Technology along with efficient systems of
governance and the rule of law.

What is glaring is that there is absolutely nothing invented or created by the

African black that has advanced mankind in any significant way. I cannot think
of ONE single invention that has made my life much more comfortable, much
more pleasant or made work much more efficient that has been invented by
the African black.

In contrast, look at what the white man brought to Africa, from flourishing
agriculture to vibrant commerce to medicines that helped the black man
combat many of the illnesses that blight the dark continent - malaria, cholera,
dysentery, yellow fever, typhoid fever - do you like me wonder how many black
Africans have benefited from the wonders of the white man's medicine?

Indeed, the current disease blighting Africa, especially South Africa is

HIV/AIDS and in what can only be described as a quite astonishing and grossly
irresponsible action, the ruling black ANC government advised people to have a
shower after sex so they didn't contract HIV/AIDS. Is this a sign of equality?

I assert that blacks know all too well that they cannot compete as equals with
the white race. They know full well - and many are finding out to their great
cost - that left to themselves, black societies degenerate into chaos and
catastrophe. Blacks know that whites produce the wealth they are wholly
incapable of creating and this arouses an intense racial hatred for whites in the
black race that manifests in violent crimes such as the robberies described
above or in the repulsive and demeaning gang rape of white women.

Yet still these retarded incompetents blame it all on the white man because
that's all blacks can think of. So bereft are they of any creativity at all, the only
answer blacks can think of when asked as to why Africa remains a third-world
sewer is "eiish, cuz da wyt stole everything and oppressed us, das why we got
entitlemunt to everything." What utter nonsense.

Blacks will always blame whites for their many failures and they will always
demand a share of what the white man creates because they just cannot
sustain themselves otherwise. Should whitey refuse they scream "WAYCISS!"
like little children scream "I hate you!" when Mummy refuses to give them
sweets at the supermarket checkout.

Instead of giving them a share of its wealth in return for nothing the white race
should demand that blacks to do something to earn a share or leave them to
get on with it in their own dark continent and let Mother nature take care of
them. Which she most certainly will if stupid, pious, bleeding heart white
Liberals can resist the urge to interfere and stop treating the black to a title
blacks can never earn: The white man's equal.

If the white race fails to understand that continually allowing itself to be

manipulated into handing over its wealth then not only will it hasten its own
demise, it will also continue to cause African blacks enormous suffering. Not
just through black incompetence but also through violence because black not
only bears a seething hatred for whites, a fierce tribal mentality leads blacks to
inflicting even greater acts of savagery and horror on their own people. And
this occurs wherever black goes as Londoners know all too well.

Sick Dependency

Here's a couple of examples that illustrate how handing over wealth to Africans
who have not earned it and who believe they are entitled to it either because
of colonial rule, slavery or merely for the fact they can manage to breathe air,
actually causes more misery and suffering and just prolongs the problem. I
could provide hundreds more and I am not exaggerating.

In 1984 & `85, Bob Geldof and Midge Ure highlighted the famine in Ethiopia
and along with the major rock and pop stars of the time, launched an appeal to
raise money for the victims. Band Aid and Live Aid literally rocked the world, it
was an amazing feat but what did it achieve? In 1985 the population of
Ethiopia was around 35 million, today, just 25 years later, it is at 70 million and
growing. This in a country with very little arable land, a country blighted by
political corruption, war and famine, yet Saint Bob screamed at us:

"Give us yer money people are f**king dying!"

No Bob, drop the word "dying" and then realise that for all your good
intentions all that's been achieved is to line the pockets of the corrupt rulers
there and instead of alleviating the suffering of the people, it's actually
increased it.

Saint Bob isn't the only one. There are a myriad of charities that exist to
improve the lot of the African people. Many find out the hard way that blacks
have little appreciation or gratitude for it, a good example being the Irish
charity Niall Mellon Township Trust who built basic brick houses for South
African blacks, all funded by donations from the West, handed over the keys to
people who had paid nothing for them and who did very little to aid in
constructing them and who, once whitey had cleared off, rented them out to
their own people and returned to the shacks and pocketed the cash.

Other Liberals pay a far higher price for placing fantasy before reality such as
this poor woman here:,1,22

Allowing people to believe they can have something for nothing creates a sick
dependency and is certainly not a noble virtue because it does nothing to help
the receiver, it just keeps them down with the giver feeling a misguided
superior sense of moral piety and an inflated ego. The barbaric and savage
events that occur each year in Africa demonstrate how badly flawed this
approach is. Another question concerns what happens to people who are
wholly dependent on handouts should the handouts stop?

Why is it that after all of the aid that has been donated to Africa through God-
knows how many charities and after white colonial rule had created
infrastructure, systems of governance, agriculture, wealth-generating and
thriving commerce and introduced advanced medical care that has helped cure
people of many of the diseases inherent to the continent, why why why are
people in Africa still living in squalor and filth and committing so much

Additionally and importantly we can also ask: Why are swarms of African
blacks still leaving their homelands and their people to live in the West? Surely
a better approach is to force Africans to do something to earn Western aid, aid
which should focus on helping the Africans address and solve the problems
nature presents them so they can build stronger nations in the long-term,
that's real help, not just bailing them out when the proverbial hits the fan. Do
you like me wonder what will it take to make Africa a peaceful, independent
and just society where all Africans can enjoy a dignified life as promised by
their blessed Saint Nelson?


Every time somebody dares to question Liberal-Multiculturalists who assert

that the races are evil, they are demonised and dehumanised as racists. Yet it
is now very clear to me that in fact, the Liberal-Multiculturalists are the true
racists. In chasing their rainbow fantasy, they have destroyed South Africa and
Zimbabwe with catastrophic consequences that have caused blacks to suffer
enormously - famine, violent crime, government abuse and oppression, child
abuse and murders of children for muti medicine and rampant HIV. They
scream racist at their opponents but they care not a jot for what has happened
to millions of African blacks.

Whites too have and are suffering from an escalating and brutal violent crime
wave including a genocide of the Boer farmers. And at each turn Liberal-
Multiculturalists blame whites for everything and reward other races with scant
regard for the consequences. This is because Multiculturalism is anything but,
it is about the total destruction of the affluent Western, first-world societies
created by whites followed by the annihilation of the white race without any
care or responsibility for the ensuing dreadful suffering that will be endured by
blacks. All that matters is that whites and their societies are erased from every
corner of the world.

There is a trite sound-bite regarding evil that is regularly trotted out in an

attempt to explain how evil arises: "All that is required for evil to prevail is for
good men to do nothing."

It may have a grain of truth but that's about it. Because for evil to truly
flourish it requires much more. It requires people to willingly place fantasy
above reality, to knowingly accept falsities over truth and to place vanity and
self-interest above all else along with avoiding any responsibility for the
consequences of their actions and to knowingly disconnect from the realities
they create.

South Africa and Zimbabwe show us the destiny that awaits Great Britain if we
continually allow the evil that destroyed them to continue to thrive in our
From Titans To Lemmings:
The Suicide Of The White Race
7. Dancing With Dragons


Part Six of Titans To Lemmings:
focused on Africa and in particular, the former British colonies of South Africa
and Rhodesia. I described how those once strong nations have deteriorated
badly since the end of colonial rule and the establishment of black governance
and I presented evidence to counter the myths of colonialism and apartheid,
two barb-encrusted sticks used to inflict a guilt trip on the white race and to
justify the looting, land grabs and ethnic cleansing all being conducted against
whites in these once advanced and prosperous nations.

As these nations implode catastrophically, enormous suffering is inflicted upon

both the white people AND native black peoples whilst those responsible for
creating the mess - namely the traitorous Marxist-Liberals in the West - turn a
blind eye and avoid any responsibility for their malicious interference which
had nothing to do with the welfare and the future of the black peoples and
everything to do with destroying the whites, the very people who had built the
strongest nations in Africa.

As well as building these Titans of Africa, the white man also brought his
medical expertise to the dark continent and as well as helping black people to
combat killer illnesses endemic there - yellow fever, malaria, cholera etc. -
systems of medical care constructed by whites dramatically reduced the infant
mortality rate and significantly increased the life expectancy rate. Not that
your average self-righteous Liberal will ever be aware of these things.

Africa isn't the only continent that has seen dramatic changes in the last fifty
years. Great Britain - in fact the entire West but for the purpose of this essay I
wish to focus mainly on Britain - the country whose vast empire did more than
any other nation to bring the advances of Western civilisation to the whole
world, has seen its empire crumble. Now the world comes to Britain, with
millions of Africans, Pakistanis, Indians and many more immigrants all flocking
to Great Britain.

Just as the white man introduced aspects of Western culture to the third world,
so now are immigrants into Britain introducing their culture here. Much of what
is being introduced is having a corrosive effect upon British society and I
assert this is not happening by chance. In fact, I believe a war is being waged
upon the British people deliberately with the aim to destroy Great Britain and
the British people. The scale of what is being done to our people is absolutely
staggering, the consequences are heart-breaking and devastating and the
saddest part of all is that the British people - and many others throughout the
West - are knowingly choosing to behave in seriously flawed ways, all
contributing to the collapse of the West and the eventual extinction of the
white race.

It's now time to bring attention to one aspect of the war against Britain to
expose its enormous scale and the destructive impact it is having on our
nation. In this part of the Titans series, I want to focus on narcotics and in
particular, the trade in one of the most potent narcotics, cocaine and its highly-
addictive derivative, crack.

A Nasty Shock

In a month that has seen BNP councillor Kevin Edwards express a personal
opinion regarding drug-pushers, stating:

"...personally, I would like to see the first three pushers/dealers hung on live

after the revelation that deaths by drugs had quadrupled in Llanelli, sparking
another passionate debate on the new Green Arrow Website:
this part of the Titans series falls at a somewhat fitting moment. First a little
background before I continue.

Three months ago, I had absolutely no idea as to how enormous the nature of
the drugs trade is. Had I been asked then what I felt about drugs I would've
shown little interest, maybe mentioning the role it plays in Islamic jihad. But a
chance conversation about cocaine with several of my Dutch friends lead to
one of them saying: "You don't want to know what's going on in the UK." I
pressed him further and he recommended some resources to me and they
shook me out of my indifference.

I realised a couple of things: First, that a debate about drug taking usually
centres around legalising drugs and a tolerance of personal choice, i.e. it's up
to you if you want to take narcotics. This personalising of drug taking narrows
the scope and is also somewhat naive as I will explain. Second, I would
consider myself to be an informed British Nationalist with a good awareness of
the current increasingly desperate plight of the British people. I figured if I had
little understanding of the enormous scope of the global drug-trafficking
industry, then there will be many more who are in the same situation I was
and this is an ignorance we British Nationalists simply cannot afford.

There are many enemies waging a war against the British people. Muslims
prosecuting Islamic jihad, a jihad covering many areas including drug jihad,
especially with the opiate drug heroin, is one enemy I will not discuss here as I
prefer to write essays solely focusing on the nature of the threat posed by
Islam. Most British nationalists are aware of Islamic jihad and its drug
trafficking but here I want to concentrate on the cocaine trade and on the
enemies of Britain few are aware of. Let us begin where the trade in cocaine

Heart Of The Beast

The abundant coca farms of Colombia provide the raw material for the lucrative
cocaine industry. Pickers - many of them entire families - pick leaves for eleven
hours a day, six days a week with the farmers paying a wage of about £8 a day
with accommodation provided. Land mines are rife, there are more in the fields
of Colombia than the deserts of Iraq after an ill-conceived attempt by the
Colombian and US governments to wipe out the farms.

Many pickers will suffer horrendous injuries from these deadly weapons but
they have little alternative employment. After picking, the leaves are then
processed by coca-kitchen workers to eventually produce the coca base fluid.

In addition to paying workers, farmers will also have to pay left-wing guerillas
AND right-wing paramilitaries with the latter collaborating with military and
government representatives to aid the trafficking of the drug from Colombia.
These organisations are nothing more than terrorists who will murder
opponents and who have massacred entire villages who they suspected of
siding with the opposition. These terrorists also sew around 26,000 land mines
every year and these mines kill three Colombians every day.

Corruption is rife, bribes all-too-easily accepted by law enforcers, soldiers and

government officials of the countries that border Colombia enabling the drug to
be distributed with little hindrance. Most of this money comes from drug
trafficking so straight-away, you can see that other issues such as exploitation
of workers and funding of terrorists in Colombia have already widened the
debate and we're only at square one.

As well as paying various state officials and personnel as the drug crosses
borders, another far more sinister party arrives to take control of the drug
within borders, acting both as a middleman between the Colombian cartels and
international dealers and pushers as well as dealing the drug themselves.
Getting the cocaine out of Colombia and to the world's hungry and lucrative
markets, especially the United States, Great Britain and Europe is the next and
most important stage of the process with the cities of Miami, Amsterdam,
Madrid and London forming the main hubs. Wherever cocaine is trafficked,
criminal gangs will be heavily involved and one gang in particular has emerged
as the dominant gang on the entire continent of America with absolutely
devastating consequences for society.

An Army Of Ants

After the civil war in El Salvador came to an end in the mid 1980's guerrillas
who had fought in the war banded together to form organized criminal gangs
with the aim of dealing crack cocaine. Immigrants from El Salvador to the
United States who had congregated in Los Angeles also became involved and
as they grew in strength they formed the gang that has now become one of
the most dangerous organized criminal gangs in the world today, "La Mara
Salvatrucha Troce" - The MS-13.

The gang takes its name from its two main territories, La Mara Street in El
Salvador and 13th Street in Los Angeles. The Salvatrucha is derived from the
guerrillas who fought in the war, describing them as being like an army of ants.
The MS-13 rules by outright and extreme violence and from its early
beginnings in the mid 1980's it has already decimated 2 countries and has left
behind it thousands of tortured and murdered victims in its wake.

The first nation to be decimated by the MS-13 was the once democratic state
of Honduras. Before the tentacles of the MS-13 had wrapped themselves
around Honduras, it had been a stable democracy, largely drug-free and with
peaceful governance. As the MS-13 increased its criminal operations in
Honduras, the country gradually fell apart. Trafficking crack cocaine generated
huge revenue for MS-13, with the city of San Pedro Saula now an MS-13
territory boasting over 35,000 members many of whom of course are crack
addicts. At around a dollar (US$1) a rock you can see how much money gangs
can generate EVERY DAY and San Pedro Saula is just ONE city.

By the year 2000, Honduras had completely imploded and a state of war
between the government, MS-13 - and by now, rival gangs who had formed to
take a piece of the action, especially Dieciocho (18) - and anti-gang vigilantes
who would shoot gang members on sight existed. In the most notorious
incident, two MS-13 mobsters forced passengers off a public bus and executed
all of them, children as well, with AK-47 and M-16 machine guns. The message
was loud and clear: Don't get in our way - or else.
From the 13th Street of Los Angeles, the MS-13 has now spread across the
states of the US to the east coast and the cities of New York and Washington.
Washington, the capital of the US now harbours over 6000 MS-13 members
and growing and the violence that blighted Honduras - along with crack
cocaine - is now blighting the US as the death of a 16 year old boy who after
having his hands amputated bled to death in an alley just a few blocks from
the Whitehouse shows. Be in no doubt that the MS-13 have no mercy for those
who cross them no matter what their age.

Age is also of little concern when it comes to new recruits. School-kids will be
targeted and indoctrinated with MS-13 gang culture and all of them will be
subjected to the gang's brutal initiation ceremony, a 13 second violent and
intense gang assault which requires the recruit to take a severe beating
without retaliating. Sex is of no concern either as girls will undergo the same
beating with the small mercy that it will be administered by the female gang

Loyalty to the gang is paramount, betrayal merits the severest of punishments

but the most severe and inhumane is reserved for any gang member who
deals cocaine under their own steam, thus cutting out the gang from its share.
These renegade dealers will be hacked to death with machetes, their bodies
cut into little pieces and flushed down the toilet. The internal organs will be
reserved and strung in prominent places for all to see and get the message:
Do not cross MS-13. Woe betide those who do.

The MS-13 presents a huge threat to the future stability of the United States
and one of the resources my Dutch friend recommended me was this excellent
5 part documentary on YouTube which features a testimony about MS-13 from
a female member who turned grass and who paid the ultimate price. It is
compulsive viewing and provides a valuable insight into the workings and the
power of the MS-13:

"You live for your God and your Mum but you die for your gang."

What made my ears prick up was the statement made by the mobster about
the MS-13 supplying LEGAL prescription drugs. Yet another angle to the debate
rarely - if ever - discussed when debating the legalising of narcotics.

OK, you may now be thinking: "All well and good Reconquista but how does a
Latin American criminal mob present a threat to Great Britain?"
They most certainly do because the next stage in our journey takes us to the
Caribbean and to the British commonwealth realm of Jamaica. Now you will
see the scope of what is being done to our people and why I class it as a war
against us.

Mule Train

Although one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Jamaica is a country
that has been continually beset by problems. The political scene is turbulent
with both main parties having connections to criminal militias to control voting.
Gang crime is rife with the notorious "yardies" as the kingpins of Jamaican
organized crime, crime in which drugs have long formed a lucrative stream of
income for the gangsters.

Then came the MS-13 bringing with them the most addictive narcotic in the
world, crack cocaine. Seizing the opportunity, the militias evolved and have
developed drug-trafficking networks to take Colombian cocaine to the
international markets. These Jamaican gangs are enormously powerful, and
they, just like their MS-13 counterparts, rule with brutal and extreme violence.

Political corruption has now firmly taken root with Jamaican ghettos run by
"Community Leaders" who are nothing more than drug barons. They wield
enormous influence over the ghettos and this influence is used to gain votes
for politicians in return for political protection. Money generated from the sale
of crack also greases the greedy palms of politicians, with even Prime Ministers
demanding the release of drug barons in their protection.

Poverty is rife in Jamaica and the apart from joining gangs, the only way out of
poverty for most Jamaicans is to become a "drug mule". Drug mules - most of
them women including pregnant women - will be paid to carry the cocaine
from Jamaica to North America, Europe and of course Great Britain and will
deploy a variety of methods to conceal the drug: in seams of trousers, false
compartments in suitcases, hollowed out heels and commonly, swallowing
tightly-wrapped cocaine tablets - risky business because the tiniest hole in the
wrap or even a split will cause a lethal dose of cocaine to be released into the
stomach resulting in an agonising death.

Jamaican drug mules are responsible for providing 65% of the cocaine that
reaches Great Britain. These mules will earn up to £5000 for each trip and
given that the average salary in Jamaica is £1500 a year, you can see why
many choose to take the risk. Here's another shocking statistic: One third of all
women in prison in England and Wales are Jamaican drug mules.

However, although these mules are hoping to build a better life for themselves
and their families, they are doing it without any regard for the devastating
consequences endured by people who ingest the poison they carry and deliver,
including children and teenagers and little if any sympathy should be afforded
to drug mules, they are every bit an enemy of the British people as the

Indeed the gangsters themselves have no pity, drug mules are just beasts of
burden and patsys for them, ten of whom will die each year, with many more
suffering cocaine poisoning. But the scale of how much cocaine these mules
bring into the UK is astronomical as the following taken from the superb book
"Crackhouse" demonstrates:

In 1999 UK Deputy High Commissioner In Jamaica Phil Sinkinson provided this


One in ten passengers on a flight to the UK is a mule.

If 1 in 10 passengers are mules, this equates to a conservative estimate of


There are four flights every day for 50 weeks a year to the UK from Jamaica.

1 kilo of cocaine converted into crack is worth between £60,000 and £90,000.

BILLION is brought into the UK by Jamaican drug mules.

Oh, and surprise raids on Jamaican airliners conducted at London Heathrow

and Amsterdam Schiphol found DOUBLE these conservative estimates at
London and QUADRUPLE at Amsterdam.

Can you see why I call this a war against Britain? No? Well how about the fact
that the Jamaican Police force was discovered to have formed an alliance with
the Colombian drug cartels? The game is to make our people dependent on
their poison so they can make millions of pounds whilst our society collapses.
How anyone can regard this as anything other than a war I do not know.

Perhaps the next stage of our journey will convince any doubter. Because now
the cocaine has reached our nation, it will be delivered to the various dealers
and gangs who will carefully mix and heat the cocaine with sodium bicarbonate
until the liquid escapes from the crystals with an accompanying cracking
sound. Crack cocaine is now ready to be pushed onto Britons craving the
exhilarating, sky-high rush it quickly delivers.

Let's Share The Crack

Here's another appalling statistic. In the Daily Mail edition of 21st August
2009, it reported that there are 350,000 heroin and crack addicts in the United
Kingdom raking in up to £1.6 billion in benefits. These are of course the ones
the authorities know about. What's important to note here is that many users
indulge the habit of taking heroin AND crack cocaine, often one after the other
in what is termed as "back to back".

Crack cocaine is one of the most addictive narcotics there is. The intense high
is delivered very quickly and wears off slowly. Users describe it as being akin to
blasting to orbit in a rocket and floating back down on a feather. One hit is all it
can take to make a user addicted and once addicted they will be the slave of
their addiction, each hour of each day devoted to obtaining the delirious high
only crack can provide.

Such a sweet high produces an intense craving in the user and will lead many
of them into a downward spiral where they engage in all manner of unsavoury
and criminal behaviours so they can afford to buy a fix: Thieving, mugging,
begging, dealing drugs, prostitution, dealing guns - whatever it takes to feed
their habit, a habit that costs on average £500 a week.

The behaviours crack induces in addicts are quite distressing. The first waking
moment will involve inhaling from the - empty from the night before - crack
pipe. Desperation takes hold and the addict will now use their fingers to comb
through the carpet and the floor in the hope of discovering a tiny rock that will
bring ecstasy, referred to as "ghost-busting". As crack addicts are meticulous
with their precious rock, ghost-busting will always end in frustration, their
desperation for crack further stoked, lost zombies controlled by the
overwhelming need for crack.

Crack induces "ticks" in users, such as scratching imaginary itches to the point
of severe bleeding, rubbing heads against walls, continually searching through
pockets or continually feeling objects such as balls. Many will be totally
unaware of this behaviour.

Debts mount for addicts, the more debts they accumulate the more they crave
the relief from the fear of them only crack can provide. Marriages are
destroyed, once loving crack-addicted husbands beat their wives, once loving
wives become crack whores to feed their habit, all because of addiction to
crack. To obtain money, addicts will indulge in benefit fraud, mugging and
petty crime such as pick-pocketing.

Muggings will be carried out against any target deemed easy and the
consequences suffered by the victim are irrelevant to the attacker. Shattered
confidence, depression and physical scars will blight the victim's life for years
but the money stolen from them will last just minutes in the addict's crack
pipe. Then it'll be someone else's turn to become an unwitting victim of crack
addiction. Some addicts graduate into serious crime such as armed robbery.

Anything goes to get crack. Anything.

And there's no "honour among thieves" in the crack world. As well as addicts
stealing from each other, street dealers will be robbed by other street dealers
with appalling violence deployed without mercy. To prevent their crack being
stolen, one of the most disgusting tactics street dealers deploy is to hide their
stash in bushes protected by dirty needles. Street dealers who are caught
dealing on a gang's patch will be slashed, battered senseless or shot. This is
not a game where players play nice.

Fallen Angels

Perhaps most distressing of all regards the exploitation of girls and women
whose addiction to crack leaves them wide open to the various perverts and
predators surrounding the drugs industry. Teenage girls are targeted by pimps,
who will first impress them as they play the role of loving boyfriend. Gradually,
drugs and then crack will be introduced and from that moment the girl is under
the control of the pimp.

First she will be played with a guilt trip to "do your share to pay for rock",
then encouraged to have unprotected sex with the pimp and a friend, then
more and more "friends". Eventually, the girls will indulge in dangerous and
perverted sex including gang banging groups of perverts all engaging in
unprotected sex just to earn £150 and every penny of it will all be spent on
crack - supplied courtesy of the pimp of course.

Crack addicted teenage girls are exploited mercilessly and the younger they
are the better. 12, 13 and 14 year old girls will be so desperate for crack they
will let perverts use them in any filthy way so they will be given crack and
pimps will supply crack-addicted teens to paedophiles. The girls simply don't
care what is done to them they crave the crack hit and this is all they think
about, all that matters in life. The only way they can make money to feed their
addiction is to sell their tender young bodies to satiate the depraved lust of
Adult women fare no better and their addiction to crack leads them into
performing all manner of extreme and perverted sexual acts. Extreme filthy
acts such as "the hit kiss" where addicts will blow crack smoke into each others
mouths or into the vagina or anus. But the ultimate for a crack addicted male
is to experience the "double master blast". This is where the crack whore will
perform oral sex on the addict with the goal of timing his orgasm at the same
time the crack rush hits. If she times it right she will be rewarded with crack. If
she times it wrong...

...and the possibility of this is more likely. Crack induces intense sexual urges
but in males, prolonged usage leads to impotence. If the guy cannot produce
an erection, the girl will be blamed and as well as denying her the precious
crack, she will be battered and beaten, sometimes repeatedly, always severely.

The brutal truth of the crack world is that men who own the crack are able to
manipulate the sexual encounters with addicts and all he has to do is withhold
the drug. If she doesn't want to swallow his semen or have unprotected sex
with him and his friends - no crack. The addict will always cave in, they crave
the crack and in time they will be desperate for clients. STDs are rife, and for
many crack whores, personal hygiene is non-existent. Pimps will force these
girls to have group sex, sex with each other and with other addicts all
unprotected and all controlled by crack and HIV is an increasing problem with 1
in 25 crack addicts HIV positive.

Please don't be fooled into believing crack whores come from the poorer areas
of our society. Crack makes whores out of girls and women from all types of
backgrounds. One pertinent example being a high-class crack whore in
London. When her grand home was raided by the Police, not only did they find
a thriving cannabis farm, they found copious amounts of crack and over ONE
MILLION POUNDS IN CASH. This was a whore with clients in high places and
when she informed the judge that most of her money was made from
prostitution, he was all too keen to believe her story and allowed her to keep
around £300,000 of it.

By the way, this raid represents just ONE example of ONE house in ONE city,
our once magnificent capital London.

Mother's Ruin

Many of the girls and women whoring for crack will fall pregnant and not only
will they continue smoking crack, they will continue to provide sexual favours
to fund their addiction. A mother addicted to crack will give birth to babies
sharing her addiction and many babies will overdose on crack whilst breast-
feeding, fatally so. Another risk of smoking crack during pregnancy is giving
birth to babies with spina bifida.

As crack addicted mothers aren't responsible enough to look after their

children, many of these kids will end up being taken into care. In 2006, 20,000
innocent victims of crack and subsequent parental neglect were placed into
care and out of a total of 60,000 kids in care, 34% of the cases were drug-

For mothers who have had their kids taken from them and placed into state
care, the emotional void will be filled by further pregnancies and in one case, a
crack addicted mother had 15 children taken into care, what an absolutely
tragic circle to go around, all because of crack.

Children of crack addicts placed into care will suffer long-term psychological
consequences all of which will be exploited by crack dealers. Kids are ruthlessly
targeted by crack dealers, especially street dealers who will use children - they
call them "tinies" - as runners to take crack from dealer to client. Tinies are
less likely to attract the law and are also easily intimidated and controlled by
the dealers. Once in the gang world, it will be very hard for them to leave.

These kids learn just how lucrative drug dealing is. How do you explain to
these kids that it is better to stay away from gangs and drugs and to find a
decent job to provide for yourself and your family when they know they can
make more in a week or a month than most people earn in a year?

That many of them will never earn the vast amounts made by the serious
players is irrelevant. They know the rewards on offer and they will chase them
come what may. As one said: "Why should I cook fries and get no respect for
18 grand a year when in just 6 months of dealing I can buy my own

Another issue surrounds a cultural change in British youth who are adopting
black gangsta culture and attitudes - respect and disrespect, way they talk, the
way they dress, the way they act and the way they arrogantly demand respect
for nothing in return - or else. All of this is contributing to the breakdown of
British society.

Dawn Of A New Age

Since the turn of the new millennium, Great Britain has been gradually
suffering more and more from the effects of crack cocaine. Cruel and
inhumane murders - Mary Ann Leneghan, WPC Sharon Beshenivsky, Jesse
James to name but a few infamous ones - all victims of crack addicts. Others
such as the five prostitutes murdered in Ipswich by Steve Wright died whilst
selling their bodies to fund their crack addiction.

As crack has spread from London, crack-related deaths have increased nine-
fold and in Aberdeen, the number of crack addicts increased by a staggering
600 per cent in just five years and the trade in crack there - where it is five
times the price in London - is worth a stratospheric ten million pounds A WEEK!

Shootings in the UK have seen a three-fold increase and in 2006, London saw
two people shot every day. As crack spreads to other UK cities so too does
violent crime along with it. Gang hitmen will shoot anyone who gets in the way,
from addicts, dealers and rival gang members to children and witnesses - and
their families - who dare to give evidence against them.

Such is the reality of crack and I've only scratched the surface here. I will
provide resources at the end but before I bring this essay to a close, there is
one more enemy to be aware of, an enemy that illustrates the power of the
Colombian drug cartels and how cocaine is being used as a chemical weapon of
warfare that destroys nations, a weapon now being deployed against Great
Britain and the British people.

Out Of Africa

There is a tiny country located on the West African coast with a population of
just 1.6 million, a tiny country where poverty is rife, the life expectancy is just
forty years and starvation is common. Its fishing stocks have been raided by
European fishers thus destroying the main source of income. It is an
undeveloped nation where electricity and communications infrastructure is at
best basic.

Very few Britons will have heard of the place let alone possess an awareness of
its role in the trafficking of cocaine yet Guinea-Bissau is fast becoming one of
the major centres for cocaine trafficking on the planet. All because a shipwreck
lead to fishermen discovering a stash of cocaine and when the Colombians
arrived to buy back what was left, they showed the natives how to use cocaine
and how to cook it to create its highly-addictive derivative, crack.

From having zero crack addicts to hundreds of them in less than a year, addicts
are bringing the same degenerate behaviours and criminality described in this
essay to this tiny nation.

For the drugs cartels, Guineau-Bissau provides a lawless hub from where they
are able to distribute enormous quantities of cocaine into Europe. With little in
the way of law enforcement to stop them, the cartels teamed up with the
military and quickly enabled cocaine to become the country's main export and
source of income. Government corruption once again is rife as the country
becomes gripped by the drugs industry.

Cocaine is now trafficked into Europe from Africa, via the already established
networks used to smuggle cannabis from Morocco into Great Britain. The
Colombian drugs cartels have established themselves and have built luxury
villas for themselves and smaller homes including swimming pools for those
who aided them.

To give you an idea of the scale of what we are facing, it is now estimated that
one third of the cocaine being smuggled into Europe is being trafficked from
Guinea-Bissau. It is now easier than ever for cocaine to be brought into Great
Britain and it is now easier than ever for cocaine and crack to be dealt in our
towns and cities. Such an abundance of cocaine means the street price has
now dropped making it more widely affordable for all.

What occurred to me whilst writing this is essay is the contrast between how
the white man brought medicine to bring life to Africa whereas the blacks from
Jamaica and now Guinea-Bissau bring medicine to the West - to Great Britain -
that takes life, it matters not how many lives are ruined because they're whites
- crackers. And blacks still whine about slavery and colonialism, curiously silent
about the malicious actions of their own. But I digress.

Failing to realise that this is a war against our people will result in one
outcome: destruction of our people and our nation. Right now, Great Britain is
failing to defend its borders in more ways than one. Cocaine is poisoning our
people, the more of our people who are poisoned the more devastating the
impact upon our society and the more easier it is for enemies to achieve their
goals of subjugating us, conquering us and ultimately, destroying us.


The liberal approach to drugs again has tolerance at the core. Yet we've seen
repeatedly how tolerance fails. Liberals demanded the removal of the death
penalty and a focus on education and rehabilitation claiming it would reduce
murders - it didn't work. Let's tolerate homosexuality they said and now
homosexuality isn't just tolerated liberals are now encouraging it and
promoting it to kids. Let's tolerate other people and other cultures they said.
Look where that is taking us.

Now liberals demand we legalise drugs again citing education as being the
most effective way to combat the drug problem. This would mean legalising
ALL drugs, including heroin and of course crack cocaine. Failing to legalise
these will just increase their appeal.

But I wonder how many "enlightened" liberals would be proud to see their 13
year old daughter being exploited by paedophiles who know she'll do
ANYTHING for crack. Perhaps they could educate her in how to perform the
perfect blow-job for a crack addict to deliver the "master blast" so she doesn't
get used as a punch-bag or a football? No way to avoid that if the guy can't get
wood though, but never mind they'll do it anyway.

Would liberals beam with pride to see their teenage sons injecting heroin in
government safe houses with their friends? Perhaps dad and lad could share a
crack pipe and maybe do "back to back" with a shot of heroin? And what family
doesn't dream of seeing their well-educated drug aware kids using cocaine or
heroin regularly in a "responsible" way? Never mind they'll do it anyway.

What parental love for our young to give them legal access to highly-addictive
substances; to encourage them to take powerful narcotics that can make them
impotent, confused, violent, hyper-active and paranoid. Poisons that can send
them into a downward spiral that causes their lives to implode and leaves them
vulnerable and at the mercy of malicious predators and perverts ever-ready to
pounce, ever-ready to exploit lost and abandoned souls.

As British Nationalists, what aspirations are we holding for our people if we tell
them it's perfectly fine to use narcotics that will not only poison their bodies,
but also the bodies of their babies?

And people wonder why I say the white race is behaving like lemmings. This
liberal approach to legalising drugs is a line of thinking that says well if only it
were legal then all of the nasty problems would go away. I suggest they
wouldn't, that some would worsen and that new problems would occur,
including the trafficking of prescription drugs. Legalising drugs will not stop the
crime that comes with gangs and their territory and there is no way with the
amounts of power, control and money involved that the gangs and cartels will
simply say: "Right, that's us then, we'll clear off now and let you get on with

Then there is the issue of the state becoming a pusher and of pharmaceutical
companies becoming involved in a gang war to secure the supply of cocaine to
their laboratories along with asking them to produce highly addictive
substances that ruin health not improve it. All this at a time when smoking has
been banned in all public places! What madness.
I stated that I have only scratched the surface so here's a couple of excellent
resources for you to discover more about the reality of gangs, drug trafficking,
corruption and of course, the harrowing realities endured by crack addicts.

1. Crackhouse, By Harry Keeble. I strongly recommend this book about how a

copper destroyed the Crackhouses in Tottenham. It is a compelling read, I
really couldn't put it down. The London gang scene is discussed in detail and
you'll also meet some of the nastiest most violent gangsters from Jamaica and
the US who brought horror, death and destruction to the UK along with the
distressing experiences endured by addicts.

2. I found this whilst researching for the essay. Re-instating the death penalty
is a BNP policy and this site provides a superb, reasoned and rational argument
to support capital punishment.

Regarding drugs and Councillor Edwards' comment, I agree with him, in fact I
would have no problem with making dealers and pushers eat their poison with
the first three being filmed. That is my personal view. However, I know many
would recoil at this so death by lethal injection would have my full support. The
scum who push their poison deserve it, I have absolutely no sympathy for any
of them, the same as they have for their victims.

3. Finally, another documentary I found that provided gripping and informative

viewing. This one is about the 18th Street Gang, how they control their
territory, how they punish those who cross them and it also includes footage of
girls being initiated into the gang.

I assert that the cartels and gangs - including collaborating governments - are
waging another form of asymmetric warfare against our people. It is a war that
is destroying our people and our nation while these enemies prosper and
further their goal of destroying us. They will not go away, they have to be
fought and I believe this is the duty of every British Nationalist.

Be careful what you wish for...

From Titans To Lemmings:
The Suicide Of The White Race

8. Genocide Of The Titans


Before I continue with this the final part of this series of essays explaining how
I believe the white race is committing suicide, let's just have a quick recap as
to the main issues covered thus far.

In the first part of the series, Selected For Extinction:
I asserted that the future of the white race is seriously threatened. Although
Christianity has been almost abandoned, the moral inversion inherent in it and
identified by the brilliant German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche - whereby the
weak and the oppressed are regarded as moral whereas the strong and the
powerful are regarded as immoral - has been retained and is being used to
allow minorities to dominate our society, e.g. homosexuals, Asians, women
etc. It is being underpinned with a gross distortion of history to always portray
whites as exploiters and oppressors. I also explained that Marxists are
deploying this moral inversion through the new godless religion they created:
Liberalism and its holy trinity of Multiculturalism, Political Correctness and

Part Two: Halting The Tide:
discussed the false notion of equality of all peoples and all races and in Part
Three, Walking The Wheel:
I gave a brief description of the state of Multiculturalism in white western
societies along with an assertion that whites are repeatedly behaving in the
same flawed ways yet expecting different results and I compared this to
Einstein's definition of insanity - with very good reason because I assert that
the white race is consciously making a choice for extinction.

Busting the myths surrounding the convenient scapegoats for the white race -
the Jews - and explaining why it is the white race that is solely to blame for the
current desperate state it is now in was the theme of Part Four, Slaying
David, Crippling Britannia:
and in Part Five, the feminisation of Western societies along with a prediction
that this would eventually cause women enormous suffering because these
societies are Galloping Headstrong Into Bondage:
was also discussed. The essay sounds a very clear warning about the
inhumane horrors Islam will impose upon Western women should Islam
conquer the West.

Exposing the harrowing nightmare lying Behind The Smiling Rainbow Mask:
of the Rainbow Nation of South Africa, a nation that along with Zimbabwe is
falling into chaos forms the Sixth Part of the Titans series and in Part Seven,
Dancing With Dragons:
I explained how a variety of enemies are waging a war against the British
people through the trafficking of cocaine and heroin; how these drugs are
destroying the lives of Britons and how drugs and organised gangs present a
very clear and deadly serious threat to the stability of Western societies.

To wrap up the Titans series, this final part will now discuss major events that
have happened during the last sixty or so years and will attempt to paint a
clear picture as to how and why the West - particularly Great Britain - is dying.
And please don't think I'm being overly dramatic. Britannia, heavily blooded,
battered and bruised, is on her knees and we are running out of time to save
her. Those who have violated her are playing a very nasty game and right now
they are the masters of the game board.

But what is the game they are playing?

Turning Points And Watersheds

The Second World War signalled the end of the once mighty British Empire.
Having fought a second major conflict just 20 years after the Great War had
cruelly robbed Great Britain of the flowers of one generation, the loss of more
of its fine young men not only weakened the nation, it brought significant
changes. To replace the loss of manpower, first women flooded into the
workplace - something that had also occurred during the Great War - then the
beginning of immigration with the British government offering affordable
passage to Jamaicans willing to work in the UK.

The arrival of the ship "MV Empire Windrush" at Tilbury on June 22 1948
signalled the first step of the Multicultural social experiment. But that isn't the
only significant step the end of the Second World War brought that heralded
enormous changes for Great Britain.

Contrary to common public opinion - an opinion grounded no doubt from pride

in one's nation and kin, there's irony for you - Great Britain did not win World
War II. Although it can quite rightly claim the moral high ground in having
fought Hitler's vile National Socialists of Germany and the brutal militarists of
Imperial Japan, this sense of moral pride is the only positive Great Britain can
take from this war because Great Britain paid a very heavy price for exercising
its moral duties and responsibilities in fighting to defend the world from

Driven almost to bankruptcy with the costs of waging war and weakened by
the loss of so many fighting men together left Britain unable to maintain her
magnificent Empire. Additionally, native peoples around the Empire realised
their demographic advantage and having tasted war now demanded
independence knowing full well the weakened British were simply not in a
position to resist. But as the sun finally set on the British Empire, it rose on a
new superpower and it is this dawn of a new power that has caused, and is still
to this day causing, enormous problems for Great Britain.

The clear victor of World War II was the United States of America. It emerged
triumphant, more wealthy than before the outbreak of war and assumed the
role of the world's policeman having secured victory in Europe and in the
Pacific. But it is the USA's role as being the winners in a European war that was
to have a catastrophic result.

Aware of increasing world dominance of the United States, European nations -

in particular France and a fast-emerging, re-building West Germany - became
concerned that Europe was being overly-dominated by the United States and
moves were instigated to create greater European unity. Underpinning this was
a false belief that nationalism had caused both of the wars that had decimated
the continent, and an attitude that if nationalism was crushed war would end
was also promoted.

Four men originated the plan for a Federal European Community and they are
names no British Nationalist should ever forget: Frenchmen Jean Monnet and
Robert Schuman, Belgian Paul-Henry Spaak and the Italian Alcide de Gasperi.
The efforts of these men lead to the signing of The Treaty of Rome in 1957 by
the founding nations: Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands and
West Germany and thus gave birth to the anti-democratic, anti-nationalist
soviet-styled European Union that exists today.

Rebirth Of A Nation

The changes brought about by the end of the Second World War that have
brought Britannia to her knees just sixty years after she ruled over the
greatest Empire the world has ever seen do not solely lie within the borders of

On November 29th 1947, the United Nations - another global community

formed to preserve the peace and end conflict - passed resolution 181, and
thus the nation state of Israel proclaimed its independence on 14th May 1948.
UN resolution 181 approving the state of Israel was unanimously rejected by
the Arab League and the Arab nations and lead to a year of fighting that
eventually ceased and saw Jordan take control of Judea and Samaria -
renamed to the West Bank - while Egypt took control of the Gaza strip.

A conflict in the Middle East that began with the return of the Jews to their
homeland of Israel around the 1870s that was supposed to end with UN
resolution 181 is still continuing today and the failure to find a peaceful
solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict has not only destabilized the Middle East it
has also de-stabilized the West, especially Europe as we shall now see.

In 1964, a paramilitary organisation calling itself "The Palestinian Liberation

Organisation" was founded with the stated aim of representing the interests of
the "Palestinian" people. The organisation, lead by the Egyptian born Yasser
Arafat, was perceived by many Westerners - including Britons - as having an
interest in establishing a two-state solution with the Israelis. Others who
possessed a greater understanding of Islam more correctly stated that its main
goal was the destruction of Israel and although this is far closer to the truth, it
isn't completely accurate and I will elaborate on this soon. But the PLO was not
only a thorn in Israel's side, it was also a very painful thorn in Europe's side
and the ramifications of what the PLO did are still being endured by Europeans

In 1967, Syria, Egypt, Iraq and Jordan amassed their armies on the borders of
Israel, and the Jewish state launched a pre-emptive strike and routed the Arab
nations acquiring the West Bank and the Gaza strip as well as unifying the city
of Jerusalem. Israel's victory lead to the Arabs realising that they could not
defeat Israel via conventional warfare and so they would have to resort to
other means to enable them to "drive the Jews into the sea".
The PLO has now been succeeded by openly terrorist organisations such as
Hizballah and HAMAS - both of whom state that the destruction of Israel is
their goal - and by the far more subtle Fatah, who also shares the same goal
but differs as to how best to achieve it.

The desires of the Arab - predominantly Muslim - nations to annihilate Israel

would have been of little consequence to the West were it not for one other
watershed, a watershed that even as I write is destroying the entire West with
Great Britain being one of the worst of its victims.

A Curse Of Nature

Dammam Number Seven is perhaps one of the most significant yet largely
anonymous sites in the history of the twentieth century. After signing a
concessionary agreement with the Saudi Arabian government in May 1933, the
California-Arabian Oil Company - Casoc - discovered in 1938 the first Saudi
Arabian commercial oil field in Dhahran and Dammam Number Seven, the
seventh drilling site, was the first to strike oil. In 1944, Casoc changed its
name to Aramco, the Arab -American oil company, and with production
reaching 1500 barrels a day, Aramco thrived.

What is purely a geographical accident of nature - the location of precious oil -

was to have far greater consequences than enabling American oil companies to
supply their oil-thirsty customers and earn huge profits as they pumped
thousands of barrels of crude a day from the abundant Saudi oilfields. Realising
the enormous wealth being generated by Saudi oil, the Saudi King Abdul Aziz
Ibn Saud threatened to nationalise the entire oil production industry in Saudi
Arabia unless the US oil companies shared the profits 50/50. Helped by tax
concessions from the US government, in 1950, the oil companies agreed to the
King's request and for the first time, the Saudis had exercised the power of
their mighty oil weapon.

It would not be the last. With oil production in the United States having peaked
in 1970, the Yom Kippur war of 1973 showed exactly how much power the
Saudis along with their fellow Arabic oil producing nations could now wield.
They decided to limit the supply of oil to the United States for supporting and
equipping Israel. The Saudis threatened other countries with the same
restrictions on oil supply if they supported the USA and Israel and this caused
conflict between the USA and Europe. Normal supply would only be resumed if
the USA brokered a successful peace. After a settlement was signed between
Israel and Syria over the Golan Heights, the embargo was lifted - with
increased oil prices.
The Americans had been brought to their knees almost by the oil weapon;
NATO had almost fractured; and Israel now found itself as the sacrificial lamb
whose so-called allies would offer it on a platter to secure Arab oil supplies to
the USA and Europe.

Unable to defeat a single tiny nation militarily, the Arab nations now had the
power to divide Israel and her allies. They also realised that their precious and
mighty oil weapon would enable them to conquer not just Israel but the entire
West because the enormous profits they earned from the black liquid would
enable them to first resurrect and then export the ideology that will help them
to subjugate and control the people of the world under one global system:


This ideology which holds Islamic global supremacy as a command from God
and which had been in decline since the fall of the Turkish caliphate in 1923 -
thus further exacerbating the dominance over Islam by the West because the
West possessed a far greater scientific and technological superiority - had now
been given an unexpected kiss of life; a kiss willingly delivered by the dirty
kuffars themselves because of their insatiable lust for black gold.

The consequences of the 1973 oil crisis should not be underestimated. By

1974, the Saudis had secured 60% ownership of Aramco and by 1980, they'd
attained 100% ownership. Since 1973, a previously pro-Israel, pro-United
States Western media has become increasingly anti-Israel and in the case of
both governments and media throughout Europe, virulently anti-USA.

The competition for oil between two continents whose entire economies along
with the stability of their societies are completely dependent on the plentiful
supply of oil has not only caused a somewhat fractious and fragile relationship
between the victor of the Second World War and the nations it liberated, it has
created a catastrophic subservience to the Islamic world and for Europe, this
has created a perilous situation that worsens by the day that threatens the
long-term future of the indigenous peoples of this once mighty continent built
upon Judeo-Christian foundations.

Because instead of maintaining a strong alliance with the nation that fought to
liberate Europe from tyranny, the need for oil has now lead the governments of
Europe to form an unequal alliance with the very people whose sacred religious
duty is to conquer and subjugate them.

Subjugation Of The Titans

It didn't take the Arab nations long to realise that they now had two very
powerful weapons which they could deploy against the West without resorting
to highly-risk military warfare.

The absolutely despised Israel with its unwanted Jewish presence on what was
formerly part of the sacred ground of Dar al Islam had now become an ace in
their hand. From the Arab perspective, the conflict against those "descendants
of apes and pigs" the Jews could now be expanded to include the previously
untouchable dirty kuffars in Europe and through the openly terrorist PLO, they
had an army of fanatical believers all keen to sacrifice their lives for Islamic
jihad and "fight the unbelievers until fitna ceases to exist and the world solely
belongs to Allah" as commanded in 8:39 of the Qur'an.

Along with their precious and unexpected priceless gift generously bequeathed
to them by Mother nature, the Arab world was now receiving the oil riches it
needed to to wage a third global jihad against the infidels with the aim of re-
establishing the global Islamic caliphate. The nature of warfare was about to
change forever as asymmetric warfare and not conventional warfare would be
the new strategy of choice for prosecuting the modern day Islamic jihad.

The Arabs also realised something else: Europe was but a small step away
from the borders of Dar al Islam and the lands of Europe bordering the
Mediterranean sea made very tempting and very obvious targets.

For many Britons, the whole concept of the European Union means a unifying
of the nations of Western and central Europe and I could also say this is true
for most Europeans too. I believe very few of them will be aware that the
European Union is actively engaged in forming closer ties with North African
and Middle Eastern nations with the explicit aim of fostering free movement of
people between the people of the EU and the peoples of Islamic nations such
as Syria, Egypt, The Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Jordan. This
is in addition to the ongoing campaign to accept Islamic Turkey into the EU.

All of this is happening because during the 1970's, the Arab League demanded
free movement around Europe for Palestinian terrorists in return for immunity
from Islamic terrorist attacks. In his brilliant series of essays, "The Eurabia

the perceptive Norwegian essayist Fjordman reveals that the Italian
government of the time headed by Prime Minister Aldo Moro not only signed
treaties with Palestinian terror groups, these terror groups were also allowed to
maintain armed bases of operation in Italy.
Such an abject surrender has further empowered Dar al Islam and greatly
strengthened its foothold in Europe. Following on from this the Arabs have also
secured not only the sympathy of the European nations for the wholly
fabricated "Palestinian" cause, but also they have forced the European nations
to hand over thousands of millions of euros to support this cause, taxpayer's
money meekly handed over in what amounts to nothing more than jizya, the
Islamic tax on dirty kuffars to secure protection from their Muslim superiors.

Various organisations within the EU now exist with aim of aiding and abetting
the global Islamic jihad by promoting Islam and encouraging a tidal wave of
Muslim immigrants to flood into Europe. Muslim immigrants who have no
intention of integrating into their host societies and whose communities will be
financially supported by the abundant petro-dollars of Saudi Arabia, the nation
where the two holiest of Islamic cities Mecca and Medina are located; a nation
whose trillions of petro-dollars are not only funding the hundreds of mosques
dominating the skylines of many European cities, they are funding the
existence of Islamic organisations whose sole raison d'etre is to wage jihad in a
variety of ways against the dirty kuffar to conquer the lands of Dar al Harb into
Dar al Islam.

Fjordman's " The Eurabia Code"
I believe is essential reading for all British Nationalists and readers will find
much more detail about how the EU is collaborating with Islamic nations to
destroy Europe. But be very assured: Europeans - including Britons - are being
betrayed by their own governments who are deliberately selling them out in a
bid for personal power. It is occurring because of another catastrophic turning
point in Western history.

Fly The Red Flag High

In the three decades preceding the outbreak of World War Two, the pure
communist ideology rooted in the philosophies of Karl Marx and Friedrich
Engels had gradually spread across the whole of Europe. Socialism, which
asserts that a class struggle will result in capitalism being replaced by a
classless, stateless society, had become a serious force in Western politics,
encouraged with the establishment of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in
1922 as the world's first pure communist state.

Socialism had also been gathering momentum in Great Britain during the lead
up to World War Two and after hostilities had ended, the British people gave
the Labour Party the mandate to rebuild the nation. The administration was to
introduce a number of social reforms including National Insurance, free health
care for all under the National Health Service and financial assistance for
unemployed citizens.

The state had taken the first steps towards providing welfare for all of its
citizens, a step which over the years has allowed the British people to vote
more and more money for themselves and enjoy cradle to grave welfare all
provided by a benevolent socialist state. From providing for fatherless children
to paying funeral expenses, the state will provide not only for those who are in
need but also for those who choose welfare as a lifestyle choice.

Like their European socialist comrades, it was imperative for them that the
horrors and losses of the two World Wars were never to be repeated and to
ensure this, the root cause for these wars had to be identified. Exploiting the
hatred across the continent for Adolf Hitler and his Nazis, the blame was laid
firmly - and deceptively - at the door of nationalism and throughout Britain -
and Europe - socialists waged a propaganda war in subtle and not so subtle
ways to demonise nationalists and in doing so, have dramatically altered the
entire culture and way of life established over centuries in Great Britain and
Western Europe.

For socialists, the state is all. Loyalties to families, communities, to religions

and to ideologies must be dismantled as loyalty to the state is paramount and
anything that threatens this is deemed a legitimate target for social re-
engineering. Since the end of World War II, Christianity in Great Britain has
declined so much that not only do the Christian clergy preach to sparse
congregations, many churches have either been converted into mosques or
simply demolished. A new religion has arisen that has now overtaken
Christianity and it is a religion followed by the majority of European citizens, a
religion created by Marxists to prosecute their goal to establish the classless

Liberalism and its holy trinity of Multiculturalism, Tolerance and Political


Socialists realised that if the blame for the carnage of the two world wars was
to be laid at the door of European nationalists then they would have to attack
all of the foundations the made the West so strong and powerful. First and
most obvious is the colour of the indigenous Europeans who are predominantly
white and Marx himself stated that colour and not class would be the defining
factor in the struggle to create the socialist utopia.

Laying a guilt trip on an entire race of people has been a task socialists have
performed with great relish and enthusiasm in a variety of ways. Falsely
blaming nationalism of the white race for the two world wars was just the
starting point. In Great Britain, via the print and broadcast media, the entire
history of the British people has been placed under the microscope with the
atrocities committed by the British colonialists throughout the British Empire
being maximised whilst atrocities committed by other races are minimised.
Every noble achievement of the British Empire has been belittled and
castigated, with history being re-written to ensure that the British are
portrayed as the strong, the cruel oppressors who abused the weak indigenous
peoples of the Empire, stealing their wealth, colonising their lands, waging
continual murderous wars against them and enslaving them as the evil British
plundered nation after nation.

No British nationalist needs to be reminded how slavery has been continually

used to demonise the British people and to make them feel guilty not only for
the unpardonable "sins" of their forebears but indeed for the crime of being
white. Liberal-Multiculturalists will always cite the "sins" of whites committed
centuries previous but conveniently, will not mention either the wars Britain
fought to liberate people from tyranny and slavery nor mention that other
races especially Turks and Arabs and the "poor oppressed black" have
committed far more of these crimes in their histories and continue to do so
with impunity.

It logically follows that if whites are to blame for such heinous crimes and
atrocities then everything they have created must be bad also and this may
explain why guilt-ridden Britons have been reluctant to defend their religions,
their traditions and their way of life to the point where they bow and subjugate
themselves to accommodate the never-ending demands of hordes of alien
invaders, especially Muslims and blacks.

The Multicultural society has now been forcibly imposed upon Great Britain
with indigenous Britons now minorities in many inner city areas, the
communities of expendable Britons who are now foreigners in their own land.
The Multicultural "rainbow" religion has replaced Christianity and its believers
are filled with self-righteousness and an unshakeable belief that they and they
alone possess the truth. Unbelievers and sinners who dare to question their
perfect truth will be dehumanised as racists, fascists and of course, the
favourite smear deployed by socialists, Nazis.

Marxists have infested the British education system and schools and
universities are now the madrassas of Multiculturalism, brainwashing
impressionable young citizens with Socialist-Multicultural doctrine, imposing
upon them a false view of British history so they develop a deep sense of guilt
and loathing for their own people and a wholly misplaced and totally unmerited
sense of duty and sympathy towards other races and minorities who they
believe have been oppressed and who are always portrayed as victims.

Despite the efforts of the Marxists and the socialists to create their classless
multicultural utopia, the reality is clearly showing that there is something very,
very wrong with modern day Great Britain. Very wrong indeed.

Déjà Vous

The assertion that all people are equal (discussed fully in Part Two) is simply
nothing more than well, an assertion. It flies in the face of nature but where
Marxism is concerned, all one has to do is to look at those who are conducting
the not-so-great socialist Multicultural experiment to see how bankrupt this
assertion actually is.

As ever those who piously preach the wonders of their religion are often-times
the very last people who intend to practice it. The Liberal-Multicultural religion
also has its pious clergy - the celebrity courting socialist politicians, actors and
TV personalities, musicians, sport stars etc. where stadia, theatre, televisions,
cinema and rock concerts attract the flock to the new churches to hear
preachers reveal the good news. And as has been the case with all religions
throughout human history, believers and preachers alike will be blind to their
own sins, they avoid responsibility and accountability for the dire consequences
of what they impose upon society and always bask under a "look at me I'm a
true believer" false sun but never ever face the harsh realities of the suffering
they and they alone have been responsible for creating.

Great Britain has recently seen exactly how this works as politicians from all
parties - all Liberal-Multiculturalists - had their hypocrisy laid bare as the
expenses scandal broke in the press. The extent to which public servants had
pilfered the public purse demonstrated that these "holier than thou" pious
Liberal-Multiculturalists possess a seething contempt for those who believe in
them and who vote for them, believers whom they lie to and deceive at every
turn and then steal taxpayer's money at will solely for personal gain.

Swindlers, con artists, exploiters and parasites have zero respect for the
gullible fools they prey upon and these greedy avaricious Marxist-Liberal
parasites have shown precisely what little respect they have for the British
people; British democracy; the British Houses of Parliament and the rule of
British common law all of which the pious Marxist-Liberals have royally abused
and dumped the lot without so much as a wink into a festering, rancid sewer.

The mantra of those who are busy creating the Multicultural utopia is "do as I
say not as I do because I am more equal than you". They are an unequal elite
and their sneering, condescending attitude is not born from a sincere desire to
serve the people and represent the will of the people but a smug piety that the
public now exist to serve the will of the Marxist-Multiculturalist politicians and
their lackeys who as the high-priests of Liberal-Multiculturalism know precisely
what is best for everybody.

As such they are no longer political servants but preachers of a creed, the new
priests, rabbis and imams who guide the flock and keep them from straying
into immorality (i.e. non-believers in Multiculturalism) and so the flock do not
need to be consulted about:

 Who is allowed to cross their borders and take up residence in their


 How criminals - especially paedophiles and murderers - are punished

 How much tax they should pay

 Whether or not they wish to retain British sovereignty or be governed by

unelected and unaccountable foreigners residing in foreign lands

 If they are allowed to keep their culture and traditions or have them
replaced by the cultures and traditions of alien immigrants

 If the infrastructures that serve the entire British people should be sold
off to private corporations or even foreign governments

 How their children will be taught in British schools including sexual

education and the promotion of unnatural and unhealthy behaviours as
being sensible lifestyle choices equal to more natural, more healthy

And while they have decimated Britain's cities and forced their own people to
live in a multi-racial boiling cauldron that has destroyed their once proud
British communities and their traditional British way of life, supposed socialists
have been profiteering from it all and living a privileged life far removed from
the rainbow societies they have created.

Crimes Against The People

All of this is happening across Europe and all of it is being imposed by socialist
elites who zealously pursue the goal of creating a Multicultural, classless and
stateless Federal Europe. What you and I are witnessing before our very eyes
amounts to nothing less than a Coup d' État - a power grab by the European
socialist elites. And as they go about establishing the single European Union,
they are doing it without a mandate from the entire European population and
even when the people of France, Holland and Ireland refused to give them the
mandate, these power-hungry self-righteous socialists simply ignored the will
of the people - along with their own rules of governance - and carried on

This total disregard of the will of the people has rendered the ballot box option
an illusion and it is clear that power is now wielded by an unelected politburo
in the EU and by influential organisations such as the Bilderberg Group and
especially by the Saudis. Ruled by socialists who are hell-bent on destroying
nation states and poisoned by their insatiable thirst for Islamic oil, the peoples
of Great Britain and Europe are ripe for the conquering by Islam and they are
already being prepared for dhimmitude, a fate which the EU hasn't just
accepted on behalf of the people, it has been collaborating with the enemy to
help Islamic jihadists achieve it.

Be in no doubt whatsoever: Democracy is now dead. Various minority groups

in society are able to vote for parties who will place their interests over the
interests of the majority of society. This includes being able to vote for money,
or voting for ethnic interests best served by a party that will penalise, punish,
discriminate and betray the interests of their own people by placing the
interests of ethnic minorities and alien invaders first and foremost.

To maintain their grasp on the reigns of power, brainwashing through the

media and through the education systems so that indigenous Britons feel guilty
about their birthright and who are diabolically smeared as "Racists" if they
seek to place their own interests before the interest of other races is now

Indigenous Britons - and Europeans - have been reduced to nothing more

than sacrificial lambs to be mercilessly offered on the altar of Multiculturalism
to placate the God of Islam and to satisfy the West-hating Marxist-Liberal
priests of the Multicultural religion.

This is an age where the British media have completely abandoned their remit
to inform the British people impartially and fairly and are now openly
promoting the Multicultural ideology and are willingly acting as propaganda
merchants for the enemies, the traitors and the colonisers of Great Britain.
Patriots - the lowest of unbelievers - who wish to preserve their British identity
are publicly named, shamed, humiliated and dehumanised along with tacit and
subtle calls for violence against nationalist Britons.

News events will be reported to portray unbelievers in the worst possible light
all underpinned with lies, deceptions and even fabrications and in the cases of
the Islamic jihad waged against Israel and Serbia, the deceitful reporting
committed by the Western media including BBC News and ITN amounts to war
crimes, evil heinous crimes that cost the lives of thousands of innocent people
including those who were murdered on 9/11. The media's deceit also led to the
deplorable 78 day bombing of Serbia by NATO, another vile war crime and I
will be posting an essay on the Green Arrow website very soon containing
shocking evidence to support this most serious accusation. The British media
are up to their necks in the blood of innocents and don't dare for one second
doubt it or forget it.

All of this spells out a message loudly and clearly: The British media - that is,
the news print media, the entire broadcast media, the journalists, researchers,
presenters, camera crews, junior and senior level management and the NUJ -
are engaged in committing acts of war against the British people, the most
serious charge of all being treason but certainly not limited to this. They are
the modern-day Lord Haw-Haws, mocking and laughing at the demise of the
British people whilst they aid and abet those who seek to destroy Great Britain
and the British people.

So keen are the media to betray their own people they are forgetting a very
basic rule about warfare: Those who start a war will not dictate how it ends
and having chosen their side and their ideology, it may just be that when the
British Lion rises from its slumber, the traitors in the media will bitterly regret
provoking it.

What should be absolutely understood is that the media are no different to the
greedy parasites in Westminster. The media are betraying their people and
they are doing it for money. It is treason, they have betrayed their own, they
knowingly spread enemy propaganda and are therefore actively engaged in
acts of war against the British people. I see no reason why traitors who betray
their own and who are enabling the enemy to fight and prevail on British soil
should be exempt from the consequences of their sickening collaboration. It is
my hope that the British people will serve justice on them via the courts once
the BNP are elected.

However, should a civil war breakout - and I believe this is now a question of
when because of what these Liberal-Multicultural traitors have created with
their pernicious social experiment - then justice will have to be served on them
in an alternative manner. Either way, I for one will feel no sympathy for those
who solely motivated by an insatiable lust for money and power, sold out their
own people with scant regard for the horrendous consequences they forcibly
imposed upon the British people whose communities have been destroyed and
torn asunder by the Multicultural social experiment.

Corruption of Morality
The way the nature of war has changed is alas understood by all too few.
Warfare has now evolved into asymmetric warfare where a militarily weaker
enemy can deploy a variety of tactics to confuse and defeat their enemies. In
addition to terror attacks committed by combatants who masquerade as
civilians, there is propaganda, deceptions, demographics, colonisation and
imposing doctrine upon the enemy and claiming victim status to win sympathy
from the enemy's populace all being conducted right now in the West as part of
the current third global Islamic jihad being financed by the oil -rich Middle
East, most notably Saudi Arabia.

Under the anaesthetics of tolerance and diversity, the modern day global jihad
is gaining momentum in Great Britain because it is being aided and abetted by
the British government and the British media and all of them together are
conducting a psy-op on the British people to keep them in the dark as to the
nightmare reality of Islam that awaits them.

Those who are clued-in to what is happening will soon feel the wrath of the
Liberal-Multicult clergy and their brainwashed disciples. Anti-war and anti-
violence - unless deployed against those who dare to disagree with them - are
core principles of Liberals who will smear and demonise those who seek to
fight back as "haters" or the utterly bankrupt "Islamophobe" and of course
"Nazis" to stop them resisting their own demise.

This is again a clear demonstration of siding with the weak and crippling the
strong. Strong nations are always wrong if they resort to violence whilst other
so-called weaker nations, especially the nations of blacks, Muslims,
"Palestinians" etc. will always be portrayed as weak victims of the strong who
have been forced to resort to violence because of their "oppression".

Violence just be gets violence they screech. Thus for strong nations,
appeasement is the only "moral" option. Our enemies know this, and they
continue to make demand after demand backed by threat after threat.

"Give us this or else", Britain gives and they come back with "give us this or
else" and Britain gives again then they come back with "now give us this or
else" and if Britain dares to refuse, they along with the Liberals scream

What Liberals and their fellow pacifists completely fail to accept is that a lack of
the will to fight one's enemies invites subjugation. Failing to fight those who
seek to conquer you is cowardice and the only reward of cowardice is loss of
freedom. Only Western nations are forced to handicap themselves in this way,
meanwhile, our enemies and in particular African blacks and Muslim jihadists,
are free to wage war via any murderous way they choose.
But no matter what slaughters and atrocities are committed by our enemies,
Great Britain - and the West - must not deploy violence to defend itself and if it
does, it comes under intense scrutiny from the duplicitous media and the West-
hating outraged eyes of a myriad of self-perpetuating "Human Rights"
organisations such as The UN, the Red Cross, and Amnesty International who
will always side with the enemies of the West as little Israel has continually
experienced each time it has been forced to defend itself against the genocidal
Islamic jihad being waged against it.

Yet those evil forces waging jihad against Israel - and almost every other dirty
kuffar nation in the world - never come under such intense scrutiny no matter
what. Selfish greed, self-righteousness and self-loathing form a deadly cocktail
that amounts to nothing less than an outright betrayal of the noble values
these supposed guardians of human rights were founded upon. These pious
Liberal-Multiculturalists who dream of a one world government in a stateless
world make it quite clear that everybody has human rights - except the citizens
of the West and Israel who have no human rights whatsoever to defend their
nations and preserve their cultures, traditions and way of life.

There is nothing honourable about this nor moral because it is abject weakness
amounting to a willing, suicidal submission. It is based on a childish "if we give
you this then you MIGHT give us peace". It is not new, it never succeeds and
as the appeaser Neville Chamberlain discovered to his enormous political and
personal cost, to be an appeaser means that eventually your cowardice will
condemn you, he a man humiliated and shamed by Churchill, a broken man
who died not long after and who was thanked for his cowardice by a nation
who buried him at night time.

The consequences of continual appeasement - cowardice - are to live as

conquered peoples who live on their knees as serfs. But better to die on your
feet than live cowering and kneeling before your enemy. And by God are the
British cowering and by God are the British reaping the rewards of this
sickening suicide.

False Hubris

Appeasement is the refuge of the coward who lacks the courage to fight and
defend his beliefs and who wishes through appeasement that his enemies will
embrace cowardice too. But the harsh truth is that one can avoid making hard
decisions, one can avoid taking strong actions and one can avoid fighting to
defend freedom. But one cannot avoid the consequences of cowardice and one
cannot avoid the laws of Mother nature that govern all life on this planet. Life
is hard and it is competitive and those who refuse to defend their territory will
be conquered and replaced by those who will fight for territory.
Continually appeasing enemies highlights the dangerous stupidity of Liberals:
They scream their vitriol and and mantras of equality from behind the safety of
freedom - a freedom fought for and paid for in blood by soldiers, sailors and
airmen who sacrificed their lives for their freedom. Without these courageous
warriors, the Liberal would be as extinct as a dinosaur because other hateful
and supremacist humans would've have enslaved or executed every last one of

Those who now vehemently oppose war are the very same people who have
benefited enormously from it. They are parasites who thrive off the dead of
their own to hate their own and in doing so they are collaborating with the
enemy. They claim that appeasement and non-violence is they way to uphold
their often childish, naive and contradictory principles of human rights,
democracy and freedom yet those whose nefarious causes they defend DO

Liberals and their fellow appeasers want to enjoy the fruits of freedom paid for
in blood by others but do not want to make the same sacrifice to defend this
precious freedom. Blinded by their own piety, they will pursue peace at any
cost and this will eventually result in the total loss of liberty which is exactly
what is now happening in Great Britain and Western Europe.

But there is a fatal flaw with appeasement. The core of appeasement asserts
that if one is nice to others then they'll be nice back. Dead wrong. The more
nice you are to your enemy the more they despise you for being weak and the
more convinced they are that they are absolutely right to conquer and
subjugate you. Even destroy you completely and steal what you have.

This is nature at work. When a strong group allows a weaker group to first
become its equal then its master, the weaker group will hold nothing but
contempt and scorn for the stronger group. This is happening throughout
Western societies - most strikingly in South Africa - where the weaker races of
every kind are allowed to dominate the strong, who, for their meek
appeasement, are rewarded with ever-increasing demands and ever-increasing

What we are seeing right now in the West and in Great Britain is a declaration
of war on whites by other races who then dehumanise whites as racists if they
dare question what is happening or heaven forbid, have the guts to fight back
and defend their own territory.

It is time the British people realised that the demonising and smearing is being
used as a weapon of war with a defined goal: To identify and deploy pejorative,
mind-jolting phrases to silence people who want to defend their culture,
traditions and nation. Such dehumanising behaviour is nothing new.

From fanatical and pious Christians with their "Witch", "Blasphemer", "Heretic"
and "Anti-Christ"; Muslims with their deplorable reference to non-believers as
"dirty kuffars"; Adolf Hitler's vile references to Jews, Gypsies, and the
physically and mentally handicapped as "untermensch"; today's demented
Marxists, Liberals and Multiculturalists who scream "Nazi" and "Racist" at
anybody and anyone who refuses to believe in their perfect, absolute rainbow
truth going right through to the new white-haters on the block, the
"environmentalists" who screech "Denier" at people who choose to believe the
science regarding Global Warming and Climate change instead of listening to
profiteering con-artists like Al Gore - who failed his basic science exam -
dehumanising dissenters has always been the grubby refuge of the self-
righteous, bigoted tyrant.

This deplorable and dishonest practice of demonising people who argue against
deeply flawed ideologies is as ancient as it is bankrupt. But for those who
possess courage, perception and understanding, such powerful phrases will
have no bearing on the truth and they will also realise that the use of these
terms in such a dishonest manner constitutes a breech of human rights
because they are being used solely to avoid any criticism of flawed and failing
totalitarian ideologies and therefore deny free speech and stifle debate. The
irony is that these self-appointed guardians of morality will resort to the same
violent and despicable tactics they so readily and unfairly accuse their

Genocide Of The Titans

And they should be called on it time and time and time again because it is
clear evidence that they know full well just how bankrupt and downright wrong
their beliefs truly are and that such hypocrites are frightened to death of the
truth and will do anything to suppress it.

Look at Israel for clear evidence. These people - the Liberal-Left - demonise
and dehumanise their opponents most commonly with the words "Nazi",
"Racist" and "Fascist". Yet at the same time, they march in support of
"Palestinians" complete with HAMAS and Hizballah flags, insist the UN
investigate "Nazi" Israel for war crimes, demand "Nazi" Israel leave "Occupied
Territories" and instruct "Nazi" Israel to restrict the number of Jewish births in
the settlements in their own homeland and who also fund and support terrorist
organisations who are sworn to the destruction of Israel - and the West.

In what can only be described as blind hypocrisy, they blame the Jews for
terrorist attacks against them and believe that all would be peace and light if
the Jews would kindly allow themselves to be exterminated by their enemies.
In other words, the end goal is to make the Middle East "Jew free", or as
another left-wing Jew-hating socialist liked to say: "Judenrein".

And to support this genocidal stance towards Israel, Liberals and

Multiculturalists deploy the same absolutely vile excuses as paedophiles and
rapists do to excuse their diabolical crimes: The victims are not really victims,
they were asking for what they got, i.e. slut women and "knowing kids" fully
deserved being raped and "evil Nazi" Jews deserve annihilation.

The hypocrisy is not restricted to Israel and the Jews, the left adopts the same
approach to race issues: Whatever blacks and Muslims do is somehow twisted
to prove that "racist" white victims and "inherently racist" white societies are
always to blame, whether it's for the unforgivable crime of Apartheid, the
inhuman oppression of slavery or the criminal invasion of Iraq or the blood
thirsty crusades, or the unjust oppression of the Roma in "Racist" Northern
Ireland, there is no depth to which these devious and conniving pity-filled
tyrants will not stoop to always prove their ideology is right, that other races
are always the victims and that whites and Jews are always strong, evil,
ignoble oppressors who must be destroyed for their crimes against humanity.

Their cowardice and hypocrisy makes me wretch and I firmly believe this is
hard evidence to support my claim that Multiculturalists and Liberals are
psychologically ill. Because the only conclusion anybody with an ounce of sense
can arrive at is that Multiculturalists and Liberals feel nothing at all for other
races apart from pity because they are filled with self-loathing, guilt and
intense hatred for their own countries and for their own people. They are filled
with hatred for these for no other reason than the fact that Great Britain and
the West are the most successful nations in the competition for survival on
planet earth, nations whose people have advanced the whole of mankind far
more than any other races yet who must pay for their "unfair" success by
being reduced to the level of weaker nations. I have to say that this
particularly applies to Great Britain and I don't believe I now need to elaborate
as to why.

This means that once the Middle East has become "Judenrein" then the
attention of Muslims, Blacks, Socialists and Liberals can focus fully on making
Western societies "Weissrein". This genocidal goal is already being prosecuted
in South Africa, Great Britain and Europe, and the recent blatant anti-white
openly racist election in the US to elect a mixed-race "black" Muslim who is
fast proving he is the biggest coward to ever shame the White House adds
further proof to what is going on. Can you imagine what will happen in 20-30
years time when whites will be a minority throughout the West?
Plan For The Future

Imagining such a future shines the spotlight of truth on Liberal-Multiculturalists

and exposes their true cowardice: By choosing continual appeasement, they
are willingly bargaining away the future of British children. What is absolutely
deplorable about their appeasement is that they avoid the difficult hard
decisions and pass on the responsibility to future generations who will face the
horrifying prospect of being minorities in their land, or worse, living as second
class citizens - dhimmis - should Islam triumph.

The bottom line is that Liberals and Multiculturalists play their devious
destructive game hiding behind and enjoying in abundance the fruits of
freedom and liberty paid for in blood by millions of their kinsmen who
sacrificed their today for a better tomorrow. A better tomorrow to be enjoyed
and nurtured by future generations but who instead willingly defecate all over
their sacrifice and meekly surrender the freedoms they fought and died for to
hate-filled and fanatical invaders who want to conquer Great Britain and who
have nothing but contempt for freedom, democracy and human rights.

It's way past tea to lay bare this sickening cowardice of the Liberal
Multiculturalist, a pious, selfish parasite of liberty who reaps the priceless
commodity of freedom in abundance but who possess neither the will nor the
backbone to fight and defend freedom so future generations can live and enjoy
the very freedoms these lily-livered weasels take for granted. For such cowards
anything is better than fighting, for them even living on bended knee with
head bowed is a more morally correct choice than having to wage war and
preserve freedoms for their offspring and they'll chant their little mantra: "War
what is it good for, absolutely nothing" smugly unaware that were it not for war
and the selfless sacrifice of their forebears these leeches wouldn't enjoy the
freedom to protest and sing their immature songs.

By committing such a criminal abrogation of responsibilities to those who

follow, and by refusing to discriminate against evil, future generations of
innocents will have to suffer and they are going to have to pay a very heavy
price one way or another for the cowardice of their forebears. Forebears who
tolerate everything and anything except for their own people who wish to
preserve their identity and their way of life and who are willing to fight and
protect their nation because they believe that prostrating yourself before
enemies who hate you all in the name of peace is a sure-fire way to destroy
your own nation and your own people.

Such craven cowardice is sending a clear and easily understood message to

the enemies of the West: This is now a society in decline that is ripe for the
taking. Make no mistake: It is a message they all understand and like vultures
hovering in anticipation for the final breath, they are gathering en-masse
within the West's borders.

To excuse their cowardice, a culture of denial is created. Denial of the

existence of hatred; of the desire to conquer and subjugate other people and
their nations; denial of the existence of jealousy and greed and covet; denial of
the existence of evil among and between different races, different cultures,
different tribes and different ideologies. Marxist-Liberals always promote
equality of all races yet demonise the white race as they only people who are
racists. Some races are more equal than others it would seem.

As stated above, the white race in the West have created the most prosperous
and advanced societies in the world yet naive Liberal-Multiculturalists deny all
possibility that other races would ever want to smash these societies and take
for themselves what the white man has abundantly and industrially created. A
fact of nature is the existence of parasites, indeed, parasites and hosts is the
very core of all life on this planet and parasites exist in the human race too.

Time Waits Not For Man Nor Titan

What is happening right now is that those races who cannot create wealth for
themselves will demand as much as they can from whites and if they don't get
it they will resort to threats and violence. At the same time they will play by
the white man's rules whilst making themselves stronger and stronger in the
West with the aim of conquering it. And suicidal fantasy-led weak Liberals are
helping them achieve it, they are dragging their own race into the abyss and
our enemies know it all too well. Jealous, self-hating, Western loathing,
success despising Marxists know it too and they are deliberately using all of
this to destroy their own societies.

It is totally a one-way street, only the West is playing this suicidal game, only
the West is inviting hordes of alien immigrants to flood into their lands, and
while Africa, the Middle East and the Far East all retain their cultures and
traditions and fiercely uphold them, the West is being altered dramatically and
possibly irreversibly.

The spread of Islam illustrates this perfectly. While Western societies allow
Muslims to proselytise and to build mosque after mosque in city after city,
Islamic countries forbid other religions to proselytise and throughout the
Middle East, Christians who try to spread their faith are executed and
Christians live in a state of total subjugation. Yet the West - including
Christians - fully supports the rights of Muslims to proselytise and Islam
flourishes in the West, especially Great Britain, all paid for and funded by Saudi
Arabia who uses the petro-dollars given them by the dirty kuffars themselves
to conquer the nations of Europe into Dar al Islam.
It is madness, absolute madness be in no doubt about it. And Enoch Powell
called it more than forty years ago. He said:

"Those the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad."

It is pretty clear to me that the Titans are now mad. And if the madness
continues, the Titans are not going to live much longer. The clock is ticking and
time is running out for the greatest civilisation the world has ever seen.

It is time the madness stopped.


To end the series, I am not going to offer my own conclusion but instead, I
would like the regular British nationalists who visit the Green Arrow website
and who always offer incisive and intelligent comment to pen the conclusion of
the Titans series.

With the Green Arrow's permission, I would like to follow up this essay with a
short article to invite debate. I'd like to post an article to kick off the debate
three days time. With the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, it is clear that the
Coup d' État is proceeding at haste and it is imperative now that British
Nationalists respond quickly and firmly as time is very much against us.

The end game for the Titans is now being played out. Of that I have absolutely
no doubt.
Can Britannia Be Saved?
From Titans To Lemmings - Conclusions
Epilogue - An Invitation To Debate

Whilst writing the eight essays of the "From Titans To Lemmings - The Suicide
Of The White Race" series, several major issues arose and I would like to share
my thoughts with my fellow nationalists here on the Home of the Green Arrow.
The issues raised have caused me think very deeply about the current situation
and consider how best to wage the battle to save Great Britain and preserve
the identity of the British people. One of the biggest questions I considered is:

Can The Titans Be Saved?

Great Britain really is in a desperate situation, so desperate that it may now no

longer be possible to not only to halt what is being done, but also to restore
Great Britain to what it was and indeed one could say the same about Western

It is strikingly obvious that Marxism, with its Liberal-Multiculturalism spawns, is

now THE dominant ideology throughout ALL Western societies. With the advent
of the Marxist European Union, Great Britain will cease to exist as a sovereign
state. Democracy in Britain is now well and truly dead, and no matter which of
the established parties wins the next "election" it will be more of the same:
The EU, mass immigration, foreign aid, multiculturalism, economic instability,
punitive taxation (and without representation at that) and social degeneration.

Did I say "economic instability"? Better make that economic collapse because
the entire global economy is utterly and catastrophically bankrupt and it is a
matter of time as to when it completely implodes.

The entire print and broadcast media will continue to brainwash the people
with the Multicultural doctrine through lies and deceit - an act of war against
Britons - and the media have so much power over the people they will also
shape which way the masses will vote in what is nothing more than a sham
election, a pretence of democracy conducted to fool the people and
anaesthetise them to the unpleasant totalitarian Marxist reality that is being
established by stealth.

Borders are not enforced, immigrants have more rights than indigenous
peoples and MPs are now redundant as laws are passed by an unelected
politburo in a foreign land, a group of people who the British people do not
even know the names of never mind vote for, a group who is not answerable or
accountable in any way to the British people. Such power is a Marxist dream.

The Marxists have triumphed, they have achieved what Hitler wanted,
socialism for Europe, a Federal Europe designed and now ruled by socialists
and it has been done by criminals and traitors engaged in conducting a Coup d'
État. Threats and unfair pressure have been applied to governments who
disagreed, to Presidents who stalled and even results of elections have been
ignored. Those who oppose the Marxists are publicly vilified yet the ones who
have conducted the coup have no hesitation in deploying violence, mob rule,
lies and deceptions to achieve their aims. The fascists aren't the patriots who
are smeared and dehumanised relentlessly, the fascists are the ones in power
and they are determined that now they have achieved it, they will never let it

And the reigning British Monarch hasn't said a word in defence of the British

No Going Back

It has to be said and honestly, it pains me greatly to write this but it its a truth
that must be stated, that the Britain we all once knew and the Britain all
patriots are fighting to preserve - make that "re-establish" - has changed
dramatically. The British people, brainwashed by Marxist/Socialist doctrine
throughout all levels of society for the last 50 years are not the same people
they used to be. Christianity, once the fulcrum of family and community life
has all but died and even the Church of England has undergone drastic
changes, from homosexual and female clergy - an outright flaunting of the
teachings of the Bible - to openly endorsing Islamic sharia law, a law that gives
Muslims around the world free reign to oppress and slaughter Christians - and
any other unbelievers, all of them regarded by Muslims as the "dirty kuffars".

All of this begs the question:

Is it possible to resurrect the Christian faith in Britain?

Britain IS multicultural. What nationalists may have to realise is that whether

Multiculturalism is moral or immoral, the majority of British people WANT a
multicultural society. It may well be possible for a BNP government to halt
immigration but it is not beyond the realms of reality to suggest that it will be
absolutely impossible to reverse Multiculturalism. This means - and again it
really hurts me to write this believe me - that the British identity has now been
irreversibly diluted.
What is important here is to realise that Britons are no longer a united people.
Unlike Muslims, who are all united by their Islamic faith and who share the
desire to make Islam the dominant religion in Great Britain and the world,
Britons are divided in many ways. Not least - and for nationalists perhaps most
importantly - on the issues of immigration and Multiculturalism. There are so
many minority groups, all pursuing their own interests that there is not one
cause that the majority of the British people are prepared to unite behind.

Time Is The Enemy

Speaking of a BNP government - and by God would I love to see that day dawn
- there are two very serious issues that urgently need addressing. Time is
desperately against us. I believe the BNP will be targeting 12 wards for
returning MPs in the next general election. 12 is such a small number, and that
is assuming all 12 candidates are returned. This made me realise something:

How long will it take for the BNP to achieve the mandate to form a

At least 10 years and in that time the whole continent of Europe could be
engaged in a civil war as the Muslim population will have significantly
increased. Especially if as expected, Turkey is admitted into the EU, and then
there is the question of expanding the EU to North African and Middle Eastern

As stated above, the European Union is where political power now resides and
if it takes 10 years - the most optimistic outlook - how will governance and the
political landscape have changed by then and will it even be worth pursuing
political power in Westminster by then?

Call me cynical if you must but I don't think there is anyway the establishment
will co-operate with any BNP elected MPs whatsoever. Just as our MEPs and
GLA member Richard Barnbrook have discovered, the anti-democratic elite will
make it very difficult for BNP MPs top carry out their duties, slowing down

The bottom-line here is it maybe that British Nationalists now do not have the
luxury of time to pursue the political route, in fact one could make a strong
case stating that this option ran out in 1997 with the election of Nu-Labour, a
Marxist party who has absolutely decimated Great Britain through mass
immigration, Multiculturalism and membership of the EU. They, along with the
bankers, have also completely mismanaged - abused - the global economy and
this is going to bite very very hard sooner rather than later.

Theses issues along with the time factor now bring me to the crux of the

Fighting To Win

When taking into account these issues, again a question is begged:

Is the current strategy of pursuing political power an infeasible strategy to

save Great Britain that merely amounts to a token act of resistance, an act of
defiance by a patriotic few?

If the Britain of old has gone forever and along with it, the irreversible dilution
of British identity, then what will be achieved by pursuing political power?
Stopping what is being done maybe the best result one can hope for from this
strategy. Maybe. But if political power is to mean something then the fight for
it has to be escalated and intensified, right now if possible. I sincerely believe
that the BNP isn't fighting anywhere near hard enough and because of the time
factor, it needs to be much more proactive and aggressive in persuading the
electorate to give them their precious vote. The hour for removing the gloves
has long since past.

But what about exploring alternative, perhaps more fruitful options? To

stimulate the debate and to provide grist for your mill, let us consider two

Let The Lion Roar

The first alternative is to abandon the political route and instead adopt a
strategy of civil disobedience, or perhaps better, combine the two. This would
transform the fight for Britain from a political struggle to a resistance
movement deploying a variety of strategies to defeat the enemy. To those who
recoil at this let me make it absolutely clear that the political elite and the
entire British media is waging a war against the British people, i.e. YOU.

They have surrendered your sovereignty, they have outright lied to you, stolen
your taxes, decimated your manufacturing base, royally abused the economy
and allowed millions of aliens to invade your territory thus destroying British
communities. And those responsible have made small fortunes from it. It is
war, be in no doubt. Playing nice and playing by the rules simply isn't going to
cut the mustard.
In fact, playing nice and playing by the rules - THEIR RULES - actually helps
the enemy.

One could reasonably ask: Why pay taxes to people who don't even make the
laws nor defend British borders? Why should patriots play by the rules of the
game the elites have created, elites who have no hesitation in abandoning
those rules when it suits them? They most certainly aren't playing nice or fair
and neither then should British nationalists.

Perhaps the Marxists have been so successful in pursuing their goals because
the British people are too content with their lives and therefore cannot be
bothered to fight or resist their own betrayal. Or it could be that they are so
brainwashed by Marxist-Liberal "violence is wrong" ideology they do not have
the will to fight for their country.

Meanwhile Great Britain is perched on a ticking rainbow time-bomb.

Spirit Of Britannia

But there is another option that I think deserves to be debated, an option I am

beginning to believe offers the best hope for those people who do not want to
be forced to live in a rainbow society.

Let's accept please, that what is being done throughout the West right now is a
slow genocide against the white race. I regularly keep an eye on what is going
on in South Africa and one of the options the white community there are
exploring is the establishment of an all-white state in the Western Cape, a
state where those people who do not want to live in a rainbow nation and who
want to maintain their identity, culture and a way of life rooted in Judeo-
Christian foundations can unite and live together under their own nation.

Let me share this: I'm often accused of being Jewish because of my staunch
support for Israel. I am not Jewish, but I'll say this: For all of their faults - and
their survival instinct is in lack for one - the Jews are one very creative, highly
intelligent people, a Titan race just like the British. Look at what the Israelis
have achieved in just sixty years. From a desert land to an oasis, a shining
beacon of modern democratic civilisation that shames the totalitarian Islamic
cesspits around it. A nation that contributes more to the whole of humanity
than all of the Islamic nations put together.

You know what? I think that other Titan races could emulate their brilliant
achievement, especially the British as we have a history of it. So could
establishing such a new Titan state be a more worthwhile strategy than
pursuing either political power or civil disobedience?

What does concern me is if we are to save the Titans, whatever route is

chosen, a far harder fight needs to be fought and that desperately needs to
happen right now. It is a question of time and the Titans - particularly
Britannia - are fast running out of it. And what is shocking is that the fall of
the Titans has taken just sixty years. It really is incredible - and despicable -
when you think about what has been done to the people of the West.

Enough from me. Now it's your turn and I'm very much looking forward to
hearing your views and opinions to help me write a fitting conclusion to the
Titans essays. After the debate, I will then write the conclusion to the series
and create a PDF file available for download from the Green Arrow site as
several patriots have requested.

It's time to have YOUR say:

How Can Nationalists Save Britannia and The Titans?

Post-Debate Conclusions

After another excellent debate on the Green Arrow website, the Titans essays
can now be brought to an end. With grateful thanks to all contributors for
providing a lively and well-mannered debate, here then are the conclusions

The majority opinion is that the ballot box democratic option must continue
although civil disobedience may well have to be seriously considered at some
point. Some debaters leapt to the premise that civil disobedience involves
mass protest and violence but it does not, many other options exist that do not
involve mass protest and these will be presented in due course and at a more
appropriate place should CD need to be undertaken.

One excellent example of non-violent CD is the Green Arrow call to "Boycott

the Press" and ALL nationalists should be part of this. The press are the enemy
of the British people, of that there is no doubt.

It is clear to all British Nationalists that an awful lot now hangs on the coming
General Election. It is imperative that the BNP not only return MPs but earn a
good share of the vote across the nation. The question is still one of time and I
remain sceptical as to whether or not there is the time to save Britain even if
the BNP do well.

Democracy has been corrupted and like myself, fellow nationalists expressed a
doubt that solely pursuing the political route is the best strategy. We shall see.
But the hardest task facing the BNP is to educate the British people about the
realities of Multiculturalism, the EU, Islam and the economy. This presents a
real challenge to British Nationalists because most people really do not like to
be confronted with the truth about their fantasies and many just don't want to
know and don't want to listen. Ignorance is bliss. It's also fatal.

A very real concern about civil war was expressed by many debaters and I too
simply cannot see how, if mass immigration continues, this can be avoided. A
sad fact is that the British people are not united and a concern was also well-
made that not only have the British people changed, people throughout the
West have changed, they are now passive and sheeplike. This begs the
question: Is white race now divided into two categories: Patriots who love their
nation and Multiculturalists who care nothing for their nation?

One commenter summed up the issue of identity: "The British people today are
a shadow of what they used to be."

This was highlighted further when a commenter stated:

"Let us give to our country the honest and happy life that this island people
have striven for through the centuries."

My reply to this is: What if people have changed so much they now don't want
that? It's something we nationalists need to consider. It may be that the
ultimate question facing nationalists is to choose to live in a rainbow society or
to leave it.

Little interest was shown in the third option, pursuing a new Titan state,
although it is fair to say that this would require white nationalists around the
West to unite and pursue this goal where white people can live their way of life
with their own people who share the values and culture, just as the Africans,
Arabs, Chinese, Japanese, Pakistanis and Indians do. Just as they have that
right then so do white people.

I intend to research this further, I think more detail is needed so people can
decide if this is a creditable option and although it would need an international
effort which presents huge challenges, I am of the mind that pursuing a new
Titan state offers the best hope for the Titans. The West has all but been
ruined by Multiculturalism, I sincerely doubt what has been done can be
reversed and it is clear to see that the future survival of the white race is now
seriously threatened.

The final sentence of the Titans series of essays has not been written by my
own hand, it was written by a fellow nationalist "Agent Chameleon" who
contributed this simple but harsh truth about the Titans themselves that I
believe should be read and understood by every British Nationalist - indeed
every nationalist throughout the West:

"Remember, the true enemy of the Titans is themselves. They have

no one else to blame for their downfall. "

The End