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1975 1977 Our Tribal Notebooks - Betty Brown, 1975
27 women's viueo gioups 17 communities acioss the globe
456789 :4;<75= >7?@ABC

"#$%&'()*&+,-./0 - !oan 8raderman, 1976

!"#$% $%' (')'*' +,-. /0 ,12 .#13 /0 3,#+2 *'4/*$,5' /0 (67($,1-' /0 #((6'( $%,$
,*' -*#$#-,+ $/ /6* (6*)#),+ ,( 8/9'1: '#$%'* /1 $'+')#(#/1 /* #1 4*#1$: $%' ),+6' /0 $%'(' ';-%,15'( -,11/$
7' /)'*'94%,(#<'3= > Susan Mllano, ?'+'@ABACDB magazlne vol 3, no 4, CcL/nov 1973.

INTERNATIONAL VIDEOLETTERS evolved from two feminist media conferences in 1975 (in the US) as an experiment to
increase communications and a news exchange among feminist communities. ! hour tapes were produced bi-monthly and
mailed (bused) to a circuit within the network. Subject matter ranged from women elected to municipal office to community
actions for Karen Silkwood; from womens work at a scrimp factory to tours of feminist cultural centers.
Maybe, as many as seventy ! hour tapes were produced. Today only three known tapes survive.

0D# E%,.F1 ' "AG5@7A8? ' )8<7H7<I5J?

$IG6J58< *A4;8K? (7<;A EBAIL - New Zealand
Elizabeth Eastmonu
#J;G@B5 *A4;8K? /;<75 - Washington, DC
3;4787?@ -A44I87G5@7A8? - San Diego, CA
3;4787?@ 1@I<7A *AB6?>AL - LA, CA Susan Nogul
3;4787?@ (7<;A@5L; -AJJ;G@7H; New York, NY
}oan uiummo
D5C45B6;@'- Chicago, IL Shaion Kaip
(formerly via Kartemquinn; shes the Kar in the name)
MI?@ .? (7<;A -AJJ;G@7H; San Francisco, CA Naiy
Winegaiuen, Sue Scott, }oy Chambeilain
"N,N(N#N (Lesbians Organized for Video Experience) - NY, NY
Betty Biown, Boiis Lunuen
Toronto, Canada Baibaia Naitineau (AKA Sara
Boston, MA -- Teiiy Nase
"A? $89;J;? 3;4787?@ $GG;?? FBAO;G@ LA, CA
}anice Yuuell
New York, NY Caiol Ansheim
,L;8 (7<;A New York, NY Tiacy Waiu*
%AG>;?@;B *A4;8K? (7<;A -AJJ;G@7H; Rochester, NY
Cathy Whalen* , }oan valamick
1@N -J;4;8@K? (7<;A *A4;8 New York, NY Rena
San Diego, CA Eileen uiiffin
158@5 -BIP /;<75 -AJJ;G@7H; Santa Cruz, CA Ann
Seattle, Washington
1L;G@B5 3;4787?@ /;<75 FBAO;G@ Washington, DC
Bebbie ueoige, valle }ones, }anice Caiiick, Saia Reitz
Portland, Oregon - }uuith Seinbuig
Tallahassee, FL
Tampa, FL Naiy Ellen Biown
0IG?A8 3;4787?@ /;<75 -AJJ;G@7H; Tucson, AZ Leslie
Cailson, Lyuia Bieen, Patiicia NcCaithy
*A4;8 /56; /AH7;? New York, NY Aiiel Bougheity
*A4;8K? )8@;B5B@ -;8@;B' New York, NY Susan Nilano,
Ann volkes
*A4;8K? (7<;A FBAO;G@' Phyllis Gomperts NY, NY
(7<;A -A44I8; New York, NY Caiol Clement, Toni
* ueceaseu

Logo above by Caiol Clement; uiawing by
}. English, on left, fiom flyei announcing vL
scieenings in Washington BC. Those
scieenings weie at the Institute foi Policy

In NYC monthly scieenings weie helu at
the Women's Inteiait Centei (WIC). In
1978 via a CETA contiact theie was an
attempt in NYC to ievive vIBE0LETTERS.
This effoit was leau by Lisa uaifielu at

Fiom the collection of Aiiel Bougheity:

1976 VIDEOLETTER (25 mins, B&W, EIAJ)
by Just Us Video 1976 Interface Productions, Inc.

Jaime of Just Us introduces the news: A clip in a
studio for Margie Adams album SONGWRITER with
Linda Tillery, on drums; the Lily Theatre troupe
rehearsing Moonlighting; and a concert, first, Cris
Williamson at the piano, followed by Holly & Timothy
Near, Meg Christian & Cris performing SISTERSONG.
Timothy gives an empowering lesson in deaf signing.

$B7;J +AI9>;B@C Q7JJ LB;?;8@ @>7? H7<;A :A8 +(+= 78 L;B?A8 58< J;5< <7?GI??7A8N 1>; Q7JJ AI@J78;
>AQ @>7? B;45B65RJ; ;SL;B74;8@5J H7<;A LBAO;G@ ;4;B9;< Q7@>78 @>; GA8@;S@ AT @>; ULBA47?;V AT
G5RJ; LIRJ7G 5GG;?? G>588;J?W RI@ C;5B? 5>;5< AT 5GG;?? GA4789 @A 4A?@ .1 GA44I87@7;?N $8<
@>; 8;;<W @>;8W 5? Q;JJ 5? 8AQW TAB T;4787?@ <7B;G@;< 4;<75N

&AQ 78 @>; L5L;B?'GAJJ;G@7A8 AT +AI9>;B@CK? QAB6? 5@ 1G>J;?789;B "7RB5BCW @>; @5L; G58 5J?A R;
LB7H5@;JC ?@B;54;< H75 (74;AN $BB589;4;8@? 8;;< @A R; GAAB<785@;< H75 +AI9>;B@C X
1G>J;?789;B "7RB5BCN

-A8@5G@Y $B7;J +AI9>;B@C $B7;J-54;B5Z9457JNGA4 [\[N \]^N [_`_

The two othei known tapes iesiue at the uETTY RESEARCB INSTIT0TE:

In 2uuS the tapes came to the uetty via the Long Beach Nuseum of Ait collection, a
mammoth aitistic holuing of S,uuu viueos !including some that the artists
themselves believed were lost.

One is by Susan Mogul about the Womans Building;

The other is by Spectra Feminist Media Project of DC on the Coalition
of Labor Union Women and a demonstration in DC.

ab^^ E;@@C -;8@;B +BW 1I7@; aa^^W "A? $89;J;?W -$ c^^]cda`__ @;JN ea^N]]^N\ee[

$B7;J +AI9>;B@C has compileu this biief summaiy of the vIBE0LETTERS pioject to:

flush out vL paiticipants anu othei vIBE0LETTER tapes that might possibly exist
encouiage piesentation of the known tapes & fostei uiscussion of the pioject
stimulate meuia feminist histoiians to ieseaich the ievolutionaiy pioject
inspiie feminist meuia activists acioss the globe to cieate a contempoiaiy veision
of vL (so much moie accessible now, uue to the inteinet!)


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