1. Ils existent. / 2. They exist only in the larger perception. / 3.

Ils existent non bleu-clair mais vif et bleu ou pourpre. C'est seulement une question de ce qui entoure autrement ils. / 4. La dialectique est un mécanisme qui nous guident./ 5. Étude aussi soigneusement comme possible le processus par lequel une réaction devient automatique. / 6. Ramenez tout à une initiale simplicité. / 7. In the majority of cases, second personalities are essentially different, so different in fact as to compel us to accept a different name 8. / 9. Réalisez la contrainte et l'économie. / 10. Select larva that most closely resembles the pest found in your house or pantry. / 11. ensuite cela après ceci / 12. La satisfaction de pathologique curiosité. / 13. La texture des mots sont difficile / 14. Suspicion should rest upon the complete. /


They do exist. They exist not pale blue but vivid gaping mouths and blue or purple. It is only a matter of what otherwise surrounds them. Blue

and purple charged with secrets. The low level hum. Pale blue and gingham check is the dress allowed for summer. Knee socks knees higher just below the plumb line. The milk float chiming on cobbled stones, comfortably in each others space. My bed. My bed clearly my schooling is dimly lit. Me. Open eyes. and seeded batch. Mouth a drift. I get my figs

When I arrive at school I see

girls running ribbon the length of the yard, and others drawing aside the elegant howl of laughing skirts. Is the dress allowed for summer. I am

caught in the woods with my tiny violets. Each one a name after that after this. Almost in the shape of Ruth. The texture of words are.


To swallow there is an order and a shape and sound and. A bright yellow cup on the windowsill reveals an earwig beneath the dome. And still broken glass fragments arrive on the urge. You make blisters of light. You missed your cue. When you tilt your head east we suck aniseed. Often bare legs in the back seat. Absence has little to do with silence. A six/ inch/ gash/ a /cross / the / knee. The smell of lavender. starched smooth Pale cotton and rigid. Of


comma of ferns, more obligatory mould. Neatness virtue your furrowed brow.


Shift enters the dull the mischievous; their voice is reasonable and ironic; their subjects are love, invertebrate, the end of the world, disease and. Try to describe the chair. To meet he is, to begin with, shy, and then becomes warm, open and funny.

The young trees are inching through plastic sheaths. The thicket of holly and blackthorn frames the plot. The plot is almost bare. On the hillside opposite, established woodland makes a copper splash.

Try to describe the chair.


mark black mark red mark red mark black mark brown chair white chair orange chair red chair brow chair why chair ore chair rare chair

buh ruh OW en why tuh. ch ch ch ch






He looks at the box. In the winter I fall from the horrors of the city. Attach pretty arcs in the winter sky. Is the dress. More flux in the air. The shoes for dancing make sparks of the cobble. The softness of ferns

comma comma. More binding. In. Her. It. Syntax error. I I

have yet to learn to knot. have not to yearn.


she loves him. Mot is a word. He is in her. It. A pulse. A

heartbeat. The only thing to do in church is to observe the elegance of embroidered stitch. A man is reading a newspaper.







These words are justified. Try to imagine a We More collective identify binding

existence. birdsong.

confines the issue. In the soil beneath the mountain ash. Discovering microscopic forms of life. Not baking pastry. Not pressing flowers or


cycling to the next village. (33)7

A CIRCUIT It is not naturally such a thing such as probability gives in this case the line, real or imaginary, unless of course there is no such thing as containing a line which limits an occasion whole. The distance around it is nothing than more than a triangle is a line composed of all sides. A straight thing supposes that crooked a bent and there that is. SALT GLAZE exist not pale blue but vivid gaping mouths and blue or purple. My oma, still sewing seeds in batches. My oma on the back step. My oma on the back step boiling ants. Still sewing seeds in batches. A dunghill a dungheap a midden. The summer mantle is a garment always.


A CROWD The letters written with ink exist beyond the existence of letters in truth. The exception of existence is the ink originally discharged. Reality unfolds many uniforms. The reality of selfsame ink in all the letters that precede hereafter.

A procession affords conversation.

My oma on the back step. Tobacco in the pouch Sweeter the smell of tobacco in the pouch. My oma on the back step.


Fig 3.

Four figures look toward camera.


except oma tilt their heads east. A memory is always bright. A memory is always bright the sun on your face. Look toward camera.







departure as much as the point of your being. hear
AN INSTALLATION As yet to be given a species or sub species or genus or classification of mammals which is no longer apparent supposing bats and birds and humans represent a completely distinct group.


CLEFT The purest monument to the nullity of art had shifted reality which at once had the sense to reproduce itself. A coal or chalk first imitated man in a yard or more of muslin. A yard or more of muslin.

A MISTRESS To counteract an errant condition by another condition which is itself errant assumes


In Tunisia a pear-shaped lute. I look at the box. A medallion spins in the swirling streams of competing gusts. A crowd

of dancing men. The sound of an urgent violin making Winter My

sparks of the cobble. blankets the ottoman.

oma on the back step still smoking tobacco. A memory is always bright. A memory is

always bright the sun on your face. A memory is always

bright the sun on your face / close eyes against the memory. Tunisia is a pear-shaped lute. The view here is over roof tops


A large screen with beveled glass implies magnification.

The view here is over roof tops familiar question mark

disappointment. Pale blue and gingham check is the dress allowed for summer. I am

discovering microscopic forms Exits. An entomology. Of the cartographer mapping a

terrain comma hyphen comma The flow of blood an electronic reversal of ions. Open

quotation Study as carefully as possible the process by which. Close quotation

A reaction becomes automatic.


A feeling of effort. Remember this. A sensation of arm telling the word. Two Remember this. One in the stands open by


illuminated doorway.


shadow he writes the other supposing the self. Remember this. An awareness of self

contingent on memory rapidly forgetting becoming



Suppose a feeling of effort. Suppose a sensation of arm telling word. Suppose the word telling movement without impulse. Supposing a self. Supposing a self naming the self. subject: a feeling of effort subject: a sensation of arm telling the word subject: a melange of visual material subject: the inertia of a retina involuntarily observing the material describing the word


an armour a wave of pleasure new or fault deciphered in one removed to forget a distant oblivion





She has been all day binding my texts. By definition. By definition she is pre-disposed. More binding confines. 1 The difference between music and philosophy Also no-body shouted out the name of the station when the train stopped. So I had a bed at home and another small bed at the friend’s house in Essex Street. My mother goes to the markets to get remnants of material to make clothes for me. She makes a coat of an army blanket which keeps me as warm. She knits gloves and socks. Trees, talons, bees, sun. 2 The difference between. My mother entered me into it and I won first prize. Perhaps she loves him. It is a warm late December day. I wear my visiting dress. The view here is over roof tops. She doesn’t know her strength, her beauty. Sitting, art, drawing lines. Faces exploring lines from the corners of eyes, the backs of heads, noses, trees, leaves, mutters and


drifts. The marks at first appear A symmetrical. B Love, which laughs and carries my lightgreen coat. C Kohl rimmed eyes. The same I’s. The same eyes C. Do the same eyes see. Do the same eyes see the image. In the same way. Kohl rimmed eyes. Gaze directly at the viewer. I laugh inappropriately. Posture is correct. Describing the line: your gaze does not meet my gaze. Grandmother Grand Gran Gr and Guh / mother th huh

duh mu moh