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-e / a göre according to, compared with, in view of

-e/-a göre is a postposition which corresponds in meaning to the following English words
or phrases:

1- -e/-a göre means ‘according to’:

Rapora göre, şirket bu yıl çok kar etmiş.

(According to the report, the company has made a big profit this year.)

Tahminlere göre, Galatasaray bu yıl şampiyon olacak.

(According to estimates, Galatasaray will be champion this year.)

Ahmet’e göre, çantayı Tarık çalmış.

(According to Ahmet, Tarık has stolen the bag.)

2- -e/-a göre is used with word like bana, sana, ona, etc. to form the phrases below:

bana göre = in my opinion ona göre = in his/her opinion size göre = in your opinion
sana göre = in your opinion bize göre = in our opinion onlara göre= in their opinion

Bana göre, bu yılın en iyi filmi Titanic.

(In my opinion, the best movie of this year is Titanic.)

3- -e/-a göre is also used to form expressions like tam bana göre, tam sana göre, etc:

Bu araba tam bana göre. (This car is just right for me.)
Bu ayakkabılar tam sana göre. (These shoes are just right for you.)

4- -e/-a göre means ‘in view of’:

Bu duruma göre, onların teklifini kabul etmek zorundayız.

(In view of this situation, we have to accept their offer.)

5- -e/-a göre also means ‘compared with’:

Ötekine göre bu masa çok daha iyi.

(This table is much better compared with the other one.)

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