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DATE 5 Nov 2013 LOCATION Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam,

Bidadi Ashram, Bengaluru, Karnataka

TITLE Conquer your Fear, Anxiety & Lust
Mahesh Iyer Checked by Ma Nirvikalpini

Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam
Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |
Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam
Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||
00:47 Hindi - 00:57
I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis sitting with us all over the world
through Nithyananda TV, Sadhna TV, Lotus News Channel, Janashree Channel, Eshwsar TV, two-
way video-conferencing in forty places having Nayana Deeksha, in twenty-five countries around
the world, as per the statistics.
Cities sitting with us two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha: Toronto, Seattle,
Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles, Varanasi, Ohio, San Jose, Guadeloupe, Oklahoma, Vancouver, Oman,
Jorpati-Nepal, Tiruvanmiyur-Chennai, Scottsdale-Arizona, San Diego-La Jolla, East London-UK,
Hyderabad-Gupta Kashi, Hong Kong-Sirkazhi, Singapore-Singapuram, Kastav-Croatia, Dubai-
Vaidyanatham, Enriching Temple-Bidadi, Houston-Kalahasti .
I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.
Today, 21
batch Inner Awakening, 5
day. Inner Awakening Level-2 is beginning, starting.
Today, we will be working on the root-patterns and root-cognitions.
And, as part of the third day of the Skanda Sashti Brahmotsavam, Subramanya is gracing us
today with both his consorts Valli and Devasena. With Valli and Devasena, Subramanya Swami
is gracing on the Suvarna Mayura Vahana, the Golden Peacock Vehicle.
Today, we will be working on how the root-cognitions and root-patterns directly, and indirectly
disturbs our body, our mind and the whole life.
And today is also the Karthikai Deepam Brahmotsavam is beginning. Today there will be
worship of Durga Devi, asking for her blessings for the whole celebrations to go well.
Ill enter into the satsanghsatsang.
Today, I wanted to continue to expand on the different names of the same phenomenon. Love,
Bliss, Gratitude, Feeling-connection..., these are all different names of of the same
Completion is required. Just the decision to be in the space of gratitude is not enough. That,
you guys always take. I tell you guys, oOne thing I can tell yousay with all my pride,pride is that
you will not find such a sincere group of seekers group like my sannyasisSannyasis anywhere in
the world. That I can challenge. Theyre really sincere in their seeking. They Just just dont do
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what needs to be done; thats all! See, in their intention to seek, I can challenge, that my
sannyasisSannyasis are the best in the world; their sincerity to towards the seeking; because, I
have kept such an impossible lifestyle. ! Please understand, almost 4:30am in the like morning
4:30 you have to be in the Yoga Hall. If you dont have seeking, this lifestyle is not possible.
Anybody who lives this lifestyle has to have seeking. The lifestyle is designed in such a way that
it does not allow the lazy-bums to stay here, the escapists to stay here. Outfits, escapists,
dropouts, and lazy-bums cannot stay with me. Unless their seeking has gone to the level of
their muscle-memory, they cannot follow our routine. Unless their seeking has gone to the level
of bio-memory, they cannot be happy here.
Please understand, if you are staying here for more than three months, your seeking is has
crossed the level of muscle-memory. If you are happy here, I can challenge,, your seeking has
crossed the level of bio-memory. Because, the whole routine and the lifestyle is designed in
such a way that it is automatic elimination system, an automatic enema system. The tube is
fixed; automatically at that time water goes inside and the enema works. Its an automatic
system where without a certain level of seeking; you will not be able to stay here.
I have no doubt about the sincerity of my sannyasiss Sannyasiss seeking. All over the world, to
all our devotees I am talking. Please understand, when I say sannyasisSannyasis, not only do I
mean the people who are wearing the Kavi and living in the ashram Sannyasis, Naishtika
Brahmacharis, Krama Brahmacharis all that I am even speaking oftalk about the regular
devotees and, organizers, for whom I am the first priority in their life, enlightenment is the first
priority in their life. I am talking about all of you guys! I really tell you, I have no doubt about
theyour sincerity in your seeking. I have no doubt about yourr sincerity in wanting to transform,
wanting to be in the space of gratitude; I have no doubt about that. Especially, in these testing
times, you guys are standing with your seeking and with your guru. Its not a joke, I tell you.
I have seen many people, they come to me only when going to Nithyananda is in fashion. There
was a time when coming to me was a in fashion. Then there was a time when it was not
thatthat fashionable. Now it is again become in fashion, because the media has changed its
opinion about me, its opinion about me. Media says, Oh, I think he is a good guy, only. We only
were a little in a hurry. Because now the media is backing out, sending apologyies after
In this kind of times like those, where only if coming to me was was ina fashion, people would
come, you guys were standing. That itself shows you have a very strong seeking, you are not
taking enlightenment or life as a comedy serial, you are not taking it lightly, you are sincere. I
have no doubt about it. I only feel, still I am not able to inspire you guys to do sadhana, the
Completion. Still I am not able to convince you guys that Completion will lead you to
enlightenment, Completion will make you experience gratitude, love, feeling-connection, joy, ...
the higher space. Only That that one part only I am still not able to do. So, today, I wanted to
do that part only.
Please understand, if there is a bag full of lemons, and theat bag suddenly breaks and the
lemons spreads all over the floor, now to put the whole thing back together, what are you
supposed to do? You are supposed to collect the lemons one by one, one by one and one by
one, put themit in a new bag, and tighten it; thats all. Same way, your consciousness has gone
and got caught in so many past incidents of your life. Bring them all back through the process of
Completion. Put them all in one bag called Enriching and tie them with Responsibility. You
have your bag, thats all. It is like, if the lemon bag has spilled all over, how you bring all the
lemons back and put it them in a nice bag and tie it aroundup, same way with your inner space,
your consciousness has spilled all over due to your incompletions. Get them back, .get them
back through the Completion process.
I tell you, just like Unclutching can never be understood intellectually, I can give you the
procedure, then, then you have to sit, sit, sit, sit, sit, and suddenly you will catch it; . Ssame
way, with Completion also you also cannot completely understand it intellectually. I give you
the method, the technique; then you have to sit, sit, sit, sit, sit, complete, complete, complete,
complete, complete; suddenly you will catch it, you will catch the Power of Completion, you will
experience Completion.
Please listen, Completion is more important than drinking water or eating food. You have to
observe, I did not make a statement: eating food and drinking water. I made a statement:
drinking water and eating food! Because, drinking water is more important; eating food is
secondary. Many of our Niraharis live just byon water. I am saying, Completion is more
important than drinking water. I can say Completion is more important than even breathing.
Even if you forget breathing, nothing is wrong; but dont forget to be in the space of
Completion!. Even if you forget to breathe, you will only die, only one body will be destroyed;
but if you forget to be in the space Completion, your livfes and livfes and life will be destroyed.
Lives after lives after lives will be destroyed! Even if you are a Ssannyasi, you have to again and
again and again bring yourself back to the space of Completion. Sometimes Ssannyasis think
that just by taking sannyas Sannyas you are already complete. Yes, no doubt. The Power of my
Completion completes you, no doubt but you are expected at least to be maintaining or
remembering that you are in the space of Completion.
Completion is Arunachala. That is why, just by remembrance it gives liberation. Smaranaath
Mukthi Arunachalam. Just by remembrance you get liberation in Arunachala. Please
understand, Kashi, only if you die in Kashi, there you will get enlightenment. Aroor, Aroor is
Kamalalayam. The word Aroor, Kamalalayam denotes the place Tiruvarur. In Tiruvarur if you
take birth, liberation. In Chidambaram if you go and have darshan, only then you have
liberation. See, all this is not in your control. Taking birth is over already is over now, you cant
anything. And death, you dont know, I have seen many people go and stay in Kashi so that they
can die there. Last moment they will have some problem. Same way, it is having the darshan
of Chidambaram. Handicapped people, you dont know whether you can have darshan or not.
And the people who cant travel for various reasons, people who cant come into this country
for various reasons, who dont have a passport, who dont have a visa, or even people who
came into this country who but dont have money to travel, who cant travel. People who are
put into prison who cant travel, all of them cant have darshan of Chidambaram. But this
remembrance of Arunachala is for all, for everyone. Arunachala is like a Completion.
Completion is Arunachala. Just by remembrance, liberation. Smaranaath Mukthi
Arunachalam! Just by remembrance, liberation! Understand, Completion also, just by
remembrance it can complete you. Only thing is, you need to be reminding yourself again and
again whether you are in the space of Completion or not.
Completion, Completion, Completion. Again and again and again complete. Understand, if you
have dreams, whatever type of dreams it they may be, whether it is good, bad, or whatever, if
you still have dreams, you are not worthy of sannyasSannyas. A Sannyasi is a person who should
be in that level of Completion, where there is no dreams happen in him. The day you start
sleeping without dreams, you have become a real sannyasiSannyasi. Dreams are nothing but
the incompletions expressing in your inner space when you are unconscious. Understand, I am
defining dreams. Incompletions expressing when you are unconscious is are dreams.
Incompletions expressing when you are conscious is thinking. Incompletions expressing when
you are conscious is thinking. Incompletions expressing when you are unconscious is
22:21 Hindi -24:00
Completion, Completion, Completion. I tell you, just by completing with your past lifestyle; you
can get out of all the sufferings of the past. Just by declaring Completion with all the past
mental setups, you can get out of all the side-effects, after-effects, impact of the past over you.
24:36 Hindi - 25:00 So, Completion forms the basic truth. Completion forms the basic principle.
Completion forms the basic rule for gratitude, enlightenment, and liberation.
It is the space of Completion which really attracts attention.
I tell you, the more Completion you create, wherever you go, you will be like a hero, ; you will
attract attention. Many people come and tell me, Wherever I go, nobody respects me, Swamiji.
If I go to the temple, I am one in the mass. If I go to the theatre, I am one in the crowd. If I go to
a sports or a game, I am one among the thousands of fans. Even if I come to the ashram, I am
one in the mass of devotees sitting. I tell you, the right methodology to get attention, to carry
the charisma, where people just look at you and attend to you, where they understand you are
worthy of attention -, that charisma happens to you when you put yourself in the space of
Completion, when you carry the space of Completion. I tell you, it is a very powerful technique.
Try it, complete and after that, wherever you go, even in the temple when you stand in the
queue, suddenly the priest will call you inside, Please come, come He will give you the
prasadam. Even in the cinema theatre, somebody will come and give you the VIP ticket. IN the
sports stadium suddenly you will get the front galleryseats. In the ashram suddenly Swami will
say, What do you want? Carry the space of Completion. I tell you, you will always attract
everyones attention. It is the space of Completion which really attracts attention.
You can see always see, if you seethere is somebody running around like a headless chicken,
agitated, irritated, restless..., will you attend to that guy? But if you see somebody carrying
Completion, very cute, with a beautiful smile and the graceful movements of the body, simply
you will have that attention towards them. That is exacctly the same thing. Do not think that
whatever no matter what is inside you, you can hide by putting clothes on yourself. No, you
may put clothes on all the parts of your body, but the major holes are open - the eyes, mouth,
nose, ears, and the touch. So, through these holes, people will find the smell of incompletion.
People will find. See based on the words you utter, people will find what kind of a space you are
carrying Completion or incompletion. The way you look, the place where your eyes are
moving, people can find whether you are in the space of Completion or incompletion. The way
you listen or dont listen, people can find whether you are the space of Completion or
incompletion. I tell you, have a space of Completion for yourself. Thatll attract all the right
attention. Completion is Power! Completion is Life! Completion gets all the best things of life!
Completion gets you all the best things of Life!
30:04 Hindi - 30:48

So listen! Completion, Completion, Completion, Completion is life! Completion is
Enlightenment! This is the essence of todays satsanghSatsang.
I have one more good news for all you guys, all the devotees and disciples. Today, the Atal
Akhada.Please understand, Mahanirvani Akhada and Atal Akhada, these two akhadas are twin
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akhada. Both together, function together. The Atal Akhada Acharya Mahamandaleshwar,
Swami Shukadevanandaji is coming today to our ashram. All of you may be aware; I am the
Mahanirvani Akhadas Mahamandaleshwar. Actually, this Swami coroneted me.
Vishwadevanandaji and Shukadevanandaji, these two coroneted me. In that, Vishwadevanandaji
has passed away. Shukadevanandaji is the only acharya. He is also the senior most acharya
among all the seventeen akhadas. He is gracing our ashram today. Tomorrow, he will be in the

Let you all achieve, experience, live express, radiate, share and explode in eternal bliss,