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Co kim cham v.

Eusebio valdez tan keh

GR L-5
Facts: The petitioner iled a case a!ainst the respondent durin! the militar" occupation o #apan$
%ubse&uentl" the 'hilippines (as liberated b" the )mericans.
The respondent #ud!e reuses to continue the proceedin!s contendin! that the statement o
Gen. *c)rthur in behal o the Government o the +%) has the eect o nulli"in! all #udicial
,ssue: -hether or not the act and proceedin!s o the de acto !overnment remains valid.
.eld: /es$ the doctrine in international la( is that all acts and proceedin!s o the de acto
!overnment (hich are not o political comple0ion remains valid.
)lso the declaration o Gen. *c)rthur should be construed to onl" appl" to act and proceedin!
o political comple0ion$ because to construe other(ise (ould violate the .a!ue Re!ulations1
(hich prohibits the belli!erent occupant rom nulli"in! or settin! aside the #ud!ments rendered
b" courts in their liti!ation durin! the period o occupation.
.o(ever several #ustices dissent rom the ma#orit"$ contendin! that the petition has no merit
since the 2ctober 'roclamation does not violate an" principle o international la(1 and that said
proclamation (as ree rom ambi!uit" (hen Gen. *c )rthur stated all la(s$ re!ulations and
processes are void.
Thus the %upreme Court has no ri!ht to attribute Gen. *ac)rthur an intention dierent rom
(hat he has plainl"$ clearl"$ unmistakabl" e0pressed in unambi!uous (ords (ith amiliar
meanin! !enerall" understood b" the common man.