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Syazwan Miswan

BBA in Actuarial Science

With the current economic climate and the reality that numerous university
graduates swell the job market every year, having a Masters degree can spell the
difference between hire and a turn down.
Furthering my studies in Master of Science in Mathematics programed would help in
improve my career in the future. The new skills and knowledge I gain from graduate
education can improve my ability to do my best work and better position for more
opportunities for advancement in my career. While a graduate degree does not
automatically lead to a promotion in title, salary, or responsibility, it can be very
personally, if not also professionally, rewarding. Hopefully my investment in myself
and in my graduate education will eventually pay off in both intangible and tangible
ways. On the other hand, a graduate degree is not the only option for professional
A graduate degree may increase my options and professional prospects. Going to
grad school can help me gain more flexibility in the type of work I do, or prepare me
for a bigger career transition, such as switching sectors, industries, or professions.
Either way, a graduate education can teach me more advanced skills and in-depth
knowledge of an area outside my specialty, or provide a solid foundation in a
completely new area, thus broadening the opportunities available to me in the job
Besides the degree, grad school can be a good place to network with professionals
from a range of fields. Seize the opportunity to not only learn from the professors,
but also the classmates and peers.
Syazwan Miswan
BBA in Actuarial Science
A graduate degree also serves to satisfy my intellectual curiosity and spark passion.
Pursuing my intellectual interests or my passions through grad school may or may
not also include practical and professional benefits. Grad school can provide me the
opportunity to fully immerse myself in my subject of interest, which I may
otherwise find hard to do outside of academia.
In terms of skills, lecturer would discuss with the class case studies and theories.
Attending graduate classes also give me an opportunity to hone my presentation
skills and get constructive feed backs from classmates who are much more
experienced than I. Getting acquaint with the latest developments in the field and
having the venue to debate and pick these apart prove immensely helpful in my job
as well. One can't complain about meeting like-minded individuals who are
themselves connected to institutions network that could prove valuable in the
long run.
Finally, if my goal is to teach in academia, a master's degree is a fundamental
necessity and in fact, a doctorate degree is required by many colleges and
universities as a prerequisite for employment as a lecturer.