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Reliance Industries Ltd.

Health, Safety , Environment & Fire

Procedure Manual
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"."#! $EER%L S%FE&' R(LES
Every employee is required to educate and make himself and fellow
workers/visitors aware of work hazards. It is necessary to carry out every
activity/task in a manner to avoid potential incident/accident by observing
general safety rules, adopting safe work methods and procedures, application
of pro-active safety measures at work/activity.
or safety of the personnel and the plants, it is necessary that the employees,
contractors, workers, new entrants and visitors familiarize themselves with the
!ompany"s general safety rules and apply them at work. #he purpose of the
safety rules is to make aware all our employees/workers, new entrants $
contractors aware of general hazards and various safety precautions to be
observed in their day to day working.
Sco)e *
#he %eneral &afety 'ules have been laid down as general safety instructions
to be observed by all employees, contractors, new entrants, visitors, etc. while
they are working at 'I(, )azira. #hese safety rules are basic safety guidelines
for all to work safely and shall be followed diligently. #he scope of the
general safety rules is limited to highlight certain basic guidelines for all
employees/workers, new entrants $ contractors to act safely. #hey must read
and understand them thoroughly and follow them at work. *nyone inside the
factory premises is, however, required to comply with the safe work
procedures and standing instructions framed/issued from time to time.
Personnel Conduct:
a. *ll employees on duty must wear uniform, which should be close fitting.
b. #he employees, including contractors" workers shall always use personal
protective equipment for head, foot and eye protection while they are working
in the plant operations areas or employees shall use additional ++E also as
per the specific ,ob requirements.
c. #he work areas inside office buildings/offices are e-empted from use of head
and eye protection, where such hazards do not e-ist.
e. Employees must report promptly any situation affecting the safety of
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Reliance Industries Ltd. Health, Safety , Environment & Fire
Procedure Manual
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themselves and fellow employees/workers.
f. Employees must make themselves familiar with the regulatory safety signs
and should observe them at all times.
g. *ll in,uries while on duty, however, minor it may be, shall be reported
promptly to the .ccupational )ealth !entre /.)!0 for treatment.
h. )orseplay while on duty is strictly forbidden.
i. +ossession or use of alcoholic drink or narcotics within the factory premises
or reporting to work under the influence of alcohol or other narcotics/drugs is
strictly prohibited.
,. *s a safety measures, employees must not walk through or across any
operating unit/ process equipment unless their duties require them to do so.
1se walkways wherever provided, do not adopt short cuts.
k. Entry of unauthorized persons in operating plant is prohibited at all times.
l. !ompressed air must not be used for cleaning or blowing dust out of
personnel clothing or body. !ompressed air hoses must not be pointed
towards a fellow employee.
m. .nly authorized persons may operate valves, equipment, machinery within
the factory.
n. 2rive cautiously in the factory area and stick to speed limits which are
displayed in the comple- at strategic locations. 3ehicle engine shall be
switched off when not in motion.
o. 4efore starting any repair/maintenance or any other work in the plant area,
make sure that work permit is obtained from the competent authority.
p. It is mandatory on the part of every employee and visitor to take all the due
precautions and care so as to avoid any in,ury to himself, other persons or
damage to any equipment.
q. 4icycling in the plant is not allowed e-cept in earmark areas.
r. 4icycles shall not be used for carrying/transporting gas cylinders or other
bulky ob,ects.
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Reliance Industries Ltd. Health, Safety , Environment & Fire
Procedure Manual
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The Visitors:
a. #he visitors shall wear safety helmet in all the helmet areas of the plants
/facilities. #he visitors, who are required to work in plant operating areas are
required to wear safety shoes and eye protection.
b. It is the responsibility of the concerned employee to ensure that the visitors
are made aware of visitors safety requirements and ensure compliance.
c. #he visitors shall be made aware of emergency response actions by the visitor
accompanying employee.
d. #he visitors are required to undergo 5visitors safety orientation6 through video
at the security gate before entry into the plants.
Housekeeping and General Safety:
a. %ood housekeeping should become a matter of habit. *ll machines, tools,
stores, work place, offices, and other surroundings should be kept in order,
clean and tidy.
b. *ll work places, passage ways, stairways, platforms, walkways, store rooms
etc. shall be kept in order at all times and shall be maintained in clean, dry
and in hygienic conditions.
c. *ll the sweepings, wastes, refuses, scraps and other residual matter shall not
be left on the floor, but shall be deposited in proper receptacles/trash bins.
d. *ny oil, grease, acidic, alkaline or any other material spill in work area shall
be cleaned without any delay by appropriate method.
e. Employees should be careful to clean up the area after the ,ob is finished.
(eftover ,unk or materials or tools should be removed to the proper place after
the work is over.
f. &crap and salvageable materials shall be stored in places earmarked for the
purpose and labeled correctly.
g. 7o pipelines, hoses or power cable shall be run across the pathways, roads,
etc. thus constituting a tripping hazard.
h. *ll protective guards on pumps, compressors and all other moving machinery
must be in position at all times e-cept during maintenance work. %uards
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Reliance Industries Ltd. Health, Safety , Environment & Fire
Procedure Manual
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must be replaced in position after each maintenance work on such machinery.
i. 8henever it is necessary to depart from normal standard of house keeping as
in the case of ma,or maintenance operations, the work area should be
cordoned off and efforts shall be made to prevent un-avoidable accumulation
of waste materials and other unwanted items by timely removal of such
materials. .n completion of work it is the responsibility of the supervisor
concerned to restore the standard of housekeeping to an acceptable level.
Fire Prevention:
a. &moking is strictly prohibited inside the factory premises for all persons
which includes 'I( Employees, !ontractors/ workers, guests and visitors.
7obody is allowed to bring match bo-es, lighters $ cigarettes inside the
)azira !omple-. If anyone had brought these items in their possession, they
shall deposit these items at the security gate at the time of entering and collect
them on their return.
b. #ransistors, flash lights, or any battery powered or electric mains powered
gadgets are not allowed to be taken inside the process plant area. .nly
approved type of e-plosion proof torches or gadgets are permitted in plant
areas. 7on-flameproof electric/electronic equipment beyond 9.: volts are not
allowed inside the plant area. +ocket calculators less than 9.: volts are only
permitted. )owever in case of suspected leak detection only flame proof
torches to be used
c. .nly ;9 volt portable hand lamps of flame proof construction shall be used in
the plant operation areas, inside the confined spaces/ tanks/vessels, etc.
d. *ll employees shall familiarise themselves with the fire protection equipment
provided at their ,ob location and it"s use. +rompt action is essential for
effective fire fighting. <nowledge of fire fighting equipment, their location
and method of use is necessary to enable quick and right action in case of fire.
e. ire fighting equipment are provided for use to e-tinguish fire during ire
Emergency. #hey shall always be maintained in good condition $ accessible.
#hey should not be miss-used.
f. *ny work activity, involving naked flame or involving equipment having
potential for a source ignition shall be carried out under the authority of Hot
0or1 Permit.
g. !atch basins, manholes, other sewer connections are the points of possible gas
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Reliance Industries Ltd. Health, Safety , Environment & Fire
Procedure Manual
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accumulations. Employees should e-ercise special care to see that these
openings are properly covered and protected from contact of sparks, flame or
hot metals pieces. 8elding/gas cutting operations should not be carried out
above the sewers/pits unless protected suitably.
h. %ood house keeping is an important aspect of any fire prevention program.
<eep work areas free from combustible wastes and trash.
i. (ight distillates /e.g. gasoline, naphtha, etc.0 or any to-ic solvent shall not be
used for cleaning purpose.
,. ire 2ept. must be informed immediately when any fire equipment is used or
found missing or defective so that it is replaced immediately.
k. *ny incident of fire in the plant or in any other area of the factory shall be
reported promptly by breaking a nearest Manual 2all Point /M2P3 or
calling &ele)hone o. -////.
l. In the event of a fire incident or any other emergency in the plant, the persons
not concerned with the fire or emergency shall not approach to accident site.
ollw the instruction which are given through public address system.
Traffic and Vehicles Movement nside the premises:
a. *ll vehicles shall be in good maintenance and road worthy condition.
b. &peed limit 4"/ 1m.5hour3 shall be strictly observed inside the factory
premises. In the event of an emergency, the emergency vehicles requiring
quick turn out shall blow vehicle siren and keep emergency flashing light
5.76 while e-ceeding site speed limit to rush the site of emergency.
c. 3ehicles/mobile equipment with internal combustion engine, requiring
movement/ operation inside the plant operation areas /I&4( areas0 shall have
vehicle fitness certificate from the security department and vehicle entry
permit from the respective plant shift-in-charge before entry. &uch
vehicles/mobile equipment shall have spark arrestor /muffler0 fitted at the
engine e-haust pipe.
d. *ll the vehicles shall be parked at the specified places within the factory
premises. #aking sleep or rest under a parked vehicle is prohibited.
e. 3ehicle shall not be parked on the road-side.
f. #he pedestrians are supposed to walk on one side of the road or on the
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Reliance Industries Ltd. Health, Safety , Environment & Fire
Procedure Manual
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walkways only, wherever provided /within yellow lines0.
!lectrical !"uipment :
a. .nly authorized $ competent persons are allowed to work on electrical
apparatus, equipment/lines etc.
b. Employees should report immediately to the supervisor about defective or
otherwise hazardous electrical equipment, if they notice any time.
c #he temporary electrical switch boards shall be provided with an E(!4 /not
e-ceeding =>m*0 installed before using power supply.
d. Electrical cables with ,oints shall not be used for power supply to portable
electrical equipment/tools.
e. +ortable electrical tools shall never be used without ground wires/earth
connections e-cept in case of double insulated type equipment. #he power
supply circuit shall have an =>m* E(!4 installed for tripping power supply
in case of any earth fault.
f. 4efore opening or doing any maintenance/inspection work on any electrical
equipment / machine, it shall be electrically isolated /de-energized. 7o
person shall be allowed to work on live electrical apparatus / equipment /
machine / wires etc. If, it is required to work on live electrical apparatus /
equipment / machine, etc. for the purpose of inspection or testing, etc.,
necessary safety precautions under the close supervision of electrical
engineer shall be taken to avoid contact of electrical energy .
g. It is always a safe practice and necessary to switch off and tag out local
switch also, if any electrical equipment is required to be isolated
electrically/de-energized at ?!! for maintenance to avoid accident. #he
responsibility for ensuring that a local switch is switched off /tagged out, lies
with the process supervisor responsible for the equipment.
Material Handling :
a. *lways use a pair of appropriate work gloves while handling materials. It
will be helpful in minimizing minor hand in,uries.
b. #he employees involved in handling materials overhead shall install the
necessary barricades, warning signs or any other steps to prevent persons
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Reliance Industries Ltd. Health, Safety , Environment & Fire
Procedure Manual
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from walking beneath the load/over head activity.
c. #he employees should not walk under suspended load while it is being
d. &uspended load should not be guided by hand, 1se rope lines / tag lines to
guide the ob,ect.
e. 2o not get too close to a rope or cable under strain.
f. Employees shall not ride on a crane, hoist, air tugged hoist or any other type
of hoist not specially designed for use by persons.
g. ork lift trucks shall not be used to elevate persons on stacks or any other
location for access.
h 4efore using lifting tackles, make a visual inspection for any defect. *ny
defect should be reported immediately and rectified.
,. *lways assure a right posture while handling materials manually.
0or1 8elo9 $rade Level +
a. *ll e-cavations, manholes, valve bo-es, pipe trenches must be properly
barricaded or covered. If it is necessary to leave them un-attended at any time
the supervisor concerned must ensure that necessary sign boards are provided
if such openings are left over night in the required locations
b. *ll e-cavation work shall be authorized and carried out under E-cavation
8ork +ermit procedure.
c. Employees should consider the need for providing shoring or other supports
for e-cavation.
d. +rovide ladders for coming in and coming out of the e-cavation.
!ye Protection:
a. Eyes are delicate and vital for human life, it is necessary that the employees
use appropriate eye protection when they are e-posed to possible hazards.
b. Eye protection /spectacles with side shield0 shall be used by employees
whenever they are moving in plant operation areas.
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Reliance Industries Ltd. Health, Safety , Environment & Fire
Procedure Manual
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c. 7o one shall endeavor to remove a foreign body from the eye. 'eport to
.)! immediately.
Protection against gas +
a. Employees must know the location of gas masks/respirators in work areas and
shall learn its proper use.
b. Employees shall equip themselves with proper gas mask/respirators whenever
it is necessary to work where to-ic gases or vapours are likely to be present.
# Process e"uipment :
a. *ny process equipment shall be made safe from possible sources of hazards
before opening, working on it or entering into it.
b. Every maintenance ,ob which requires an entry into confined space, tank,
vessel, etc. shall be carried out under ;essel Entry Permit.
c. *ll hot ,obs shall be authorized and carried under )ot 8ork +ermit as per the
procedure. #he hot work permit shall be obtained from authorized person
before the work is started.
d. 7o ,ob in plant operation areas shall be carried out without authorization by a
competent person.
<)ening of )rocess e=ui)ment+
a. 8hile opening process equipment e.g., pipe lines, pumps, drums,
compressors, vessels, columns, etc. treat them as if they were under pressure.
#he system must be fully de-pressurized and drained/flushed before
opening.*dequate precautions must be taken and ++E used to avoid potential
e-posure to hazardous chemicals/material.
b. 8hile opening flanges and cover plates, loosen fasteners and remove the far
side first and relieve the pressure away from the men doing work, with
sufficient number of bolts allowed to remain tight on the near side until the
connection can be wedged open. *ny un-anticipated entrapped pressure will
then be dissipated in a direction away from the men doing the work
c. !are shall be taken to ensure grounding and bonding before opening flanges
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Reliance Industries Ltd. Health, Safety , Environment & Fire
Procedure Manual
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or disconnecting the connections from the loading/unloading facilities of
flammable liquids
d. If a system is required to be isolated completely, it will be necessary to insert
blinds whenever the equipment to be worked is connected with the equipment
in service as valves may leak and cannot be solely relied upon.
e. *ll non routine ,obs shall be carried out under work permit procedure.
0or1ing at Height
a. +roper scaffold and work platform shall be provided for ,obs at height
requiring persons to work at an elevation of @ feet or more from ground or
where no permanent work platform/structure or access is available to work
safely. &uch temporary work platform shall have proper handrails, mid rails
and access ladder attached to the work platform as per the safety standards/
scaffolding procedure. 'elevant procedure $Safe %orking at Height and
Fall Protection& shall be followed.
b. &uitable fall prevention or fall arrest devices shall be provided and used while
working on or near the unprotected walking surfaces /structures at an height @
feet or more such as safety harness /safety belt0 with life line/s0 secured to a
firm structure /overhead0 or provision of safety lines, safety net to prevent
risk of fall from height.
c. Erection of scaffolds / temporary work platforms shall be done under
authorisation of work permit as per the 5Scaffolding procedure.
d. &uitable fall prevention and /or fall arrest devices, such as safety harness
/safety belt0 with two security lines /life lines0, safety nets or any other
devices shall be compulsorily provided and used where temporary
scaffold/work platform are not practically feasible.
e. +roper access equipment shall be used for access to high elevations. 7o one is
permitted to climb poles, structures, column for access at high elevations.
orklift trucks shall not be used to elevate persons for access to height.
f. Employees working overhead must take care of fellow employees working
down below.
g. !rawling boards /roof top ladders0 and safety belts shall be used for work on
fragile roof. #he life line of safety belt shall be anchored to a firm support.
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Reliance Industries Ltd. Health, Safety , Environment & Fire
Procedure Manual
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+rovision of a horizontal safety line may be considered for anchoring life line,
if there is no firm support is available.
h. 2rums should not be used as work benches or supports for platform or
substituted for ladders to avoid in,ury as well as fire due to welding spark.
Personnel Protective E=ui)ment+
a. +ersonal protective equipment are provided for the safety of personnel for
protection against probable hazards. *ll employees must use them as
instructed or as per the requirements.
b. *ll employees must familiarize themselves with the location and use of
personal protective appliances, so that they can use them in the event of
emergency without delay.
c. &afety equipment, personal protective appliances and personal monitoring
instruments must be inspected before use. 7ever use defective, worn out
equipment. *ny defect shall be reported to the supervisor or plant safety
representative .
d. &afety equipment shall always be maintained in good condition, properly
used and must not be mishandled.
&raining +
It is mandatory on the part of all employees, new or old to participate in
various )&E$ training programmes as offered from time to time. #he
employees shall take such programmes with sincerity and diligently.
a. Every employee will have to undergo routine medical check up as per the
company )&E policy or emergency medical check up as advised by the
company6s medical officer.
b. It is advisable that employees should always keep their health card with them
/which is issued from .)! after every health check up0.
c. *ll work in,uries /illnesses shall be reported to the .ccupational )ealth
!entre /.)!0 with .)! visit slip duly filled in and signed by the concerned
d. Employees, reporting on duty after illness due to work in,ury/chemical
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Reliance Industries Ltd. Health, Safety , Environment & Fire
Procedure Manual
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e-posure shall obtain fitness certificate from the company medical officer at
the time of resuming duty.
e. 7o employee shall be allowed to work if he is declared unfit to work by the
company medical officer due to personal in,ury/e-posure, however, the
medical officer may review certain cases of illnesses for considering
restricted work duty on request by concerned ).2 depending upon the merit
of the case and work requirement.
Emergency Res)onse+
a. Employees within the company premises are required to respond to
emergency call as per the defined emergency response procedure/Hazira
Emergency Action Plan).
b. It is the duty of all the employees to make themselves aware of the emergency
response procedure/ )azira Emergency *ction +lan and plant emergency
c. #he contractors6 site in-charges/supervisors are made aware of plant/.n-site
emergency procedure through contractors safety training programmes
conducted from time to time. #hey are responsible to make their workmen
aware of the plant /site emergency response actions in case of any emergency
in the plant/site.
d. #he employees are supposed to take care of the visitors/new recruits/
contractors reporting to them for emergency response and other safety
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