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Xenta Mini DV Manual

1. Structure
1.1 Detail
1: Lanyard Hole 2: Power 3: Mode 4:Clip 5:Micro SD 6:Ri
!: Mini "S# $: Camera %:&peration 1': Statu( )ndicator 11: Mic
1.2 Accessories
12: *oundation 13:
Clip 14:
2. )ntroduction
,-i( Xenta Mini D.
i( a -i/-0de1inition
2ideo recorder wit-
(iple operation or
(ound control3 ele/ant
de(i/n3 (all (i4e3 it
i( ea(y to carry. )t i(
an e((ential utility in
+u(ine((3 education3
(ecurity3 edia3
5u(tice3 touri(3
-ealt- care3 li2in/ and
ot-er 1ield.
3. Operation Guide
1. Charge
The battery is built-in lithium rechargeable battery, so when you use it the first time, please
charge fully. The method for charging as following:
1.) Connect to computer: use US cable to connect the computer, then it can be charged.
!.) Use adaptor: connect charger plug with US cable, then plug into mains outlet, it can be
"hen you charge it, green light and red light will illuminate simultaneously.
#otice: when battery power is not enough, the $enta %ini &' will enter into protection
mode, so it cannot be turn on. (ou must fully charge the unit before using it again.
2. Power on to video
)ress )ower button slightly, blue indicator light will illuminate* now the camera is in startup
ready mode. )ress +ecord , Stop button and a red indicator light will illuminate and starts to
flash slowly. (ou are now recording a -ideo. The resolution for -ideo file is .!/012/, and
frame number is !3--4/fps,S. )ress the press +ecord , Stop button and the recording will
stop and sa-e automatically. 5fter sa-ing the blue indicator light remains lit. 6f you need to
continue to -ideo, press +ecord , Stop button again.
a. )lease ma7e sure a %icro S& card has been inserted prior to recording, if not the %ini
camera will automatically turn off after 4/ seconds.
b. The ma8imum capacity %icro S& card this supports is 29.
c. Sa-ing file needs some time, so please don:t press ;peration button continuously in
order to a-oid sa-ing un-smoothly and generating incomplete files.
d. "hen you ma7e a -ideo, please focus on the ob<ect and 7eep within =/cm of the focus
ob<ect in a well-lit area. This will produce a good clear >uality -ideo.
3.Photo ta"en #unction$optional%
)ress )ower button and the blue light will illuminate, then press power button once and the
red light will illuminate and flash once and it will ta7e a picture ,the picture resolution is
1!2/01/!1 ?)9 format
4. &ound control video $optional%
)ress )ower button and blue indicator light illuminates, now the camera enters into startup
ready mode. )ress %;&@ button, and then you can switch into sound control -ideo mode.
6n this mode the blue light will be constant and the red light flash:s >uic7ly. "hen sound
control starts, the shortest shoot time is ! minutes. 5fter ! minutes, if there is no any sound,
&'+ will sa-e file automatically and switch into standby mode. 6f there still has sound after
! minutes, &'+ will continue to shoot.

(ime )et
There is a C& with the product which contains a file named time synchroniAation file.
)lease copy it on to the %icro S& card.
The detail as following:
1. build a te8t called T59.T$T under root directory of card.
!. open T59.T$T,write synchronous date according to enclosure stric7tly.
&etails as following:
BdateC need space with newline
!//3,/.,!! need space with newline


@-ery time you power on the camera the system will chec7 and analyse T59.T$T, then
set system time according to file time. 5fter that the te8t will be deleted by system

Power o##
Under -ideo mode or standby mode, please press )ower button for 4 seconds, then
release till indicator goes out. Then the machine is turned off.
+. ,uto-power o## #unction
%6#6 &' will sa-e file and turn off automatically in the following situations:
a. "hen you shoot -ideo without enough power, file will be sa-ed automatically, then
auto-power off.
b. "hen dis7 space of %6#6 &' is not enough, after indicator goes out immediately, file
will be sa-ed automatically then auto-power off.
c. Under standby mode, without any operation in 1= seconds, it will be auto-power off.

Connecting computer
(ou can connect to your computer under power off mode, standby mode or -ideo mode.
)roduct can be identified as U dis7. (ou can copy, cut and paste, delete file.
"hen you connect it with US port, a portable dis7 mar7 will be seen after se-eral
seconds. +ed indicator light will remain bright, blue indicator light will flash >uic7ly.
a. "hen you connect computer, if the machine cannot be identified, or not see the
portable U dis7 mar7 in 4/ seconds, please re insert.
b. 6t is better copy or cut -ideo file into computer before playing. 'ideo file which is sa-ed
in the machine and played directly can appear unsmooth when played due to the file siAe.
/. PC Camera
"hen you first use )C camera, please install the dri-er. The dri-er name is
S)C51=!2D'!!!/D%ESetup.e8e, which is on the included C&. "hen you install please
double press this document. 5fter that there will be an 5%C5) icon on the computer des7.
Under power off or power on mode, using the US cable to connect to your computer, the
de-ice name is U dis7. )ress %;&@ button, at this moment it can be switched into )C
camera mode. Then double press 5%C5) icon and this can be used as )C camera.


"hen machine fails to wor7 normally it needs to be reset.
The specific operation method as following:
Use a pin to press the +eset button.
11. otice
)lease follow StateFs law. &o not use it illegally.
)lease use under normal temperature and a-oid using in e8treme cold or e8treme
)lease use under normal humidity, not allow products to get wet.
&o not aim the camera at the sun and other strong light sources as this can cause
damage to the product.
)rotect the unit from dust, do not use in dusty atmospheres.
4. Parameters
Item Parameters
Video format 5'6
Video encoding %-?)@9
Video resolution .!/012/ '95
Video frame rate 4/fps G 1 fps
Picture resolution 1!2/01/!1 ?)9
Media playing software 5ttached software of the operating system or %ainstream audio
and -ideo media playing software, recommend Hmplayer
The ratio of image 1:4
Supporting system "indows me,!///,8p,!//4,-ista%ac ;S1/.1
charge pressure &C-='
Interface type %ini = pin US
Storage support %icro S& ITJ)
Battery type high-capacity lithium polymer
5. Warning
attery: 6f do not use this recording mode after long time, please charged it fully before using.
Jile security: This product is not a professional storage de-ice. 6t does not guarantee the
integrity and security of sa-ed files. )lease bac7 up your important documents on the computer or
other storage de-ice timely.
'ideo >uality: This product is not a professional -ideo recording de-ice. 6t &oes not guarantee
the effect of the -ideo file to ha-e the professional >uality
;perating temperature: /K1/LC. Jor the e8tension of life, it is best used at room temperature.
;perating humidity: !/M -2/M. This product does not ha-e the waterproof mode. So it can not
wor7 under the humid en-ironment,