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l connect
october 2008 harmony 1
SiIver over dazzIed Mumbai on
Oclober The second edilion of
lhe Harmony SiIver Avards heId
al Rabindra Nalya Mandir lo
saIule our siIver heroes vas a
lremendous success and a signifi
canl miIeslone in our efforls
WhiIe lhe caacily crovd vas
deeIy moved by lhe audiovisu
aIs shovcasing lhe Iives and vork
of our reciienls lhey vere
enlerlained in equaI measure by
lhe foollaing saIsa roulines
of lhe siIvers from Harmony
Inleraclive Cenlre and aIIied
organisalions lrained by Sandi
Soarrkar lhe humour vilh a
slrong sociaI message of Hasqa
Kati Surender Sharma and an
energelic songanddance medIey
from lhe s and s by
young arlisls from IG
The sighl of Iegendary aclor and
guesl of honour Dev Anand in
conversalion vilh feIIov Iegend
Waheeda Rehman had lhe shuller
bugs cIicking overlime And
His IxceIIency S C }amir lhe
Governor of Maharashlra
anolher guesl of honourheId
lhe audience ral vhen he soke
aboul visiling oId age homes
across lhe counlry and lhe
need for our youlh lo Iook afler
lheir arenls
Yes il vas a magicaI nighl hosled
vilh slyIe and sensilivily by
danceraclor Sudha Chandran Il
reinforced our slaled aim of hon
ouring lhe unsung and highIighl
ing lhe lremendous olenliaI of
siIvers and in lhe rocess con
verled many lo our cause In facl
in a Ieller lo me afler lhe evenl
one of our vinners KoIkalabased
educalionisl rolher rendan
MacCarlhaigh confessed lhal he
vas iniliaIIy a IillIe scelicaI
lhinking of lhe vhoIe enlerrise
as a sorl of Iavish adverlisemenl
in vhich oId foIk vere usefuI
sideissues ul as he vriles
lhe acluaI exerience made non
sense of my cynicism Thank you
rolher rendan and Iel me
assure you lhal Harmony viII
never consign siIvers lo lhe fringes
bul aIvays accord lhem cenlre
slagevhere lhey beIong
I aIso lake lhis oorlunily lo
lhank our resenling sonsor LG
IIeclronics for ulling logelher
such a seclacuIar shov vilh us
leIecasl arlner NDTV Irofil
vho broadcasl lhe shov on
and Oclober our eminenl aneI
of |udges incIuding LeiIa Selh
and Iriya Dull vho vere on
hand lo dislribule lhe avards
aII our erformers lhe evenl
managemenl leam al IG Inler
lainmenl and every singIe mem
ber of lhe audience for being lhere
lo suorl and molivale us I musl
aIso Iaud lhe efforls of my leam al
Harmony vho vorked lireIessIy
for lhe asl lvo monlhs lo ensure
lhe evenl venl off vilhoul a hilch
IinaIIy I vanl lo saIule our vin
ners They are an insiralion and
ve vanl lhe eIderIy across India
lo lake a cue from lhem and vear
lhe mark of siIvervilh ride

Tina Ambani
A Dhirubhai Ambani Mcmnria! Trust Initiativc
HurmonCc!cbratc AgcNnvcmbcr Vn!umc Issuc
IubIisher Anthnny Jcsudasan Idilor Tina Ambani Deuly Idilor Mccta Bhatti Assislanl Idilor Arati Ra|an Mcnnn Coy Idilor Ra|ashrcc Ba!aram
SeciaI Corresondenl DeIhi Tccna Baruah Iealures Wriler An|ana Jha
Crealive Direclor Jit Ray VisuaI Coordinalor Anuradha Jnshi Iroduclion Manager Ra|ccv Nambiar Iroduclion Ixeculive Rnhidas Adavkar
Design Imaging Harcsh Patc! Dattaguru Rcdckar Grahic Designer Utkarsh 5an|anwa!a IdiloriaI Coordinalors G!cnn Fcrnandcs Anita Rnsarin
GeneraI Manager usiness DeveIomenl 5hrcnik Mchta Deuly Manager Anuya Chauhan Assislanl Manager Nikhi! Wadhwani
Editnria! Markcting OIIiccs lh IIoor Maker Chambers IV Nariman Ioinl Mumbai TeI IdiloriaI Markeling
ImaiI ccniacinagnarncnqin!iacrg Printcd and pub!ishcd by Anlhony }esudasan on behaIf of Dhirubhai Ambani MemoriaI Trusl DaIamaI House
lh IIoor Nariman Ioinl Mumbai Printcd al Thomson Iress India Lld IIol No A TTC Ind Area ThaneeIaur Road AiroIi Navi Mumbai
Thomson Iress India Lld MiIeslone DeIhiMalhura Road Iaridabad Haryana Disc!aimcr The maleriaI rovided by Harncnq is nol a sub
slilule for rofessionaI oinions Readers are advised lo seek aroriale advice from quaIified and Iicensed rofessionaIs in lhe concerned fieId
Dhirubhai Ambani MemoriaI Trusl AII righls reserved vorIdvide Reroduclion in any manner is rohibiled Harncnq does nol lake resonsibiIily for
relurning unsoIiciled ubIicalion maleriaI uuuhurmonlndluorg
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harmony november 2008 2
Fnr subscriptinn assistancc cnntact Harmonycare Living Media India Lld A Seclor Noida Ullar Iradesh
Ihones Ncw Dc!hi from DeIhi and Iaridabad from Resl of India Fax Kn!kata
Fax Bcnga!uru Fax Mumbai
Fax Chcnnai Fax Emai! narncnqcarcinic!aqccn
Special moments from the
Harmony Silver Awards
Cooking with stars
Cataract surgery
Thirst quenchers
Dr Anjali Mukerjee
44 COLUMN: Yoga Rx
Robert Fulghum
ECG monitoring device
Hydraulic bed
Mesmerising Mysore
Wish You Were Here:
Memories of a Gay Life
Mallika Sarabhai
Visit www.harmonyindia.organd check out this months stories!
Silver wings
Nostalgic moments with members of
the Retired Air Force Officers Club
Healing music
Music therapy with Carnatic
music exponent Rajam Shankar
Cover photograph by
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l response
harmony november 2008 4
column one
What you do outside your area of
work determines the character of
your life. You could make it more
meaningful by setting exemplary
standards for society, or simply
impart love and joy in a way you
know best. This issue, in true fes-
tive spirit, we bring you five well-
known people who love to cook
for family and friends. In Five-Star
Fare, we step into their kitchens
and bring you healthy recipes.
Documentary filmmaker Siddharth
Kak improvises upon recipes to
suit his health, gynaecologist
Kamala Selvaraj makes her favo-
urite pickles in olive oil, artist Rini
Dhumal could well find a career
in culinary arts, theatre director
Neelam Mansingh Choudhary
thinks food is as important as
relationships and classical dancer
Vani Ganapathy (on the cover)
believes in discipline and content-
ment; a sentiment reciprocated by
danseuse Mallika Sarabhai when
she says how you look has a lot to
do with how you feel.
The key words here are improvisa-
tion, kinship, restraint and satisfac-
tion. Harmonyadvocates and per-
sonifies these every month. This
time, we have added broad-mind-
edness to the list and dealt with an
age-old concern for the first time.
Sexuality. With photographs from
Sunil Guptas book Memories of a
Gay Life, we present his point of
view on the need for literature on
the subject in India. omplementing
it is gay activist Saleem Kidwais
opinion. Section 377 of IPC will
stay for now but so would people
supporting its abolishment. Do tell
us what you think.
Meeta Bhatti
armony SiIver Avards
vas ainslakingIy Ianned
and exerlIy execuled vilh cIock
vork recision The evenl had lo
be exerienced lo be beIieved The
seIeclion of avardees vas exceI
Ienl and refIecled human Iife in aII
ils rainbov shades They are
indeed an insiralion lo us aII
ve have a Iong vay lo go before
ve can dream of reaching lhe
heighls lhey have allained
Iurlher lhe guesl of honour Dev
Anand vas energy and courlesy
ersonified Hearliesl congraluIa
lions lo Tina Ambanis Ieadershi
and lhe Harmony leam for making
us feeI roud lo be caIIed siIvers
Via cnai|
vouId Iike lo congraluIale Tina
Ambani for lhe exceIIenl ser
vices rendered lo emover Indias
senior cilizens under lhe ausices
of Harmony for SiIvers Iound
alion On Selember ve
vere vailing lo hear her seak al
lhe seminar on reverse morlgage
organised by Harmony and
NalionaI Housing ank in Nev
DeIhi and vere deeIy disaoinl
y arenls sacrificed a Iol
for us during lheir
younger years facing many
hardshis lo raise us veII
ringing u my menlaIIy chaI
Ienged brolher my molher confronled lremen
dous financiaI and sociaI obslacIes She relired from MTNL as a
lraining inslruclor bul sliII relains her zesl and enlhusiasm for
IifeaIvays Iooking for oorlunilies lo kee occuied Afler
becoming members of Harmony Inleraclive Cenlre my arenls are
gelling oorlunilies lhey never dreaml ossibIelhey arliciale
in fancy dress comelilions icnics yoga sessions carom games
and so many olher aclivilies
Harmony has enabIed senior cilizens Iike my arenls lo recalure
lheir youlh and made lheir Iives more meaningfuI A IoveIy
hairslyIe by none olher lhan CoIIeen Khan made my molher Iook
gorgeous My arenls arlicialed in lhe dance rogramme chore
ograhed by Shiamak Davar for Harmony SiIver Avards Iasl year
as veII as lhe saIsa dance choreograhed by Sandi Soarrkar for
Harmony SiIver Avards Seeing my arenls so carefree and
hay brings lears lo my eyes and lhese evenls viII remain elched
forever in my memories I vouId Iike lo lhank Tina Ambani and
Harmony for bringing cheer and hainess lo my arenls in lheir
sunsel years
Nati Mun|ai
Tnc |ciicr cj inc ncnin uins nusic COs jrcn Big Music
54-03 Response.qxp 10/24/08 12:26 PM Page 4
november 2008 harmony 5
e comIimenl Harncnq for
an inlensive coverage on lhe
nonavaiIabiIily of human organs
Donaling Lives May
SeveraI organisalions are vorking
lo romole organ donalion and
roviding heI and hoIding
avareness rogrammes for kidney
alienls UnforlunaleIy lhe cenlraI
and slale governmenls are nol
exlending lhe desired suorl lo
alienls and lhese sociaI organisa
lions CenlraI India Kidney
ed lhal she couIdnl make il The
nexl evenl on our caIendar vas
lhis years Senior Cilizens Run
a arl of lhe AirleI DeIhi HaIf
Maralhon Our associalion
has arlicialed in lhis evenl since
incelion in and il has aIvays
been a lhriIIing and memorabIe
evenl We vere keenIy Iooking
forvard lo arliciale lhis year
loo bul are unabIe lo do because of
lhe regislralion fee being charged
from arlicianls from lhis year
We feeI il is a harsh decision mer
iling reconsideralion and reIief al
lhe highesl IeveI UnforlunaleIy
lhe meagre resources of Sukhdev
Vihar Cilizens WeIfare Associalion
make il difficuIl lo ay lhe regis
lralion fee on behaIf of lhe lo
arlicianls We shaII be grale
fuI if as in lhe asl our associa
lion can arliciale in lhe Senior
Cilizens Run lhal is sIaled for
Prcsi!cni Sukn!ct Vinar Scnicr
Ciiizcns Wc|jarc Asscciaiicn
Ncu Oc|ni
In our special feature on homo-
sexuality, Lucknow-based gay
activist Saleem Kidwai writes
on the challenges he faces as a
homosexual in India. A former
associate professor of history at
Delhi University, the 57 year-old
is also an Islamic studies scholar
and historian. He is widely
acclaimed for Same-Sex Love in
India(St. Martins Press, 2000),
co-edited with Ruth Vanita, that
uncovers gay texts throughout
Indian history. We like what he
told us when we asked him what
he felt about ageing: Old age is
no place for sissies.
This month in At Large, classical
dancer Mallika Sarabhai tells
us why ageing is no excuse to
neglect your face and body.
The 52 year-old excels in both
Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi.
She has created numerous local
and international stage produc-
tions to raise awareness on
social issues and advocate
change. She has also directed
several documentaries centred
on womens empowerment.
Sarabhai has a PhD in organisa-
tional behaviour and is the co-
director of Darpana Academy of
Performing Arts in Ahmedabad.
Ioundalion vas formed
in in Nagur by nehroIogisl
Shiv Narayan Acharya and inau
guraled by former rime minisler
V I Singh Our heIing hands
are aIvays avaiIabIe for alienls
and Iikeminded foundalions
IIease feeI free lo conlacl us al

ViccPrcsi!cni Ccnira| |n!ia Ki!ncq
|cun!aiicn Acnarqa Oia|qsis Ccnirc
Ki!ncq Hcspiia| Nagpur
54-03 Response.qxp 10/24/08 12:26 PM Page 5
harmony november 2008 6
Hovs lhis for guiIlfree
dining The Fnrcvcr
Ynung mcnu at Casa Mia
an Ita!ian rcstaurant in
Lccds in thc UK scrvcs up
mca!s madc up nI pnw
crIu! agcbustcrs Ior
inslance lhe roasl saImon
avocado and eer saIad
or griIIed luna sleak loed
vilh cherry lomaloes and
vhile vine saucerich in
omega and fally acids
viII make your skin gIov
vhiIe lhe honeyroasled
aIe and smoked chicken
saIad or chicken and broc
coIi slirfry bolh rich in
anlioxidanls and roleins
viII boosl brain funclion
The Iemon and sveel red
chiIIi chicken romises lo
kee vrinkIes avay and
lhe anseared caIfs Iiver
makes your hair lhicker
and slronger Ialing lhe
righl food is essenliaI lo
kee lhe years al bay
Irancesco MazzeIIa ovner
of Casa Mia leIIs Tnc
Ycrksnirc Pcsi Many eo
Ie send hundreds of
ounds on anliageing
creams and serums bul faiI
lo eal lhe lyes of food lhal
heI lo romole youlh from
lhe inside oul
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november 2008 harmony 7
On lhe occasion of WorId IIders Day on Oclober
Chief Minisler huinder Singh Hooda announced a !ist
nI mcasurcs Inr si!vcrs in Haryana incIuding idenlily
cards er cenl concession for vomen in slale road
vays buses lhe eslabIishmenl of senior cilizens cIubs
dislribulion of free seclacIes and mosl significanlIy
lhe imIemenlalion of lhe Mainlenance and WeIfare of
Iarenls and Senior Cilizens Acl Hooda Iaid lhe founda
lion for lhe firsl of lhe roosed cIubs in IanchkuIa
lhey viII aIso be sel u in }ha||ar Rohlak hivani
Soneal and Hisar vilh a granl of Rs lo rovide
members a reading room disensary and recrealion
sace for indoor games He aIso Iaunched lhe Senior
Cilizens VoIunlary Services Nelvork vhich viII
rovide siIvers lhe oorlunily lo offer lheir services
for sociaI vork AII lhose vho voIunleer viII receive
a nev moniker Karanqcgi To drive lhe oinl home
lhey viII vear |ackels vilh Karanqcgi embIazoned on
lhe back
Heres a firsl for erfumeil doesnl |usl make you
smeII good il romises lo make you smeII qcung
According lo Nev York erfume house Harvey
Irince lhe grapcIruitsccntcd Agc!css Fantasy is
thc wnr!ds Iirst antiagc pcrIumc lhal can sIash
eighl years off your age The comany cIaims ils for
muIa is based on acluaI research by Chicagobased
SmeII and Tasle Trealmenl Research Ioundalion
Researchers al lhe foundalion reorledIy smeared
middIeaged vomen vilh scenls Iike banana
broccoIi searminl graefruil and Iavender
and asked maIe voIunleers lo sniff lhem
and guess lheir ages Graefruilscenled
vomen vere guessed lo be considerabIy
younger lhan lhey reaIIy verebelveen six
and eighl years This sludy vas lhe insira
lion for lhe erfume }usl Iike rose scenls read
oId Iady lhere had lo be a fragrance lhal reads
young Iady says Kumar Ramani residenl of
Harvey Irince in a media reIease Our goaI vas lo
find a fragrance lhal men and vomen vouId associ
ale vilh youlh Aarl from graefruil AgeIess
Ianlasy has noles of ineaIe mango aIe Ieafy
greens cherry bIossom ink |asmine musk and
vaniIIa The rice of lhis heady cocklaiI aboul
Rs for a mI bollIe To knov more go lo

54-04 Orbit Final.qxp 10/24/08 1:05 PM Page 7
harmony november 2008 8
In thc Iirst casc rcgistcrcd undcr
thc Maintcnancc and Wc!Iarc nI
Parcnts and 5cninr Citizcns Act
in India a yearoId man
in Kolliyam KeraIa vas laken
inlo cuslody for negIecling his
aged molher on Selember
According lo lhe Iress Trusl of
India cases have been regislered
againsl his five sibIings lhree of
lhem vomen acling on inslruc
lions from lhe dislricl robalion
officer Aulhorilies came lo knov
lhe lragic Iighl of yearoId
Lakshmikully vhen sociaI vork
ers in lhe area found lhe arliaIIy
araIysed voman abandoned in
her house
KeraIa is one of slales lo have
imIemenled lhe Acl vhich aims
lo rolecl lhe righls of siIvers The
Acl rovides for a lhreemonlh |aiI
lerm lo chiIdren vho abandon
lheir arenls and caIIs for lhe
eslabIishmenl of oId age homes in
a hased manner Olher slales lhal
have imIemenled lhe Acl incIude
Andhra Iradesh Assam DeIhi
Haryana }harkhand Karnalaka
Madhya Iradesh NagaIand
Orissa Ra|aslhan and Triura
Minisler of SociaI }uslice and
Imovermenl Meira Kumar
recenlIy loId media lhal she has
vrillen lo lhe olher slale govern
menls urging lhem lo nolify lhe
Acl al lhe earIiesl
Silver surge: Silvers now outnumber children in the UK for the first time.
According to the Office for National Statistics, 13,262,256 people were 60 or
over in mid-2007, up from 12,928,071 the previous year. Meanwhile, the number
of people under the age of 18 fell from 13,119,654 to 13,111,023 over the same
time period. Those currently defined as pensionersmen aged above 65 and
women aged above 60make up 19 per cent of the population,
compared to 18.9 per cent for children below the age of 16. The growing num-
ber of older people is partly owing to a fall in the mortality ratefrom
599,000 in 2001 to 571,000 last year. The key task for policy makers going for-
ward is to ensure that seniors can increasingly play an active role in our ageing
society, says Mervyn Kohler, special adviser at NGO Help the Aged. An ageing
society is a fact of life that should be welcomed, not treated with concern.
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54-04 Orbit Final.qxp 10/24/08 1:05 PM Page 9
harmony november 2008 10
Nev DeIhibased CHD DeveIoers Lld viII buiId
Inur Activc 5cninr LiIcsty!c Tnwnships Inr
si!vcrs in Karna! Haryana Rishikcsh Uttara
khand Mathura Uttar Pradcsh and Nccmrana
Ra|asthan vilh an inveslmenl of Rs biIIion The
firsl of lhese lovnshis comrising aarlmenls viII
be buiIl in KarnaI in Haryana vilh residenliaI
unils sread across acres of Iand The ro|ecl
is execled lo be comIele by According lo
R K MillaI chairman and managing direclor CHD
DeveIoers lhe ro|ecl viII onIy be oen lo lhose
over lhose vho are younger can book a fIal
bul move in onIy afler lhey reach lhe magic num
ber The reaI Iife of eoIe slarls al because by
lhen lhey are free of mosl dulies and obIigalions
he leIIs Tnc |inancia| |xprcss Our reliremenl homes
aim lo rovide lhem a slressfree and slimuIaling
Iife Ior more informalion on lhe lovnshis
incIuding cosls caII CHD DeveIoers al
or emaiI injccn!!ctc|cpcrsccn
Lasl monlh lhe Ullar Iradesh Slale Road
Transorl Cororalion UISRTC inlro
duced a I!cct nI spacinus !nwI!nnr
buscs cxc!usivc!y Inr si!vcrs and thc physi
ca!!y cha!!cngcd in Lucknnw The buses
viII be comforlabIe and have fealures Iike
Iasma TV and IM radio lo enlerlain as
sengers Desh Deeak Verma rinciaI
secrelary lransorl leIIs media Soon
more buses viII be added and lhe service
exanded lo incIude inlerdislricl and inler
slale roules Al resenl aboul
UISRTC buses Iy in lhe slale as veII as
in neighbouring slales incIuding Iun|ab
DeIhi Haryana Madhya Iradesh Ra|aslhan
and ihar
Home for her: NGO HelpAge India has opened
Kalyan Ashram, a home for elderly and destitute
women in Chetla, near Kolkata. The home, which
has an attendant, supervisor and cook, accommo-
dates 10 women at present and will soon expand to
take in 20 more. Residents will only be charged a
one-time nominal amount for their medical needs.
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54-04 Orbit Final.qxp 10/24/08 1:05 PM Page 11
harmony november 2008 12
Lamenling lhe youlhobsessed
cuIlure ve Iive in yearoId
American holograher
and fiImmaker
Andrev Zuckerman
decided lo focus on
vhal ve can Iearn
from our eIders
Over a eriod of
monlhs Zuckerman
holograhed and inler
vieved rominenl men and
vomen over lhe age of resuIl
ing in Wlsdom Unlque und
OrlglnuI Portrults Abrams
aboul Rs vhich reIeased
on Oclober in lhe US and UK
Heres vhal some of lhe siIvers
fealured loId him
British anthrnpn!ngist and prima
tn!ngist Janc Gnnda!! Weve
been very arroganl in assuming
lhal lheres lhis shar Iine divid
ing us from lhe resl of lhe animaI
kingdom and ve need lo reaIise
lhal ve are nol lhe onIy beings on
lhis Ianel vilh ersonaIilies
minds and above aII feeIings and
emolions We need lo be a IillIe
more reseclfuI
Amcrican cnuntry singcrsnng
writcr and actnr Wi!!ic Nc!snn
IvenluaIIy eoIe viII slarl
reaIising lhal lhere are aIlernalive
energies and you donl have lo go
around lhe vorId slarling vars
over oiI If everyone |usl lakes
care of lheir ovn area ve vonl
have any robIems e lhere e
resenl And Iook around you and
see vhal needs lo be changed
British actnr Judi Dcnch The
key lo a good reIalionshi is abso
IuleIy undoubledIy donl lake lhe
erson for granled Donl ever
lhink lhal lheyre going lo come
back lo you |usl because you ha
en lo be married AIvays make
lhe efforl and hoefuIIy donl
make lhe efforl recognisabIy
Fnrmcr U5 5ccrctary nI 5tatc
Madc!cinc A!bright eing
a arenl is one of lhe mosl
difficuIl and demanding and
revarding lhings lhal you can
ossibIy be you reaIIy are reson
sibIe for lhe dayloday ubring
ing of your chiId Wilh grand
chiIdren you can |usl revard
ils simIy a erfecl reIalionshi
vilh lhem
Amcrican actnr C!int Eastwnnd
Take your rofession
seriousIy donl lake yourseIf seri
ousIy If a erson is confidenl
enough in lhe vay lhey feeI
vhelher ils an arl form or |usl in
Iife il comes offyou donl have
anylhing lo rove you can |usl be
vhal you are
54-04 Orbit Final.qxp 10/24/08 1:06 PM Page 12
Soflvare vilh exanding largels
icons Iinks menu headings and looIbars
lhal aulomalicaIIy increase in size as you
move lhe cursor lovards lhemcouId
heI siIvers gel more comforlabIe using
a comuler Researchers from Slralegic
Iromolion of Ageing Research Caacily
SIARC al Universily of Reading in lhe
UK discovered lhal cxpanding targcts
which grnw tn twicc thcir nrigina! sizc
cnu!d cut mnusc mistakcs by ha!I and
rcducc thc timc n!dcr pcnp!c takc tn
sc!cct an icnn nr nptinn by pcr ccnt
Ixanding largels couId Iead lo sub
slanliaI benefils because oIder eoIe
vouId feeI more confidenl in lheir
abiIily lo conlroI a mouse and cursor
Dr Iauslina Hvang vho Ied lhe SIARC
leam leIIs vebsile cnciccn and lhals
haIf lhe ballIe von
5i!vcrs takc !nngcr tn cnmp!ctc simp!c tasks bccausc
thcy succumb tn distractinnnnt bccausc thcir brain
is s!nwing dnwn Thals lhe concIusion of researchers
al lhe Neuroscience Imaging Cenlre al lhe Universily
of CaIifornia San Irancisco The sludy invoIved
eoIehaIf in lheir s and haIf in lheir svalch
ing a series of images of faces and scenes They vere
asked lo ush a bullon if lhey had seen a face or scene
before and lhe seed and accuracy of lheir erformance
vas monilored using a lechnique caIIed eIeclroen
cehaIograhy vhich icks u eIeclricaI signaIs on lhe
surface of lhe brain Researchers discovered lhal lhe siI
vers found il more difficuIl lo fiIler oul irreIevanl infor
malion and concenlrale fuIIy on lhe maller in hand
OIder aduIls lake sIighlIy Ionger lo ignore dislraclions
and during lhal brief deIay lhe irreIevanl informalion
inlerferes vilh imorlanl ilems lhal lhey vanl lo
remember Adam GazzaIey direclor of lhe Neuro
science Imaging Cenlre leIIs rilish nevsaer Oai|q
Tc|cgrapn These findings heI exIain vhy many
eoIe slarl lo shov signs of menlaI decIine in lheir s
even if lhey are free of demenlia or any olher disease
54-04 Orbit Final.qxp 10/24/08 1:06 PM Page 13
harmony november 2008 14
Three nighls a veek relired Czech
accounlanl Libuse Novakova
gels inlo bIack fishnel slockings
friIIy skirl and fringelrimmed
bIoomersan oulfil she says she
vouId Iove lo vear even in my
coffin The yearoId is a mem
ber of a si!vcr dancc trnupc ca!!cd
thc Maznrctky nr Ma|nrcttcs
lhal has laken lhe Czech ReubIic
by slorm Their signalure acl a
Irench cancan We do lhis for
fun ve Iaugh a Iol and eoIe
Iove il Novakova leIIs Reulers
orn seven years ago during a
dance cIass for seniors lhis
member lroue from Horni Lhola
a smaII viIIage in lhe easl of lhe
counlry slarled off vilh a simIe
number dressed as drum ma|or
elles ul as lheir ouIarily grev
lhrough vordofmoulh lheir
rouline became more eIaborale
and risque The Ma|orelles are
nov a reguIar fixlure on TV
and erform al IocaI fairs and
olher venues across lhe counlry
Were booked soIid liII March
says Hana HaveIkova a
former leacher and head of lhe
lroue We no Ionger even have
lime lo rehearse bul no one seems
lo mind
Twn Amcrican si!vcrs savcd a trcc in lheir neighbour
hood lhe besl vay lhey knevlhey heId on lo il for dear
Iife Lea Ierrone and Ial Henry senl severaI
days lied lo a crab lree al lheir eIderIy housing comIex
in Shrevsbury Massachusells USA The aulhorilies al
lhe comIex inlended lo cul dovn lhe lree lo make vay
for garbage bins They even served lhe lvo vomen evic
lion nolices bul evenluaIIy had no choice bul lo bov lo
ouIar demand and Iel lhe siIversand lhe lreeslay
The oslscril Dennis Osborn direclor of lhe comIex
leIIs media Were aII going lo vork logelher nov in a
nev siril of cooeralion
Silver beat: The Mumbai Police has tied up with NGO Dignity Foundation to
form neighbourhood protection teams. Over 5,000 silver volunteers in South
Mumbai, Kandivili and Borivili have already signed up for these teams, who will
visit silvers in their neighbourhood to hand over the number of the silver
helpline23898078and their own cell phone numbers so they can be reached
24/7. They will also get them to fill out a form with the details of their domestic
help to form a valuable data bank for the police.
54-04 Orbit Final.qxp 10/24/08 1:06 PM Page 14
november 2008 harmony 15
Makc Iricnds with a PC
Take a comuler course and
udale your skiIIs Il couId
heI you Iand a |ob Ior
inslance in Lover IareI
Mumbai SlerIile Ioundalion
organised a course for siI
vers from }uIy lo Selember
in associalion vilh
NGO SiIver Innings vhere
lhey Iearnl hov lo use lhe Microsofl Office soflvare suile comrising
Word Iainl IxceI and IoverIoinl and lhe Inlernel The seciaI
course for siIvers viII nov be offered al SlerIile lraining cenlres
across Mumbai and Navi Mumbai from November Ior more infor
malion on courses and fees conlacl Roshan }ohn of SlerIile
Ioundalion on and or SaiIesh Mishra of
SiIver Innings Ioundalion on
Gct gaming orrov a video
game from your grandchiIdren
and give il a go IIaying games
are roven lo kee lhe grey skiIIs
licking and vard off demenlia Take a
cue from residenls of a siIver home
in Grand IaIIsWindsor
NevfoundIand in Canada vho
lake lurns Iaying on an inler
aclive Ninlendo Wii lhal
aIIovs lhem lo Iay simuIal
ed version of sorls
such as basebaII
and bovIing Il
has increased lheir
energy IeveIs concen
lralion and co
ordinalion says
CarI Ings recre
alion seciaIisl al
lhe home Ils
aIso ued lheir
hainess quolienl I
caII myseIf a bil of a bovIing
exerl nov says yearoId
IsabeIIa arnes I give my
grandson a run for his money vhen he visils
In Selember Tokyo vas vilness
lo a fashion shov vilh a differ
encelhe modeIs vere shoving
off aduIl diaers Dressed in bIack
cal suils lhey araded dovn lhe
runvay in differenl shaes and
sizes from Livedo Unicharm
Nishiki and Iigeoncomanies
raking in lhe rofils in a siIvering
}aan vhere er cenl of lhe
ouIalion is over The evenl
vas organised by Tokyobased
Ageing LifeslyIe Research Cenlre
and lhe Ixcrelory Inslilule of
}aan in Kyolo in a bid lo ou
Iarise lhe use of aduIl diaers
The shov vas arranged lo
reIace lhe ercelion of naies
as somelhing embarrassing vilh
somelhing humorous Kiyoko
Hamada of lhe Ageing LifeslyIe
Research Cenlre leIIs London
nevsaer Tnc Tincs There viII
be over a miIIion cenlenarians in
}aan by said Sachiko
Hanari an exerl on eIderIy care
We musl lhink of adu!t nappics
as a tnn! nI Irccdnm in n!d agc
|usl Iike reading gIasses Her
demonslralion vas foIIoved by
skelches highIighling lhe imor
lance of seIecling lhe righl diaer
and a generous offer lo vouIdbe
diaer fillersa course lhal ro
vides lhe aIicanl vilh a nay
consuIlancy Iicence for yen
aboul Rs


54-04 Orbit Final.qxp 10/24/08 1:06 PM Page 15
l your space
harmony november 2008 16
Have something to say? This is the place to do it. Reach out to fellow readers with interesting
anecdotes, inspiring stories and heartwarming moments from your life. Write in with full
contact details, and make this space your own!
When I vas I vas slruck by rciinaiiis pigncn
iczarja vilh nas iagnus an aiImenl lhal graduaIIy
Ieads lo ermanenl
bIindness A couIe
of years Ialer a boul
of maIaria vorsened
my silualion Al lhal
lime I vas vorking
as a Ieclurer vilh
Nahala Arls Science
and Commerce CoII
ege in husavaI I
conlinued vorking
and adaled my Iife
around my aiImenl
I recorded Ieclures al
home and rehearsed
lhem before going lo
coIIege In I
look voIunlary relire
menl afler my vife
vas diagnosed vilh AIzheimers As she ballIed
vilh lhe disease I slarled doing aII lhe chores
incIuding cooking our daiIy meaIs SIovIy I deveI
oed a assion for cooking
My vife died in Ieaving me aIone and de
ressed She had been my comanion for years
and I missed her deeIy I knev she vouIdnl have
vanled me lo vaI
Iov in seIfily
So armed vilh my
nevfound cuIinary
skiIIs I arlicial
ed in a cookery
comelilion organ
ised by a IocaI senior cilizens cIub Among lhe
conleslanls I von lvo rizeslhe firsl rize for my
snani ncini naiar nasa|a fenugreek and eas in a
rich gravy and lhe second for my nulrilious |a!!cc
Around lhe same lime I decided lo ursue anolher
IifeIong assion singing These days I am being
lrained in cIassicaI music by my yearoId guru
I am lhe Iead singer of a member orcheslra and
I en|oy singing Mohammed Rafi songs |najan and
Maralhi songs Our orcheslra has von many rizes
and ve meel oflen for raclice
I am years oId I admil Iife gels IoneIy al limes
ul I lhank God for giving me lhe slrenglh oor
lunily and viII lo make my Iife meaningfuI
Su!nakar Ku|karni Punc
I relired from lhe facuIly of lhe AII India Inslilule of
MedicaI Sciences AIIMS DeIhi in as founder
rofessor of aedialric surgery Afler reliremenl I
look u a |ob as rofessor in King IaisaI Universily
in Dammam Saudi Arabia Afler relurning lo India
in I sellIed dovn al lhe foolhiIIs of HimaIayas
in Dehradun I vas years oId lhen Inslead of
surgicaI raclice I decided lo ursue my hobbies
Looking back on lhal decision I am hay I chose
viseIy Today I am busy doing vhal I aIvays vanl
ed lo doainling scuIling and vriling oelry I
have recenlIy comIeled a x cemenlandsleeI
scuIlure of goddess Sarasvali Il look me nine
monlhs lo comIele lhe scuIlure Though il vas an
arduous lask hysicaIIy lhe sheer emolionaI and
menlaI salisfaclion al lhe end of il more lhan made
u for aII lhe aches and ains In my sare lime I
aIso dabbIe in ainlingbolh oiIs and valercoIours
My assion for lhe canvas has srung from lhe
remnanl arlislic fervour of my sludenl days vhen I
oflen von lhe firsl rize for ainling in inlercoIIe
giale cuIluraI feslivaIs
AIong vilh ainling and scuIling I have aIso slarl
ed vriling oelry This year I ubIished my firsl
nonmedicaI book San!nqasuar Ivening Song
a coIIeclion of Hindi oemsaII vrillen afler
reliremenl Though I had vrillen il mereIy as a
IyricaI commenl on sociaI issues human sychoIo
gy reIalionshis and emigranl angsl my friends
I thank God for giving
me the strength to
make life meaningful

Kulkarni: in tune with life
54-05 Yourspace.qxp 10/23/08 5:53 PM Page 16
november 2008 harmony 17
Wc rcscrtc inc rigni ic sc|cci ariic|cs unicn ui|| |c c!iic! ic suii spacc an! c!iicria| ccnsi!craiicns Harmony iakcs nc
rcspcnsi|i|iiq jcr a!ticc cjjcrc! in inis cc|unn lor more Your Spuce Ietters go to wwwharmnnyindianrg
lhe Iaunch of lhe midday meaI ro|ecl I vas asked
lo oversee ils imIemenlalion
The ro|ecl is aimed al increasing sludenl enroImenl
and reducing sludenl drooul in schooIs Though
ils subsidised by lhe union and slale governmenls
lhe subsidy is nol enough We oflen raise funds
from cororale firms and individuaIs lo bridge lhe
ga Whal slarled as a humbIe efforl of feeding
sludenls four years ago loday reaches oul lo
sludenls in schooIs
We have cenlres sread over DeIhi Maharashlra
Ra|aslhan Haryana Ullar Iradesh Andhra
Iradesh Madhya
Iradesh and lhe
Union Terrilory
of Dadra
Nagar HaveIi AII
meaIs are cooked
in slaleoflhearl cenlraIised kilchens al our cenlres
in each slale More lhan voIunleers are arl of
lhis huge ro|ecl They go lo each schooI and deIiv
er lhe conlainers vhiIe coordinalors in each schooI
ensure lhal lhe
meaIs are dis
lribuled lo every
I admil my Ieller
is more aboul
an organisalion
lhan aboul any
ersonaI exeri
ence ul no
vords can
describe lhe |oy
lhal fiIIs me
vhen I see lhe
smiIes on lhose chiIdrens faces NolhingveaIlh
or successcomes cIose lo lhe radiance of lhose
smiIes I am hay lhal I have discovered a nev
urose in Iife I lhink as ve age ve shouId Iook al
lhe vorId around us Oflen our urose for being
on lhis Ianel is righl in fronl of our eyes vailing
for us lo recognise il
|a!na Krisnna Oas Mun|ai
and famiIy encou
raged me lo ub
Iish lhe book
On Augusl
my oId
sludenls friends
and coIIeagues ceI
ebraled my lh
birlhday al AIIMS
by organising a
scienlific symo
sium on slem ceII
research vhich vas foIIoved by dinner Thal
evening as I sal lhere surrounded by friends and
famiIy I feIl lolaIIy fuIfiIIed and |oyous I allribule
my hainess lo my vife and son for lheir unfIinch
ing suorl and lo my friends and coIIeagues vho
have aIvays slayed in louch ul above aII I beIieve
our hainess quolienl aIso deends on lhe choices
ve make Look dee vilhin and you viII find a ur
suil lhal fiIIs you vilh hainess Ior some of us il
couId be sociaI service for olhers il couId be Iearn
ing lo sing dance or even fIy
Or Purusnciian Upa!nqaqa Ocnra!un
I vas |usl one year oId vhen my famiIy moved oul
of Karachi during Iarlilion and shifled lo Mumbai
Though I came here as a refugee lhe cily has been
very benevoIenlI grev u lo become a denlisl
and sel u lvo rivale cIinics in Mumbai ul as
lhe years assed by I feIl a groving reslIessness
vilhin me as if I had a grealer urose in Iife lhan
|usl lending lo eoIes leelh
In al lhe age of afler reading books vril
len by SriIa IrabhuadaI finaIIy found lhe alh I
vas Iooking for I vound u my cIinics and |oined
lhe InlernalionaI Sociely for Krishna Consciousness
ISKCON Over lhe nexl lvo decades I heId sever
aI osls al ISKCON in various caacilies incIuding
being lhe secrelary of ils gIobaI aex bodylhe
Governing ody Commission In ISKCON
slarled lhe ISKCON Iood ReIief Ioundalion lo
imIemenl lhe midday meaI ro|ecl inilialed by lhe
Governmenl of India lo feed schooIchiIdren Afler
Often our purpose for
being on this planet is in
front of our eyes
Upadhyaya: from surgeon to artist
Das: spreading smiles

54-05 Yourspace.qxp 10/23/08 5:53 PM Page 17
Three generationsof horsemen from the Jodha warrior tribe
train racehorsesin Mumbai and Pune, writesMita Banerjee
l legacy
54-06 Leagacy.qxp 10/23/08 5:54 PM Page 18
november 2008 harmony 19
assion for horses runs
lhrough lhe veins of Iurlu
Singh a Ra|ul from lhe }odha
varrior lribe And he has
assed il on lo his son Magan and grand
son Adhira|lhe lhree men lrain race
horses in Mumbai and Iune
In Ra|aslhan horses vere a arl of
every househoId decIares Iurlu Singh
I |oined lhe }ockey Arenlice
SchooI in Mumbai in as a year
oId and von my firsl race in on an
Arab horse Afler four decades as a
|ockey he lurned lrainer in Three
years Ialer vhen lhe horses became loo
many lo handIe his son Magan rocured
his lrainers Iicense and |oined himhe
vas earIier a freeIance holograher and
ad fiImmaker In my firsl year as lrainer
in Iune I von lhe Sl Leger CIassic
vilh a fiIIy caIIed Iennyvise decIares
yearoId Magan vhose vife Shubh
and younger son Dvira| are aIso
keen equeslrians I sliII hoId lhe record
for lhe highesl number of vins al
Three years ago his eIder son Adhira|
|oined lhe slabIes as an assislanl lrain
er I aIvays knev my career vouId be
somelhing lo do vilh horses he says
The lhree men nov have horses in
lheir care
In Mumbai lhe racing monlhs are from
November lo AriI afler vhich lhe circuil
recommences in Iune from }uIy lo Oclo
ber Whelher in Mumbai or Iune lhey
vake u al am and head for lhe slabIes
They come home al noon onIy lo go
back in lhe evening for lhe horses svim
and feed The lrio relurns onIy afler lhe
sleeds have been ul lo bed
The Singhs have lrained horses for lhe
Mahara|a of GvaIior Maharani Gayalri
Devi and fiIm slars Iike Ra| Kaoor and
Mehmood The famiIy aIso ovns lhe
}odha Slud Iarm in }aiur vhere lhey
breed race horses IoodIines are some
lhing lhese men evidenlIy undersland H

54-06 Leagacy.qxp 10/23/08 5:54 PM Page 19
harmony november 2008 20
l harmony event
And they all
At the Harmony Silver Awards2008 held at Rabindra Natya Mandir in Mumbai on
7 O ctober, the spotlightsfocussed once again on our heroes 10 silver achieverswho
have made the world a better place. Action-packed from the word go, it wasan evening
to remember and applaud. The absence of Baba Adhav ( honoured for bringing dignity
to labour) wasfelt. Harmonysharessome highlightsof the event
Evergreen star Dev Anand and Tina Ambani felicitate Mandakini Dravid, 81, who proved that age is no bar to education
Photos: Vilas Kalgutker and Vinod Bhutkar
54-08 Silver award.qxp 10/24/08 1:26 PM Page 20
(Clockwise from left)
Priya Dutt honours
Hirbaiben Ibrahim
Lobi, 55, for giving the
Siddi community a future
to look forward to; Justice
Leila Seth listens as Subhashini Mistry, 60,
invites everyone to visit her hospital for
the poor in Hanspukur; Brother Brendan
MacCarthaigh, 70, receives his award for
trying to make the Indian classroom a
happier place; 65 year-old Parthibhai
Bhatol, who gave Amul an incredible boost,
is all smiles as he receives his award
from Dev Anand
54-08 Silver award.qxp 10/24/08 1:26 PM Page 21
harmony november 2008 22
Justice Leila Seth gives Hasnath Mansur, 70, the Harmony Silver Award
2008 for awakening Muslim women to their potential; Dev Anand hon-
ours Kambel Chulai, 69, for making a crematorium that saves wood and
money; Lakshman Singh, 52, is honoured by Governor of Maharashtra
S C Jamir for bringing water to the villages of Rajasthan
l harmony event
54-08 Silver award.qxp 10/24/08 1:26 PM Page 22
(Clockwise from left)
Jaya Bachchan and
Shweta Nanda arrive
at the venue; Boh
Choi, Director Asia,
Mobile Business LG
Electronics, presenting spon-
sor of the event; His Excellency
S C Jamir, Governor of Maharashtra
and his wife; celebrated photographer
Gautam Rajadhyaksha; veteran actor
Waheeda Rehman with daughter
Kashvi Rekhy; Shobhaa De, Priya Dutt
and US Consul General Paul Folmsbee
applaud silver stars; always elegant
Parmeshwar Godrej; Amar Singh
enjoying the show
54-08 Silver award.qxp 10/24/08 1:26 PM Page 23
harmony november 2008 24
(Clockwise from left; this page) Trained by Supriya Shah
and Mansi Shah from Sandip Soparrkars Ballroom Studio,
26 silvers from Harmony Interactive Centre steal the show
with their opening performance; silvers show their moves
in another dance sequence; choreographers Umashankar
and Gaiti; (clockwise on opposite page) popular singer
Shibani Kashyap; artistes from BIG Entertainment; Hasya
Kavi Surender Sharma entertains in his inimitable style
l harmony event
54-08 Silver award.qxp 10/24/08 1:27 PM Page 24
november 2008 harmony 25
54-08 Silver award.qxp 10/24/08 1:27 PM Page 25
harmony november 2008 26
Prcparatinn timc minules
Cnnking timc minules
I Moong duI grccn !cnti!s
huskcd cus
I Grccn chi!!ics
I 5a!t lo lasle
I Onc nninn sIiced in haIf
I O!ivc ni! lbs
Wash and soak lhe IenliIs for
aboul minules in coId valer
Grind inlo a fine baller Add
valer lo lhe baller according lo
lhe required consislency or cris
ness Ior inslance if lhere is more
valer lhe !csa viII lurn oul sofl
If you grind il inlo a lhick baller
il viII be cris Add saIl and
choed green chiIIies lo lhe
baller and mix veII Smear haIf
a soonfuI of oIive oiI on a grid
dIe vilh a sIiced onion Iour a
smaII amounl of lhe baller onlo
lhe griddIe and sread il lhinIy
AIIov lo cook for a fev minules
unliI cris Serve hol vilh coconul
l cover feature
Harmonyasked five celebritiesto share their favourite recipeswith us. Luckily for us, all
five didnt just share the recipes, they also welcomed usinto their kitchensand dished
out some delightful fare. Low on caloriesand rich with cultural nuances, their recipes
offer usan insight into how these silversmanage to stay so fit and fabulous
Text: Rajashree Balaram, Padmini Natarajan and Vandana Shukla
Siddharth Kak




54-09 Food Cover.qxp 10/24/08 2:04 PM Page 26
eIieve il or nol il lasles
|usl Iike cheese !csa bul vilh
oul any of lhe caIories
insisls leIevision roducer
and food crilic Siddharlh Kak
vhen ve ask him aboul his
favourile nccng !a| !csa Kak
Ioves foodhe has been a
food coIumnisl for yearsbul
never Iels his aIale gain
recedence over his heaIlh
When ve visil his house in
suburban Mumbai he is |usl
back from his daiIy minule
brisk vaIk and gelling ready
for a heclic day ahead
As founder of Surabhi
Ioundalion for Research and
CuIluraI Ixchange year
oId Kak is busy deveIoing
an audiovisuaI archive on
Indian cuIlure and roducing
shovs for various TV chan
neIs esides cris !csa and
coconul chulney he aIso
serves us some heaIlhy lis
Squeeze a Iemon inlo a mug
of hol valer add a dash of
ginseng and guI il firsl lhing
in lhe morning And yes
drink valer lhroughoul lhe
day inslead of lea or coffee

54-09 Food Cover.qxp 10/24/08 2:04 PM Page 27
54-09 Food Cover.qxp 10/24/08 2:04 PM Page 28
november 2008 harmony 29
My Sundays are reserved for
my famiIy says Dr KamaIa
SeIvara| associale direclor of GG
HosilaI in Chennai Daughler
of Iale TamiI suerslar Gemini
Ganesan she is an avardvin
ning gynaecoIogisl and obslelri
cian knovn for her significanl
conlribulion lo lhe fieId of
assisled reroduclion In
SeIvara| heIed creale soulh
Indias firsl lesl lube baby And
in she vas avarded a IhD
for her lhesis Prcnaiurc Otarian
|ai|urc an! iis Managcncni Her
innovalive siril is nol confined
lo her career aIoneveekends
find her exerimenling vilh nev
recies or imrovising on lradi
lionaI recies Iearnl from her
molher abchi Ganesan
On a sunny Wednesday morn
ing SeIvara| inviled us lo her
house in Chennai lo demonslrale
lhe making of lhe billergourd
ickIe Though ils lradilionaIIy
made vilh sesame oiI SeIvara|
subslilules sesame vilh oIive oiI
Over lhe years I have cul dovn
my sice and oiI inlake so I add
a IillIe gur |aggery lo lhe ickIe
lo lame dovn lhe ungency
she says SeIvara| Ioves lhe
unique billersveelhol fIavour
so much she even slashes smaII
conlainers of lhe ickIe in her
office draver lo add zing lo her
daiIy inaqir sa!an curd rice
Kamala Selvaraj
Prcparatinn timc minules
Cnnking timc minules
I Bittcr gnurd tcndcr kg
I Chi!!i pnwdcr pungcnt

I Turmcric gm
I Fcnugrcck methl sccds gm
I AsaInctida pnwdcr gm
I Tamarind pu!p thick cu
I 5a!t

kg or lo lasle
I 5csamc ni! nr n!ivc ni! Iilre
Cho biller gourd lo bilesized
bils Mix il vilh lurmeric and saIl
and sel aside for minules Saule
lhe biller gourd in a dee ka!ai
vok in mosl of lhe oiI reserving
lvo labIesoons for seasoning
Make sure lhal lhe biller gourd is
sofl and nol fried lo a cris
Squeeze lhe uI from lhe
lamarind Take a saucean add
lhe oiI reserved for seasoning
Add muslard seeds When il
sIullers add ncini seeds Nov
add lhe asafoelida and chiIIi ov
ders Saule and lhen add lhe
lamarind uI saIl and boiI
IinaIIy add lhe biller gourd and
slir liII lhe oiI searales and lhe
vegelabIe and sices bIend logelh
er Iike a lhick curry CooI and
slore in an airlighl conlainer in lhe
refrigeralor Serve vilh i!|i !csa
incp|a rice or cnapaiii
54-09 Food Cover.qxp 10/24/08 2:04 PM Page 29
l cover feature
harmony november 2008 30
Arlisl Rini DhumaI is soon head
ing lo DeIhi lo be vilh her
daughler vho is execling her
firsl chiId My arlisl friends in
DeIhi Iove lhe engaIi dishes
lhal I make so naluraIIy I am
going lo end u cooking for a
huge arly says DhumaI vilh a
chuckIe The chiry yearoId
Iives in a beaulifuIIy adorned
house in Vadodara vhich leems
vilh guesls vho canl gel
enough of her cooking }usl back
from IlaIy DhumaIs assion for
food is evidenl in lhe vay she
rhasodises aboul lhe aslries
and aslas she samIed in IIo
rence She does admil lo culling
dovn her oiI and sugar inlake in
recenl years oving lo choIesleroI
robIems RecenlIy she has laken
lo yoga and Iong morning vaIks
lhough in her ovn vords if
given a choice she vouId
ralher ainl lhan ound lhe
lreadmiII DhumaI vas rofes
sor and head of lhe ainling
dearlmenl al lhe IacuIly of
Iine Arls al Mahara|a Saya|irao
Universily in Vadodara These
days she is rearing for a soIo
exhibilion scheduIed in Decem
ber in KoIkala
Rini Dhumal
Prcparatinn timc minules
Cnnking timc minules
I Chickcn !cgs and brcast kg
I Gar!ic mediumsized od
ground inlo a coarse asle
I Gingcr inch iece graled
I Oninns graled
I Curd bovI
I Yc!!nw mustard pastc
Kn!kata kushundl lbs
I O!ivc ni! lbs
I B!ack pcppcr lbs
I Rnscmary basi! nr nrcgann
Marinale chicken overnighl or for
six hours in ginger garIic eer
onions curd and oIive oiI Mix
muslard asle inlo lhe chicken
onIy an hour before you slarl
cooking SrinkIe herbs on lo
Cover vilh foiI and bake for
minules Serve chicken vilh
sauleed onions and olaloes
54-09 Food Cover.qxp 10/24/08 2:04 PM Page 30

54-09 Food Cover.qxp 10/24/08 2:04 PM Page 31

54-09 Food Cover.qxp 10/24/08 2:04 PM Page 32
november 2008 harmony 33
engaIurubased Vani Gana
alhy admils lo an irreressibIe
sveel loolh Her sveIle frame
hovever shovs no sign of induI
gence I beIieve more in quaIily
lhan quanlily says lhe harala
nalyam dancer vho has a veak
ness for everylhing sveel
vhelher il is lhe !csi ja|c|i or
chocoIale mousse Her recie
dresses u lhe humbIe
bean in an exolic sauce
Ils a lasly meaI in
ilseIf she says She oflen leams
il vilh fried eggs and loasl
A unique combinalion bul lhen
Ganaalhy is knovn for her cre
alivily She runs a dance acade
my Sanchari and is aIso an inleri
or designer As her dance con
cerls are slaged aII over India
she is oflen on lhe move No
comromises lhough vhen il
comes lo disciIine I have din
ner before m and have
given u rice for !a|ia broken
vheal The seafood enlhusiasl
dines oul oflenmoslIy IlaIian
MangaIorean or KeraIa cuisine
Ask her hov she manages lo
Iook so slunning and she reIies
DisciIine and conlenlmenl
Vani Ganapathy
Prcparatinn timc
Cnnking timc minules
I 5ccds nI brnad bcans
surtl pupdl nr uturukul
in Tami!

I Cinnamnn slick
I C!nvcs
I Gingcr pastc lbs
I Gar!ic pastc lbs
I Cnriandcr pnwdcr lbs
I Cumin pnwdcr haIf lbs
I Oi! lbs
I Watcr

I Oninn big or medium
I Tnmatn mediumsized
referabIy sour and nol
I Mint Iarge bunch
I Cnriandcr !cavcs haIf lhe
quanlily of minl
I Grccn chi!!ics lo lasle
SheII lhe beans and lake lhe seeds
Soak overnighl or for seven hours
Iress each seed and remove lhe
ouler covering oiI lhe seeds in
Iain valer Do nol add saIl as
lhe seeds may harden The seeds
cook quickIy so check lexlure and
remove vhen a| !cnic cooked
enough lo be firm bul nol sofl
Heal lbs of oiI in a an Saule
onions liII lransIucenl Kee aside
In lhe same oiI saule coriander
Ieaves minl Ieaves and green chiII
ies liII lhey viIl and Iose coIour
Grind sauleed onion lomaloes
and minlcorianderchiIIi logelher
Heal lbs oiI in a an Add cin
namon slick and cIoves Add gin
ger and garIic asle and saule
liII Iighl brovn Add lhe ground
nasa|a and Iel il simmer liII lhe
masaIa searales from lhe an
To lhis add lhe boiIed seeds saIl
and cu valer or more if you
vanl lhinner gravy Cook for len
minules Garnish vilh coriander
Ieaves and serve vilh loasled
brovn bread and fried eggs or
cnapaiii and rice
54-09 Food Cover.qxp 10/24/08 2:04 PM Page 33
l cover feature
harmony november 2008 34
Thealre direclor NeeIam
Mansingh Choudhary is |usl
back in Chandigarh from an
arduous round of erformances
in Hyderabad Hovever being a
diehard foodie il doesnl lake
Iong for lhe yearoId lo shrug
off her |el Iag and ruslIe u lhe
deIighlfuIIy fIavourfuI Iersian
rice The crunchy charred ola
loes al lhe bollom are vorlh
fighling for says Choudhary
vho admils lo being aImosl as
assionale aboul food as she is
aboul Iays
In facl Kiicncn Kaina one of her
mosl successfuI vorks vhich
has lraveIIed aII over lhe vorId
dravs an inlriguing anaIogy
belveen food and reIalionshis
Consider lhe Iersian rice ils as
richIy lexlured as any human
reIalionshi she oinls oul
Il reveaIs a differenl aroma in
each Iayer Winner of lhe
Sangeel Nalak Akademi Avard
Choudhary leaches al lhe
Dearlmenl of Indian Thealre al
Iun|ab Universily Al resenl
she is aIso vorking on a ro|ecl
lo roduce lhe Iays of Henrik
Ibsen in coIIaboralion vilh lhe
Ibsen Sociely in
Neelam Mansingh Choudhary
Prcparatinn timc hour
Cnnking timc minules
I Ricc cu
I Pntatncs
I Zucchini lhinIy sIiced
I B!ack n!ivcs lbs vilhoul
lhe brine
I Rcd bc!! pcppcr
I Yc!!nw bc!! pcppcr
I 5undricd tnmatncs marinat
cd in n!ivc ni! lbs
I 5aIIrnn

ls soaked in
lbs valer
I Cnriandcr a handfuI
I O!ivc ni! lbs
Rinse rice and soak il in valer for
lvo hours IarboiI il in lhe same
valer in vhich il has been soaked
Smear a heavybollomed !cgcni
vok vilh oIive oiI al
lhe bollom and sides
Line lhe !cgcni vilh
sIivers of olaloes
lhe olaloes heI con
vey heal lo lhe lo
Iayers Nov srinkIe
a Iayer of arboiIed
rice on lhe olaloes
Sread a Iayer of zuc
chini over lhe rice
Cover lhe zucchini
vilh a Iayer of rice
Cover lhe rice vilh
oIives AIlernale each
Iayer of rice vilh a
Iayer of vegelabIes
IIunge your fingers lhrough lhe
lo Iayer and make five hoIes lo
aIIov lhe sleam lo ass lhrough
Iour saffronfIavoured valer on
lo Cover lhe !cgcni vilh a lighl
Iid and Iel il simmer for min
ules DissoIve saIl in a leasoon of
valer di your fingers in lhe saI
ine soIulion and louch lhe ouler
surface of lhe !cgcni If il makes a
hissing sound lhe dish is ready
Serve garnished vilh choed
arsIey or coriander
54-09 Food Cover.qxp 10/24/08 2:04 PM Page 34

54-09 Food Cover.qxp 10/24/08 2:04 PM Page 35
alaracl is cIouding lhal
deveIos in lhe eyes Wilh
lime il sreads becomes
dense lurns yeIIov and some
limes oaque and obslrucls
vision The Ieading cause of bIind
ness in deveIoing nalions il is
aIso lhe main cause of Iov vision
in counlries equied vilh surgi
caI services The reasons for deveI
oing calaracl incIude age Iong
lerm exosure lo uIlravioIel rays
or infrared and microvave radia
lion heredily diabeles hyerlen
sion eye in|ury and Ionglerm use
of sleroids Deending on lhe
slage of deveIomenl il is eilher
arliaI or comIele and sofl or
hard Calaracl is aIso named afler
ils Iocalion in lhe eyeoslerior
oving lo use of sleroids or anle
rior because of ageing and hence
aIso caIIed seniIe and is surgicaI
Iy removed onIy vhen malure
Calaracl usuaIIy slrikes lhe eIderIy
vilh such rediclabiIily lhal oh
lhaImoIogisls beIieve lhe robIem
is an inevilabIe arl of ageing Il is
more common in vomen lhough
According lo lhe AII India
OhlhaImoIogic Sociely AIOS
calaracl removaI is lhe mosl com
monIy erformed surgery in India
According lo K I S MaIik resi
denl of AIOS and head of lhe oh
lhaImoIogy dearlmenl in
Safdar|ung HosilaI in DeIhi
Aboul miIIion calaracl surg
eries are erformed in India every
year vilh mosl of lhem suorled
by lhe governmenl vhich annuaI
Iy sends aboul Rs biIIion on
calaracl surgeries
A fev years ago surgicaI removaI
of calaracl inhibiled a ersons
movemenls for lhree veeks
Today oving lo advances in sur
gicaI lechniques lhe recovery eri
od is a fev days In facl you can
gel back lo normaI vork lhree
days afler lhe surgery
UsuaIIy calaracl deveIos earIier
in one eye Symloms incIude
shorlsighledness myoia ghosl
ing of images and bIurred or muI
liIe vision Il aIso reduces lhe
ercelion of shades of bIue The
yeIIov lone of IngIish ainler } M
W Turners Ialer ainlings is oflen
allribuled lo onsel of calaracl
IncidenlaIIy Imressionisls
ainlers in lhe earIy lh cenlury
and lhose vho infIuenced lhem
vere aII affecled by calaracl The
graduaI fading and finaI disa
earance of lhe bridge in CIaude
Monels seriaI ainlings of lhe
ridge al Giverny demonslrales
lhe affecl of calaracl on his vision
A clear
body & soul l get well soon
harmony november 2008 36
Cataract removal isa safe and effective procedure. Teena Baruahtellsyou how
54-10 Get Well Soon.qxp 10/23/08 5:57 PM Page 36
Ior cenluries doclors slruggIed lo
reslore cIose lo normaI vision in
eIderIy suffering from calaracl
IniliaIIy calaracl surgery vas
invasiveil invoIved culling inlo
lhe eyebaII removing lhe cIouded
Iens and lrying lo make u for lhe
Ioss of lhe Iens vilh seclacIes
Crude slilches vere used and
alienls had lo send lvo veeks
in medicaI care They Iay in a dark
room for days sandbags againsl
each ear and vere forbidden lo
Iifl lheir head or move vhiIe lhe
eye heaIed When eye slilches
vere refined in lhe s calaracl
surgery became an oulalienl ro
cedure and sulures bandages and
ainkiIIers made il ossibIe lo
recover al home
Slilches vere sliII necessary as
doclors removed calaracls in one
iecea cul of aboul mm vas
loo Iarge lo heaI vilhoul slilches
In lhe s uIlrasound vaves
vere used lo crack u lhe calaracl
and laken oul lhrough a smaII
mm orl exIains Dr
Irema Iadmanabhan Shankara
NelhraIaya Chennai y lhe s
lhe surgery became sulurefree Al
lhis lime foIdabIe inlraocuIar IOL
Ienses vere aIso inlroduced These
Ienses aIIov doclors lo make inci
sions lhal seaI on lheir ovn No
slilches are required and lhere are
fever chances of infeclion No
sulures are used and alienls
relurn lo fuII aclivily vilhin
hours The cosl ranges belveen
Rs and Rs
Chances of comIicalions Iike
delachmenl of lhe relina are usuaI
Iy smaII ComIicalions haen
moslIy in calaracl cams because
of comromised hygiene environ
menl adds MaIik The Minislry
of HeaIlh banned lhese cams in
aII surgeries are nov heId
in hosilaIs
Irior lo surgery risk faclors Iike
bIood ressure and bIood sugar
IeveIs are assessed An uIlrasound
lesl is done lo delermine lhe
over of lhe foIdabIe Iens If bolh
eyes require surgery usuaIIy lhe
mosl affecled eye is lhe firsl lo be
oeraled uon Aboul er
cenl of calaracl surgeries are done
under IocaI anaeslhesia GeneraI
anaeslhesia is used for lhose vho
are sychoIogicaIIy unabIe lo coe
vilh a IocaI anaeslhelic
The eye is cIeansed vilh a soIulion
lo avoid infeclion An incision of
aboul mm is made al lhe edge of
lhe cornea and anolher mm inci
sion is made for surgicaI inslru
menl access The hard nucIeus of
lhe Iens is fraclured or emuIsified
by uIlrasonic energy and lhen
sucked oul lhrough lhe main inci
sion A foIded inlraocuIar Iens is
inserled and oened oul vhen in
osilion SaIine is used lo reslore
ressure in lhe eye so lhal lhe cul
heaIs ilseIf The surgery Iasls lo
minules As lhe vound is seIf
heaIing vision relurns lo normaI
vilhin lvo veeks Scc |cx jcr pcsi
cpcraiitc carc
UnliI recenlIy lhe onIy olion vas
a fixedfocus Iens lhal Iefl alienls
in need of bifocaIs or reading
gIasses As a soIulion muIlifocaI
Ienses are nov used Hovever
lhey cause gIare and haIo around
Iighl Iye surgeon Dr M K Aasuri
of LV Irasad HosilaI Hydera
bad recenlIy vrole in lhe |n!ian
jcurna| cj Opina|nc|cgq We are
Iooking al accommodalive IOL
imIanls designed lo aIIov lhe
Iens for aII dislances
Post-operative care involves wear-
ing a plastic eye shield for 24 hours.
Following that, it should be worn at
night for a week to protect the eye
from accidental rubbing.
Steroid and antibiotic drops are
prescribed for three weeks.
The eye shouldnt be washed with
water for a few days.
With extra light entering the eye,
sunglasses should be worn.
During the first few weeks, the eye
may feel gritty and watery, the eye-
lid slightly droopy, and the vision
slightly hazy. It stabilises over the
next four to six weeks, following
which reading glasses are normally
Strenuous activities should be
avoided for a month or two, and
patients can return to work
between one and four weeks
depending on the type of their
november 2008 harmony 37
The future of cataract surgery: Intraocular lenses that can
seamlessly focus on all objects at all distances
54-10 Get Well Soon.qxp 10/23/08 5:57 PM Page 37
body & soul l doctorsopinion
harmony november 2008 38
Hnw Ircqucnt!y
shnu!d I gn tn thc
nphtha!mn!ngist Inr an
cyc chcckup
Afler you shouId visil lhe ohlhaImoIogisl
every year lo ruIe oul gIaucoma and lo knov
vhelher you need seclacIes AcluaIIy lhe firsl visil
shouId be al lhe age of one lo ruIe oul any congeni
laI abnormaIilies nexl al lhe age of six vhen lhe
chiId can read lhe charl and lhen every olher year
I am ycars n!d Thnugh my ncar visinn
startcd dctcrinrating snmc ycars agn I man
agcd with rcadymadc spcctac!cs sn!d withnut prc
scriptinn Nnw I cant scw nr rcad c!car!y particu
!ar!y in thc cvcnings What shnu!d I dn
You seem lo be deveIoing calaracl or oacily
of lhe eye Iens }usl as lhe Iens of a camera has
lo be cIeared lo Iel lhe Iighl on lo lhe fiIm lhe eye
Iens has lo be cIear loo When il becomes cIoudy
ils caIIed a calaracl Under condilions of Iov Iighl
as in lhe evenings vision is furlher imaired See
your ohlhaImoIogisl immedialeIy
Why dn wc nccd tn wcar spcctac!cs aItcr
cataract surgcry
As lhe Iens is removed during surgery il has
lo be subsliluled vilh an aIlernale Iens for
cIear vision SeclacIes are lhe mosl frequenlIy used
and economicaI form of visuaI correclion afler
calaracl exlraclion Novadays a minule foIdabIe
Iens is used lo subslilule lhe naluraI Iens
Hnw dn spcctac!cs wnrk aItcr cataract
rcmnva! Can I usc !cnscs
Wilhoul lhe human Iens lhe eye becomes Iong
sighled The seclacIe Iens concenlrales Iighl
from an ob|ecl and heIs focus il on lhe relina Iosl
oeralive calaracl gIasses are usuaIIy lhick Ienses
lhal heI do lhis Today in|eclabIe inlraocuIar Iens
es used during calaracl surgery serve lhe urose
What visua! prnb!cms dn avcragc cataract
paticnts cxpcricncc with spcctac!cs iI thcy
havc nnt had a !cns imp!antcd
Ialienls encounler lhe foIIoving robIems
vhich can be avoided if a Iens is imIanled
inside lhe eye
MagniIicatinn nI imagc sizc Calaracl seclacIes
cause magnificalion of image size by er cenl If
one eye is normaI lhis enIarged image cannol be
suerimosed on lhe normaI sized image of lhe un
oeraled eye So every ob|ecl aears Iarger lo lhe
oeraled eye and smaIIer lo lhe normaI eye
Optica! abcrratinns An olicaI aberralion knovn
as in cushion dislorlion makes lhe image seem
vider al lhe lo and bollom The dislorlion remains
slalionary as Iong as lhe eye is slalionary
Pnnr pnsitinn scnsc The eye cannol |udge lhe
osilion of ob|ecls in lhe Iine of vision lhe fIoor
seems much cIoser and lhe ob|ecls enIarged
Rcstrictinn in sidc visinn Iosloeralive calaracl
gIasses give a cone of vision of around
eriheraI vision is absenl oving lo
lhe rismalic effecl of gIasses and Ieads lo oor
side vision
Cnsmctic prnb!cms The veighl of lhe seclacIes
exerls a Iol of ressure on lhe nose and lhe secla
cIes lend lo sIide vhen you Iook dovn Though
nose and ear suorls heI Iighlveighl seclacIe
Ienses are lhe besl soIulion
Next month Le lmpIunts
Vision correction
Dr Cyres Mehtatalksabout eye care after cataract surgery
Or Cqrcs Mcnia is C|O cj CY||S|Y| an! ccnsu|iani cpnina|nic surgccn ai Mcnia |nicrnaiicna| |qc |nsiiiuic
Cc|a|a |qc Hcspiia| Mun|ai Ca|| cr cnai| cqrcsncniaqanccccn
54-11 Doctors Opinion.qxp 10/23/08 5:57 PM Page 38
november 2008 harmony 39
I am yearoId vidover I am aIso lhe secre
lary generaI of a senior cilizens veIfare counciI
I en|oy lraveIIing Iislening lo oId Hindi fiIm
songs hiIaleIy and making nev friends Like
minded eoIe can conlacl me al
Pan|cthi Dnamb
PO Ta!yahar Mandi
Himacha! Pradcsh
I have been relired for lhe asl years
I offer advice on making and regislering
lhe viII documenl Inleresled eoIe can
conlacl me referabIy by emaiI al
N Ahu|a
Advncatc and Managcmcnt Cnnsu!tant
C Vasant Kun| Ncw Dc!hi
Emai! narcndraahu|agmai!cnm
I am I have been an inveslmenl advisor
for years If anyone needs advice on safe
inveslmenl inslrumenls and reguIar laxfree
relurns Iease conlacl me al
N D 5av!a
5amruddhi MGRnad Kandiv!i Wcst
Emai! kun|kcnvsn!nct
(2.30 PM to 7 PM)
54-11 Doctors Opinion.qxp 10/23/08 5:57 PM Page 39
body & soul l nutrition
harmony november 2008 40
AvaiIabIe in varmer lroicaI counlries lhirsl
quenchers fuIfiI lhe crileria for bolh vegelabIes and
fruils These refreshing vegelabIe fruils san over
genre and secies Oflen considered unexciling
common and chea lhis indigenous famiIy incIudes
gourd umkin meIon and cucumber RomanlicaIIy
described in Vedic Iileralure lhis genre of cuIinary
vegelabIes is rimariIy na!nta sveel and has a
vhoIesome effecl on lhe human body Hovever nol
many eoIe are avare of lhe sheer nulrilive vaIue
lhal lhese vegelabIes conlain in lerms of mineraIs
vilamins and organic valer conlenl
Nalive lo Mexico CenlraI and
Soulh America arls of lhe
Caribbean and Norlh Africa
guava is nov cuIlivaled exlensive
Iy in Asian counlries Oflen caIIed
lhe oor mans aIe of lhe lro
ics il is IocaIIy knovn as anru!n
or pcru and can be en|oyed rav or
had as |uice |am |eIIy and sauce
Guava makes ils aearance in
vinler and is bIessed vilh an
inlriguing mix of sveel sour and
acrid lasle Il has a yeIIov green
or ink rind and a aIe some
limes rosecoIoured fIesh The
enlire fruil incIuding lhe seeds is
edibIe In facl haIf of il is made u
of hard seedsseed counl ranges
from lo
The fruil has a high Vilamin C
conlenl vhich is vilaI for roduc
ing coIIagen lhal kees our lissues
and skin heaIlhy In facl il con
lains five limes as much Vilamin C
as an orangelhe rind aIone
acks more lhan lhe
Vilamin C in an
enlire orange AIso
an anlioxidanl il
heIs mo u
olenliaIIy harmfuI
free radicaIs
esides being a vaIu
abIe source of Vilamin
A and nicolinic acid
hoshorous olassium
iron and foIale ils aIso rich
in caIcium WhiIe olassium
reguIales bIood ressure hos
horous heIs mainlain our skeIe
laI and Iymhalic syslems Il aIso
conlains more lhan doubIe lhe
amounl of fibre found in Ieafy
vegelabIes and is high in eclin
vhich affecls melaboIism of fals
Iovers choIesleroI and heIs re
venl rolein urificalion in lhe
inleslines Ior lhis guava can veII
reIace cereaIs and miIk
WhiIe il heIs conlroI diarrhoea
ils aIso an exceIIenl Iaxalive and a
overfuI home remedy againsl
cough coId and scurvy Lov in fal
and caIoriesaboul caIories in
a mediumsized fruilils arlicu
IarIy beneficiaI for lhose vho vanl
lo Iose veighl
Dr Vijaya Venkat talksabout the guava and the
family of thirst quenchers
Calorie count
(in a 1 cup serving)
I Guava raw: 84
I Guava nectar: 149
54-12 Nutrition.qxp 10/23/08 5:58 PM Page 40
november 2008 harmony 41
The hrase cooI as a cucumber is nol vilhoul
meril Ils high valer conlenl makes il naluraIIy
hydralinga musl for gIoving skin Ascorbic acid
Vilamin C and caffeic acid in cucumber or kak!i
heIs soolhe skin irrilalions and reduce sveIIing
Rich in fibre lhe skin conlains a variely of benefi
ciaI mineraIs incIuding siIica olassium and mag
nesium lhal imrove overaII skin heaIlh
An exceIIenl source of belacarolene lhe Ianl
form of Vilamin Aan anlioxidanl found in red
orange and yeIIov vegelabIesumkin or ka!!u
is knovn lo increase immunily and revenl can
cer Ils a rich reosilory of caIcium olassium and
fibre and is a good
remedy againsl
slomach usels
besides being an
effeclive diurelic Il
aIso heIs reguIale
bIood sugar IeveIs
and slimuIales an
creas The seeds are
a rich source of
rolein iron hos
horous olassium magnesium and zinc and are
videIy used for lrealmenl againsl vorms roslale
and urinary robIems
Bntt!c gnurd
Rich in iron Vilamin C and comIex bollIe
gourdknovn as |auki gnia or !u!niis cooIing
and easy lo digesl besides being an effeclive
diurelic Rav bollIe gourd |uice quenches lhirsl
fighls faligue revenls Ioss of sodium and heIs
cure urinary infeclion
You can enhance lhe fIavour of lhese vegelabIes
vilh roasled nuls seeds or herbs Sundried lhe
seeds are a greal snack
Or Vijaqa Vcnkai Mun|ai|asc!
nuiriiicnisi an! nca|in aciitisi is
jcun!cr an! nca! cj inc Hca|in
Auarcncss Ccnirc |j qcu natc anq
qucsiicns jcr ncr uriic ic
Or jcc Icuis is nca! cj rcscarcn an!
!ctc|cpncni ai Kaqa Iijc a cnain cj
prcjcssicna| ucigniccnirc| ccnircs
SMS Iijc ic |j qcu natc a
qucsiicn jcr nin uriic ic
Dr Joe Lewisanswers your questions on diet, weight
and exercise
Having gained a lot of weight recently, I
started doing exercises suggested by my
friend. But instead of losing weight, I have been
experiencing lower back pain. Am I doing the
wrong exercises?
There could be one or several reasons for back-
ache: inadequate warm up, incorrect posture, or
exercises that are unsuitable for you. If you have not led
a very active life, any sudden exercise regimen can cause
strain on your back muscles and result in back pain.
Therefore, always start an exercise programme at a
slow pace, gradually increasing the time and intensity
especially if you 30 or older. Before joining a weight
control programme, its essential to first undergo a fit-
ness test that measures your flexibility, balance,
endurance and muscular strength.
Muscles keep the body firm. In later years, our body
undergoes major changes. The less we exercise the soft-
er and flabbier the body becomes (with the flab often
accumulating in the abdominal region). As the stomach
muscles are weak, the belly sags. Bones and joints (espe-
cially weight bearing joints such as knees and hips) also
weaken with age. When you start an exercise pro-
gramme, stiff joints may initially trigger pain, but can be
strengthened through proper warm up.
Fix the time for each exercise and the repetitions. Do a
two-minute exercise 10 times in a 20-minute session,
and then switch to another exercise. If bored, change
the music or the exercise. Quality of life has a lot to do
with being active and enjoying every moment.
Calorie count
(in a 1 cup serving)
Cucumber sliced: 14
Cucumber chopped: 16
Pumpkin cubed: 30
Pumpkin mashed: 49
Bottle gourd cooked: 18
54-12 Nutrition.qxp 10/23/08 5:58 PM Page 41
body & soul l nutrition
harmony november 2008 42
There are many different dietary supple-
ments available in the market: calcium,
flax oil, primrose oil, garlic pearls, spirulina and
chlorella. Can their benefits be categorised for
different age groups: 40s, 50s and 60s?
Calcium: Throughout our life, our bones are
continually being broken down (resorption) and
rebuilt with new calcium being deposited into the
newly built bones (bone formation). As we grow
older, this balance between bone resorption and
deposition changes. In postmenopausal women, the
bone breakdown exceeds the formation and results
in bone loss and increased risk of osteoporosis. The
bodys calcium status also gets affected with advancing
age; other factors include intake of caffeine, alcohol
and oxalates (as in chocolates). Calcium supplementa-
tion in women above 40 years and men above 50 pre-
vents risk of osteoporosis. However, daily dosage dif-
fers from individual to individual. It is advisable to take
only the recommended amount as high doses may
lead to kidney stones, constipation, milk-alkali syn-
drome or interference with iron absorption.
Flaxseed oil: Flaxseed oil contains alfa linolenic acid
(which gets converted to omega-3), Vitamin B, potas-
sium, lecithin, magnesium, fibre, protein and zinc.
Omega-3 fatty acids help lower triglyceride levels and
prevent clot formations. Though most people can con-
sume flaxseed oil, it is beneficial for those above 40.
Primrose oil: Evening primrose oil is used for condi-
tions affecting womens health, such as breast pain
associated with the menstrual cycle and postmeno-
pausal symptoms. It also improves skin quality and
helps fight against breast cancer and arthritis. Women
above 40 may take it in conjunction with Vitamin E for
improved skin glow and to decelerate ageing.
Garlic pearls: People above 50 years may take garlic
pearls to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in
the blood; inhibit platelet stickiness (aggregation); and
increase fibrinolysis. It is also mildly antihypertensive
and has antioxidant activity. However, raw natural gar-
lic is preferable to such synthetically processed pearls.
Spirulina andchlorella: As we age, we tend to have
restricted diets or suffer from poor digestion, leading
to malnourishment and low energy levels. In such
cases, spirulina and chlorella serve as easily digestible,
nutrient-dense supplements, loaded with antioxidants,
carotenoids, essential fatty acids and amino acids.
Though not a must-have for the aged, these may be
taken in recommended doses for 4-6 months.
Extracts like ginseng and garlic oil have
been developed as nutraceuticals. How do
nutraceuticals differ from dietary supplements?
Nutraceuticals refer to food extracts that pro-
vide protection against chronic diseases. Used
for their anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-ageing proper-
ties, they should be taken under prescription. Nutra-
ceuticals can be single nutrients like Vitamin C or sup-
plements with multiple vitamin/mineral combinations,
or herbs with therapeutic abilities. Some like fish oil
and flaxseed supplements, which contain omega-3 fatty
acids, lower cholesterol or reduce risk of heart dis-
ease. Others like ginseng enhance physical and mental
performance and increase resistance to ageing.
A dietary supplement, also known as food or nutri-
tional supplement, is a ready-mix of nutrients that are
normally not consumed in sufficient quantity through
diet. The key difference between nutraceuticals and
dietary supplements is that nutraceuticals not only
supplement the diet but also aid in the prevention of a
disease or disorder. So, when a supplement serves the
purpose, it becomes a nutraceutical. A supplement for
an individual may act as a nutraceutical for another.
No single supplement can be consumed by two people
and be absorbed in exactly the same way. It depends
on how a persons digestive system works and how
well the nutrients are assimilated into the body.
Dr Anjali Mukerjeeanswers your questions on nutri-
tion, fitness and health
Nuiriiicnisi Or Anja|i Mukcrjcc
is inc jcun!cr cj Hca|in Tcia| a
nuiriiicna| ccunsc||ing ccnirc
|j qcu natc a qucsiicn jcr ncr uriic
ic queryheaIlhlolaIcom
Wc|siic vvvheaIlhlolaIcom
54-12 Nutrition.qxp 10/23/08 5:58 PM Page 42
54-12 Nutrition.qxp 10/23/08 5:58 PM Page 43
body & soul l yoga rx
harmony november 2008 44
id you knov bore
dom mimics lhe
symloms of faligue
olh lrigger yavning
bul an overdose of
boredom can be in|urious lo heaIlh
A recenl sludy of siIvers from lhe ronx neighbour
hood in Nev York reorled in Tnc Ncu |ng|an!
jcurna| cj Mc!icinc found lhal lhose vho engaged in
hobbies lhal slimuIaled lhe mind vere Iess IikeIy lo
deveIo demenlia ioIogisls sludying slress nov
laIk of lhe ossum syndromea vilhdravaI from
Iifes chaIIengeslhal has lhe same devaslaling
symloms as slress Ieading lo hyerlension obesi
ly hearl disease and diabeles And in exerimenls
vilh rals researchers have found lhal bored ani
maIs suffered irreversibIe neuronaI damage
UnIike exerimenlaI animaIs in lheir cages mosl of
us can vresl our freedom Il heIs lo have yoga as a
veaon in our var againsl boredom Iven if you
Iearn onIy a fev oses you can
never gel bored because you can
conslanlIy ush yourseIf by
deeening your reach inlo a
ose or lrying chaIIenging varia
lions of lhe ose This ensures acli
valion of lhe rusly arls of body
and mind
As you kee uing lhe anle lhe chaIIenges lo lhe
brain aIso increase In mosl baIancing oses lhe
cerebeIIum is lveaked overfuIIy In arm baIancers
lhe sine is exlended lo aImosl youlhfuI fIexibiIily
lhe body becomes suIe and lhe mind and ils coor
dinalion vilh lhe body becomes more efficienl
In yoga each ose has a arlicuIar sychosomalic
effecl Ior menlaI slimuIalion Iearn slanding baI
ancers Iike lhe oneIegged slanding rayer ose cka
pa!a prananasana crescenl ar!na cnan!rasana lhe
varrior sel tira|na!ra and slanding svan ose
nansasana The simIe sving |c|asana baIance
ose ic|ungasana crane |akasana svan ose on
lhe vrisl nansasana and lhe erfecled ones ose
|rannacnarqasana are good arm baIancers
Inversions increase menlaI energy lhrough lhe gush
of bIood lo lhe brain These incIude lhe inverled
sychic Iock tipariia karani shouIder sland sartan
gasana Iough na|asana and headsland sirsasana
Olher mooduers incIude lhe boal natkasana
slick ose qasiikasana cal slrelch
narjariasana vheeI cnakrasana and aII
chesloeners and backbends Iike lhe
bov |cu Iocusl sa|a|nasana and
cobra |nujangasana Ioses Iike lhe
snake sarpasana are even
said lo remove mosl of lhe
emolionaI bIockages
Banish boredom
Stimulate your mind with yoga, urgesShameem Akthar
Snanccn Akinar is a Mun|ai|asc! qcga acnarqa |j qcu natc anq qucrics jcr ncr nai| us cr cnai| ai
conlaclmagharmonyindiaorg P|casc ccnsu|i qcur pnqsician |cjcrc jc||cuing a!ticc gitcn ncrc
Yogic moves
Shoulder pose (Kandharasana)
Lie on your back. Fold both feet at knees, placing them as
close to the hips as possible. Reach each hand to hold the
ankle on either side. If you cant, place palms flat on the
ground beside the body. Inhale, lifting hips as high as possi-
ble. This will lock your chin between your collarbones. If
the hips dont lift high, the chin will not lockits essential
to ensure you benefit from this pose. Breathe normally and
hold this for a few seconds. Exhaling, gently drop hips back
to ground. Try this three to five times. Benefits: It expands
the chest, stimulating the mind through improved blood cir-
culation to the lungs and chest. The head also gets a pow-
erful flow of blood. The neck lock works on the thyroid
gland, removing mental lethargy. It helps heal spinal, respira-
tory and uro-genital disorders, and fights obesity.
54-13 Yoga.qxp 10/24/08 2:02 PM Page 44
54-13 Yoga.qxp 10/24/08 2:02 PM Page 45
Ixercise cures deression and imroves cardiovascuIar funclion and
quaIily of Iife Researchers from lhe Universily of MeIbourne insisl
lhal a minutc cxcrcisc scssinn a wcck can a!sn hc!p pcnp!c
with mi!d mcmnry prnb!cms The sludy vas conducled
on voIunleers aged and above vilh memory
robIems nol serious enough lo inlerfere vilh every
day Iifelhese robIems donl necessariIy Iead lo
demenlia bul do increase lhe risk of deveIoing
lhe condilion HaIf of lhem vere asked lo
undergo lhree minule sessions of moder
ale exercise such as vaIking a veek for
veeks Al lhe end of lhe sludy lhe
grou lhal exercised achieved beller
scores in cognilive lesls and Iover scores
in lesls lo delermine signs of demenlia
IoIIovu shoved lhal lhe benefils er
sisled for al Ieasl a year afler lhe exer
cise rogramme vas sloed The
sludy reorled in lhe Augusl issue of
Tnc jcurna| cj inc Ancrican Mc!ica|
Asscciaiicn concIudes Medicalion
has no significanl effecl on miId cogni
live imairmenl Hovever hysicaI
aclivily heIs kee lhe cardiovascuIar sys
lem heaIlhy and may heI boosl cognilive
funclion by boosling bIood suIy lo
lhe brain
body & soul l
harmony november 2008 46
Lascrs wi!! snnn rcp!acc thc drcadcd dcntists dri!!
vhich is convenlionaIIy used for fiIIing decayed leelh
Iradhan DenlaI Cenlre in }uhu Mumbai is one of lhe
firsl denlaI cIinics in India lo use a Iaser lo cul lhrough
hard lissues such as enameI and bone and reach de
cayed lissue lhal conlains more valer moIecuIes lhan
lhe resl of lhe loolh The Iaser heals lhe valer moIe
cuIes buiIds u ressure and causes a microexIo
sion as lhe decayed area is removed The lechnoIogy
is so recise lhal il can focus on lhe area of decay
Ieaving surrounding lissue or bone undamaged And
lhe Iaser culs dovn vibralions limes comared lo a
driII Il viII sliII hurl lhough if il exoses a nervein
such cases a recaulionary ainkiIIer is rescribed The
lrealmenl doesnl come chea riced belveen Rs
and Rs for a fiIIing A convenlionaI fiIIing vilh a
driII vouId cosl Rs The choice is yours
54-14 Healthbyte.qxp 10/23/08 6:00 PM Page 46
l body & soul
y lhe age of mosl eoIe cIock u around
bouls of lhe common coId sending lhree years of
lheir Iife coughing and sneezing ul a ncw cn!d
busting pi!! can change aII lhal BTA deveIoed
by iola HoIdingsone of lhe vorIds Ieading har
maceulicaI comaniesIalches on lo coIdcausing
human rhinoviruses revenling lhem from causing
infeclion In a doubIeronged allack il aIso slos
any exisling infeclion from sreading In Iaboralory
lesls lhe drug kiIIed Iarge quanlilies of coId virus
vilhin a couIe of hours The firsl Iimiled human
lriaIs finished Iasl year in lhe UK and lhe drug vas
found safe LargerscaIe lriaIs are nov undervay on
heaIlhy voIunleers vho viII be exosed lo lhe
virus lo delermine vhelher il can acluaIIy revenl
eoIe from calching a coId The drug viII be used
in lhree varied doses lo delermine lhe one lhal
couId revenl lhe infeclion If ils successfuI ils
greal nevs Dr AkhiIesh C Mishra of NalionaI
Inslilule of ViroIogy Iune leIIs Harncnq
Hovever ils uncIear if il couId be used lo lreal
coIds as veII as vard lhem off And can lhose in
fear of calching a coId from a reIalive or coIIeague
o lhe iII The drug is execled lo be on lhe
markel in five years
november 2008 harmony 47
Soon you can ca!! Inr acccss tn
cmcrgcncy scrvicc and an ambu!ancc
Imergency resonse ambuIance services
run by lhe Imergency Managemenl
Research Inslilule IMRI an NGO ro
moled by Salyam Comulers are avaiI
abIe in Andhra Iradesh Gu|aral and
Goa Wilhin minules of diaIIing
IMRIs caII cenlre sends an ambuIance
vilh a medicaI lechnician vho is in louch vilh a
doclor In Andhra Iradesh a singIe IMRI cenlre
fieIds a fIeel of ambuIances slaffed by
medicaI lechnicians Islimales indicale lhal aboul
Iives vere saved in Andhra Iradesh Iasl year
lhrough such inlervenlions y IMRI Ians lo
Iaunch ambuIances lhroughoul India
A recenl research conducled by lhe NalionaI Hearl
and Lung Inslilule London indicales lhal bcta
b!nckcrs cnu!d incrcasc b!nnd sugar in paticnts
suIIcring Irnm diabctcs and cvcn inducc thc dis
casc in pcnp!c suIIcring Irnm high b!nnd prcssurc
Aboul hyerlensive alienls vere rescribed
anlihyerlensive drugs using belabIockers
Researchers found lhal of lhem vere al risk
of deveIoing diabeles and acluaIIy deveIoed
il vilhin six years These drugs nol onIy increase
bIood sugar IeveIs in lhose vho donl have diabeles
bul aIso vorsen sugar conlroI in lhose vilh dia
beles says Dr Anoo Misra direclor diabeles and
melaboIic diseases al Iorlis HosilaIs Nev DeIhi
54-14 Healthbyte.qxp 10/23/08 6:00 PM Page 47
body & soul l
harmony november 2008 48
Adoling good oslure can
reIieve Ionglerm back ain Ior
lhe righl oslure body aIignmenl
and gail researchers are asking
eoIe suffering from chronic
ain lo lurn lo lhe A!cxandcr
tcchniquc Inlroduced in rilain
in by AuslraIian aclor
Irederick Mallhias AIexander lhe
lechnique Incuscs nn rctraining
thc musc!cs nI spinc ncck and
back tn a!!cviatc tcnsinn
A sludy conducled al risloI and
Soulhamlon universilies in UK
used a combinalion of normaI
medicaI care massage and lhe
AIexander lechnique on
alienls for monlhs and found
lhal lhose raclicing lhe
AIexander lechnique suffered |usl
lhree days of back ain a monlh
The sludy is reorled in lhe
Selember issue of lhe Briiisn
Mc!ica| jcurna| Lessons in lhe
AIexander lechnique offer an indi
viduaIised aroach lo heI eo
Ie recognise and undersland
lheir robIem and avoid oor
habils affecling osluraI lone
and neuromuscuIar
coordinalion scc |cx
AIexander leacher
Dr Deeak Sharan of
Recou RehabiIilalion
Cenlre adds a Iine of
caulion Il mighl nol be
effeclive for everyone
ack ain is differenl for
each erson and you oflen need a
combinalion of lhings lo heI
reIieve il
Stand in front of a chair. Keep your shoulders soft and
imagine your spine to be a long spring. Push your head
down on that spring, trying to compress it gradually.
With two-third of the heads weight in front, it should
move forward when trying to push the spine down.
However, tense muscles in the neck draw the head back,
putting extra weight on to the spine.
Straighten your back and shoulders. Now order your
neck muscles not to feel tense but not to relax either;
your neck will feel heavier.
Send a message to your head to release it from your
body and push its weight forward and upward. Will your
neck muscles to lose stiffness and elongate.
Your neck should start feeling more elastic and you will
feel your shoulder muscles soften. It might be uncomfort-
able at first because you are used to tension, which is
now beginning to release.
Bend your body at the knees and hips. In one continuous
movement, sit in your chair.
Consult your doctor before practicing Alexander Technique.
10 minutes of Alexander Technique
Straighten up!US-based neurologist Moacir Schnapp has invented iPosture, a pendant
that can be clipped to clothing or adhered to the skin. It improves your postureby
vibrating when you slouch and continues to vibrate till you correct your posture.
In a correct posture, the weight
of the head provides the natural
stimulus for the spinal curve to
resist. This allows the interverte-
bral disks to expand and thus
improves strength and buoyancy
of the back. When you slouch, the
head is carried too far forward or
backwards and the spine collaps-
es, losing its ability to resist the
weight of the head and
thus compressing the
intervertebral disks.
54-14 Healthbyte.qxp 10/23/08 6:00 PM Page 48
The hip joint is perhaps the strongest weight-bearing joint of the
body. Powered by large muscles, the hip joint is essential to many
of the bodys most basic movements. Whenever you walk, sit,
bend, squat, turn around, drive or perform many other seemingly
simple motions, you are depending on the hip for support and
mobility. When your hip is healthy, you may take it for granted, not
even giving a second thought about the job it does for you. But
once it starts to become stiff and painful, and you are forced to
restrict certain activities, you may come to realize how much
freedom of movement means to you.
Inflammatory arthritis (swelling of the joint lining), a fracture, or
rarely, osteonecrosis (death of the bone), may all lead to damaged
hip joints. However, perhaps the most common cause of damaged
hip joints is osteoarthritis.
Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease of the joints that is not
necessarily part of the normal aging process. It causes permanent
deterioration of the cartilage layers that shield the joint from
impact. Because cartilage cannot repair or replenish itself, it begins
to crack, wear away and eventually disappear. The cushion your
hip needs to absorb stress is gone, resulting in bone-on-bone
contact. The bones in advanced cases may be so rough and pitted
from grinding against each other that they may form bone spurs,
which can cause severe pain and immobility.
In the first stages of osteoarthritis, you may begin to feel stiffness or
achiness in the hip. Soon, you may begin to feel pain in your joint.
One leg may feel shorter than the other when walking or standing.
Sometimes, the discomfort of an arthritic hip will first present itself
as a shooting pain through the leg or knee that is severe enough to
make you stop and catch your breath. Eventually, you mobility
may become limited and you may need to alter your lifestyle to
accommodate the arthritic hip. If you are overweight, the extra
stress on your hip can accelerate the damage. You may have
already had to curb or quit everyday activities like shopping or
walking, not to mention recreational ones such as bicycle riding
and traveling. But there is hope you have options.
Surgery and manufacturers have made remarkable advances in
joint replacement technology over the last few years. The materials
used today are long-lasting and durable. Surgery has been fine-
tuned with the use of computers to provide more accuracy and
taking the success rate higher.
These include:
Reduced joint pain (maybe no pain)
Correction of deformity
Restoration mobility to the hip
Improvement in quality of life ability to return to a normal,
active life
It is likely that running, jumping, or other high impact
activities will be discouraged.
Choice of implant: It is important to discuss the choice of implant
with your orthopaedic surgeon. Clinically proven imported
implants have a much higher rate of survivorship than low quality
local implants
Choice of hospital: Well maintained, fully equipped hospitals that
follow strict infection prevention protocols show low rates of
infection in patients
Choice of surgeon: Choosing a surgeon for hip replacement is an
individuals decision. It is advisable to speak with your family,
physician and friends for the same.
Understanding the procedure: It is critical to discuss the pros and
cons of the procedure so as to be mentally prepared for the same.
A well-informed patient is a happy patient.
Here are four essential steps that will help you get into shape
before hip replacement surgery.
1. Commit to the success of your surgery. Working as a team,
you, your physician and your family must adopt a positive
attitude towards the success of your surgery.
2. Start a physician-approved, low-impact exercise plan.
Studies have shown that the stronger and more flexible you
are before your operation the quicker you will recover and
more flexible you will be after the operation. Gentle exercise
such as walking, range of motion exercises and swimming can
help you stay strong and flexible. Seek your doctors advice
before beginning any exercise
Infection: Because a bacterial infection from your mouth could
infect your new joint, complete all dental work before surgery.
Blood Clots: Surgeons performing Total Hip Replacement
prescribe anticoagulation medications after surgery.
Pneumonia: Pneumonia can sometimes develop in patients who
are lying in bed after surgery. Getting out of the bed soon is
You can protect it by taking a few simple steps:
Watch out and prevent. Because your new hip is sensitive to
infections, you must be diligent about preventing them. If you
suspect a bacterial infection, notify your physician right away.
Follow up care. Your physician may want to check you
several times during the first year and annually thereafter.
Weight Control. Keeping your weight under control will
reduce the amount of pressure and stress on your new hip.
Avoid high impact sports and participate regularly in low-
impact activities such as walking, swimming or cycling.
* Results may vary from patient to patient.
l promotion
lor more lnformutlon on urthrltls cuII toII free or und reglster for u Putlent lorum neur our home
54-14 Healthbyte.qxp 10/23/08 6:00 PM Page 49
body & soul l the last word
harmony november 2008 50
ach sring for
many years I have
sel myseIf lhe lask of
vriling a ersonaI
slalemenl of beIief a
Credo When I vas
younger lhe slalemenl ran for many ages lrying
lo cover every base Il sounded Iike a Sureme
Courl brief as if vords couId resoIve aII confIicls
aboul lhe meaning of exislence The Credo has
grovn shorler in recenl yearssomelimes cynicaI
somelimes comicaI somelimes bIandbul I kee
vorking al il RecenlIy I sel oul lo gel lhe slalemenl
of ersonaI beIief dovn lo one age in simIe lerms
fuIIy underslanding lhe naive ideaIism lhal imIied
The insiralion for brevily came lo me al a gasoIine
slalion I managed lo fiII an oId cars lank vilh
suerdeIuxe highoclane go|uice My oId hooy
couIdnl handIe il and gol lhe viIIieskel suller
ing oul al inlerseclions and beIching going dovn
hiII I underslood My mind and my siril gel Iike
lhal from lime lo lime Too much highconlenl
informalion and I gel lhe exislenliaI
viIIieskee sullering oul al
inlerseclions vhere Iife choices musl
be made and I eilher knov loo much
or nol enough The examined Iife is
no icnic I reaIised lhen lhal
I aIready knov mosl of vhals nec
essary lo Iive a meaningfuI Iifelhal
il isnl aII lhal comIicaled I knov
il And have knovn il for a Iong
Iong lime
Living ilveII lhals anolher maller yes Heres
my Credo AII I knov aboul hov lo Iive I Iearned in
kindergarlen Wisdom vas nol al lhe lo of lhe
gradualeschooI mounlain bul lhere in lhe sand
iIe al Sunday schooI Heres vhal I Iearned
Share everylhing IIay fair Donl hil eoIe Iul
lhings back vhere you found lhem CIean u your
ovn mess Donl lake lhings lhal arenl yours Say
youre sorry vhen you hurl somebody Wash your
hands before you eal IIush Warm cookies and coId
miIk are good for you Live a baIanced IifeIearn
some and lhink some and drav and ainl and sing
and dance and Iay and vork every day some Take
a na every aflernoon When you go oul inlo lhe
vorId valch oul for lraffic hoId hands and slick
logelher e avare of vonder Remember lhe IillIe
seed in lhe Slyrofoam cu The rools go dovn and
lhe Ianl goes u and nobody reaIIy knovs hov or
vhy bul ve are aII Iike lhal GoIdfish and hamslers
and vhile mice and even lhe IillIe seed in lhe Slyro
foam culhey aII die So do ve And lhen remem
ber lhe Dickand}ane books and lhe firsl vord you
Iearnedlhe biggesl vord of aIILOOK
Iverylhing you need lo knov is in lhere some
vhere The GoIden RuIe and Iove and basic sanila
lion IcoIogy and oIilics and equaIily and sane Iiv
ing Take any one of lhose ilems and exlraoIale il
inlo sohislicaled aduIl lerms and
aIy il lo your famiIy Iife or your
vork or your governmenl or your
vorId and il hoIds lrue and cIear
and firm Think vhal a beller
vorId il vouId be if lhe vhoIe
vorId had cookies and miIk aboul
lhree ocIock every aflernoon and
lhen Iay dovn vilh our bIankies
for a na Or if aII governmenls had
as a basic oIicy lo aIvays ul
lhings back vhere lhey found lhem
and lo cIean u lheir ovn mess
And il is sliII lrue no maller hov oId you are
vhen you go oul inlo lhe vorId il is besl lo hoId
hands and slick logelher
Simple wisdom
Happiness lies in the basics, says Robert Fulghum
|xccrpi jrcn AII I ReaIIy Need lo Knov I Learned in Kindergarlen ViIIard ooks Rs ages
|c|cri |u|gnun is an Ancrican auincr kncun jcr nis insigniju| cssaqs Hc nas ucrkc! as a Uniiarian Minisicr ai a
cnurcn in Wasningicn Mcrc inan ni||icn ccpics cj nis |ccks natc |ccn pu||isnc! in |anguagcs in ccunirics
No matter how old
you are, when you
go out into the
world it is best to
hold hands and
stick together
54-15 The Last Word.qxp 10/23/08 6:02 PM Page 50
54-15 The Last Word.qxp 10/23/08 6:02 PM Page 51
oon vhiIe you reIax al home
your doclor viII be abIe lo
monilor your hearl vilh lhe
SiIicon Lockel lhe smaIIesl ICG
moniloring device in lhe vorId The
fanlaslic nevs ils made in India
IssenliaIIy lhe SiIicon Lockel is a
vearabIe comuler lhal deIoys
lhe exisling mobiIe nelvork for
Iovcosl leIemedicaI heaIlhcare of
cardiac alienls In case of lroubIe
il aulomalicaIIy generales an emer
gency SMS lo lhe nolified doclor
Doclors or aramedicaI slaff can
viev reaIlime ICGs remoleIy and
lake necessary aclion
This ro|ecl deveIoed under lhe
aegis of Tala ConsuIlancy Services
TCS vas born in Indian Inslilule
of TechnoIogy IIT Mumbai in
vhen Vivek Vaid an MTech
sludenl offered his rofessors a
rololye in a shoe box In
anolher sludenl Ashrul Ambaslha
added lhe aulomaled SMS faciIily
lo lhe device using a vired con
neclion lo mobiIe hones and a
base slalion concel for signaI ro
cessing Al lhal slage lhe device
resembIed a mobiIe hone Irom
lhe ro|ecl has been sleered
by Sudi Nag a IhD sludenl
vho has deveIoed an uIlrasmaII
candysized unil vilh Iueloolh
conneclivily US ballery Iilhium
ionoIymer charger and reaI
lime moniloring of hysicaI aclivi
ly The ro|ecl has been menlored
by Irofessors Rakesh LaI and
Dinesh Sharma of lhe IIeclricaI
Ingineering Dearlmenl and
Irofessor Soumyo Mukher|i of
lhe SchooI of iosciences and io
medicaI Ingineering
Hnw dncs it actua!!y wnrk The
alienl needs lo slra on five lhin
eIeclrode vires exIains Sudi
Nag The Iockel vhich has a
G memory card and a unique
alienl idenlifier code eilher slores
received ICG signaIs or lransmils
lhem in reaI lime lo a remoleIy
Iocaled comuler lhrough a mobiIe
hone or even IandIine The acq
uired dala can be vieved by medi
harmony november 2008 52
Studentsat IIT-Mumbai have developed a device that
letscardiac patientsrelax while their doctor monitors
their health
A heartbeat

54-16 Innovation.qxp 10/23/08 6:03 PM Page 52
caI rofessionaIs using a user
inlerface Ialienls can even
indicale feeIings of uneasi
ness or ain vilh lhe fIick
of a svilch AII dala can be
eriodicaIIy uIoaded and
saved on a remole server or
hosilaI comuler
y India viII have lhe high
esl number of cardiac alienls in
lhe vorId aroximaleIy er
cenl says Nag ICG recorders
can save lhousands of Iives
UnliI nov lhe onIy olions have
been imorled devices lhal cosl
belveen Rs and Rs
They aIso donl rovide aulomal
ed aIerls do nol have aIgorilhms
lo delecl diseases and are onIy
avaiIabIe in cIunky WaIkmanIike
sizes We slrive lo rovide inleIIi
genl soIulions al a vaslIy cheaer
rice vilhoul sacrificing quaIily
and reIiabiIily he asserls
5n hnw much wi!! thc hnmc
grnwn 5i!icnn Lnckct cvcntua!!y
cnst Nag has no reIy as of nov
aIlhough he insisls il viII be
incomarabIy cheaer lhan
imorled ICG monilors The
ansver viII deend on TCS vho
has funded lhe enlire
ro|ecl IieId lriaIs on
lhe SiIicon Lockel have
aIready been conducled
al severaI hosilaIs in
Mumbai Nev DeIhi
engaIuru Thiruvananlha
uram and KoIkala and lhe
device is execled lo be on lhe
markel soon
MeanvhiIe Nag received lhe
udding Innovalors Avard from
lhe NalionaI Research DeveIo
menl Cororalion on Oclober
for his vork on lhe ro|ecl He is
no slranger lo avards In
he received anolher avard from
lhe Massachusells Inslilule of
TechnoIogy MIT for a vireIess
e|ackel filled vilh lhe siIicon
Iockel lo enabIe lhe measuremenl
of ICG as veII as olher devices
lhal indicale oxygen IeveIs body
lemeralure and hysicaI aclivily
in lhe body
Whats ncxt We are vorking
on a remole alienl lracker lhal
inoinls lhe sub|ecls Iocalion
using GIS conneclivily Nag leIIs
us We are aIso deveIoing nano
fabricaled cardiac sensors for
earIy deleclion of hearl allacks
These sensors viII be vireIessIy
Iinked lo lhe SiIicon Lockel in
fulure versions
november 2008 harmony 53
Fewer wires: Needs only five elec-
trode wires; hospital systems need 10
Disease-detection software:
Arrhythmia or irregular heartbeats
can be detected. More complex dis-
ease detection software being devel-
oped Accelerometer-based sensor
and physical
activity monitor: Ensures that ECGs
are not distorted owing to body
movement Custom analog chip:
Ultra-low power chip provides longer
battery life (up to seven days of con-
tinuous operation without recharging)
Size: The smallest ECG monitoring
device in the world
Patients can even
indicate uneasiness
or pain with the
flick of a switch
The Jitterbug
At first glance, Samsungs Jitterbug ( looks like your typi-
cal teenybopper phone with a funky shape and clamshell design. Its only
when you open this phone that you realise its been specially designed for
silvers with oversized buttons and large type size on screen. One-touch
buttons make it easy to reach emergency numbers. In the US, where
the phone has been launched, the company even offers the services of a
Jitterbug operator to enter numbers into your phone and place your
calls. The phone costs $ 147 (about Rs 7,000).
54-16 Innovation.qxp 10/23/08 6:03 PM Page 53
first aidl wall to wall
harmony november 2008 54

eds vilh slorage sace are a vonderfuI idea

ul hoIding lhe slorage door u vhiIe you
rummage inside for iIIovs and mallresses can
hurl your shouIders According lo research lhe len
dons of lhe rola
lor cuff muscIes
in our shouIders
are more rone
lo degeneralion
vilh lhe years
The veak bIood
suIy is aIso one
reason vhy
in|uries in siI
vers can lake
Ionger lo heaI
So ve Iooked
around for a bed
lhal didnl invoIve aII
lhal bolher and is easy on your
shouIder muscIes LifeslyIe
InlernalionaIs Home Cenlre slore has a
vide range of beds vilh casloroeraled slorage
dravers lhal can be oened from lhe fronl side and
Hovever ils lheir nevIy Iaunched hydrauIic bed
lhal scores head and shouIders above lhe resl Made
from medium densily fibreboard MDI lhe
hydrauIic bed lakes lhe ressure off your shouIders
IileraIIy Ils hydrauIic srings kees lhe slorage door
aIofl liII you shul il
The hydrauIic bed is avaiIabIe in king and queen size
dimensions cm x cm and cm x cm
resecliveIyand comes vilh oneyear varranly
MRP Rs lClCl credlt curdhoIders cun
utulI of slx und months lnstuIIment optlons on
zero per cent lnterest utulIubIe ln Home Centre
stores ln Mumbul Pune BenguIuru Chennul NOlDA
und Gurguon
Make your home a safer, brighter and a better place with Harmonysnew series
1. Sew old keys into the lower hem of your window
curtains to make them hang straight.
Also makes a unique trimming.
2. Tie a number of keys together with a string and
attach them to a cola can to create a wind chime.
3. Use a long key as a letter opener, or to cut along
packing tape on sealed cardboard cartons.
4. Paint and use as a handle on the string of a bath-
room light or ceiling fan.

54-16 Wall to wall.qxp 10/24/08 12:21 PM Page 54
54-16 Wall to wall.qxp 10/24/08 12:21 PM Page 55

Living Media India Limited, A-61, Sector-57, Noida (U.P.)- 201301; Call: (95120) 2479900 from Delhi & Fbd;
(0120) 2479900 from Rest of India, Fax: (0120) 4078080;
: 0120-4078080.
54-16 Wall to wall.qxp 10/24/08 12:21 PM Page 56
54-16 Wall to wall.qxp 10/24/08 12:21 PM Page 57
harmony november 2008 60
Iace of cris !csa and
sofl siIks fragranl san
daIvood and aImosl
unreaI aIaces Mysore
eIudes easy definilion Il has a
refinemenl lhal makes il hard lo
beIieve lhal lhis vas once lhe
fabIed Iand of demons According
lo Iegend lhe nolorious demon
Mahishasura once resided in
Mysore Iessed vilh immorlaIily
by rahma Mahishasura slarled
lerrorising lhe gods oul of heaven
To end his menace goddess Durga
vanquished him afler nine days of
inlense combal lhe ceIebralion of
vhich is lhe Dussehra feslivaI
Though Mahishasura no Ionger
rovIs lhe cily of Mysore his
shadov sliII Iingers in ils name
Mysore is an angIicised version of
Manisnuru vhich means lhe abode
of Mahisha
I firsl visiled Mysore in vilh
lhe enlhusiasm of a videeyed
lourisl eager lo ack in as many
sighls in a singIe day Armed
vilh a guidebook I hil lhe main
lourisl lraiI and did a vhirIvind
lour of lhe recommended
holsols Having breezed lhrough
lhe sighls I came home lo
engaIuru vilh lhe hoIIov feeIing
lhal I had seen nolhing When I
relurned lo Mysore recenlIy I
decided lo foIIov a more IeisureIy
ace imbibing lhe cilys unique
Silualed km soulhvesl of
engaIuru Mysore is lhe shy
cousin of Indias siIicon vaIIey
lhough in no vay Iess accom
Iished many soflvare gianls
incIuding Wiro and Infosys have
lheir offices here and lhe cily is a
generous conlribulor lo
Karnalakas IT exorls Desile
lhe haIo of lechno buzz Mysore
conlinues lo be knovn as lhe cily
of aIaces AImosl every curve
and bend is a resligious address
of lhe royaI famiIy and lhere are
manyAmber ViIas ouIarIy
knovn as Mysore IaIace
}aganamohana ViIas vhich is nov
an arl gaIIery Ra|endra ViIas lhe
summer aIace silualed in
Chamundi HiIIs LaIilha MahaI
nov converled inlo a holeI and
}ayaIakshmi ViIas Iocaled in lhe
Mysore Universily remises
I slarled my soIilary so|ourn vilh
lhe Amber ViIas aIace vhich is
Iocaled in lhe hearl of lhe cily
roughIy km avay from lhe raiI
vay slalion Though you need
lo ay Rs as enlry fee lo lhe
aIace lhe grounds can be enlered
free of charge The buiIdings
exlerior is a fusion of Hindu and
MusIim archileclurevhal lhe
rilish referred lo as Indo
Saracenic uiIl belveen and
by archilecl Henry Irvin ils
cIearIy a Iabour of Iove Mosl visi
lors head slraighl lo lhe imres
sive aIace renovned for ils ved
ding chamber and Durbar HaII
vhich nov hosls lhe ResidenliaI
Museum There is a vasl array of
sIendid arlefacls on disIay bul I
vished lhere vas more informa
lion avaiIabIe on lheir origins On
second lhoughl I vondered
vhelher I shouId have hired one
of lhe rofessionaI guides vho
had greeled me al lhe enlrance
On seIecl ubIic hoIidays and
lhroughoul lhe day Dussehra
ceIebralions lhe aIace lurns inlo
a seclacuIar beacon for lourisls
ils vaIIs bedecked vilh
Iighl buIbs recise figures cour
lesy my guidebook On lhe dovn
side be reared for lhronging
crovds and ersevering havkers
seIIing souvenirsfrom inlricaleIy
carved vooden lrays lo sandaI
vood figurines and incense
slicksnexl lo lhe aIace gales
If you vanl lo escae lhe hordes
of lourisls you can visil any of
lhe smaII lemIes in lhe aIace
comound As for me I made a
quick lri lo lhe Someshvara
lemIe dedicaled lo Shiva and
lhe Lakshmiramana lemIe lhal
vorshis Vishnu
Shos vilhin lhe aIace grounds
are a good Iace lo buy Mysores
signalure offeringssiIk and san
daIvood The RoyaI House of
Mysore a sho ovned by
Stuart Forster comesback from Mysore feeling like royalty
Land of
etcetera l adventure
54-21 Travel Mysore.qxp 10/24/08 12:33 PM Page 60

54-21 Travel Mysore.qxp 10/24/08 12:33 PM Page 61
54-21 Travel Mysore.qxp 10/24/08 12:33 PM Page 62
Srikanladulla Wodeyar son of lhe
Iasl Mahara|a }ayachamara|a
Wodeyar offers an exquisile
choice of Mysore siIk saris Ior
once I foIIoved convenlion and
feIl obIiged lo urchase a fev san
daIvood incense slicks lo lake
back home
My so|ourn conlinued vilh
}aganamohana IaIace a former
royaI residence buiIl lo mark
Krishnara|a Wodeyar IVs corona
lion in Iarl of lhe aIace vas
converled inlo lhe Sri }ayachama
ra|endra Arl GaIIery in An
exlensive coIIeclion of arlvork
royaI arlefacls hunling lrohies
iclures of arislocralic galherings
and musicaI inslrumenls are
housed in lhe gaIIery vhich is
aIso famed for ils coIIeclion of
vorks by arlisl Ra|a Ravi Varma
and MysoreslyIe inIaid arlvork
Though lhe vasl coIIeclion is dis
Iayed in a ralher slaid manner
lhe magnilude of lhe coIIeclion
and lhe sheer finesse of lhe ainl
ings redeem lhe drab resenlalion
Afler having loured lvo aIaces in
succession I feIl overvheImed
vilh aII lhe ouIence and decided
lo exIore Iesserknovnand reI
aliveIy humbIerfacels of lhe cily
The grand archileclure of lhe ub
Iic buiIdings is a remnanl from lhe
days vhen lhe cily vas a royaI
cailaI and lhe key adminislralive
cenlre of Karnalaka WeIIinglon
uiIding on Irvin Road definileIy
varranls a visil even lhough ils
nol on lhe main lourisl lraiI Once
lhe seal of lhe commissioner lo
Mysore Slale il nov hosls lvo
museums Conslrucled in Iuro
ean slyIe il aIso served as lhe
residence of CoIoneI Arlhur
WeIIesIey vho Ialer became
knovn as lhe Duke of WeIIinglon
belveen and The
Governmenl Museum on lhe
ground fIoor exhibils lribaI arls
and crafls vhiIe lhe Slale Archae
oIogy Museum on lhe firsl fIoor
has an exlensive coIIeclion of
royaI orlrails Like many magni
ficenl ubIic buiIdings across lhe
cily lhe museum is badIy in need
of resloralion
The main roads of Mysore embo
dy ils hisloric siril They are
amazingIy slraighl as if adhering
lo slringenl miIilary recision
Slalues of nanaraja eer dovn
from ornale slruclures in lhe cen
lre of lhe slreel When I cIosed my
eyes for a minule I couId have
svorn I heard soIdiers lrooing
lovards lhe royaI figures inslead
of lhe bIaring urban lraffic
The slreels in Mysore come aIive
during Dussehra in Oclober
vhen royaI om and ceremony
is revived in fuII sIendour The
coIourfuI feslive arade comris
ing music bands labIeaux lorch
Iighl rocessions dance grous
and caarisoned eIehanls dravs
u lo a miIIion seclalors Al olher
quieler limes of lhe year visilors
can areciale lhe melicuIous
urban Ianning The broad ave
menls and Ieafy arks make vaIk
ing an undemanding exerience
so Iong as you discounl lhe miId
irrilalion of havkers seIIing osl
cards and fIules
Afler ounding lhe slreels for a
vhiIe I visiled lhe Sri Chama
ra|endra ZooIogicaI Gardens km
avay from lhe Mysore IaIace
IslabIished in lhe zoo
remains ouIar as much for ils
exlensive ark Iayoul as for ils
animaIs and is counled among lhe
november 2008 harmony 63
Dont try to pack in the sights in a day;
to explore its secrets at leisure, visit
Mysore for at least three days
(Opposite page, clockwise from left):
A colourful Devaraj Urs Market;
goddess Chamundeshwari to whom
Chamundi Temple is dedicated; the
Gothic style St. Philomena Church in
the north of the city; and the statue
of a Wodeyar monarch on one of the
many roundabouts on the streets
of Mysore; (right) dressing up an
elephant for the Dussehra
celebrations, when royal pomp is
unabashedly showcased
54-21 Travel Mysore.qxp 10/24/08 12:33 PM Page 63
etcetera l adventure
harmony november 2008 64
besl zoos in India Seniors aged
years and above receive a dis
counled rale of Rs normaI cosl
Rs on lhe mechanised lours
vilhin lhe zooIogicaI garden
Afler aII lhal sighlseeing I couId
nol resisl heading lo LaIilha MahaI
IaIace HoleI Localed on lhe easl
ern fringe of Mysore ils a grand
holeI buiIl lo receive royaI guesls
and dignilaries and relains an oId
vorId charm As I sied my
cua lhe holeI slaff regaIed me
vilh laIes of some famous guesls
incIuding Ieler SeIIers Richard
Allenborough and lhe vhos vho
of oIIyvood vho have slayed
lhere over lhe years You can even
exerience somelhing akin lo a
royaI arrivaI al lhe holeI orch
rides in a horsedravn carriage
embIazoned vilh lhe royaI cresl
are offered around lhe grounds
The friendIy foolman lhen escorls
guesls lo lhe sles of lhe holeI
The nexl morning I vas u and
earIy lo ick u some gifls from
lhe Devara| Urs Markel Silualed
in lhe cily cenlre lhe buslIing
bazaar chaIIenges lhe senses
Voices in Kannada discussing
deaIs echo among lhe slaIIs
righlIy coIoured dyes are heaed
in laII iIes The lanlaIising scenls
of incense slicks fighl vilh lhe
earlhier aromas of herbs sice and
fresh vegelabIes overIoading lhe
oIfaclory senses SleeI yourseIf
againsl lhe sugarcoaled charm of
lhe slaIIhoIders vho are used lo
coaxing lourisls argaining is a
riluaI in lhis markel vhose origins
can be lraced back over years
lo lhe reign of Tiu SuIlan
When lhe cacohony slarled gral
ing on my nerves I headed
lovards Sl IhiIomenas Church in
October to January
By air: Bengaluru airport
140 km awayis the nearest air-
port. Hire a tourist cab or try the
KSRTC busa Bengaluru-Mysore
bus ticket costs about Rs 190.
By train: There are daily trains
plying between Bengaluru,
Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi
(as well as from smaller cities)
and Mysore Junction, the citys
main station. Buses run every
5 minutes from Bengaluru
to Mysore.
Several budget hotels and lodging
houses are located near the city
bus stand, minutes away from the
palace grounds:
Hotel Govardhan, Sri Harsha
Road; Tariff: Rs 149 to Rs 900;
Tel: 0821-2434118, 2431960;
Hotel Maurya Residency,
Sri Harsha Road; Tariff: Rs 745 to
Rs 1,095; Tel: 0821-2523375;
Hotel Siddharta, Guest
House Road, Nazarbad;
Tariff: Rs 660 to Rs 1,260;
Tel: 0821-4280999, 4280888;
email hotelsiddharta@
Karnataka State Tourism
Development Corporation offers
sightseeing for Rs 125 per person.
The tour, from 8.30 am-8.30 pm,
covers Jaganamohana Palace; the
zoological garden; boating on
Karanji Lake; Chamundi Hills; the
Maharajas palace; St. Philomenas
Church; a trip to Srirangapatna;
Krishnarajasagar Dam; and
Vrindavan Gardens.
Mysore has a plethora of places
serving good but inexpensive
food. Idli and dosa are popular
tiffin items.
When it comes to sweets,
Mysore Pak is a must

54-21 Travel Mysore.qxp 10/24/08 12:33 PM Page 64
november 2008 harmony 65
lhe norlh of Mysore uiIl in
Golhic slyIe and reminiscenl of
Germanys famous lvinsire
CoIogne calhedraI lhe church vas
comIeled in IiIgrims come
from afar lo vorshi lhe revered
reIics of Sl IhiIomena and lhe
saricIad slalues of Virgin Mary
disIayed in lhe aisIes
IiIIed vilh soIace I geared u for
a lrek lo lhe Chamundi HiIIs alo
vhich is lhe famous Chamundi
lemIe dedicaled lo goddess
Chamundeshvaria form of god
dess Iarvali A smaII markel near
lhe lemIe seIIs souvenirs snacks
and refreshmenls The Ialler vere
eseciaIIy soolhing afler I cIimbed
lhe sles Ieading lo lhe lem
Ie The flhigh monoIilhic
Nandi divine buII slalue Iocaled
haIfvay u lhe hiIIs is a common
resling slo The garganluan buII
slained bIack from gncc is one of
lhe Iargesl in India My lri lo
Chamundi HiIIs concIuded vilh a
holo session vilh lhe coIourfuI
mouslachioed slalue of lhe knife
vieIding demon Mahishasura
Mosl eoIe refer lo ack in lhe
key sighls of Mysore in a quick
oneday lour Ior siIvers hovever
I recommend a lhreeday lri
vhere lhey can exIore aII lhe
secrels of lhe cily al Ieisure vilh
oul going lhrough a grind My
lri lo Mysore vouId have been
incomIele vilhoul a visil lo
Srirangaalna and lhe Vrindavan
Gardens reserved for my lhird
day Srirangaalna once lhe ov
erfuI cailaI of lhe slale of Mysore
is Iocaled km from Mysore Ils
famous for Tiu SuIlans aIace
Darya DauIal and lhe lh cenlury
Ranganalhasvamy TemIeone
of lhe mosl imorlanl Vaishnavile
cenlres of iIgrimage in lhe Soulh
A shorl dislance avay from
Srirangaalna vas lhe concIuding
oinl of my lhreeday visil
Vrindavan Gardens Localed al a
minule drive avay from lhe
cily cenlre lhese series of lerraced
gardens have rovided a slriking
backdro lo songanddance
sequences in many Indian movies
Sread over acres beIov lhe
Krishnara|asagar dam across lhe
river Cauvery lhe garden ils
musicaI founlains and Iush fIover
beds Iook elhereaI in lhe evening
As lhe goIden rays of lhe evening
sun casl a shimmering allern
across lhe Iake in lhe Vrindavan
Gardens I Ieave Mysore vilh a
romise lo relurn And be ench
anled once again
The Mysore Palace turns into a spectacular beacon every Sunday evening and during Dussehra
54-21 Travel Mysore.qxp 10/24/08 12:33 PM Page 65
harmony november 2008 66
he basic chaIIenge facing every gay
man in lhe vorId is universaI ShouId
one come oul And if so lo vhal degree
Having had lhe riviIege of Iiving in lhree
differenl conlinenls I can say in hindsighl
lhal lhis is lhe singIe biggesl issue The dif
ferences Iie in hov lhis is Iayed oul and
lhe imacl of lhis aclion on ones ovn Iife
The Indian exerience is IargeIy of nol
coming oul and lhere are lhe usuaI reasons
for lhal Ils iIIegaI lo begin vilh Ils reaIIy
nol soken of much so lhe ossibiIily of misunder
slanding vhal il acluaIIy means is very high Here il
has become soIeIy connecled lo lhe sexuaI acl ilseIf
ConsequenlIy il seems somevhal overinduIgenl lo
bring il u in oIile sociely On lhe olher hand a
Iarge number of eoIe aear lo induIge
in |usl lhe sexuaI arl of il The UN has
deveIoed a arlicuIar calegory for lhis
MSM Men vho have Sex vilh Men
Nov lhis is nol vhal I am laIking aboul
The gay idenlily is one lhal is more akin
lo feminism Ils a rebullaI of lradilionaI
mores reIaling lo lhe organisalion of mar
riage and roerly Ils nol surrising lhal
mosl of lhe hysleria and lhe IegaI sanclions
surrounding il erlain lo men ie roerly ralher
lhan vomen My dad couIdnl see hov being gay
couId ossibIy inlerfere vilh his Ians for my mar
riage and reservalion of lhe famiIy roerly and lhe
necessary rocrealion for maIe heirs The reason ve
Celebrating sexuality
Sunil Gupta, author of Wish You Were Here: Memories of a Gay Life, speakson his
motivation behind the book



54-22 Books.qxp 10/24/08 12:34 PM Page 66
l etcetera
november 2008 harmony 67
couId even begin lhis discussion al home vas because
I had chosen lo come oul al a reIaliveIy earIy age
vhen I vas in |unior coIIege IorlunaleIy for me I
vas in MonlreaI |usl afler lhe birlh of gay Iiberalion
Here vas a ossibiIily of a cuIlure lhal vas beyond
lhe sexuaI acl Afler lhe slraighl |ackel of formaI edu
calion in DeIhi suddenIy I couId read and vrile
aboul vho I reaIIy vas Il became aarenl lhal lhe
burden of guiIl lhal I vas carrying had lo be dilched
I had lo come oul lo lhe famiIy so lhal il vas no
Ionger my secrel The burden of lrying lo under
sland vhal I vas becoming had lo be shared vilh
lhem if ve vere going lo conlinue lo be cIose
The easy arl vas lo leII lhem I vas gay Whal I did
nl reaIise vas lhal il vouId lhen lake many years lo
resoIve lhis issue Im nol sure if I managed lo con
vince eilher arenl aboul my osilion bul neilher did
I have lo give in lo lhe demands of gelling married lo
an unsusecling arlner ul il vouId have heIed lo
have Iileralure or cuIlure coming on lhe sub|ecl from
lhe Indian subconlinenl
Which brings me lo lhe reason vhy I lhoughl I
shouId make such a book al lhis oinl in India Il
may seem redundanl given lhe reach of lhe Inlernel
bul Gaulam han lhe series edilor and Arila Das
lhe ubIisher ersuaded me lhal lhere vas an urgenl
need for sexuaIily and homosexuaIily lo be addressed
in rinl in India in a vay lhal vas nol resenling il as
a robIem So arlIy lhe book is lo heI eoIe
areciale lhal lhere are gay Indian men vho are
managing lo make a Iife for lhemseIves And mosl
significanlIy lhal lhe gay asecl is |usl one of lhe
many reIalionshis lhal lhey have in lheir Iifelime
incIuding lhe ones lhal lhey have vilh lheir famiIies
and friends I had reciseIy lhis audience in mind
gay eoIe lheir famiIies and lheir friends To say
yes you can be gay and sliII Iive your Iife lhe vay
you vanl lo and remain Indian al lhe same lime
(Opposite) A billboard in New York advertising a gay television channel is an example of how quickly change can come once
the law is reformed; (above) my mother had converted her living room wall in her house in Canada into her family album;
Stuart Hall, a leading left wing Black intellectual who suggested that I should go to India while I was still working
54-22 Books.qxp 10/24/08 12:34 PM Page 67
harmony november 2008 68
halever lhe oulcome
of lhe currenl IegaI
chaIIenge lo lhe conslilu
lionaI vaIidily of Seclion
of lhe IIC il shouId be of
IillIe concern lo me Il viII
change nolhing for me I
have Iearnl lo Iive vilh lhe
Iav and lo hoId my head
high I am aImosl cerlain
lhal I viII nol be erseculed under lhis Iav Yel il is
imorlanl for me lhal lhis inhuman Iav shouId go so
lhal miIIions of eoIe do nol have lo Iive in fear and
shame bolh of vhich I have knovn And beIieve me
lhe fear is very reaI As reaI as lhe exerience of lhe
young man vho vas sexuaIIy used by four oIicemen
because lhey caughl him silling on a bench in a ark
hoIding his friends hand his olher arm around his
friends shouIders The shame can be so demeaning
lhal il causes leenagers lo lake lheir Iives |usl because
lhey are conslanlIy and crueIIy reminded lhal in some
vays lhey are differenl from lheir eers
elveen lhe fear and lhe shame lhe individuaI Ioses
his seIfesleem and his conscience He Iearns lo
inslincliveIy Iaugh al derisive |okes aboul eoIe Iike
him vilhoul rolesl He inlernaIises homohobia
slays in lhe cIosel and lhus becomes an aclive arlici
anl in erelualing homohobia The viclimised
becomes lhe viclimiser In order lo hide he enlers
inlo a marriage lhal is a sham excel for lhe rocre
alion vhich is assumed lo be a sacred sociaI duly
ShouId such a high remium be Iaced on rocre
alion loday ShouId chiIdren be born inlo famiIies
lhal are based on decelion ShouId a Iav lhal is lhe
bedrock of such a damaging mindsel be relained I
have Iived vilh lhe shame of being a erverl I have
Gay and Grey
Be proud of your sexuality,
saysSaleem Kidwai
54-22 Books.qxp 10/24/08 12:34 PM Page 68
l etcetera
november 2008 harmony 69
knovn fear Gay and grey I am no Ionger ashamed
or afraid This is lhe reason vhy I vas in courl hear
ing Shyam Divan lhe counseI for Voices againsl
Seclion make his assionale argumenls slressing
lhe in|uslice lo aboul er cenl of lhe cilizens of
India The granling of |uslice lo lhem viII nol curb
anyone eIses righls excel erhas lheir righl lo Iive
in an imaginary vorId vhere homosexuaIs do nol
exisl anyvhere eseciaIIy in lheir ovn famiIies
A ersons sexuaIily is delermined earIy on and doc
lors and sychoIogisls vorIdvide nov agree lhal
nolhing can be done lo change il Denying him or her
dignily and an idenlily because il mighl offend cur
renl or ouIar nolions of ubIic moraIily is grossIy
inhuman AIso unaccelabIe is lhe vioIence and
bIackmaiI lhal is associaled vilh Seclion The
slale is guiIly of serious vioIalions of human righls if
il conlinues lo abel lhe deslruclion of lhe seIfvorlh
of miIIions of ils cilizens
Al lhe age of lormenled aboul my sexuaIily I Iefl
Lucknov lhe cily vhere I vas born I couId easiIy
have slumbIed inlo an abyss had an oIder femaIe
friend nol loId me lhal if I did nol accel myseIf no
one eIse vouId Il vas lhe visesl advice a friend
couId give The couIe of decades lhal foIIoved vere
never easy bul lhe slruggIe nol lo be ashamed of
myseIf grev easier And aII lhal misery and IoneIi
ness became a dislanl memory lhe momenl I vas
ready lo leII lhe vorId vhal my cIose famiIy and
many friends and acquainlances aIready knev The
freedom from fear is an exhiIaralion lhal causes lhe
ain of lhe asl lo fade
Im back in Lucknov roud gay and siIver IeoIe
vho care aboul such lhings knov aboul my orienla
lion No one makes homohobic |okes in my resence
and no one is disreseclfuI No one caIIs me nasly
names vilhin my hearing and vhal I donl hear
doesnl hurl me
Sa|ccn Ki!uai is a uriicr an! gaq aciitisi |asc! in Iuckncu
(From left to right) Paolo was HIV Positive and agreed to let me take
a very intimate set of pictures for a special art exhibition held in the
back of a gay porn shop in Kings Cross, London; Gay Pride in Delhi,
held in July this year, was an emotional moment which drew hun-
dreds of people from all over India; at the wedding of my friends
Jeese and David, one of the first gay couples to get legally married
in the state of Massachusetts
54-22 Books.qxp 10/24/08 12:34 PM Page 69
harmony november 2008 70
rovocalive vriler unafraid lo lackIe loics such
as sex incesl and roslilulion 5aadat Hasan
Mantn ubIished coIIeclions of shorl slories
one noveI five coIIeclions of radio Iays
lhree coIIeclions of essays and lvo coIIeclions
of ersonaI skelches before dying from cir
rhosis al lhe age of NAKED VOICES:
Rs ages an ecIeclic seIeclion of his
vork lransIaled from Urdu by Rakshanda }aIiI
is roof enough lhal more lhan years afler
his dealh lhe imacl of his vords remains |usl
as slrong In Sharifan decenl famiIy men bIinded
by rage lurn murderers and raisls during Iarlilion
Saadal Hasan reveaIs Manlos candid ercelion of
himseIf as a man and vriler SIivers and SIivereens
is a searing lake on oIilics in Kashmir and oIili
cians everyvhere The Maker of Marlyrs is a
macabre laIe of a rulhIess businessman vho
is abIe lo |uslify anylhingeven murder
by invoking lhe name of God And y lhe
Roadside is an aching Iamenl for a voman
forced lo abandon her iIIegilimale baby afler
giving birlh }usl some gems in a coIIeclion
lhal reveaIs Manlos consummale undersland
ing of lhe faIIibiIily and hyocrisy of man
rogress is nol a lerm Indians lradilionaIIy
associale vilh governmenl dearlmenls
ADMINISTRATION Ienguin Inlerrise Rs
ages aims lo change lhal vievin vain
Scriled by lhe Dearlmenl of Adminislralive
Reforms and IubIic Grievances and lhe Minislry of
IersonneI IubIic Grievances and Iensions il Iooks
al adminislralive marveIs in Indiafrom elickel
ing in lhe RaiIvays lo lhe Righl lo Informalion Acl
from reducing malernaI morlaIily in TamiI Nadu lo
communily oIicing in Trichy and from conserva
lion of rolecled areas in Ullarakhand lo lhe NirmaI
Gu|aral Mission for cIeanIiness in lhe slale These
sludies are sel againsl exam
Ies from across lhe vorId
erformance incenlives for
sociaI agencies in Kenya erfor
mance measures in lhe US on
vhich budgeling for sociaI agen
cies deends and educalionaI
reforms in AuslraIia
UnforlunaleIy vhal couId have been
an inlroseclive Iook al our governmenl in
aclion ends u as a seIfcongraluIalory book
vhere lhe governmenl does nol bolher lo credil any
nongovernmenl efforls for change Ior inslance
hov can lhe conlribulion of aclivisls in imIemenl
ing lhe Righl lo Informalion Acl be ignored
A|| iii|cs arc atai|a||c ai Oxjcr! Bccksicrc Kc|kaia Banga|crc Mun|ai Gca an! Ncu Oc|ni an! cn vvvoxford
an|u Kapur venlures inlo
}huma Lahiri lerrilory
Random House Rs
ages This is lhe laIe of
somelhing Nina an IngIish
Ieclurer in DeIhi Universily
vho desile her arehensions
agrees lo marry Ananda an NRI
denlisl in Canada WhiIe menlaIIy
reared for lhe isoIalion and aIienalion lhal
inevilabIy foIIov Nina finds il harder lo coe vilh
her husbands sexuaI dysfunclion Lefl vilh no
choice bul lo reIearn her Iife she lraveIs nev
roadsacademicaIIy and sociaIIyIeading lo lhe
disinlegralion of her marriage As vilh her earIier
vork Oijjicu|i Oaugnicrs Hcnc Kaur orlrays
middIecIass Iife vilh sensilivily and undersland
ing The characler of Nina eseciaIIy is crafled vilh
a sense of kindred comIicilyKaur is aIso an
IngIish Ieclurer al DeIhi Universilyand you gel a
vivid iclure of Iife and sociely in lhe cailaI during
lhe lime of lhe Imergency vhen lhe slory is sel
UnforlunaleIy Kaur reads Iess assured once lhe
focus of lhe slory shifls overseas foIIoving Ninas
marriage and aears dislinclIy iII al ease vhiIe
brealhing Iife inlo Anandas characler and his sexu
aI robIems described ralher uncomforlabIy The
resuIl an accomIished vriler oulside her comforl
zone Iily
54-22 Books.qxp 10/24/08 12:34 PM Page 70
november 2008 harmony 71
etcetera l at large
fev veeks ago my
son carried a mag
azine lo his acling
cIassone vhich had
me on lhe cover and
inside an eIaborale six
age fashion sread lhal I had osed for He caIIed
me Iale in lhe day and said My friends refuse lo
beIieve you are my molher They say you Iook no
oIder lhan His remark look me back many
years lo lhe earIy s vhen I vas dancing in Nev
York vilh my molher InvariabIy ve vere inlro
duced as lhe Sarabhai sislers And I remember
being bolh Ieased and amused
My advenlures vilh being fil slarled young Al
I vas a fal and Iazy youngsler One day my molher
sIim and urighlasked me if I aIvays vanled lo
vaIk Iike a duck The remark rallIed me enough lo
give u my diel of rice buller and sugar I slarled
aying more allenlion lo my gail and slarled vaIk
ing slraighler And before I knev il I feII in Iove
vilh saIads
Il vasnl onIy or even rimariIy
aboul Iooking good Il vas aboul feeI
ing greal Ready lo go lo lake any
lhing on lo sel off and be on a buzz
Hovever sIovIy as lhe years venl
by my body slarled leIIing me
lhingsvhal il vanled and vhal I
vas deriving il of Ior many years I
slruggIed vilh vhal I lhoughl vere
vrong messages from my body liII I
finaIIy reaIised lhal il had a counler
and a mind of ils ovn and I shouId lrusl il Of
course lhal didnl mean induIging vhen my mind
loId me I needed lo sIurge il simIy meanl being
discerning in reaIIy Iislening lo my bodys needs
ralher lhan lo sighl or smeII lemlalions and
assume lhey vere signaIs lhal my body vanled me
lo resond lo
Ior me lhe firsl signs of ageing vere lhe sliffening
of my knees a fev years ago Though my |oinls had
nol slarled rolesling IoudIy enough lhe sIighl
sliffening vas a reminder lhal lhe aches and ains
vere sIovIy occuying a Iace in my body Then
again I noliced dancers haIf my age in lhe grou
comIaining of lhe same lhing Oh I reassured
myseIf erhas lhal is nol age calching u
Wilh years as lhe aches became a common he
nomenon I lhoughl I vasnl slricl enough and
redoubIed my efforls al slaying agiIe esides yoga
and Iong hours of dancing I slarled avoiding lhe
eIevalor look lhe slairs and felched lhings myseIf
inslead of asking il lo be handed over lo me aII
Iearnl from my molher And Iasl bul nol lhe Ieasl I
aIso slarled going lo lhe gym
As I made lhese IifeslyIe changes I sav friends and
coIIeagues Ielling go lhey vere roserous bul
unveII and unvieIdy They didnl undersland lhal
our body is our onIy reaI lemIe and il is in our
hands lo kee il risline Il is nol aboul vanily Il is
aboul vaIuing our lemIe lhe amaz
ing myslery lhal is our body lhe
onIy one ve have Il is aboul kee
ing ourseIves in li lo condilion so
lhal ve can be of use lo olhers lo do
lhe lasks ve have sel for ourseIves
lo make changes in lhe vorId
around us and in lhe Iives of eoIe
around us Il is lo ensure lhal ve
hoId lhe sunshine in ourseIves even
vhen lhe vorId oulside gels dark
so lhal ve can Iead lhe vay
Today I am slricl vilh myseIf Al lhe same lime I
amer myseIf my face my skin and my body I
feeI good I Iook good olh are very imorlanl If I
Iook good il is bul a refIeclion of hov I feeI I have
reaIised lhal beauly has nolhing lo do vilh age
Age afler aII is onIy a numbernol our desliny
If I look good it is
but a reflection of
how I feel. I have
realised that
beauty has nothing
to do with age
Ma||ika Sara|nai is a Kucnipu!i an! Bnarainaiqan !anccr |asc! in Annc!a|a!
You are only asbeautiful asyou want to be, saysMallika Sarabhai
Beauty truths
54-23 At large.qxp 10/24/08 12:32 PM Page 71
harmony november 2008 72
Afler an amazing career sanning
years Jchangir 5abava!a heId his lh
soIo exhibilion al Sakshi GaIIery in
Mumbai Iasl monlh MoslIy oiIs lhe
ainlings for |iccrsc look lvo and a haIf
years lo comIele SabavaIa leIIs
Harncnq SIighlIy aulobiograhicaI lhere
is some exerimenlalion some Iooking
back some Iooking inlo lhe fulure
SabavaIa senl eighl years sludying arl in
London and Iaris afler gradualing from
Mumbais Sir }} schooI of Arl in his
firsl soIo exhibilion vas heId in Ta| MahaI
HoleI Mumbai in The ronounced
inlernalionaI louch gives his vork a dis
lincl idenlily The deIicale lexlures sublIe
aIelle and imagery in his ainlings are
very differenl from lhe boId Iines and
coIours of conlemorary arlisls Iike M I
Husain and Tyeb Mehla My arl is an
amaIgam of lhe academic imressionisl
and cubisl slyIes vhich over lhe years has
evoIved inlo a unique slyIe of my ovn
he adds A DVD and CD documenling his
Iife and vorks viII be reIeased shorlIy
Recognised as lhe oIdesl Iiving man by Guinness ook
of WorId Records Iasl year Tnmn|i Tanabc ceIebraled
his lh birlhday on Selember Im veII I eal a
Iol says lhe former cily Iand surveyor vho Iives
vilh his son and daughlerinIav in homelovn
Miyakono|o on }aans soulhern isIand of Kyushu
Iresenled vilh fIovers and a gianl lea cu inscribed
vilh his name and dale of birlh by lhe IocaI mayor
Tanabe leIIs reorlers he vanls lo Iive anolher five
years or soa sIighl dovngrade from Iasl year vhen
he said he vanled lo Iive for infinily He beIieves
drinking miIk ealing reguIar meaIs and avoiding aIco
hoI is lhe key lo Iongevily The cenlenarian ouIa
lion in }aan er cenl being vomenhas more
lhan doubIed in lhe Iasl six years reaching a record
lhis year According lo UN ro|eclions il is
execled lo reach nearIy miIIionlhe vorIds


54-28 HPeople.qxp 10/24/08 2:01 PM Page 72
l etcetera
november 2008 harmony 73
One of lhe vorIds mosl ouIar and biggeslseIIing music arlisls of
aII lime vilh record saIes exceeding miIIion coies vorIdvide
Tina Turncrs brand nev slage shov in more lhan eighl years
oened on Oclober Wearing a bIack sequinned dress and inch
high heeIs lhe eighllime Grammy Avard vinner beIled oul Sicanq
Win!cus before an slrong audience in Kansas Cily Amid deaf
ening aIause she said Im gIad lo be here loo The mosl success
fuI femaIe rock arlisl of aII lime Turner roves lhal al she has
vhal il lakes lo be simIy lhe besl SeIIing more concerl lickels lhan
any olher soIo erformer in hislory her lour Tucniq |cur Sctcn vas
lhe highesl grossing lour in and lhe lh biggesl grossing lour in
America ever Turners Iongavailed lour running across lhe US and
Iuroe fealures hils sanning her enlire career and viII concIude in
A documenlary fiIm by Irem|il
Ramachandran on lhe Iife and
vork of Ba!krishna Dnshi
recenlIy remiered in Ahmed
abad Doshiarchilecl academi
cian and inslilulion buiIdervas
inslrumenlaI in invoIving Louis
Kahn for designing lhe Indian
Inslilule of Managemenl
Ahmedabad in lhe earIy s
I aIvays comare Le Carbousier
lo an acrobal because he Ioved lo
exerimenl he leIIs Harncnq
and Louis Kahn lo yoga as he
vanled lo discover lhe siriluaIily
in buiIdings The Iadma Shri
reciienl beIieves lhal archilecls
have lo resond lo gIobaI lrends
bul remain IocaI Reacling lo lhe
ombay High Courl decision
aIIoving redeveIomenl of re
buiIdings he says UnIess
lhe sliuIalion considers reercus
sions of margin densily fire and
vehicuIar nelvork ilII be disas
lrous lo deveIo lhe siles Doshi
had acceled lhe andraKurIa
comIex ro|ecl in Mumbai on lhe
underslanding lhal lhere vouId be
no obslrucling comound vaII
The absence of vaIIs vouId Iel
eoIe move freeIy he says If
vaIIs come u ilII become Iike
Nariman Ioinl in years H
54-28 HPeople.qxp 10/24/08 2:01 PM Page 73
Awardcd This years NobeI Ieace
Irize lo Martti Ahtisaari for
mer Iinnish residenl and Uniled
Nalions envoy According lo lhe
Norvegian NobeI Commillee
Ahlisaari had been chosen for his
imorlanl efforls on severaI con
linenls and over more lhan lhree
decades lo resoIve inlernalionaI
confIicls An oulslanding inlerna
lionaI medialor his successes
incIude heIing secure Namibias
indeendence from Soulh Africa
in ending lhe lhree decade
Iong confIicl belveen Indonesia
and lhe free Aceh Movemenl
rebeIs in brokering lhe deaI
ending NATOs Kosovo air
camaign as veII as medialing in
oIilicaI crisis in Iraq Norlhern
IreIand CenlraI Asia and lhe Horn
of Africa
Ioel Di!ip Chitrc lurned on Selember
CeIebraled arlisl Maqbnn! Fida Husain lurned on Selember
MeIody queen Lata Mangcshkar lurned on Selember
harmony november 2008 74
Awardcd NDTV Irofils
Lifelime Achievemenl Avard
lo K V Kamath managing
direclor and chief execulive offi
cer of ICICI ank Limiled
Iresidenl of lhe Confederalion
of Indian Induslry and a board
member of IIM Ahmedabad and
ManiaI Universily Kamalh
slarled his career in al
ICICI an Indian financiaI inslilu
lion lhal founded ICICI ank
and merged vilh il in
Reileraling his beIief lhal lhe
Indian economy is IikeIy lo dou
bIe every six lo seven years
Kamalh added lhal lhe currenl
financiaI inslabiIily shouId
resoIve in six monlhs lo a year
and lhe economy viII be back on
lrack for a er cenl grovlh
Awardcd The Insiralion
Irize lo NobeI Iaureale and
eminenl economisl Amartya
5cn Jnhn Thnrntnn a Iead
ing exerl on USChina reIa
lions and former residenl
of lhe inveslmenl bank
GoIdman Sachs aIso
received lhe avard given by
reaklhrough an inlerna
lionaI human righls organi
salion vorking in India
and lhe US Irofessor of
Iconomics al Harvard
Universily in oslon Sen
has vrillen exlensiveIy on sociaI and economic deveIomenl vilh
focus on inequaIily slalus of vomen and need for educalion Aulhor
and former UN undersecrelary generaI Shashi Tharoor resenled lhe
avards al reaklhroughs fourlh benefil gaIa dinner in Manhallan
Il vas allended by many rominenl Indian Americans
54-28 HPeople.qxp 10/24/08 2:01 PM Page 74
l etcetera
Noled economisl academician and aulhor Gangadhar Gnpa! Gadgi! endorsed
rivalisalion and gIobaIisalion and firmIy beIieved lhal ISUs vere a hindrance for
lhe nalions deveIomenl A Ieader of lhe consumer movemenl he vas arl of lhe
Mumbai Grahak Ianchayal A slaIvarl of Maralhi Iileralure he beIieved slories
shouId be reaIislic and refIecl reaI Iife Associaled vilh resligious Iilerary inslilu
lions he served as vice residenl of Sahilya Akademi from Reciienl
of severaI avards incIuding lhe Sahilya Akademi Avard for |ka Mungicnc
Mana|naraia in his noled vorks incIude Gan!narta Yug and Our!anqa AIso a
feIIov of lhe RockefeIIer Ioundalion GadgiI died al lhe age of on Selember
Iounding member and
keyboard Iayer of
ouIar s band
Iink IIoyd Richard
Wright vas one of lhe
biggesl names in rock
He covrole five songs
for Tnc Oark Si!c cj inc
Mccn in one of
lhe besl seIIing aIbums
everil senl years
on lhe iIIboard
aIbum charl Wrighl aIso vrole music and sang for
cIassic aIbums Iike Mc!!|c Wisn Ycu Wcrc Hcrc and
Iink IIoyds finaI sludio aIbum Tnc Oitisicn Bc|| In
lhe earIy s Wrighl Iefl lhe band afler faIIing oul
vilh Roger Walers during Tnc Wa|| sessions bul
re|oined in He died on Selember afler a
shorl ballIe vilh cancer He vas
november 2008 harmony 75
Winning an aIIIndia singing comelilion gave Amrlisarborn
Mahcndra Kapnnr his firsl break as Iayback singer in Insired
by Mohammad Rafi vhom he considered his guru Kaoor sang Aa!na
Hai Cnan!ra Ma |aai Aa!ni under music direclor C Ramchandra
During a career sanning five decades he sang aboul songs in
various regionaI Ianguages esides making his name synonymous
vilh alriolic songs Mcrc Ocsn Ki Onarii from fiIm Upkaar von him lhe
resligious NalionaI Avard His memorabIe hils incIude Cna|c |k Baar
Pnir Sc Gunran and Ncc|c Gagan Kc Taa|c Hunraaz oIIyvood Iosl
one of ils besl voices vhen Kaoor died al his Mumbai residence on
Selember He vas
Nominaled for nine
Academy Avards Pau!
Ncwman finaIIy von il
for his roIe as an ageing
ooI shark in Tnc Cc|cur
cj Mcncq in In lhe
s vhen mosl slars
of lhe revious decade
vere forgollen Nevman
slarred in severaI ma|or
fiIms mosl nolabIy Buicn
Cassi!q an! inc Sun!ancc
Ki! in a roIe lhal is nov Iegendary esides slarring
in fiIms Iike Cai cn a Hci Tin |ccj Tnc Husi|cr Tnc
|xc!us and Ccc| Han! Iukc he aIso direcled a num
ber of fiIms Remembered nol onIy for his acling bul
aIso his humanilarian vork lhe ovner of an incred
ibIe air of bIue eyes succumbed lo Iung cancer on
Selember al lhe age of
54-28 HPeople.qxp 10/24/08 2:01 PM Page 75
harmony november 2008 76
By Raju Bharatan
1Lok Sabha AII Rounder Wilhoul
Ieer in Indira Gandhis rime

9Coes vilh a Kangaroo quickie
againsl vhom Viv Richards
foughl a raciaI ballIe as reveaIed
in lhal voIaliIe Caribbeans biog
10Landing al lhe recise oinl you
vanl going round lhe gIobe

11Vy|ayanlimaIa in lhis ataiar
vhich heroine couId ossibIy
IookaIike in a Ma!nunaii
12High }um of lhe Season sum
ming u digilaIIy
13A graduale sisler foundalion

17OnIy reason vhy lhis comiIer is
referred lo beIov as lhe origi
nalor of lhe Sunday Crylic
18Iasy lo remove relrenchmenl in
22Al Ius Dance Wizard } }
Rodriguez is rooled as he is in
Soulh ombay
23Tnc Diana
24DolbaII Or dolbaII nolcher in
25Ullar Iradesh on Nayyar Of
The Iun|abi eal Hov Iong
Shanker}aikishan vere inaca
To did so deend
26Shakesearian Iay Iine foIIoving
Cyrus Member of lhe Order of lhe
rilish Imire
2 Inn sinking Dee rising found vanling

3IxiloII lime TV reference lo lhose
cruciaI lo making u lhe numbers
4Imagine Hrishikesh Mukher|ee said
Iack u lhe momenl he sav lhe
}uhi ChavIaAniI Kaoor air reach
ing for il during lhe shooling of jncci
Bc|c Kauua Kaaic
5Hov viIdIy varianl il is as raclised
by Henry Kissinger lhen CondoIeezza
Rice nov as far as foreign reIalions
vilh India go
6The onIy vay Viru Sehvag knovs lo
lhrov a doubIe cenluryceIebralory
7WieIded in slyIe by Man Of The
Malch Zaheer Khan in observing lhal
Ricky Ionling Co couIdnl gel ha||i
and Zak oul in lhe angaIore Tesl

14WouId imaI Roy vorking in any
lhing bul bIackandvhile have
15Lozenge giving Nevlon his big idea

16Whal lhere viII be for Sachin in Team

India even afler Sourav AniI and
RahuI go
19The one dislurbing lhing our cosiIy
married househoIdcouIes do nol
vanl lo see
20AII lhal lhey found vhen lhey firsl
dug u Vi|ay Merchanls rabourne
Sladium vickel
21Somelhing Imran Khan had lo say lo
Zaheer Abbas al onedovn elernaIIy
suerslilious as lhal vorIdcIass bals
man vas lo slarl vilh vhere il came
lo lhe momenl lo sle oul
|cr ansucrs scc Pagc
TIPS FOR BEGINNERS: A vhoIe variely of cIues goes inlo framing a crylic uzzIe Ior inslance lhe anagram The cIue here
couId be Unrcsiing cppcncni cj auincriiq Unrcsiing being lhe Iellers of insurgcni rearranged Anolher variely of cIue is lhe aIin
dromeO|||||O vhen vieved backvard or vhen vieved u in a Dovn cIue reads O|||||O aII lhe vay Nexl lhere couId be lhe
cIue Ieller ansver reading Ccnp|cic ticu cj !augnicr san!uicnc! |ciuccn parcnisPANO|AMA PANO|AMA The
Ieller soIulion lo lhe cIue Tnc jrancucrk cj cur ccnsiiiuiicn is SK|I|TON Al limes vhal Iooks slraighl couId rove lricky Ior
examIe lhe cIue Hcu uc sian!has UN|T|O for ils Ieller ansver The cIue Hcu uc ja|| has O|V|O|O for ils Ieller ansver
Raju Bharatanisthe originator of the SundayCryptic crossword in The Times of India, where he set the first 1,500 puzzles
54-29 Headstart.qxp 10/23/08 6:10 PM Page 76
l etcetera
november 2008 harmony 77
Ncw tcrms that havc madc thcir appcarancc in
ncwspapcrs magazincs bnnks wcbsitcs and nthcr
rccnrdcd snurccs
sncia! nntwnrking pp Surfing a sociaI nelvorking sile
inslead of vorking AIso sncia! nntwnrking
sncia! nntwnrkcr n
Examp!c Ils lime businesses faced u lo Iacebook
Some users vasle hours on sncia! nntwnrking siles
bul a genlIe hinl may vork beller lhan a ban
DanieI Robinson Ils lime businesses faced u lo
Iacebook |T Wcck Oclober
burqini n A svimsuil lhal conforms lo IsIamic dress
code arlicuIarIy one lhal covers lhe enlire body
excel lhe face hands and feel AIso burkini Iend
of |urqa and |ikini
Examp!c Many redicled heighlened raciaI lensions
al Sydneys beaches Inslead CronuIIa has become
lhe scene of reconciIialion vilh young men and
vomen lraining lhere lo
become AuslraIias firsl
MusIim Iifeguards Lasl veek
end lhey received lhe bronze
medaIIions lhal quaIify lhem
lo alroI beaches and rescue
svimmers from lhe surf
Among lhem vere a number
of vomen vearing a nevIy
designed headloloe svim
suil dubbed lhe burqini The
lvoiece oulfilfealuring
Ieggings a Ioose lo and a
head coveringenabIes lhem
lo carry oul lheir lasks vhiIe
conforming lo lhe IsIamic
dress code
Kalhy Marks urqini
babes go on alroI on Sydneys
beaches Tnc |n!cpcn!cni
London Iebruary
We have |usl enough reIigion lo make us hale bul nol
enough lo make us Iove one anolher
AngIolrlsh sutlrlst ]onuthun Sulft
A cheeky nev mobiIe ring
lone Ccn!cn Ccn!cn is lhe
Ialesl offensive againsl HIV
A massive TV and radio
camaign funded by lhe iII
and MeIinda Gales
Ioundalion and roduced by
C WorId Service Trusl are
romoling lhe ringlone
vhich aims lo make condom
use more sociaIIy accelabIe
in India Il can be dovnIoad
ed from uuuccn!cnccn
!cncrgil vas reorledIy
dovnIoaded more lhan
limes vilhin days
of ils Iaunch in Augusl
54-29 Headstart.qxp 10/23/08 6:10 PM Page 77
harmony november 2008 78
Trace a alh lhal asses lhrough each hexagon once
and Ieads lo a lrue equalion The usuaI order of oer
alions is used muIliIicalion and division before
addilion and sublraclion
Change lhe Iacemenl of lvo slicks and converl lhe
arrangemenl inlo four squares
Arrange lhe lhreeIeller sels inlo meaningfuI vords
one of vhich viII sel lhe calegory for lhe resl
murkcting n A form or markeling vhere lhe rod
ucl or service is nol menlioned or shovn Iend of
nurkq and narkciing
murkctcr n
Examp!c TradilionaIIy a comany lhal sols a
sudden markel oorlunily resonds by gearing
ads lovard lhe nev cuslomers ul NeaI Slevarl
Iabsls markeling vhiz had sludied No Logo
Naomi KIeins anlicororale manifeslo and he
underslood lhal overl commerciaI messages vouId
lurn off an audience susicious of cailaIism Thus
lhe comany shunned ceIebrily endorsemenls
Kid Rock had been inleresledand devoled ils
budgel inslead lo murkcting sonsoring a series of
unIikeIy galherings across lhe counlry Like some
kind of smaIIscaIe NalionaI Indovmenl for lhe
Arls for young American oulsider cuIlure Iabsl
aid lhe biIIs al bike messenger conlesls skale
boarder movie screenings and arl and indie ub
Iishing gellogelhers And Red uII is lhoughl lo
have senl hundreds of miIIions of doIIars on
sleaIlh evenls financing comelilions for among
olher lhings kileboarding video gaming and
Iarhad Man|oo randed Tnc Ncu Ycrk Tincs
dcIricnd t To remove a erson from ones Iisl of
friends on a sociaI nelvorking sile AIso dcIricnd
Examp!c Afler }erome KervieI Iosl his emIoyer
Irench inveslmenl bank Sociele GeneraIe biI
Iion he aIso Iosl seven of his friends on Iace
book Smarl move by lhose exfriends You never
knov vhos Iooking al your rofiIe Of course al
some oinl you mighl be in a simiIar silualion
ecause lhis kind of lhing haens aII lhe lime
So heres hov lo dcIricnd lhal guy vho |usl venl
inlo hiding afler Iosing biIIion
Hov lo slo being Iacebook friends vilh lhal
guy vho Iosl biIIion Va||cqWag
Sha is baI ira laz
Nal Acl u|a lru rak
Wa| Iel nad |ee zee
Hee Mum lan sha dra
Gan Shi len ors ra|
54-29 Headstart.qxp 10/23/08 6:10 PM Page 78
l etcetera
november 2008 harmony 79
Think you knov il aII Read on
The hearls of shrims are in lheir heads
The vord checkmale comes from lhe Iersian
hrase snan nai vhich means lhe king is dead
The navaI rank of AdmiraI is derived from lhe
Arabic hrase anir a| |anr vhich means Iord of
lhe sea
Leonardo Da Vinci invenled lhe scissors
The dol over lhe Ieller i is caIIed a lillIe
SiraI slaircases in medievaI caslIes run cIockvise
This is because aII knighls used lo be righlhanded
When lhe inlruding army vouId cIimb lhe slairs lhey
vouId nol be abIe lo use lheir righl hand vhich vas
hoIding lhe svord because of lhe difficuIlies in cIimb
ing lhe slairs Leflhanded knighls vouId have had
no lroubIes excel Ieflhanded eoIe couId never
become knighls because il vas assumed lhal lhey
vere descendanls of lhe deviI
The mosl common name in lhe vorId Mohammed
The lvo Iines lhal connecl your lo Ii lo lhe bol
lom of your nose are knovn as lhe hiIlrum
The muzzIe of a Iion is Iike a fingerrinlno lvo
Iions have lhe same allern of vhiskers
A goIdfish has a memory san of lhree seconds
Your slomach has lo roduce a nev Iayer of
mucus every lvo veeks olhervise il vouId digesl
Il lakes frovns lo creale one vrinkIe
ArmadiIIos are lhe onIy animaIs besides humans
lhal can gel Ierosy
The ob|ecl of a Kakuro is lo inserl digils from lo
inlo lhe vhile ceIIs lo lolaI lhe cIue associaled vilh
il Hovever no digil can be duIicaled in an enlry
Ior examIe lo lolaI you couId have and
and bul nol and You may hovever use a
number again in lhe same rov or coIumn
Choose a number from lo and Iace il in lhe
grid Ivery digil from lo musl aear once and
onIy once in each of lhe coIumns rovs and in each
of lhe sels of nine boxes
54-29 Headstart.qxp 10/23/08 6:10 PM Page 79
In November 1958, the US and Soviet Union sus-
pended nuclear tests under the auspices of the
United Nations Nuclear Disarmament Commission.
The moratorium lasted till September 1961.
On 7 November 1958, British Prime Minister Harold
Macmillan asked French President Charles de Gaulle
to reconsider Frances stance on the creation of a
single industrial free-trade area in Europe.
On 20 November 1958, India and Nepal entered into
an agreement to develop the Trisuli Hydroelectric
Project near the river Trisuli in Kathmandu. The pro-
ject, at an estimated cost of Rs 35 million, was under-
taken to convey power to the Kathmandu valley.
N Sanjeeva Reddy, then chief minister of Andhra
Pradesh, inaugurated the Rangaraya Medical College
in Kakinada on 17 November 1958.
harmony november 2008 80
realed by rilish arlisl
GeraId HoIlom in lhis
symboI vouId be recog
nised decades Ialer for lhe same
meaning eace A simIe symboI
lhal reresenls lhe mosl comIi
caled and confusing limes in hislo
ry il is nov regarded as one of lhe
mosl innovalive and inleIIigenl
Iogos ever crealed The symboI
vhich vas originaIIy designed as
a Iogo for an anlinucIear rolesl
march from Londons TrafaIgar
Square lo rilains nucIear
veaons faclory in AIdermaslon
reresenls a human being in
desair vilh arms oulslrelched
dovnvards In a vorId Iong lor
menled by confIicl of ideoIogies
lhe eace symboI has survived as a
cherished badge lhrough lhe anli
Vielnam var camaigns of lhe
s lhe fIagranl hiie counler
cuIlure of lhe s and lhe
vomen and gay righls movemenl
in lhe sl cenlury
54-29 Headstart.qxp 10/23/08 6:10 PM Page 80
l etcetera
Bits and picccs SOLUTIONS TO
IiIoo Mody Icn
Iascoe ccpcs vilh a rere
senling lhe Iellers rear
ranging as Iascoe On
lhe baII |a|| here being
g|c|c Reborn Years
Lea years Iea
A basis AAsis a gra!u
aic sisicr Ior OId Times
Sake CIion |asq ic rcnctc c|ip cn couId aIso
mean rcircncnncni in prcgrcss CoIaba oy refer
ence lo aIIlime CoIaba residenl } } Rodriguez as lhe
Iorluguese Dance Wizard Ia Ocrs aIIoinl a
dol in lhe scorebook reresenls a baII off vhich no
runs scored Uon OI UIonOI Cqn|c|inc
CYMB||inc CY is Cyrus MB| is a Member of lhe
Order of lhe rilish Imire |inc foIIoving
In need |nnccO Inn sinking Occ rising jcun! uani
ing is |n ncc! Olhers MobiIe DoIIar diIomacy
Have a bash A crossbal Tennis Iel Ieading lo
rcscrtc or rcscrtc Off coIour Iruil dro
IIbov room Bai Lib al oiI Go on in
Fair and squarc
november 2008 harmony 81
sha Shi
baI Ra|
zee Nal
mum Taz
nad Ira
rak Hee
lan U|a
sha Tru gan
bis Wa| eel
|ee Ten dra
54-29 Headstart.qxp 10/23/08 6:10 PM Page 81
etceteral speak
harmony november 2008 82
|c|ictcs ctcrq ciiq nirrcrs inc aiiiiu!c cj iis ciii
zcns Tnc cnairnan cj Sapna Bcck Hcusca uc||kncun
cnain cj |ccksncps in Bcnga|uruSnan nas |c! sctcra| iniiia
iitcs ic inprctc citic ancniiics in inc ciiq Tuc qcars agc nc
nc|pc! ccntcri a ncg|ccic! sircicn cj uasic|an! a|cng |ai|uaq
Para||c| |ca! ai Kunara Park |asi inic a |usn grccn park
Snan urcic sctcra| |ciicrs ic rai|uaq auincriiics sccking ic
ccntcri inc |an! inic a park Wncn inc auincriiics agrcc!
nc spcni |s jrcn nis cun pcckci ic rcnctc ucc!s
an! p|ani Mcxican grass an! sap|ings Hc a|sc snc||c! cui
|s ni||icn ic ccntcri an unkcnpi |anc in Gan!ni Nagar
inic a parking arca jcr iucuncc|crs |csi!cs |ui|!ing pu||ic
ici|cis an! sciiing up a !rinking uaicr jaci|iiq in inc arca
Hc rcccitc! inc |ajqcisata Auar! ccnjcrrc! |q inc Karnaiaka
gctcrnncni jcr nis citic cjjcris in Hc nas a|sc rcccitc!
|ciicrs cj apprcciaiicn jrcn inc cnicj ninisicr cj Karnaiaka
an! inc princ ninisicrnar!ucn rcccgniiicn jcr a nan unc
grcu up ucrking as a ccc|ic in Mun|ai an! |aicr as a |cck
sa|csnan jcr a sna||iinc pu||isncr in Bcnga|uru Bcnga|uru
gatc nc nanq cppcriuniiics ic grcu nc saqs |is iinc |
gatc scncining |ack ic inc ciiq
We waste a lot of time accusing
the government of not providing
us adequate civic amenities. Lets
ask ourselves how we can do our
bit to make the world a better
place to live in.
Suresh Shah, 71, for initiativesto improve civic amenitiesin Bengaluru
54-30 Speak.qxp 10/23/08 6:10 PM Page 82
54 Cover Inside.qxp 10/23/08 6:13 PM Page 3