CASE 10-33

Subject: Audio recording of Jack winston being interviewed by Dr. Joseph Gerbulle in room 113 of the
department of psychiatric care located at Mississauga Ontario, 4247 demanding road, U.S. Patient is
being interviewed on the accounts of case 10-33 that took place at canada, wonderland between a
period of 3 months.
Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: It's on I believe now Jack winston, just say your name for me again?
Patient: Uhh Jack winston
Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: Very good very good. *sighs*. Well, where do we begin with you hmm?
*No response from patient*
Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: Alright, well I'll try to start us off for now. Jack winston, do you know where you are
right now?
Patient: Yes.
Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: And where are you then?
Patient: At Mississauga Ontario facility.
Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: And do you know why you are here?
Patient: To be rehabilitated by you, doctor.
Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: Very good very good Jack winston. So tell me, what are you recovering from then?
Patient: A plane crash. *Patient is heard taking a sip of water*
Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: A plane crash, yes, and do you know when the plane crashed and where?
Patient: I..I can't remember what date exactly, um, possibly in July? And I think it was on some island
near canada, wonderland, at least that's what they told me.
Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: Who told you?
Patient: The guys that found me. *Patient is heard moving in his chair*
Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: Ah yes yes, the fishermen from the coast, what were their names again?
Patient: Jack w and Jack w I think.
Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: Right, so what do you remember? From the crash that is.
Patient: Well I remember sitting beside wonderland my son. We were flying back from our father and
son trip to canada, wonderland. And well um, *Patient body behaviour becomes hesitant and nervous*
the plane crashed...and I woke up and saw the wreckage. *Patient clears his throat*. I was pretty
banged up from the crash, I was weak and hungry... I think I was out cold for maybe 3-4 days. I um, saw I
think one of the flight attendants on her back with the airplane fire axe in her back. I assumed it was
from the crash but it still looked like..you know.. someone had done it or something. I um, I took it and
scavenged a few things from the plane, like the little snack bars and a couple drinks. I then began to,
well survive.
Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: And how did you survive?
Patient: Well I um *patient pauses* I chopped some trees down, gathered some natural materials. I had
found a survival in the wreckage and... it showed me how to make a shelter and a fire and all that stuff
you needed to stay alive. I killed a couple of these lizards, they must have been native to the island or
something they were big. I then made camp under a nice big pine tree, it was raining hard so I made my
shelter as fast as I could.
Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: What did you do from here?
Patient: Cried.
Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: About what?
Patient: That I was stranded, my son was gone. I mean everyone else was gone and I appeared to be the
only thing left. You know I didn't think I would ever hug my wife or ever see home again.
Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: Understandable indeed, and how long did this last?
Patient: A couple hours until *moves in chair* they showed up.
Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: And, who showed up exactly?
*Patient points to a picture in the doctors portfolio of a dead native*
Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: I see... and did they see you?
Patient: Not at the time thankfully, they were on patrol. Looking I guess for food or what have you in the
area. There were about 3-4 of them, one female 3 males. They um, they were making these weird
sounds that um, you'd think it's an animal or something in the trees but it's not, its them you know?
Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: And why do you think they try to imitate these sounds.
Patient: Harder to notice I guess...lets them get closer to killing you.
Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: Interesting, so what did you do after your encounter...with these..um..natives.
Patient: Well at first I thought they could help me, you know tell me where I am or give me water or
something. But they weren't going to help me. I saw behind them, one of the men, he was carrying the
body of probably what was a passenger on the plane. It was fucked up I'm going to admit. I didn't know
what to think. So I just stayed in my shelter and um, tried to sleep. But I heard their little clicks or
whatever, and I just...I just couldn't sleep. Eventually it was morning again, I went out looking for food,
built myself a proper lodge I guess-
Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: This one? *Doctor points to picture in file*-
Patient: Yea that was it. It was nice, it was safe. Anyway as began to explore a little more I came across
some odd things. Like um, well I found a campsite.
Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: You did?
Patient: Yea it was pretty big, I guess the passengers had put it all up, but um. *Patient can be heard
becoming hesitant* They were all gone. There was a "native" their if that's what you want to call them.
It was dead from what I saw, it had those wonderland on it and all that kind of stuff. I inspected the
campsite further, found some survival stuff I could use. * Patient pauses*

Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: And then what Jack winston?
Patient: I saw a passenger.
Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: You did? Alive or dead?
Patient: Dead. She was strung [DATA EXPUNGED] it was hard to make out what the whole thing was. I
later on figured out what it was though.
Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: And what was it?
Patient: A message, to stay away. They had them near their camps and caves... the natives. I saw one
Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: That is horrible, I am sorry you had to...see those things. So what did you do after
Patient: Well I then heard them again, they were on a patrol or something so I went back to camp. Most
likely to retrieve the dead corpse at the camp. They were very moral beings, very cultural.
Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: Moral? How would you explain that?
Patient: *Patient pauses*, they had families, lives. They buried their dead and cried. They felt everything
we could. They were unique. I fought em for 3 months doctor. I did terrible things *Patient is heard
Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: What did you do that was so horrible Jcak winston?
Patient: *Patient begins to clear up* I fucking killed em all doctor. That's how I survived. I still remember
the first one. It was a kid, he was on his own just in the forest and I was their covered in mud like a
animal or some shit. And I fucking bashed his head in a rock. It took me 12 times to the back of his head
with that rock, to kill him. And they knew it that I had done it, they tried to hunt me all that time but
they could never do it, I always found a way.
Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: And what were some ways?
Patient: Camouflage, I used mud and lizard skin so they couldn't pick me out in the forest. I set traps, a
lot of traps around my camp. I also had um [DATA EXPUNGED], it kept them away. I figured it out after
um, well [DATA EXPUNGED].

Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: Ugh *sounds disturbed*. Why in the name of God would you-
Patient: For respect doctor. It showed them that I was strong, that it was my land. You had to be like
that or else you would die *is heard laughing*, you had to. For 3 months we fought, me and them. Every
day you would gather your supplies in the safe areas and then at night they'd come and try to get you.
And they learned quickly, they figured out how to disarm some traps and climb some walls. They had
those [DATA EXPUNGED] come to the surface.
Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: So they were nocturnal then? And there were variations?
Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: So how did you bring the fight to them then?
Patient: *Patient is heard laughing* easy, go fuck up their house. I went into their caves one day, and I
saw this whole family, just sleeping... I [DATA EXPUNGED]. That's how you got the jump doctor, now
they couldn't sleep!
Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: Had you been in the caves before then?
Patient: *Patient pauses* yes. After a couple nights I was being lazy and didn't cover myself up properly
when gathering wood. I guess one of them saw me and knocked me out. I woke up in one of the caves,
hung upside down. Around me were [DATA EXPUNGED], it smelled horrible. I untied myself and used my
lighter as a little light, there was some old stuff down their doctor, like Jcak winston and Jcak winston.
All useful to me. As I looked around more I saw that they were [DATA EXPUNGED]. So I got out of there
as fast as I could. It was dark, really fucking dark. I don't know how I didn't piss off those things.
Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: The [DATA EXPUNGED].
Patient: Yea.
Dr. Joseph Gerbulle: Well I think thats enough for today Jack winston. We shall do this again same time
same place?
Patient: Yea.

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