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Environment Services Department

Application Pack

Job Description
Selection Criteria


Designation: Contract Manager (Cleaning) Post No: B10859

1 Department: Childrens Services Service: Facilities

Responsible to: Head of Service

Employees directly supervised: P/T Contract Support Officer (Cleaning) 0.5

1.1 Director of Childrens Services

Assistant Director, CYC

Head of Service

Contract Manager (Cleaning)

P/T Contract Support Officer (Cleaning)

Contract Manager (Cleaning)

Job Purpose

1.1 To co-ordinate and manage the operation of all aspects of the existing externally
commissioned Corporate Building Cleaning Contract and any subsequent or
future contract in this area.
1.2 To co-ordinate and manage the operation of all aspects of further externally
commissioned Facilities Management-related service contracts that may be
required to become the responsibility of the incumbent in the future eg:
hygiene, pest control..
1.3 To control the financial and resource management of the contract.
1.4 To manage quality standards and to control contract costs.
1.5 To provide professional and technical advice specific to Facilities Management
Services to Council departments, committees and external agencies as approved
by the Council.

1.6 To ensure the work is compliant with professional standards, within devolved
budgets and meets Service Level Agreements (SLAs) via sound and accountable
management systems.

1.7 To lead change and assist in the delivery of excellence in customer service and
professional Facilities Management delivery, instilling a culture of continuous

1.8 To liaise, co-ordinate and represent the service and Council as a champion for
customer service. To build a reputation for best in class Facilities Management
for customer service within a Local Authority.

Job Description

2.1 To co-ordinate and manage the strategic and operational elements of the

2.2 To manage the financial aspects of the contract.

2.3 To manage the quality standards and specification compliance of the relevant

2.4 To act on behalf the Head of Service in respect of the future development of the

2.5 To actively engage as necessary with both service users and providers on all
strategic matters pertaining to the contract.

2.6 To line manage the P/T Contract Support Officer (Cleaning) who is charged with
assisting in the day to day operational management of the contract.

2.7 To act as arbitrator in cases of dispute regarding all aspects of the contract.

2.8 To manage the recording of the performance, costs and specification compliance
of the contract.

2.9 To undertake any negotiations as directed by, or in conjunction with, the Head of
Service relating to future projects, assignments, or significant variations to
existing contract.

2.10 To act, with other officers or at the direction of Head of Service, to support the
development, implementation and operation of any future contract.

2.11 To produce and deliver clear reports (written and verbal) relating to the contract
to a variety of audiences at all levels.

2.12 To manage all variations and ensure that values of same are agreed with both
service users and providers. To certify variation and additional works values and
to manage the recording of this function.

2.13 To manage, in conjunction with the Section Administration Support Officer, the
complete recovery of all outstanding accounts that relate to the delivery of the

2.14 To ensure that all data is captured via CAMSYS for the purposes of premises
Health & Safety management and property records.

2.15 To work closely with the Smart FM Team to ensure a joined up approach in the
delivery of Facilities-related services.

Selection Criteria

Contract Manager (Cleaning)

Experience of multi-site and multi-contract management within a commercial
Experience of line management at an operational level.
Experience or knowledge of cleaning-related industry practices.
Experience or knowledge of a range of Facilities Management-related
industry practices, eg: hygiene, pest control.
The proven ability to produce clear written reports.
The proven ability to communicate effectively in writing and verbally at all
To possess sound IT skills and a good working knowledge of EXCEL
To possess the ability to produce and deliver financial information for both
finance and non financial colleagues.
The ability to manage a diverse workload that entails both regular and ad hoc
elements within specified timescales.
To possess good administrative skills and the ability to maintain records in
various formats as required.
To be able to work to a flexible time pattern in order to suit the needs of the
service. This may include both early mornings, ie 6am starts, or evenings as
Must possess a full current driving licence (car).
Demonstrate a commitment to the Councils equal opportunities policy and
the ability to understand and implement the policy in relation to the job

Competencies and Skills Grade PO2
Managing workload Manages a workload containing a mixture of regular
and ad hoc tasks to agreed timescales
Management of staff Manages one part time member of staff in the
execution of his/her duties and support his/her
training and development
Innovation and creativity Identifies current and potential areas of opportunity
and pursues ideas to develop the service
Financial administration Is able to manage financial information and
Communications skills Must have excellent verbal & written
communications skills.
Compiles and disseminates information as required.
Use of corporate IT systems Able to utilise corporate systems to solve problems
and meet relevant management and information
Driving Licence Must hold full current UK car driving licence
Commercial Industry
Must have knowledge of practices employed in the
commercial cleaning industry and other Facilities
Management-related industries, eg: hygiene, pest