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"Medicinal Music" and the 528LOVERevolution by Dr.

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The Musi !n"ustry Evolves #ith Artists Re$tuning an" Reor"ing in the Ne#ly Disovere"
%LO&E 're(ueny)
Los Angeles* +A , A revolution in the musi in"ustry is"ing glo/ally fuele" /y reor"ing
artists onvine" that A011123 %alternate tuning) s.urs reativity an" more harmony among
/an" mem/ers an" au"ienes4
5hen the 5estern 5orl"6s musi #as %stan"ar"i3e") in the late 1789s follo#ing Ro:efeller
'oun"ation reommen"ations to the ;ritish Stan"ar"s !nstitute* a ne#ly "isovere" %fre(ueny
of love) #as s(uelhe" from .erformanes4
5hat is this %goo" vi/ration of love) that reor"ing artists are en$masse %tuning u.) to<
See"ing A Revolution 'or the Love of Musi
!n 177=* 2arvar"$traine" .u/li health author an" filmma:er* Dr4 Leonar" >4 2oro#it3* /egan
a"vaning a num/er of reasons #hy musi ma:ers shoul" %tune u.) four yles$.er$seon"
a/ove the %stan"ar" ?A011923@ tuning4)
Among those reasons is the %Po#er of Love) in musi synhroni3es your heart an" nature6s %+)
note that #as set /y >o"* or the %Master +om.oser an" +on"utor of the Universe*) at AB=23*
aor"ing to ne# "isoveries4
%Tuning to A011123 generates +0AB=23*) e-.lains Dr4 2oro#it3 in his 1Cth /oo:$$The ;oo: of
AB=D Pros.erity Eey of LO&E* ?Me"ial &eritas !nternational* B91B@4 %The .ure tone of
FLO&EGAB=6 is argua/ly the most .o#erful an" /enefiial fore in the universe* mathematially
.roven to /e entral to reation,to /iology* organi hemistry* .hysis* eletro$genetis* an" that #arm$fu33y feeling you get in your heart #hen in love4)
The AB= fre(ueny generates more )estati listening*) as it is alle" in musiologyH an" more
%frisson),those tingly sensations in your /o"y ausing goose$/um.s on your s:in assoiate"
#ith eu.horia an" a general feeling of #ell$/eing or estasy #hen listening to your favorite
Dr4 2oro#it36s "isoveries* sine .u/lishing the fre(uenies of the original Solfeggio musial
sale in 2ealing +o"es for the ;iologial ?2ealthy5orl"Store4om@ in 177=* have
merge" the reative arts an" sienes #ith the %Po#er of LO&E*) inreasingly influening the
musi in"ustry an" #hat he hristene" the %AB=LO&ERevolution4) 2is insights an"
reommen"ations for musiians are s.rea"ing li:e #il"fire aross the !nternet an" reor"ing
#orl"* #ith stu"io engineers an" artists integrating an" a..lying the intelligene* an" millions of
.eo.le enIoying the results4 &irtually unhear" of ten years ago* a >oogle searh on %AB=23)
to"ay generates nearly a (uarter$million %hits4) AB= musi enthusiasts on YouTu/e have
gathere" millions of "evotees4 Most of this .o.ularity soures from 2oro#it36s "isoveries4
Artists in all genres have /een "ra#n to his #or:* his reommen"ation of A011123 as an
alternative tuning* /eause most %s.iritually sensitive) .erformers imme"iately %feel) the
"ifferene in their hearts ause" /y the %goo" vi/ration) of %LO&EGAB=4)
Most seasone" artists re"it their hearts as the soure of their reative ins.irations4 An energy
vorte- in this area of the /o"y* alle" the entral %love ha:ra) in Oriental me"iine* tra"itionally
olore" greenish$yello#* reflets the enter of every rain/o#4 This is AB=nm* 2oro#it36s stu"ies
The Siene of Ma:ing %Miraulous Me"iinal Musi) #ith LO&EGAB= Aoustis4
Li:e a ra"io #ave or hannel arrying a s.eifi fre(ueny* the heart of the sun* in fat the heart
of the universe* transmits AB=nm of light an" AB=23 fre(ueny of soun"* aor"ing to
mathematiians4 Physiists have .rove" this %goo" vi/ration) of AB= resonates the heart of
sare" geometry an" .hysial reality4
Musial .erformers an" au"ienes an %.hase lo:) into this %s#eet s.ot*) that .ro"ues a most
.o#erful harmonious* even healing* most loving natural vi/ration* an" also s.urs reative
!n fat* AB=23,the %+) .ith #hen artists tune to A011123* is the %M!) note in the original
Solfeggio musial sale4 Aor"ing to lassial musiians an" mystery$shool mathematiians*
this %mirale tone) #as /elieve" to generate mirales4
Among the sholars teahing this theory #as Aristotle$$the foun"er of mo"ern siene$$#hose
.ioneering /oo: Physis* asri/e" .hysial reality to LO&E generate" musially$mathematially4
2oro#it3 assem/le" this information in olla/oration #ith a multi$"isi.linary team of e-.erts
that inlu"e" mathematiians* .hysiists* /iohemists* musiologists* an" aousti sientists4
They onlu"e" that a musial$mathematial matri- /roa"asts the universe into e-istene
every nano$instant4 They further assert that this :no#$ho# an /e use" /est /y musiians* li:e
>o"6s reative tehnology* to hel. restore /iology that has /een "amage" hemially or
Musi$Ma:ers Throng to Reor" in AB=
Last year* ;ill/oar" Maga3ine re.orte" that AS+AP A#ar" #inner* multi.le >rammy A#ar"
nominee* Ameriee* .ro"ue" an al/um$$+ymatia* &ol 1,in AB=23 fre(ueny to /roa"ast
geneti healing4 2er favor of that fre(ueny #as share" /y John Lennon* #ho reor"e" several
of his e.i tra:s in AB=23 inlu"ing !magine* K7 Dream* an" Min" >ames4
An" it is rumore" that Lennon "isusse" the %LO&E fre(ueny) #ith the master of %sim.le love
songs*) Paul M+artney* as evi"ene" /y the uni(ue mi"$;an" on the Run transition into AB=23
,%5hen the rain e-.lo"e" #ith a mighty rash as #e fell into the sun) is .erforme" in AB=4
+uriously* /oth the sun an" rain resonate in AB=23* aor"ing to 2oro#it36s revie# of siene4
Multi.le >rammy A#ar"$#inning lassial om.oser 2o#ar" Prine #as among the earliest
musiians to integrate 2oro#it36s teahings4 2e #rote* %EnIoy this Iourney an" e-.loration
through Dr4 2oro#i36s assoiations an" heart6s ins.irationH 4 4 4 use this :no#le"ge to /eome
your uni(ue manifestation of >o"6s Truth4)
Another artist "oing Iust that is %The Jimi 2en"ri- of Ne# Age Musi*) Sott 2u:a/ay* #ho
reor"e" si- al/ums "uring the .ast fe# years in AB=23* an" no# .erforms e-lusively using
the +0AB=GA011123 tuning4
Seriously* AB=23 has ta:en the %Ne# Age) mar:et /y storm* #ith soun" healing a#ar"$#inners
Jonathan >ol"man an" Steven 2al.ern .ro"uing al/ums in the %fre(ueny of LO&E4)
>ol"man6s 2oly 2armony +D* ins.ire" /y 2oro#it3 an" his o$author* Dr4 Jose.h Puleo*
/eame a /est$seller in the Ne# Age genre4
Eey/oar" .layers seem to /e the most resistant* until they touh a synthesi3er that has /een
%tune" u.4) An" .iano .layers get Iealous /eause their instruments are har"er to %tune u.*)
although that "i"n6t sto. John Lennon from reor"ing !magine* nor Daniel Eohler of Na.les*
'lori"a4 Eohler* a .iano manufaturer an" tuning e-.ert has rema"e a num/er of .iano6s to
aommo"ate the a""e" stress on strings4 %5oo"en /ri"ges #ar. from tighter strings*) he
#arns* %/ut not .ianos ma"e #ith granite /ri"ges4)
%The sustains #e get #ith granite .iano /ri"ges are un.arallele"*) says Eohler* sine /eoming
a#are of Dr4 2oro#it36s researh4 %My e-.eriments #ith A011123 tuning* an" om.ositions
.laye" in +0AB=23* have generate" ama3ing results inlu"ing healing mirales4)
Religious Musi$Ma:ers Unite in LO&EGAB=
Religious musi ma:ers are also retuning their instruments* es.eially sine
AB=+hristianRa"io4om #as launhe" /y the non$.rofit Me"ial &eritas !nternational* ste#ar"e"
/y 2oro#it3 an" Iournalist* Sherri Eane4 The station .lays B1GC /y "onation* an" is among
several ne# stations in their AB=Ra"ioNet#or:4
%5e6ve hear" from several hurh grou.s an" hoirs on"uting servies in LO&EGAB=*) Eane
re.orte"4 %A frien" of ours is an eletriian an" hurh musiian #ho turne" his grou. on to the
fre(ueny most su..ortive to Ju"eo$+hristian theology4 Jesus is all a/out LO&E* an" AB= is
/elieve" to /e the %:ey to the 2ouse of Davi"4) The ol" an" ne# testaments "elare that this
:ey %o.ens "oors that no man an lose* an" loses "oors that no man an o.en4) ?!saiah BBDBB
an" Rev4 8DL$=@4
Musi /eing the %Universal Language*) #ith onerts on"ute" to .romote .eae* many
musiians are .raying that this :ey o.ens F"oors6 to .eo.le6s loving hearts* /ringing humanity
into harmony #ith this aousti tehnology to o$reate /etter life on earth4
!n Ju"aism* the %Day of Atonement) is the holiest "ay of the year4 Je#ish .eo.le me"itate an"
.ray for Divine ommunion #ith rituals that 2oro#it3 says relates s.iritually to the energy of
%The #or" atonement is a lue*) he e-.lains4 %A$tone$meant to /e .laye" to insri/e you into
%the ;oo: of LifeH) or grant you FAt$One$Meant6$$em/o"ying the truth that #e are all One$$
onnete" meta.hysially through >o"6s FUniversal LanguageD6 The Musi of LO&E in reation4
This is #hy Levi .riests .erform musially on their holiest "ays4
Nature Ma:es Musi in the Eey of Love* 5hy Don6t You<
The ;oo: of AB=D Pros.erity Eey of LO&E heral"s many ama3ing "isoveries no# hanging the
musi an" natural healing in"ustries4 'or instane* the air you /reathe is infuse" #ith LO&EGAB=
/eause the sun out.uts AB=nmGAB=23 vi/rating eletrons4 These stri:e .lants .ro"uing
o-ygen from .ure sunshine an" hloro.hyll$$the greenish$yello# .igment of grass an" leaves4
The hloro.hyll moleule also o#es its sare" geometry an" organi hemistry to AB=23
fre(ueny* .rimarily4
%That moleule* ruial for life an" healing* #as selete" /y green .lants to .ro"ue the most
/io$energy using AB=23 fre(ueny*) e-.lains 2oro#it34 %An" its struture is virtually the same as
human /loo" hemoglo/in that arries the /reath$of$life* infuse" #ith LO&EGAB=* to every ell in
your /o"y4
!n"ee"* #ithout LO&EGAB=* .hysiians #oul" not /e a/le to "iagnose or treat anything* says
2oro#it3* sine .hysiists #oul" not /e a/le to measure or time* an" /iohemists #oul"
not have organi hemistry to stu"y4 There #oul" /e no irles* .i* Phi or moleular struturing
#ithout the sare" geometry of AB=23 fre(ueny4 The ar/on$L ring in organi hemistry #oul"
ease to e-ist as it is forme" fun"amentally from LO&EGAB=23 fre(ueny4
>rass gro#s green #ith LO&E* not envyH an" miles are measure" in feet* AB=9 to /e e-at*
/eause of this me"iinal %musi of the light4)
All of this .roves that nature manifests musially$mathematially4 The a#ar"$#inning "otor
reasonsD %>o" is li:e a Master +on"utor an" +hief +om.oser of a Universal Orhestra*
onstantly /roa"asting LO&E songs in the FEey of AB=6 to sustain an" restore everything4)
Seasone" artists hear this inner /roa"ast* an" they hannel it li:e ra"ios that transmit an"
entertain au"ienes* most reatively4 So reor"ing artists are /est e(ui..e" to lea" the
AB=LO&ERevolution* an" the .lanet /a: to healthy harmony4
%The musi in"ustry is /eing om.elle" to hange*) says 2oro#it3* %/eause its .ara"igm is
"istorte" an" "egenerative4 Our overall mission is to o$reate #orl" .eae* health* free"om*
an" .ros.erity in all #ays4 This is the message* an" AB= musi is the means4)
$ en" $
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