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Copyright 2004 Snowstep Development GbR.
Published by GameHouse, Inc.
Incadia is a Snowstep Development - Fendt, Flick, John GbR product.
For support issues relating to the operation of this software, please use our
support form located at the following URL:
System Requirements
* Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
* 300MHz or faster Processor
* 64MB RAM
* DirectX 5.0 or better.
Upon completion of your purchase of this game, you will receive a license
name and license code. You need to enter that information into the registration
dialog, and then click on "Enter License Information."
This game can be registered by clicking on the "Buy Now!" button on the trial
dialog, or by visiting the Store:
About GameHouse
GameHouse, Inc. develops many games for the Internet, Windows, Macintosh and
other platforms such as Palm OS. To view the full complement of games available
and play free games online, visit:
This software has been tested extensively to make sure it will operate
correctly for all users. If you experience system crashes, error messages or
other incorrect behavior, we suggest you first try one of the following:
1) Upgrade your computer's sound card drivers. This can be done by identifying
the type of sound card your computer is using and finding the manufacturer's web
site. Or, most drivers will be automatically updated if you follow step #2.
2) Upgrade DirectX. This is a Microsoft component and it includes special
drivers for video cards and sound cards for virtually every manufacturer. It is
therefore a very large download, but updating DirectX solves nearly all system
problems encountered with GameHouse games.
DirectX Home Page:
Privacy Notice
After purchase, this game may occasionally communicate with GameHouse servers
to verify the license is still valid. The license may be invalid if it is shared
with third parties or if a refund is issued on the purchase. GameHouse does NOT
record any information about your machine configuration, location or how much
you are playing the game. Just the original license information that was provide
to you by GameHouse is returned to our servers for verification.
GameHouse does not share any of the information you provide during the purchase
process with any third party. GameHouse may communicate with you after you place
your order to offer discounts or information about new games, but you may elect
to not receive these updates during the order process, or at any time afterwards
Incadia was created at Snowstep Development, with additional contribution from
GameHouse, Inc.:
Producer.........: Garrett Link
Quality Assurance: Bill Beach
Brandon Godfrey
Chuck Little
Jason Katsanis
Kazunori Sasakura
Kraig Shaver
And special thanks to Pizza dude for his great font; and Sylvia, Caro, and Dina.