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Introducing Advance Steel, a tool for

structural detailing and fabrication
Philippe Bonneau
AEC-ENI Technical Marketing Manager
Learning Objectives

Discover how Advance Steel is compatible with
Revit Structure

Understand how automatic connections speed up
the BIM 3D modeling phase

Take full advantage of ready-to-use templates to get
shop and general arrangement drawings

Provide CNC files to workshop machines and
BOMs to site workers

Quick overview of Advance Steel possibilities
Interoperability capabilities
Multi-user or single-user mode
Automatic BOM creation
Advance Steel Some references
GRENOBLE stadium Model courtesy of ETI (France) UFO shopping center Model courtesy of CSM (Belgium)
Low-energy house made of steel Model
courtesy of BOUCHET (France)
U2 Concert stage Model courtesy of STAGECO (Belgium)
Theatre Royal Model courtesy of TSI Structures (UK) Coke oven gas desulphurization Model courtesy of
HUTNI PROJ EKT Frydek-Mistek (Czech Republic)
Steam cracking furnaces
Two ethylene cracking furnaces as part of a modernization project of a steam
cracker plant for the Total Petrochemicals company.
Users benefits:
workshop drawings corresponding to the clients expectations thanks to customized drawing templates
possibility to run a complete clash check over the steel structure and the piping
Helicopter base
The hospital "Barmherzige Brder" in Trier got a new helicopter base with a
special elevator that enables a faster and more direct connection to the
emergency room.
Users benefits:
tools to model complex connections between plate girders and standard rolled sections
complete library of automatic macros for stairs & railings to speed up the modeling of the different steel
walkways and handrails
Top of Tyrol viewing platform
The site is located on 3200m at the Stubai Glacier in Tyrol, Austria.
The steel structure consists of a grillage of beams covered by gratings.
The bracings in Corten-Steel cantilever 9 meter over the ridge.
Users benefits:
sheet metal and its exact unfolding drawings
tools to create 3D twisted beams from polylines and splines
automatic calculation of the center of gravity of each assembly
House standing on its roof
The house is a new addition to the indoor playground Pirateninsel Rgen,
located in Ruegen Island in Germany.
Users benefits:
direct activation of the machines by using the NC files created by Advance Steel
automatic tools for the creation of the necessary details of single drawings and
drawings of structural components
Convoyer in the mining industry
The Advance Steel 3D model of this project illustrates the advantage of including all
the relevant non-structural materials and mechanical equipment in order to achieve
fully integrated BIM.
Users benefits:
all mechanical parts were placed in the model
views on assembly & general arrangement drawings show all parts including mechanical ones
Subway and bus station roof
This steel structure roof clearly shows that any shape can be modeled with
Advance Steel and all drawings + BOMs can be obtained from the 3D model.
Mr. Manfred AMMANN BISCHNAU Stahl & Anlagenbau manager:
Advance Steel is an excellent program for complex steel constructions.
We appreciate the time saving and the rise in productivity.
New Valenciennes soccer stadium
The new stadium contains 25000 seats and replaces the old stadium.
engineering office situated next to Grenoble (south-east of France)
have several Advance Steel Premium packages since 5 years
extensive experience in designing stadium and arenas
The architect did not want to see any visible bolts on the stadium!
all parts have been welded at site
this required many weld preparation on beams and plates
Mr. Stphane DOTTORI ETI project manager:
We did not have any call from the site reporting any error!
Various miscellaneous steel projects
Learning objective 1:
Discover how Advance Steel
is compatible with Revit
Advance Steel compliancy with Autodesk Revit
Create the steel frame within
Autodesk Revit

Export it to Advance Steel

Intelligent mapping for
sections & families between
the two modeling systems

Steel connections added by
using one of the many
available automatic ones

Get automatically all the
documents for fabrication
Free download of the

on Autodesk exchange apps

on GRAITEC website

Quick & easy installation

Advance Steel compliancy with Autodesk Revit
Commands directly available in
the Revit Add-Ins ribbon

3D model can be imported -
exported synchronized

Start the modeling in Autodesk
Revit or in Advance Steel

Save value & time by modeling
only one model

Synchronize data at any time
Advance Steel compliancy with Autodesk Revit
Advance Steel compliancy with Autodesk Revit
Import the fabrication model
in Autodesk Revit for general
arrangement drawings

Detailed connections can be
sent back to Autodesk Revit

Increased productivity

Increased profitability

Learning objective 2:
Understand how automatic
connections speed up the 3D
modeling phase
Huge library of parametric connections
Various simple & complex
connections available

User-friendly classification in
the Connection vault

Standard values can be
easily saved in library

Quick connections to speed
up the connections creation

Automatic modifications
Integrated joint validation
Real-time design & checking

North-American and
European standards available

Includes both ASD and LRFD

Detailed report generated
automatically with formulas

Connection types include
shear, moment, splice,
bracing connections and
base plate
Dedicated tools for stairs & railings
Complete range of automatic
macros for:
straight stairs
spiral stairs
straight and curved railings
cage ladder

User-friendly dialog-boxes
including clear and concise

Ready-to-use templates for
detailing the miscellaneous
steel members
Automate repetitive tasks
Automatic wizards for building
creation (portal frame, purlins
& side rails, trusses, etc.)

Dedicated Building generator
tool palette

Tools for walls & roofs

Learning objective 3:
Leverage ready-to-use
templates to get shop and
general arrangement
Dedicated tools to automatically create all documents
Various localized & ready-to-
use templates for drawing

Classification by categories in
the Quick documents dialog

Numerous available drawing
styles for workshop & general
arrangement drawings

Templates for automatic
BOMs creation
Dedicated tools to get general arrangement drawings
Tool for extracting different 2D
& 3D views from the model

Labels and dimensions added

Specific drawing styles to
obtain the required result

Significant time and
productivity savings
Dedicated tools to get workshop drawings
Automatic shop drawings
generation with assembly &
single part drawings

Specific presentation (unwrap,
unfold, etc) available

BOM on drawings

Built in revision & document

Significant time and productivity
Automatic update of all documents
Intelligent link between the 3D
model and all documents

Document manager = central tool
for a full control on all outputs

Automatic update of drawings,
BOMs, CNC files

Integrated revision control (with
revision clouds)

Avoid costly mistakes at
workshop and at site
Learning objective 4:
Provide CNC files to
workshop machines and
BOMs to site workers
Automatic creation of the files for fabrication
CNC files (NC-DSTV & NC-DXF)
for workshop machines

Scribing & punch marks

XML files for welding robots

Compliancy with workshop
machines & link to MIS software
(Fabtrol, Fabsuite, StruMIS, EJE)

Reducing the programming time
Automatic creation of BOMs
Creation of all the lists for
workshop & site purposes

Wide variety of BOM templates

Material list, bolt list, saw cut list
with explicit pictures

Can be exported to e.g. Excel

User-friendly BOM editor for
template customization

Other Advance Steel key
features & benefits
Dedicated tools for sheet metal
Sheet metal and plate work tools
Flexibility in plate creation
Sheet metal functionality
Plate metal work
Folded and twisted plate
Complete complex projects quicker
Flexible modeling tools
Tools to convert CAD entities
Curved & tapered beams
Compound and welded beams
Weld preparations
Integration of mechanical parts
Tension rods systems
Questions & answers