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A. Creative Attention Getter: imagine a child of only 13 years old killing a
human been for only 1 dollar or any thief (not matter the age) killing
somebody for only 25 cents, 1 dollar or anything that you have in your
pocket. So now your life worth any cash that you have. This situation
can sound too dramatic, however; this is rue and it is hapenning in
argentina right now.
B. Credibility staments: in my personal life I had live in Argetnina for
almost 17 yrs and I experiment crime too but not how is it in these
days. When I went last year to argentina people were scared and
living with terror for the horrible situation that it is ocuring there
now. My best friend Ezequiel Maitenu was shooted in his leg 3 months
ago and luckily the shoot of the thief was not fatal for him because he
move the gun of the thief when the action happened. So I experience
crime the period that I lived in argentina but the crime that I
experience was not like the one is occurring today in many places of
C. Preview of main points: problem: insecure in argentina, cause: low
secure and income in families, solution: change of laws and better
education for a better works and a better life.
D. State your claim clearly and with conviction-your position on topic
(for or against) That is why I am I really think that Drugs in general
are getting out of control in Argentina and it is time now to do
something abouit with out matter that many others do not think the
same as me and think that drugs are not really a huge problem and
that there are others problems to take care before this. For me taking
control of this drugs will be the solution of many problems. That is
why, we need to take care with urgency before it is too late to do
something about it.

with out matter that many other think that this is the easy solution to
end with crime in argentina. I really believe that there are many other
solutions that we can take before adopting this cruel solution.

II. Body (2-5 Main points- consider your Organization here)
A. Main point #1 (full statement no one word title) Problem: Drugs are
taking over Argentina and it is affecting the daily life of people there.
According to the article drugs: a problem of all all of us use drugs,
however some of them affect more our society. According to the
definition of drug mean. According to the article cientos de
adictos, atendidos por el paco only 5 % of addicts of the paco drug
are really getting treatment for their addiction.
B. Cause: the casue of this problem are many: abuse of drugs that get out
of control ex: addiction, scaping reality, low work, low secure
C. Solutions: the solutions can be many as for example:
Improve work
And the most important to end with this caos education and change in

III. Conclusion:
A. to conclude I told you before the problem of paco, and also told yo the
causes of this abuse in the drug and lastly I give the solutions that can be
take to end with this huge problem that is affecting all of us in many
diferents ways.
B. We need to start to take care about the problems that this drug is
causing to argentina and to society. We need to make a change and we
have the power to do it. If we as a group make a different win this war
and reduce and end with the Paco drug.
C. we can do something about it, and we need to do it fast before it is too
late and Paco start to be a part of our life.

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